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Kill Me quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#1. Cauldron save me," she began whispering, her voice lovely and even-like music. "Mother hold me," she went on, reciting a prayer similar to one I'd heard once before, when Tamlin eased the passing of that lesser faerie who'd died in the foyer. Another of Amarantha's victims. "Guide me to you." I was unable to raise my dagger, unable to take the step that would close the distance between us. "Let me pass through the gates; let me smell that immortal land of milk and honey."

Silent tears slide down my face and neck, where they dampened the filthy collar of my tunic. As she spoke, I knew I would be forever barred from that immortal land. I knew that whatever Mother she meant would never embrace me. In saving Tamlin, I was to damn myself.

I couldn't do this-couldn't lift that dagger again.

"Let me fear no evil," she breathed, staring at me-into me, into the soul that was cleaving itself apart."Let me feel no pain."

A sob broke from my lips. "I'm sorry," I moaned.

"Let me enter eternity," She breathed.

I wept as I understood. Kill me now, she was saying. Do it fast. Don't make it hurt. Kill me now. Her bronze eyes were steady, if not sorrowful. Infinitely, infinitely worse than the pleading of the dead faerie beside her.

I couldn't do it.

But she held my gaze-held my gaze and nodded.

As I lifted the ash dagger, something inside me fractured so completely that there would be no hope of #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Kill Me quotes by Daniel H. Wilson
#2. Johannes Cabal would kill me for saying this, but he's my favorite Zeppelin-hopping detective. The fellow has got all the charm of Bond and the smarts of Holmes
without the pesky morality. #Quote by Daniel H. Wilson
Kill Me quotes by Brittany Cavallaro
#3. My mother had been monologuing about how much I'd like it there while I packed up my closet in silence, wondering if I flung myself out the window, would it properly kill me or just break both my legs. #Quote by Brittany Cavallaro
Kill Me quotes by Kristen Callihan
#4. He's going to kill me. They'll find me lying on the floor, my heart burt wide open, too full of him to stay in my chest. #Quote by Kristen Callihan
Kill Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#5. If you betray me, Leta ... Kill me. Be kind and don't let me live in the shadow of your cruelty. I can't take another blow like that. I'm not that strong. (Aiden) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kill Me quotes by Henry Rollins
#6. Anyone who wants to help me doesn't. Anyone who wants to kill me might. Anyone who wants to love me better not. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Kill Me quotes by Jon Krakauer
#7. When Alex left for Alaska," Franz remembers, "I prayed. I asked God to keep his finger on the shoulder of that one; I told him that boy was special. But he let Alex die. So on December 26, when I learned what happened, I renounced the Lord. I withdrew my church membership and became an atheist. I decided I couldn't believe in a God who would let something that terrible happen to a boy like Alex. After I dropped off the hitchhikers," Franz continues," I turned my van around, drove back to the store, and bought a bottle of whiskey. And then I went out into the desert and drank it. I wasn't used to drinking, so it made me real sick. Hoped it'd kill me, but it didn't. Just made me real, real sick. #Quote by Jon Krakauer
Kill Me quotes by Celine Jeanjean
#8. Yes, yes, I won't touch anything. More to the point, someone wants to kill me and take your place as the Viper, right, so do you really think the state of your moustache is important right now?" "You have a lot to learn about the world," he called back as he climbed the stairs. "The state of my moustache has never been more important. #Quote by Celine Jeanjean
Kill Me quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#9. This was the only way I could see you.'
'By coming to kill me?' He almost smiles. He drops my wrists and instead wraps his free hand around my waist, pulling me close. And then, a whisper against my ear: 'This might be my favorite way to die. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Kill Me quotes by Charlie Huston
#10. It's not that fact of him telling me he's not going to kill me that assures me I've got some time to breathe. Predo could look me in the eye and tell me whiskey's good and cigarettes are better and I'd still need a drink and a Lucky to believe he's not lying. The man breeds lies. He spawns them asexually, with no need for any assistance. He exhales and lies fill the air. Alone in a room, he mutters lies to himself to keep from falling into the trap of truth-telling. In the day, sleeping in his bed, deep in the safest heart of Coalition headquarters, he dreams in lies. The better to keep his left hand from knowing what betrayals his right has planned.
Stretched on the rack and burned with hot irons, Dexter Predo will be in no danger of revealing the truth. Living so far beyond its borders. #Quote by Charlie Huston
Kill Me quotes by Steve McHugh
#11. You interrogated a man at Hades's compound a year ago. I heard what you did to him. I can't have dead prisoners here; we have to be better than that." "I didn't kill him," I objected, remembering the murderous bastard who'd tried to kill Hades before he'd been caught. Unfortunately we hadn't stopped him from killing his own wife and children. "You took his hands. You know he killed himself in our jail?" "Yeah, well, I'm not going to kill anyone. Just talk. They wanted to kill me back in Southampton, now they want to take me to talk. I'd like to know why. And I heard your prisoner died by getting into a fight with another prisoner." "He walked up to a cave troll and kicked him. The troll tore his head off and threw it fifty feet away. What would you call that?" "Suicide by troll. That's new. #Quote by Steve McHugh
Kill Me quotes by Veronica Roth
#12. The fire, the fire. It rages within, a campfire and then an inferno, and my body is its fuel. I feel it racing through me, eating away at the weight. There is nothing that can kill me now; I am powerful and invincible and eternal. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Kill Me quotes by Laura Bradley Rede
#13. You want to know why I brought you out here." "The question had crossed my mind, yes. But I figured it was probably to buy me horses or feed me caviar. Or, you know, to kill me." He looks up surprised. "Kill you? No. And in the future I would say if you suspect someone wants to kill you, you shouldn't follow him into the woods. #Quote by Laura Bradley Rede
Kill Me quotes by Kim Harrison
#14. Numb, I took the perfectly browned puff. Okay. Let me see if I have this right. Al provokes me into defending myself. I nearly kill him. Then Newt tries to kill me, thinking I'm Ku'Sox. Al stops her, saving my life. And now we're all going to have s'mores together? #Quote by Kim Harrison
Kill Me quotes by Julia Quinn
#15. What are you smiling about?" Benedict demanded.
She didn't bother to glance up as she replied, "I'm plotting your demise."
He grinned-not that she was looking at him, but it was one of those smiles she could hear in the way he breathed.
She hated that she as that sensitive to his every nuance. Especially since she had a sneaking suspicion that he was the same way about her.
"At least it sounds entertaining,"he said.
"What does?" she asked, finally moving her eyes from the lower hem of the curtain, which she'd been staring at for what seemed like hours.
"My demise," he said, his smile crooked and amused. "If you're going to kill me, you might as well enjoy yourself while you're at it, because Lord knows, I won't."
Her jaw dropped a good inch. "You're mad," she said. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Kill Me quotes by Andrew Jackson
#16. The bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me, but I will kill it. #Quote by Andrew Jackson
Kill Me quotes by Sarah Cross
#17. It was hard to be honest, to open up, and reveal something that sounded crazy. Because once you told someone the truth, that person had a piece of you - and they could belittle it, destroy it. They could turn your confession into a wound that never healed. #Quote by Sarah Cross
Kill Me quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#18. The bulls are my best friends."
I translated to Brett.
"You kill your friends?" she asked.
"Always," he said in English, and laughed. "So they don't kill me. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Kill Me quotes by John Donne
#19. Death be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so. For, those, whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow. Die not, poor death, nor yet canst thou kill me. #Quote by John Donne
Kill Me quotes by Georges Bataille
#20. if I did not love death
my suffering
my desire for you
would kill me

your absence
your distress
make me nauseous
it's time for me to love death
it's time to bite its hands #Quote by Georges Bataille
Kill Me quotes by V.E Schwab
#21. You can't kill me today," she called back. "I'm late for class. #Quote by V.E Schwab
Kill Me quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#22. I don't trust the ocean, either; it would kill me as soon as not. It doesn't mean I'm afraid of it. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Kill Me quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#23. Archer isn't hot anymore ... He tried to kill me, and his girlfriend is Satan. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Kill Me quotes by Kristen Ashley
#24. Got it all scheduled," he noted.
"Yes," I returned.
"What's a huge-ass wedding?"
"Don't ask that," I advised. "Just show up."
His grin turned wicked and I liked it. That was, I liked it until he enquired, "You askin' me to marry you, Red?"
I wasn't even sipping coffee and, still, I chocked. Then I pushed out, "What?"
"I accept."
I shook my head and kept shaking it when I requested clarification, "Let me get this straight. Did you just accept my non-marriage offer?"
"I didn't ask!" My voice was rising.
"So you just wanna shack up?" he asked but didn't wait on my answer. "I'm good with that too."
"I'm getting my huge-ass wedding," I declared.
"So you are askin' me to marry you," he noted.
Gah! Gah! Gah!!
Sharp as a tack.
Someone kill me. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Kill Me quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#25. Why don't you just kill me?"
"That, my dear, would be a waste." He steps forward and I realize his hands are sheathed in white leather gloves. He tips my chin up with one finger. "Besides, it'd be a shame to lose such a pretty face. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Kill Me quotes by Pepper Winters
#26. I see the way you look at me. I feel the way you touch me. I hear the hidden messages in your voice. Unlike you, I've been blessed knowing the warmth that comes with love. The way a person's eyes glow and body softens. You love me! And if you can stand there and deny it - when it's so blatantly obvious - then there really is no hope for us. You might as well march me outside and complete the Final Debt, because I'd rather you kill me quickly than live through this endless death!-Nila #Quote by Pepper Winters
Kill Me quotes by B. Justin Shier
#27. And then Dieter was like, 'Over my dead body!'
"And I was thinking my roomie was about to get his wish.
"And then Rei got super vampy and was like, 'Yield to my power!'
"And then Dieter started grunting and looked super uncomfortable.
"And then Rei took a step forward.
"And then Dieter dropped to his knees, but a moment later he started going 'Reee!'
"And I was like, 'Oh, for the love of God, please don't kill me.'
"And then Rei walked over and elbowed him in the head ...
"That's about it. Oh, and there were grenades. #Quote by B. Justin Shier
Kill Me quotes by D.A. Adams
#28. Then you'll have to kill me, ogre. I owe that dwarf a debt you can't understand. #Quote by D.A. Adams
Kill Me quotes by Carrie Tiffany
#29. You can kill me when I no longer enjoy a cup of tea #Quote by Carrie Tiffany
Kill Me quotes by Mel Odom
#30. Another thing: if you should decide you must kill me before you talk to [ ... ], do not do it while we are still inside the inn. You will need help to get out. #Quote by Mel Odom
Kill Me quotes by Dennis Lehane
#31. He used it on the next guard, the one in front of the fence. He disarmed him, a kid, a baby, really, and the guard said, 'You going to kill me?'
'Jesus, kid, no,' Teddy said and snapped the butt of the rifle into the kid's temple. #Quote by Dennis Lehane
Kill Me quotes by Karina Halle
#32. His mouth was a little too wide and snaked from corner to corner. His nose had been broken a few times, and when you looked at him straight on like I was doing as I stared at him across the circle bar, you could really tell. But his eyes were beautiful, cunning and otherworldly. His hair was a controlled mess; wispy dark strands that swooped across his forehead with long sideburns. He had high cheekbones, a strong jawline. When you combined all the parts, they equaled so much more than the sum. He was exotically, dangerously beautiful.
He'd been mine once. He'd broken my heart once.
And he was here to kill me. He only needed to do that once, too. #Quote by Karina Halle
Kill Me quotes by Andrew Ashling
#33. I will give you a few guarantees of my own, Mukthar. I guarantee that before the sun sets, even if you win, even if my cold, dead body is lying on the field, you will rue the day you ever set foot in the Plains. For every inch you advance I'll exact gallons of Mukthar blood. I guarantee that there will be not one family of the Bear Mukthars or they will mourn at least one of theirs. I guarantee that even if you are triumphant the fruits of victory will taste like dust in your mouth. I guarantee that if you fail to kill me today, you will meet me again. You will meet me at the Ximerionian border. You will meet me at every city, town, village, and hamlet. You will meet me on every Amirathan crossroad, on every hill. I will fight you with every sword at my command, with every arrow, with every dagger. I will fight you with pitchforks. I will fight you with the very rocks of the land you try to conquer. I will never, never, never give up.

