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Kalinski Germany quotes by Ken Follett
#1. A country is mostly the people in it," Maud said. "I don't love England. My parents died a long time ago, and my brother has disowned me. I love Germany. For me, Germany is my wonderful husband, Walter; my misguided son, Erik; my alarmingly capable daughter, Carla; our maid, Ada, and her disabled son; my friend Monika and her family; my journalistic colleagues . . . I'm staying, to fight the Nazis. #Quote by Ken Follett
Kalinski Germany quotes by Terri Windling
#2. Creators of literary fairy tales from the 17th-century onward include writers whose works are still widely read today: Charles Perrault (17th-century France), Hans Christian Andersen (19th-century Denmark), George Macdonald and Oscar Wilde (19th-century England). The Brothers Grimm (19th-century Germany) blurred the line between oral and literary tales by presenting their German "household tales" as though they came straight from the mouths of peasants, though in fact they revised these stories to better reflect their own Protestant ethics. It is interesting to note that these canonized writers are all men, since this is a reversal from the oral storytelling tradition, historically dominated by women. Indeed, Straparola, Basile, Perrault, and even the Brothers Grimm made no secret of the fact that their source material came largely or entirely from women storytellers. Yet we are left with the impression that women dropped out of the history of fairy tales once they became a literary form, existing only in the background as an anonymous old peasant called Mother Goose. #Quote by Terri Windling
Kalinski Germany quotes by Joseph Heller
#3. Captain Black knew he was a subversive because he wore eyeglasses and used words like panacea and utopia, and because he disapproved of Adolf Hitler, who had done such a great job of combating unAmerican activities in Germany. #Quote by Joseph Heller
Kalinski Germany quotes by Anne O'Hare McCormick
#4. But the cruel quirk in the situation is that conditions on the other side of the line are so hopeless that 500 are now returning out of the 1000 who escaped daily. There is no place for them in Germany.....Nothing reveals the present state of affairs more clearly than the fact that people who risk their lives to get out of Soviet territory take the greater risk of going back when they see what awaits them outside. #Quote by Anne O'Hare McCormick
Kalinski Germany quotes by Pete Seeger
#5. After visits to several Communist countries (USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, East Germany, Vietnam, China, Cuba), I feel strongly that most "revolutionary" types around the world don't realize the importance of freedom of the press and the air, a right to peaceably assemble and discuss anything, including the dangers of such discussions. #Quote by Pete Seeger
Kalinski Germany quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#6. The most progressive minister must shipwreck if he has a block of reactionary bureaucrats against him. And in Germany the bureaucrats all have their jobs still. - These pen-pushing Napoleons are invincible. #Quote by Erich Maria Remarque
Kalinski Germany quotes by Edith Hahn Beer
#7. The fanciful insignia of the guild painted on the ceiling above the dining area. The forest in autumn was like heaven. So many things about Germany were like that: beautiful settings, bizarre behavior. I did not become close to the other women working at the Red Cross. I kept to myself and did what was necessary. I said "Good morning" and "Good evening." In the morning, real nurses taught us the rudiments of anatomy and instructed us in the preparation #Quote by Edith Hahn Beer
Kalinski Germany quotes by Helmut Kohl
#8. Everybody should know that Germany will not go it alone: there will be no restless Reich. #Quote by Helmut Kohl
Kalinski Germany quotes by Henry Kissinger
#9. When Germany declared itself ready to discuss an armistice, Wilson refused to negotiate until the Kaiser abdicated. #Quote by Henry Kissinger
Kalinski Germany quotes by Zoe Lofgren
#10. Partial legalization, as some are suggesting, is a dangerous path, and we need only look at France and Germany to see how unwise it is to create a permanent underclass. #Quote by Zoe Lofgren
Kalinski Germany quotes by Mae Brussell
