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Islands quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#1. The nations of the earth through the centuries of time have waged war to gain territory. I think ours is the only nation on the face of the earth which has not claimed territory gained out of conflict.

I have stood in the American Military Cemetery in Suresnes, France, where are buried some who died in the First World War. Among those was my eldest brother. It is a quiet and hallowed place, a remembrance of great sacrifice 'to make the world safe for democracy.' No territory was claimed by America as recompense for the sacrifices of those buried there.

I have stood in reverence in the beautiful American military cemetery on the outskirts of Manila in the Philippines. There marble crosses and the Star of David stand in perfect symmetry marking the burial places of some 17,000 Americans who lost their lives in the Second World War. Surrounding that sacred ground are marble colonnades on which are incised the names of another 35,000 who were lost in the battles of the Pacific during that terrible conflict. After so great a sacrifice there was victory, but there was never a claim for territory except for some small islands over which we have had guardianship.

I have been up and down South Korea from the 38th parallel in the North to Pusan in the South, and I have seen the ridges and the valleys where Americans fought and died, not to save their own land but to preserve freedom for people who were strangers to them but whom they acknowledged to be #Quote by Gordon B. Hinckley
Islands quotes by Juliana Hatfield
#2. Puerto Rico has a stray dog problem. Tens of thousands of homeless canines - hundreds of thousands, by some estimates - live and die on the streets and beaches all over this Caribbean island of almost four million people. #Quote by Juliana Hatfield
Islands quotes by Noel Fielding
#3. Yeah? Rock 'n' Roll is fast, you know. If all goes according to plan I could be in rehab next thursday. Tuesday week I'll be living on an island with a small Indian boy. #Quote by Noel Fielding
Islands quotes by John Millington Synge
#4. Every article on these islands has an almost personal character, which gives this simple life, where all art is unknown, something of the artistic beauty of medieval life. #Quote by John Millington Synge
Islands quotes by Umberto Eco
#5. Sometimes I look a the Moon, and I imagine that those darker spots are caverns, cities, islands, and the places that shine are those where the sea catches the light of the sun like the glass of a mirror ... I would like to tell of war and friendship among the various parts of the body, the arms that do battle with the feet, and the veins that make love with the arteries or the bones with the marrow. All the stories I would like to write persecute me when I am in my chamber, it seems as if they are all around me, the little devils, and while one tugs at my ear, another tweaks my nose, and each says to me, 'Sir, write me, I am beautiful'. #Quote by Umberto Eco
Islands quotes by Scott O'Dell
#6. Below me Rontu was running along the cliffs barking at the screaming gulls. Pelicans were chattering as they finished the blue water. But suddenly I thought of Tutok, and the island seemed very quiet. #Quote by Scott O'Dell
Islands quotes by Tim Bishop
#7. In my district, the budget scales back and eliminates several long-term shore protection projects important to the safety and economic security of Long Island. #Quote by Tim Bishop
Islands quotes by Howard E. Koch
#8. Never had there been such an opportunity for the dissemination of knowledge ... . But the obverse is also true. We can have thrust upon us a false picture of reality as distorting as the trick mirrors in a Coney Island funhouse. #Quote by Howard E. Koch
Islands quotes by John Cowper Powys
#9. A bookshop is powder-magazine, a dynamite-shed, a drugstore of poisons, a bar of intoxicants, a den of opiates, an island of sirens. #Quote by John Cowper Powys
Islands quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#10. forces on taking sugar islands in the West Indies or besieging Gibraltar or collecting an assault force for the invasion of Britain, because the place to defeat the English was in America. Pleas from the Continental Congress to the same purpose were having effect. From George Washington himself came a letter to La Luzerne, French Minister to the United States, stressing the need of naval superiority and asking for a French fleet to come to America. As forerunner, seven ships of the line under Admiral de Ternay, d'Estaing's successor, came into Newport in July, 1780, bringing a man and a small land army #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Islands quotes by Neil Gaiman
#11. Do you know what you're going to do now?" she asked. "See the world," said Bod. "Get into trouble. Get out of trouble again. Visit jungles and volcanoes and deserts and islands. And people. I want to meet an awful lot of people. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Islands quotes by Andrew Park
#12. How sweet to move at summer's eve
By Clyde's meandering stream,
When Sol in joy is seen to leave
The earth with crimson beam;
When islands that wandered far
Above his sea couch lie,
And here and there some gem-like star
Re-opes its sparkling eye. #Quote by Andrew Park
Islands quotes by Joan Didion
#13. On the flight to LaGuardia I remember thinking that the most beautiful things I had ever seen had all been seen from airplanes. The way the American west opens up. The way in which, on a polar flight across the Arctic, the islands in the sea give way imperceptibly to lakes on the land. The sea between Greece and Cyprus in the morning. The Alps on the way to Milan. I saw all those things with John. How could I go back to Paris without him, how could I go back to Milan, Honolulu, Bogotá? I couldn't even go to Boston. #Quote by Joan Didion
Islands quotes by Henry Miller
#14. Christ will never more come down to earth nor will there be any law-giver, nor will murder cease nor theft, nor rape, and yet ... and yet one expects something, something terrifyingly marvellous and absurd, perhaps a cold lobster with mayonnaise served gratis, perhaps an invention, like the electric light, like television, only more devastating, more soul rending, an invention unthinkable that will bring a shattering calm and void, not the calm and void of death but of life such as the monks dreamed, such as is dreamed still in the Himalayas, in Tibet, in Lahore, in the Aleutian Islands, in Polynesia, in Easter Island, the dream of men before the flood, before the word was written, the dream of cave men and anthropophagists, of those with double sex and short tails, of those who are said to be crazy and have no way of defending themselves because they are outnumbered by those who are not crazy. #Quote by Henry Miller
Islands quotes by Anthony Carmona
#15. I sometimes detect that a type of regional divide is setting in, and there is a lack of real Caribbean connection among the islands, and I am concerned about this. #Quote by Anthony Carmona
Islands quotes by El Fuego
#16. Take me to unexplored paradise & one of your best islands, I want to cross the pacific ocean and make a great memory. Let's go to the eastern coast of the Philippines where the waves meet the sky. You know where it is! #Quote by El Fuego
Islands quotes by Jessica Clare
#17. A six-week island getaway and a book deal any way I looked at it. I glanced over at Jeannie and she was giving me a death glare. Islands or Boss from Hell. Coconut Hell or Editorial Hell. Sand in my swimsuit crack every day for two months, or jeannie up my ass for the rest of my life. #Quote by Jessica Clare
Islands quotes by Cecily McMillan
#18. I would like to start a discussion about ending solitary confinement. I'd like to start a discussion about the removal of MO wings - an "MO" is a "Mental Observation" inmate - from Rikers Island, to be set up in mental health institutions. You can't put people in jail for having mental disorders. #Quote by Cecily McMillan
Islands quotes by Tzvetan Todorov
#19. Every individual is multicultural; cultures are not monolithic islands but criss-crossed alluvial plains. Individual identity stems from the encounter of multiple collective identities within one and the same person; each of our various affiliations contributes to the formation of the unique creature that we are. Human beings are not all similar, or entirely different; they are all plural within themselves, and share their constitutive traits with very varied groups, combining them in an individual way. The cohabitation of different types of belonging within each one of us does not in general cause any problems- and this ought , in turn, to arouse admiration: like a juggler, we keep all the balls of our identity in the air at once, with the greatest ease!
Individual identity results from the interweaving of several collective identities; it is not alone in this respect. What is the origin of the culture of a human group? The reply- paradoxically- is that it comes from previous cultures. A new culture arises from the encounter between several smaller cultures, or from the decomposition of a bigger culture, or from interaction with neighboring culture. There is never a human life prior to the advent of culture. #Quote by Tzvetan Todorov
Islands quotes by Mark Falcoff
#20. Younger Cuban Americans who have decided to go to the island always come back telling me "that isn't the country my grandparents have told me about." #Quote by Mark Falcoff
Islands quotes by Tim Bishop
#21. We need to get serious about combating gang violence on Long Island, and the entire nation. #Quote by Tim Bishop
Islands quotes by Kenneth Williams
#22. All problems have to be solved eventually by ONESELF, and that's where all your lovely John Donne stuff turns out to be a load of crap because, in the last analysis, A MAN IS AN ISLAND #Quote by Kenneth Williams
Islands quotes by Jack Johnson
#23. Go to the east shore of any of the Hawaiian Islands, and that's a pretty big lesson on how much plastic is ending up in the ocean. Basically, the Hawaiian Islands act as a filter out in the middle of the Pacific. #Quote by Jack Johnson
Islands quotes by Suchen Christine Lim
#24. For what is life but a succession of change; of one thing after another; painful beginnings, fearful setting out into the unknown, leaving what we are for what we have not yet become. We sail forth boldly, keeping a steady keel and a keen eye on the horizon, to reach islands, land whose fragrance we sniff at at the edge of our dreams; and so we sail on, hoping that the next landfall will be our own bit of earth. #Quote by Suchen Christine Lim
Islands quotes by Mike Bond
#25. We sat bathed in luscious darkness, Casco Bay's thousand islands spread out before us like a diamond quilt. 'I don't get enough of this,' she said. #Quote by Mike Bond
Islands quotes by David Downie
#26. Depending on which flavor of academic scholarship you prefer, that age had its roots in the Renaissance or Mannerist periods in Germany, England, and Italy. It first bloomed in France in the garden of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the 1780s. Others point to François-René de Chateaubriand's château circa 1800 or Victor Hugo's Paris apartments in the 1820s and '30s. The time frame depends on who you ask. All agree Romanticism reached its apogee in Paris in the 1820s to 1840s before fading, according to some circa 1850 to make way for the anti-Romantic Napoléon III and the Second Empire, according to others in the 1880s when the late Romantic Decadents took over. Yet others say the period stretched until 1914 - conveniently enduring through the debauched Belle Époque before expiring in time for World War I and the arrival of that other perennial of the pigeonhole specialists, modernism.

