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Islamic quotes by Kecia Ali
#1. The legal structure of Islamic marriage is predicated on a gender-differentiated allocation of interdependent claims, which would be thrown into chaos by a same-sex union. In the standard contractual understanding of marriage, the husband holds milk al-nikah, control of the marriage tie, and the wife has a claim to dower and the obligation of sexual exclusivity and availability. Several early jurists considered the possibility of whether these rights and duties could be reallocated – whether a woman could pay a man a dower, for example, and retain control over sex and divorce – and agreed unanimously that such a reallocation is not permitted. Not only are husbands' and wives' rights distinct, but each role is fundamentally linked to the sex/gender of the person exercising it. A woman cannot wield control of the marriage tie; a man cannot be contractually bound to sexual availability to his wife. Thus, following that logic, it would not be possible for one woman to adopt the "husband" role and the other to adopt the "wife" role in the marriage of two women. The self-contained logic of the jurisprudential framework does not permit such an outcome. #Quote by Kecia Ali
Islamic quotes by Samuel P. Huntington
#2. The West is and will remain for years to come the most powerful civilization. Yet its power relative to that of other civilizations is declining. As the West attempts to assert its values and to protect its interests, non-Western societies confront a choice. Some attempt to emulate the West and to join or to "bandwagon" with the West. Other Confucian and Islamic societies attempt to expand their own economic and military power to resist and to "balance" against the West. A central axis of post--Cold War world politics is thus the interaction of Western power and culture with the power and culture of non-Western civilizations.

In sum, the post--Cold War world is a world of seven or eight major civilizations. Cultural commonalities and differences shape the interests, antagonisms, and associations of states. The most important countries in the world come overwhelmingly from different civilizations. The local conflicts most likely to escalate into broader wars are those between groups and states from different civilizations. The predominant patterns of political and economic development differ from civilization to civilization. The key issues on the international agenda involve differences among civilizations. Power is shifting from the long predominant West to non-Western civilizations. Global politics has become multipolar and multicivilizational. #Quote by Samuel P. Huntington
Islamic quotes by Muhammad
#3. Verily, God is Compassionate and is fond of compassion, and He gives to the compassionate what He does not give to the harsh. #Quote by Muhammad
Islamic quotes by Azar Nafisi
#4. Switzerland had somehow become a bywordfor Western laxity: any program or action that was deemed un- Islamic was reproached with a mocking reminder that Iran was by no means Switzerland. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Islamic quotes by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
#5. The world is darkness; knowledge is light; but knowledge without truth is a mere shadow. #Quote by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
Islamic quotes by Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas
#6. Change, development and progress, according to the Islamic viewpoint, refer to the return to the genuine Islam enunciated and practised by the Holy Prophet (may God bless and give him Peace!) and his noble Companions and their Followers (blessing and peace be upon them all!) and the faith and practice of genuine Muslims after them; and they also refer to the self and mean its return to its original nature and religion (Islam). #Quote by Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas
Islamic quotes by Al-Ghazali
#7. The mere physical man is like the ant crawling on the paper, who observes black lettering and attributes its production to the pen and nothing more. #Quote by Al-Ghazali
Islamic quotes by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
#8. Our dear Imam said that the occupying regime [Israel] must be wiped off the map ... We cannot compromise over the issue of Palestine ... I have no doubt that the new wave that has started in Palestine, and we witness it in the Islamic world too, will eliminate this disgraceful stain from the Islamic world. #Quote by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Islamic quotes by Muhammad
#9. The strong is not the one who is physically powerful, but indeed, the one who controls himself when angry. #Quote by Muhammad
Islamic quotes by Najib Razak
#10. As a leader of a majority-Muslim nation, I believe Islamic countries must better understand what young people aspire to. #Quote by Najib Razak
Islamic quotes by Michel Houellebecq
#11. There had already been one attempt to form an Islamic party, the French Muslim Party, but it soon fell apart over the embarrassing anti-Semitism of its leader
so extreme that it drove him into an alliance with the far right. The Muslim Brotherhood learned its lesson and was careful to take a moderate line. #Quote by Michel Houellebecq
Islamic quotes by Reza Aslan
#12. The west is very concerned and actually afraid because the media is not informing them. There are too many moderate Muslims who are trying to whitewash the fears and concerns of the West. It's time for us to face reality - nobody is against Muslims. When I'm speaking about this situation, it's about Islamic doctrine. Islamic doctrine promotes violence and hatred against non Muslims. 60% of the Koran is dedicated to cursing and spreading hatred and violence against non-Muslims who are called 'Kaffir'. #Quote by Reza Aslan
Islamic quotes by Darío Fernández-Morera
