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Keeping A Journal quotes by Jane Austen
#1. Perhaps you are not sitting in this room, and I am not sitting by you. These are points in which a doubt is equally possible. Not keep a journal! How are your absent cousins to understand the tenour of your life in Bath without one? How are the civilities and compliments of every day to be related as they ought to be, unless noted down every evening in a journal? How are your various dresses to be remembered, and the particular state of your complexion, and curl of your hair to be described in all their diversities, without having constant recourse to a journal? My dear madam, I am not so ignorant of young ladies' ways as you wish to believe me; it is this delightful habit of journaling which largely contributes to form the easy style of writing for which ladies are so generally celebrated. Everybody allows that the talent of writing agreeable letters is peculiarly female. Nature may have done something, but I am sure it must be essentially assisted by the practice of keeping a journal. #Quote by Jane Austen
Keeping A Journal quotes by Grace Paley
#2. My vocabulary is adequate for writing notes and keeping journals but absolutely useless for an active moral life. #Quote by Grace Paley
Keeping A Journal quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#3. I had started keeping a journal, and I was discovering that I didn't need school in order to experience the misery of appearances. I could manufacture excruciating embarrassment in the privacy of my bedroom, simply by reading what I'd written in the journal the day before. Its pages faithfully mirrored my fraudulence and pomposity and immaturity. Reading it made me desperate to change myself, to sound less idiotic. As George Benson had stressed in Then Joy Breaks Through, the experience of growth and self-realization, even of ecstatic joy, were natural processes available to believers and nonbelievers alike. And so I declared private war on stagnation and committed myself privately to personal growth. The Authentic Relationship I wanted now was with the written page. #Quote by Jonathan Franzen
Keeping A Journal quotes by Paul C. Nagel
#4. The young John Quincy Adams begins it lifelong habit of keeping a journal with reluctance that he might one day have to read it. He hopes, though, that the flaws in his earlier entries will be balanced by the progress he is able to see. #Quote by Paul C. Nagel
Keeping A Journal quotes by Michael Finkel
#5. Not for a moment did he consider keeping a journal. He would never allow anyone to read his private thoughts; therefore, he did not risk writing them down. "I'd rather take it to my grave," he said. And anyway, when was a journal ever honest? "It either tells a lot of truths to cover a single lie, " he said, "or a lot of lies to cover a single truth. #Quote by Michael Finkel
Keeping A Journal quotes by William Boyd
#6. David Gascoyne once told me that the only point of keeping a journal was to concentrate of the personal, the diurnal minutiae, and forget the great significant events in the world at large. #Quote by William Boyd
Keeping A Journal quotes by Leigh Hershkovich
#7. Never stop writing. Whether you're writing a novel, screen play or just keeping a journal, it's integral that you make writing a daily process. The proof of the commitment to your craft is just how much time you spend doing it, whether it's for business or pleasure. Integrate your craft into your every day life, and you'll be as good as gold. #Quote by Leigh Hershkovich
Keeping A Journal quotes by Stephen Covey
#8. Writing is another powerful way to sharpen the mental saw. Keeping a journal of our thoughts, experiences, insights, and learnings promotes mental clarity, exactness, and context. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Keeping A Journal quotes by Ted Kooser
#9. Keeping a journal is like taking good care of one's heart. #Quote by Ted Kooser
Keeping A Journal quotes by Martina Navratilova
#10. Keeping a journal of what's going on in your life is a good way to help you distill what's important and what's not. #Quote by Martina Navratilova
Keeping A Journal quotes by Robert Masello
#11. If you feel like keeping a journal-that neither you nor anyone else on earth will ever want to read-be my guest. But if you want to write something that may eventually see the light of day, that a magazine might buy or a publisher publish, then you'll have to knock off the journaling and do the grunt work that real writing requires. #Quote by Robert Masello
Keeping A Journal quotes by Susan Sontag
#12. In the journal I do not just express myself more openly than I could to any person; I create myself. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Keeping A Journal quotes by Heather Moehn
#13. Journal Writing

Keeping a journal is an extremely valuable practice. Right now, your mind may be racing with anxious thoughts and worries. Writing them down helps you sort through your problems and come to a deeper understanding of the issues in your life.