~Anaxantis, before the Battle of the Zinchara (May 29th, 1453 aed) #Quote by Andrew Ashling
Kill Me quotes by Chelsea Fine
#34. I don't think so, dude. Gabriel would kill me. And then Scarlet would kill me. And they could just keep on killing me over and over again because I don't ever die. Do you know how much that would suck? #Quote by Chelsea Fine
Kill Me quotes by Anna Akhmatova
#35. Today I have so much to do: I must kill memory once and for all, I must turn my soul to stone, I must learn to live again Unless ... Summer's ardent rustling Is like a festival outside my window. #Quote by Anna Akhmatova
Kill Me quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#36. I could have done even better, miss, and I'd know a lot more, if it wasn't for my destiny ever since childhood. I'd have killed a man in a duel with a pistol for calling me low-born, because I came from Stinking Lizaveta without a father, and they were shoving that in my face in Moscow. It spread there thanks to Grigory Vasilievich. Grigory Vasilievich reproaches me for rebelling against my nativity: 'You opened her matrix,' he says. I don't know about her matrix, but I'd have let them kill me in the womb, so as not to come out into the world at all, miss. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Kill Me quotes by Kristen Ashley
#37. He raped me, Agent Calhoun, he hit me but he didn't kill me. As long as I'm breathing,
I've got fight in me and luckily I'm breathing."
It was at that he whispered, "You aren't like a lot of women."
"Yes I am," I whispered back. "I'm like all women. You see this but inside there's
something else that I won't let you see or him see but it's the mess he left me. But that's
mine. No one gets to it. Everything you get and he gets is a show. One thing you learn really
quickly and really well when that kind of thing happens to you is to be a fucking great
actress. You don't have a choice in that because a man like that does something like that to
you, you lose having choices. The only choice you have is what role you intend to play. I
picked my role and that ... that Agent Calhoun is what you see. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Kill Me quotes by Henry James
#38. There's no way to do that, Miss Archer. I won't say that if you refuse me you'll kill me; I shall not die of it. But I shall do worse; I shall live to no purpose. #Quote by Henry James
Kill Me quotes by Bhagat Singh
#39. They may kill me, but they cannot kill my ideas. They can crush my body, but they will not be able to crush my spirit. #Quote by Bhagat Singh
Kill Me quotes by Kristen Ashley
#40. Sometimes you kill me, baby. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Kill Me quotes by John Gibson Paton
#41. And over that side of the island all their sacred men were at work trying to kill me by their (magical) arts. Messengers arrived from every quarter of the island, inquiring anxiously about my health, and wondering if I was not feeling sick. #Quote by John Gibson Paton
Kill Me quotes by William Shakespeare
#42. ROMEO :
'Tis torture and not mercy. Heaven is here,
Where Juliet lives, and every cat and dog
And little mouse, every unworthy thing,
Live here in heaven and may look on her,
But Romeo may not. More validity,
More honorable state, more courtship lives
In carrion flies than Romeo. They may seize
On the white wonder of dear Juliet's hand
And steal immortal blessing from her lips,
Who even in pure and vestal modesty,
Still blush, as thinking their own kisses sin.
But Romeo may not. He is banishèd.
Flies may do this, but I from this must fly.
They are free men, but I am banishèd.
And sayst thou yet that exile is not death?
Hadst thou no poison mixed, no sharp-ground knife,
No sudden mean of death, though ne'er so mean,
But "banishèd" to kill me? - "Banishèd"!
O Friar, the damnèd use that word in hell.
Howling attends it. How hast thou the heart,
Being a divine, a ghostly confessor,
A sin-absolver, and my friend professed,
To mangle me with that word "banishèd"? #Quote by William Shakespeare
Kill Me quotes by Sylvia Day
#43. This - he gestured impatiently at himself - is just a fucking shell. You're what drives me, Eva. Can you understand that? You're my heart and soul. If something ever happened to you, it would kill me, too. Keeping you safe is goddamned self-preservation! #Quote by Sylvia Day
Kill Me quotes by Ilona Andrews
#44. Ghastek, why haven't you married?" I asked.
He gave me a thin-lipped smile. "Because if I were to get married, I would want to have a family. To me, marriage means children."
"So what's the problem? Shooting blanks?"
Desandra asked.
Kill me. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Kill Me quotes by J.  Daniels
#45. Holy shit," I gasped when I felt his mouth there. I looked down my body. Nathan was already watching me. He winked. God…I felt my heart skip. "You kill me, you know that?"
He gave me a long, slow lick in answer. #Quote by J. Daniels
Kill Me quotes by Christine Feehan
#46. Azami shuddered, her lips trembling, and then she consumed him as aggressively and as honestly as he did her. He felt her inside of his mind, running like lava through his veins, wrapping around his heart and filling his very bones with her.
"This is madness," she whispered against his mouth when they both came up for air. Her dark eyes searched his face.
Sam didn't have any answers. He knew she was right. They might be on opposite sides in a deadly war, yet he couldn't let her go. She fit with him. The world around them was out of sync, not the two of them.
"I know," he admitted as he rested his forehead against hers, looking into her eyes.
"What are we going to do now?"
A slow smile curved his mouth. "I really expected you to kill me so I wouldn't have to figure that part out."
She blinked, her black fan of thick silky lashes fluttering as wildly as her heart. She moistened her lips. "You're not getting off that easily."
Sam watched the dawning smile, the way her soft mouth curved and the warmth spread to her dark eyes with absolute fascination. "Well. Damn. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Kill Me quotes by Kevin Hearne
#47. Great. What if she decides to kill me?" "That will test our bargain quite severely," the Morrigan replied with a smirk. "Morrigan?" "Relax. We have a bargain. But have the good grace to pretend to be dead if she decides to kill you." "What if she decides to set me on fire and watch me burn?" "Then that's going to hurt. Scream all you want, but turn it off at some point and she'll figure you for dead. #Quote by Kevin Hearne
Kill Me quotes by Steven Tyler
#48. Sex is the strongest force in the universe. Forget about the Grand Unifying Theory, Stephen Hawking, I'll tell you what it is: women. Aren't women the strongest sex? What force is more magnetic than that? It's not just pussy. We're attracted to women for their energy. We're attracted to their fluidness, their ability to nurture a baby without even knowing how, to be able to put up with screaming and crying and colic and shitty diapers where men would go, "I'm fucking outta here! I'm gonna go kill me a saber-toothed woolly mammoth an'bring it on home to eat tonight. Wa-haaaaaa!" We don't have tits; we couldn't nourish a gnat. #Quote by Steven Tyler
Kill Me quotes by Chris Hadfield
#49. "What's the next thing that's going to kill me?" is a mantra for pilots and astronauts. #Quote by Chris Hadfield
Kill Me quotes by J.M. Coetzee
#50. Whatever does not kill me makes me stronger. #Quote by J.M. Coetzee
Kill Me quotes by Mahmoud Darwish
#51. Please take your time. I want you to kill me slowly so I can write my last
poem to my wife's heart. They laughed, and took from me
only the words dedicated to my wife's heart. #Quote by Mahmoud Darwish
Kill Me quotes by J.K. Rowling
#52. Kill me then,' panted Harry, who felt no fear at all, but only rage and contempt. 'Kill me like you killed him, you coward-'
DON'T-' screamed Snape, and his face was suddenly demented, inhuman, as though he was in as much pain as the yelping, howling dog stuck in the house behind them- 'CALL ME A COWARD! #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Kill Me quotes by Alexander Gordon Smith
#53. All it needed was me, and my fear. Because alone in the silence, in the unfathomable darkness, I knew that my own thoughts would drive me mad. My own mind would kill me. #Quote by Alexander Gordon Smith
Kill Me quotes by Lauren Kate
#54. Scared ya, did I? Aw, that's sweet. Don't worry the shocks won't kill me," she whispered. "They only make me stronger. Anyway, it was worth it to give that cow a black eye, ya know? #Quote by Lauren Kate
Kill Me quotes by Sarah Cross
#55. Mira sat down on the rim of the fountain. The marble ledge was damp, and mist sprinkled her skin. Coins shimmered under the water like fish scales.
She counted them, each one a wish, and wondered how love could be anything but good. #Quote by Sarah Cross
Kill Me quotes by Cesc Fabregas
#56. If I ever wear a Chelsea shirt, you have permission to kill me. #Quote by Cesc Fabregas
Kill Me quotes by Eve Langlais
#57. Cursed at the fact that, even given my danger, my damned nympho magic perked up at his masculine grin. Somehow, the fact I that found him attractive, even as I knew he was going to attempt to kill me, seemed wrong. I bet he's got a hard stake, my snide magic murmured in my mind with a lusty chuckle. #Quote by Eve Langlais
Kill Me quotes by Aleksandr Voinov
#58. Vadim swallowed, felt his throat too tight to move, then, still staring at the bottle, smelling the desert and Dan, and himself, his hand reached to his side, opened the holster of the pistol. Took out the mag, took the bullet from the chamber, clicked the mag in place again, rolled the bullet between his fingers.
He looked at Dan, sideways, saw the man stare at him, all eyes, dark eyes, and the way the pale desert moon made his face a place of shadows.
He reached for Dan's hand, opened the fingers and placed the bullet into the palm.
"This is the bullet you'll use to kill me if I walk away again." Because if I walk away again, I'll be in so much pain I'm better off dead anyway. #Quote by Aleksandr Voinov
Kill Me quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#59. If you want to stop me you're going to have to came at me like your going to kill me. -Hatsuharu #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Kill Me quotes by Nick Swardson
#60. I was always pretty broad. I've had a couple bad experiences. One time, I showed up late for a gig in Brooklyn at an Italian restaurant. I ran on stage, did my show, and then some guy in the audience threatened to kill me because he didn't like my joke. Instead of talking to him, I just ran off stage. And then, because I was late, the owner of the restaurant threatened to kill me. And I was 19 years old and so scared that I almost started crying. But, I've done every gig you can imagine, in every state. #Quote by Nick Swardson
Kill Me quotes by Rick Riordan
#61. Python opened his eyes. "What do you want?"
"To sing you songs about my awesomeness!"
"Oh, please. Just kill me now."
"Okay!" Apollo drew his bow and shot the snake between the eyes. Then he sang a song about his awesomeness. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Kill Me quotes by Nora Sakavic
#62. Sometimes I think this job is going to kill me," Abby said. "Seeing what people have done, what people continue to do, to my Foxes. I wish I could protect you, but I'm always too late. All I can do is patch you up afterward and hope for the best. I'm sorry, Neil. We should have been there for you. #Quote by Nora Sakavic
Kill Me quotes by Walter Dean Myers
#63. I am too real not to know that real will kill me
I am too street not to know what the streets hold
for me #Quote by Walter Dean Myers
Kill Me quotes by Hannah Kent
#64. I might have starved to death. I would be mud-slick, stuffed to the guts with cold and hopelessness, and my body might know it was doomed and give up on its own. That would be better than idly winding wool on a snowy day, waiting for someone to kill me. #Quote by Hannah Kent
Kill Me quotes by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
#65. Andrus turned the engine and gave her a suspicious look. "You smell like ... " He shifted into drive. "What?" "Nothing, but - did something happen inside?" Could he really smell ... that? He crinkled his nose. "Your face is red and your scent is ... " Oh, God. He can! Kill me now! Giant bomb, falling tree, spontaneous combustion ... anything! #Quote by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Kill Me quotes by Michael Blake
#66. There is no bitterness in Wind In His Hair's heart," he began. "Our minds may choose different paths, but some part of every heart will always be as one. All my life I have been a warrior, and I will not change. I will not die as anything else.
"The whites have taken much from me. They have taken my brothers, my wives, my children. Now they want to take me off the earth upon which I walk. Maybe they will kill me now, and if they do, so be it. I will not take their hands. I will keep my ponies' tails tied up for war."