There are those, however, who look beyond dates and tags and believe the Romantic spirit never died, that it overflowed, spread, fractured, came back together again like the Seine around its islands, morphed into other isms, changed its name and address dozens of times as Nadar and Balzac did and, like a phantom or vampire or other supernatural invention of the Romantic Age, it thrives today in billions of brains and hearts. The mother ship, the source, the living shrine of Romanticism remains the city of Paris. #Quote by David Downie
Islands quotes by Charlotte Eriksson
#27. You are to me like white islands, in a world of vast darkness. #Quote by Charlotte Eriksson
Islands quotes by William James
#28. Our lives are like islands in the sea, or like trees in the forest, which co-mingle their roots in the darkness underground. #Quote by William James
Islands quotes by Martin McGuinness
#29. It is Cameron's cabinet of millionaires who are the real spongers given free rein to live out their Thatcherite fantasies at the expense of ordinary, decent communities throughout these islands. #Quote by Martin McGuinness
Islands quotes by Bernard Spencer
#30. Aegean Islands 1940-41

Where white stares, smokes or breaks,
Thread white, white of plaster and of foam,
Where sea like a wall falls;
Ribbed, lionish coast,
The stony islands which blow into my mind
More often than I imagine my grassy home;

To sun one's bones beside the
Explosive, crushed-blue, nostril-opening sea
(The weaving sea, splintered with sails and foam,
Familiar of famous and deserted harbours,
Of coins with dolphins on and fallen pillars.)

To know the gear and skill of sailing,
The drenching race for home and the sail-white houses,
Stories of Turks and smoky ikons,
Cry of the bagpipe, treading
Of the peasant dancers;