#13. Those who portray Islamic Spain as an example of peaceful coexistence frequently cite the fact that Muslim, Jewish, and Christian groups in al-Andalus sometimes lived near one another. Even when that was the case, however such groups dwelled more often than not in their own neighborhoods. More to the point: even when individual Muslims, Jews, and Christians cooperated with one another out of convenience, necessity, mutual sympathy, or love, these three groups and their own numerous subgroups engaged for centuries in struggles for power and cultural survival, manifested in often subtle ways that should not be glossed over for the sake of modern ideals of tolerance, diversity, and convivencia. #Quote by Darío Fernández-Morera
Islamic quotes by Ashraf Ghani
#14. What is common among all of these groups [Taliban, Islamic State etc.] is the intent to destroy. The majority of terrorists who come to Afghanistan are from China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or North Africa. They were expelled from their countries and pushed to ours - this is their battlefield - and all of them, be it the Taliban or others, are interlinked with the criminal economy. #Quote by Ashraf Ghani
Islamic quotes by John Powers
#15. They hate us because we don't even know why they hate us. #Quote by John Powers
Islamic quotes by Muhammad Ali
#16. When I was a kid I got mad enough to want to kill somebody but as you travel the world and I'm struggling with a freedom fight against nations, you can't get enough hate in you to be mad at one man just because it's a boxing match.Never. Even Floyd Paterson, who condemned my Islamic religion and didn't want to call me Muhammad Ali and said I should've gone to the army and I should be in jail. #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Islamic quotes by Khaled Mashal
#17. We are confident that through discussing with Arab and Islamic states, as well as with the League of Arab States, we will be able to reach a common vision towards maintaining the constants of our people and deal with reality. #Quote by Khaled Mashal
Islamic quotes by Robert Spencer
#18. In the twenty-first century, as the 1,400-year Islamic jihad against the free world continued to advance, the best allies the warriors of jihad had were the very people they had in their sights. #Quote by Robert Spencer
Islamic quotes by Saleh Al-Mutlaq
#19. We can not imagine that an Arab population forming more than 80 percent of the Iraqi society will allow the article reading that Iraq is part of the Islamic world instead of mentioning that we are part of the Arab nation, as if they want us to be linked to Iran and not to the Arab nation. #Quote by Saleh Al-Mutlaq
Islamic quotes by Barack Obama
#20. That is the difference we make in the world. And our own safety - our own security - depends upon our willingness to do what it takes to defend this nation, and uphold the values that we stand for - timeless ideals that will endure long after those who offer only hate and destruction have been vanquished from the Earth. #Quote by Barack Obama
Islamic quotes by Ivan Krastev
#21. Before, revolutions used to have ideological names. They could be communist, they could be liberal, they could be fascist or Islamic. Now, the revolutions are called under the medium which is most used. You have Facebook revolutions, Twitter revolutions. The content doesn't matter anymore - the problem is the media. #Quote by Ivan Krastev
Islamic quotes by Steven Nightingale
#22. Islamic Paradise Garden," the #Quote by Steven Nightingale
Islamic quotes by Abdal Hakim Murad
#23. Those who come to Islam because they wish to draw closer to God have no problem with a multiform Islam radiating from a single revealed paradigmatic core. But those who come to Islam seeking an identity will find the multiplicity of traditional Muslim cultures intolerable. People with confused identities are attracted to totalitarian solutions. And today, many young Muslims feel so threatened by the diversity of calls on their allegiance, and by the sheer complexity of modernity, that the only form of Islam they can regard as legitimate is a totalitarian, monolithic one. That there should be four schools of Islamic law is to them unbearable. That Muslim cultures should legitimately differ is a species of blasphemy. #Quote by Abdal Hakim Murad
Islamic quotes by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
#24. Oh writer! An Angel watches over all you write. Make your writing meaningful for it will eventually return to you and you will be questioned about what you wrote. #Quote by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
Islamic quotes by Rand Paul
#25. I think we can all agree [Bashar] Assad is a bad and evil actor, but I'm not so sure that we want the Islamic rebels to be in charge of Syria either. #Quote by Rand Paul
Islamic quotes by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya
#26. O you who sold yourself for the sake of something that will cause you suffering and pain, and which will also lose its beauty, you sold the most precious item for the cheapest price, as if you neither knew the value of the goods nor the meanness of the prize. Wait until you come on the Day of Mutual Loss and Gain and you will discover the injustice of this contract. #Quote by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya
Islamic quotes by Reza Aslan
#27. From the Islamic perspective, however, the attacks on New York and Washington were part of an ongoing clash between those Muslims who strive to reconcile their religious values with the realities of the modern world, and those who react to modernism and reform by reverting - sometimes fanatically - to the "fundamentals" of their faith. #Quote by Reza Aslan
Islamic quotes by Bradley Steffens
#28. It's true. I doubt. I doubt because I seek the truth. Doubt has served me well. #Quote by Bradley Steffens
Islamic quotes by Amy Waldman
#29. The September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon prompted a fundamental shift in the American government's approach to Islamic terrorism. #Quote by Amy Waldman
Islamic quotes by Al-Shafi'i
#30. Knowledge is not what is memorised.