- Wind In His Hair #Quote by Michael Blake
Kill Me quotes by Jennifer Harlow
#67. It's about five and the party begins at seven, so I have to get the hell out of here. I need to shower, shave, eat, straighten my hair, apply make-up, and try to get a cab on a Friday night. Ugh, girly things. Kill me now. #Quote by Jennifer Harlow
Kill Me quotes by Karl Lagerfeld
#68. I must say, some are not very beautifully made. They're coffee-table books for people who drink alcohol. I have nothing against coffee-table books as long as they are well done. They must not look like gravestones on a table. Sometimes they are too big, they come in boxes and things like this. No, a book has to be easy to open and you don't have to be a bodybuilder to lift it. I like books I can read in bed. Those big tombstones would kill me. #Quote by Karl Lagerfeld
Kill Me quotes by Franny Billingsley
#69. I hope you don't mind my joining you, said Leanne. I minded. After all, she'd tried to kill me. A girl in a novel would say it was hard to believe, but it wasn't. #Quote by Franny Billingsley
Kill Me quotes by John Steinbeck
#70. Well, what you ding this kind of work for--against your own people?"

"Three dollars a day. I got damn sick of creeping for my dinner--and not getting it. I got a wife and kids. We got to eat. Three dollars a day and it comes every day."

"But for your three dollars a day fifteen or twenty families can't eat at all. Nearly a hundred people have to go and wander on the roads for your three dollars a day. Is that right?"

"Can't think of that. Got to think of my own kids."


"Nearly a hundred people on the road for your three dollars. Where will we go?"

"And that reminds me, you better get out soon. I'm going through the dooryard after dinner...I got orders wherever there's a family not moved out--if I have an accident--you know, get too close and cave in the house a little--well, I might get a couple of dollars. And my youngest kid never had no shoes yet."

"I built this with my hands...It's mine. I built it. You bump it down--I'll be in the window with a rifle..."

"It's not me. There's nothing I can do. I'll lose my job if I don't do it. And look--suppose you kill me? They'll just hang you, but not long before you're hung there'll be another guy on the tractor, and he'll bump the house down. You're not killing the right guy."


Across the dooryard the tractor cut, and the hard, foot-beaten ground was seeded field, and the tractor cut through again; the uncut space was #Quote by John Steinbeck
Kill Me quotes by Rick Riordan
#71. After the satyrs filed in to dinner, the Hermes cabin brought up the rear. They were always the biggest cabin. Last summer it had been led by Luke, the guy who fought with Thalia and Annabeth on top of Half-Blood Hill. For a while, before Poseidon had claimed me, I'd lodged in the Hermes cabin. Luke had befriended me ... and then he'd tried to kill me. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Kill Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#72. I have a suggestion," said Valentine to Luke, in a surprisingly even tone.
"Let me guess," said Luke. "It's 'Don't kill me,' isn't it? #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Kill Me quotes by Carrie Vaughn
#73. Next caller. Betty, you're on the air. What's your question ?"
"Hi, Kitty. I just wanted to know, are you going out with that Cormac guy from last month?"
My jaw dropped. "What?"
"Are you going out with that Cormac guy?"
"We are talking about the same Cormac who tried to kill me on the air, yes? the guy who hunts werewolves for a living ?"
"And you want to know if I'm dating him ? Why on earth do you think that's a good idea? #Quote by Carrie Vaughn
Kill Me quotes by Ice-T
#74. I never know if the person I'm shaking hands with is coming to kill me. That's something you have to live with when you cross the lines. #Quote by Ice-T
Kill Me quotes by Stevie J. Cole
#75. He's fucking me like he wants to kill me, yet he's kissing me like he wants to love me. The #Quote by Stevie J. Cole
Kill Me quotes by Julie Johnson
#76. Truthfully, I hate basketball - almost as much as I hate lying. But, can I admit that on live radio without the entire male population of the greater Boston area wanting to kill me for scoring the much-coveted tickets most of them would sell their souls for? Probably not. So, I do what any self-respecting girl does in this situation. "Oh, huge, huge fan," I lie through my teeth. #Quote by Julie Johnson
Kill Me quotes by Gail Carriger
#77. You're a wonderful dancer, Ria."
"Mademoiselle Geraldine's takes such things seriously."
"Ah. And how many ways do you know to kill me, while we dance?"
"Only two, but give me time."
"You have lovely eyes. Has anyone ever told you that?"
"What rot. They are a muddy green. What are you about, Lord Mersey?"
Felix sighed, looking genuinely perturbed. His air of ennui was shaken. "I am trying to court you. Truth be told, Miss Temminnick, you make it ruddy difficult!"
"Language, Lord Mersey." Sophronia felt her heart flutter strangely. Am I ready to be courted?
"See! #Quote by Gail Carriger
Kill Me quotes by Gena Showalter
#78. Kill me then. A true death. Please. You can't leave me like this."
"Like This" had been broken, bloody and violated in unspeakable ways. "Anything but that. You'll recover. One day you will even be happy again."
"I don't want to recover. I want to cease to exist, now and forever. That's the only way to end my torment. #Quote by Gena Showalter
Kill Me quotes by K.A. Merikan
#79. You're my choice of poison." Stitch held him tightly as he turned away from the wall, carrying Zak somewhere in the dark room. A tiny bit of light from a dusty window made the edges of furniture blur, but it was no surprise when the world became horizontal, and Zak's back met a mattress. He didn't have to see Stitch to know he was unbuckling his belt, the metallic clang went straight to Zak's cock. "Gonna kill me, but I can't stop," muttered Stitch #Quote by K.A. Merikan
Kill Me quotes by Mick Herron
#80. Why am I telling you this?'
'So you'll have an excuse to kill me?'
'That's probably it. #Quote by Mick Herron
Kill Me quotes by Andrew Chan
#81. When I got back to my cell, I said, 'God, I asked you to set me free, not kill me.' God spoke to me and said, 'Andrew, I have set you free from the inside out, I have given you life!' From that moment on I haven't stopped worshipping Him. I had never sung before, never led worship, until Jesus set me free. #Quote by Andrew Chan
Kill Me quotes by Sylvain Neuvel
#82. Hey! Can you hear me? I'm talking to the American asshole who just told my daughter she was going to die. She says you put something inside her head, some sort of explosive. If that's true, you better hope that thing doesn't go off because if it does, you might as well kill yourself. I know what you're thinking. There's a good chance Moscow will do the same thing and kill me. There's always a possibility the Chinese or Koreans will kill me, but I wouldn't bet on that. You see, I'm not the easiest person to be with. I can be a bit of a dick sometimes, just ask my daughter. My point is if people keep me around, it's not because of my charming personality, it's because I have legs that bend the wrong way, and that's kind of useful if you also happen to have Themis. So on the off chance that I make it through this, I want you to listen to me very carefully. I don't give a shit who this robot belongs to an hour from now. I will fucking kill you. I will mow down whatever place you work at and the house you live in. I will kill everyone you've ever known, your high-school teacher, people you play softball with. I will march down Washington Avenue and turn DC into a fucking sandbox. I will end you and everything you hold dear. There. Will. Be. No United States when I'm done with you, and there is nothing, not a goddamn thing, you can do to stop me. Do you hear me? DO YOU HEAR ME, MOTHERFUCKER? ANSWER ME! #Quote by Sylvain Neuvel
Kill Me quotes by J.K. Rowling
#83. And when the creature spoke, it used Harry's mouth, so that in his agony he felt his jaw move ...
"Kill me now Dumbledore ... "
Blinded and dying, every part of him screaming for release, Harry felt the creature use him again ...
"If death is nothing, Dumbledore, kill the boy ... #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Kill Me quotes by George R R Martin
#84. I do get invitations all of the time to play actual fantasy football, by the way, but I get the feeling that I'd like it too much. I have enough demands on my time. My fans would kill me. #Quote by George R R Martin
Kill Me quotes by C.J. Roberts
#85. I'm sorry, Livvie, I really am. You kill me. Pepper spray? I've tracked you all over the world and that's what's going to stop me―pepper spray. #Quote by C.J. Roberts
Kill Me quotes by Amy Poehler
#86. I mean, if my phone is trying to kill me then that crazy X-ray machine at airport security is a straight-up assassin. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Kill Me quotes by Jose Mujica
#87. If I asked people to live as I live, they would kill me, #Quote by Jose Mujica
Kill Me quotes by Penelope Douglas
#88. My smile froze, remembering the beating I let him give me last year, because I knew I deserved it. I'd knelt there, letting him hit me again and again, because I wanted to feel worse on the outside than I did on the inside, and for so many moments, I just wanted him to kill me. Just kill me, because I can't take it back, and I can't move on.