The dark bread
The island wine and the sweet dishes;
All these were elements in a happiness
More distant now than any date like '40,
A. D. or B. C., ever can express. #Quote by Bernard Spencer
Islands quotes by Erwin W. Lutzer
#31. Within evangelicalism is a distressing drift toward accepting a Christianity that does not demand a life-changing walk with God. Many evangelicals (today) do not realize that the church has always been an island of righteousness in a sea of paganism, but as a result they turned the world upside-down. #Quote by Erwin W. Lutzer
Islands quotes by Ed Yong
#32. When microbiologists first started cataloguing the human microbiome in its entirety they hoped to discover a "core" microbiome: a group of species that everyone shares. It's now debatable if that core exists. Some species are common, but none is everywhere. If there is a core, it exists at the level of functions, not organisms. There are certain jobs, like digesting a certain nutrient or carrying out a specific metabolic trick, that are always filled by some microbe-just not always the same one. You see the same trend on a bigger scale. In New Zealand, kiwis root through leaf litter in search of worms, doing what a badger might do in England. Tigers and clouded leopards stalk the forests of Sumatra but in cat-free Madagascar that same niche is filled by a giant killer mongoose called the fossa; meanwhile, in Komodo, a huge lizard claims the top predator role. Different islands, different species, same jobs. The islands in question could be huge land masses, or individual people. #Quote by Ed Yong
Islands quotes by Jane Jacobs
#33. Expanding the Toronto Island Airport will undermine the downtown's economy and liveability and intensify pollution and smog from Oshawa to Oakville. I urge Torontonians to close down this dangerous Trojan horse and get on with planning constructive and delightful ways of using our magnificent lakeside assets. #Quote by Jane Jacobs
Islands quotes by Bernie Sanders
#34. Now all of the ideas that I'm talking about, they are not radical ideas. Making public colleges and universities tuition free, that exists in countries all over the world, used to exist in the United States. Rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, and creating 13 million jobs by doing away with tax loopholes that large corporations now enjoy by putting their money into the Cayman Islands and other tax havens. That is not a radical idea. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Islands quotes by Mark Twain
#35. And now the minister prayed. A good, generous prayer it was, and went into details: it pleaded for the church, and the little children of the church; for the other churches of the village; for the village itself; for the county; for the State; for the State officers; for the United States; for the churches of the United States; for Congress; for the President; for the officers of the Government; for poor sailors, tossed by stormy seas; for the oppressed millions groaning under the heel of European monarchies and Oriental despotisms; for such as have the light and the good tidings, and yet have not eyes to see nor ears to hear withal; for the heathen in the far islands of the sea; and closed with a supplication that the words he was about to speak might find grace and favor, and be as seed sown in fertile ground, yielding in time a grateful harvest of good. Amen. #Quote by Mark Twain
Islands quotes by John Gibson Paton
#36. And over that side of the island all their sacred men were at work trying to kill me by their (magical) arts. Messengers arrived from every quarter of the island, inquiring anxiously about my health, and wondering if I was not feeling sick. #Quote by John Gibson Paton
Islands quotes by Mata Amritanandamayi
#37. Today people live to work rather than work for a living. They have forgotten their true goal in life. Subsequently they have forgotten their dharma. There is no communication between hearts, there is no sharing. Having lost contact with other's hearts, we become totally isolated. But in truth we are not isolated islands, we are links that form one chain. #Quote by Mata Amritanandamayi
Islands quotes by Jennifer Garner
#38. I mean, I didn't ever watch 'Gilligan's Island' and think, 'Those people are actors.' I lived in West Virginia. Hollywood just felt like this total other universe. #Quote by Jennifer Garner
Islands quotes by Charles Grandison Finney
#39. This is the circus of Dr. Lao.
We show you things that you don't know.
We tell you of places you'll never go.
We've searched the world both high and low
To capture the beasts for this marvelous show
From mountains where maddened winds did blow
To islands where zephyrs breathed sweet and low.
Oh, we've spared no pains and we've spared no dough;
And we've dug at the secrets of long ago;
And we've risen to Heaven and plunged Below,
For we wanted to make it one hell of a show.
And the things you'll see in your brains will glow
Long past the time when the winter snow
Has frozen the summer's furbelow.
For this is the circus of Dr. Lao.
And youth may come and age may go;
But no more circuses like this show! #Quote by Charles Grandison Finney
Islands quotes by Giles Milton
#40. The local natives were particularly curious to know why the English required such huge quantities of pepper and there was much scratching of heads until it was finally agreed that English houses were so cold that the walls were plastered with crushed pepper in order to produce heat. #Quote by Giles Milton
Islands quotes by Colin Woodard
#41. several hundred English lived on Tortuga, the westernmost part of the sprawling British Leeward Islands #Quote by Colin Woodard
Islands quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#42. Monsieur Franqulin, inventor of electricity. This
illustrious savant, after having made several voyages around the
world, died on the Sandwich Islands and was devoured by savages,
of whom not a single fragment was ever recovered. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Islands quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#43. All men leave the harbour of youth, but only few reach the very far island of wisdom! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Islands quotes by Richard Francis Burton
#44. Little islands are all large prisons; one cannot look at the sea without wishing for the wings of a swallow. #Quote by Richard Francis Burton
Islands quotes by W. H. Auden
#45. The poet who writes "free" verse is like Robinson Crusoe on his desert island: he must do all his cooking, laundry and darning for himself. In a few exceptional cases, this manly independence produces something original and impressive, but more often the result is squalor dirty sheets on the unmade bed and empty bottles on the unswept floor. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Islands quotes by Freeman Dyson
#46. As finite creatures who think and feel, we can create islands of meaning in the sea of information. #Quote by Freeman Dyson
Islands quotes by Jeff Corwin
#47. When you're in the middle of nowhere, when you're on this tiny little island, probably one of ten people ever to step foot on this island, it's taken you a week to get there by boat - and you step near to an albatross nest. It doesn't even look at you as the enemy. You get this great nature moment. Until you realize the albatross, along with the thousands of other winged albatrosses next to it, has constructed its nest of trash. #Quote by Jeff Corwin
Islands quotes by RZA
#48. I advise everyone to find an island in this life. Find a place where this culture can't take energy away from you, sap your will and originality. Since anything physical can be mental, that island can be your home. Turn off the electromagnetic waves being forced upon you, the countless invisible forces coming at you all the time. #Quote by RZA
Islands quotes by Tamora Pierce
#49. There is a saying in the Islands. Beware the women of the warrior class, for all they touch is both decorative and deadly.-Yuki #Quote by Tamora Pierce
Islands quotes by Lauren Oliver
#50. When she was little, she'd liked to pretend that stars were really lights anchoring distant islands, as if she wasn't looking up but only out across a dark sea. She knew the truth now but still found stars comforting, especially in their sameness. A sky full of burning replicas. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Islands quotes by Pope Francis
#51. From the peak of Chimborazo (volcano) to the Pacific coast, from the Amazon rainforest to the Galapagos Islands, may you never lose the ability to thank God for what he has done and is doing for you, may you never lose the ability to protect what is small and simple, to care for your children and your elderly, to have confidence in the young, and to be constantly struck by the nobility of your people and the singular beauty of your country. #Quote by Pope Francis
Islands quotes by Anna Carey
#52. If The Islands South Ever Vanish, Even Further Into Navy Depths, My Eloise Could Appreciate Lovly Endless Blues. #Quote by Anna Carey
Islands quotes by Marlena De Blasi
#53. Sicily could only be an island, less by the caprice of nature than by her own insolence. As though she might have quit Italy had she not already been born separate from it. #Quote by Marlena De Blasi
Islands quotes by Patricia J. Williams
#54. In the law, rights are islands of empowerment ... Rights contain images of power, and manipulating those images, either visually or linguistically, is central in the making and maintenance of rights. In principle, therefore, the more dizzyingly diverse the images that are propagated, the more empowered we will be as a society. #Quote by Patricia J. Williams
Islands quotes by Nancy Mitford
#55. -(...)I should like you to be on the verge of love but not yet quite in it. That's a very nice state of mind, while it lasts.
-But of course, I had already dived over that verge and was swimming away in a blue sea of illusion towards, I supposed, the islands of the blest, but really towards domesticity, maternity and the usual lot of womankind. #Quote by Nancy Mitford
Islands quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#56. We're all trying to get to the same island, whether you swim, fly, surf, or skydive in, it doesn't matter. What matters is when the red light [camera] comes on. #Quote by Jerry Seinfeld
Islands quotes by Donald L. Carcieri
#57. The place of exciting innovation - where the action is - that's Rhode Island! #Quote by Donald L. Carcieri
Islands quotes by Tim Dorsey
#58. It's the big new bridge," said Serge. "Takes you right across Lake What-the-Fuck." "Is that another real name?" "No," said Serge. "That's what I call it. It's really named Lake Surprise. But surprise is usually something good that provides delight, like winning the lottery or reaching in the back of the fridge and finding an unexpected jar of olives. But this lake got its name because it pissed people off." "How'd it do that?" "Another funny story. When Henry Flagler started the Overseas Railroad down the Keys, he looked for the route with the most land, because bridges over water cost more. So he sent out surveyors, and they began laying tracks south from the mainland of Florida, across some little islands and an isthmus to Key Largo. And I can't believe they built that far before realizing that right in the middle of a big chunk of land was this giant lake, and now they have to build an extra bridge that wasn't in the budget. #Quote by Tim Dorsey
Islands quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#59. Sometimes I feel like the Tom Hanks character in Big. But my life is not a movie. I never have to go back to Coney Island to find the fortune-teller machine so I have to grow up again. #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Islands quotes by Juan Gines De Sepulveda
#60. The Spaniards are perfectly right to govern these barbarians of the New World and adjacent islands; they are in prudence, ingenuity, virtue, and humanity as inferior to the Spaniards as children are to adults and women are to men, there being as much difference between them as that between wild and cruel and very merciful persons, the prodigiously intemperate and the continent and tempered, and I daresay from apes to men #Quote by Juan Gines De Sepulveda
Islands quotes by Anna Friel
#61. You can see when an actor gets bored: Their eyes go dead. I promised myself I'd never let that happen. If it does, I'll go and live on a desert island for a year. #Quote by Anna Friel
Islands quotes by Vasily Grossman
#62. Chekhov said: let's put God - and all these grand progressive ideas - to one side. Let's begin with man; let's be kind and attentive to the individual man - whether he's a bishop, a peasant, an industrial magnate, a convict in the Sakhalin Islands, or a waiter in a restaurant. Let's begin with respect, compassion, and love for the individual - or we'll never get anywhere. #Quote by Vasily Grossman
Islands quotes by Jay-Z
#63. Housing projects are a great metaphor for the government's relationship to poor folks: these huge islands built mostly in the middle of nowhere, designed to warehouse lives. People are still people, though, so we turned the projects into real communities, poor or not. We played in fire hydrants and had cookouts and partied, music bouncing off concrete walls. But even when we could shake off the full weight of those imposing buildings and try to just live, the truth of our lives and struggle was still invisible to the larger country. The rest of the country was freed of any obligation to claim us. Which was fine, because we weren't really claiming them, either. #Quote by Jay-Z
Islands quotes by Jack Adams
#64. The good news was that Enterprise and the newly arrived Yorktown had attacked the Marshall and Gilbert islands. Those attacks had a great effect on morale. #Quote by Jack Adams
Islands quotes by Yann Martel
#65. They would emerge a short distance away, sometimes three or four of them, a short lived archipelago of volcanic islands. #Quote by Yann Martel
Islands quotes by Frank Fraser Darling
#66. The bald unpalatable fact is emphasized that the Highlands and Islands are largely a devastated terrain, and that any policy which ignores this fact cannot hope to achieve rehabilitation. #Quote by Frank Fraser Darling
Islands quotes by Ernest Bevin
#67. Ernest Bevin had many of the strongest characteristics of the English race. His manliness, his common sense, his rough simplicity, sturdiness and kind heart, easy geniality and generosity, all are qualities which we who live in the southern part of this famous island regard with admiration. #Quote by Ernest Bevin
Islands quotes by Lisel Mueller
#68. What can I say to convince you
the Houses of Parliament dissolve
night after night to become
the fluid dream of the Thames?
I will not return to a universe
of objects that don't know each other,
as if islands were not the lost children
of one great continent. The world
is flux, and light becomes what it touches. #Quote by Lisel Mueller
Islands quotes by David Copperfield
#69. I discovered Musha Cay and the islands around it in the Exumas. #Quote by David Copperfield
Islands quotes by Dominique Pire
#70. There is perhaps no surer road to peace than the one that starts from little islands and oases of genuine kindness, islands and oases constantly growing in number and being continually joined together until eventually they ring the world. #Quote by Dominique Pire
Islands quotes by Russell Lynes
#71. The Good Quality Snob, or wearer of muted tweeds, cut almost exactly the same from year to year, often with a hat of the same material, [is] native to the Boston North Shore, the Chicago North Shore, the North Shore of Long Island, to Westchester County, the Philadelphia Main Line and the Peninsula area of San Francisco. #Quote by Russell Lynes
Islands quotes by Shannon MacLeod
#72. Faolan stretched out on the blanket, propping his head on one elbow thoughtfully. "Eire is fine enough, I suppose," he began, "but if I could have one wish, I'd show ye my Highlands. I'd take ye to the tops of the mountains and show ye where the golden eagles nest. I want ye to see
the sun rise and set over the moors. I want to make love to ye in the heather with the warm sun beating down on us." His eyes widened as an idea occurred to him. "We could sail out to one of the far islands and have it all to ourselves, like Adam and Eve in our very own Eden. I'd take ye walking on the beach in the moonlight, and I wouldna have to share ye with anyone but the selkies." He gave her hand a gentle squeeze. "I'd teach ye to ride and hunt and fish, mo ruadh, and bank the fires to keep ye warm through the cold winter months." With a blissful sigh, he pulled her tight against him and buried his face in the crook of her neck. "'Twould be heaven for sure,"
he said, and she could hear the smile in his voice when his lips brushed her ear, "pizza or no. #Quote by Shannon MacLeod
Islands quotes by Alan Lightman
#73. Each act is an island in time, to be judged on its own. #Quote by Alan Lightman
Islands quotes by Jessica Day George
#74. It was a palace, made entirely of gold, sitting on an island of silver snow at the very top of the world. East of the sun, and west of the moon. #Quote by Jessica Day George
Islands quotes by Mortimer Zuckerman
#75. Natural erosion had reduced the critical barrier islands in the Gulf, the result of the destruction of some 300,000 acres of wetlands. This amounted to 30 miles of marshlands. #Quote by Mortimer Zuckerman
Islands quotes by Giles Milton
#76. The voyage had proved a human and financial disaster. Of the 198 men who rounded the Cape, only 25 returned alive. Worse still, two of the three ships had been lost and the one that did manage to limp into port was carrying not spices but scurvy. Lancaster had proved--if proof was needed--that the spice trade involved risks that London's merchants could ill afford. It was not until they learned that the Dutch had entered the spice race, and achieved a remarkable success, that they would consider financing a new expedition to the islands of the East Indies. #Quote by Giles Milton
Islands quotes by Caitlin Flanagan
#77. What the altar-bound of today end up buying from their numberless vendors is a dog's breakfast of bridal excess - part society wedding of the twenties, part Long Island Italian wedding of the fifties. It's The Philadelphia Story and The Wedding Singer served up together in one curious and costly buffet. #Quote by Caitlin Flanagan
Islands quotes by Victor Blanchard Scheffer
#78. Throughout history, men have tried to play God by moving rabbits, goats, sparrows, mongooses, and a hundred other species to oceanic islands and island continents, and later have wished to God they hadn't. #Quote by Victor Blanchard Scheffer
Islands quotes by Derrick Jensen
#79. Does anyone beside me experience a deep sorrow that someone called a "Hero for the Planet" and a "star of the sustainability movement" is designing truck factories and Nike headquarters? Ninety percent of the large fish in the ocean are gone. Ninety-seven percent of the world's native forests have been cut. There are 2 million dams just in the United States. Once-mighty flocks of passenger pigeons are gone. Islands full of great aucks, gone. Rich runs of salmon, gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. The oceans are filled with plastic. Every stream in the United States is contaminated with carcinogens. The world is being killed, and this is the respond? Not only am I angry, not only am I disgusted, I am also deeply, deeply sorrowful.
And I am deeply ashamed.
We need to act differently. #Quote by Derrick Jensen
Islands quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#80. elsewhere other powers still dwell. There is power, too, of another kind in the Shire. But all such places will soon become islands under siege, if things go on as they are going. The Dark Lord is putting forth all his strength. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Islands quotes by Lilikala K. Kame'eleihiwa
#81. We, the Hawaiian people, who are born from the union of Papahanaumoku and Wakea, earth mother and sky father, and who have lived in these islands for over 100 generations, will always have the moral right to the lands of Hawai'i now and forever, no matter what any court says. #Quote by Lilikala K. Kame'eleihiwa
Islands quotes by Denis Waitley
#82. Most people spend their entire lives on a fantasy island called 'Someday I'll.' #Quote by Denis Waitley
Islands quotes by Lili'uokalani
#83. Now to avoid any collision of armed forces, and perhaps the loss of life, I do this under protest and impelled by said force yield my authority until such time as the Government of the United States shall, upon facts being presented to it, undo the action of its representatives and reinstate me in the authority which I claim as the Constitutional Sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands. #Quote by Lili'uokalani
Islands quotes by Muriel Rukeyser
#84. Waiting for Icarus "

