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Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Cass Sunstein
#1. How do things, whether they are movies, or plays, Hamilton, or people, ideas - how do they become transformative or iconic? That is in some ways what the actual Star Wars saga gets at, with the tale of the rise and the fall of the empire and the rise and the fall of Republics. #Quote by Cass Sunstein
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Colleen Atwood
#2. I think that sometimes people don't understand that a costume that has to be worn every day and doesn't change the whole movie becomes iconic. It's very important because it requires a different design process, since you have to make something that people aren't going to get tired of looking at. #Quote by Colleen Atwood
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Claire Danes
#3. It just seems like the most successful, iconic love stories are not so easy or escapist. I think the ones that stay with us and resonate are full of conflict, discord and misunderstandings 'cause that's what makes drama happen or tension even if it's a comedy. #Quote by Claire Danes
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Annia Ciezadlo
#4. For my generation - the "Children of Nixon," as I call us in the book - the Lebanese civil war was an iconic event. Downtown Beirut became a metaphor for so many things: man's inhumanity to man, what Charles Bukowski called "the impossibility of being human." It shaped our perceptions of war and human nature, just as Vietnam did for our parents. We used it to understand how the world works. #Quote by Annia Ciezadlo
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by David Quammen
#5. On April 3, 2014, Jane Goodall turned 80. The iconic blond ponytail has gone gray, but the sparkle of intelligence, sly humor, and fierce dedication still shines from her hazel eyes. #Quote by David Quammen
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Marilyn Johnson
#6. Some of these tools were ingenious, including sets of playing cards for Iraq, Egypt, and Afghanistan - regular fifty-two-card decks, but with images and information about archaeological practices, famous cultural sites, and notable artifacts; the reverse sides could be pieced together to form a map of the most iconic site for each country. #Quote by Marilyn Johnson
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Gabor Mate
#7. One of the greatest difficulties we human beings seem to have is to relinquish long-held ideas. Many of us are addicted to being right, even if facts do not support us. One fixed image we cling to, as iconic in today's culture as the devil was in previous ages, is that of the addict as an unsavoury and shadowy character, given to criminal activity. What we don't see is how we've contributed to making him a criminal.

There is nothing more intrinsically criminal in the average drug user than in the average cigarette smoker or alcohol addict. The drugs they inject or inhale do not themselves induce criminal activity by their pharmacological effect, except perhaps in the way that alcohol can also fuel a person's pent-up aggression and remove the mental inhibitions that thwart violence. Stimulant drugs may have that effect on some users, but narcotics like heroin do not; on the contrary, they tend to calm people down. It is withdrawal from opiates that makes people physically ill, irritable and more likely to act violently - mostly out of desperation to
replenish their supply.

