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Jaffa Cakes quotes by Simon R. Green
#1. Who's got my Jaffa Cakes? You know I can't function without Jaffa Cakes. #Quote by Simon R. Green
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Marty Jopson
#2. a packet of Jaffa Cakes is a binary object, by which I mean it has only two states: unopened or empty. There have been rumoured sightings of half packets, but the evidence is debatable. #Quote by Marty Jopson
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#3. This time, after a moment, he called her bluff.

"Perhaps Philippa and I should be thrown together a little more. She might become attached to me if she knew me better." Kate, brightening visibly, ignored the gleam in his eye.

"That would make her sorry for you?"

"It might. The object of any sort of clinical study deserves compassion, don't you think?"

"Snakes don't," said Katherine inconsequently. "I hate snakes."

"And yet you feed them on honey cakes and forbid them to defend themselves."

"Defencelessness is not a noted characteristic of serpents. Anyhow, I can't have them lying rattling about the house. It gets on the nerves."

"It does if you handle it by rattling back. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Cakes Da Killa
#4. Every time someone asks me who I want to work with, my answer is always the same: whoever wants to work with me that won't want to get their ego stroked. #Quote by Cakes Da Killa
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Laura Kinsale
#5. Zenia," he said, "I'm not good at it - tea and cakes. I have no patience with it."
She looked directly at him. "I suppose you would prefer to eat on the ground with your fingers?" Her dry remark seemed to take him aback. He looked at her with a faint frown. "Shall I sprinkle some sand on the butter," she asked, "to put you more at ease?"
He tilted up one corner of his mouth. "No." He lifted his cup, extending his little finger with an exaggerated delicacy. "I can play, if I must. How does your dear aunt do, Lady Winter? I hear she has the vapors once an hour. I have a receipt for a rhubarb plaster - most efficacious! Of course, if you prefer a more permanent cure, nothing can surpass a fatal dose of arsenic. #Quote by Laura Kinsale
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Penny Reid
#6. If you ignored a cake's personality the cake would ignore you. It'll be a rude, boring cake. I #Quote by Penny Reid
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Brigid Pasulka
#7. Golden hands. It is said that all Poles have them, and that this is how you know your place in life, by the ease of your hands, that whether you are born to make cakes or butcher animals, cuddle children or paint pictures, drive nails or play jazz, your hands know it before you do. Long before birth, the movements are choreographed into the tendons as they're formed. #Quote by Brigid Pasulka
Jaffa Cakes quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#8. Life is still better than University. In school, your teacher is the fruit picker and you are the open fruit basket. Then you take those fruits and make cakes and pies. But life is going to give you the chance to go out there and pick those fruits yourself. Then you can eat them, or make them into something else; any which way, your own hands picked them! #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Joe
#9. The balance to life is kale cakes and cupcakes #Quote by Joe
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Rajani LaRocca
#10. I made some mistakes: my lemon bars were a little too mouth-puckering, and my lava cakes didn't ooze. But then I made black pepper almond brittle ("astounding," according to Vik), chocolate mint wafers ("invigorating"), and apple sage cakes ("inspiring"). Vik helped me think of ways to make them all better. We discussed herbs, spices, and flavorings, and I taught Vik about the million miraculous ways to use eggs, including a cool way to make sugar-dusted herbs and flowers with meringue powder. #Quote by Rajani LaRocca
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Mary Berry
#11. Cakes are healthy too, you just eat a small slice. #Quote by Mary Berry
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Suzanne Wright
#12. Why do you hate me?" griped Marcus.
Roni barely resisted the urge to whack her mate over the head. "I just want a little taste."
"So get your own."
"You took the last slice."
"There are other cakes."
"But I don't like them. I like chocolate cake." When he just stared at her wearing a sulky expression, she sighed. "Let me put this another way. Do you enjoy sex?"
"Then you'll share with me, and you'll like it. #Quote by Suzanne Wright
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Bernardo Atxaga
#13. My father had a similar saying. He said that in heaven there's a huge cake reserved solely for married people who've never once regretted getting married. The cake's never been touched. #Quote by Bernardo Atxaga
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Vanessa Place
#14. and do you think the new brood made it okay for Job to have seen those other sons and daughters dead, their lips shrinking to an icebox smile, or was that so much conciliatory salt on the sore, for all we know God takes us seriously, He does, you know, he blesses all our little pink toes, which he thoughtfully numbered ten, but even still we suspect that in the Big Picture we're as fungible as cakes of soap or baskets of berries, our sense of purpose pointless as a beachball, it all pisses us off proper #Quote by Vanessa Place
