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Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Stephen King
#1. I feel...I don't a bottle of soda that's been shaken up. Do you know what I want? I want you to take me inside, and then take the cap off. #Quote by Stephen King
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Perry Noble
#2. In today's culture, the temptation is to look at sins and refer to them as issues, mistakes, or problems. And as long as we see sin as something that we need to learn to cope with rather than something that needs to be removed, we will never take the action necessary to peel the cap off the bottle so we can be spiritually refreshed. #Quote by Perry Noble
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#3. I close his fingers around the gift. "I threw away your
bottle cap, because it killed me to look at. But I never could
throw away this. I've been waiting to give it to you for two
and a half years."
"I don't know what to say," he whispers.
"I'm almost full," I say. "Thank you for waiting for me, too. #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Matt De La Pena
#4. I guess I don't really know what I want to do, either. Sometimes I feel like a shook-up bottle of soda. Like, I have all this passion that wants to explode, but I don't know where to aim it yet. #Quote by Matt De La Pena
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Dave Barry
#5. I would say that the single most important conclusion I reached, after traveling through Japan, as well as countless hours reading, studying, and analyzing this fascinating culture, is that you should always tighten the cap on the shampoo bottle before you put it in your suitcase. #Quote by Dave Barry
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Varian Johnson
#6. I unscrewed the cap and brought the purple-lined rim to my mouth. Then I almost hacked up a lung. Madeline remained motionless as I struggled for breath.
'So what part of this is supposed to be fun?' I asked.
'Just relax,' she said. 'You can't rush the feeling. It takes a few minutes for the alcohol to take effect.' [...] She sat up and picked up the bottle. 'You having fun yet?'
'Of course. Can't you tell from my labored breathing and the look of pain on my face? #Quote by Varian Johnson
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#7. Freshly brainwashed from rehab, I carry the bottle into the bathroom. I hold it up to the light. See the pretty bottle? Isn't it beautiful? Yes, it's beautiful. I unscrew the cap and pour it into the toilet. I flush twice. And then I think, why did I flush twice? The answer, is of course, because I truly do know myself. I cannot be sure I won't attempt to drink from the toilet, like a dog. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Alecia Whitaker
#8. In our opinion, Coke is great from a can, still good from a bottle, yet hard to get just right from the fountain. But oh, when they do get it right, it tastes good enough to be an eighth wonder of the world. #Quote by Alecia Whitaker
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Gena Showalter
#9. Got any water?" she asked in that whining, complaining voice. Gra-ted. "Yeah." He grabbed one of the bottles of water he'd brought, twisted off the cap and drained most of the contents while she watched. A whimper escaped her, and he squeezed the bottle a little too hard, crackling the plastic. "Well? Are you going to share or not?" With a forced shrug, he tossed her what was left. "That has my cooties," he informed her. "Good news is, I'm up-to-date on all my shots." She drained the contents in seconds, then peered over at him, clearly irritated with what little he'd given her. "Be grateful I gave you any at all," he said with feeling. "Evil bastard." "Murderous bitch. #Quote by Gena Showalter
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Alice Sebold
#10. I never let myself yearn for Buckley, afraid he might see my image in a mirror or a bottle cap. Like everyone else I was trying to protect him. #Quote by Alice Sebold
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Jennifer Probst
#11. He obviously enjoyed her annoyance. He took his time and uncapped the bottle of water. Removed his ball cap. Dumped the water over his head.
Julianna's breath caught. Her body slammed into overdrive at the raw sexual scene before her. Water dripped from his thick blond hair and ran down his face. Over a carved jaw. Slid down to dampen perfectly cut lips.
His t-shirt soaked up the liquid and clung to his chest like a Women's Night gone wild. Hunger hit hard and deep as she followed the trail down to his belt buckle, where droplets slid under the denim and hid beyond. #Quote by Jennifer Probst
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Natalie Lloyd
#12. Mama and I walked back out of the woods just in time to hear Frannie squeal, "I want to stay here forever!" "Fine by me." Cleo smiled. She opened up her little red cooler and sloshed through the ice. She pulled out an orange soda bottle and passed it to my sister. "We can stay here all day, at least." "Cleo Harness?" yelled a familiar, husky voice from the edge of the woods. "Is that you?" "Pack up!" Cleo hollered. "We're leaving!" She kicked the cooler lid shut and stood up so fast that her camping chair stayed stuck to her behind. #Quote by Natalie Lloyd
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Elizabeth Acevedo
#13. If my body was a Country Club soda bottle, it's one that has been shaken and dropped and at any moment it's gonna pop open and surprise the whole damn world. #Quote by Elizabeth Acevedo
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Susan Ee
#14. My mom yells at someone behind me. I spin with my hand on Pooky Bear, ready to pull out my blade. But it's just my mom throwing rotten eggs at someone who took an empty soda bottle without asking. #Quote by Susan Ee
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Peter De Vries
#15. Mr. Italia sat belching under a pair of oval-framed photographs of parents hairier, if possible, than himself. His wife was dead, but there was a picture of her, too, in her casket, gazing out at us with an eerie simulacrum of motherly love. Dark-complected Mr. Italia was indeed, with handle-bar mustaches of a size that might have made him topple forward out of his chair were it not for the posture seemingly aimed at correcting the leverage in his favor. He drank beer after thrusting into my hand a bottle of soda pop of marked but unidentifiable flavor, pale yellow in color, and lukewarm. #Quote by Peter De Vries
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Kimberly Jones
#16. For Bath: Combine one part baking soda, two parts Epsom salts and three parts sea salt. Then set aside this mixture, which is known as a bath base. When you take your next bath, add 5-6 drops of true lavender essential oil to two tablespoons of bath base. #Quote by Kimberly Jones
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Jaime Allison Parker
#17. He slipped a dollar bill into a machine for a plastic soda bottle. Prices and plastic bottles with cute names signaled he was in the present day. That and the tattooed arm that reached for the bottle. #Quote by Jaime Allison Parker
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Kellan Lutz
#18. I just loved going fast. So I started out with Alka-Seltzer and soda water in a bottle and attached it to the skateboard. That didn't do much. I would try a leaf blower. I was searching for anything that would go fast. Then, the lawnmower engine. #Quote by Kellan Lutz
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Sean M. Thompson
#19. He went to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniels from the top of the refrigerator.
'Ah, my last surviving friend,' he said to no one at all.
He unscrewed the cap, and put the bottle to his lips. Better to drink until a blackout, than to remember thoughts like knives that cut him from the inside out, and bled him dry. #Quote by Sean M. Thompson
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by David Simon
#20. Then you can go to Cher's Pub at Lexington and Guilford, where that selfsame assistant state's attorney, if possessed of any human qualities at all, will buy you a bottle of domestic beer.