The benefits of journal writing may be more than just psychological. Dr. James Pennebaker, a researcher in Texas, discovered that when people write about difficult experiences for twenty minutes at a time over a period of three to four days, their immune system functioning increases. This indicates that the simple act of writing about emotions has a direct impact on your body's ability to withstand stress and fight infection and disease. #Quote by Heather Moehn
Keeping A Journal quotes by Anthony Doerr
#14. I guess whatever maturity is there may be there because I've been keeping a journal forever. In high school my friends would make fun of me - you're doing your man diary again. So I was always trying to translate experience into words. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Keeping A Journal quotes by Ernst Junger
#15. Keeping a journal: The short entries are often as dry as instant tea. Writing them down is like pouring hot water over them to release their aroma. #Quote by Ernst Junger
Keeping A Journal quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
#16. I sometimes start keeping a journal about the writing process itself. Particularly when I get the ideas, and I am trying to brood over the chaos phase. In writing a novel, you really have to brood over a lot of chaos of ideas and possibilities. #Quote by Sue Monk Kidd
Keeping A Journal quotes by Nessie Q.
#17. Let's take it slow because I'd like each moment we share to be etched in my memory. And I'd like these memories to make me smile wistfully someday. Let's take it slow because I'm keeping a journal of our journey, and someday I'll turn it into a book. I'd like our story to be rich in detail, and full of laughter and intriguing conversations. Let's take it slow because all my life, I've always rushed into so many things, and they were all mistakes - I'd like you to be one of those things I'm going to do right. You deserve that much. #Quote by Nessie Q.
Keeping A Journal quotes by Charlotte Leonetti
#18. It wasn't really a journal. I tried keeping a journal, but it would always be one long entry filling the first seven pages, and then just nothing. Too hard. #Quote by Charlotte Leonetti
Keeping A Journal quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#19. I had to be the world's biggest loser, writing about hair, and stuff about my body. No wonder I stopped keeping a journal. It was like keeping a record of my own stupidity. Why would I want to do that? #Quote by Benjamin Alire Saenz
Keeping A Journal quotes by Eugene Delacroix
#20. I am carrying out my plan, so long formulated, of keeping a journal. What I most keenly wish is not to forget that I am writing for myself alone. Thus I shall always tell the truth, I hope, and thus I shall improve myself. These pages will reproach me for my changes of mind. #Quote by Eugene Delacroix
Keeping A Journal quotes by Mark Twain
#21. At certain periods it becomes the dearest ambition of a man to keep a faithful record of his performances in a book; and he dashes at this work with an enthusiasm that imposes on him the notion that keeping a journal is the veriest pastime in the world, and the pleasantest. But, if he only lives twenty-one days, he will find out that only those rare natures that are made up of pluck, endurance, devotion to duty for duty's sake, and invincible determination, may hope to venture upon so tremendous an enterprise as the keeping of a journal and not sustain a shameful defeat. #Quote by Mark Twain
Keeping A Journal quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#22. Keeping a journal will change your life in ways that you'd never imagine. #Quote by Oprah Winfrey
Keeping A Journal quotes by Keri Smith
#23. I find the experience of keeping a journal much more creative on paper than on a computer. When I write, I'm physically immersed in the world and slow down, whereas on screen, I use my senses in a less engaged way - and I skim more. #Quote by Keri Smith
Keeping A Journal quotes by Thomas Merton
#24. Keeping a journal has taught me that there is not so much new in your life as you sometimes think. When you re-read your journal you find out that your latest discovery is something you already found out five years ago. Still, it is true that one penetrates deeper and deeper into the same ideas and the same experiences. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Keeping A Journal quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#25. One of the most helpful tools a writer has is his journals. Whenever someone asks how to become an author, I suggest keeping a journal. #Quote by Madeleine L'Engle
