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Joyal Homes quotes by Sook Nyul Choi
#1. There, see how the ocean swallows those little pebbles. We are helpless and insignificant, like the pebbles. The war comes, chases us from our homes, makes us refugees, and then swallows us up along with all our hopes and dreams. We just sink down to the bottom. Only then do we have peace. What's the sense of trying? What's the sense of studying?" She stared at the dark water, taking short breaths as her eyes filled with tears of sadness and helplessness. #Quote by Sook Nyul Choi
Joyal Homes quotes by Tim Chester
#2. The challenge for us is to make the gospel the center of our lives not just on Sunday mornings but on Monday mornings. This means ending distinctions between "full-timers," "part-timers," and people with secular employment in our team and leadership structures. We need non-full-time leaders who can model whole-life, gospel-centered, missional living. It means thinking of our workplaces, homes, and neighborhoods as the location of mission. We need to plan and pray for gospel relationships. This means creating church cultures in which we see normal, celebrating day-to-day gospel living in the secular world and discussions of how we can use our daily routines for the gospel. #Quote by Tim Chester
Joyal Homes quotes by Peter Buffett
#3. Well, when people ask where I'm from, I usually say the Midwest, because that covers both homes, in a way. Obviously I was born in Omaha, but when people say, "Where do you come from," we'll say Milwaukee. I mean Jennifer was certainly born in Milwaukee, and that's where I spent a big chunk of my adult life, so we usually say we came here from Milwaukee. That's usually how it's referenced is we're from Milwaukee, yeah. #Quote by Peter Buffett
Joyal Homes quotes by Douglas Sirk
#4. I considered that the homes that people live in exactly describe their lives. #Quote by Douglas Sirk
Joyal Homes quotes by Hillary Clinton
#5. When does life start? When does it end? Who makes these decisions? ... Every day, in hospitals and homes and hospices ... people are struggling with those profound issues. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Joyal Homes quotes by A.M. Homes
#6. She starts to cry. 'It's just so terrible,' she says.
'Which part?,' I ask.
'Being human. #Quote by A.M. Homes
Joyal Homes quotes by Thomas Lloyd Qualls
#7. At one time or another we are all called to leave the safety of our homes, the certainty of what we know, the illusions of who we are. Not everyone will heed this call, of course. And those who do will risk losing themselves completely. But if we choose to ignore the invitation, we risk never knowing who we might have become. We risk dying without knowing what it is to live. #Quote by Thomas Lloyd Qualls
Joyal Homes quotes by Margaret Drabble
#8. She cannot help but see a lifespan as a journey, indeed as a pilgrimage. This isn't fashionable these days, but it's her way of seeing. A life has a destination, an ending, a last saying. She is perplexed and exercised by the way that now, in the twenty-first century, we seem to be inventing innumerable ways of postponing the sense of arrival, the sense of arriving at a proper ending. Her inspections of evolving models of residential care and care homes for the elderly have made her aware of the infinitely clever and complex and inhumane delays and devices we create to avoid and deny death, to avoid fulfilling our destiny and arriving at our destination. And the result, in so many cases, has been that we arrive there not in good spirits, as we say our last farewells and greet the afterlife, but senseless, incontinent, demented, medicated into amnesia, aphasia, indignity. #Quote by Margaret Drabble
Joyal Homes quotes by Tom Robbins
#9. Beauty! Wasn't that what mattered? Beauty was hardly a popular ideal at that jumpy moment in history. The masses had been desensitized to it, the intelligentsia regarded it with suspicion. To most of her peers, 'beauty' smacked of the rarefied, the indulgent, the superfluous, the effete. How could persons of good conscience pursue the beautiful when there was so much suffering and injustice in the world? Ellen Cherry's answer was that if one didn't cultivate beauty, soon he or she wouldn't be able to recognize ugliness. The prevalence of social ugliness made commitment to physical beauty all the more essential. And the very presence in life of double-wide mobile homes, Magic Marker graffiti, and orange shag carpeting had the effect of making ills such as poverty, crime, repression, pollution, and child abuse seem tolerable. In a sense, beauty was the ultimate protest, and, in that it generally lasted longer than an orgasm, the ultimate refuge. The Venus de Milo screamed 'No!' at evil, whereas the Spandex stretch pant, the macrame plant holder were compliant with it. Ugly bedrooms bred ugly habits. Of course, it wasn't required of beauty that it perform a social function. That was what was valuable about it. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Joyal Homes quotes by Spider Robinson
