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Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Gillian Flynn
#1. Slowly, slowly pulling up. Or grabbing hold of Debby's arm, vise-like, for an Indian rub and what starts as a joke gets more and more frantic, him rubbing until he draws speckles of blood, his teeth grinding. She could see him getting that same look Runner got when he was around the kids: jacked up and tense. "Dad needs to leave." "Geez, Patty, not even a hi before you toss me out? Come on, let's talk, I got a business proposition for you." "I'm in no position to make a business deal, Runner," she said. "I'm broke." "You're never as broke as you say," he said with a leer, and twisted his baseball cap backward on stringy hair. He'd meant it to sound jokey, but it came out menacing, as if she'd better not be broke if she knew what was good for her. He dumped the girls off him and walked over to her, standing too close as always, beer sweat sticking his longjohn shirt to his chest. "Didn't you just sell the tiller, Patty? Vern Evelee told #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Sweat
#2. The talk-box thing that T-Pain does is something new and different for this generation because they don't know about Zapp or Teddy Riley. I think he's creative and has made the talk-box his own in the hip-hop world, but if these young ones studied their musical history, they'd know that. #Quote by Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Sweat
#3. I grew up in Harlem Grant projects, and I didn't have a whole lot then. I've always been good about only getting what I need, not what I want. Just because someone else has something, I don't feel the need to. #Quote by Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Sweat
#4. I'm not in the clubs; I'm a homebody. I go out when I feel I have to for work or if there's a special function. You might catch me at the grocery store, but you won't see me out and about in Atlanta. #Quote by Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Sweat
#5. Nowadays, everyone has a camera phone, and you have to be careful about being caught out there looking crazy and ending up on the Internet. #Quote by Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Lierre Keith
#6. People sometimes say that we will know feminism has done its job when half the CEOs are women. That's not feminism; to quote Catharine MacKinnon, it's liberalism applied to women. Feminism will have won not when a few women get an equal piece of the oppression pie, served up in our sisters' sweat, but when all dominating hierarchies - including economic ones - are dismantled. #Quote by Lierre Keith
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Sweat
#7. Get off my back, save a heart attack, ain't nobody humpin' around. #Quote by Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Sweat
#8. Don't get caught up in the 'look' thing. Sometimes, we as men and women, the first thing that attracts us to someone is their physical appearance, and that's not always a good thing because what's good on the outside is not always good on the inside. #Quote by Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Angie Frazier
#9. Oscar hung his jacket on the back of a chair and undid the first few buttons of his checked shirt. Camille's fingers trembled as she reached for the lamp on the dresser and twisted the knob, lowering the wick until the light it gave off was that of a small candle's flame. She sat on the bed, and the other side of the hand-rolled mattress dipped with Oscar's weight. She didn't know how to look at him, if she should lie down or just come to her senses and ask him to leave. God, she wasn't doing any of this right.
"You sleep sitting up?" he asked.
Camille smiled, thankful he'd lightened the moment enough for her to lean back onto one of the pillows. Turning on her side, she saw he'd already taken the same position. They lay without touching, without talking, only looking. His eyes grazed her body, slowly absorbing the pink skin of her neck, the slight curves of her breasts, and the arc of her hip. He didn't need to lay a finger on her for the breath to stall in her lungs.