Keeping A Journal quotes by Virginia Woolf
#26. I got out this diary and read, as one always reads one's own writing; with a kind of guilty intensity. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Keeping A Journal quotes by C.S. Lewis
#27. I once read the sentence 'I lay awake all night with a toothache, thinking about the toothache an about lying awake.' That's true to life. Part of every misery is, so to speak, the misery's shadow or reflection: the fact that you don't merely suffer but have to keep on thinking about the fact that you suffer. I not only live each endless day in grief, but live each day thinking about living each day in grief. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Keeping A Journal quotes by Janet Jackson
#28. I've never been one for keeping a journal, so my songs were my journals. They allowed me to express my feelings and let people know what was going on with me. I knew that somebody would relate. #Quote by Janet Jackson
Keeping A Journal quotes by May Sarton
#29. I feel happy to be keeping a journal again. I've missed it, missed naming things as they appear, missed the half hour when I push all duties aside and savor the experience of being alive in this beautiful place. #Quote by May Sarton
Keeping A Journal quotes by Nora Roberts
#30. I'm used to keeping things to myself, it's habit.And then...And then I kept things from you because the harder I fell in love with you,the more terrified I was. Look,damn it, I didn't want to depend on anyone for-" He broke off to drag a hand through his hair.
"For what?"
"For being there when I needed them," he said on a long breath. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Keeping A Journal quotes by Julianna Baggott
#31. I wrote before I could write. I got my hands on a journal, maybe a hand-me-down; I had three older siblings. My first entries are in the handwriting of the sister closets in age (5 years my senior). She must have gotten tired of my dictations because she gave up and then my blocky scrawl shows up. I wrote plays as a kid mostly. #Quote by Julianna Baggott
Keeping A Journal quotes by Hobart Alter
#32. On the manufacturing side, surfing was a lot harder than sailing. You had to find guys who could shape, who could glass, and you're looking for good people among all these surfers, you know. Keeping the quality up was always a problem. #Quote by Hobart Alter
Keeping A Journal quotes by Willie Nelson
#33. I have more dumb luck thank anybody I know. There must be a convey of guardian angels working twenty-four hours a day looking after me[ ... ] Like the night I first got to Nashville that I laid down in the middle of Broadway, waiting to get run over. It didn't happen [ ... ] I could swear they were keeping me alive just to see what I'd get next, I'm glad they feel that way. I'm trying to help them a little more this days. #Quote by Willie Nelson
Keeping A Journal quotes by Jim Ryun
#34. In a polling conducted by the Wall Street Journal, 11 out of 12 Americans said they oppose the taking of private property, even if it is for public economic good. #Quote by Jim Ryun
Keeping A Journal quotes by Jude Watson
#35. No one is keeping a score. We're all just trying to do the right thing. #Quote by Jude Watson
Keeping A Journal quotes by Margaret Atwood
#36. The best way of keeping a secret is to pretend there isn't one. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Keeping A Journal quotes by Daniel Webster
#37. On this question of principle, while actual suffering was yet afar off, they [the Colonies] raised their flag against a power to which, for purposes of foreign conquest and subjugation, Rome in the height of her glory is not to be compared,-a power which has dotted over the surface of the whole globe with her possessions and military posts, whose morning drum-beat, following the sun, and keeping company with the hours, circles the earth with one continuous and unbroken strain of the martial airs of England. #Quote by Daniel Webster
Keeping A Journal quotes by Aristotle.
#38. The tyrant, who in order to hold his power, suppresses every superiority, does away with good men, forbids education and light, controls every movement of the citizens and, keeping them under a perpetual servitude, wants them to grow accustomed to baseness and cowardice, has his spies everywhere to listen to what is said in the meetings, and spreads dissension and calumny among the citizens and impoverishes them, is obliged to make war in order to keep his subjects occupied and impose on them permanent need of a chief. #Quote by Aristotle.
