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Jame Blunt quotes by Simon Travaglia
#1. Excellent, there's nothing quite like a blunt object to reinforce proper administration ethics. #Quote by Simon Travaglia
Jame Blunt quotes by Nicole Sager
#2. Blunt turned to the man in question with a helpless grin, "You have always proven yourself a mystery to me, good fellow!"
Falconer lifted one corner of his mouth, "Then I have succeeded, Blunt. #Quote by Nicole Sager
Jame Blunt quotes by Emily Blunt
#3. People quit on jobs. They quit on marriages. They quit on school. There's an immediacy of this day and age that doesn't lend itself to being committed to anything. #Quote by Emily Blunt
Jame Blunt quotes by Nayyirah Waheed
#4. i learned shukran. (thank you) first. shukran. (thank you) for this meal. shukran. (thank you) for making this for me. shukran. for everything. and in the midst of all of this. gratitude. la. (no) was lost. before. i ever found it. - the blunt force of gratitude #Quote by Nayyirah Waheed
Jame Blunt quotes by Olga Nunez Miret
#5. What do you think of Cain's affirmations?"
"He never told a lie. If he says that God talks to him, he is convinced that God is talking to him."
"Do you believe he is a saint?"
"God only knows, and never better said. He might be, but again, I have my own taste on the matter. I'm not keen on perfection, especially when it's dressed up like hardness. I prefer the cracked plate, the slightly blunt spear ... "
"The imperfect human being."
"Yes. The gloriously imperfect human being. #Quote by Olga Nunez Miret
Jame Blunt quotes by Eugene Rivers
#6. Let me be very blunt: the heterosexual transmission of AIDS is, in Africa, a function of truly pathological promiscuity. So this is really a violence issue - not the same violence we deal with in Boston, where teenagers stab and shoot each other, but the violence of African men who are killing themselves, and killing African women and children, with pathological promiscuity. #Quote by Eugene Rivers
Jame Blunt quotes by James Blunt
#7. Maybe I should try singing like a man. #Quote by James Blunt
Jame Blunt quotes by Emily Blunt
#8. I do try hard to pick roles that differ. I love that about the job. I think the variety that's out there is to be taken advantage of and I enjoy that element of shape shifting with everything. #Quote by Emily Blunt
Jame Blunt quotes by Alexander Pope
#9. 'Tis not enough your counsel still be true; Blunt truths more mischief than nice falsehoods do. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Jame Blunt quotes by Matt Blunt
#10. The decision to join or not join a service union, political party or other organization should be left up to the individual. No such organization has the right to take money out of the pockets of state workers without their proper consent. #Quote by Matt Blunt
Jame Blunt quotes by Emily Blunt
#11. It's very hard to play the straight lead girl and still make her sparkly and fun and real. #Quote by Emily Blunt
Jame Blunt quotes by Barry Ritholtz
#12. We must recognize our own behavioral errors. To be blunt, you are not likely to become a cognitive Zen master anytime soon. But a little enlightenment could keep you from making some common investing errors. #Quote by Barry Ritholtz
Jame Blunt quotes by Paul LePage
#13. Sometimes I'm overly blunt. I don't like to mince words. I like to get things done. That's the only difference between Chris Christie and I - he's a little shy. #Quote by Paul LePage
Jame Blunt quotes by James Baldwin
#14. What happened was that, all unconscious of what this ennui meant, I wearied of the motion, wearied of the jobless seas of alcohol, wearied of the blunt, bluff, hearty, and totally meaningless friendships wearied of wandering through the forests of desperate women, wearied of the work which fed me only in the most brutally literal sense. Perhaps, as we say in America, I wanted to find myself. This is an interesting phrase, not current as far as I know in the language of any other people, which certainly does not mean what it says but betrays a nagging suspicion that something has been misplaced. I think now that if I had had any intimation that the self I was going to find would turn out to be the only the same self from which I had spent so much time in flight, I would have stayed at home, But again, I think I knew, at the very bottom of my heart, exactly what I was doing when I took the boat for France. #Quote by James Baldwin
Jame Blunt quotes by Roy Blunt
#15. I was raised - my mom and dad were dairy farmers. Once you've made a decision to plant a crop for that year, you can't go back and undo that decision. #Quote by Roy Blunt
Jame Blunt quotes by Roy Blunt
#16. There may be no issue that better illustrates the differences between Republicans and Democrats than energy. Consider it the 'all of the above' strategy for reducing gas prices, versus the 'all pain, no gain' plan for punishing those who emit carbon (like you). #Quote by Roy Blunt
Jame Blunt quotes by Jesmyn Ward
#17. What I didn't understand then was that the same pressure were weighing on us all. My entire community suffered from the lack of trust: we didn't trust society to provide the basics of good education, safety, access to good jobs, fairness in the justice system. And even as we distrusted the society around us, the culture that cornered us and told us were perpetually less, we distrusted each other. We did not trust our fathers to raise us, provide for us. Because we trusted nothing, we endeavored to protect ourselves, boys becoming misogynistic and violent, girls turning duplicitous, all of us hopeless. Some of us turned sour from pressure, let it erode our sense of self until we hated what we saw, within and without. And to blunt it all, some of us turned to drugs. #Quote by Jesmyn Ward
Jame Blunt quotes by Ingrid Woermann
#18. We now have a Government and an Adjustment Bureau operating parallel to one another.
