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Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Jarod Kintz
#1. If my legs get blown off in war, I'd like to have them replaced with a coffee table. Half man/half furniture, I'll be in the living room if you need me. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by John Kennedy Toole
#2. Mother, when was this coffee dripped?" Ignatius demanded, flapping into the kitchen again.
"Just about a hour ago. Why?"
"It certainly tastes brackish. #Quote by John Kennedy Toole
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Rick Riordan
#3. It's mechanical," Leo said. "Maybe a doorway to the dwarfs' secret lair?"
"Ooooo!" shrieked a nearby voice. "Secret lair?"
"I want a secret lair!" yelled another voice from above.


"If we had a secret lair," said Red Fur, "I would want a firehouse pole."
"And a waterslide!" said Brown Fur, who was pulling random tools out of Leo's belt, tossing aside wrenches, hammers, and staple guns.
"Stop that!" Leo tried to grab the dwarf's feet, but he couldn't reach the top of the pedestal.
"Too short?" Brown Fur sympathized.
"You're calling me short?" Leo looked around for something to throw, but there was nothing but pigeons, and he doubted he could catch one. "Give me my belt, you stupid-"
"Now, now!" said Brown Fur. "We haven't even introduced ourselves. I'm Akmon, and my brother over there-"
"-is the handsome one!" The red-furred dwarf lifted his espresso. Judging from his dilated eyes and maniacal grin, he didn't need any more caffeine. "Passolos! Singer of songs! Drinker of coffee! Stealer of shiny stuff! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Paul J. Silvia
#4. Revising while you generate text is like drinking decaffeinated coffee in the early morning: noble idea, wrong time. #Quote by Paul J. Silvia
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Christopher Moore
#5. Beta Males make excellent spies. Not the "James Bond, Aston Martin with missiles, boning the beautiful Russian rocket scientist on an ermineskin bedspread" sort of spy - more the "bad comb-over, deep-cover bureaucrat fishing coffee-sodden documents out of a Dumpster" spy. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Kevin Nealon
#6. What happened was, I always wanted to be a singer/songwriter kind of guy like a James Taylor or Crosby, Stills and Nash type of thing; I went to a lot of coffee houses and used to watch all those guys, but I never had the nerve to get up and do it because singing seems so personal and intimate to me. It was too revealing. #Quote by Kevin Nealon
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Eoin Colfer
#7. You're not a lawyer, are you?' asked the nurse suspiciously. 'One of those geniuses who gets a
degree while they're still in nappies?'
Artemis sighed. 'A genius, yes. A lawyer, hardly. I am, mademoiselle, a customer.'
And suddenly the nurse was all charm.
'Oh, a customer! Why didn't you say so? I'll show you right in. Would sir care for tea, coffee or
perhaps something stronger?'
'I am thirteen years old, mademoiselle.'
'A juice?'
