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Its Over Love quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#1. The greater the love, the greater the tragedy when it's over. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Its Over Love quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#2. People who hate you because of a mere jealousy over your success hurt themselves in disguise. This is because you carry an image of who they wish they had become. Don't hate them back because they may also become like you one day and it will mean hurting that image you carry! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Its Over Love quotes by Renee Carlino
#3. Apparently while Tyler and I sat unaware, arguing over where to get the best pizza, Kyle and Josh were having a heart-to-heart. It started when Josh apologized for the scene earlier with Tinker Bell. The conversation went on and on, both of them professing their drunken love for each other while Tyler and I continued an old argument about the difference between yams and sweet potatoes - that's the kind of profound shit Tyler and I talked about. #Quote by Renee Carlino
Its Over Love quotes by Lily Bailey
#4. I'd love to learn everything all over again, but learn it right this time. I'd love to return my brain to factory settings. #Quote by Lily Bailey
Its Over Love quotes by Anamika Mishra
#5. If a certain event repeats itself over and over again, it means somewhere someone has destined it. #Quote by Anamika Mishra
Its Over Love quotes by Cameron Dokey
#6. That is what love is I thought. A possibility that becomes a choice. A choice you keep making over and over. Day after day. Year after year. Time after time. #Quote by Cameron Dokey
Its Over Love quotes by Stacy Keibler
#7. I like my home to be somewhere where my friends can feel like they can put their feet up on the couch and for it to feel like really easy living. I really love to have my friends over, cook dinner for them, catch up, and spend quality time with quality people in my life. #Quote by Stacy Keibler
Its Over Love quotes by Victor Hugo
#8. Love is a fault; so be it. Fantine was innocence floating high over fault. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Its Over Love quotes by Steve Rasnic Tem
#9. Everything is dangerous. Even in your dreams. Even if you sleep without dreams. From the moment you jump out of bed and take that first breath. Something terrible might happen. Someone's bound to die before the story is over. You might even fall in love.
-The Man On The Ceiling #Quote by Steve Rasnic Tem
Its Over Love quotes by Wendelin Van Draanen
#10. I just need some time to get over all those years of having liked him #Quote by Wendelin Van Draanen
Its Over Love quotes by Park Dietz
#11. One of the few times I'm hit emotionally is when I listen to the tapes sadists make of torturing their victims. There the person is currently suffering, you can hear them suffer, and that calls out for an empathic response. But when they're dead, when they're no longer suffering, when it's over, it's hard to feel empathetic for the corpse. #Quote by Park Dietz
Its Over Love quotes by Sylvia Day
#12. As he'd told me once, he had been the recipient of many I love yous over the years, but he'd never believed them because they hadn't been backed up with truth, trust, and honesty. The words meant little to him, which was why he refused to say them to me. I tried not to let him see how it hurt me that he wouldn't say them. I figured that was an adjustment I'd have to make to be with him. #Quote by Sylvia Day
Its Over Love quotes by Shannon A. Thompson
#13. Damn the way he had control over me. #Quote by Shannon A. Thompson
Its Over Love quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#14. Say you'll marry me, angel. You have to marry me."
With his tale of heartbreak in her mind, she feared that he wanted this for all the wrong reasons. "You just want to save me from Nathan."
"Nothing so unselfish, I assure you." He trailed his mouth down her throat. "I want you. I need you. God, how I need you."
He spoke of need, but not of love. Then again, he didn't believe in love. And though that stung, at least he was honest about it. He'd always been perfectly frank about what he wanted.
"You need me in your bed, you mean."
"Not just there, and you know it." He drew back, firm resolve sharpening his features. Cupping her head in his large hands, he met her gaze with an intense look. "I'll prove it. Agree to marry me, and I'll leave you to sleep alone tonight and every night until we're joined in matrimony. I'll behave like a respectable gentleman. And I've never done that for anyone."
Her blood thundered in her ears. She could well believe it. And something beyond desire shone in his face. Or was she just wishing on rainbows?
"I don't know, Oliver. Until I can find Nathan-"
"Nathan!" A change came over him, dark and tempestuous. "Forget about Nathan. I won't let him have you." His eyes smoldered with a passion like the one seething in her own breast. "I won't."
