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Kids Movie quotes by Robert Rodriguez
#1. I realized that everything I do is fantasy, whether it is an adult movie or a kids movie. #Quote by Robert Rodriguez
Kids Movie quotes by Ice Cube
#2. I'm not trying to turn into Eddie Murphy, and just do kids movies the rest of my career. I'm going to still do a wide variety of movies, as well as do hardcore rap. #Quote by Ice Cube
Kids Movie quotes by Ralph Fiennes
#3. I can't go and shoot people in the back of the head because It's a kids' movie, which is actually quite a good test because you haven't got the overt threat of a knife in the face. #Quote by Ralph Fiennes
Kids Movie quotes by Steve Carell
#4. Whenever I hear someone describe something as a 'kids movie' or a 'family movie,' it immediately has a negative connotation in my mind because I think, 'Well, as an adult, I wouldn't go see it by myself, because it's purely for children and it holds nothing for me and it's simplistic and it's kind of easy.' #Quote by Steve Carell
Kids Movie quotes by Jack Black
#5. Back in the '70s, like one of my favorite movies ever was 'The Bad News Bears', and that was a kids' movie, but I don't think of it that way. I think of it as just a great movie because Walter Matthau was so funny and so harsh with those kids. #Quote by Jack Black
Kids Movie quotes by Matt Nix
#6. I really like transgressive characters that have an alternate world view. I've actually written a fair number of kids movies, and I'll insert these kid-friendly articulate sociopaths who are usually yelling at the children for their own benefit. #Quote by Matt Nix
Kids Movie quotes by Ben E. King
#7. The movie is actually from a book by Stephen King called The Body. When they were gonna put it to a motion picture, they found the story was a bit too strong for the title The Body, based on a young kid's movie. It would be too heavy. #Quote by Ben E. King
Kids Movie quotes by Merrill Markoe
#8. I always hated those classic kid movies like Old Yeller or The Yearling where the beloved pet dies. What would be so wrong with having those damn kids learn their lessons about mortality from watching Grandpa kick? Then at least the dog would be around to comfort them. #Quote by Merrill Markoe
Kids Movie quotes by Daryl Sabara
#9. Alan Cumming was such a fun guy to watch. I remember he has a song in the first 'Spy Kids' movie, and when Danny Elfman came to set, they were working on the song. #Quote by Daryl Sabara
Kids Movie quotes by Wilt Chamberlain
#10. You must understand as a kid of color in those days, the Harlem Globetrotters were like being movie stars. #Quote by Wilt Chamberlain
Kids Movie quotes by David Arquette
#11. Yeah, I definitely wanted to do a kids' movie because I have a kid. I want to do things that my daughter can see soon - when she is old enough to know what a movie is. #Quote by David Arquette
Kids Movie quotes by Stephen Merchant
#12. When I get hired as an actor as opposed to a writer, one of things that's exciting for me is doing stuff I wouldn't normally do myself. So whether it's a kid's movie or a voice in animation or in this case - where I just get to be silly, it's a different kind of comedy for me. As a performer, it's a different pleasure than when you're writing or directing. As a performer, you're just in the hands of the director and you go with whatever they want to do. #Quote by Stephen Merchant
Kids Movie quotes by Jack Black
#13. It's a mistake to just go make a movie where the whole thing is talking down to the kids like, "Ok, we gotta bring the IQ of this movie down because it's a kids movie" You don't have to do that, kids can laugh and parents can laugh at different parts and that's fun, and you see that with all of the great kids movies. #Quote by Jack Black
Kids Movie quotes by Joe Cornish
#14. So many large movies come to you with a huge marketing campaign and it's like you have to see this movie this weekend, otherwise you'll be culturally bankrupt and can't converse with your friends. #Quote by Joe Cornish
Kids Movie quotes by Julianne Moore
#15. The one thing that kids need is consistency. #Quote by Julianne Moore
Kids Movie quotes by Ann Leary
#16. I was born three drinks short of comfortable...'"