Keeping A Journal quotes by Michael Chabon
#39. Titus, operating under the terms of the more modest package that he had negotiated with Gwen, which included room, board, and at the end of his own Candy Land path, the ambiguous pink-frosting-roofed gingerbread house of a family to love him and fuck him up, instantly got out of the car, observed the agreed-upon conventions of civilized intercourse among strangers, and got back into the car. The boy was still visiting their planet from his own faraway home world, but Archy figured that with time, he would adjust to the local gravity and microbes. Keeping close to the baby most of the time, as if Clark were the object he had crossed the stellar void to study. #Quote by Michael Chabon
Keeping A Journal quotes by Stephanie Lahart
#40. #TeamLightSkin vs. #TeamDarkSkin… REALLY, are you serious? To the black females that participate in this garbage, shame on you! Yes, I said it and I won't take it back. After all that we've been through as a race regarding the light-skinned niggers versus the dark-skinned niggers, you're actually keeping this garbage up? It's time to wake up my Beautiful Black Queens! Educate yourself and know your history. This shouldn't be something that we're entertaining. WE are #TeamMelanin! Period. Enough of the foolishness! Respect yourself. Respect our race. We should be building one another up, not tearing each other down. Melanin is Exquisite Beauty in EVERY shade. Together, WE are strong, unstoppable, and powerful. Enough is enough! I encourage you to stop participating in things that keep us divided. Real Talk! #Quote by Stephanie Lahart
Keeping A Journal quotes by Erling Kagge
#41. When you've invested a lot of time in being accessible and keeping up with what's happening, it's easy to conclude that it all has a certain value, even if what you have done might not be important. This is called rationalization. The New York Review of Books labeled the battle between producers of apps "the new opium wars," and the paper claims that "marketers have adopted addiction as an explicit commercial strategy." The only difference is that the pushers aren't peddling a product that can be smoked in a pipe, but rather is ingested via sugar-coated apps.

In a way, silence is the opposition to all of this. It's about getting inside what you are doing. Experiencing rather than overthinking. Allowing each moment to be big enough. Not living through other people and other things. Shutting out the world and fashioning your own silence whenever you run, cook food, have sex, study, chat, work, think of a new idea, read or dance. #Quote by Erling Kagge
Keeping A Journal quotes by Tim Pawlenty
#42. A great deal has been said about my commitment not to raise taxes. It's a core value - it's common sense - it's important to keeping and growing jobs - and it's mainstream! #Quote by Tim Pawlenty
Keeping A Journal quotes by Wanda Sykes
#43. These CEOs, man ... If you're that ruthless, you're a scary dude. I tell you, now when I walk past a little gang banger, I don't even blink. But if I see a white dude with a Wall Street Journal, I haul ass. Before I walk past the Arthur Andersen building, I cut through the projects. If you cut through the projects, you may just lose what you have on you that day. I ain't never been mugged of my whole future. #Quote by Wanda Sykes
Keeping A Journal quotes by Ilona Andrews
#44. I grow tired of your mouth." Bones shifted under Curran's skin. The nose widened, the jaws grew, the top lip split, displaying enormous teeth. I was staring into the face of a nightmare, a horrible meld of human and lion. If a thing that weighed over six hundred pounds in beast-form could be called a lion. His eyes never changed. The rest of him - the body, the arms, the legs, even his hair and skin remained human. The shapeshifters had three forms: beast, human, and half. They could shift into any of the three, but they always changed shape completely. Most had to strain to maintain the half-form and to be able to speak in it was a great achievement. Only Curran could do this: turn part of his body into one shape while keeping the rest in another.