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Keira Knightley
#15. I worked with John Maybury on The Jacket and I think he's an extraordinary film-maker. I read the first drafts of this piece when I was working on The Jacket, and we'd so fallen in love with him that we thought he was the only person that should direct this! We wrote poems for him, we sent him champagne and cakes. Four years later he finally read it. #Quote by Keira Knightley
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Jamie Farrell
#16. He was the most handsome nightmare she had ever met. #Quote by Jamie Farrell
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Kristen Ashley
#17. Fuck me, shut the fuck up," Cal entered the conversation, glaring at both Ryker and Devin. "Caked. Jesus. Seriously? Are we talkin' about cakes? #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Anonymous
#18. It's a cake," he said, shoving both hands under the thing and raising it with some difficulty. "From my mother." He managed to put it on the table without trapping his fingers. "Can you eat it?" said Nobby. "It's taken months to get here. You'd think it would go stale." "Oh, it's to a special dwarfish recipe," said Carrot. "Dwarfish cakes don't go stale." Sergeant Colon gave it another sharp rap. "I suppose not," he conceded. "It's incredibly sustaining," said Carrot. "Practically magical. The secret has been handed down from dwarf to dwarf for centuries. One tiny piece of this and you won't want anything to eat all day." "Get away?" said Colon. "A dwarf can go hundreds of miles with a cake like this in his pack," Carrot went on. "I bet he can," said Colon gloomily, "I bet all the time he'd be thinking, 'Bloody hell, I hope I can find something else to eat soon, otherwise it's the bloody cake again. #Quote by Anonymous
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#19. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man . . ." Evie chanted as she played with Stephen in the Challons' private railway carriage. They occupied one side of a deep upholstered settee, with Sebastian lounging in the other corner. The baby clapped his tiny hands along with his grandmother, his rapt gaze fastened on her face. "Make me a cake as fast as you can . . ."
The nursery rhyme concluded, and Evie cheerfully began again. "Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake - "
"My sweet," Sebastian interrupted, "we've been involved in the manufacture of cakes ever since we set foot on the train. For my sanity, I beg you to choose another game."
"Stephen," Evie asked her grandson, "do you want to play peekaboo?"
"No," came the baby's grave answer.
"Do you want to play 'beckoning the chickens?'"
Evie's impish gaze flickered to her husband before she asked the child, "Do you want to play horsie with Gramps?"
Sebastian grinned ruefully and reached for the boy. "I knew I should have kept quiet." He sat Stephen on his knee and began to bounce him, making him squeal with delight. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Asne Seierstad
#20. War was a central theme in maths books too. School books - because the Taliban printed books soley for boys - did not calcualte in apples and cakes, but in bullets and kalasnikovs. Something like this: 'little Omar has a kalasnikov with three magazines. There are twenty bullets in each magazine. He uses two thirds of the bullets and kills sixty infidels does he kill with each bullet? #Quote by Asne Seierstad
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Kat Kaelin
#21. I replayed the moment I first saw him at the picnic throughout our years together. As corny as it may sound, from the first glance we shared near the cake stand at the picnic, the two of us remained connected like the icing on one of those made from scratch cakes... #Quote by Kat Kaelin
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Shana Abe
#22. He'd never liked tea. It seemed somewhat ridiculous to him, to interrupt his day with miniature cakes and dry, crustless sandwiches, and fragile china that always seemed about to snap in half between his fingers. Tea, Kimber reasoned, was a feminine invention, ruled by females of a certain type: ruffled, beribboned, and iron-willed. #Quote by Shana Abe
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Susan Abulhawa
#23. He looked on in silence at the proof of what Israelis already know, that their history is contrived from the bones and traditions of Palestinians. The Europeans who came knew neither hummus nor falafel but later proclaimed them authentic Jewish cuisine." They claimed the villas of Qatamon as "old Jewish homes. They had no old photographs or ancient drawings of their ancestry living on the land, loving it, and planting it. They arrived from foreign nations and uncovered coins in Palestines earth from the Canaanites, the Romans, the ottomans, then sold them as their own "ancient Jewish artifacts." They came to Jaffa and found oranges the size of watermelons and said, "Behold! The Jews are known for their oranges." But those oranges were the culmination of centuries of Palestinian farmers perfecting the art of citrus growing. #Quote by Susan Abulhawa
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Rosamund Hodge
#24. Add to that six tables of cakes, ices, and punch bowls, a group of seven musicians playing the violin, three hundred candles, and who knew how many courtiers, and the result was a room that made Rachelle feel like she was being punched in the face just by looking at it. #Quote by Rosamund Hodge