And you drink it. Because in a police department of about three thousand sworn souls, you are one of thirty-six investigators entrusted with the pursuit of that most extraordinary of crimes: the theft of a human life. You speak for the dead. You avenge those lost to the world. Your paycheck may come from fiscal services but, goddammit, after six beers you can pretty much convince yourself that you work for the Lord himself. If you are not as good as you should be, you'll be gone within a year or two, transferred to fugitive, or auto theft or check and fraud at the other end of the hall. If you are good enough, you will never do anything else as a cop that matters this much. Homicide is the major leagues, the center ring, the show. It always has been. When Cain threw a cap into Abel, you don't think The Big Guy told a couple of fresh uniforms to go down and work up the prosecution report. Hell no, he sent for a fucking detective. #Quote by David Simon
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#21. That night, after Gansey had gone to meet Blue, Ronan retrieved one of Kavinsky's green pills from his still-unwashed pair of jeans and returned to bed. Propped up in the corner, he stretched out his hand to Chainsaw, but she ignored him. She had stolen a cheese cracker and now was very busily stacking things on top of it to make sure Ronan would never take it back. Although she kept glancing back at his outstretched hand, she pretended not to see it as she added a bottle cap, an envelope, and a sock to the pile hiding the cracker. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Rick Riordan
#22. During the bus ride, our only sustenance was stuff we'd scored from vending machines - a bag of chips, a sleeve of cookies, a bottle of soda. I ate the food. Sam wolfed down the wrappers and the plastic bottle. "Do you always eat trash?" I'd asked, more curious than disgusted. "You think what's inside the packaging is any better?" He had a point. Some of those ingredients sounded as deadly as the monsters. The #Quote by Rick Riordan
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Bear Grylls
#23. That night, the tent that I had been alone in for so long was suddenly heaving with bodies, and piles of rope and kit--with Neil, Geoffrey, and Graham squeezed in beside me.
I tried to drink as much boiled water as I could get down. I knew that I would need to be as hydrated as I could possibly be to tackle what lay ahead. So I drank and I peed. But still my pee was dark brown.
It was almost impossible to hydrate at this altitude.
The ritual of peeing into a water bottle had become second nature to us all, even in the dark, and even with someone's head inches away from the bottle. We each had two bottles: one for pee, one for water. It was worth having a good system to remember which was which.
At 10:00 P.M. I needed to pee--again. I grabbed my bottle, crouched over and filled it. I screwed it shut--or so I thought--then settled back into my bag to try and find some elusive sleep.
Soon I felt the dampness creeping through my clothes.
You have got to be joking. I swore to myself as I scrambled to the crouch position again.
I looked down. The cap was hanging loosely off the pee bottle.
Dark, stinking brown pee had soaked through all my clothes and sleeping bag. I obviously hadn't done it up properly. Brute of a mistake. Maybe an omen for what lay ahead.
On that note I fell asleep. #Quote by Bear Grylls
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Gail McHugh
#24. Her Yankees-loving, bottle cap-giving, dimpled smile other half was gone, and there wasn't anything she wouldn't do to turn back time. #Quote by Gail McHugh
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Georgie Blalock
#25. They've never been able to ignore you, Ma'am."
"I made damn sure they couldn't. I never let them or anyone tell me what to do, except where Peter was concerned." She sighed, her weak chest rising and falling beneath the teal hospital down. "I'd trade my diamonds for a cigarette."
Vera reached into her purse and pulled out a package of Gigantes she'd purchased at a tobacconist shop on the way to the hospital. She removed the cellophane wrapper and handed it to the Princess, the ability to anticipate Her Royal Highness's needs never having left her, even after all these years.
The Princess didn't thank her, but the delight in her blue eyes when she put one in the good side of her mouth and allowed Vera to light it was thanks enough. The Princess struggled to close her lips around the base, revealing the depths of her weakness but also her strength. She refused to be denied her pleasure, even if it took some time to bring her lips together enough to inhale. Pure bliss came over her when she did before she exhaled. "I don't suppose you brought anything to drink?"
"As a matter of fact, I did." Vera took the small bottle of whiskey she'd been given on the plane and held it up. "It isn't Famous Grouse, I'm afraid."
"I don't care what it is." She snatched the plastic cup off the bedside table and held it up. "Pour."
Vera twisted off the cap and drained the small bottle into the cup. The Princess held it up, whiskey in one hand, the cigarette in the other #Quote by Georgie Blalock
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Graham Shiels
#26. Seeing babies and little children smile or even just be inquisitive about a bottle cap isnpires me. Watching a great performance, particularly live or in the moment. My favorite actor at the moment is the three-time Tony Award-winning Mark Rylance. Makes me work to be better. #Quote by Graham Shiels
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Cecilia Robert
#27. Falling Embers, 90 percent alcohol content. That would do. After pouring the liquor, he tossed the shot back, dumping the contents into his mouth and feeling it burn a hot trail down to his stomach. Holy shades of hell! It was like swallowing and shitting flames. Even his ass was on fire. He grimaced, then tipped the bottle to refill his glass and gulped it down too. He heard Uriel say something, but it melted along with the fumes oozing out of his ears. Feeling fortified by the malt, he replaced the cap on the bottle. #Quote by Cecilia Robert
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Holly Black
#28. Once upon a time there was a little girl, and she told a lie to her friend's brother so that her friend's brother drove her to the bus station.