The criminality associated with addiction follows directly from the need to raise money to purchase drugs at prices that are artificially inflated owing to their illegality. The addict shoplifts, steals and robs because it's the only way she can obtain the funds to pay the dealer. History has demonstrated many times over that people will transgress laws and resist coercion when #Quote by Gabor Mate
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Pete Townshend
#8. We didn't need light & shade, irony or humor. An iconic Daltrey bellow could convey an extrodinary range of human emotion; withering sadness, self pity, loneliness, abandonment, spiritual desperation, the loss of childhood, as well as the more obvious rage & frustration, joy & triumph. #Quote by Pete Townshend
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#9. Smithfield spilled more than 20 million gallons of lagoon waste into the New River in North Carolina. The spill remains the largest environmental disaster of its kind and is twice as big as the iconic Exxon Valdez 6 years earlier... at the time of the spill, Smithfield was the 7th largest pork producer in the US; two years later it was the biggest. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Megan Fox
#10. Armani is a fashion house that I think is iconic and beautiful. #Quote by Megan Fox
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Brad Purcell
#11. If the dingoes in question are causing problems, then they are referred to as wild dogs and have to be controlled (the politically correct way to say killed or culled) under Australian legislation. Alternatively if the wild dogs or dingoes in question are useful or hail from an iconic stature, then they are referred to as dingoes and afforded a level of protection by legislation and the public. #Quote by Brad Purcell
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Paul Marciano
#12. I strongly believe that the heritage of Guess is rooted in denim, and the Guess girl looks to us for iconic and sexy styles. #Quote by Paul Marciano
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Bradford Cox
#13. Talk to Arto Lindsay and I'm sure he's tired of people asking him about DNA; he's probably really into what he's doing now, which is good stuff. I guess I probably feel like that. But I'm obviously not comparing myself to someone as iconic as that. #Quote by Bradford Cox
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Jonah Peretti
#14. I think people often miss the fact that things often start in a swashbuckling like low cost just get it done kind of way, even when they grow into these iconic brands. #Quote by Jonah Peretti
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Daniel Simon
#15. The funny thing is that Sydney, who worked on the first film [Tron], developed a bike that had an exposed rider, but they couldn't do it because the computers weren't fast enough, so they gave it a roof, which became the iconic one. Ironically what we do now is basically what they envisioned in the first one but couldn't do technically. I mean this a full on homage in every aspect. #Quote by Daniel Simon
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Corey Taylor
#16. On June 22, 2008, at the age of 71, an American revolutionary died. He was a bona fide genius, an outspoken critich, a literary giant and an unprecedented visionary. For 50 years he entertained, challenged and amazed not only my generation, but also ones before mine and well after. He was sensational, brilliant, iconic and unique - the quintessential individual. He was my lifelong hero. His name was George Carlin. #Quote by Corey Taylor
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Bill Bryson
#17. Nothing - really, absolutely nothing - says more about Victorian Britain and its capacity for brilliance than that the century's most daring and iconic building was entrusted to a gardener. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Frank Oz
#18. The power of the 'Muppets,' and the popularity of these characters, is so iconic in people's lives that I had to distance myself from publicly. Not privately ... Privately, hell, I'm with them for life, and I love these people. They're my second family. #Quote by Frank Oz
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by D.J. Cotrona
#19. Every DC or Marvel property is constantly getting reinvented because we love these characters. They're so iconic, and we want to watch them over and over again. #Quote by D.J. Cotrona
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Fumihiko Maki
#20. I understand that, today, some developers are asking architects to design eye-catching, iconic buildings. Fortunately, I've not had that kind of client so far. #Quote by Fumihiko Maki
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Michael Flutie
#21. There's something I call telegenekicity, and it's not about just models. Of course, I can reference Iman, Tatiana Patitz, Kelly Emberg, Bonnie Berman - I go all the way back - but I think that you develop an eye to register iconic images - like Greta Garbo and Elizabeth Taylor. #Quote by Michael Flutie
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Michael R. Drew
#22. Hugh Hefner and Playboy spoke to the values of an audience that craved individual expression, it wanted to look good and feel good now. Playboy's early mission was "exclusivity, sophistication and taste." While Playboy's iconic logo is those bunny ears, its brand was the association it created in its audience's minds. #Quote by Michael R. Drew
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Lois Lowry
#23. In 1952, when I was 15 and living on Governors Island, which was then First Army Headquarters, I encountered the newly-published 'The Catcher in the Rye.' Of course, that book became the iconic anti-establishment novel for my generation. #Quote by Lois Lowry
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Peter Milligan
#24. Over at Marvel, I have a five-part series coming out very soon. The books or chapters will appear weekly. It's called '5 Ronin' and features some iconic Marvel heroes as you've never seen them. #Quote by Peter Milligan
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Charles Roven
#25. The parts of Shaggy, Daphne, Freddie and Velma played by Linda Cardellini are all iconic and not really personality-driven, so it doesn't really matter who plays those roles, ... But it is true that Matthew nailed it. #Quote by Charles Roven
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Rayhane Sanders
#26. I had come to New York when I was seventeen because - and maybe I was not fully conscious of this then - the city had seemed like a great place to discover who you are. It just seemed that there was a lot to experience here, as if all you had to do was show up and the city would take care of the rest, making sure you got the education, the maturing, the wising-up you needed. Its crowds, the noise, the endlessness of it all, the perpetual motion, felt exciting then - revealing - just the deep end I needed to jump into. There is something unique about New York, some quality, some matchless, pertinent combination of promise and despair, wizardry and counterfeit, abundance and depletion, that stimulates and allows for a reckoning to occur - maybe even forces it. The city pulls back the curtain on who you are; it tests you and shows you what you are made of in a way that has become iconic in our popular culture, and with good reason. In thirteen years, the city has kicked my ass and made me strong and served me well. #Quote by Rayhane Sanders
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#27. Most of my ideas are based on the latest research on productivity, performance and mental mastery - that's why so many iconic companies bring me in to help them grow and win. #Quote by Robin S. Sharma
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by David Jeremiah Barron
#28. For conservation to succeed, we must embrace conservation models where people use their natural resources to create jobs, to grow economies, and to feed their people while protecting wildlife and Africa's iconic species. #Quote by David Jeremiah Barron
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Magica Quartet
#29. Junko: That sort of thing happens all the time. You get drunk on your own "correctness," and the more stubborn you get, the further happiness flies away from you. It's a bitter pill to swallow.