He started backing her toward the bed in an unconscious imitation of his blatantly sensual steps in the waltz earlier, and a thrill shot through her. "You said you woul #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Its Over Love quotes by Helene Cixous
#15. If ever again we happened to lose our balance, just when sleepwalking through the same dream on the brink of hell's valley, if ever the magical mare (whom I ride through the night air hollowed out into caverns and caves where wild animals live) in a crazy fit of anger over some word I might have said without the perfect sweetness that works on her like a charm, if ever the magic Mare looks over her shoulder and whinnies: "So! You don't love me!" and bucks me off, sends me flying to the hyenas, if ever the paper ladder that I climb so easily to go pick stars for Promethea - at the very instant that I reach out my hand and it smells like fresh new moon, so good, it makes you believe in god's genius - if ever at that very instant my ladder catches fire - because it is so fragile, all it would take is someone's brushing against it tactlessly and all that would be left is ashes - if ever I had the dreadful luck again to find myself falling screaming down into the cruel guts of separation, and emptying all my being of hope, down to the last milligram of hope, until I am able to melt into the pure blackness of the abyss and be no more than night and a death rattle,

I would really rather not be tumbling around without my pencil and paper. #Quote by Helene Cixous
Its Over Love quotes by Rick Moody
#16. Have I mentioned that I expect death around every turn, that every blue sky has a safe sailing out of it, that every bus runs me over, that every low, mean syllable uttered in my direction seems to intimate the violence of murder, that every family seems like an opportunity for ruin and every marriage a ceremony into which calamity will fall and hearts will be broken and lives destroyed and people branded by the mortifications of love? #Quote by Rick Moody
Its Over Love quotes by Louis De Bernieres
#17. All their lovers' talk began with the phrase "After the war".
After the war, when we're married, shall we live in Italy? There are nice places. My father thinks I wouldn't like it, but I would. As long as I'm with you. After the war, if we have a girl, can we call her Lemoni? After the war, if we've a son, we've got to call him Iannis. After the war, I'll speak to the children in Greek, and you can seak to them in Italian, and that way they'll grow bilingual. After the war, I'm going to write a concerto, and I'll dedicate it to you. After the war, I'm going to train to be a doctor, and I don't care if they don't let women in, I'm still going to do it. After the war I'll get a job in a convent, like Vivaldi, teaching music, and all the little girls will fall in love with me, and you'll be jealous. After the war, let's go to America, I've got relatives in Chicago. After the war we won't bring our children with any religion, they can make their own minds up when they're older. After the war, we'll get our own motorbike, and we'll go all over Europe, and you can give concerts in hotels, and that's how we'll live, and I'll start writing poems. After the war I'll get a mandola so that I can play viola music. After the war I'll love you, after the war, I'll love you, I'll love you forever, after the war. #Quote by Louis De Bernieres
Its Over Love quotes by Arjen Anthony Lucassen
#18. But I always wanted to do a theatrical stuff. But when you're in a metal band of course you're limited because five people in the band, um, you've got no keyboards ... you're limited. And I wanted ... to go over-the-top, you know. Literally. I wanted to make an album that people would either hate or love. #Quote by Arjen Anthony Lucassen
Its Over Love quotes by Patrick Ness
#19. A book, he thinks at one point, rubbing his eyes, tired from so much focused reading. It's a world all on its own, too. He looks at the cover again. A satyr playing pan pipes, far more innocent-looking than when it got up to in the story. A world made of words, Seth thinks, where you live for a while.
"And then it's over," he says. #Quote by Patrick Ness
Its Over Love quotes by Daniel Bruce Brown
#20. Hello Everyone! My name is Dan Brown and in the course of writing my first novel, some other guy, claiming to be me, had the chutzpah to steal my name and publish a book about some code that apparently became quite popular, so much so in fact that copies of it, as well as subsequent novels by the same guy, now accost me every time I visit a brick & mortar or online bookstore these days. Long story short, when I published my first novel (Roll Over, Hitler!) this past month, I decided to use my full name – Daniel Bruce Brown – which would have pleased my parents to no end had they still been alive, but basically makes me unknown to anyone who knows me by Dan Brown, which has to be, I don't know, at least ten or fifteen people. So, anyway, here I am, hoping to be "discovered" and, in the meantime, hoping to make some new friends among folks who love the written word as much as I do. #Quote by Daniel Bruce Brown
Its Over Love quotes by Haruki Murakami
#21. Way back when the Sam Peckinpah film The Wild Bunch premiered, a woman journalist raised her hand at the press conference and asked the following: "Why in the world do you have to show so much blood all over the place?" She was pretty worked up about it. One of the actors, Ernest Borgnine, looked a bit perplexed and fielded the question. "Lady, did you ever see anyone shot by a gun without bleeding?" This film came out at the height of the Vietnam War.
I love that line. That's gotta be one of the principles behind reality. Accepting things that are hard to comprehend, and leaving them that way. And bleeding. Shooting and bleeding. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Its Over Love quotes by Paulo Coelho
#22. A long time ago, when I was just a child my mother was forcing me to learn the piano, I said to myself that I would only be able to play it well when I was in love. Last night, for the first time in my life, I felt the notes leaving my fingers as if I had no control over what I was doing.