He breeched the few inches between them by sliding his hand atop hers, his skin warm and dry while beads of nervous sweat formed hot on her back. Camille reached out and let her fingertip travel along the fullness of his lower lip and down the curve of his chin. With one sweeping movement, Oscar pulled her tight against his chest and kissed her. A sensation kindled between her hips, spreading to every nerve ending in her body. This was it, the fire and heat she'd always yearned for. All these yea #Quote by Angie Frazier
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Sweat
#10. I treat my career like it just happened yesterday. #Quote by Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Sweat
#11. I've never done online dating, but first of all, I have a book out called 'Make It Last Forever: The Do's and The Dont's,' which led me to do the online dating thing. A lot of people respect my relationship songs, so they can pretty much trust me. #Quote by Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Samuel Ferrer
#12. Opening paragraph for The Last Gods of Indochine:

"It was hard to believe the human body could contain so much water, and yet, there it all was. Phrai twisted the cloth and watched it plop in dull patters on the ground, the pocked earth sponging up sound as well. Sweat had been seeping out his employer for weeks, and he had been at the dying man's side all the while, pouring fresh water back into his mouth with the devotion of a nun. Phrai imagined nearly half the man had been absorbed and squeezed from these rags, creating small pools just outside the hut. In another part of the world, that half of him would evaporate out of existence, but here it could not; the thick air held eternity at bay. #Quote by Samuel Ferrer
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Yatsuhashi
#13. You're not a killer, Seirin." Sweat coated his face, speckled his clothes. "You couldn't kill Vissyus, and you can't kill me."
Seirin grinned maliciously. "A woman's prerogative. I've had a very long time to think things over."
Botua's charred body floated out of some locked section of her mind. Her will hardened. She'd learned the cost of hesitation. Things were different now. Lon-Shan would face justice. #Quote by Keith Yatsuhashi
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by K.L. Brady
#14. Well, in the words of Keith Sweat, whatever you got, you should 'make it last forever, #Quote by K.L. Brady
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Sweat
#15. If you fall, get back up. That's what life is about. #Quote by Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Sweat
#16. My strategy has always been to give people just enough of me, then pull back. That way, they'll want more. #Quote by Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Shona Moyce
#17. Realisation danced across his face; she saw the hurt in his eyes. And a twisted, darker piece of her almost enjoyed it. The air in the room, stale with blood and sweat, and pure horror, hummed in the aftermath of her words. And finally, Ella knew what had to be done. #Quote by Shona Moyce
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Sweat
#18. I'm living proof you can excel regardless of where you come from. #Quote by Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Richards
#19. Good music comes out of people playing together, knowing what they want to do and going for it. You have to sweat over it and bug it to death. You can't do it by pushing buttons and watching a TV screen. #Quote by Keith Richards
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Holly Black
#20. Faeries make up for their inability to lie with a panoply of deceptions and cruelties. Twisted words, pranks, omissions, riddles, scandals, not to mention their revenges upon one another for ancient, half-remembered slights. Storms are less fickle than they are, seas less capricious. #Quote by Holly Black
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by T.H. White
#21. You know that eye-to-eye recognition, when two people look deeply into each other's pupils, and burrow to the soul? It usually comes before love. I mean the clear, deep, milk-eyed recognition expressed by the poet Donne. Their eyebeams twisted and did thread their eyes upon a double string. My father recognized that the Professor was a Troll, and the Professor recognized my father's recognition. Both of them knew that the Professor had eaten his wife. - The Troll #Quote by T.H. White
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Linda Holiday
#22. But when I sat listening with the other Aikido students and teachers on the mat at the Kumano Juku Dojo, all of us dripping with sweat and focused intently on the practice of Aikido in the here and now, the Floating Bridge of Heaven did not feel like an abstract reference to a story of the past. It was a vivid invitation to venture into the world of the spirit, and to integrate that sacred spirit of creativity into all of our actions. It was a compelling reminder that to O-Sensei, and by extension to all sincere students of his art, Aikido was far more than physical technique. #Quote by Linda Holiday
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith David
#23. My whole life, I always wanted to be an actor. #Quote by Keith David
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Morris
#24. I'm flying everywhere in my private jet. #Quote by Keith Morris
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Millard
#25. I had all these desperate feelings. I kept thinking, How will I ever play football again if I can't even get out of this bed? I was an invalid. Football had given me everything: identity, money, confidence, friendships. I wondered what kind of man I would be without it. #Quote by Keith Millard
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Will Keith Kellogg
#26. Dollars have never been known to produced character, and character will never be produced by money. #Quote by Will Keith Kellogg
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Flint
#27. I can't go out on stage and have glow sticks waved at me! That's not representative of anything! #Quote by Keith Flint
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#28. As far as I was concerned children had bipolar disorder. They were angry, unpredictable, emotional ambulance-sirens with pigtails, grubby hands and food-crusted mouths that twisted from smiles to frowns and back again as quick as a breath. No, thank you very much. If I wanted a three-foot warlord as my master, I'd hire a rabid monkey to do the job. #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Meredith T. Taylor
#29. I felt as if I were on a sick, twisted roller coaster, and the only ticket off was to relinquish my soul. #Quote by Meredith T. Taylor
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Julie Garwood
#30. Children," Johanna drawled out. "They're such a joy. When you get married and have a family of your own, you'll understand what I'm saying. You are going to get married someday, aren't you, Keith?"