"But I knew what that guy meant about the way he was born three drinks short. It made me think about the first beer I ever drank, down at North Beach with a bunch of kids one summer night. It made me think about that first exquisite relief. It made me think about my ex-husband, Scott, who always said I should stop after the third drink. "That's when you get out of control," he'd say. I had no idea what we was talking about. After a couple of drinks is when I start to feel IN control. #Quote by Ann Leary
Kids Movie quotes by Nina Riggs
#17. There: I discover a packet of unopened grief. My mother. I try to soft-belly breathe.

It is unexpected for her to find me here in Paris, but there is is. Somehow, an ocean away from my dad and the kids and almost everyone we know makes the distance away that she is feel even more boundless and profound. #Quote by Nina Riggs
Kids Movie quotes by Barbara Windsor
#18. I don't have any regrets about not having kids. I've just never had those maternal feelings. I am a nurturer by nature, but I nurture adults: my friends, the people I work with. I don't want to nurture children. #Quote by Barbara Windsor
Kids Movie quotes by Daniel Sean Kaye
#19. I could spend the rest of my life writing and drawing books for kids and be a very happy man. #Quote by Daniel Sean Kaye
Kids Movie quotes by Jez Morrow
#20. You're Catholic."
"And you're not. No problem. We're not going to fight about how to raise the kids. Stay on the road here, Tom. #Quote by Jez Morrow
Kids Movie quotes by Ben Mezrich
#21. I certainly was a geeky kid myself, but to me, math and science were always these magical things- powerful tools you could use in incredible ways. #Quote by Ben Mezrich
Kids Movie quotes by Stephen Jackson
#22. It's been kind of hard, I'm labeled as a jerk right now, you know what I mean? But I love it. I've been a jerk all my life. My momma loves this jerk. My kids love this jerk. I'm going to be a jerk in a good way, though. I'm going to be a jerk to the other teams and just go out there and play basketball. I can do that. #Quote by Stephen Jackson
Kids Movie quotes by Howard Shore
#23. I usually work with the director and it's just a collaboration between me and the one person. I think you make good movies that way. If the director and the composer can have this common goal and this excitement about making something great, then you're going to do something good. #Quote by Howard Shore
Kids Movie quotes by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
#24. I like looking back at people's faces in the dark. I like noticing details that no one else sees. But I hate it in the old American movies when drivers don't watch the road. #Quote by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Kids Movie quotes by Alex Morritt
#25. How many of your contemporaries - when asked the question 'Are you glad you had kids'? - invariably respond 'Yes, but..'? #Quote by Alex Morritt
Kids Movie quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#26. I do not like postmodernism, postapocalyptic settings, postmortem narrators, or magic realism. I rarely respond to supposedly clever formal devices, multiple fonts, pictures where they shouldn't be - basically, gimmicks of any kind. I find literary fiction about the Holocaust or any other major world tragedy to be distasteful - nonfiction only, please. I do not like genre mash-ups à la the literary detective novel or the literary fantasy. Literary should be literary, and genre should be genre, and crossbreeding rarely results in anything satisfying. I do not like children's books, especially ones with orphans, and I prefer not to clutter my shelves with young adult. I do not like anything over four hundred pages or under one hundred fifty pages. I am repulsed by ghostwritten novels by reality television stars, celebrity picture books, sports memoirs, movie tie-in editions, novelty items, and - I imagine this goes without saying - vampires. #Quote by Gabrielle Zevin
Kids Movie quotes by Gia Coppola
#27. With my aunt, I definitely can relate to how she makes a movie because she does it with her own demeanor, which isn't this loud presence. #Quote by Gia Coppola
Kids Movie quotes by Gideon Raff
#28. Whenever I look at pictures of horrific things that soldiers do or that have been done to soldiers I always feel sorry for everybody involved because politics throws them into these horrific situations where really it's just 18-year-old kids. #Quote by Gideon Raff
Kids Movie quotes by Sarah Silverman
#29. Mommy is one of the chosen people ... and daddy believes that Jesus is magic! #Quote by Sarah Silverman
Kids Movie quotes by Mark Margolis