Madoka: I wonder if there's any way I can help...

Junko: Even good advice from others won't bring any clear solutions to someone in that frame of mind. ...Even so, you want to find a solution? Then go ahead and screw up. If she's being too correct, then somebody should make mistakes for her.

Madoka: I should screw up...?

Junko: Yep! Tell a really bad lie. Run away in the face of something scary. She may not understand what you're trying to do at first, but there are times when you realize in hindsight that a mistake was the right thing to do... During those times when you're just stuck for an answer, making a mistake is one method of unsticking yourself. Madoka, you've grown up to be a good kid. You don't tell lies, and you don't do bad things. You're a girl who works hard at what she thinks is right. You get an "A" as a child. So before you become an adult, you have to start practicing falling down. You see, we adults have our pride and responsibilities, so it becomes harder and harder to make mistakes. #Quote by Magica Quartet
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Hendrik Poinar
#30. I'm not sure the Russians would be happy that their iconic wooly mammoth has North American origins. #Quote by Hendrik Poinar
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Sung Kang
#31. Prior to 'Tokyo Drift,' the iconic perception of Asians in Hollywood films has been either the Kung Fu guy, the Yakuza guy or some technical genius. It used to be such a joke, to be laughed at rather than with. #Quote by Sung Kang
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Cara Buono
#32. I had some experience when I joined 'The Sopranos' in the last season. My character married Christopher, and everyone loved Adriana. I knew what it was like to join a very beloved, secretive show and following a very iconic character. #Quote by Cara Buono
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Paris Hilton
#33. There's nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde, like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana and, right now, I'm that icon. #Quote by Paris Hilton
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Lea Michele
#34. Growing up on stage, I was introduced to makeup at a young age and I will never forget the first time I tried on a L'Oreal Paris iconic lipstick - it was instant glamour and I've been hooked ever since. #Quote by Lea Michele
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Nastia Liukin
#35. Supergirl is such an iconic brand, and for me to be able to be the new face of it is extremely exciting. #Quote by Nastia Liukin
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Charlotte McKinney
#36. I'm really getting into acting and TV. 'Sports Illustrated' is a big, iconic brand I'd like to work for, too. But TV and acting is really funny and a bit more exciting than shooting all the time. #Quote by Charlotte McKinney
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Adam Shankman
#37. Reality also is that there are a lot of gaps, there are a lot of business in between the iconic things. #Quote by Adam Shankman
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Steve Vai
#38. You can never deny the immense talent, rock credibility and iconic historical contribution that Van Halen made. #Quote by Steve Vai
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Adam Haslett
#39. The members of Joy Division likely weren't meditating on Frank Lloyd Wright when they took the stage in Manchester but those flat-fronted black cotton trousers and narrow cut shirts didn't come from nowhere. Peter Saville, who designed all of Factory's records, understood in perfectly well: the iconic weight of black and white balanced against the release of splendour, in this case the dark magnificence of the music itself. Which might describe the tension of Protestant affect more generally: all guardedness and restraint until the eruption of an unextirpated beauty wakes us for a moment from the dream of efficiency. #Quote by Adam Haslett
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Deana Carter
#40. I'm so honored to be on this recording with Ann & Nancy Wilson. They are iconic and I've truly been one of their biggest fans since I was a kid. And what a perfect song to sing with them, since I adore Vince Gill and have been very proud for his commitment to his own musical vision. When we were recording at Nancy's house, and even though I'm friends with those girls now, I had to keep 'pinching' myself and marvel at how blessed my life is! It was a very PROUD moment for me. #Quote by Deana Carter
Junko Enoshima Iconic quotes by Lembit Opik
#41. Snow-capped Snowdon has been an iconic Welsh image for centuries. It is shocking to think that in just 14 years, snow on this great mountain could become nothing but a permanent and distant memory. #Quote by Lembit Opik

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