"Aye, m'lady," he answered. "Next summer as a matter of fact. Bridgid MacCoy has agreed to become my wife."
She couldn't quite hide her disappointment. She turned her gaze down the table and settled on Michael as a possibility.
He caught her staring at him. He smiled. She nodded. "Children," she began again. "They're wonderful, aren't they, Michael?"
"If you say so, m'lady."
"Oh, I do say," she replied. "When you get married, you'll understand. You do plan to marry someday, don't you, Michael?"
"Eventually," he answered with a shrug.
"Have you anyone in mind?"
"Are you matchmaking, m'lady?" Keith asked.
"Why would you think that?"
"I'll marry Helen when I'm ready," Michael interjected. "I've told her I will, and she agreed to wait."
Johanna frowned. The possibilities were becoming a bit limited. She turned to Niall.
"Children…" she began.
"She is matchmaking," Keith announced.
It was as though he'd just shouted the alarm that they were under siege. The soldiers literally jumped from their stools. They bowed to Johanna and left the room in the space of a single minute. She didn't even have enough time to order them back into their seats. #Quote by Julie Garwood
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#31. Words can be twisted into any shape. Promises can be made to lull the heart and seduce the soul. In the final analysis, words mean nothing. They are labels we give things in an effort to wrap our puny little brains around their underlying natures, when ninety-nine percent of the time the totality of the reality is an entirely different beast. The wisest man is the silent one. Examine his actions. Judge him by them. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by David Allen
#32. The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war. #Quote by David Allen
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Lierre Keith
#33. Intimacy requires a slow, cumulative build of safety between people who agree to a relationship, an ongoing connection of care and concern. The performance of pain is essentially a form of bonding over trauma, and people can get addicted to their endorphins. #Quote by Lierre Keith
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Etheridge Knight
#34. I boil my tears in a twisted spoon
And dance like an angel on the point of a needle. #Quote by Etheridge Knight
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Deborah Blake
#35. A bedraggled woman stood on his doorstep in the pouring rain, and his first impulse was to slam the door in her face.
But she had clearly come as far as she could; her pale face was twisted in pain, and she shivered convulsively beneath a denim jacket that was as soaking wet as the rest of her. Long black strands of hair hung down in twisted ribbons like seaweed in the vanishing daylight, reminding him of a sea creature he'd once dated briefly in his more adventurous youth. #Quote by Deborah Blake
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Kevin Young
#36. How humid the heart, its messy rooms! We eat spicy food, sweat like wood and smolder like the coal mine that caught fire decades ago, yet still smokes more than my great-uncle who will not quit- or go out- #Quote by Kevin Young
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by K. Bromberg
#37. Listen. I know he looks like a damn Adonis and probably fucks like a stallion, but, sweetie, if he's what you want, then it's time to make him sweat a little. #Quote by K. Bromberg
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Samantha Irby
#38. I know a lot of hot, unconventionally beautiful ladies who kick ass and have sex with rock-star dudes and aren't sorry about it at all. I need to say this loud for the girls in the back of the class: if a dude doesn't want to have to use both hands to grab your ass, that's totally cool; its his choice. But that doesn't make you a piece of shit. You hoist up your saddlebags and go find some dude who thinks you're rad and doesn't mind wiping the sweat off your bottom stomach when you switch sex positions. Don't be all down in the dumps (like a truck truck truck) and let opportunists and perverts take advantage of some low self-esteem you're absolutely too awesome to have. #Quote by Samantha Irby
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Pierce Brown
#39. Our blood and their orders. We prepare this land for Colors that have never shed sweat for us, Colors that sit in comfort on their thrones on distant Earth, Colors that have never been to Mars. Is that something to live for? #Quote by Pierce Brown
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Keith Urban