#10. I had not until then fully realized that I was odd, that there was anything strange about growing up with a single-parent genius. I thought all homes had equations scrawled with disc-marker across all the cabinets and walls, and clean laundry in the freezer, and defrosting chicken in the tool drawer. I thought everyone read a book a day and listened to hours of ancient music. #Quote by Spider Robinson
Joyal Homes quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#11. If instead of colonies you send troops, the cost is vastly greater, and the whole revenues of the country are spent in guarding it so that the gain becomes a loss, and much deeper offense is given since in shifting the quarters of your soldiers from place to place the whole country suffers hardship, which as all feel, all are made enemies and enemies who remaining, although vanquished, in their own homes, have power to hurt. In every way, therefore, this mode of defense is as disadvantageous as that by colonizing is useful. #Quote by Niccolo Machiavelli
Joyal Homes quotes by Robert Sheckley
#12. Most of Seakirk's inhabitants were indifferent to the spectacle of corruption in high places and low, the gambling, the gang wars, the teen-age drinking. They were used to the sight of their roads crumbling, their ancient water mains bursting, their power plants breaking down, their decrepit old buildings falling apart, while the bosses built bigger homes, longer swimming pools and warmer stables. People were used to it. #Quote by Robert Sheckley
Joyal Homes quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#13. A certain number of people have to live their lives outdoors between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and a A certain number of people can only leave their homes between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. So basically, public life has to be lived in these shifts, in order for everyone to fit on the streets because there's just no more room for any more infrastructure, any more highways. So it polarizes the community into day people and night people, and it becomes sort of a metaphor for racism and classism. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Joyal Homes quotes by Alice Eve
#14. The Chinese say that having two homes is the way to madness. I'm not mad, but I definitely wish Hollywood would move to Trafalgar Square. But the life of an actor is a life of movement, isn't it? #Quote by Alice Eve
Joyal Homes quotes by Susan Dorothea White
#15. If you want to adopt an animal, please think of your local Animal Control Center where there are animals who need homes desperately, .. However .. it is vital to offer help to the shelters in the Katrina disaster area because they have little hope of being able to place animals locally as they are so overrun. #Quote by Susan Dorothea White
Joyal Homes quotes by Malcolm Bradbury
#16. You Liberals think that goats are just sheep from broken homes. #Quote by Malcolm Bradbury
Joyal Homes quotes by Lynsey Addario
#17. I was assigned a Taliban "minder" who followed me everywhere. But he couldn't follow me into homes where there were women, so I took photos inside people's homes. #Quote by Lynsey Addario
Joyal Homes quotes by Christine Feehan
#18. That won't be necessary. They aren't living with us. They can get their own damn homes. If they want to hang around, they can sit out on the roof and play with their guns. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Joyal Homes quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#19. And Lot's wife, of course, was told not to look back where all those people and their homes had been. But she did look back, and I love her for that, because it was so human. So she was turned into a pillar of salt. So it goes. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Joyal Homes quotes by Helen Clark
#20. I don't know that you're ever going to persuade New Zealanders that they're not going to own their own homes and I'm not going to try. #Quote by Helen Clark
Joyal Homes quotes by Selina Alko
#21. In 1958, they [Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter] lived in the small town of Central Point, Virginia, where people every shade from the color of chamomile tea to summer midnight made their homes. #Quote by Selina Alko
Joyal Homes quotes by Charles De Lint
#22. Sometimes we wonder what it's like to feel normal," Maida said. "You know, like all the people you see out on the streets or sitting in their little boxy homes."


