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Just Like Flowers quotes by Debasish Mridha
#1. To enjoy the magnificence of life, keep love blooming in your heart just like flowers bloom in your garden. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Just Like Flowers quotes by Lily King
#2. All problems with writing and performing come from fear. Fear of exposure, fear of weakness, fear of lack of talent, fear of looking like a fool for trying, for even thinking you could write in the first place. It's all fear. If we didn't have fear, imagine the creativity in the world. Fear holds us back every step of the way. A lot of studies say that despite all our fears in this country - death, war, guns, illness - our biggest fear is public speaking. What I am doing right now. And when people are asked to identify which kind of public speaking they are most afraid of, they check the improvisation box. So improvisation is the number-one fear in America. Forget a nuclear winter or an eight-point nine earthquake or another Hitler. It's improv. Which is funny, because aren't we just improvising all day long? Isn't our whole life just one long improvisation? What are we so scared of? #Quote by Lily King
Just Like Flowers quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#3. I was very comfortable here, and getting on with my book. If you want to know, I am just writing an ending for it. I had thought of putting: and he lived happily ever afterwards to the end of his days. It is a good ending, and none the worse for having been used before. Now I shall have to alter that: it does not look like coming true; and evidently there will have to be several more chapters, if I live to write them. It is a frightful nuisance. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Just Like Flowers quotes by Michel Gondry
#4. I'm not against the technology at all, I just don't like to use it if it's just to mimic what you can do with traditional methods. #Quote by Michel Gondry
Just Like Flowers quotes by Jennifer Brozek
#5. I see story ideas. All the time. They're everywhere. Just walking around like normal ideas. They don't know they're stories. #Quote by Jennifer Brozek
Just Like Flowers quotes by James Patterson
#6. Why aren't crazy people content to take over, like, one town? It always has to be the whole word. They can't just control maybe twenty people. The have to control everyone. The can't just be stinking rich. The can't just do genetic experiments on a couple unlucky few. They have to put something in the water. In the air. To get everyone.
I was tired of all of it. #Quote by James Patterson
Just Like Flowers quotes by Jean M. Auel
#7. Ayla just didn't seem like a woman who was about to join and establish a new hearth with a man she loved. There was no joy, no excitement. Something was missing. Something called Jondalar. #Quote by Jean M. Auel
Just Like Flowers quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#8. And I promise myself then, in that moment, that I will hold him forever, just like this, until all the pain and torture and suffering is gone, until he's given a chance to live the kind of life where no one can wound him this deeply ever again.
And we are quotation marks, inverted and upside down, clinging to one another at the end of this life sentence. Trapped by lives we did not choose.
It's time, I think, to break free. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Just Like Flowers quotes by Karen Walker
#9. I always like the current one [collection] the most, that's just my nature! #Quote by Karen Walker
Just Like Flowers quotes by Inbee Park
#10. I just like to stay a little quiet and just do my own thing. If I win a little more, I think I'll get a little bit more attention. #Quote by Inbee Park
Just Like Flowers quotes by Jaeda DeWalt
#11. Someday, i dream we will medically address mental illness in a way that helps people WITHOUT completely crippling them, creatively or robbing them of their precious sensitivity. No one wants to live life feeling like they underwent a chemical lobotomy, that is not living. And, "Normal" needs a much broader definition ... perhaps we could just replace that word with, "harmonious living. #Quote by Jaeda DeWalt
Just Like Flowers quotes by Lykke Li
#12. I was going on this desert adventure with some friends and we were like, "How amazing would it be to just drag all these mirrors out there?" A lot of times I do things as an impulse and find out my inspirations afterward. Even with songs and lyrics, it can take me years to find out what I was actually trying to do. #Quote by Lykke Li
Just Like Flowers quotes by Alshia Moyez
#13. If you like something, you just like it. #Quote by Alshia Moyez
Just Like Flowers quotes by Molly Crabapple
#14. The thing that I hate is that Nicholas Kristof style of writing where it's like, "I saw the poor, they made me so sad. What can I do about sadness? I am so brave." It's just like, shut up, man, shut up. #Quote by Molly Crabapple
Just Like Flowers quotes by Ally Condie
#15. Even if he didn't live his story, enough of us have lives just like it. So it's true anyway. #Quote by Ally Condie
Just Like Flowers quotes by Mindy Kaling
#16. As I got older, I got craftier and less obvious, but I've always put a lot of energy and effort into people liking me. That's why I've never understood the compliment "effortless." People love to say: "She just walked into the party, charming people with her effortless beauty." I don't understand that at all. What's so wrong with effort, anyway? It means you care. What about the girl who "walked into the party, her determination to please apparent on her eager face"? Sure, she might seem a little crazy, and, yes, maybe everything she says sounds like conversation starters she found on a website, but at least she's trying. Let's give her a shot! #Quote by Mindy Kaling
Just Like Flowers quotes by Nalini Singh
#17. We'll build our own home."