I'd almost killed him. And I wanted him to hate me so hard he would fucking murder me, and then maybe, after his anger was spent, he'd love me again. Whether I lived or died, he needed to forgive me for standing by and letting Michael's brother do what he did on that yacht that night. #Quote by Penelope Douglas
Kill Me quotes by Tessa Bailey
#89. Honest to God, Story. The bullet didn't kill me, but the way you make me feel might. #Quote by Tessa Bailey
Kill Me quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#90. I have been running for so long. Since before all this even started. Even back in the Stilts, I was a runner. Avoiding my family, my fate, anything I didn't want to feel. And I am still racing now. From those who would kill me - and those who would love. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Kill Me quotes by Derek Landy
#91. You didn't hear me right. I didn't say 'a mug of poisoned tea'. I said 'a poisoned mug of tea'. It was the handle I poisoned ... Laken Cross, you are an evil man for coming here to kill me and you're an evil man for forcing me to do what I had to do. I hope you burn in whatever hell you believe in. - Finbar #Quote by Derek Landy
Kill Me quotes by Adam Baker
#92. Kill me," he said. "Do it clean."
He sat at a cocktail piano. He played 'I Get a Kick Out of You'. Rye stood behind him.
"You're pretty good," said Rye.
"Yeah. Always wished I'd gone professional."
Rye killed him halfway through the third verse. #Quote by Adam Baker
Kill Me quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#93. You're not going to kill me, skin me, and wear my head as a hat? #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Kill Me quotes by Maya Angelou
#94. Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.
You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I'll rise. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Kill Me quotes by Henny Youngman
#95. If my mother knew I did this for a living, she'd kill me. She thinks I'm selling dope. #Quote by Henny Youngman
Kill Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#96. What's going on? (Astrid)
Not much. Some invincible asshole is trying to kill me. (Zarek) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kill Me quotes by J.M. Darhower
#97. I've heard some stupid questions in my life. Usually they come in clusters: Why do you have that gun? What are you doing? Are you going to kill me? Uh, duh. I'm sure as hell not going to shoot myself. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Kill Me quotes by Nicole  Williams
#98. Then what are you doing here, Luce?" he asked, his voice elevating. "You want time? You want space? Fine. I gave that to you. But then you keep throwing yourself back into my life whenever the hell you choose. No warning. No apology, No permanence. You show up at my front door and sneak out the back without so much as a goodbye," he continued, never taking his eyes off of me. "You couldn't take the up and down. The roller coaster was going to kill you. You know what I can't take? You in and back out of my life before I even knew you were there in the first place. You looking at me the way you are now and then able to turn your back and walk away five minutes later." His hands clenched over my cheek before he lowered it. "That is what will kill me. I can't live wondering if you're still mine to claim. #Quote by Nicole Williams
Kill Me quotes by Lucille Clifton
#99. Come celebrate with me that every day something has tried to kill me and has failed. #Quote by Lucille Clifton
Kill Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#100. I've got the Mark of Cain," said Simon. "That means nothing can kill me, right?"
"You can kill yourself," Magnus said, somewhat unhelpfully. "As far as I know, inanimate objects can accidentally kill you. So if you were planning on teaching yourself the lambada on a greased platform over a pit full of knives, I wouldn't."
"There goes my Saturday. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Kill Me quotes by Jenny Han
#101. What would happen if I came back after everyone went to sleep, and I spent the night, and left really early in the morning? Like, before dawn?"
Smiling, I say, "You can't, so we'll never know."
"But what if?"
"My dad would kill me."
"No, he wouldn't."
"He'd kill you."
"No, he wouldn't."
"No, he wouldn't," I agree. "But he'd be pretty disappointed in me. And he'd be mad at you."
"Only if we got caught," Peter says. #Quote by Jenny Han
Kill Me quotes by Sonia Johnson
#102. I have decided not to be an accomplice in my own oppression any longer, never again to hand men weapons with which to kill me. #Quote by Sonia Johnson
Kill Me quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#103. That's what I love about fire, how it would kill me as quick as anybody else. How it can't know I'm its mother. It's so beautiful and powerful and beyond feeling anything for anybody, that's what I love about fire. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Kill Me quotes by Elizabeth Mckenzie
#104. We employed a stocky Yorkshire woman to walk me home from school past the barbershop with the unhappy mynah bird. "Kill me!" it suggested as we passed by. #Quote by Elizabeth Mckenzie
Kill Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#105. Whatever doesn't kill me ... had better start running. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Kill Me quotes by Jim Rohn
#106. Failure is a few Errors in judgment repeated everyday. The man says, Well I didn't walk around the block today and it didn't kill me, so it must be okay. No, no, it is that kind of error in judgment that after six years has him out of breath and panting as he walks from his car to his office. You can't make those kinds of mistakes; it will end up costing you. #Quote by Jim Rohn
Kill Me quotes by Dana Marie Bell
#107. Right, if I told you, I'd have to kill you."
Emma frowned. "If you kill me, you aren't getting any nookie." She wrinkled her nose. "And if you are, that's really sick. #Quote by Dana Marie Bell
Kill Me quotes by Kimberly Derting
#108. That was fast," Jay said as Violet got into the car.
"I told you I wouldn't be long."
"Good, 'cause I think we're gonna be late," he answered, glancing at the clock on his dash.
Violet sighed. "Is this about the party?"
"I already told you: There is no party." And then he grinned at her. "Besides, if you don't act surprised, Chelsea's going to kill me."
"Ugh! I hate parties!"
Jay reached over and slipped his hand around the back of Violet's neck, pulling her toward him. She could smell the mint he'd been chewing on as she leaned into him.
"Come on. None of them got to celebrate your birthday with you." He kissed her once, softly, sweetly, on her cheek. "Let them have their little party; it won't last long." He kissed her other cheek and then her chin, and Violet felt her resolve slipping.
"We'll be out of there in no time." His lips brushed her forehead; his eyes smoldered as he gazed down at her. "And then afterward"-he found her lips, lightly teasing her-"we can have our own party."
Violet sighed in defeat, losing herself to his very persuasive argument.
"I think we're gonna be late," she whispered, surrendering at last. #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Kill Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#109. I assumed he'd kill me, not my people. (Stryker)
The man's name is War. Did that not clue you in about his personality? This would be tantamount to meeting Peone and expecting the goddess of retaliation to forgive you and blithely walk away to let you live a happy life. (Zephyra) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kill Me quotes by J.K. Rowling
#110. But as for being about to kill me, Draco, you have had several long minutes now, we are quite alone, I am more defenseless than you can have dreamed of finding me, and still you have not acted. . . #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Kill Me quotes by Sereana Crowley
#111. Well i finally got u back even though it took a while but you can bet that it was worth it cause now i can start to smile.
I long to have u near me, just to see your face things that we both wanted but to afraid to tell each such.
You took me under your wings and shared your love with me.You make me feel importent the way I want to be.
Our love will last forever while you stand by my side so please don't try to fail me now cause you know it will kill me inside.
The tears that would be coming the sadness of my heart the pain u would give me if should ever part.
So tell me you'll stay with me, tell me you'll not go, tell me that im what u want, please tell me so i will know. #Quote by Sereana Crowley
Kill Me quotes by Rachel Marsden
#112. Fifty percent of people want to sleep with me, and the other 50 percent want to kill me. #Quote by Rachel Marsden
Kill Me quotes by Jenny Han
#113. I'm about to hop out when Peter reaches across me and stops me from opening the door. "Give me my good-night kiss," he says.
I laugh. "Peter! I have to go."
Stubbornly he closes his eyes and waits, and I lean forward and plant a quick kiss on his lips. "There. Satisfied?"
"No." He kisses me again like we have all the time in the world and says, "What would happen if I came back after everyone went to sleep, and I spent the night, and left really early in the morning? Like, before dawn?"
Smiling, I say, "You can't, so we'll never know."
"But what if?"
"My dad would kill me."
"No, he wouldn't."
"He'd kill you."
"No, he wouldn't."
"No, he wouldn't," I agree. "But he'd be pretty disappointed in me. And he'd be mad at you."
"Only if we got caught," Peter says, but it's halfhearted. He won't risk it either. He's too careful about staying in my dad's good graces. "You know what I'm really looking forward to the most?" He gives my braid a tug before saying, "Not having to say good night. I hate saying good night."
"Me too," I say.
"I can't wait until we're at college."
"Me too," I say, and I kiss him one more time before jumping out of the car and running toward my house. #Quote by Jenny Han
Kill Me quotes by Amo Jones
#114. I take it Hella is your road name? Or should I just stick to 'cunt'?" He laughs, a smirk beaming from his mouth. "I like the sound of 'cunt' coming out of those sweet lips. Maybe you should stick to that." He pulls out a packet of cigarettes, placing one in his mouth and watching me every two seconds. "Hella isn't my road name. Had it since I was a kid. It was so people couldn't kill me and sluts couldn't bang down my door after having my dick lodged down their throat once." He blew a cloud of smoke in my face. "Well, I've had your dick in me, and I gotta tell you…" I stand, bending over the table and scanning his huge arms with a smile. "I'm a little disappointed," I lie through a whisper. #Quote by Amo Jones
Kill Me quotes by William Shakespeare
#115. Kill me outright with looks, and rid my pain. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Kill Me quotes by Cole Gibsen
#116. After he'd gone, I slammed the door shut and, after the day I had, wasn't the least bit surprised to see my closet door open and Whitley stick his head out.
"Son of hibachi," I muttered. Now I would have to add burning all of my clothes to my list of things to do.
"What?" He exited the closet with a smile. "I don't even get a hello?"
I held up a finger. "Wait right here."
He shrugged.
I shut the door behind me and marched back into the living room and pointed at Dr. Wendell. "You. Come with me. Now."
Wide-eyed, he rose from the couch and followed me to my door. Before I opened it, I turned to him. "You said part of your job was to protect me, right?"
He nodded, his brow knit in lines of confusion.
"Just to prove how bad you suck at your job, look at this."
I swung open the door and Whitley waved from his perch at the end of my bed.
Dr. Wendell's mouth dropped and he took a step back. "Wait. What is-who is that?"
"That"-I gestured to the boy on my bed-"is Whitley, aka Zeami, aka the psycho who tried to kill me, steal my powers, and burnt down my house."
Whitley smiled. "Guilty as charged."
I folded my arms and glared at Dr. Wendell. "If you're supposedly protecting me, how could you let my past-life murderer walk right into my bedroom and hide out in my closet?"
Dr. Wendell shook his head, his skin a shade paler than it had been moments ago. "But I-I didn't-how-" He looked at Whitley. "How did you get in her #Quote by Cole Gibsen
Kill Me quotes by Barbara Elsborg
#117. 'I don't remember if I thanked you for saving me,' he said. 'So thank you.'
'You're welcome.'
'Though after this morning, I've added you to the list of those trying to kill me.' #Quote by Barbara Elsborg
Kill Me quotes by Sandra Brown
#118. Dodge, I'm going to tell you something."
"Judging by your tone, you're going to have to kill me after. Frankly, I'd just as soon not known. #Quote by Sandra Brown
Kill Me quotes by John Tucker
#119. You say marriage," she muttered. "I say prison sentence." He pursed his lips. "So, instead of the fairy-tale existence every woman dreams of as a child, you're forced to live in a physically cold relationship with an abusive philanderer for at least another year?" "Way to sum it up." Maritza sent out a caustic laugh. "Do me a favor. Kill me now." The #Quote by John Tucker
Kill Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#120. So I thought your mother and sister might have some insights to share. After all, your mother had five kids and– (Livia)
Stop! I don't even want to think about my mother having sex with my father. I know for a fact that she was artificially inseminated and he never touched her. Grandpa Zamir told me so and I believe him. (Adron)
That's not what she says. (Livia)
Am I not in enough pain that you'd torture me with this shit on top of it?
What did I ever do to you to make you want to kill me? (Adron) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kill Me quotes by Rick Riordan
#121. Meg slashed through the last of Tarquin's minions. That was a good thing, I thought distantly. I didn't want her to die, too. Hazel stabbed Tarquin in the chest. The Roman king fell, howling in pain, ripping the sword hilt from Hazel's grip. He collapsed against the information desk, clutching the blade with his skeletal hands.
Hazel stepped back, waiting for the zombie king to dissolve. Instead, Tarquin struggled to his feet, purple gas flickering weakly in his eye sockets.
"I have lived for millennia," he snarled. "You could not kill me with a thousand tons of stone, Hazel Levesque. You will not kill me with a sword."
I thought Hazel might fly at him and rip his skull off with her bare hands. Her rage was so palpable I could smell it like an approaching storm. Wait…I did smell an approaching storm, along with other forest scents: pine needles, morning dew on wildflowers, the breath of hunting dogs.
A large silver wolf licked my face. Lupa? A hallucination? No…a whole pack of the beasts had trotted into the store and were now sniffing the bookshelves and the piles of zombie dust.
Behind them, in the doorway, stood a girl who looked about twelve, her eyes silver-yellow, her auburn hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was dressed for the hunt in a shimmering gray frock and leggings, a white bow in her hand. Her face was beautiful, serene, and as cold as the winter moon.
She nocked a silver arrow and met Hazel's eyes, asking permission to finish her #Quote by Rick Riordan
Kill Me quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
#122. I do squats until I fall over and pass out. So what? It's not going to kill me. I wake up five minutes later and I'm OK #Quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Kill Me quotes by John Grisham
#123. his finger around the trigger. Mark closed his eyes and felt nothing. "How old are you, Mark?" "Eleven." "You told me that. Eleven. And I'm forty-four. We're both too young to die, aren't we, Mark?" "Yes sir." "But it's happening, pal. Do you feel it?" "Yes sir." "My client killed a man and hid the body, and now my client wants to kill me. That's the whole story. They've made me crazy. Ha! Ha! This is great, Mark. This is wonderful. I, the trusted #Quote by John Grisham
Kill Me quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#124. Royce eyed Hadrian with a skeptical expression. "He'll never manage the climb."