I experienced it first hand.
See Example: The Adjustment Bureau (2011) starring Matt
Damon and Emily Blunt. #Quote by Ingrid Woermann
Jame Blunt quotes by A.E. Via
#19. Syn was so lost in the feelings it hadn't registered that Furi was nudging at his hole with something other than his tongue. It was blunt, slick, and cold. Syn stared down the bed, marveling at the look of complete confidence on Furi's face. When the object breached the first ring of muscle, opening him up, Syn let out a startled grunt. It wasn't a sound of pain, but of blissful relief. "Fuck, Furious." Syn had something inside him, this was it. Although it wasn't Furi's long cock, it still gave him the heady feeling of being taken. Furi looked up at him, watching him through strikingly dark hooded eyes as he slowly pushed the slick object in further. Syn was hyperaware of it curving inside of him, sliding against his walls. Fuck. Feels so fucking good. Damnit. If he'd only known. Syn was already addicted to the feeling and he wasn't even sure if this constituted sex. They were still in foreplay mode, they hadn't even gotten to penetration with Furi's cock yet. There #Quote by A.E. Via
Jame Blunt quotes by Stella Rhys
#20. You haven't fucked anyone in three years, Lia, and your plan is to fuck someone else so you don't give into your temptation to fuck me. And if we're being blunt here, that kind of fucking pisses me off."
… "So what?" she huffed. "I still reserve the right to sleep with whoever else I want."
"No." I stepped forward. "That's not how it's going to work"
"Shut up! Are you really going to be that person who's known me a week and tries to tell me who I'm allowed to fuck?"
"No, I'm going to be that person who fucks you and gives you want you need because you know you don't actually want anyone else," I muttered, walking into her despite her hands pushing my chest. "You're attracted to me, aren't you? You haven't been this attracted to anyone in a while. I woke up your need to fuck, so if you're planning on fucking someone, why isn't it the person you actually want?" I removed her hands from my chest and held them at her sides. "Why go for your second choice when your first wants you just as bad? #Quote by Stella Rhys
Jame Blunt quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#21. (A revolver is) just a tool, really, like stapler. A stapler that punch through a person. Pin them. Drive blunt metal through flesh and bone. #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
Jame Blunt quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#22. A sharp stick is better than a blunt sword. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Jame Blunt quotes by Kathleen Hanna
#23. Jason Mraz, and the new James Blunt song is the worst thing that has ever been created on the face of the earth. #Quote by Kathleen Hanna
Jame Blunt quotes by Emily Blunt
#24. I'm Sudafed-ed up, but it's alright because I'm having to do this rather sultry scene, so maybe it's OK that my voice is three octaves lower. #Quote by Emily Blunt
Jame Blunt quotes by Dan Kaminsky
#25. I'll be blunt: Money's gotten buggy. #Quote by Dan Kaminsky
Jame Blunt quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#26. Don't build a cabin near a termite colony.
Don't rear rabbits near wolves.
Don't attack a cub in front of its mother.
Don't stone a bird you want to catch.
Don't pick a flower before it blooms.
Don't pick fruit before it sweetens.
Don't count game you have not caught.
Don't hunt with a blunt spear.
Don't fish in poisoned waters.