'Tea would be fine. Earl Grey if you have it. No sugar, obviously; it might make me
hyperactive. #Quote by Eoin Colfer
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Marcus Samuelsson
#8. I think that if you grind your spices and keep them in small batches, you can use them in endless ways. The key thing is to have a spice mill or a coffee grinder, and to keep your spices cold and in tightly lidded boxes. #Quote by Marcus Samuelsson
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Lydia Davis
#9. When there were two of you, you decided so many little things together, such as which room to sit in with your morning coffee. When you were alone, he said, it was so miserably difficult to make those little choices. #Quote by Lydia Davis
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Joseph McGinty Nichol
#10. A lot of the content that goes directly to the internet, or is web-created content, is very hand-held video where you can watch this woman fall off the coffee table, or see a funny little gag, or is interview-style stuff, which is great. I love that. I consume it like crazy. But, this is designed to be reminiscent of what you would see during primetime, and reminiscent of what you would see in a movie theater, on any given weekend, and in that regard, it's brand new. #Quote by Joseph McGinty Nichol
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Ben Schott
#11. I follow blogs, particularly all the main political ones - Guido Fawkes, Iain Dale, Coffee House, Paul Waugh, Iain Martin in the Wall Street Journal, and so on. And some American ones, like the Huffington Post, Gawker, Boing Boing; or Eater and Daily Candy, also American, which are about where to go to eat. #Quote by Ben Schott
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Anne Sexton
#12. That's what I do: I make coffee and occasionally succumb to suicidal nihilism. But you shouldn't worry - poetry is still first. Cigarettes and alcohol follow #Quote by Anne Sexton
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Joe Hill
#13. Outlaws like to sleep in. I've been FBI for eight years, and I've never once had cause to shoot anyone before eleven in the morning. Not as long as I get my coffee anyway. #Quote by Joe Hill
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Maroon 5
#14. The rhythm of her conversation. The perfection of her creation. The sex she slipped into my coffee. The way she felt when she first saw me. Hate to love and love to hate her. Like a broken record player. Back and forth and here and gone and on and on and on and on ... #Quote by Maroon 5
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Max Everhart
#15. On a Wednesday morning in mid-June, Eli Sharpe was sitting at his desk treating jetlag with strong coffee when he heard a knock on his apartment door. After a second, more insistent knock, he added a dash of George Dickel to his Folgers and hid the pint in a desk drawer.
"It's open," he said loudly and stood up to receive his visitor.
In walked a tall blonde, her high heels stabbing the scuffed- up hardwoods, her perfume battling the smell of coffee and dust permeating Eli's six-hundred square foot studio apartment that doubled as a working office. Her perfume won the battle: Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. Same scent his third fiancée used to wear. #Quote by Max Everhart
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#16. I love furniture. And I thought, why are we not seeing who's making the cool new coffee table and these new designs that come out? #Quote by Ellen DeGeneres
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Genevieve Cogman
#17. That instead of running directly back to your assigned world and your work – and your prince – you're staying in the Library for long enough to have coffee. And not just a cup, but a whole pot. Has it been a bad few days? #Quote by Genevieve Cogman
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Kristen Ashley
#18. No way, Loopy Loo. You aren't hoardin' all the action." He turned to Indy, "You're drivin' because we can all fit in your silly-ass car. When we see a break in the coffee action, I'll go home and get my shotgun. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#19. The drinking of coffee is an absolute sin! Our Glorious Prophet did not partake of coffee because he knew it dulled the intellect, caused ulcers, hernia and sterility; he understood that coffee was nothing but the Devil's ruse. #Quote by Orhan Pamuk
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Natalie Goldberg
#20. Our bodies are garbage heaps: we collect experience, and from the decomposition of the thrown-out eggshells, spinach leaves, coffee grinds, and old steak bones out of our minds, come nitrogen, heat, and very fertile soil. Out of this fertile soil bloom our poems and stories. But this does not come all at once. It takes time. Continue to turn over and over the organic details of your life until some of them fall through the garbage of discursive thoughts to the solid ground of black soil. #Quote by Natalie Goldberg
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Jan Holly
#21. Dear Charles, she wrote.
After writing to express my appreciation for all the generosity of our friends, I would be remiss indeed if I did not include a missive to you. Out of all the new blessings in my new life, the one I thank God for the most is you. I thank you for writing to me through Genteel Correspondence, and for choosing me out of all the other women eager for adventure in the wild west.
I thank you for your kindness, and your gentleness toward me. Only very strong men can be gentle. I thank you for sharing your home and your life with me. I thank you for inventing delicious breakfasts. And chicory flavored coffee. And prayers that ease my mind and inspire my spirit and lift my heart. For your smile and the way you hold your hat in your hands. For the things you say and how you say them.
Did you know that I pray for you each day? I do. I pray for your safety and happiness.
