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Famous Quotes About Kenway

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Kenway quotes by Oliver Bowden
#1. A warning to you both - choose to follow me or oppose me and I will kill you.
-Connor Kenway #Quote by Oliver Bowden
Kenway quotes by Haytham Kenway (AC3)
#2. The people NEVER have the power.. Only the ILLUSION of it. #Quote by Haytham Kenway (AC3)
Kenway quotes by Connor Kenway
#3. It's better to have faith in something than none at all. #Quote by Connor Kenway
Kenway quotes by Oliver Bowden
#4. By God, you Assassins are a cheery bunch, eh? All frowns and furrowed brows."
He glared at me. "Captain Kenway. You have remarkable skill."
"Ah, thanks, mate. It comes natural. #Quote by Oliver Bowden

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