The promise curled around her heart, a vivid ray of sunlight. "In Manhattan?"
"Of course." A slow, slow smile. "What kind of mansion would you like?"
Damn, but the archangel was playing with her again. The sunshine grew, filled her veins.
"Actually, I kind of like yours." She slid her arms around his neck. "Can I have it? Oh, and can I have Jeeves, too? I've always wanted a butler."
She blinked. "Just like that?"
"It's only a place."
"We'll make it more," she promised, her mouth to his. "We'll make it ours. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Just Like Flowers quotes by Sherry Turkle
#18. Ray, twenty-eight, comments on what it's like to have a relationship when you compete with screens: I think the way we're going, a lot of people are getting the feeling that even though the person they're with is there, you don't get the feeling of real connection. You just have information. #Quote by Sherry Turkle
Just Like Flowers quotes by John Green
#19. Like, I'm lazy, but I'm also good at not-doing things I'm not supposed to do ... Being funny is a way of not-doing. Sit around and make jokes and be Mr. Funny pants and just make fun of everyone else's attempts to do something. #Quote by John Green
Just Like Flowers quotes by Emery Lord
#20. Girl, you're as hot as your temper,
And you won't let me through.
But I think you would be good for me.
I know I'd be good for you.
Oh, but then that night at the lake,
You said we'd be a mistake.
But you're wrong there, honey.
I'm a chance you wanna take.

Do you want me to beg you?
Do you want me to say please?
Then this song is the rest of my pride, girl,
This song is me down on my knees.
Just give in, give in to me, girl.
I'll give you everything I've got.
I won't give up, give up on you, girl,
Till you're giving me a shot.

So go on, pretend you can fight it,
Walk away like I'm not in your head.
Brush me off like I never cross your mind
At night as you lay down in bed.

Till you're giving me a shot.
C'mon, girl, give me a shot,
One shot.
I'll give you everything I've got... #Quote by Emery Lord
Just Like Flowers quotes by Brian Francis Slattery
#21. I have been to so many funerals now. We bury them in the gray soil, stand over the mounds, lean on our shovels. Say the same words again and again. But there are pregnancies too, children coming. A woman like a great egg. Another just conceived. They help us dig, then turn and spit into the earth. They will not say it, but they cannot keep it all in either. For their coming children are their hopes embodied, their faith made flesh, that all that is ending is beginning again. For the world will not be fallen to their children. It will only be the world, new as they are. And perhaps if we tell them enough, if we say the right thing, they will see a way out, and know what to do. #Quote by Brian Francis Slattery
Just Like Flowers quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#22. Love, I've never been anyone's mother; I don't know how to talk to young or old. But don't stop smiling just because I flap my mouth and say something that's not dressed around the edges like a lace tablecloth. Thicken up and we'll get along fine. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Just Like Flowers quotes by R. Buckminster Fuller
#23. Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary - the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there's a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trimtab.
It's a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trimtab. Society thinks it's going right by you, that it's left you altogether. But if you're doing dynamic things mentally, the fact is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to go.