Yours in Christ,
Rose #Quote by Jan Holly
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Jane Green
#22. I am not a people pleaser. I am not a person who says things because she thinks it will make the other person happy, nor am I a person who offers things she cannot deliver because I want the other person to like me. #Quote by Jane Green
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Howard Schultz
#23. We think of Starbucks not as a coffee company but a media company. #Quote by Howard Schultz
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Andrea Illy
#24. Coffee is the official beverage of culture. #Quote by Andrea Illy
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Geraldine Brooks
#25. You," he continued, grabbing my wrist. "All of you, from the safe world, with your air bags and your tamper-proof packaging and your fat-free diets. You are the superstitious ones. You convince yourself you can cheat death, and you are absolutely offended when you learn that you can't. You sat in your nice little flat all through our war and watched us, bleeding all over the TV news. And you thought, 'How awful!' and then you got up and made yourself another cup of gourmet coffee. #Quote by Geraldine Brooks
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Taylor Hanson
#26. I'm a coffee enthusiast. I try not to have too many bad habits. #Quote by Taylor Hanson
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Zach Johnson
#27. These guys that take a shower, grab a cup of coffee, and go straight to the tee? That's not the way to do it. When you warm up, hit 20 to 25 wedges, a few middle irons, and 10 to 15 3-woods and drivers. If you're going to putt, give yourself 10 minutes. #Quote by Zach Johnson
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by R.B. O'Brien
#28. ...to pick up an old-fashioned newspaper, ink barely dry, staining my fingers in that beautiful hue of grey that is messy and decadent at the same time. I lick to get to the Food section and the Arts and Entertainment section, my greedy little fingers wrapped around both the awkward pages of the dying art and my coffee mug as I curl into what I deem relaxation. #Quote by R.B. O'Brien
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Elisa Braden
#29. I prefer coffee, actually. I take it with cream and a bit of sugar. It is my favorite thing. Well, except for chocolate. And books, of course. #Quote by Elisa Braden
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by John Feldmann
#30. I love just going out; long drives, the ocean, my kids, new music, new gear, new plug-ins, coffee, and donuts at four in the morning. Even just waking up and writing. #Quote by John Feldmann
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Susan   Mallery
#31. He crossed the bare dirt until he reached the fire. His brother didn't look up as he approached, but he didn't walk away, either. Chase figured that was about as good as it was going to get.
He stood there, shifting his weight, then finally cleared his throat.
"I'm sorry about before," he said gruffly. "I misread the situation. I can't figure out why I did. I know you wouldn't hurt Phoebe. It's just…I saw her laying there and I reacted." He shrugged. "I'm sorry," he repeated.
He knew Zane wasn't going to say anything. Apologizing for screwing up never made it better.
His brother looked at him for a long time. Finally Zane tossed the last of his coffee into the fire and rose.
"I know I can be a real bastard," Zane said. "And I know why you thought something had happened with Phoebe. It's okay."
Chase blinked. He couldn't believe it. "You mean you're not mad?"
"It was an honest mistake. One that could have cost you your pretty face, but that's another story."
Chase grinned. "You saying you could take me, old man?"
"In a heartbeat."
Chase knew he was tall, but he hadn't filled out yet. Zane had a couple of inches and about forty pounds of muscle on him. Still, he couldn't help taking a boxer's stance and raising his fists.
"When and where," he joked.
Zane chuckled. "Get some sleep."
Chase nodded. "'Night."
He headed to his tent, feeling better than he had in a long time. #Quote by Susan Mallery
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Elizabeth Wein
#32. People are complicated. There is so much more to everybody than you realize. You see someone in school everyday, or at work, in the canteen, and you share a cigarette of a coffee with them, and you talk about the weather or last night's air raid. But you don't talk so much about what was the nastiest thing you ever said to your mother, or how you pretended to be David Balfour, the hero of Kidnapped, for the whole of the year when you were 13, or what you imagine yourself doing with the pilot who looks like Leslie Howard if you were alone in his bunk after a dance. #Quote by Elizabeth Wein
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Melody  Lee
#33. Pour yourself a cup of steaming coffee, honey, then come pour yourself into me. I need you like you need your morning fix. You need me to breathe. And today I need you to love me like a storm. Love is the only thing that will heal our tormented hearts. Love is the only thing that will set us free. #Quote by Melody Lee
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#34. Drinking caffeinated drinks including high potency energy drinks, and consuming other enablers, we do not need to develop an internal source for the energy, effort, endurance, and enthusiasm needed to confront each day. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Harold Ford, Jr.
