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Joshua 24 quotes by Ellen G. White
#1. Choose you this day whom ye will serve. Joshua 24:15. #Quote by Ellen G. White
Joshua 24 quotes by Beth Moore
#2. Choose for yourselves today the one you will worship. Joshua 24:15 #Quote by Beth Moore
Joshua 24 quotes by Beth Moore
#3. Acknowledge God. Acknowledging God first thing every morning transforms my day. I often begin my day by reconfirming His authority over me and submitting to Him as Lord in advance of my daily circumstances. I try to accept the words of Joshua 24:15 as a personal daily challenge: Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve. #Quote by Beth Moore
Joshua 24 quotes by Thomas S. Monson
#4. The strength which we earnestly seek in order to meet the challenges of a complex and changing world can be ours when, with fortitude and resolute courage, we stand and declare with Joshua, 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.' [Joshua 24:15]. #Quote by Thomas S. Monson
Joshua 24 quotes by Alice Minium
#5. In addition, the distortion of actual crime statistics vs. media coverage, shows that news outlets portray black Americans being depicted as suspects or criminals at a rate that exceeds actual arrest statistics for those same crimes by a whopping 24 percentage points- a disparity which reveals a horrific implicit bias in reporting. #Quote by Alice Minium
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Marston
#6. Filmmaking became a possible way for me to combine my interest in photography and in gathering stories, as well as my interest in journalism and political science and international relations. #Quote by Joshua Marston
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Ferris
#7. After Connie and I broke up, I played a little game with myself out on the streets of Manhattan. It was called Things Could Be Worse. Things could be worse, I said to myself, I could be that guy. #Quote by Joshua Ferris
Joshua 24 quotes by David Brooks
#8. Take a bucket, fill it with water, Put your hand in - clear up to the wrist. Now pull it out; the hole that remains Is a measure of how much you'll be missed ... . The moral of this quaint example: To do just the best that you can, Be proud of yourself, but remember, There is no Indispensible Man!24 #Quote by David Brooks
Joshua 24 quotes by Steve Harvey
#9. Anyone can sleep with a guy in 24-48 hours, but you're sending the wrong signal to the guy if you do that. #Quote by Steve Harvey
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Schachter
#10. Reduce. Do as little as possible to get what you have to get done. #Quote by Joshua Schachter
Joshua 24 quotes by Pam Godwin
#11. There's going to be churchventions all over McLennan County praying for your soul tonight, Joshua Carter. #Quote by Pam Godwin
Joshua 24 quotes by Sam Yagan
#12. It turns out that if you're a 24-year-old whose only line on their resume says CEO, you are totally unemployable. #Quote by Sam Yagan
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Foer
#13. Photographic memory is often confused with another bizarre - but real - perceptual phenomenon called eidetic memory, which occurs in between 2 and 15 percent of children and very rarely in adults. An eidetic image is essentially a vivid afterimage that lingers in the mind's eye for up to a few minutes before fading away. #Quote by Joshua Foer
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Loth Liebman
#14. Many people are miserable because they think that occasional destructive feelings necessarily make them terrible persons. But just as Aristotle maintained, "One swallow does not make a spring," we must understand that one or two or even a dozen unadmirable traits does not make an unadmirable person. Long ago Edmund Burke warned humanity about the danger of false generalization in society; of judging a whole race by a few undesirable members. Today we should likewise become aware of the generalization about our individual personality. A splendid freedom awaits us when we realize that we need not feel like moral lepers or emotional pariahs because we have some aggressive, hostile feeling s towards ourselves and others. When we acknowledge these feelings we no longer have to pretend to be that which we are not. It is enough to be what we are! We discover that rigid pride is actually the supreme foe of inner victory, while flexible humility, the kind of humility that appears when we do not demand the impossible or the angelic of ourselves, is the great ally of psychic peace. #Quote by Joshua Loth Liebman
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Jackson
#15. I hate people saying anything stupid. I don't really suffer fools very well at all. When people are acting like idiots, not that I'm not guilty of doing the odd idiotic thing myself from time to time, but when people say stupid things, it stresses me out. #Quote by Joshua Jackson
Joshua 24 quotes by Al Gore
#16. We need to put a price on carbon, and that's what cap-and-trade does and that's also what a CO2 tax does. As long as our current valuation in the marketplace tells us every minute of every day that it's perfectly all right to dump 90 million tons of global warming into the thin atmosphere surrounding the planet every 24 hours as if that atmosphere is an open sewer, then the individual actions are not going to solve the problem. #Quote by Al Gore
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Becker
#17. Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted. - Albert Einstein #Quote by Joshua Becker
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Wolf Shenk
#18. Why is it that all men who have become outstanding in philosophy, statesmanship, poetry or the arts are melancholic, #Quote by Joshua Wolf Shenk
Joshua 24 quotes by Shane Carruth
#19. Probably the TV show I've watched the most is 'How It's Made' on the History Channel. I could watch 24 hours of 'How It's Made' and never get bored. #Quote by Shane Carruth
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Cohen