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Joseph Heller
#25. He mashed hundreds of cakes of GI soap into the sweet potatoes just to show that people have the taste of Philistines and don't know the difference between good and bad. #Quote by Joseph Heller
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Katja Millay
#26. What'd you wish?"
"I can't tell you that!" I say indignantly.
"Why not?"
"Because it won't come true." Do I really need to say this? I'm pretty sure it's a given in wish situations.
"It's the rule," I insist.
"It's only the rule with birthday cakes and shooting stars, not pennies in fountains. #Quote by Katja Millay
Jaffa Cakes quotes by George R.R. Martin
#27. A thousand years ago, she had known a girl who loved lemon cakes. No, that was not me, that was only Arya. #Quote by George R.R. Martin
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
#28. I am a curious creature and put my finger in as many cakes as I can: history, film, technology, etc. I'm also a freak for urban history, particularly Barcelona, Paris and New York. I know more weird stuff about 19th-century Manhattan than is probably healthy. #Quote by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Jenny Colgan
#29. Life was always easier, reflected Issy, when you were carrying a large Tupperware full of cakes. Everyone was happy to see you then. #Quote by Jenny Colgan
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Genevieve Nnaji
#30. Chocolates and cakes are the biggest problem I have. That is why I punish myself at the gym because I know I can't stop myself from eating what I want. I call it eating your cake and having it. #Quote by Genevieve Nnaji
Jaffa Cakes quotes by George Eliot
#31. A woman's heart must be of such a size and no larger, else it must be pressed small, like Chinese feet; her happiness is to be made as cakes are, by a fixed recipe. #Quote by George Eliot
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#32. It is the way in which the Dark returns, Harrier. I will explain, if you like."
"Oh, no," Harrier said. "I'd much rather not know a thing about what we're facing. Let me get dressed first."
A few minutes later Harrier came back, dressed for the day. He made another cup of hot cordial for Tiercel, refilled the kettle and started the water brewing for tea, and set some dried fruit to soak for griddle-cakes. "Okay. Now. Ruin my day," he invited. #Quote by Mercedes Lackey
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Ron Ben-Israel
#33. I like crazy, childlike, candy bar-filled cakes with gooey caramel, chocolate-covered nuts, marshmallows, and the like. #Quote by Ron Ben-Israel
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Washington Irving
#34. Such heaped up platters of cakes of various and almost indescribable kinds, known only to experienced Dutch housewives! There was the doughty doughnut, the tender oly koek, and the crisp and crumbling cruller; sweet cakes and short cakes, ginger cakes and honey cakes, and the whole family of cakes. And then there were apple pies, and peach pies, and pumpkin pies; besides slices of ham and smoked beef; and moreover delectable dishes of preserved plums, and peaches, and pears, and quinces; not to mention broiled shad and roasted chickens; together with bowls of milk and cream, all mingled higgledy-piggledy, pretty much as I have enumerated them, with the motherly teapot sending up its clouds of vapor from the midst
Heaven bless the mark! #Quote by Washington Irving
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#35. When the Europeans conquered America, they opened gold and silver mines and established sugar, tobacco and cotton plantations. These mines and plantations became the mainstay of American production and export. The sugar plantations were particularly important. In the Middle Ages, sugar was a rare luxury in Europe. It was imported from the Middle East at prohibitive prices and used sparingly as a secret ingredient in delicacies and snake-oil medicines. After large sugar plantations were established in America, ever-increasing amounts of sugar began to reach Europe. The price of sugar dropped and Europe developed an insatiable sweet tooth. Entrepreneurs met this need by producing huge quantities of sweets: cakes, cookies, chocolate, candy, and sweetened beverages such as cocoa, coffee and tea. The annual sugar intake of the average Englishman rose from near zero in the early seventeenth century to around eighteen pounds in the early nineteenth century. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Fred Dibnah
#36. Teaching boys to bake cakes? That's no way to maintain an industrial empire. #Quote by Fred Dibnah
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Ivan Turgenev
#37. Youth eats all the sugared fancy cakes and regards them as its daily bread. But there'll come a time when you'll start asking just for a crust. #Quote by Ivan Turgenev
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#38. I have no doubt that they lived pretty much the same sort of life in the Homeric age, for men have always thought more of eating than of fighting; then, as now, their minds ran chiefly on the "hot bread and sweet cakes;" and the fur and lumber trade is an old story to Asia and Europe. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Jamie L. Harding
#39. The best thing about being a writer is that 'work' is always something you love, plus usually accompanied by tea, coffee and cakes of some sort. #Quote by Jamie L. Harding
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Laurie Graham
By Audrey J. Rudman