A force was guiding me, constructing melodies and chords that I never even knew I could play. I gave myself to the piano because I had just given myself to this man, without him even touching a hair o' my head. I was not myself yesterday, not when I gave myself over to sex or when I played the piano. And yet I think I was myself. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Its Over Love quotes by James Roberts
#23. Your attention for a moment. This is Rewind showing you edited footage from my database. I've probably got about naught point eight seconds before game over, so hear me out. I've always been terrified that you'd die before I did. Because you and me apart strikes me as intensely wrong. So promise me something: be brave. Be strong. And keep going without me. And another thing: no more injecting- it will kill you. And remember: you deserve to be happy. The New Institute was the old you. You're a better person now- stubborn and frustrating but wonderful! And to think I will never see you again. One more thing - one last thing - because I don't say it enough: I love you. #Quote by James Roberts
Its Over Love quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#24. To help people takes strength; to inspire people takes wisdom; to rule over them takes virtue, but to elevate them takes love. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Its Over Love quotes by B. Justin Shier
#25. And then Dieter was like, 'Over my dead body!'
"And I was thinking my roomie was about to get his wish.
"And then Rei got super vampy and was like, 'Yield to my power!'
"And then Dieter started grunting and looked super uncomfortable.
"And then Rei took a step forward.
"And then Dieter dropped to his knees, but a moment later he started going 'Reee!'
"And I was like, 'Oh, for the love of God, please don't kill me.'
"And then Rei walked over and elbowed him in the head ...
"That's about it. Oh, and there were grenades. #Quote by B. Justin Shier
Its Over Love quotes by Carian Cole
#26. Just do whatever you want. Say what you want, let yourself feel what you want. That's all that matters - that you find you. But promise me you won't avoid me anymore. How you gonna fall in love with me all over again if you stay away from me?"
"Is that what you want?"
"For you to fall in love with me? Hell yeah. That's all I fuckin' want."
Her shy, nervous laughter floats through the phone. "You don't hold back, do you?"
"But…you'd have to fall in love with me too. Not the me I used to be…because she might be gone. The me I am now and the me I might be someday. #Quote by Carian Cole
Its Over Love quotes by Cassandra Clare
#27. She looked up from closing it to find Jace watching her through hooded eyes. "And one last thing," he said. He reached over and pulled the sparking pins out of her hair, so that it fell in warm heavy curls down her neck. The sensation of hair tickling her bare skin was unfamiliar and oddly pleasant. "Much better," he said, and she thought this time that maybe his voice was uneven too. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Its Over Love quotes by Bindu
#28. Women who understand how powerful they are do not give into envy over meaningless things, instead they fight to maintain the beautiful bond of the sisterhood. These are the real women who know that we need each other's love & support to survive in this world. Love is the essence of being a woman. We must be that light of love that seals the bond & unique beauty of our sisterhood. #Quote by Bindu
Its Over Love quotes by L.J.Smith
#29. en garde, Julian. It's not over till it's over. #Quote by L.J.Smith
Its Over Love quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#30. Evie stiffened nervously when she felt his hands moving along the line of fasteners on the back of her brown wool. "What are you doing?"
"Helping you to change your gown."
"I don't want to. Not now. I… oh, please don't!"
But he persisted, sliding one hand around her front to keep her in place, while his other continued to release the row of buttons. Rather than resort to an undignified struggle, Evie flushed and held still, goose bumps rising on her exposed skin. "I w-wish you wouldn't handle me in such a cavalier manner!"
"The word 'cavalier' implies indifference," he replied, pushing the gown over her hips. It fell in a scratchy heap to the floor. "And there is nothing indifferent about my reaction to you, love."
"One could wish for a bit of respect," Evie exclaimed, shivering before him in her underclothes. "Especially after… after…"
"You don't need respect. You need comfort, and holding, and possibly a good long tumble in bed with me. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Its Over Love quotes by Graeme Simsion
#31. In Hong Kong, I read Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "Love in the Time of Cholera", in which the hero must wait until his seventies before being united with his beloved. In a moment of Melancholy, I inscribed my copy: Angelina, I will love you always. Adam and sent it to her, via Jacinta. It was an unhealthy book for me to have read at that time, and to have then inflicted on Angelina. Just wait long enough and somehow the right people will die. The starts will align, we'll get over ourselves and we'll be together. And in the meantime, what? #Quote by Graeme Simsion
Its Over Love quotes by Dan Rhodes
#32. I fell in love the moment I saw her in her grandfather's kitchen, her dark curls crashing over her Portuguese shoulders. 'Would you like to drink coffee?' she smiled.
'I'm really not that thirsty.'
'What? What you say?' Her English wasn't too good. Now I'm seventy-three and she's just turned seventy. 'Would you like to drink coffee?' she asked me today, smiling.
'I'm really not that thirsty.'