"Climb?" Hadrian asked.

"The treasure room is at the top of the Crown Tower," Arcadius explained.

Even Hadrian had heard of that. Even farmers in Hintindar knew of the Crown Tower. Supposedly it was the leftover corner of some ancient but legendary castle.

"I'm in good shape. A few stairs aren't going to kill me."

"The tower is heavily guarded in every way, except against a person climbing up the outside," Royce replied, his eyes fixed on the long fang he continued to twirl.

"Isn't that because … well, I've heard it's sort of tall."

"The tallest surviving structure built by man," Arcadius said.

"Should I bring a lunch?"

"Considering we'll begin after dusk and climb all night, I'd suggest a late dinner," Royce replied.

"I was joking."

"I wasn't. But I only ask one thing."

"What's that?"

"When you fall to your death, do so quietly. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Kill Me quotes by Akwaeke Emezi
#125. It's basically the same thing, she said. I didn't have anyone to hold me and now I don't have anyone to kill me. You'd think he's come through on at least one of these points. #Quote by Akwaeke Emezi
Kill Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#126. And in your world, Captain Scary, that would mean? (Fang)
You hit him three times and then you stop. It's in English. Hell, it's in –your- English. You were born then! (Thorn)
That was my third hit. (Fang)
I have a tumor. I know I have a tumor. I just wish I were mortal so that it could kill me. (Thorn) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kill Me quotes by Lora Leigh
#127. I have a serious draft where there's usually no draft, Seth."
The heat intensified as a muttered groan left his throat. "You're trying to kill me."
The feel of his erection against her lower stomach, the scent of his need and the strength of his arms around her assured her Seth had little thought for anything but that draft and that bow beneath her dress.
"There's a serious arising where there's usually no arising in public too," he growled, causing a hint of laughter to escape her. #Quote by Lora Leigh
Kill Me quotes by Krista McGee
#128. I am not going to live in fear of what might happen. The worst they can do to me is kill me. And, as I have learned, that isn't the worst at all. #Quote by Krista McGee
Kill Me quotes by Lynne Ewing
#129. That's Collin."She panicked."He can't see you!" Don't tell me you're afraid of your own brother?"Staton seemed to think that was funny.She hated the smirk that crept over his face. She shoved him."You want Collin to kill you?Hide." That made him laugh louder."Kill me?" Stop it,"she warned him,or he'll hear you." You think I should be afraid of your brother?I'm immortal." Collin's heavy steps filled the downstairs hallway.Her heart raced.Why was life so complicated? #Quote by Lynne Ewing
Kill Me quotes by Rachel Caine
#130. Tempting. But you see, I can simply insist on a lifetime contract with none of your silly restrictions, or kill you right now."
"You won't," Shane said. That made Morley's eyes open wide.
"Why not? Jacob and Patience were quite specific - they're concerned for Claire. Not for you, boy."
"Because if you kill me and Eve, you'll make her your enemy. This girl won't stop until she sees you all pay."
Claire had no idea whom he was talking about - she didn't feel like that Claire at all, until she imagined Shane and Eve lying dead on the ground.
Then she understood. "I'd hunt you down," she said quietly. "I'd use every resource I have to do it.
And you know I'd win."
Morley seemed impressed. "She is small, but I see your point, boy. Besides, she has the ear of Amelie, Oliver, and Myrnin; not a combination I would care to test. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Kill Me quotes by Rick Riordan
#131. I'm Carter Kane-part-time high school freshman, part-time magician, full-time worrier about all the Egyptian gods and monsters who are constantly trying to kill me.
Okay, that last part is an exaggeration. Not all the gods want me dead. Just a lot of them. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Kill Me quotes by Rachel Vincent
#132. You're Nash's brother. And a grim reaper?" She blinked again, and I readied myself for hysterics, or fear, or laughter. But knowing emma, I should have known better. "So you, what? Kill people? Did you kill me that day in the gym?" She clenched the headrest, her expression an odd mix of anger, awe, and confusion. But there was no disbelief. She'd seen and heard enough of the bizarre following her own temporary death that Tod's admission obviously didn't come as that much of a surprise.
Or maybe Nash's Influence was still affecting her a little.
"No," Tod shook his head firmly, but the corners of his mouth turned up in amusement. "I had nothing to do with that. I do kill people, then I reap their souls and take them to be recycled. But only people who are on my list."
"So, you're not...dangerous?"
His pouty grin deepened into something almost predatory, like the Tod I'd first met two months earlier. "Oh, I'm dangerous...."
"Tod..." I warned, as Nash punched his brother in the arm, hard enough to actually hurt.
"Just not to you," the reaper finished, shrugging at Emma. "I see you all the time, but you've never seen me, because Kaylee said if I got too close to you, I'd suffer eternity without my balls."
"Jeez, Tod!" I shouted, my anger threatening to boil over and scald us all.
The reaper leaned closer to Emma and spoke in a stage whisper. "She's not as scary as she thinks she is, but I respect her intent. #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Kill Me quotes by Harper Sloan
#133. I still love him. This man that I have thought was forever lost to me. If I am completely honest with myself, I never stopped loving him. But, all this knowledge shouldn't scare me. The teenage love we shared over a decade ago has grown with such a power that it will kill me if I lose it again. #Quote by Harper Sloan
Kill Me quotes by Adrienne Wilder
#134. Now ease off the brake, I mean flip-flop."
The truck crawled backward.
"Now, when you're far enough back, step on the brake again." The edge of the woods came closer. "Good. Just a little more." We went another few feet. "Okay, stop." The truck kept going. "Brake Morgan."
"Which one's the brake?"
"Left, I mean, flip-flop." The truck jerked to a stop. I slammed my hand against the dash to keep from getting thrown around.
"You're not a very good copilot, Grant."
"You're not a very good pilot."
"That's because I don't know how to drive." Morgan flexed his hand on the steering wheel.
I counted to ten before saying anything. "Now you need to put the truck in drive and make a right… I mean bare foot." The truck shot forward. "Stop, Morgan. Stop. Flip-flop." It jerked to a stop hard enough to dump me into the floorboard and crack my head on the dash.
"Fuck." I struggled to get back into the seat.
"Should have brought a helmet."
"If I'd known you were going to try to kill me, I would have."
"You're the one who said bare foot."
"I meant direction."
"We didn't discuss direction, just flip-flops and bare feet. #Quote by Adrienne Wilder
Kill Me quotes by Sarah Cross
#135. You crazy liar," he said breathlessly.
"You knew I was lying."
"Not to - that degree."
"Okay, so maybe I like you a little. #Quote by Sarah Cross
Kill Me quotes by Mary Calmes
#136. You're giving me goose bumps with your breath on my thighs! Jesus Christ, Nate, are you trying to kill me?" I waggled my eyebrows up at her. "Remember in The Breakfast Club - wait, how old are you? #Quote by Mary Calmes
Kill Me quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
#137. Experiencing this pain in my muscles and aching and going on and on is my challenge. The last three or four reps is what makes the muscles grow. This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion. That's what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they'll go through the pain no matter what happens. I have no fear of fainting. I do squats until I fall over and pass out. So what? It's not going to kill me. I wake up five minutes later and I'm OK. A lot of other athletes are afraid of this. So they don't pass out. They don't go on. #Quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Kill Me quotes by Bill Peterson
#138. Just remember the words of Patrick Henry - 'Kill me or let me live.' #Quote by Bill Peterson
Kill Me quotes by Chang-rae Lee
#139. I try to be aware of what I'm concerned about, aware of how I feel about myself in the world, aware of how I feel about the issues of the day, but I guess I don't want to write essays in my head about my craft and maybe it's because I teach and talk about craft of other writers as a reader. I feel the moment I start doing that is when it's going to kill me. #Quote by Chang-rae Lee
Kill Me quotes by Sarah Cross
#140. You're - you're something else, someone really special, and I feel completely justified in being in love with you. #Quote by Sarah Cross
Kill Me quotes by Jim Butcher
#141. I run - and not so that I'll be skinny and look good, either. I run so that when something that wants to kill me is chasing me, I'll be good at running. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Kill Me quotes by Eddie Izzard
#142. But puberty was ... well, before puberty, at school, I didn't tell kids I was a transvestite 'cause I thought they might kill me with sticks, you know? #Quote by Eddie Izzard
Kill Me quotes by Richelle Mead
#143. You kill me, Rose. Everyday is agony without you.Empty. Alone. I pine for you, wondering if you're even still alive. -Adrian to Rose #Quote by Richelle Mead
Kill Me quotes by Alessandra Torre
#144. I have imagined him in my mind for so long, my imagination creating a monster of grotesque features and proportions. But standing before me, his head tilted and eyes sharp, is just a man. Slightly balding, twenty pounds too heavy, whose mouth is turning into a sneer. Whose eyes are narrowing, stance strong, the combined effect sinister. This man, this balding thick man, has whispered in my ear, poured out the disgusting thoughts in his soul, showed me the dark evil in his heart. And now he is stepping closer, the excitement radiating from his body like a foul smell.
He thinks I am weak. He thinks he can manipulate me and subdue me. Kill me. He has no idea that my small frame and delicate features contain an evil that rivals his own. I finger the knife in my pocket and fight to keep a grin off my face.
This is it. This is my time. #Quote by Alessandra Torre
Kill Me quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#145. My banner was behind me and that banner would attract ambitious men. They wanted my skull as a drinking cup, my name as a trophy. They watched me as I watched them and they saw a man covered in mud, but a warlord with a wolf-crested helmet and arm rings of gold and with close-linked mail and a cloak of darkest blue hemmed with golden threads and a sword that was famous throughout Britain. Serpent-Breath was famous, but I sheathed her anyway, because a long blade is no help in the shield wall's embrace, and instead I drew Wasp-Sting, short and lethal. I kissed her blade then bellowed my challenge at the winter wind.
"Come and kill me! Come and kill me!"
And they came. #Quote by Bernard Cornwell
Kill Me quotes by Samuel L. Jackson
#146. What kills me is that everybody thinks I like Jazz. #Quote by Samuel L. Jackson
Kill Me quotes by Drew Carey
#147. You know what I worry about? I worry that when I hit my head, it pushes my hair into my brain, and it will eventually kill me. #Quote by Drew Carey
Kill Me quotes by Rick Riordan
#148. I gave her a smile that I hoped conveyed something like: Hey, you know I'm on your side. Gods are such jerks! But what can you do?
Probably my expression actually conveyed: It's not my fault! Please do not kill me! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Kill Me quotes by Alexander The Great
#149. Now you fear punishment and beg for your lives, so I will let you free, if not for any other reason so that you can see the difference between a Greek king and a barbarian tyrant, so do not expect to suffer any harm from me. A king does not kill messengers. #Quote by Alexander The Great
Kill Me quotes by Rachel Vincent
#150. Levi will kill me the minute he sees me, and I don't trust Madeline. There's something in her eyes ... "
"I believe that's integrity and dedication in her job."
"Yeah. It's disturbing. #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Kill Me quotes by Margaret Atwood
#151. They say that a nightmare can frighten you to death, that your heart can literally stop. Will this bad dream kill me, one of these nights? Surely it will take more than that. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Kill Me quotes by Amanda Hocking
#152. I could win you a goldfish."
"I don't think that's be fair to the goldfish," Gemma said. "I've had about a dozen of them, and they all seem to die within days of me getting them."
"Oh, yeah." Alex smiled crookedly. "I remember you making your dad bury them out in the backyard."
"They were my pets, and they deserved a proper burial."
"I better be careful around you." Alex stepped back from her cautiously, giving her a wide berth. "You're a goldfish mass murderer. I don't know what you're capable of."
"Stop!" Gemma laughed. "I didn't kill them on purpose! I was little. I think I overfed them. Out of love, though."
"That's even scarier," he teased. "Do you plan to kill me with kindness?"
"Maybe." She narrowed her eyes at him and tried to look menacing, making him laugh. #Quote by Amanda Hocking
Kill Me quotes by Derek Landy
#153. I know she was sent to keep an eye on me and then kill me, but ... do you think she did fall in love with me, even just a small bit?"
"Not really."
"She stuck a knife in you."
"That's rarely a good sign."
"I suppose."
"But hey, you had some good times, didn't you?"
"Yes. Yes we did."
"Before she stabbed you. #Quote by Derek Landy
Kill Me quotes by Maria V. Snyder
#154. I reached out blindly, clasped a warm hand, faded from life and into peace.
Well, that was what was supposed to happen ... Except an annoying, distracting tug kept pulling and yanking ...
When I woke, I thought I had overcome the pull and stayed in the afterlife. Whiteness billowed over me in soft waves. My body was cushioned and cocooned in warmth. I stretched my legs and then tried to raise my arms, but my left arm wouldn't budge. Rolling over, I encountered a number of very unpleasant realities.
I was alive. I was in a room. I was naked except for a blood-stained bandage wrapped tight around my stomach. Kerrick lay beside me. And his hand trapped mine.
Kill. Me. Now. #Quote by Maria V. Snyder
Kill Me quotes by Mary Oliver
#155. Every day I see or hear something that more or less kills me with delight, that leaves me like a needle in the haystack of light. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Kill Me quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#156. But heaven won't be like church - all the time," said Anne. "I hope it ain't," said Davy emphatically. "If it is I don't want to go. Church is awful dull. Anyway, I don't mean to go for ever so long. I mean to live to be a hundred years old, like Mr. Thomas Blewett of White Sands. He says he's lived so long 'cause he always smoked tobacco and it killed all the germs. Can I smoke tobacco pretty soon, Anne?" "No, Davy, I hope you'll never use tobacco," said Anne absently. "What'll you feel like if the germs kill me then?" demanded Davy. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Kill Me quotes by Nadia Murad
#157. Since leaving Kocho, I had begged for death, I had willed Salman to kill me or asked God to let me die or refused to eat or drink in the hopes I would fade away. I had thought many times that the man who raped and beat me would kill me. But death had never come. In the checkpoint bathroom, I began to cry. For the first time since I left Kocho, I thought I actually might die. And I also knew for sure that I didn't want to. #Quote by Nadia Murad
Kill Me quotes by Michelle A. Valentine
#158. My heart flutters with anticipation. If this was just the appetizer, dinner might damn near kill me. He #Quote by Michelle A. Valentine
Kill Me quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#159. My philosophy is pretty simple – any day nobody's trying to kill me is a good day in my book. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Kill Me quotes by Jeffrey Dahmer
#160. I don't care if I live or die. Go ahead and kill me. #Quote by Jeffrey Dahmer
Kill Me quotes by Lesley Livingston
#161. Believe me, Kelley. If I'm not ... it's because I'm already dead." He stroked her hair, and she could feel his breath warm on her forehead, like a kiss. "Because anyone that would seek to hurt you would have to kill me first. #Quote by Lesley Livingston
Kill Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#162. Not half as much as I'd miss me if you killed me. (He blinked like a girl and leaned against Ash's shoulder.) Please don't hurt me, Ash. Please. I don't want to die while I'm still a virgin. At least let me get laid before you kill me – which according to my mom I can't do until I'm married and I can't do that until I finish college. So you have to wait a good ten years before you snuff me. Deal? (Nick) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kill Me quotes by Tessa Dare
#163. I have to go," he said. "You don't understand. Someone wants to kill me.
"Someone wants to kill you?" she repeated. "Well, I want to make love to you. My goodness, Julian. With two such compelling alternatives, however will you choose? #Quote by Tessa Dare
Kill Me quotes by Abbi Glines
#164. I can't make you forgive me. I don't deserve your forgiveness. I can't change the past. All I can do is give you what you want. If this is what you want, I'll walk away, Blaire. It'll kill me but I'll do it. #Quote by Abbi Glines
Kill Me quotes by J.K. Rowling
#165. But you're dead,' said Harry.
'Oh, yes,' said Dumbledore matter-of-factly.
'Then ... am I dead too?'
'Ah,' said Dumbledore, smiling still more broadly. 'That is the question, isn't it? On the whole, dear boy, I think not. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Kill Me quotes by Ilona Andrews
#166. Andrea turned her back to Desandra and rolled her eyes. Raphael grimaced. They both looked scandalized. Dear God, what could she have said to scandalize a bouda ...
"No, really!" Desandra nodded. "Okay, so most guys don't have a nice ball sack, right? It looks all hairy and wrinkled like some small animal died between their legs, but Gerardo's is like two plums in a velvet bag ... "
Derek, who'd been lingering in the doorway, took a careful step to the left behind the wall and disappeared from my view.
Kill me, somebody. I raised my hand. "Hold that thought. I need to borrow Andrea for a minute."
I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the hallway. Behind us Raphael growled, "Don't leave me!"
Andrea leaned towards me. "Plums."
"Listen ... "
Andrea raised her hands, imitating holding plums the size of small coconuts, and moved them up and down. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Kill Me quotes by Heidi Cullinan
#167. That would probably kill me, so I knew he was exaggerating, but it made me feel soft inside. Nervous too, but soft. It's hard to explain. It was kind of like hope, but with jagged edges. #Quote by Heidi Cullinan
Kill Me quotes by Isabel Sterling
#168. That's what they say. All things considered. They tell me it's a miracle I didn't suffer tremendous burns. That I'm lucky. Blessed even. I need a new T-shirt : someone tried to kill me, and all I got was this stupid concussion. But the real injuries won't show up on their scans.