Knowledge is what benefits. #Quote by Al-Shafi'i
Islamic quotes by Ibn Hazm
#31. If there is someone in need whom you wish to help, whether the initiative came from him or from you, do no more than he expects of you, not what you might personally wish to do. If you overstep the mark, you will not deserve thanks, but blame from him and others and you will attract hostility, not friendship. #Quote by Ibn Hazm
Islamic quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#32. Civilization owes to the Islamic world some of its most important tools and achievements ... the Muslim genius has added much to the culture of all peoples. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Islamic quotes by Robert Spencer
#33. We love death more than you love life.' This is civilization's ultimate challenge. Will the lovers of death and destruction overwhelm and defeat those who love life and have created great civilizations that celebrate human creativity and achievement? Will all that is left of three thousand years of human civilization be reduced to rubble and a mindless religio-ideological lockstep?
The Islamic State is not just a challenge to Judeo-Christian Western civilization. It is a challenge to civilization itself--to the very idea of civilization.
And that is why it is doomed to fail. Life will always conquer death in the end. The human spirit will always prevail against the forces that would subjugate and enslave it. #Quote by Robert Spencer
Islamic quotes by Zarina Bibi
#34. In Islam, culture does not exist.
When you accept Islam.
You accept the Quran, Allah's words. #Quote by Zarina Bibi
Islamic quotes by Anwar Al-Awlaki
#35. Iman is to believe, even when an overpowering tide of evil surrounds you. #Quote by Anwar Al-Awlaki
Islamic quotes by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
#36. Wealth tends to create enemies, whereas knowledge tends to warm hearts. #Quote by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
Islamic quotes by Sean Patrick Maloney
#37. The latest developments in Iraq are deeply troubling, but as the United States considers military and diplomatic responses to the actions of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) action, we should be clear that U.S. troops on the ground cannot go a million miles near a sectarian civil war-it's simply not an option. #Quote by Sean Patrick Maloney
Islamic quotes by H.G.Wells
#38. The Islamic teachings have left great traditions for equitable and gentle dealings and behavior, and inspire people with nobility and tolerance. These are human teachings of the highest order and at the same time practicable. These teachings brought into existence a society in which hard-heartedness and collective oppression and injustice were the least as compared with all other societies preceding it ... Islam is replete with gentleness, courtesy, and fraternity. #Quote by H.G.Wells
Islamic quotes by Ibn Taymiyyah
#39. As for the people of Tasawwuf, they affirm the love of Allah, and this is more evident among them than all other issues ... the affirmation of the love of Allah is well-known in the speech of their [old] and recent masters, just as it is affirmed in the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah and in agreement of the ways of the early generation (Salaf) #Quote by Ibn Taymiyyah
Islamic quotes by Vernon Richards
#40. "The true Islamic concept of peace goes something like this: "Peace comes through submission to Muhammad and his concept of Allah" (i.e. Islam). As such the Islamic concept of peace, meaning making the whole world Muslim, is actually a mandate for war. It was inevitable and unavoidable that the conflict would eventually reach our borders, and so it has." #Quote by Vernon Richards
Islamic quotes by Tom Metzger
#41. As far as the targets hit by the Islamic attackers, I do not consider the WTC a U.S. institution, but the headquarters of most that's wrong with our present masters. #Quote by Tom Metzger
Islamic quotes by Steven Emerson
#42. Shannen Rossmiller's work in exposing Islamic terrorists has genuinely made our country safer. She has dedicated her life to combating the terrorist threat against the United States and has amazingly been able to infiltrate and actually stop terrorist operations. Our entire country owes her an immeasurable debt of gratitude. #Quote by Steven Emerson
Islamic quotes by Feisal Abdul Rauf
#43. Islamic law is clearly against terrorism, against any kind of deliberate killing of civilians or similar 'collateral damage.' #Quote by Feisal Abdul Rauf
Islamic quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#44. Saying that I am talking out of both sides of my mouth just proves my very point. Politicians would bypass real social issues by referring to my grandfather, who founded the Muslim Brotherhood, or to my brother, currently chairman of the Islamic Centre in Geneva. #Quote by Tariq Ramadan
Islamic quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#45. The people who believe themselves to be on the left, and who defend the agents of Islam in the name of tolerance and culture, are being rightwing. Not just rightwing. Extreme rightwing. I don't understand how you can be so upset about the Christian right and just ignore the Islamic right. I'm talking about equality. #Quote by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Islamic quotes by Michael Scheuer
#46. The Western world doesn't really give enough credit to the importance in history of the Soviet invasion and the subsequent war in Afghanistan. For us it was a sideshow of the Cold War. For the Islamic world it was an unprovoked infidel invasion of a Muslim country not unlike Iraq. #Quote by Michael Scheuer