He said he would be back and we'd drink wine together
He said that everything would be better than before
He said we were on the edge of a new relation
He said he would never again cringe before his father
He said that he was going to invent full-time
He said he loved me that going into me
He said was going into the world and the sky
He said all the buckles were very firm
He said the wax was the best wax
He said Wait for me here on the beach
He said Just don't cry

I remember the gulls and the waves
I remember the islands going dark on the sea
I remember the girls laughing
I remember they said he only wanted to get away from me
I remember mother saying : Inventors are like poets,
a trashy lot
I remember she told me those who try out inventions are worse
I remember she added : Women who love such are the
Worst of all
I have been waiting all day, or perhaps longer.
I would have liked to try those wings myself.
It would have been better than this. #Quote by Muriel Rukeyser
Islands quotes by John Meade Falkner
#85. It is sad when man's unhappiness veils from him the smiling face of nature. The promise of the early morning was maintained. The sky was of a translucent blue, broken with islands and continents of clouds, dazzling white like cotton-wool. A soft, warm breeze blew from the west, the birds sang merrily in every garden bush, and Cullerne was a town of gardens, where men could sit each under his own vine and fig-tree. The bees issued forth from their hives, and hummed with cheery droning chorus in the ivy-berries that covered the wall-tops with deep purple. The old vanes on the corner pinnacles of Saint Sepulchre's tower shone as if they had been regilt. Great flocks of plovers flew wheeling over Cullerne marsh, and flashed with a blinking silver gleam as they changed their course suddenly. Even through the open window of the organist's room fell a shaft of golden sunlight that lit up the peonies of the faded, threadbare carpet.