So I said, call me Trimtab. #Quote by R. Buckminster Fuller
Just Like Flowers quotes by Miley Cyrus
#24. I'm just enjoying playing a character of myself. People's mouths drop when I dance, but my friends are like, "You dance like that in the kitchen!" #Quote by Miley Cyrus
Just Like Flowers quotes by Melissa Jensen
#25. Look,Freddy Krueger, if I thought there was a chance in a gazillion that Alex would even feature you in a nightmare, I might not be saying this so nicely. But I feel sorry for you, so I'm going to give you a tip." The p was sharp,harsh. She leaned in,close enough that I could see the pale,shimmery lipstick caked in the corners of her mouth. "This thing you have for him just makes you look like the world's most pitiful loser. Did you really think you had even the smallest chance with him? Did you?"
I didn't answer.Maybe a no would have satisfied her. Maybe not.
"You are a skank and a freak," she snapped, the hard sounds making me flinch. "You don't belong here. Go back to your greaseball 'hood. The sight of you makes me sick!"
Any girl who has ever been face-to-face with another angry girl, especially one with infinitely more spite and social standing knows to run.It's innate, from bunnies to baboons. Don't mess with the alpha female. She'll tear your throat out. So I ran,but not before I got a glimpse of Anna's face.
In the second before she turned away, she looked like someone had slapped her. Funny, seeing that didn't make me feel any better. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Just Like Flowers quotes by Albert Hammond, Jr.
#26. After boarding school in Switzerland, at, like, 14 or 15, my life clicked, and I just realized, 'I don't want to be like anyone around me at my school. I don't think the world revolves around money.' #Quote by Albert Hammond, Jr.
Just Like Flowers quotes by Ally Carter
#27. So what's your story?" Maddie didn't try to hide the singsong lilt of her voice as she spoke. She didn't want to. She'd learned at a very young age that nothing annoyed manly men more than girly girls, and if Maddie had one talent, it was truly exceptional girliness.
"Shut up and be quiet," Stefan snapped.
"That's just a tad redundant, FYI."
"Shut up!" he hissed near her ear.
Maddie couldn't help but shift her weight from foot to foot, almost pacing in place. She was careful of the ice and the snow, though. No use falling to the ground and having Stefan accidentally pull the trigger.
"You really do give a lot of orders," she told him.
He tightened his grip. "I'm the one with the gun."
"Well, yeah. Sure. Technically. But I'm the one with the winning personality, and that should count for something."
"You should be scared," he said in the same tone a movie villain might use to say You should be dead when the hero materializes five years later, hungry for vengeance.
Stefan was confused, and Maddie couldn't blame him.
So she turned back and shrugged. "Maybe. But I don't think you're a bad guy."
He let her go and spun her around, grabbing Logan's unzipped coat and pulling her closer.
"I. Have. The. Gun," he reminded her.
Maddie smiled and pulled away. "And I have Taylor Swift's signature scent. Doesn't make me a pop star. It just makes me smell like Taylor Swift, which isn't as great as it sounds because, to a bear, #Quote by Ally Carter
Just Like Flowers quotes by Frederick Lenz
#28. You see, I'm a believer in the rhapsodic. I like things that are happy. For no particular reason, I just like them. Most people don't seem to be like that in this particular place, in this world. You can tell by what they focus on. Read a newspaper, watch a TV show, go to a movie, look at a life. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Just Like Flowers quotes by Rhea Perlman
#29. I watched 'The Neighbors' when it first came on, and I thought it was hysterical. And every time I think something just tickles my funny bone, I call my agent and say, 'You know, I like this show. If they're ever looking for somebody, I'd like to work with them.' #Quote by Rhea Perlman
Just Like Flowers quotes by Ben Lerner
#30. I turned off the projector and Alex mumbled something in her sleep and turned over. I said, "Everything is fine, I'm going home now," and said it just so I could say I'd said it in case she was upset later that I'd left without telling her. I thought about kissing her on the forehead but rejected the idea immediately; whatever physical intimacy had opened up between us had dissolved with the storm; even that relatively avuncular gesture would be strange for both of us now. More than that: it was as though the physical intimacy with Alex, just like the sociability with strangers or the aura around objects, wasn't just over, but retrospectively erased. Because those moments had been enabled by a future that had never arrived, they could not be remembered from this future that, at and as the present, had obtained; they'd faded from the photograph. #Quote by Ben Lerner
Just Like Flowers quotes by Elon Musk