#40. Well she was precious like a flower
she grew wild, wild but innocent
a perfect prayer in a desperate hour
she was everything beautiful and different
stupid boy, you can't fence that in
stupid boy, it's like holdin' back the wind #Quote by Keith Urban
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Marissa Meyer
#41. Is there a certain type of drama you like?" Kate whispered. Carswell twisted his lips up in thought. "Adventure stories, I guess. With lots of exotic places and daring escapades ... and swashbuckling space pirates, naturally. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Niall Williams
#42. It's been well-thumbed, at least triple-read, there's that smell the fat orange-spine Penguins get when their pages have yellowed and the book bulges, basically the smell of complex humanity, sort of sweat and salt and endeavour. Like all the fat orange Penguins, it gets fatter with reading, which it should, because in a way the more you read it the bigger your own experience of the world gets, the fatter your soul. #Quote by Niall Williams
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Molly Harper
#43. Why not? If you're not going to let me see you naked, we might as well be girlfriends."
"You're a twisted little man."
"Come on, Stretch, share with the class."
"No!" I laughed.
"Some other word that essentially means perv. #Quote by Molly Harper
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#44. Pundits are always blaming TV for making people stupid, movies for desensitizing the world to violence, and rock music for making kids take drugs and kill themselves. These things should be the least of our worries. The main problem with mass media is that it makes it impossible to fall in love with any acumen of normalcy. There is no 'normal,' because everybody is being twisted by the same sources simultaneously. #Quote by Chuck Klosterman
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#45. I talked yesterday about caring, I care about these moldy old riding gloves. I smile at them flying through the breeze beside me because they have been there for so many years and are so old and so tired and so rotten there is something kind of humorous about them. They have become filled with oil and sweat and dirt and spattered bugs and now when I set them down flat on a table, even when they are not cold, they won't stay flat. They've got a memory of their own. They cost only three dollars and have been restitched so many times it is getting impossible to repair them, yet I take a lot of time and pains to do it anyway because I can't imagine any new pair taking their place. That is impractical, but practicality isn't the whole thing with gloves or with anything else. #Quote by Robert M. Pirsig
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Priscilla West
#46. Some of the intensity left Vincent's face and his mouth twisted into a boyish grin, but he never broke eye contact. #Quote by Priscilla West
Keith Sweat Twisted quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#47. A late arrival had the impression of lots of loud people unnecessarily grouped within a smoke-blue space between two mirrors gorged with reflections. Because, I suppose, Cynthia wished to be the youngest in the room, the women she used to invite, married or single, were, at the best, in their precarious forties; some of them would bring from their homes, in dark taxis, intact vestiges of good looks, which, however, they lost as the party progressed. It has always amazed me - the capacity sociable weekend revelers have of finding almost at once, by a purely empiric but very precise method, a common denominator of drunkenness, to which everybody loyally sticks before descending, all together, to the next level. The rich friendliness of the matrons was marked by tomboyish overtones, while the fixed inward look of amiably tight men was like a sacrilegious parody of pregnancy. Although some of the guests were connected in one way or another with the arts, there was no inspired talk, no wreathed, elbow-propped heads, and of course no flute girls. From some vantage point where she had been sitting in a stranded mermaid pose on the pale carpet with one or two younger fellows, Cynthia, her face varnished with a film of beaming sweat, would creep up on her knees, a proffered plate of nuts in one hand, and crisply tap with the other the athletic leg of Cochran or Corcoran, an art dealer, ensconced, on a pearl-grey sofa, between two flushed, happily disintegrating ladies.

At a #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov

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