#11. Adolf Hitler declared war in 1941. By 1942, Allen Dulles was moved to Switzerland for the purpose of rounding up and importing German scientific "specialists" to the United States. Two years before the war ended (or its fate was decided), the United States was making arrangements for Nazi scientists, arms experts, to come to our democracy (for which the boys were fighting and dying at that moment).12 From 1945 until 1952, the U.S. military brought over 642 alien "specialists" and their families from Nazi Germany. They were known collectively by the code-name "Paperclip." German missile and rocket experts, munition makers, war experts were carefully selected and placed in aerospace programs and armament manufacturing.13 #Quote by Mae Brussell
Kalinski Germany quotes by William L. Shirer
#12. And many returned who if they were not converted were at least rendered tolerant of the "new Germany" and believed that they had seen, as they said, "positive achievements. #Quote by William L. Shirer
Kalinski Germany quotes by Wayne Greenhaw
#13. (Charles Morgan, Jr., Southern Director of the ACLU in 1966, upon seeing conditions in the Jefferson County jail):

...I knew that [Southern whites] would have annihilated blacks had they been more literate and less useful. In Hitler's Germany armbands identified Jews. Those with black skin could have been annihilated more easily. But they were the labor pool with which to break strikes. They served as the pickers of cotton, the diggers of ditches. They emptied bedpans and cleaned the outhouses of our lives. Uneducated, property-less, disenfranchised, and excluded from justice, except as defendants, they were no threat to whites. While they remained useful and didn't get 'out of line,' their lives were assured, for no matter how worthless lower-class white folks said blacks were, the rich, well born, and able upper-class whites knew that they and black folks were really the only people indispensably required by Our Southern Way of Life. (188) #Quote by Wayne Greenhaw
Kalinski Germany quotes by Horst Koehler
#14. Germany must be a country which generates political ideas and leadership, which is capable of compromise, which is sovereign and yet knows that it needs its partners on both sides of the Atlantic. #Quote by Horst Koehler
Kalinski Germany quotes by James A. Michener
#15. Russia, France, Germany and China. They revere their writers. America is still a frontier country that almost shudders at the idea of creative expression. #Quote by James A. Michener
Kalinski Germany quotes by Germany Kent
#16. If social media controls you and is robbing you of your freedom and good emotional energy chances are you're addicted and it's time to find another hobby. #Quote by Germany Kent
Kalinski Germany quotes by Ali Smith
#17. What, the Great War? in which your great-grandfather, who happened to be my grandfather, was gassed in the trenches not once, but twice? Which meant he and your great-grandmother were very poor, because he was too ill to work and died young? And meant I inherited his weak lungs? Not relevant to us? her mother says. And then the break-up of the Balkans, and the start of the territorial trouble in the Middle East between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and the civil unrest in Ireland, and the shifts of power in Russia, and the power shifts in the Ottoman empire, and the bankruptcy, economic catastrophe and social unrest in Germany, all of which played a huge part in the rise of Fascism and in the bringing about of another war in which, as it happens, your own grandmother and grandfather
who happened to be my mother and father
both fought when they were just two or three years older than you? Not relevant? To us? #Quote by Ali Smith
Kalinski Germany quotes by Kenneth Eade
#18. The military prison at Guantanamo was the equivalent of any concentration camp in Nazi Germany, the most shameful example of the cruel and complete abolition of all human rights by the Government, all in the name of the war on terrorism. #Quote by Kenneth Eade
Kalinski Germany quotes by Thelma Drake
#19. We don't mind that we still have troops in Germany, or that we still have troops in Japan or Korea. But they are not in danger, and we know that they are in danger in Iraq. #Quote by Thelma Drake
Kalinski Germany quotes by Christopher Buckley
#20. The tradition of putting candles on Christmas trees actually began in Germany. The person who came up with the idea is thought to have been Martin Luther, father of the Reformation. #Quote by Christopher Buckley
Kalinski Germany quotes by Richard Tedor
#21. Hitler scheduled joint plebiscites in Austria and Germany for April 10, 1938. Both populations voted on whether to incorporate the two countries into a single state. The people of Austria cast 99.73 percent of their ballots in favor of Anschluss with Germany. The Germans voted 99.08 percent for unification.