#20. A whole roasted lamb - stuffed with lamb sausages, organ and glandbreads, dried fruits and currants, tomato/garlic/onion mush, the entirety cardamomated, corianderized, cumined, cloved - was brought out on a spit, danced around. The carcassbearers were women, further gorgeous bursting Slavs, #Quote by Joshua Cohen
Joshua 24 quotes by T. B. Joshua
#21. In order not to end up like the masses out there who are merely wandering and unsure of their goals and dreams, your objective must be clear. When your purpose is clear, your life will have meaning. #Quote by T. B. Joshua
Joshua 24 quotes by Bruce Campbell
#22. I'm not interested in making a $60-million studio film with a bunch of 24-year-olds telling me what to do. #Quote by Bruce Campbell
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Harris
#23. The joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment. #Quote by Joshua Harris
Joshua 24 quotes by Melissa V. Harris-Perry
#24. A person or group of people can suffer real damage, real distortion, if the people or society around them mirror back to them a confining or demeaning or contemptible picture of themselves.24 #Quote by Melissa V. Harris-Perry
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Prager
#25. No matter how stark the reality, a human being fits it into a narrative that is palatable. #Quote by Joshua Prager
Joshua 24 quotes by Robert Powell
#26. I was 24 when I was offered 'Doomwatch.' There was an option for a further series, and I turned it down. It is a wonderfully glorious thing to be unknowingly arrogant. #Quote by Robert Powell
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Gaylord
#27. Girls, boys, it made no difference. you were skin and they were skin, and you buried yourself in the skin of others as they buried themselves in yours. Some of them cried and some of them howled - and whether the crying and howling was pain or pleasure, you couldn't tell, and maybe they couldn't either. Such are the ambiguities of primal youth. #Quote by Joshua Gaylord
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Becker
#28. Often it is those who live quietly, modestly, and contentedly with a simple life who are the happiest. #Quote by Joshua Becker
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Cohen
#29. I do think that once you remove the limitations of the page, once you turn text transitive, meaning it can be clicked away from, the forward movement of text can be interrupted. But I don't think this is just a function of technology. It's also a function of cultural preference. #Quote by Joshua Cohen
Joshua 24 quotes by Imogen Heap
#30. If the night's right and the people are right, of course I want to be out, I want to be socializing. I don't want to be in my studio 24 hours a day for the whole rest of my life. #Quote by Imogen Heap
Joshua 24 quotes by Martijn Benders
#31. But the real and actual 'riggedness' of the Eurovision lies in the vision it presents to us as to what 'Culture' is supposed to be: a monotone, cheap, cloned industrialized song with some glamour attached. The formula is always the same: 24 cloned songs, like computer automated, and 2 'crazy' ones so it seems that all this clonedness is actually supported by creativity. But in this image of 'craziness' there is the same formula: cloned, boring songs with some carnavalesque stuff attached. The factual dynamics of the event are in fact fascist: its almost purely Riefenstahl, but the Chinese mass production version of it. It shows us one thing and one thing only: Countries are an illusion, they are all the same. There are no countries. #Quote by Martijn Benders
Joshua 24 quotes by Paul F Herring
#32. The great Jewish Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote, "The Greeks learned in order to comprehend. The Hebrews learned in order to revere. The modern man learns in order to use" ('God in Search of Man' p34) #Quote by Paul F Herring
Joshua 24 quotes by Harriet Walter
#33. As long as I am still interested and curious, I enjoy getting up in the morning, but I can't say I have a happy smile on my face 24/7. #Quote by Harriet Walter
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Jackson
#34. Maybe it's due to my west coast liberal upbringing, but, the idea of parallel universes doesn't strike me as being too far out there. #Quote by Joshua Jackson
Joshua 24 quotes by Tom Shales
#35. You do have to wonder how Jack Bauer, maverick hero of '24,' can stay hidden for so long when no matter where he goes, he always seems within range of a TV camera. Or six. #Quote by Tom Shales
Joshua 24 quotes by Salma Hayek
#36. I noticed in the past, a lot of guys who like strong women, they really freak out if you're not strong 24/7. Or they complain about you being strong, then the moment you're not strong, they're like, 'Oh, no, no, no.' #Quote by Salma Hayek
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Ferris
#37. We suffered failures of imagination just like everyone else, our daring was wanting, and our daily contentment too nearly adequate for us to give it up. #Quote by Joshua Ferris
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Mohr
#38. I don't think escaping is necessarily a problem, but we can get addicted to almost anything. If you're craving being in this other reality and you don't want to participate in your own reality, those are the times we have to start asking ourselves difficult questions. #Quote by Joshua Mohr
Joshua 24 quotes by T. B. Joshua
#39. God's Word refreshes our mind and God's Spirit renews our strength. #Quote by T. B. Joshua
Joshua 24 quotes by Abraham Joshua Heschel
#40. The test of love is in how one relates not to saints and scholars but to rascals. #Quote by Abraham Joshua Heschel
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Gaylord
#41. - to be still content with the world in all its pretty little injustices. #Quote by Joshua Gaylord
Joshua 24 quotes by Joshua Micah Marshall
#42. Most politicians keep close tabs on what's happening back home and work assiduously to keep lines of communications open with the political players in their states or districts. #Quote by Joshua Micah Marshall

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