I think they know that. #Quote by Isabel Sterling
Kill Me quotes by John Corey Whaley
#169. I actually didn't mind too much that Gabriel had spent the past four nights in my room. He was relatively quiet, didn't go through my things, and liked to listen to my weird book ideas late at night. When I told him that I wanted to write a book about zombies taking over our town, he suggested that I make myself the hero and said nonchalantly, "You could even have to kill me after I get bitten. Wouldn't that be an awesome twist?" I didn't tell him then but I had no intention of ever letting him die in any book. #Quote by John Corey Whaley
Kill Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#170. What don't kill me...
Had better start running! #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Kill Me quotes by James Patterson
#171. Your kidding" i said. "we've escaped from top- security prisons, lived on our own for years, made tons of smarty-pants grown-ups look like fools without even trying,eaten desert rats with no A1 steak sauce, and your telling me we're minors and have to have guardians?" I shook my head, staring at him. "Listen pal, i grew up in a freaking dog crate. I've seen horrible, part-human mutations die gut-wrenching deaths. I've had people, mutants, and robots trying to kill me twenty-four/seven for as long as i can remember, and you think i'm gonna cave to state law? are you bonkers? #Quote by James Patterson
Kill Me quotes by Sarah Cross
#172. You don't like Blue, do you?"
"No," Mira said, caught off guard by the change of subject.
"I was worried he was doing his knight-in-tarnished-armor thing and it was winning you over. #Quote by Sarah Cross
Kill Me quotes by Big L
#173. If you battle L, you picked the wrong head
I smash mics like cornbread
You can't kill me, I was born dead #Quote by Big L
Kill Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#174. That's right. Act like I rejected you. It's not like you tried to kill me or anything. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Kill Me quotes by Suzanne Collins
#175. Not only does he hate me, and want to kill me, he no longer believes I'm human. It was less painful being strangled. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Kill Me quotes by Jessica Sorensen
#176. If you love me at all, then you'll get off the damn edge of that roof!" she shouts, her sudden spurt of anger alarming me. "Because I can't take this anymore ... " Her shoulders heave as she cries. "I swear to God, if I lose one more person I love, it's going to kill me. #Quote by Jessica Sorensen
Kill Me quotes by Mary Karr
#177. But I'm not ready to stop listening to the screwed-up inner voice that's been ordering me around for a lifetime. My head thinks it can kill me ... and go on living without me. #Quote by Mary Karr
Kill Me quotes by A.M. Homes
#178. And I can't help but wonder, did George want to kill me too? I have no doubt that the only thing that stopped him was narcissism-to kill me was also to kill some part of himself, which might also explain why Nate and Ashley survived. #Quote by A.M. Homes
Kill Me quotes by Michael Scott
#179. Niccolo Machiavelli folded his arms across his chest and looked at the alchemyst. "I always knew we would meet again," he said in French. "Though I never imagined it would be in these circumstances," he added with a smile. "I was certain I'd get you in Paris last Saturday." He bowed, an old-fashioned courtly gesture as Perenelle joined her husband. "Mistress Perenelle, it seems we are forever destined to meet on islands."
"The last time we met you had poisoned my husband and attempted to kill me," Perenelle reminded him, speaking in Italian.
Over three thousand years previously, the Sorceress and the Italian had fought at the foot of Mount Etna in Sicily. Although Perenelle had defeated Machiavelli, the energies they unleashed caused the ancient volcano to erupt. Lava flowed for five weeks after the battle and destroyed ten villages.
"Forgive me. I was younger then, and foolish. And you emerged the victor of the encounter. I carry the scars to this day."
"Let us try and not blow up this island," she said with a smile. Then she stretched out her hand. "I saw you try to save me earlier. There is no longer any enmity between us."
Machiavelli took her fingers in his and bent over them. "Thank you. That pleases me. #Quote by Michael Scott
Kill Me quotes by Freya Stark
#180. On the other hand, there is a certain advantage in traveling with someone who has a reputation for shooting rather than being shot: as Keram said, in a self-satisfied way, they might kill me, but they would know that, if I was with him, there would be unpleasantness afterwards. #Quote by Freya Stark
Kill Me quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#181. She knew that the galaxy itself could kill me, that all of me could be shattered and all of her legacy spilled upon the curb like bum wine. And no one would be brought to account for this destruction, because my death would not be the fault of any human but the fault of some unfortunate but immutable fact of "race", imposed upon an innocent country by the inscrutable judgement of invisible gods. The earthquake cannot be subpoenaed. The typhoon will not bend under indictment. They sent the killer of Prince Jones back to his work, because he was not a killer at all. He was a force of nature, the helpless agent of our world's physical laws. This entire episode took me from fear to a rage that burned in me then, animates me now, and will likely leave me on fire for the rest of my days. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Kill Me quotes by L.J.Smith
#182. Even if you kill her, she'll still be alive-here." He tapped his chest. "In me. I keep her here. She's part of me. So until you kill me, you can't really kill her. And you can't win. It's that simple. #Quote by L.J.Smith
Kill Me quotes by Julie Garwood
#183. Why? Why did you do this to me?" "He's going to come after me. He won't just kill me. He'll go after you, too." "That's right, He can't take the chance. I didn't tell you about it ... why?" He repeated on a sob? "Why did you-"
You wouldn't take me to New York"
His mouth dropped open "NEW YORK?" he shouted. "You did all this because I wouldn't take, you to New York! #Quote by Julie Garwood
Kill Me quotes by Debra Anastasia
#184. I know you can kill me. Just stop fighting for a goddamn second," he practically yelled. "You want to wall me out. Distance me. And I'm not going to let you. You can't get on the bike and go find Morales so you can cry to him." She growl-sobbed from under the helmet. Beckett switched his grip from her breasts to her wrists when she started punching him. "You can't be soft with him and hard with me. Are you safe there because you don't screw him? All of you. I married every part of you. I demand it now. This pain. This loss. We share it. You can hate me, you can hit me - but right now, as we mourn the loss of your father, we are together. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Kill Me quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#185. I've always known that whatever marriage I made would be political. It would be about power, not love. But we might get lucky. In time, we might have both.'
'Or the third amplifier will turn me into a power-mad dictator and you'll have to kill me.'
'Yes, that would make for an awkward honeymoon. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Kill Me quotes by Franz Kafka
#186. Kill me, or you are a murderer. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Kill Me quotes by Kaori Yuki
#187. But only if after you kill me,
You eat my dead body ...
Cook me for a day and night ...
Make me into stew.
Afterwards, suck my bones clean.
When my entire body has been eaten by you,
I can finally become your blood and flesh.
Then ... I will belong entirely to you ... #Quote by Kaori Yuki
Kill Me quotes by Autumn Christian
#188. Remember that if I were born of the underworld, you were born of flowers. You are the blood the forest feeds upon, and it is you who gave the woods their dark magic. Time doesn't exist, and in another world I never left you. I've transformed your wounds into a scepter for a queen. The nightcatcher may think that she's had her victory - but your veins are buried in the map of the earth and she can never have you. She thinks she can own the universe because she's enslaved gods and eaten stars, but she couldn't even kill me, living here in her tunnels, because you protected me with your love. #Quote by Autumn Christian
Kill Me quotes by Dave Pelzer
#189. That day I wished Mother would have mercy and kill me quickly. As #Quote by Dave Pelzer
Kill Me quotes by M. P.
#190. Just then a rat passed between my feet. I jumped, putting my hands to my mouth. But I soon realized my mistake. The bedroom door creaked.
The prince turned to see me for the first time. My heart skipped a beat. My gaze met his, like that of a prey caught. His gaze seemed to gain even more fury. I backed against the door.
Marchal approached. His hand ran through his hair. My presence annoyed him.
"I'm not afraid of you," I said, trying to calm my pounding heart.
"You should," he said sharply, mere inches from my face. His eyes were distant and cold reminiscent of endless winters, merciless battles, loss and suffering. I felt a huge, heavy hand wrap around my thin arm. He would break my bones this way. I fought back tears, would not give him the pleasure of seeing me suffer. He couldn't kill me, I repeated, trying to assure myself. I had the stone.
Marchal dragged me into the dim room.
"Stop! What you think you are doing! Drop me! "I tried unsuccessfully to break free. "You have no right…", any punch was indifferent to that Viking.
"I have no right? You are not worthy of the academy or my time! But I won't rest until I find out who you are! You can not fool me! I saw you down there with the stone, its power almost killed you. No one can use the magic of the stone. How can you? "He said, dropping me sharply on the bed. His fist hit the mattress mere millimeters from my hip.
"The stone almost killed me? Daphne almost killed me! I could be d #Quote by M. P.
Kill Me quotes by Lisa Kessler
#191. Keegan chuckled. "I think they mean to kill me."