Normally, I had no trouble with Curran's face in half-form. It was well-proportioned, even - many shapeshifters suffered the "my jaws are way too big and don't fit together" syndrome - but I was used to that half-form face being sheathed in gray fur. Having human skin stretched over it was nausea inducing.
He noticed my heroic efforts not to barf. "What is it now?"
I waved my hand around my face. "Fur."
"What do you mean?"
"Your face has no fur."
Curran touched his chin. And just like that all traces of the beast vanished. He sat before me fully human.
He massaged his jaw.
The beast grew stronger during the flare. Curran's irritation caused his control to slip just a hair.
"Having techn #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Keeping A Journal quotes by Colette
#45. It can't drag on this way much longer," she said to herself. "One evening he'll whistle under my window, I'll go down by a ladder or a knotted rope and he will carry me away on a motorcycle, off to a den where his subjects will be assembled. He'll say: 'Here is your new Queen.' And ... and ... it will be terrible!"
viii. Their Queen is away and anarchy reigns! The Journal said so! How grand to be Queen, with a red ribbon and a revolver ... #Quote by Colette
Keeping A Journal quotes by Jim Rohn
#46. It's too bad failures don't give seminars. Wouldn't that be valuable? If you meet a guy who has messed up his life for forty years, you've just got to say, 'John, if I bring my journal and promise to take good notes, would you spend a day with me?' #Quote by Jim Rohn
Keeping A Journal quotes by Bertrand Russell
#47. Every external interest inspires some activity which, so long as the interest remains alive, is a complete preventive of ennui. Interest in oneself, on the contrary, leads to no activity of a progressive kind. It may lead to the keeping of a diary, to getting psycho-analysed, or perhaps to becoming a monk. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Keeping A Journal quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#48. Your relationship should not be a battle field. It should not be an uphill struggle. Your relationship should not be what's keeping you cold inside. Your relationship should be a warm space, a safe space, a home. The skin of your soul. I have seen too many people lose their warmth, their mental health, the skip in the sound of their laughter; thanks to the relationships that they are in. When this happens to you, it's time to know that you've got this one life, and how are you going to spend it? There is a love that's for you, and that one is just not it anymore. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Keeping A Journal quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
#49. But I've always been a sucker for externals alone: the shape, the shine, what the surface suggests to my palm. So mechanically disinclined it's verging on criminal, I never understood the beauty of an object's workings until Linny sat my reluctant self down one day and showed me her camera. Within fifteen minutes, I had fallen hard for the whole gadgety, eyelike nature of the thing: a tiny piece of glass slowing, bending, organizing light - light - into your grandmother, the Grand Canyon, the begonia on the windowsill, the film keeping the image like a secret. Grandmother, canyon, begonia tucked neatly into the sleek black box, like bugs in a jar. My mind boggled. #Quote by Marisa De Los Santos
Keeping A Journal quotes by Veronica Roth
#50. Let's just hug already," he says.
Keeping one hand firm on Caleb's arm, I wrapped my free arm around Zeke, and he does the same.
When we break apart, I pull Caleb down the alley, and can't resist calling back, "I'll miss you."
"You too, sweetie!"