'What? What you say?' Neither of us has the gift of language acquisition. After fifty years of marriage we have never really spoken, but we love each other more than words can say. #Quote by Dan Rhodes
Its Over Love quotes by David Richo
#33. I must admit, however, that this is mostly a book of guesses - as any book on love must be. My guess is that loving is what we are here for, that love is what every one of us deserves to receive and is here to give, that love alone makes this earth the heaven it was meant to be. The guess turns into a conundrum when we realize that so many of us prefer the signs that point to heaven over heaven itself. We yearn for and talk about the love we want. We lament the love we have been deprived of. Yet we sometimes fail to take the steps that can help it happen for us.
The puzzle becomes even more confounding when we sometimes prefer the hell of no love at all, which we bring on by our own unskillful choices or by our endurance of abuse or betrayal, especially from those who say they love us. This book proposes that love is real when we dare to become as loving as we can be toward ourselves and others and as careful as we can be not to confuse a history with someone or a connection that does not work for us with true love. #Quote by David Richo
Its Over Love quotes by Anna Adams
#34. I love when the characters take over and live their own lives. I get to watch and write it all down. #Quote by Anna Adams
Its Over Love quotes by Tijan
#35. I get to see her at night."
"No deal."
"That's the only deal. I sleep over."
"She's my daughter."
"She's the love of my life". My heart was pumping so damn fast I needed to see her.
David was searching my eyes.
I let him see the truth. I needed her. That was the only way.
"Fine, but only you. Logan can't start sleeping over, too."
"He'll try."
David groaned. "You two, you just storm your way in-"
"We're family to her. We took her in when you let her go. We protected her from that woman. #Quote by Tijan
Its Over Love quotes by Nora Roberts
#36. I'd say that tea's probably strong enough to hammer nails by now. Do you still want it?"
She looked ... interesting in his shirt. Interesting enough that his blood began to churn again. "What are my options?"
"On my schedule, we have a cup of tea, a little conversation, then you get to seduce me back into bed and make love to me again before I go home."
"That's not bad, but I think it bears improving."
"Oh,and how's that?"
"We cut out the tea and conversation."
She ran her tongue over her top lip-his taste was still there-as he walked toward her. "That would take us straight to you seducing me? Correct?"
"That's my plan."
"I can be flexible."
His grin flashed. "I'd like to test that out."
They never got around to the tea. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Its Over Love quotes by Sierra DeMulder
#37. When I feel myself falling out of love with you,
I turn the record of your laughter over, reposition the needle.
I dust the dirty living room of your affection.
-Love, Forgive Me #Quote by Sierra DeMulder
Its Over Love quotes by Jacqueline E. Smith
#38. There is no such thing as perfect. But even if there was, I would pick you over perfection any day. #Quote by Jacqueline E. Smith
Its Over Love quotes by K. Bromberg
#39. Sometimes our journeys in life seem to take forever to get to the culmination of our efforts - to achieving the goal. And once we do, it goes so fast and then it's over. #Quote by K. Bromberg
Its Over Love quotes by Cynthia Lewis
#40. The longer the test the better you feel when it's over. #Quote by Cynthia Lewis
Its Over Love quotes by Megan Hart
#41. People are complicated, and they hurt each other. Effie Linton had known this for a long time, just as she knew that sometimes those wounds were inflicted deliberately, over and over, and not with fists or weapons. Sometimes, they did it with love. #Quote by Megan Hart
Its Over Love quotes by Wordions
#42. Our first and strongest love is actually, not a person, but an image that we form very early in our life.

All the loves we have had in the real, are an attempt to superimpose this image over an actual person, who resembles it to an extent.
Some may get lucky, but for most real love happens only after they grow enough to be able to see the image and the person separately, acknowledge the differences and still love them. #Quote by Wordions
Its Over Love quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#43. Next week is Beltane," she reminded him. "Do you suppose we will make it through the wedding this time?"
"Not if Gideon says you cannot get out of this bed," he countered sternly.
"Absolutely not!" she burst out, making him wince and cover the ear she'd been too close to. She immediately regretted her thoughtlessness, making a sad sound before reaching to kiss the ear she had offended with quiet gentleness.
Jacob extricated himself from her hold enough to allow himself to turn and face her.
"Okay, explain what you meant," he said gently.
"I refuse to wait another six months. We are getting married on Beltane, come hell or . . . necromancers . . . or . . . the creature from the Black Lagoon. There is no way Corrine is going to be allowed to get married without me getting married, too. I refuse to listen to her calling me the family hussy for the rest of the year."
"What does it matter what she says?" Jacob sighed as he reached to touch the soft contours of her face. "You and I are bonded in a way that transcends marriage already. Is that not what is important?"
"No. What's important is the fact that I am going to murder the sister I love if she doesn't quit. And she will not quit until I shut her up either with a marriage or a murder weapon. Understand?"
Clearly, by his expression, Jacob did not understand.
"Thank Destiny all I have is a brother," he said dryly. "I have been inundated with people tied into knots over one sister or a #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank

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