#30. I actually don't pay a lot of attention to the movie 'industry' ... I just do the work when I get it. I never considered anything I was in, or did, as a possible breakthrough for me. I have advised other actors not to expect anything. Expecting a 'breakthrough' is almost an automatic for sure 'let down' or heartbreak. #Quote by Mark Margolis
Kids Movie quotes by Cornelia Funke
#31. Let's run away to Venice, and hide out in an old movie theater. We can dye our hair blonde, so no one will ever find us! #Quote by Cornelia Funke
Kids Movie quotes by J.R. Miller
#32. No [movie is really worth watching] which does not either impart valuable knowledge; or set before us some ideal of beauty, strength, or nobility of character. There are enough [great movies] to occupy us during all our short and busy years. If we are wise, we will resolutely avoid all but the richest and the best. #Quote by J.R. Miller
Kids Movie quotes by George Clooney
#33. I think it's the most responsible thing you can do, to have kids. It's not something to be taken lightly. I don't have that gene that people have to replicate. #Quote by George Clooney
Kids Movie quotes by Drew Barrymore
#35. It's been such a struggle to learn all that I have; I wouldn't want to give any of that knowledge up. That's why I've always loved acting; as a kid, I didn't necessarily like my real life, so I could escape into these other characters and experience a life completely different from my own. #Quote by Drew Barrymore
Kids Movie quotes by Juliette Lewis
#36. I don't want to be famous as a movie star and have the whole world love me, I want to be a creative actress. #Quote by Juliette Lewis
Kids Movie quotes by Fiona Apple
#37. No, I've never wanted kids. But I do read about parenting a lot. #Quote by Fiona Apple
Kids Movie quotes by Kylie Bisutti
#38. Adults don't always realize the profound effect their words can have on young kids - girls in particular. These people mean well, of course. What harm could possibly come from telling a little girl she's pretty? Technically, none - unless that's the only affirmation she ever hears. #Quote by Kylie Bisutti
Kids Movie quotes by Luc Besson
#39. I don't want to show kids that I am smoking. #Quote by Luc Besson
Kids Movie quotes by Joe Eszterhas
#40. I do want to make a special appeal to women movie stars to, I think, have a special responsibility these days to stop smoking, not to do it up on screen because the example that's being set is really an awful example. #Quote by Joe Eszterhas
Kids Movie quotes by Thom Yorke
#41. I'm celibate. It's not that I'm a religious or moral person or anything, it's just, if you aren't ****ing Thom Yorke, what's the point? Actually, just kidding, Thom Yorke and I **** all the time. Hehehe. Had you. #Quote by Thom Yorke
Kids Movie quotes by Laurie Helgoe
#42. A shy kid might look longingly at other kids playing in the schoolyard, afraid and unsure about how to approach them, but an introvert is perfectly content on her own. #Quote by Laurie Helgoe
Kids Movie quotes by Patrick Carman
#43. For kids, multitasking electronically is common. But they are totally focused. You can tell a good story, and they listen. #Quote by Patrick Carman
Kids Movie quotes by Jose Ferreira
#44. The factory model of education is a gargantuan bureaucracy. Some kids are good fits - I wasn't. The system gives you bad grades and tells you you're stupid. You don't think, 'If this kid's not a good fit, it could be the system's fault.' #Quote by Jose Ferreira
Kids Movie quotes by Jean Craighead George
#45. My writing process is a mix of research, personal experiences, washing the dishes, raising kids while thinking - then writing. #Quote by Jean Craighead George
Kids Movie quotes by Michael Robotham
#46. Anyone who says honesty is the best policy is living in la-la land. Either that or they have never been married or had children. Parents lie to their kids all the time--about sex, drugs, death, and a hundred other things. We lie to those we love to protect their feelings. We lie because that's what love means, whereas unfettered honesty is cruel and the height of self-indulgence. #Quote by Michael Robotham
Kids Movie quotes by Jose N Harris
#47. In Juan Aldama, Zacatecas, no one had ever seen a "real" Jew before. Certainly not a living one! They were thought to be mythical like unicorns or gremlins or... La Llorona! Kids would poke and curse me. They would feel the top of my head... to see if I was sprouting horns... like Satan... like the Devil. Didn't they know? I was the new Jesus! #Quote by Jose N Harris

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