Don't close your eyes near a predator. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Jame Blunt quotes by Hal Turner
#27. Sorry to have to be so blunt, but the country is in mortal danger from our present government and our liberty is already near dead because of this government. If you are too stupid to turn things around with your vote, there are people out here like me who are willing to turn things around with guns, force and violence. We hope our method does not become necessary, #Quote by Hal Turner
Jame Blunt quotes by Emma Scott
#28. I Never Told You
You can fill a book with everything I never said
Or the lines of a poem
Or an Empty pool
Or an empty bedroom, the candles all blown out
I never told you how the reflection of myself in your eyes
Was the only mirror I could bear to look at
Or how I fought every day
To transfuse the girl I saw there with the girl I am
I tried to breathe in the words you made me:
I tried to be them for you even though they were weighted with impossibility
I never told you
how I always feared the rough edges of myself were too sharp for you
and how I fought everyday to blunt them
To bring down the walls
To let you in
without cutting you because I could never bear to hurt you like the others did
Every day
a fierce pride roared in me
I was so lucky to know the truth
I was the beneficiary of your radiance
I basked in it and felt special
And if not for the pain of your solitude
I would have been content to be the only one
I never told you
How your touch made me feel like laughing and crying and singing all at once
How your hand passing over my skin where atrocities
Had not yet sloughed off,
Skin cells remembering the worst touches
Was like a tide washing over the ruddy sand
And leaving it whole and smooth
You made my skin forget
Gave me new memories
New sensations that didn't drag th #Quote by Emma Scott
Jame Blunt quotes by Conor Oberst
#29. A boycott is, inherently, a blunt instrument. It is an imperfect weapon, a carpet bomb, when all involved would prefer a surgical strike. #Quote by Conor Oberst
Jame Blunt quotes by Jay London
#30. I wanted to take up music, so my father bought me a blunt instrument. He told me to knock myself out. #Quote by Jay London
Jame Blunt quotes by Suzanne Wright
#31. A lot of people who are straight-shooting ... they're only happy to be so blunt when talking about others. They're not so upfront about who they are, what flaws they have, and what their issues are. #Quote by Suzanne Wright
Jame Blunt quotes by Chris Christie
#32. It's easy for people to be characterized in public life based upon their personality, and I have a very direct, blunt personality. And I understand why some people would then characterize that, especially people who don't like you, as bullying, but it's not that. #Quote by Chris Christie
Jame Blunt quotes by Gregory Benford
#33. All our bright minds," Feynman said sardonically, "and we can't figure how to stop the enemy from dumping dirt on us." Freeman said with delicate precision, "We are hothouse flowers, really. Not made for the blunt edge of war." Nods #Quote by Gregory Benford
Jame Blunt quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#34. Emotional chaos supplied by detachment, remoteness, and aloneness creates its own pathos of loneliness, quiet desperation, and despair. A person who lives in seclusion experiences a stronger yearning to blunt their solitude by establishing a false sense of connection via the artifice of plugging into television, engaging in Internet surfacing, and participating in other entertaining diversionary activities that fill the void of mental stillness. Americans multitasking on electronic devices is escapism at megabyte speed. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Jame Blunt quotes by Tilicia Haridat
#35. Yea I may come across as blunt, but I will say the truth even if its bitter, that's just me. You either hate me for it or respect me for it. #Quote by Tilicia Haridat
Jame Blunt quotes by Mark Lawrence
#36. Words are blunt instruments, better suited to murder than to making sense of the world. #Quote by Mark Lawrence
Jame Blunt quotes by Emily Blunt
#37. It's always a little mind-boggling to realize that these famous actors know who I am. #Quote by Emily Blunt
Jame Blunt quotes by J. B. Smoove
#38. I admire Russell Simmons. He is a successful dude that has done a little bit of everything. He keeps it moving, and he's still doing things. Larry David is also amazing. He is honest and blunt. A creative genius. #Quote by J. B. Smoove
Jame Blunt quotes by Gore Vidal
#39. Foreigners are mystified by the whole business while thoughtful Americans – there are several of us – are equally mystified that the ruling establishment of the country has proved to be so mindlessly vindictive that it is willing, to be blunt, to overthrow the lawful government of the United States – that is, a president elected in 1992 and reelected in 1995 by We the People, that sole source of all political legitimacy, which takes precedence over the Constitution and the common law and God himself. #Quote by Gore Vidal
Jame Blunt quotes by Jame Richards
#40. No artifice,
no pretending to faint
or slipping so he could catch me.
Just our locked gaze
tightening the space between us
until our voices
need only whisper,
lips to ear,
then lips upon lips. #Quote by Jame Richards
Jame Blunt quotes by Jaron Lee Knuth
#41. Jonathon stretched his arms, like he was reading himself for exercise. He leaned back and asked, "Why are you doing this?"
Robin was a bit surprised by the blunt question. "Doing what? Laying here, strapped to this table? I'll be honest, I've asked myself the same question. #Quote by Jaron Lee Knuth

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