He grins, and his teeth are white in the twilight. They are the last thing I see of him before I have to turn and set out at a trot for the train. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Keeping A Journal quotes by Frank Wilczek
#51. A modern, secular version of Augustine's question is "What happened before the big bang?" And a version of his second answer based on physics might apply. Not that minds are necessary for time-I don't think many physicists would accept that (and the equations of physics certainly don't). But if the metric field vaporizes, with it goes the standard of time. Once no clocks exist (and this means an end not just to elaborate time-keeping devices, but to every physical process that could serve to mark time), time itself, along with the whole notion of "before," loses any meaning. The flow of time commences with the condensation of the metric field. #Quote by Frank Wilczek
Keeping A Journal quotes by Iain M. Banks
#52. paid with money you did not have? He thought not. By choosing to starve you became your own oppressor, keeping yourself in line, harming yourself for having the temerity to be poor, when by rights that ought to be a constable's job. Show any initiative or imagination and you were called lazy, shifty, crafty, incorrigible. So he'd dismissed talk of honour; it was just a way of making the rich and powerful feel better about themselves #Quote by Iain M. Banks
Keeping A Journal quotes by Jason Mraz
#53. Another year is fast approaching. Go be that starving artist you're afraid to be. Open up that journal and get poetic finally. Volunteer. Suck it up and travel. You were not born here to work and pay taxes. You were put here to be part of a vast organism to explore and create. Stop putting it off. The world has much more to offer than what's on 15 televisions at TGI Fridays. Take pictures. Scare people. Shake up the scene. Be the change you want to see in the world. #Quote by Jason Mraz
Keeping A Journal quotes by Nicole Trope
#54. na kept her head down and pulled Lockie out into the street. She hoped he would manage to avoid standing on anything. His bare feet were already filthy but the streets of the Cross held the worst bits of human detritus. Tina didn't want to have to deal with a piece of glass in Lockie's foot, or worse. He was walking on tiptoe and more than one adult stopped to look at them. Tina moved quickly, getting Lockie out of sight before the questions had time to form. People tended to ask a lot more questions in the daytime. They saw things more clearly. Tina preferred the dark, where it was easy to hide.She had no idea what she was going to do with the kid after the new clothes and a shower. Maybe if he was warm and fed he would agree to walk into the police station and tell his story. Maybe he just needed a little time. He looked like a thinker. It was possible that she was really fucking up by keeping him. She had no idea what his body had been through. He could drop dead right now or have some kind of psycho meltdown.He looked at the ground as he walked. He held her hand and she guided him around the obstacles. He would not look up.He was locked up inside himself. His body was doing what it needed to do and maybe somewhere in his mind he was trying to find a key. If she got him to go to the police they would bring in a counsellor. Someone with a box of dolls and a soft voice. She had seen a movie about it. Lockie would be able to point to the doll and tell everyone exactly how his #Quote by Nicole Trope
Keeping A Journal quotes by Laurence Stallings
#55. All you've got is the word of a fool dog. It's been my experience that a bloodhound is the foolishest dog that is. I don't remember of anybody ever keeping a bloodhound for a yard dog. They're such dad blasted fools. #Quote by Laurence Stallings
Keeping A Journal quotes by Christine Feehan
#56. He stared down into her eyes, holding her there like he could, just with his gaze, mesmerizing her. Keeping her captive, under his spell. A slow smile transformed the hard edges of his handsome face. He was so beautiful to her. A gorgeous man and she was falling more and more in love with him. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Keeping A Journal quotes by Tessa Dare
#57. I'm telling you, you bastard, you're going to pay for that rum. In gold or goods, I don't care which."
"Captain Mallory." Gray's baritone was forbidding. "And I apply that title loosely, as you are no manner of captain in my estimation…I have no intention of compensating you for the loss of your cargo. I will, however, accept your thanks."
"My thanks? For what?"
"For what?" Now O'Shea entered the mix. "For saving that heap of a ship and your worthless, rum-soaked arse, that's what."
"I'll thank you to go to hell," the gravelly voice answered. Mallory, she presumed. "You can't just board a man's craft and pitch a hold full of spirits into the sea. Right knaves, you lot."
"Oh, now we're the knaves, are we?" Gray asked. "I should have let that ship explode around your ears, you despicable sot. Knaves, indeed."
"Well, if you're such virtuous, charitable gents, then how come I'm trussed like a pig?" Sophia craned her neck and pushed the hatch open a bit further. Across the deck, she saw a pair of split-toed boots tied together with rope.
Gray answered, "We had to bind you last night because you were drunk out of your skull. And we're keeping you bound now because you're sober and still out of your skull."
The lashed boots shuffled across the deck, toward Gray. "Let me loose of these ropes, you blackguard, and I'll pound you straight out of your skull into oblivion."