But inside beat two poor human hearts, one unhappy and one hopeless, and saw nothing of the gold vanes, or the purple ivy-berries, or the plovers, or the sunlight, and heard nothing of the birds or the bees. #Quote by John Meade Falkner
Islands quotes by Alan Bradley
#86. A conversation between a person of my age and one of hers is like a map of a maze: There are things that each of us knows, and that each of us knows the other knows, that can be talked about. But there are things that each of us knows that the other doesn't know we know, which must not be spoken of, no matter what. Because of our ages, and for reasons of decency, there are what Daffy would refer to as taboos: forbidden topics which we may stroll among like islands of horse dung in the road that, although perfectly evident to both of us, must not be mentioned or kicked at any cost.
It's a strange world when you come right down to it. #Quote by Alan Bradley
Islands quotes by Carl Jung
#87. Somewhere there was once a Flower, a Stone, a Crystal, a Queen, a King, a Palace, a Lover and his Beloved, and this was long ago, on an Island somewhere in the ocean 5,000 years ago ... Such is Love, the Mystic Flower of the Soul. This is the Center, the Self. #Quote by Carl Jung
Islands quotes by Mike Parker
#88. Ordnance Survey maps in all their shapes and sizes are the most beautiful manifestation of twentieth-century British functional design. Ever since I can remember, I have spent stolen moments, wasted evenings and secret hours studying the mystery and beauty of the Ordnance Survey maps of these islands. The concrete trig points that had originally been used in their creation became almost as powerful in mystical properties for me as standing stones. Bill Drummond, #Quote by Mike Parker
Islands quotes by Olaudah Equiano
#89. When we have had some of these slaves on board my master's vessels to carry them to other islands, or to America, I have known our mates to commit these acts most shamefully, to the disgrace, not of Christians only, but of men. I have even known them gratify their brutal passion with females not ten years old; and these abominations some of them practised to such scandalous excess, that one of our captains discharged the mate and others on that account. #Quote by Olaudah Equiano
Islands quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#90. The ship drew on and had safely passed the strait, which some volcanic shock has made between the Calasareigne and Jaros islands; had doubled Pomegue, and approached the harbor under topsails, jib, and spanker, but so slowly and sedately that the idlers, with that instinct which is the forerunner of evil, asked one another what misfortune could have happened on board. However, those experienced in navigation saw plainly that if any accident had occurred, it was not to the vessel herself, for she bore down with all the evidence of being skilfully handled, the anchor a-cockbill, the jib-boom guys already eased off, and standing by the side of the pilot, who was steering the Pharaon towards the narrow entrance of the inner port, was a young man, who, with activity and vigilant eye, watched every motion of the ship, and repeated each direction of the pilot. #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Islands quotes by Bill Bryson
#91. Suddenly we were in Hawaii - tropical mountains running down to sparkling seas, sweeping bays, flawless beaches guarded by listing palms, little green and rocky islands standing off the headlands. From time to time we drove through sunny canefields, overlooked by the steep, blue eminence of the Great Dividing Range. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Islands quotes by Linda Colley
#92. It would be wrong to interpret the growth of British national consciousness in this period in terms of a new cultural and political uniformity being resolutely imposed on the peripheries of the island by its centre. For many poorer and less literate Britons, Scotland, Wales and England remained more potent rallying calls than Great Britain, except in times of danger from abroad. And even among the politically educated, it was common to think in terms of dual nationalities, not a single national identity. #Quote by Linda Colley
Islands quotes by Ralph McTell
#93. I love the traditional music of all our islands - Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales , but I suppose I'm viewed pretty much as an English songwriter and I'm going to try and do an English album, and I wouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed to do Scarborough Fair and Spencer the Rover and stuff like that. #Quote by Ralph McTell
Islands quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#94. Going about with a huge, heavy arm or dragging along a grossly disfigured leg. Men and women wore the lava-lava. "It's a very indecent costume," said Mrs. Davidson. "Mr. Davidson thinks it should be prohibited by law. How can you expect people to be moral when they wear nothing but a strip of red cotton round their loins?" "It's suitable enough to the climate," said the doctor, wiping the sweat off his head. Now that they were on land the heat, though it was so early in the morning, was already oppressive. Closed in by its hills, not a breath of air came in to Pago-Pago. "In our islands," Mrs. Davidson went on in her high-pitched tones, "we've practically eradicated the lava-lava. A few old men still continue to wear it, but that's all. The women have all taken to the Mother Hubbard, #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Islands quotes by Ian Paisley
#95. I was born in the island of Ireland. I have Irish traits in me - we don't all have the traits of what came from Scotland, there is the celtic factor ... and I am an Irishman because you cannot be an Ulsterman without being an Irishman #Quote by Ian Paisley
Islands quotes by Agatha Christie
#96. When the sea goes down, there will come from the mainland boats and men. And they will find ten dead bodies and an unsolved problem on Indian Island. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Islands quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#97. AUSTRALIA, n. A country lying in the South Sea, whose industrial and commercial development has been unspeakably retarded by an unfortunate dispute among geographers as to whether it is a continent or an island. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Islands quotes by Margi Preus
#98. Look at this world! So vast! So wide! Huge masses of land spread across it; multitudes of green and brown islands dotted the blue expanse of the oceans. He felt like a bird contemplating the sky. #Quote by Margi Preus
Islands quotes by Shashi Tharoor
#99. Education in India has made monumental progress since Independence but continues to face daunting challenges at multiple levels, particularly in terms of quality, infrastructure and dropout rates. We have islands of excellence floating in a sea of mediocrity. #Quote by Shashi Tharoor
Islands quotes by Christopher Atkins
#100. The guy who owned that island was from Oregon and he decided that he wanted to have an Oregon feeling to it, so he planted pine trees all over the place! #Quote by Christopher Atkins
Islands quotes by Christo
#101. The other exception where we did not at all restore the place to its original condition is the Surrounded Islands. Before we installed our fabric, we had our workers remove 42 tons of garbage off the beaches of those islands. We never brought the garbage back. #Quote by Christo
Islands quotes by Jordan Sonnenblick
#102. Rehearsals and practice times by myself are like these little islands of 'Okay' in a vast sea of 'Holy Crap! #Quote by Jordan Sonnenblick
Islands quotes by Bjork
#103. You show me continents, I see the islands, You count the centuries, I blink my eyes. #Quote by Bjork
Islands quotes by William Butler Yeats
#104. I am haunted by numberless islands, many a Danaan shore,
Where Time would surely forget us, and Sorrow come near us no more;Soon far from the rose and the lily and fret of the flames would we be,
Were we only white birds, my beloved, buoyed out on the foam of the sea! #Quote by William Butler Yeats
Islands quotes by Glenn Gould
#105. I think that if I were required to spend the rest of my life on a desert island, and to listen to or play the music of any one composer during all that time, that composer would almost certainly be Bach. #Quote by Glenn Gould
Islands quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#106. Islands are metaphors of the heart, no matter what poet says otherwise. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Islands quotes by Philip Gourevitch
#107. Mike Stanton is our preeminent aficionado and raconteur of Rhode Island's flamboyantly criminal political follies, and The Prince of Providence is the chronicle of a great American rogue, Mayor Buddy Cianci - a paragon of charisma and corruption. #Quote by Philip Gourevitch
Islands quotes by Herodotus
#108. We have two useless gods who never leave our island, but like to dwell in it constantly, Poverty and Helplessness. #Quote by Herodotus
Islands quotes by Richard Dawkins
#109. The distribution of species on islands and continents throughout the world is exactly what you'd expect if evolution was a fact. The distribution of fossils in space and in time are exactly what you would expect if evolution were a fact. There are millions of facts all pointing in the same direction and no facts pointing in the wrong direction. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Islands quotes by Iain M. Banks
#110. How about," Yay said, "magnetic fields under the base material and magnetized islands floating over oceans? No ordinary land at all; just great floating lumps of rock with streams and lakes and vegetation and a few intrepid people; doesn't that sound more exciting? #Quote by Iain M. Banks
Islands quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#111. I took you out to dinner to warn you of charm. I warned you expressly and in great details of the Flyte family. Charm is the great English blight. It does not exist outside these damp islands. It spots and kills anything it touches. It kills love; it kills art; I greatly fear, Charles, it has killed you. Anthony Blanche to Charles #Quote by Evelyn Waugh
Islands quotes by W.S. Merwin
#112. Summer"

Be of this brightness dyed
Whose unrecking fever
Flings gold before it goes
Into voids finally
That have no measure.

Bird-sleep moonset,
Island after island,
Be of their hush
On this tide that balance
A time, for a time.

Islands are not forever,
Nor this light again,
Tide-set, brief summer,
Be of their secret
That fears no other. #Quote by W.S. Merwin
Islands quotes by Donald L. Carcieri
#113. The recipe for success is a tried and true one here in Rhode Island - innovation, reform, public service. #Quote by Donald L. Carcieri
Islands quotes by Paulo Coelho
#114. Now all the mountains had been conquered and astronauts had walked in space. There were no more islands on earth - no matter how small - left to be discovered. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Islands quotes by Walker Percy
#115. He means that he hopes to find himself a girl, the rarest of rare pieces, and live the life of Rudolfo on the balcony, sitting around on the floor and experiencing soul-communications. I have my doubts. In the first place, he will defeat himself, jump ten miles ahead of himself, scare the wits out of some girl with his great choking silences, want her so desperately that by his own peculiar logic he can't have her; or having her, jump another ten miles beyond both of them and end by fleeing to the islands where, propped at the rail of his ship in some rancid port, he will ponder his own loneliness. #Quote by Walker Percy
Islands quotes by Stephen Kinzer
#116. Hawaii was defined by its isolation. Its first settlers, probably Polynesians from islands to the south, are thought to have arrived roughly around the time of Christ. Over the centuries, Hawaiians had little contact with anyone else because almost no one could cross the vast expanse of ocean that surrounded their islands. Thousands of unique plants and animal species evolved, more than almost anywhere else on earth. #Quote by Stephen Kinzer
Islands quotes by David Kirby
#117. Orcas can be spotted from the shores of Seattle, Tacoma, Port Angeles, Bellingham, and the popular San Juan Islands in Washington State; and Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Campbell River, and other cities in BC. These venues not only offer easy access to the whales, they are scenic and pleasant places to live: Researchers who study orcas tend to gravitate more toward this region than, say, Iceland. #Quote by David Kirby
Islands quotes by Douglas Coupland
#118. Jesus, Karen, this bottle of Thousand Islands remembers where it was during the Kennedy assassination. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Islands quotes by Jeffrey McDaniel
#119. Hey you, dragging the halo-
how about a holiday in the islands of grief?

Tongue is the word I wish to have with you.
Your eyes are so blue they leak.

Your legs are longer than a prisoner's
last night on death row.
I'm filthier than the coal miner's bathtub
and nastier than the breath of Charles Bukowski.

You're a dirty little windshield.

