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Famous Quotes About Johni Cerny

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Johni Cerny quotes by Johni Pangalila
#1. If I cannot be useful to my country, I'll try to be useful to my leader and to all the people around me. #Quote by Johni Pangalila
Johni Cerny quotes by Mark Cerny
#2. If you look at the portion of the GPU available to compute throughout the frame, it varies dramatically from instant to instant. For example, something like opaque shadow map rendering doesn't even use a pixel shader, it's entirely done by vertex shaders and the rasterization hardware - so graphics aren't using most of the 1.8 teraflops of ALU available in the CUs. Times like that during the game frame are an opportunity to say, 'Okay, all that compute you wanted to do, turn it up to 11 now.' #Quote by Mark Cerny
Johni Cerny quotes by Philip G. Cerny
#3. Globalization is not just about changing relations between the 'inside' of the nation-state and the 'outside' of the international system. It cuts across received categories, creating myriad multilayered intersections, overlapping playing fields, and actors skilled at working across these boundaries. People are at once rooted and rootless, local producers and global consumers, threatened in their identities yet continually remaking those identities. #Quote by Philip G. Cerny

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