On March 18. 1938, the German government notified the League of Nations that Austria had cancelled its affiliation. This international body, which had never manifest concern for the plight of the distressed little nation, now debated whether Germany was responsible for paying Austria's delinquent membership dues of 50,000 Swiss francs from January 1 to March 13. This ended the chain of circumstances leading to the unification of Hitler's homeland with the German Reich, an event known to history as "the rape of Austria. #Quote by Richard Tedor
Kalinski Germany quotes by Rosamunde Pilcher
#22. In Germany, I have been called the Queen of Kitsch, but I don't mind that - as long as people buy the books. #Quote by Rosamunde Pilcher
Kalinski Germany quotes by Malcolm X
#23. If Christianity had asserted itself in Germany, six million Jews would have lived. #Quote by Malcolm X
Kalinski Germany quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
#24. Could I, I thought, be the last coward on earth? How terrifying!… All alone with two million stark-raving heroic madmen, armed to the eyeballs? With and without helmets, without horses, on motorcycles, bellowing, in cars, screeching, shooting, plotting, flying, kneeling, digging, taking cover, bounding over trails, sputtering, shut up on earth as if it were a loony bin, ready to demolish everything on it, Germany, France, whole continents, everything that breathes, destroy, destroy, madder than mad dogs, worshipping their madness (which dogs don't), a hundred, a thousand times madder than a thousand dogs, and a lot more vicious! A pretty mess we were in! No doubt about it, this crusade I'd let myself in for was the apocalypse. #Quote by Louis Ferdinand Celine
Kalinski Germany quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#25. The larger the German body, the smaller the German bathing suit and the louder the German voice issuing German demands and German orders to everybody who doesn't speak German. For this, and several other reasons, Germany is known as 'the land where Israelis learned their manners'. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Kalinski Germany quotes by Sarah Hay
#26. I went to school in New York and grew up in and out of New York. I love it, and I miss it, and every time I go back, I think, 'Why am I in Germany?' I do know that my career is really important to me, and in Germany, they've always been so much more supportive than my previous engagements in the dance world. #Quote by Sarah Hay
Kalinski Germany quotes by Milton Jones
#27. If you're depressed and called Morgan spend the first half of the day in Germany for some positive affirmation. #Quote by Milton Jones
Kalinski Germany quotes by Reinhard Selten
#28. I was born in Breslau on October 5th, 1930. At that time, Breslau, now called Wroclaw, belonged to Germany, and only German was spoken there. After the Second World War, Breslau became Polish, and the original German population was almost completely replaced by a Polish one. I have never visited Wroclaw after the war. #Quote by Reinhard Selten
Kalinski Germany quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#29. The Battle of the Marne was one of the decisive battles of the world not because it determined that Germany would ultimately lose or the Allies ultimately win the war but because it determined that the war would go on. There was no looking back, Joffre told the soldiers on the eve. Afterward there was no turning back. The nations were caught in a trap, a trap made during the first thirty days out of battles that failed to be decisive, a trap from which there was, and has been, no exit. #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Kalinski Germany quotes by Frederick The Great
#30. A German singer! I should as soon expect to get pleasure from the neighing of my horse. #Quote by Frederick The Great
Kalinski Germany quotes by Wolfgang Schauble
#31. By preventing new conflicts, we avert the causes of radicalization and the risk of terrorist attacks in Europe, including in Germany. #Quote by Wolfgang Schauble
Kalinski Germany quotes by Milton Sanford Mayer
#32. Germany is the Jew among nations. #Quote by Milton Sanford Mayer
Kalinski Germany quotes by Dennis Prager
#33. Virtually every news source lists the greater number of Palestinians killed in Arab-Israeli wars in order to depict the Israelis as guilty (of 'disproportionate response'). Had similar reporting taken place during World War II, the Western Allies would have been deemed the villains since Germany and Japan lost far more civilians than America or Britain. #Quote by Dennis Prager
Kalinski Germany quotes by Billie Jean King
#34. We have, or have had women presidents or prime ministers in Liberia, Chile, Germany, Great Britain ... and yet the US of A still hasn't had a women president. It's just beyond my thinking. Look at Congress ... #Quote by Billie Jean King
Kalinski Germany quotes by Dan Krull
#35. For fun, we sometimes unofficially changed our names when we crossed country borders, with such variations as Jean-Pierre and Fifi (France), Hans and Heidi (Germany and Austria), Carlos and Carlotta (Spain), Sergio and Sophia (Italy), Dominic and Nehru (Romania), and Mary and Josepf (Poland). This helped us get in the spirit of each new country. #Quote by Dan Krull