"But then", Maida went on, "we see how boring they are and we're happy to be the way we are. #Quote by Charles De Lint
Joyal Homes quotes by David Blunkett
#23. If surveillance infiltrates our homes and personal relationships, that is a gross breach of our human and civil rights. #Quote by David Blunkett
Joyal Homes quotes by Rachel Friedman
#24. Even the homes we leave on purpose, the families we break away from to be ourselves or someone else, call us back again and again, to a place that has long since ceased to be home yet still holds power over us. #Quote by Rachel Friedman
Joyal Homes quotes by Leslie Meier
#25. All we're after is fairness, a level playing field. It's not right for one percent to own forty-two percent of the wealth in this country. It's not right that half the population is living at or below the poverty line. This is the richest country in the world and kids are going hungry, families are losing their homes. It's time that people stood up for themselves and demanded fairness." "How #Quote by Leslie Meier
Joyal Homes quotes by Natascha Kampusch
#26. Our society needs criminals like Wolfgang Priklopil in order to give a face to the evil that lives within and to split it off from ... It needs the images of cellar dungeons so as not to have to see the many homes in which violence rears its conformist, bourgeois head. Society uses the victims of sensational cases such as mine in order to divest itself of the responsibility for the many nameless victims of daily crimes, victims nobody helps – even when they ask for help. #Quote by Natascha Kampusch
Joyal Homes quotes by Frank Sinatra
#27. I lived in a plenty tough neighborhood. When somebody called me a 'dirty little Guinea', there was only one thing to do-break his head. When I got older, I realized that you shouldn't do it that way. I realized that you've got to do it through education. Children are not to blame. It is the parents. How can a child know whether his playmate is an Italian, a Jew or Irish, unless the parents have discussed it in the privacy of their homes. #Quote by Frank Sinatra
Joyal Homes quotes by Geraldine Brooks
#28. Wealthy women who wanted to keep fit maintained well-equipped gyms in their homes and hired personal trainers. The rest led completely sedentary lives. #Quote by Geraldine Brooks
Joyal Homes quotes by Henry Drummond
#29. No form of vice, not worldliness, not greed of gold, not drunkenness itself, does more to un-Christianize society than evil temper. For embittering life, for breaking up communities, for destroying the most sacred relationships, for devastating homes, for withering up men and women, for taking the bloom of childhood, in short, FOR SHEER GRATUITOUS MISERY-PRODUCING POWER this influence stands alone. #Quote by Henry Drummond
Joyal Homes quotes by Carson McCullers
#30. We in this room have no private properties. Perhaps one or two of us may own the homes we live in, or have a dollar or two set aside - but we own nothing that does not contribute directly toward keeping us alive. All that we own is our bodies. And we sell our bodies every day we live. We sell them when we go out in the morning to our jobs and when we labor all day. We are forced to sell at any price, at any time, for any purpose. We are forced to sell our bodies so that we can eat and live. And the price which is given us for this is only enough so that we will have the strength to labor longer for the profits of others. Today we are not put up on platforms and sold at the courthouse square. But we are forced to sell our strength, our time, our souls during almost every hour that we live. We have been freed from one kind of slavery only to be delivered into another. Is this freedom? Are we yet free men? #Quote by Carson McCullers
Joyal Homes quotes by Sophocles
#31. Nothing so evil as money ever grew to be current among men. This lays cities low, this drives men from their homes, this trains and warps honest souls till they set themselves to works of shame; this still teaches folk to practise villainies, and to know every godless deed. But all the men who wrought this thing for hire have made it sure that, soon or late, they shall pay the price. #Quote by Sophocles
Joyal Homes quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#32. It will never end.