"So, they don't know…"

"Aye." Keegan nodded. "Appears the serpents don't know those kids stole the grail from a band of immortal pirates. #Quote by Lisa Kessler
Kill Me quotes by Eyedea
#192. What don't kill me will just make me crazier #Quote by Eyedea
Kill Me quotes by Shi Nai'an
#193. Li Gui called out, "Sir, if you kill me you will kill two persons."

"How do you make that out?" asked Li Kui, staying the blow.

"At home I support my mother who is ninety years of age, and this is my only means of helping her in her old age," said Li Gui. "I never injure people, but only make them afraid. If you kill me, my old mother will die of starvation."

Li Kui who never twinkled his eyes in chopping off people's heads, paused and thought when he heard this. "Here am I trying to succour my old mother, and yet killing a man who supports his old mother. Heaven will not allow me to live if I do this. No! No! I will forgive this man.

(J.H. Jackson translation) #Quote by Shi Nai'an
Kill Me quotes by Lisa Mantchev
#194. It might well kill me one of these days, but so might other less pleasant things. #Quote by Lisa Mantchev
Kill Me quotes by Elizabeth May
#195. Gavin meets us outside the cottage. I notice he's carrying weapons, as if he's been training for this.

He glances at my sword and his lips quirk up. "Now this sight brings back fond memories. Though I admit, I miss the torn dresses. Trousers just don't have the same touch of reckless insanity."

I roll my eyes. "Trust you to flirt with me right before a battle. What happened to Brooding Gavin?"

"Brooding Gavin had a city to protect," he says. "All I have now is my own arse. Oh, and this whisky." He pulls open his coat and the bottle is right there in the inside pocket. He's actually determined to save that shite single malt.

"You're ridiculous," I tell him.

Aithinne, however, brightens when she sees it. "Thank god," she says. "Save a dram for me. I always like a spot of whisky after I murder things."

God help me. Or kill me now. Just put me out of my misery. #Quote by Elizabeth May
Kill Me quotes by Franz Kafka
#196. His last words to Robert Klopstock are 'Kill me, or you are a murderer. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Kill Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#197. So I take it you guys are going to stay inside my flat and not out in the hallway like my father's guards?"
Syn scoffed. "You know that's the most pathetic way to guard someone." In a falsetto he added. "Please protect my life by being outside so that when they come in and kill me you can't hear it." He shook his head. "You want to live right?"
"Then we're where you are, bathroom breaks being the only exception-unless you're in public, and then we get to risk additional arrest records."
-Kiara & Syn #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kill Me quotes by Rosamund Hodge
#198. You aren't sorry about anything you do." He flashed a smile at me. "So you are learning." "I've known that fact all my life." "Then what have you learnt since coming here?" .... "That your house is disorganized," I said. "That you're less impressive than I thought and far more annoying. And that if the gods have any mercy, I will find a way to destroy you." Then I realized I had said that last part out loud. I used to guard my words so well, I thought numbly as I sprang to my feet. What was it about this house, this demon, that made me tell the truth? ..... "Don't leave the table yet." Ignifex was on his feet. "The conversation was just getting interesting." "Yes, of course," I said, backing away slowly.... "Death is always interesting to you, isn't it?" ...... "You want me to worry more about my own demise?" I took another step back and smacked into one of the pillars. With nowhere to run - and knowing that running wouldn't save me - all I could do was stare him down. "Oh, no, I couldn't possibly bother you. Do go ahead and rest in comfortable ignorance." "The better to kill me in my sleep?" "It would be rude to wake you first." It was like a dance over cracking ice. I felt dizzy with barely leashed terror, but I almost could have laughed, because I was keeping pace with him and I was still alive and that meant I was winning. Ignifex looked almost ready to laugh himself. "But that's no fun for either of us. You could at least bring me breakfast in bed with death." "What, poi #Quote by Rosamund Hodge
Kill Me quotes by Joey W. Hill
#199. Is there anything you do that isn't designed to take you a step closer to the other side?"
Do you want that for Gen and Chloe? If you're going to take yourself out, do it with flame. Burn it all away, so there's nothing left but ashes, so we can still imagine everything we valued and loved…"
He swung before she anticipated him. His fist went through her sheetrock as if it wasn't there, shattering paint and substance.(…)

"You'll promise me. And you'll never betray that promise, or I swear to God it will kill me. Do you understand that? Do you know how much you mean to me? Even if you don't want me, you have to give me this."
"I promise, I promise." She reached up, gathered him to her. He came inch by resisting inch until his face was against her neck. Suddenly he gave, dropping to his knees, his arms surrounding her so they were pressed against each other thigh to thigh, heart to heart. He pulled her in so tightly against him she couldn't breathe, but that didn't matter. Suddenly the world was about more than herself, more than about her pain and it was easier to let go of it to hold him in her arms, to give him comfort. #Quote by Joey W. Hill
Kill Me quotes by Christine Feehan
#200. Your family is one of the most powerful families of our people." He frowned. "Which reminds me, why don't you ever refer to Gregori as your uncle? He's a brother to Lucian and Gabriel, so technically, he is your uncle."
"I guess I never thought about it. I don't know him. We're in London, and he's here in the Carpathian Mountains and he's never shown a tremendous amount of interest in me."
"He's a Daratrazanoff, believe me, Sky, he's interested in you. If you disappear, your family is going to come looking and they'll be on the warpath. All of your family, especially Gabriel."
"Are you afraid of my father?" Skyler asked.
"I've got news for you, honey, everyone is afraid of your father, and if they aren't they should be, especially when it comes to you. Haven't you noticed how protective he is of you? Your uncle Lucian is just as bad if not worse, and if anyone messes with one of those men or anyone they love, they answer to both of them."
Skyler bit her lip. "I'm sorry, Josef, for putting you in this position. I can't turn back. I have to find Dimitri. I know I can do this. This plan is flawless. And we both knew - and counted on Gabriel and Lucian coming after me. I can go from here by myself, I really can."
Josef burst out laughing. "Now you really have lost your mind. If I let you do this alone, they'd really kill me. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Kill Me quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#201. At the heart of the struggle of feminism to give rape, date rape, marital rape, domestic violence, and workplace sexual harassment legal standing as crimes has been the necessity of making women credible and audible.