Use your loveliest tablecloth. Have fresh flowers on the table. In winter, candles may be lit. Colored candles are sometimes seen, but white are in better taste.
Offer small fancy cakes, plain cookies, and tiny sandwiches, with a choice of fillings. Meat paste or cucumber are always acceptable. The service of tea is presided over by the ranking officer's wife. The courtesy should be extended to the CO's wife, if she cares to pour. #Quote by Laurie Graham
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Isaac Babel
#41. Her sponge cakes had the aroma of crucifixion.Within them was the sap of slyness and the fragrant frenzy of the Vatican. #Quote by Isaac Babel
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Eliza Leslie
#42. Beaten biscuits: This is the most laborious of cakes, and also the most unwholesome, even when made in the best manner. We do not recommend it; but there is no accounting for tastes. Children would not eat these biscuits-nor grown persons either, if they can get any other sort of bread. When living in a town where there are bakers, there is no excuse for making Maryland biscuit. Believe nobody that says they are not unwholesome ... Better to live on Indian cakes. #Quote by Eliza Leslie
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Tom Douglas
#43. When I wrote my cookbook, 'I Love Crab Cakes,' I asked some of my best chef buddies to contribute recipes. #Quote by Tom Douglas
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
#44. I wish I had eaten more rice cakes. #Quote by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Judith Fertig
#45. I loved rhubarb, that hardy, underappreciated garden survivor that leafed out just as the worst of winter melted away. Not everyone was a fan, especially of the bitter, mushy, overcooked version. Yet sometimes a little bitterness could bring out the best in other flavors. Bitter rhubarb made sunny-day strawberry face the realities of life- and taste all the better for it. As I brushed the cakes with a deep pink glaze made from sweet strawberry and bottled rhubarb bitters, I hoped I would change rhubarb doubters. Certainly, the little Bundt cakes looked as irresistible as anything I had ever seen in a French patisserie. #Quote by Judith Fertig
Jaffa Cakes quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#46. Business was doing well, because all the locals knew that dishes made from the flowers that grew around the apple tree in the Waverley garden could affect the eater in curious ways. The biscuits with lilac jelly, the lavender tea cookies, and the tea cakes made with nasturtium mayonnaise the Ladies Aid ordered for their meetings once a month gave them the ability to keep secrets. The fried dandelion buds over marigold-petal rice, stuffed pumpkin blossoms, and rose-hip soup ensured that your company would notice only the beauty of your home and never the flaws. Anise hyssop honey butter on toast, angelica candy, and cupcakes with crystallized pansies made children thoughtful. Honeysuckle wine served on the Fourth of July gave you the ability to see in the dark. The nutty flavor of the dip made from hyacinth bulbs made you feel moody and think of the past, and the salads made with chicory and mint had you believing that something good was about to happen, whether it was true or not. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen

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