#35. Lawmakers misrepresent the facts when they call the manufacturing deduction known as Section 199 - passed by Congress in 2004 to spur domestic job growth - a 'subsidy' for oil and gas firms. The truth is that all U.S. manufacturers, from software producers to filmmakers and coffee roasters, are eligible for this deduction. #Quote by Harold Ford, Jr.
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Kristin Cavallari
#36. I don't typically drink coffee. #Quote by Kristin Cavallari
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Frank Herbert
#37. She asked me to tell her what it is to rule," Paul said. "And I said that one commands. And she said I had some unlearning to do." She hit a mark there right enough, Hawat thought. He nodded for Paul to continue. "She said a ruler must learn to persuade and not to compel. She said he must lay the best coffee hearth to attract the finest men. #Quote by Frank Herbert
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Michael Graves
#38. Alberto Alessi had asked a dozen architects to design a sterling silver tea service - with a teapot, a coffee pot, sugar, creamer, a spoon, and a tray. Our brief was that it didn't matter if it didn't work and cost wasn't the issue. It was a promotional project, not a commercial enterprise, and was going to be showcased in museums. And the coffee and tea piazza, as mine was called, received a great response. It was wonderful to walk into the Whitney museum and see all these objects on the first floor. #Quote by Michael Graves
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Daniel Keyes
#39. April 26 - I know I shouldn't hang around the college when I'm through at the lab, but seeing the young men and women going back and forth carrying books and hearing them talk about all the things they're learning in their classes excites me. I wish I could sit and talk with them over coffee in the Campus Bowl Luncheonette when they get together to argue about books and politics and ideas. It's exciting to hear them talking about poetry and science and philosophy - about Shakespeare and Milton; Newton and Einstein and Freud; about Plato and Hegel and Kant, and all the other names that echo like great church bells in my mind. Sometimes I listen in on the conversations at the tables around me, and pretend I'm a college student, even though I'm a lot older than they are. I carry books around, and I've started to smoke a pipe. It's silly, but since I belong at the lab I feel as if I'm a part of the university. I hate to go home to that lonely room. #Quote by Daniel Keyes
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Amanda M. Lee
#40. I didn't have the heart to tell Brian that if I were waiting on him I would not only spit in his coffee but lick his silverware for good measure. "Of course they wouldn't do that," I lied. "I was just messing with you. #Quote by Amanda M. Lee
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by F.K. Preston
#41. If my life was pulled into the pages of a book, there would be coffee stains and wrinkles along the lines of that narrative. Because all I can wish is that the book of my life would be well read and well loved. Living within words and the sound of writing. #Quote by F.K. Preston
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Douglas Adams
#42. The truth of the matter is, that most English people don't know how to make tea anymore either, and most people drink cheap instant coffee instead, which is a pity, and gives Americans the impression that the English are just generally clueless about hot stimulants. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Kapiolani Coffee quotes by Alexandar Tomov
#43. Quote from "A la bulgaro":
"So long time has passed since those days, and since that story, which is still vivid in my memory, and even more vivid than all the rest. Some times I stay alone in my work - room here, in my father's old mansion in Pasadena, and I look through the old, yellow pages again and again. Then I go back to the north part which is furnished in my style, with many colored Bulgarian carpets and blankets (special kind of Bulgarian blankets with long fur), I make my coffee in a cooper coffee - pot, which has been brought from there, and my thoughts wonder to those absurd memories of mine ...
Very often some friends ask me - what is that unusual memories of yours? I can't explain to them, better say I don't want to, and I always avoid the answer by saying - a la Bulgaro - in a Bulgarian way ... "Oh, yes, yes" ... #Quote by Alexandar Tomov

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