She brought with her a bottle of orange soda, fifty dollars (half in change), sparkly slippers, and her cell phone.

He thought he was helping.

So did she. #Quote by Holly Black
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Robert Byron
#29. I have learned that the cost of everything from a royal suite to a bottle of soda water can be halved by the simple expedient of saying it must be halved. #Quote by Robert Byron
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Sarah Hepola
#30. Not taking a drink was easy. Just a matter of muscle movement, the simple refusal to put alcohol to my lips. The impossible part was everything else. How could I talk to people? Who would I be? What would intimacy look like, if it weren't coaxed out by the glug-glug of a bottle of wine or a pint of beer? Would I have to join AA? Become one of those frightening 12-step people? How the fuck could I write? My livelihood, my identity, my purpose, my light - all extinguished with the tightening of a screw cap. #Quote by Sarah Hepola
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Anne Rainey
#31. I've never quite mastered the art of holding my liquor," she replied. He watched her root around in her purse a moment, before pulling out a tube of lip balm.
As Jonas watched her apply it, he nearly got distracted from her answer. Leaning forward, Jonas murmured, "Can't hold your liquor, huh?"
She replaced the cap and dropped it back into her purse. "Not so much. I tend to get a bit too happy."
His eyebrows shot up and his cock came to full-alert status. Happy--he liked the sound of that. "And that's a bad thing?"
To his utter shock, Deanna blushed. "In my case it is."
Curiosity got the better of him. "Care to explain?"
The waiter returned with the check, forcing Jonas to drop the conversation while he fished out his credit card. Once they were alone again, Jonas waited, hoping Deanna would go into more detail. She didn't disappoint him. "All my inhibitions disappear. It's not a comfortable feeling for me."
She was killing him. An immediate picture of a carefree Deanna sprang to mind. He liked it a hell of a lot. "Most people enjoy letting it all hang out every once in a while. Taking life too seriously leads to an early grave."
"Maybe, but if I suddenly develop the urge, I'd rather be coherent."
"You don't like to give up control," he surmised.
She cocked her head to the side, as if unsure how to respond at first. "It's not that," she said. "I guess if I'm in the mood to go romping naked through a forest, for example, then #Quote by Anne Rainey
Jones Soda Bottle Cap quotes by Priscilla Glenn
#32. Lauren leaned over and grabbed the bottle, pouring some into his glass. For a minute, they just sat next to each other in silence.
Then Lauren said, "This is oddly familiar. Only it used to be whiskey."
Michael smiled. "And it used to be straight out of the bottle. We've classed it up a bit, apparently. #Quote by Priscilla Glenn

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