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Kairi quotes by Kairi Sorano
#1. Shirogane: "This is a brand-new show called 'Naze? Naze? Neeze!' " I'm Shirogane, the teacher of course.♥" " We're covering Arithmethic!" "Here we have Akira-kun and Kengo-kun, who will tackle the questions with us!"
Kengo: "Hello there!" ^_^
Akira: "I'm a high school student, by the way!" "Why do I have to do arithmethic?!"
Shirogane: "And here's my assistant, kokuchi!"
Kokuchi: "HISS!"
Akira: "HEY! I don't get why a kokuchi is here...Besides, does it even remotely understand our language."
Shirogane:"Here's the first question" "Akira-kun, what's three times four?"
Akira: "Twelve..."
Shirogane: "CORRECT!!!" "Wonderful Akira-kun! Fantastic Job!" "You're so smart. Can I call you genius from now on?"
Akira: "Only if you want a pencil shoved in your eye!" "Stop making fun of me right now!"
Shirogane: "Let's move on to the next question.♥
(Shirogane spinning)
Akira: "Why are you so hyper today?" "You're acting like a different person!"
Shirogane: "Kengo-kun what is 23 minus 15?"
Kengo: "Twe--"
Shirogane: "WRONG." " If you can't solve a simple problem like this, you don't even deserve to be considered human. You'd be better off dead. SO JUST DIE."
Kengo: "I made a small mistake! No need to walk all over me like that!!"
Shirogane: "Let me explain this problem so that stupid Kengo-kun can understand."
Kengo: "I...I am not stupid!"
Shirogane: "First, you have 23 kokuchi..." "...You take 15 #Quote by Kairi Sorano
Kairi quotes by Tetsuya Nomura
#2. The heart may be weak. And sometimes it may even give in. But I've learned that deep down, there's a light that never goes out! #Quote by Tetsuya Nomura
Kairi quotes by Kairi Sorano
#3. What!? I dont need you to introduce me to her! I really don't care! Just leave me alone and let me play this game!' said Akira
'Please! If you don't, she'll kill me!' said Kengo
'Fine... go ahead and die.'
'You're so awful! #Quote by Kairi Sorano
Kairi quotes by Tetsuya Nomura
#4. Sora, don't ever change. #Quote by Tetsuya Nomura

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