O'Shea responded with a stream of colorful profanity, which Captain Gra #Quote by Tessa Dare
Keeping A Journal quotes by Dalai Lama
#58. If the situation was such that there was only one learned lama or genuine practitioner alive, a person whose death would cause the whole of Tibet to lose all hope of keeping its Buddhist way of life, then it is conceivable that in order to protect that one person it might be justified for one or 10 enemies to be eliminated if there was no other way. #Quote by Dalai Lama
Keeping A Journal quotes by Matt Fraction
#59. I think continuity is the devil. I think it's constricting and restrictive, I think it's alienating and off-putting, and it inflicts an artifact of linear time as we experience it on something that exists outside of linear time as well as keeps new readership away by keeping comics a matter of trivia and history rather than actual stories. #Quote by Matt Fraction
Keeping A Journal quotes by Stephen R. Covey
#60. In our quest for short-term returns, or results, we often ruin a prized physical asset - a car, a computer, a washer or dryer, even our body or our environment. Keeping P and PC in balance makes a tremendous difference in the effective use of physical assets. #Quote by Stephen R. Covey
Keeping A Journal quotes by Hugh Laurie
#61. Riding my motorcycle around L.A. is like my own video game. But unlike many folks at the wheel, I am occupied with getting where I'm going and keeping myself safe. Most people are applying makeup, texting, and checking out the beauty in the next car. #Quote by Hugh Laurie
Keeping A Journal quotes by Luanne Rice
#62. We're keeping them alive," she said. "Sweetheart, the fence, the wall, is inhumane. People are dying."
"That's their choice,"he actually said. "They come here illegally, that's the chance they take."
"When did you get so hard?" she asked, holding his face between her hands. "They're human beings like us, looking for a better life for their families. You understand that, don't you? You did it for us."
"It's a humanitarian crises," she said. "And you're part of the problem. That's why you can't sleep at night. #Quote by Luanne Rice
Keeping A Journal quotes by Todd McFarlane
#63. That was my fear, which is why when I was took over a book, I was always trying to tweak it a little bit so that it looked like I was trying to add something instead of keeping the status quo. #Quote by Todd McFarlane
Keeping A Journal quotes by Tom Robbins
#64. I don't think that a novel is supposed to be a guide book to happiness any more than it's supposed to be a journal of one's personal pain and frustration, which most novels are today, unfortunately. I think the novels that are most important are those that are more on the order of those coyotes that howl on the hills outside of town. Something mysterious and wild and hypnotic. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Keeping A Journal quotes by Nora Roberts
#65. Owning land, he mused, being responsible for it. Plowing, planting, tending, watching things grow. Keeping an eye on the sky, sniffing the air for a turn in the weather. Not a life for Grayson Thane, he thought, but imagined some would find it rewarding. There'd been that simple pride of ownership in Murphy Muldoon's walk - a man who knew his feet were planted on his own. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Keeping A Journal quotes by Sylvia Mathews Burwell
#66. Big meetings and big talk are not enough in a world that is hungry for change. Big action - world leaders keeping their promises, and developing countries committing resources while listening ardently to the voice of the small farmer - is needed to bring big results and prosperity to the world's poor. #Quote by Sylvia Mathews Burwell
Keeping A Journal quotes by Patricia Briggs
#67. We who are dominant tend to think of that aspect of being a werewolf as rank: who is obeyed, who is to obey. Dominant and submissive. But it is also who is to protect and who is to be protected. A submissive wolf is not incapable of protecting himself: he can fight, he can kill as readily as any other. But a submissive doesn't feel the need to fight
not the way a dominant does. They are a treasure in a pack. A source of purpose and of balance. Why does a dominant exist? To protect those beneath him, but protecting a submissive is far more rewarding because a submissive will never wait until you are wounded or your back is turned to see if you are truly dominant to him. Submissive wolves can be trusted. And they unite the pack with the goal of keeping them safe and cared for. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Keeping A Journal quotes by Veronica Roth
#68. I'm confused, Beatrice," she says. "What exactly do you want us to do?"