I'm standing behind you on the subway,
hard as calculus. My breath
be sticking to your neck like graffiti.

I'm sitting opposite you in the bar,
waiting for you to uncross your boundaries.

I want to rip off your logic
and make passionate sense to you.

I want to ride in the swing of your hips.

My fingers will dig in you like quotation marks,
blazing your limbs into parts of speech.

But with me for a lover, you won't need
catastrophes. What attracted me in the first place
will ultimately make me resent you.

I'll start telling you lies,
and my lies will sparkle,
become the bad stars you chart your life by.

I'll stare at other women so blatantly
you'll hear my eyes peeling,

because sex with you is like Great Britain:
cold, groggy, and a little uptight.

Your bed is a big, soft calculator
where my problems multiply.

Your brain is a garage
I park my bullshit in, for free.

You're not really my #Quote by Jeffrey McDaniel
Islands quotes by Tertullian
#120. Surely it is obvious enough, if one looks at the whole world, that it is becoming daily better cultivated and more fully peopled than anciently. All places are now accessible, all are well known, all open to commerce; most pleasant farms have obliterated all traces of what were once dreary and dangerous wastes; cultivated fields have subdued forests; flocks and herds have expelled wild beasts; sandy deserts are sown; rocks are planted; marshes are drained; and where once were hardly solitary cottages, there are now large cities. No longer are (savage) islands dreaded, nor their rocky shores feared; everywhere are houses, and inhabitants, and settled government, and civilized life. What most frequently meets our view (and occasions complaint), is our teeming population: our numbers are burdensome to the world, which can hardly supply us from its natural elements; our wants grow more and more keen, and our complaints more bitter in all mouths, whilst Nature fails in affording us her usual sustenance. In very deed, pestilence, and famine, and wars, and earthquakes have to be regarded as a remedy for nations, as the means of pruning the luxuriance of the human race. . . . #Quote by Tertullian
Islands quotes by Etty Hillesum
#121. Here, beside this great black surface that is my desk, I feel as though I am on a desert island. #Quote by Etty Hillesum
Islands quotes by Heather McDonald
#122. Lobster is not going to be as tasty with ice tea unless that ice tea is from Long Island. #Quote by Heather McDonald
Islands quotes by Bjorn Ulvaeus
#123. Stockholm is unique in that it's built on islands and surrounded by water, so you get this enormous sense of freedom. It's got everything you could possibly need - everything New York or London has but without all the people and traffic. It's also become a very creative city, not only for music but also for fashion and computer games. #Quote by Bjorn Ulvaeus
Islands quotes by Esperanza Spalding
#124. There's the juiciest music that makes me so happy, music that I need on that deserted island when I'm stranded for the rest of my life, and nobody cares that it's there. #Quote by Esperanza Spalding
Islands quotes by David Whitehouse
#125. Better Than You island doesn't exist. And if it does it's full of idiots, looking over their shoulder for the next idiot to arrive. #Quote by David Whitehouse
Islands quotes by Jacque Fresco
#126. There is no such thing as beauty. If your culture says, 'This is a beautiful girl,' that's within the framework of your culture. If you're brought up in an island where people have pointed heads, that would be 'beautiful' in your terms. All these mythological structures is what gets us into trouble; the artificiality of our values that get us into trouble. #Quote by Jacque Fresco
Islands quotes by Ashwin Sanghi
#127. Modern scientists now believe that there are seven broad forms of energy - mechanical, heat, chemical, radiant, electrical, sound, and nuclear. It is my reasoned guess that the ancient yogis knew this. They also knew that each of these could be broken into seven constituent elements! It's impossible to understand how they knew this, but they did. Even their most important and exalted river - the Sarasvati - was part of the Saptasindhu, the seven rivers. Vedic knowledge was derived from the Saptarishi - the seven sages. Even Dwarka was the embodiment of Saptadweep - the seven islands. #Quote by Ashwin Sanghi
Islands quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#128. The coolness of Buddhism isn't indifference but the distance one gains on emotions, the quiet place from which to regard the turbulence. From far away you see the pattern, the connections, and the thing as whole, see all the islands and the routes between them. Up close it all dissolves into texture and incoherence and immersion, like a face going out of focus just before a kiss. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Islands quotes by Giles Milton
#129. Realising that Mauritius could be a valuable port of call for Dutch ships Heemskerck put a rooster and some hens ashore and planted orange and lemon seeds, invoking 'the Almighty God's blessing that He may lend His power to make them multiply and grow for the benefit of those who will visit the island after us'. #Quote by Giles Milton
Islands quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#130. He looked like someone with a steerage ticket on the titanic. Somebody who'd be standing in line at Ellis Island. Undiluted and old-blooded. Also cute. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Islands quotes by Richard Preston
#131. The earth's biosphere could be thought of as a sort of palace. The continents are rooms in the palace; islands are smaller rooms. Each room has its own decor and unique inhabitants; many of the rooms have been sealed off for millions of years. The doors in the palace have been flung open, and the walls are coming down. #Quote by Richard Preston
Islands quotes by Mason Cooley
#132. Three people marooned on a desert island would soon reinvent politics. #Quote by Mason Cooley
Islands quotes by Jared Diamond
#133. After the arrival of Europeans, the Big Island's King Kamehameha I rapidly proceeded with the consolidation of the largest islands by purchasing European guns and ships to invade and conquer first Maui and then Oahu. #Quote by Jared Diamond
Islands quotes by Enele Sopoaga
#134. If you live on an atoll and you get a warning by radio that a big wave is coming and everyone is told to move to higher ground, where are you supposed to go on these islands? There is none. The highest ground is four-meters (around 13 feet) above sea level, meaning you'd be safer in a coconut tree. How, though, are you supposed to get your grandfather, grandmother and grandchildren up there? #Quote by Enele Sopoaga
Islands quotes by Kevin Myers
#135. Ten thousand officers and men named Smith died in the First World War. One thousand four hundred Campbells died, six thousand Joneses, and one thousand Murphys. Smith, Campbell, Jones and Murphy: the names of the United Kingdom, whose presence in regiments from all four countries speaks of the ebb and flow of peoples within these islands, of a common sacrifice, and a shared agony that burned in so many million hearts down the decades. #Quote by Kevin Myers
Islands quotes by William Edward Hartpole Lecky
#136. One of the great differences between childhood and manhood is that we come to like our work more than our play. It becomes to us if not the chief pleasure at least the chief interest of our lives, and even when it is not this, an essential condition of our happiness. Few lives produce so little happiness as those that are aimless and unoccupied. Apart from all considerations of right and wrong, one of the first conditions of a happy life is that it should be a full and busy one, directed to the attainment of aims outside ourselves....the first great rule is that we must do something – that life must have a purpose and an aim – that work should be not merely occasional and spasmodic, but steady and continuous. Pleasure is a jewel which will only retain its luster when it is in a setting of work, and a vacant life is one of the worst of pains, though the islands of leisure that stud a crowded, well-occupied life may be among the things to which we look back with the greatest delight. #Quote by William Edward Hartpole Lecky
Islands quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#137. The storm has brought Ulla to the cold shelter of the northern islands, to the darkened caves and flat black pools where she remains to this day, waiting for the lonely, the ambitious, the clever, the frail, for all those willing to strike a bargain. She never waits for long. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Islands quotes by Carl Sagan
#138. That place, called the heliopause, is one definition of the outer boundary of the Empire of the Sun. But the Voyager spacecraft will plunge on, penetrating the heliopause sometime in the middle of the twenty-first century, skimming through the ocean of space, never to enter another solar system, destined to wander through eternity far from the stellar islands and to complete its first circumnavigation of the massive center of the Milky Way a few hundred million years from now. We have embarked on epic voyages. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Islands quotes by Kathleen Parker
#139. Each time I wander into blogdom, I'm reminded of the savage children stranded on an island in William Golding's 'Lord of the Flies.' Without adult supervision, they organize themselves into rival tribes, learn to hunt and kill, and eventually become murderous barbarians in the absence of a civilizing structure. #Quote by Kathleen Parker
Islands quotes by Romain Rolland
#140. Islands of memory begin to rise above the river of his life. At first they are little uncharted islands, rocks just peeping above the surface of the waters. Round about them and behind in the twilight of the dawn stretches the great untroubled sheet of water; then new islands, touched to gold by the sun. #Quote by Romain Rolland
Islands quotes by Guy Gavriel Kay
#141. Everyone knew that all islands were worlds unto themselves, that to come to an island was to come to another world. #Quote by Guy Gavriel Kay
Islands quotes by Elizabeth Pena
#142. When I'm not working, my family and I have a house in the San Juan Islands. We've been here since '94. #Quote by Elizabeth Pena
Islands quotes by Darby Stanchfield
#143. I was born in Kodiak, and I was raised in a place called Dutch Harbor out on the Aleutian Islands. There's a show called the 'Deadliest Catch' on the Discovery Channel. And they film it on Dutch Harbor where I grew up. #Quote by Darby Stanchfield
Islands quotes by Jenelle Jack Pierre
#144. My parents stood still. It was like we were on two separate islands. Mom and Dad were on one, and I was on the other. And the ocean between us was the symbol of truth. The thing representing our truce. #Quote by Jenelle Jack Pierre
Islands quotes by M. Robert Randolph
#145. Stories are like islands, go out exploring and you're bound to get lost fantastically. #Quote by M. Robert Randolph
Islands quotes by Gwyneth Paltrow
#146. For me when I was growing up, some of the happiest times were when we went to a small island called Nantucket off Massachusetts. #Quote by Gwyneth Paltrow
Islands quotes by Edward Abbey
#147. Beyond the wall of the unreal city ... there is another world waiting for you. It is the old true world of the deserts, the mountains, the forests, the islands, the shores, the open plains. Go there. Be there. Walk gently and quietly deep within it. And then
May your trails be dim, lonesome, stony, narrow, winding and only slightly uphill. May the wind bring rain for the slickrock potholes fourteen miles on the other side of yonder blue ridge. May God's dog serenade your campfire, may the rattlesnake and the screech owl amuse your reverie, may the Great Sun dazzle your eyes by day and the Great Bear watch over you by night. #Quote by Edward Abbey
Islands quotes by Daniel Hannan
#148. The 'Robben Island Bible' has arrived at the British Museum. It's a garish thing, its cover plastered with pink and gold Hindu images, designed to hide its contents. Within is the finest collection of words generated by human intelligence: the complete works of William Shakespeare. #Quote by Daniel Hannan
Islands quotes by J.M. Coetzee
#149. You will believe me when I say the life we lead grows less and less distinct from the life we led of Cruso's island. Sometimes I wake up not knowing where I am. The world is full of islands, said Cruso once. His words ring truer every day. #Quote by J.M. Coetzee
Islands quotes by Gautama Buddha
#150. Make an island of yourself, make yourself your refuge; there is no other refuge. Make truth your island, make truth your refuge; there is no other refuge. #Quote by Gautama Buddha
Islands quotes by Oscar Levant
#151. [Madame Nhu was] the Sandra Dee of South Vietnam. If I were cast on a desert island with her, I would quickly make friends with the natives. #Quote by Oscar Levant
Islands quotes by Juliet Marillier
#152. I am a child of Alban's earth Her ancient bones brought me to birth Her crags and islands built me strong My heart beats to her deep wild song. I am the wife with bairn on knee I am the fisherman at sea I am the piper on the strand I am the warrior, sword in hand. White Lady shield me with your fire Lord of the North my heart inspire Hag of the Isles my secrets keep Master of Shadows guard my sleep. I am the mountain, I am the sky I am the song that will not die I am the heather, I am the sea My spirit is forever free. #Quote by Juliet Marillier
Islands quotes by Thomas Sowell
#153. All justice is inherently social. Can someone on a desert island be either just or unjust? #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Islands quotes by William Wordsworth