Till the world ends in the chaos of Ragnarok, we will fight for our women, for our land, and for our homes. Some Christians speak of peace, of the evil of war, and who does not want peace? But then some crazed warrior comes screaming his god's filthy name into your face and his only ambitions are to kill you, to rape your wife, to enslave your daughters, and take your home, and so you must fight. #Quote by Bernard Cornwell
Joyal Homes quotes by Tina Ferraro
#33. Kate DelVecchio's Six-Point Plan A Hexagon for Hooking Hotties Above are 6 numbered points. Write the names of the potential couple on the center line. Read the questions. For every YES answer, darken the corresponding numbered point with a colored marker. 1: Are both parties unattached and available? 2: Do they have similar interests? 3: Are they on speaking terms? 4: Will they look good together? 5: Do they have a meeting ground outside of school (i.e., work, youth group, mutual friends' homes)? 6: Will their personalities click? Once you have finished answering the questions and coloring the dots, connect all adjacent colored points with lines. When you are finished, examine your diagram. Is it a perfect hexagon for a perfect couple? Flopping #Quote by Tina Ferraro
Joyal Homes quotes by Brad Holland
#34. Many people decorate their homes with designer graffiti, even though most of them would probably have real graffiti scoured off the walls of their buildings. #Quote by Brad Holland
Joyal Homes quotes by Mark M. Bello
#35. A bishop in the church swore on oath, to tell the truth in this court, and then lied to you, ladies and gentlemen! Are we surprised? What do we expect from a man who conspires to obstruct justice, tampers with witnesses, plants listening devices in people's homes and offices, and offers huge amounts of cash in exchange for silence? #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Joyal Homes quotes by William Marrion Branham
#36. E-13 No wonder it makes a man blush. No wonder a real true preacher look upon his congregation and try to lead them before the throne of God, and visit their homes and find them smoking cigarettes, telling dirty jokes to each other, entertaining in the back yard with beer parties, walking around on the streets, their young women, and middle age, and so forth, and even grandmother with little shorts on. Mother out on the street with a baby on one arm, dressed sexy enough to attract the attention of any bootlegger that walked the street, and calling themselves Christians? It would make any true man of God blush to bring such a person in the Presence of God. Right. ( "A Blushing Prophet" Preached on Sunday evening, 25th November 1956 at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A. - See Paragraph E-13 ). #Quote by William Marrion Branham
Joyal Homes quotes by Jean Johnson
#37. I stay sane because I am sane! I am sane because I am willing to stand up and fight, when others would lie down and die. I will stand before you right now, and swear by my Prophetic Stamp: No More! No more violence, no more bloodshed, no more ceaseless, needless death - not one pico more! By God, I will not stand still for rampant death, nor let it pass me by! Not at my post. Not on my watch! I will throw my own life into the danger zone and stand between our beloved homes and the war's worst desolation - and no other life shall pay! For I am a soldier . . . and that place is mine!. Ia #Quote by Jean Johnson
Joyal Homes quotes by L. Frank Baum
#38. Is it a toy?" asked Button-Bright softly.

"No, dear," answered Dorothy; "it's better than that. It's the fairy dwelling of a fairy prince. #Quote by L. Frank Baum
Joyal Homes quotes by Grover Cleveland
#39. The broad rich acres of our agricultural plains have been long preserved by nature to become her untrammeled gift to a people civilized and free, upon which should rest in well-distributed ownership the numerous homes of enlightened, equal and fraternal citizens ... Nor should our vast tracts of land be yielded up to the monopoly of corporations or grasping individuals, as appears to be much the tendency under the existing statute. #Quote by Grover Cleveland
Joyal Homes quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#40. The messengers of Jesus will be hated to the end of time. They will be blamed for all the division which rend cities and homes. Jesus and his disciples will be condemned on all sides for undermining family life, and for leading the nation astray; they will be called crazy fanatics and disturbers of the peace. The disciples will be sorely tempted to desert their Lord. But the end is also near, and they must hold on and persevere until it comes. Only he will be blessed who remains loyal to Jesus and his word until the end. #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Joyal Homes quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#41. Homes make patriots. He who has sat by his own fireside with wife and children will defend it. Few men have been patriotic enough to shoulder a musket in defense of a boarding house. The prosperity and glory of our country depend upon the number of people who are the owners of homes. #Quote by Robert Green Ingersoll
Joyal Homes quotes by Bhavik Sarkhedi
#42. Two homes on either side of the road saw
Two women waving a good bye to their men

One was a newly married husband
Other was a proud son of a widow #Quote by Bhavik Sarkhedi
Joyal Homes quotes by Brent Weeks
#43. It's easier to build a new culture on the graves of the dead than around the homes of the living. #Quote by Brent Weeks
Joyal Homes quotes by Louis Farrakhan
#44. Many of the Jews who owned the homes, the apartments in the black community, we considered them bloodsuckers because they took from our community and built their community but didn't offer anything back to our community. #Quote by Louis Farrakhan
Joyal Homes quotes by Elizabeth S. Eiler
#45. Trees are very often the home of Elemental beings which you would call nature spirits, intelligences of primeval age which enjoy drifting through your world and others in a more amorphous manner. Rocks, mountains, crystals, bodies of water – these too are homes of conscious beings. #Quote by Elizabeth S. Eiler

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