"I didn't come here to ask you for help," I say. "I thought you should know that a lot of people are going to die, very soon. And I know you don't want to stay here doing nothing while that happens, even if some of your faction does."
She looks down, her crooked mouth betraying just how right I am.
"I also wanted to ask you if we can talk to the Erudite you're keeping safe here," I say. "I know they're hidden, but I need access to them."
"And what do you intend to do?" she says.
"Shoot them," I say, rolling my eyes.
"That isn't funny."
I sigh. "Sorry. I need information. That's all. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Keeping A Journal quotes by Austin Channing Brown
#69. I fell in love with a Jesus who saw the poor and sick and hurting, a Jesus who had bigger plans for me than keeping me a virgin, a Jesus who loved and reveled in our Blackness. #Quote by Austin Channing Brown
Keeping A Journal quotes by Jacqueline Carey
#70. For the keeping of secrets from adults is oft the only power a child may hope to possess. #Quote by Jacqueline Carey
Keeping A Journal quotes by Hannah Tunnicliffe
#71. Her smile was somehow a little too bright, but I watched as she showed me how she had scored the puff pastry and brushed it with oil. She got me to smell the thyme pressed between her fingers and thumb, and told me how good garlic was for keeping away colds. She preached about food and sang and laughed and baked until the light started to come in the windows. Then we sat and ate hot tart without knives and forks. She kissed my cheeks and smelled like garlic. I remember the hot cheese dropping onto Mama's sweater and drying to a rubbery streak against the wool. #Quote by Hannah Tunnicliffe
Keeping A Journal quotes by Bob Woodward
#72. But then, of course, there are always unanswered questions. Those questions lead to more questions, with the circularity of the endless inquest, keeping people like me in business. We can and should always poke at the questions of motivation. And we will. There never is a final draft of history. #Quote by Bob Woodward
Keeping A Journal quotes by Joe Hill
#73. Do you spend a lot of nights keeping the fire department in hysterics with creative acts of arson?" "Everyone needs a hobby," he said. Then #Quote by Joe Hill
Keeping A Journal quotes by Michele Sinclair
#74. Thinking it Ranulf, she tugged the garment down and beamed the incomer a smile. The smile changed to one of shock at seeing her sisters-both up and already dressed.
Seeing her initial jubilant welcome, Edythe snorted and rubbed her arms vigorously in an attempt to get warmer. Lily, on the other hand, laughed. "Sorry. You obviously hoped we were someone else," she mumbled, not meaning it at all.
Tyr poked his head in and, looking at Edythe, said, "We are to be leaving soon.Be ready."
Edythe issued him a scowl and rubbed her very red nose. "I heard you the first five times," she moaned. "The man does not believe in sleep and cannot seem to get it through his head that some do," she added, speaking to Bronwyn but keeping her gaze on him.
Tyr arched a single brow and stepped inside. "I sleep,just not all day."
Edythe sniffed.She wasn't feeling her best, but she was not about to let Tyr chide her without consequences. "You may have been the one standing beside me at the alter, but that doesn't give you permission to act like my husband."
"I know your husband well, and Garik's going to feel the same way," Tyr responded, crossing his arms.
Edythe lifted her chin and several locks of her red hair fell around her shoulders. "Not after I'm done with him. He'll be glad to have a wife. And the fact that I like to sleep in bed, he's going to consider a bonus." Then with a manufactured flair, she stepped around him and plopped down on the fur blankets wit #Quote by Michele Sinclair
Keeping A Journal quotes by Thomas Hardy
#75. There are men whose hearts insist upon a dogged fidelity to some image or cause thrown by chance into their keeping, long after their judgment has pronounced it no rarity - even the reverse, indeed, and without them the band of the worthy is incomplete. #Quote by Thomas Hardy

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