THERE was a Boy; ye knew him well, ye cliffs
And islands of Winander!--many a time,
At evening, when the earliest stars began
To move along the edges of the hills,
Rising or setting, would he stand alone,
Beneath the trees, or by the glimmering lake;
And there, with fingers interwoven, both hands
Pressed closely palm to palm and to his mouth
Uplifted, he, as through an instrument,
Blew mimic hootings to the silent owls, 10
That they might answer him.--And they would shout
Across the watery vale, and shout again,
Responsive to his call,--with quivering peals,
And long halloos, and screams, and echoes loud
Redoubled and redoubled; concourse wild
Of jocund din! And, when there came a pause
Of silence such as baffled his best skill:
Then, sometimes, in that silence, while he hung
Listening, a gentle shock of mild surprise
Has carried far into his heart the voice 20
Of mountain-torrents; or the visible scene
Would enter unawares into his mind
With all its solemn imagery, its rocks,
Its woods, and that uncertain heaven received
Into the bosom of the steady lake.
This boy was taken from his mates, and died
In childhood, ere he was full twelve years old.
Pre-eminent in beauty is the vale
Where he was born and bred: the churchyard hangs
Upon a slope above the village-school; 30
An #Quote by William Wordsworth
Islands quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#155. Perchance the time will come when we shall not be content to go back and forth upon a raft to some huge Homeric or Shakespearean Indiaman that lies upon the reef, but build a bark out of that wreck and others that are buried in the sands of this desolate island, and such new timber as may be required, in which to sail away to whole new worlds of light and life, where our friends are. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Islands quotes by Ban Ki-moon
#156. Planet Earth is our shared island, let us join forces to protect it #Quote by Ban Ki-moon
Islands quotes by Albert Camus
#157. There are no more deserts. There are no more islands. Yet there
is a need for them. In order to understand the world, one has to turn
away from it on occasion; in order to serve men better, one has to
hold them at a distance for a time. But where can one find the
solitude necessary to vigor, the deep breath in which the mind
collects itself and courage gauges its strength? #Quote by Albert Camus
Islands quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
#158. The very best place to be in all the world is St. Mary's parish, Jamaica. And the best spot in St. Mary's is Port Maria, though all of St. Mary's is fine. Old Maker put himself to a lot of trouble to make that part of the island of Jamaica, for everything there is perfect. #Quote by Zora Neale Hurston
Islands quotes by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
#159. Moving islands in the ocean of sky.
Beautiful white curtains in the sky,
Veiling and unveiling portions, as time passes by.
I watch clouds, when my mind feels clouded. #Quote by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
Islands quotes by Martin Filler
#160. Architectural kitsch is most common in the commercial pop vernacular - typified by the Big Duck of 1931 in Flanders, New York, a Long Island roadside poultry stand resembling a duck, which Venturi and Scott Brown made a cult object through their writings. #Quote by Martin Filler
Islands quotes by Martha Hunt
#161. The most beautiful destination I've been to was the Seychelles Islands, and the most culturally inspiring place was Mumbai, India. #Quote by Martha Hunt
Islands quotes by Paul McCartney
#162. Transcendental Meditation gives me an island of calm
in the midst of so much turbulence. #Quote by Paul McCartney
Islands quotes by Theodosius Dobzhansky
#163. The more we know, the better we realize that our knowledge is a little island in the midst of an ocean of ignorance. #Quote by Theodosius Dobzhansky
Islands quotes by Sharon Bolton
#164. My first novel, 'Sacrifice,' was set on the Shetland Islands. #Quote by Sharon Bolton
Islands quotes by Rachel Cohn
#165. Everyone on this island wants something kept quiet.
I want to roar #Quote by Rachel Cohn
Islands quotes by Chelsea Handler
#166. Boy George has been charged with falsely imprisoning a man who'd gone to his apartment to pose for photographs. Going to Boy George's house to get your picture taken is like going to David Copperfield's island for a radio opportunity. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Islands quotes by Jamaica Kincaid
#167. I come from a little island with the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. I come from, really, nowhere, and for me, the fiction and the nonfiction, creative or otherwise, all come from the same place. #Quote by Jamaica Kincaid
Islands quotes by J.M. Barrie
#168. Of all delectable islands the Neverland is the snuggest and most compact; not large and sprawly, you know, with tedious distances between one adventure and another, but nicely crammed. #Quote by J.M. Barrie
Islands quotes by Mark Kurlansky
#169. ONE GROUP OF Vikings remained in Iceland, becoming the Icelanders. A second group remained in the Faroe Islands. The main body of Vikings were given lands in the Seine basin in exchange for protecting Paris. They settled into northern France and within a century were speaking a dialect of French and became known as the Normans. Soon the Vikings had vanished. #Quote by Mark Kurlansky
Islands quotes by Hank Johnson
#170. My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize #Quote by Hank Johnson
Islands quotes by Douglas Brinkley
#171. It's very important that we keep these special, wild places. It defines the United States. Imagine our country without our national parks and our monuments. Here in California, imagine if you didn't have in Southern Cal the Channel Islands or the great Highway 1, Big Sur up to Point Reyes up to the Redwood country. #Quote by Douglas Brinkley
Islands quotes by Bob Hope
#172. I've always felt England was a great place for a comic to work. It's an island and the audience can't run very far. #Quote by Bob Hope
Islands quotes by John Muir
#173. When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty. #Quote by John Muir
Islands quotes by Patrick O'Brian
#174. (he was a great believer in the healing powers of cheerfulness, if not of open mirth). Yet he had some faults, and one was a habit of dosing himself, generally from a spirit of enquiry, as in his period of inhaling large quantities of the nitrous oxide and of the vapour of hemp, to say nothing of tobacco, bhang in all its charming varieties in India, betel in Java and the neighbouring islands, qat in the Red Sea, and hallucinating cacti in South America, but sometimes for relief from distress, as when he became addicted to opium in one form or another; and now he was busily poisoning himself with coca-leaves, whose virtue he had learnt in Peru. #Quote by Patrick O'Brian
Islands quotes by David Quammen
#175. Not only are islands impoverished relative to the mainlands, but small islands are more severely impoverished than large ones. That bit of insight became famed as the species-area relationship. #Quote by David Quammen
Islands quotes by Patrick Kavanagh
#176. My chin is weak. I find it hard to make decisions. For years I had been caught between the two stools of security on the land and rich-scented life on the exotic islands of literature.
I wasn't really a writer. I had seen a strange beautiful light on the hills and that was all. #Quote by Patrick Kavanagh
Islands quotes by Victor Shklovsky
#177. You have to store up books, becoming acquainted with human experience; let them lie around your thoughts, becoming yours - ring upon ring, as a tree grows, let them rise up from the depths like coral islands.