Kalinski Germany quotes by Landon Donovan
#36. To imagine being in Germany having a home crowd is kind of silly, but we'll take it. #Quote by Landon Donovan
Kalinski Germany quotes by Dwight Macdonald
#37. Superior insight into history used to be exhilarating for radicals: if we can see more clearly than the Enemy what is really going on, then we can use this knowledge to advance our values. But now the clearer one's insight, the more numbed one becomes. Thus during the war, some of us wrote articles in this magazine predicting that the conflict would not solve anything,... that the methods used by the Allies were infecting the moral atmosphere, that Russia and America would clash violently as soon as Germany was disposed of, etc., etc.... It turns out we were more right than [the rest]. This should make us feel prescient, confident. Instead, it is discouraging. #Quote by Dwight Macdonald
Kalinski Germany quotes by Keith Joseph
#38. We are now more Socialist in many ways than any other developed country outside the Communist bloc - in the size of the public sector, the range of controls and the telescoping of net income. And what is the result? Compare our position today with that of our neighbours in north west Europe - Germany, Sweden, Holland, France. They are no more talented than we are. Yet, compared with them, we have the longest working hours, the lowest pay and the lowest production per head. We have the highest taxes and the lowest investment. We have the least prosperity, the most poor and the lowest pensions. We have the largest nationalized sector and the worst labour troubles. #Quote by Keith Joseph
Kalinski Germany quotes by Niall Ferguson
#39. Bringing an 'emerging market' under the aegis of the British Empire was the surest way to remove political risk from investors' concerns.51 Even those outside the Empire risked a visit from a gunboat if they defaulted, as Venezuela discovered in 1902, when a joint naval expedition by Britain, Germany and Italy temporarily blockaded the country's ports. The United States was especially energetic (and effective) in protecting bondholders' interests in Central America and the Caribbean.52 #Quote by Niall Ferguson
Kalinski Germany quotes by M. Raymond
#40. It is no wonder that Mary loves our day and age. Thanks to persecution, we are giving more to her Son than any other age or day since Calvary. The Nazis in Germany, Austria, and Poland; The Reds in all the Balkan lands, Russia, and now in China, have done more for heaven than ever did the Roman Caesars, the kings and queens of England, or the madmen of the French Revolution. They have done more for the earth, too. For while peopling heaven with martyrs, they have also spread far and wide the grace of Christ Jesus, thanks to the oneness of His mystical body. #Quote by M. Raymond
Kalinski Germany quotes by Alfred Rosenberg
#41. Not in the name of a necessary protection of the white race did the European break into China, but for the benefit of the Jewish-mercantile greed for profit. He thus dishonored himself, destroying a whole civilization, provoking justified indignation. China fights for its myth, for its race, and its ideals, as does the renewal-movement in Germany against the mercantile race that rules all stock markets and the actions of most governments. #Quote by Alfred Rosenberg
Kalinski Germany quotes by Fay Godwin
#42. Born Berlin 1931, Germany, father a British diplomat, mother an American artist. Educated at various schools all over the world. 1958 Settled down to live in London. 1966 Became interested in photography through photographing my young children. No formal training. #Quote by Fay Godwin
Kalinski Germany quotes by Ken Follett
#43. Boy did not see why two great nations such as England and Germany should go to war over a half-barbaric wasteland such as Poland. #Quote by Ken Follett
Kalinski Germany quotes by Georges Rodenbach
#44. He got carried away as he developed his idea: 'The aesthetic quality of towns is essential. If, as has been said, every landscape is a frame of mind, then it is even more true of a townscape. The way the inhabitants think and feel corresponds to the town they live in. An analogous phenomenon can be observed in certain women who, during their pregnancy, surround themselves with harmonious objects, calm statues, bright gardens, delicate curios, so that their child-to-be, under their influence, will be beautiful. In the same way one cannot imagine a genius coming from other than a magnificent town. Goethe was born in Frankfurt, a noble city where the Main flows between venerable palaces, between walls where the ancient heart of Germany lives on. Hoffmann explains Nuremberg - his soul performs acrobatics on the gables like a gnome on the decorated face of an old German clock. In France there is Rouen, with its rich accumulation of architectural monuments, its. cathedral like an oasis of stone, which produced Corneille and then Flaubert, two pure geniuses shaking hands across the centuries. There is no doubt about it, beautiful towns make beautiful souls. #Quote by Georges Rodenbach

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