#31. There needs to be an intersection of the set of people who wish to go, and the set of people who can afford to go...and that intersection of sets has to be enough to establish a self-sustaining civilisation. My rough guess is that for a half-million dollars, there are enough people that could afford to go and would want to go. But it's not going to be a vacation jaunt. It's going to be saving up all your money and selling all your stuff, like when people moved to the early American colonies...even at a million people you're assuming an incredible amount of productivity per person, because you would need to recreate the entire industrial base on Mars. You would need to mine and refine all of these different materials, in a much more difficult environment than Earth. There would be no trees growing. There would be no oxygen or nitrogen that are just there. No oil.Excluding organic growth, if you could take 100 people at a time, you would need 10,000 trips to get to a million people. But you would also need a lot of cargo to support those people. In fact, your cargo to person ratio is going to be quite high. It would probably be 10 cargo trips for every human trip, so more like 100,000 trips. And we're talking 100,000 trips of a giant spaceship...If we can establish a Mars colony, we can almost certainly colonise the whole Solar System, because we'll have created a strong economic forcing function for the improvement of space travel. We'll go to the moons of Jupiter, at least so #Quote by Elon Musk
Just Like Flowers quotes by Elijah Onyemmeri
#32. Understanding plays an important role in everyday life, just like water. Let everyone drink it, for it is the antidote against antagonism in every relationship. #Quote by Elijah Onyemmeri
Just Like Flowers quotes by Abdelrahman M. Alsamraie
#33. All I wanted was just you,
All I dreamed of was always you,
I just wanted love,
The love that I gave,
The love that deserve,
But then I got confused,
I got ignored, I got denied, I got refused,
I just wanted to be with you, I wanted to give you a hug, and see you,
But you have ever done was give me your back,
You didn't talk to me you didn't reply to me,
And you acted like I have did some thing bad
Even though the only crime I have done was love you,

You decided to give me away, and make me sad.
I tried, I went all the way to mars for you and you haven't even replied.
You just made me more desperate,
And made me go back and forth for you like a tide, #Quote by Abdelrahman M. Alsamraie
Just Like Flowers quotes by David Bowie
#34. I suppose for me as an artist it wasn't always just about expressing my work; I really wanted, more than anything else, to contribute in some way to the culture that I was living in. It just seemed like a challenge to move it a little bit towards the way I thought it might be interesting to go. #Quote by David Bowie
Just Like Flowers quotes by Michael Lewis
#35. You do nothing, and everyone does what they want," said Brad. "You do something and you can influence behavior. But, by creating the tool, do we incentivize behavior we want to eliminate? By shining the light, do we create a gray zone, just outside the light? Is it like Reg NMS, where you create the very thing you're trying to get rid of?" "Shining a light creates shadows," said Don. "If you try to create this bright line, you are going to create gray zones on either side. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Just Like Flowers quotes by Jennifer Niven
#36. Sorry wastes time. You have to live your life like you'll never be sorry. It's easier just to do the right thing from the start so there's nothing to apologize for. #Quote by Jennifer Niven
Just Like Flowers quotes by Saburo Sakai
#37. But to fly is just like swimming. You do not forget easily. I have been on the ground for more than ten years. If I close my eyes, however, I can again feel the stick in my right hand, the throttle in my left, the rudder bar beneath my feet. I can sense the freedom and the cleanliness and all the things which a pilot knows. #Quote by Saburo Sakai
Just Like Flowers quotes by Kurt Cobain
#38. People think of life as being so sacred and they feel like this is their only chance and they have to do something with their life and make an impact As far as I'm concerned, it's just a pitstop for the afterlife. It's just a little test to see how you can handle reality. #Quote by Kurt Cobain
Just Like Flowers quotes by Takashi Murakami
#39. My parents came from the Kyushu Island in the Southern part of Japan to find work in Tokyo. So we could only afford to live downtown, in a low-income area. It was just by the river, and whenever a typhoon came around, we were under water up to, like, here. That's the kind of place we lived in. #Quote by Takashi Murakami
Just Like Flowers quotes by Ayn Rand
#40. Have you ever felt a potential love for someone? Like, you don't actually love them and you know you don't, but you know you could. You realise that you could easily fall in love with them. It's almost like the bud of a flower, ready to blossom but it's just not quite there yet. And you like them a lot, you really do. You think about them often, but you don't love them. You could, though. You know you could. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Just Like Flowers quotes by Christine Carbo
#41. The trick is to find what you're good at. Plus you can be good at a lot of things...it doesn't have to be one thing. Sharing well-roundedness is just as important. You get my point?