If it gets crowded with all the books and there's nowhere to put your bed, it's better to exchange it for a folding bed #Quote by Victor Shklovsky
Islands quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#178. If Columbus was the first to discover the islands, Americus Vespucius and Cabot, and the Puritans, and we their descendants, havediscovered only the shores of America. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Islands quotes by Khoi Vinh
#179. I guess if there was a desert island scenario and I only could take one font with me, I guess it would be Helvetica, though it has it's limitations, I think it's incredibly versatile and gets the job done and I also think it's one of the typefaces that will really survive the test of time beyond the next several decades if not into the next century. #Quote by Khoi Vinh
Islands quotes by Markham Shaw Pyle
#180. Southern culture is vivified, made a culture, by the melding of influences that are held far more closely than in other, lesser parts of the country: in the Southland, the past is not really past, and the ancestral homelands are not so far away as they are elsewhere, paradoxically: the assimilation of Southerners, unlike the uneasy attempts at assimilation of Americans elsewhere, has created a culture in which the old influences in our blood, of the Ivory Coast, Languedoc, the Highlands, Wales, Antrim, and Devon, of Sephardic communities from Amsterdam to Cadiz, of the Caribbean sugar islands and Castile, have been absorbed into the fabric of New World life. #Quote by Markham Shaw Pyle
Islands quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#181. If you are in a remote desert island, let your best hope be your own efforts to build a ship instead of waiting for a ship to appear among the fogs! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Islands quotes by Miley Cyrus
#182. This is a new point in my life, and things are totally changing. But like the sunsets I saw on Tybee Island, the miles I've already gone are going to stay with me. #Quote by Miley Cyrus
Islands quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#183. The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of the infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Islands quotes by James F. Cooper
#184. A single glance at the map will make the reader acquainted with the position of the eastern coast of the island of Great Britain, as connected with the shores of the opposite continent. #Quote by James F. Cooper
Islands quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#185. Charm is the great English blight. It does not exist outside these damp islands. It spots and kills anything it touches. It kills love; it kills art; I greatly fear, my dear Charles, it has killed you. #Quote by Evelyn Waugh
Islands quotes by Ru Freeman
#186. Sri Lanka is a small island, and the war affected everybody. Everybody knew somebody who was killing or being killed. #Quote by Ru Freeman
Islands quotes by Joni L. James
#187. Who will bear witness to these small islands and oases of wildness as land is divided and sold to become strip malls, housing developments,and parking lots? What happens to the natural history here? We must bear witness. #Quote by Joni L. James
Islands quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#188. Only as far as the masters of the world have called in nature to their aid, can they reach the height of magnificence. This is the meaning of their hanging-gardens, villas, garden-houses, islands, parks, and preserves. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Islands quotes by Jack Adams
#189. On December 5, 1941, Chicago led a task force built around the carrier Lexington to Midway Island, at the western end of the Hawaiian Islands, about 1,000 miles from Pearl Harbor. #Quote by Jack Adams
Islands quotes by George Borrow
#190. There are no countries in the world less known by the British than those selfsame British Islands. #Quote by George Borrow
Islands quotes by Michael Scott
#191. Niccolo Machiavelli folded his arms across his chest and looked at the alchemyst. "I always knew we would meet again," he said in French. "Though I never imagined it would be in these circumstances," he added with a smile. "I was certain I'd get you in Paris last Saturday." He bowed, an old-fashioned courtly gesture as Perenelle joined her husband. "Mistress Perenelle, it seems we are forever destined to meet on islands."
"The last time we met you had poisoned my husband and attempted to kill me," Perenelle reminded him, speaking in Italian.
Over three thousand years previously, the Sorceress and the Italian had fought at the foot of Mount Etna in Sicily. Although Perenelle had defeated Machiavelli, the energies they unleashed caused the ancient volcano to erupt. Lava flowed for five weeks after the battle and destroyed ten villages.
"Forgive me. I was younger then, and foolish. And you emerged the victor of the encounter. I carry the scars to this day."
"Let us try and not blow up this island," she said with a smile. Then she stretched out her hand. "I saw you try to save me earlier. There is no longer any enmity between us."
Machiavelli took her fingers in his and bent over them. "Thank you. That pleases me. #Quote by Michael Scott
Islands quotes by Alan Brennert
#192. Hawai'i is not truly the idyllic paradise of popular songs
islands of love and tranquility, where nothing bad ever happens. It was and is a place where people work and struggle, live and die, as they do the world over. #Quote by Alan Brennert
Islands quotes by Ann Cleeves
#193. You must never call it the Shetlands. Islanders are proud and can be prickly about the name: it's either Shetland or the Shetland Islands. #Quote by Ann Cleeves
Islands quotes by David Blaine
#194. I'd go to Coney Island to hang out, and I saw a magician doing a rope trick on the boardwalk. I was fascinated. I guess that's how it started. #Quote by David Blaine
Islands quotes by Steven Wright
#195. Someone asked me, if I were stranded on a desert island what book would I bring ... 'How to Build a Boat.' #Quote by Steven Wright
Islands quotes by James Theodore Bent
#196. In the islands of the Aegean Sea, every island is full of graves. #Quote by James Theodore Bent
Islands quotes by Hans Urs Von Balthasar
#197. When everything is blocked off,' I was told by a dear friend who lives in Erfurt, one must try to live in the interstices.' Apparently, the Christians of the Apocalypse, though they did not bear the sign of the beast, had discovered or created such spaces. From islands like these, true culture, Christian culture, may spread across the earth. Many people are athirst for it. #Quote by Hans Urs Von Balthasar
Islands quotes by Andre Agassi
#198. Only boxers can understand the loneliness of tennis players - and yet boxers have their corner men and managers. Even a boxer's opponent provides a kind of companionship, someone he can grapple with and grunt at. In tennis you stand face-to-face with the enemy, trade blows with him, but never touch him or talk to him, or anyone else. The rules forbid a tennis player from even talking to his coach while on the court. People sometimes mention the track-and-field runner as a comparably lonely figure, but I have to laugh. At least the runner can feel and smell his opponents. They're inches away. In tennis you're on an island. Of all the games men and women play, tennis is the closest to solitary confinement ... #Quote by Andre Agassi
Islands quotes by Ellen Page
#199. And I've shot in Prince Edward Island winters, I mean, I've shot in some intense, intense temperatures. #Quote by Ellen Page
Islands quotes by Eric Newby
#200. To attempt to write about Dun Aengus and bring some sort of freshness to it is rather like trying to perform a similar service for Stonehenge: so many people have attempted it before that one is tempted to give up what one is looking at is not only one of the wonders of Ireland, but of the entire Western world. #Quote by Eric Newby

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