I tend to believe that women acquired the status of human beings when these kinds of acts started to be taken seriously, when the big things that stop us and kill us were addressed legally from the mid-1970s on; well after, that is, my birth. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Kill Me quotes by Mason Cooley
#202. The pointless ferocities of intellectual life shock businessmen, who kill only to eat. #Quote by Mason Cooley
Kill Me quotes by Louis C.K.
#203. There's a reason it's called 'girls gone wild' and not 'women gone wild'. When girls go wild, they show their tits. When women go wild, they kill men and drown their kids in a tub. #Quote by Louis C.K.
Kill Me quotes by Rachel Carson
#204. Is it reasonable to suppose that we can apply a broad-spectrum insecticide to kill the burrowing larval stages of a crop-destroying insect ... without also killing the 'good' insects whose function may be the essential one of breaking down organic matter and maintaining healthy soil? #Quote by Rachel Carson
Kill Me quotes by Shahbaz Bhatti
#205. However, after the assassination of Salman Taseer, the killer of Salman Taseer was welcomed by the religious fanatics. And they showered rose petals on him and declared him a hero of Islam. That is a matter of concern for every peace-loving citizen of Pakistan because terrorists and killers should not be given this type of encouragement. And this is encouragement for other people to take lives with their own hands and kill innocent people. #Quote by Shahbaz Bhatti
Kill Me quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#206. Women kill themselves because they hope to gain something," said Kadife. "Men kill themselves because they've lost hope of gaining anything. #Quote by Orhan Pamuk
Kill Me quotes by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
#207. Annie refused to believe in nightmares. Anything she feared at night, she knew she could kill once awake. #Quote by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
Kill Me quotes by Diana Palmer
#208. Get that son of a bitch to jail," he said
through his teeth, "before I kill him!"
His eyes were testimony enough to the intent of the
statement. He'd forgotten law, duty, honor, everything, in
the grip of the worst fear he'd ever felt. If she died, he
would be lawless. Nothing would matter to him in the
world, ever again, except revenge. #Quote by Diana Palmer
Kill Me quotes by Glen Robinson
#209. Halloo down there," the voice said. Ziba saw a burly soldier in armor standing at the edge of the cliff. "Are you Israelites?"
"We are," Jonathan said.
"We thought all of the Israelites were still hiding in the caves." Ziba heard others laughing and could tell that they had been drinking. "We have plenty of wine here if you want to come join us. We even have some of your countrymen who are now in our army."
"If we come up there, it will be only to fight and kill you," Jonathan said.
The Philistine laughed. "Well, then, come on up. It's plenty boring up here. Maybe you can liven things up, small as you are."
Jonathan looked at Ziba, who then nodded.
"We'll be right up," Jonathan shouted back. #Quote by Glen Robinson
Kill Me quotes by Simon Holt
#210. Save the soul, kill the monster. #Quote by Simon Holt
Kill Me quotes by Gautama Buddha
#211. All tremble at violence; all fear death. Putting oneself in the place of another, one should not kill nor cause another to kill. #Quote by Gautama Buddha
Kill Me quotes by Osamu Dazai
#212. In time, when we became adults, we might look back on this pain and loneliness as a funny thing, perfectly ordinary, but - but how were we expected to get by, to get through this interminable period of time until that point when we were adults? There was no one to teach us how. Was there nothing to do but leave us alone, like we had the measles? But people died from the measles, or went blind. You couldn't just leave them alone. Some of us, in our daily depressions and rages, were apt to stray, to become corrupted, irreparably so, and then our lives would be forever in disorder. There were even some who would resolve to kill themselves. And when that happened, everyone would say, Oh, if only she had lived a little longer she would have known, if she were a little more grown up she would have figured it out. How saddened they would all be. But if those people were to think about it from our perspective, and see how we had tried to endure despite how terribly painful it all was, and how we had even tried to listen carefully, as hard as we could, to what the world might have to say, they would see that, in the end, the same bland lessons were always being repeated over and over, you know, well, merely to appease us. #Quote by Osamu Dazai
Kill Me quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#213. Boy, I miss the days they made toys that could kill a kid. #Quote by Jerry Seinfeld
Kill Me quotes by Tite Kubo
#214. If you make Hinamori shed even one drop of blood ... I'll kill you. #Quote by Tite Kubo
Kill Me quotes by Renee Carlino
#215. I'm going to kill him. Even as I said it, I couldn't believe my reaction. Apparently there's something in the Montana water that instantly transforms an agnostic, Starbucks-loving, vegetarian pacifist into a God-and-country-loving protector of all women and cattle. #Quote by Renee Carlino
Kill Me quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#216. You love him still and struggle against your love, feeling that it will undo you. He knows this and he will tempt you by every lure he can devise, every deceit he can employ. Sorrow and sin will surely follow if you yield; happiness never can be yours with him; doubt, remorse and self-reproach will kill love, and a time will come when you will find that in gaining a brief joy you have lost your peace forever. Oh, Agatha, be warned in time, do not listen to your own weak heart but to the conscience that nothing can bribe or silence. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Kill Me quotes by Golda Meir
#217. There's no difference between one's killing
and making decisions that will send others to kill.
It's exactly the same thing, or even worse. #Quote by Golda Meir
Kill Me quotes by Shahidullah Shahid
#218. [Taliban spokesman on Malala Yousafzai]
Malala Yousafzai targeted and criticized Islam. She was against Islam and we tried to kill her, and if we get a chance again we will definitely try to kill her, and we will feel proud killing her. #Quote by Shahidullah Shahid
Kill Me quotes by Kresley Cole
#219. Any chick who carried around a bird of prey with a little helmet was cool in my book. Oh, man, I really hoped she didn't intend to kill us all. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Kill Me quotes by Joe Louis
#220. Yeah, I'm scared. I'm scared I might kill Schmeling. #Quote by Joe Louis
Kill Me quotes by Tricia Levenseller
#221. What did you do?"
"Well, I made you something. Look here. I gave this squid your face."
There is silence, and then, "Alosa, I'm going to kill you. #Quote by Tricia Levenseller
Kill Me quotes by Donald Trump
#222. I would certainly be open to closing areas where we are at war with somebody. I sure as hell don't want to let people that want to kill us and kill our nation use our Internet. #Quote by Donald Trump
Kill Me quotes by Christian Bale
#223. I won't kill you but I don't have to save you. #Quote by Christian Bale
Kill Me quotes by Justin Halpern
#224. When I had an earache, my mom would piss in my ear to kill the pain, #Quote by Justin Halpern
Kill Me quotes by Maria V. Snyder
#225. Hasn't stopped us before. And besides, if they wanted to kill us, we'd be dead by now and would be having an entirely different conversation. I wonder if I'd still be mad at you, or if we would talk in words or pictures. Maybe in smells. That would be cool. -Janco #Quote by Maria V. Snyder
Kill Me quotes by Ted Dekker
#226. The pain was so deep and so raw. There were days I would have died just to forget. The problem was, I couldn't figure out how to get her out of my mind. How do you kill that kind of pain? #Quote by Ted Dekker
Kill Me quotes by Peter Rushforth
#227. On Christmas Eve," Joe said, "when you were reading 'The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids' to Matty, Corrie and I were sitting on the stairs listening."

Jo looked at Lilli, his face stern.

"The bit I always remember best in that story is the bit when the wolf goes to the miller and tells him to throw flour over his paws to disguise them." He began to quote from the story: "'The miller thought to himself, "The wolf is going to harm someone," and refused to do as he was told. Then the wolf said, "If you do not do as I tell you, I will kill you." The miller was afraid, and did as he was told, and threw the flour over the wolf's paws until they were white. This is what mankind is like.'"

He repeated the final sentence.

"'This is what mankind is like. #Quote by Peter Rushforth
Kill Me quotes by Charlaine Harris
#228. Your life was not right when you were actually surprised that someone didn't want to kill you. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Kill Me quotes by Andy Rooney
#229. I often pass a farm with cows grazing in the field and I think to myself how terrible it is that human beings grow other animals just to kill them and eat them. Most of us think of vegetarians as nuts and I'm not a vegetarian but I wouldn't be surprised if we came to a time in 50 or 100 years when civilized people everywhere refused to eat animals. #Quote by Andy Rooney
Kill Me quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#230. You will never find people who truly grasp the cosmic perspective such as the entire community of astrophysicists leading nations into battle. No, that doesn't happen. When you have a cosmic perspective, there's this little speck called Earth and you say you're going to do what? You're on this side of a line in the sand and you want to kill people for what? #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Kill Me quotes by Jarett Kobek
#231. Wars were giant parties for the ruling elites, who sometimes thought it might be great fun to make the poor kill each other. #Quote by Jarett Kobek
Kill Me quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#232. When you know how to handle people, handle people well, for you may need people one day! Don't just shun them; don't kill them! Don't curse them; don't harm them! Pray for them, for they are a good part of the story, both for the good and for the bed; get understanding, and disarm the armed who seems to be a threat with wit and wisdom! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Kill Me quotes by Chris Evans
#233. There's, you know, there's an ideology behind Ultron that makes him more unique that just a bad guy. He doesn't wanna just kill the Avengers. He doesn't wanna just destroy the world. He has these monologues and these beautiful speeches that kind of embody a certain mentality about what's wrong with humanity. #Quote by Chris Evans
Kill Me quotes by Eagles
#234. Mirrors on the ceiling,
The pink champagne on ice
And she said 'We are all just prisoners here, of our own device'
And in the master's chambers,
They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives,
But they just can't kill the beast

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
'Relax,' said the night man,
'We are programmed to receive.
You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave ... #Quote by Eagles
Kill Me quotes by Suzan Battah
#235. Armani halted, thinking twice about making her way over there, but she pushed forward not wanting to believe something was wrong. There was nothing worse than walking into a nightmare. And Armani just did. The air in her lungs seized when she saw her draped all over him. She blinked a few times, but Lily was still pressing her body all over Rafael.
Armani wanted to kill her, right then and there. #Quote by Suzan Battah
Kill Me quotes by Gail Carriger
#236. Dirigibles were all well and good if one wanted to waft about the countryside, taking in views. Gavin wanted his tea. And not to have to kill Lady Villentia. But tea first. The #Quote by Gail Carriger
Kill Me quotes by Paul Watson
#237. If you do not intend to kill anybody, if you make every effort to not kill and injure anybody, that's all you really can do. You can't stop somebody from walking into a situation, and we really can't be too overly preoccupied with this. #Quote by Paul Watson
Kill Me quotes by Dolly Parton
#238. When its family, you tolerate what you'd kill others for. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Kill Me quotes by Eric Jerome Dickey
#239. Can't kill something that doesn't have a heart. #Quote by Eric Jerome Dickey
Kill Me quotes by Victor Hugo
#240. Whom man kill, God restores to life; whom the brothers pursue the Father redeems. Pray and believe and go onward into life. You Father is there. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Kill Me quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
#241. Some relationships can kill off love just as surely as crushing a flower. #Quote by Anthony T. Hincks
Kill Me quotes by Mark Riebling
#242. Judging Pius by what he did not say, one could only damn him. With images of piles of skeletal corpses before his eyes; with women and young children compelled, by torture, to kill each other; with millions of innocents caged like criminals, butchered like cattle, and burned like trash - he should have spoken out. He had this duty, not only as pontiff, but as a person. After his first encyclical, he did reissue general distinctions between race-hatred and Christian love. Yet with the ethical coin of the Church, Pius proved frugal; toward what he privately termed "Satanic forces," he showed public moderation; where no conscience could stay neutral, the Church seemed to be. During the world's greatest moral crisis, its greatest moral leader seemed at a loss for words.

But the Vatican did not work by words alone. By 20 October, when Pius put his name to Summi Pontficatus, he was enmeshed in a war behind the war. Those who later explored the maze of his policies, without a clue to his secret actions, wondered why he seemed so hostile toward Nazism, and then fell so silent. But when his secret acts are mapped, and made to overlay his public words, a stark correlation emerges. The last day during the war when Pius publicly said the word "Jew" is also, in fact, the first day history can document his choice to help kill Adolf Hitler. #Quote by Mark Riebling
Kill Me quotes by Richard Parsons
#243. I don't think piracy is going to kill the music industry. But digital technology and the ability to download will change the packaging from CDs to a single-based business. #Quote by Richard Parsons
Kill Me quotes by Scott Cawthon
#244. When it gets dark, they will awaken; the children's spirits will rise. They will kill you. I'll just walk out in the morning, stepping over your corpses, one by one. #Quote by Scott Cawthon
Kill Me quotes by Bill Maher
#245. I think capital punishment works great. Every killer you kill never kills again. #Quote by Bill Maher
Kill Me quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#246. Gansey held Ronan's arm a second longer to make sure he hadn't mistaken his meaning, and then dropped it and turned to Adam. "Were you just going to stand there?"
"Yeah," replied Adam.
"Decent of you," Gansey said.
There was no heat in Adam's reply. "I can't kill his demons. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Kill Me quotes by Larissa Ione
#247. Now, con said grimly, "I go to kill a werewolf and claim my woman."

~Con #Quote by Larissa Ione

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