No, honestly, I don't. You just said it yourself. Look around. We're just specks out here in the scheme of things. What does it matter?
I get what you're saying, but it does. It matters what you do with yourself. What kind of trajectory you send yourself on out here
This out here, he gestures to the lakes and the peaks, it's right in our faces that it's billions of years olld. And you're right, each of our imprints seems small against that, but really each one of our imprints is fascinating. And just like those rings in the water that those fish make, we make them too. And what we do reverberates way beyond what you can ever imagine. #Quote by Christine Carbo
Just Like Flowers quotes by Jenni Fagan
#42. As specimens go, they always get excited about me. I'm a good one. A show-stopper. I'm the kind of kid they'll still enquire about ten years later. Fifty-one placements, drug problems, violence, dead adopted mum, no biological links, constant offending. Tick, tick, tick. I lure them in to being with. Cultivate my specimen face. They like that. Do-gooders are vomit-worthy. Damaged goods are dangerous. The ones that are in it cos the thought it would be a step up from an office job are tedious. The ones who've been in too long lose it. The ones who think they've got the Jesus touch are fucking insane. The I can save you brigade are particularly radioactive. They think if you just inhale some of their middle-classism, then you'll be saved. #Quote by Jenni Fagan
Just Like Flowers quotes by Jean Donaldson
#43. So what is the fallout for dogs of the Lassie myth? As soon as you bestow intelligence and morality, you bestow the responsibility that goes along with them. In other words, if the dog knows it's wrong to destroy furniture yet deliberately and maliciously does it, remembers the wrong he did and feels guilt, it feels like he merits a punishment2, doesn't it? That's just what dogs have been getting - a lot of punishment. We set them up for all kinds of punishment by overestimating their ability to think. Interestingly, it's the "cold" behaviorist model that ends up giving dogs a much better crack at meeting the demands we make of them. The myth gives problems to dogs they cannot solve and then punishes them for failing. And the saddest thing is that the main association most dogs have with that punishment is the presence of their owner. This puts a pretty twisted spin on loooving dogs 'cause they're so smart, doesn't it? #Quote by Jean Donaldson
Just Like Flowers quotes by Shari Maurer
#44. Of course I care. You're my big sister. I may act like a pain in the butt sometimes, but I actually like you. Pissing you off is just a hobby with me. [pp. 109] #Quote by Shari Maurer
Just Like Flowers quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#45. Love?
Gideon chuckled.
Why did you say yes like that?
Oh, I thought you were asking me a question.
I see.
Then he truly did see what she meant, and his heart flipped over in his chest.
Gideon smiled at the warmth the endearment flooded him with.
Yes, Neliss?
Oh, nothing. Just fulfilling my end of the deal.
The deal?
Yes. You made me a deal.
You lost me, he sighed.
Legna lifted her head, propped an elbow up against the pillow of his chest, and settled her chin in her palm so she could look down at him.
"You said that I would get something very special if I called you that."
"Did I?" he asked, his eyes brightening with speculation as he thought back on it. "Actually, I think you have that confused with the deal about saying my name."
"I like your name," she said with a smile. "I always thought mine was awful snobbish. But yours has me beat hands down."
"My name is one of the finest and oldest names in all of our history."
"That's only because you have lived to be such an older tosser."
"British vernacular, luv."
"What are you, my dialect coach all of a sudden? Is this your idea of postcoital pillow talk?"
Legna giggled, apologizing with a clinging kiss on his lips. It clearly calmed him, making him smile in a very cat-versus-canary way.
"Is there something you would prefer I say?" she asked compliantly.
"That yes a few sentences ba #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
Just Like Flowers quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#46. In many respects men may be better-outwardly better-but the heart within is still the same. The human heart of to-day dissected, would be just like the human heart a thousand years ago: the gall of bitterness within that breast of yours, is just as bitter as the gall of bitterness in that of Simon of old. We #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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