Islamic quotes by Aisha Mirza
#47. sometimes we need the world and all the people on her to abandon us so we can turn to the One who will never leave us stranded. #Quote by Aisha Mirza
Islamic quotes by Umar
#48. Truth is Timeless, and returning to Truth is better than continuing in Falsehood #Quote by Umar
Islamic quotes by Barack Obama
#49. Non-Islamic, non-foreign-motivated terrorist actions have killed at least as many Americans on American soil as those who were promoted by jihadists. But what we have also seen is ISIL evolve, because of the sophistication of their social media, to a point where they may be inspiring more attacks - even if they're self-initiated, even if they don't involve complex planning - than we would have seen some time ago. #Quote by Barack Obama
Islamic quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
#50. Look forward to going back Home. But make sure you're furnishing it. #Quote by Yasmin Mogahed
Islamic quotes by John Price
#51. Muhammad said the Mahdi, who would someday come, would be a descendant of one of his wives (Fatimah), and would bear his name, ruling over Arabs. Across the Muslim world today, there is a call for the Islamic Caliphate to be restored, which has been vacant since Turkey abolished the Caliphate in 1924. #Quote by John Price
Islamic quotes by Jared Diamond
#52. Naturally, what makes patriotic and religious fanatics such dangerous opponents is not the deaths of the fanatics themselves, but their willingness to accept the deaths of a fraction of their number in order to annihilate or crush their infidel enemy. Fanaticism in war, of the type that drove recorded Christian and Islamic conquests, was probably unknown on Earth until chiefdoms and especially states emerged within the last 6,000 years. #Quote by Jared Diamond
Islamic quotes by Richard Dawkins
#53. The bitter hatreds that now poison Middle Eastern politics are rooted in the real or perceived wrong of the setting up of a Jewish State in an Islamic region. In view of all that the Jews had been through, it must have seemed a fair and humane solution. Probably deep familiarity with the Old Testament had given the European and American decision-makers some sort of idea that this really was the historic homeland of the Jews. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Islamic quotes by Muhammad Ali Jinnah
#54. We should have a State in which we could live and breathe as free men and which we could develop according to our own lights and culture and where principles of Islamic social justice could find free play. #Quote by Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Islamic quotes by Mohammed Emami-Kashani
#55. The West pays money and piles up pressure to cause a strife between Islamic countries so that Muslims would kill each other and the West can obtain its desirable outcome thereby. #Quote by Mohammed Emami-Kashani
Islamic quotes by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
#56. Always consider your intellect to be lacking; otherwise too much faith in it surely leads to error. #Quote by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
Islamic quotes by Rabia Basri
#57. O Allah,
You know that the only thing I want in this life
Is to be obedient to Your command.
Even the living sight of my eyes
Is service at your court #Quote by Rabia Basri
Islamic quotes by Sebastian Gorka
#58. You cannot win a war if you cannot talk honestly about the enemy Since the 9/11 attacks, political correctness and ideological prejudice - under both Republican and Democratic presidents - have distorted our analysis of the enemy, preventing us from drawing an effective plan to defeat the likes of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. The Obama administration, blinded by its own preconceived ideas of why terrorism occurs, is influenced by malevolent actors who have an interest in censoring any talk of the religious aspects of the enemy's ideology. At the highest level of the U.S. government, terrorism is deemed to be the result of poverty, unemployment, and lack of political enfranchisement. This fallacy must be jettisoned. We are not at war with Islam. The people most immanently in danger, in fact, are the nonviolent and non-extremist Muslims of the Middle East, such as our allies in Jordan and the modern Muslims of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. They are on the most important front of this war, and they understand just how much religion truly matters. We do a great disservice to those brave Muslims when we try to convince the world that the threat will disappear if enough people have good jobs and sound educations. #Quote by Sebastian Gorka
Islamic quotes by Al-Shafi'i
#59. All humans are dead except those who have knowledge; and all those who have knowledge are asleep, except those who do good deeds; and those who do good deeds are deceived, except those who are sincere; and those who are sincere are always in a state of worry. #Quote by Al-Shafi'i
Islamic quotes by Muhammad Ali
#60. My lectures, based on Islamic teachings, were on various subjects. Some of the titles were, 'The Intoxication of Life,' 'The Purpose of Life,' 'The Real Cause of Man's Distress,' 'The Journey to the Goal in Life,' and, one of my favorites, 'The Heart of Man.' They contained important insights that spoke to something deep inside me. #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Islamic quotes by Mark Durie
#61. When someone comes under abuse or attack a characteristic response is to blame yourself, especially if you are locked into a relationship of being attacked regularly, and making apologies for your abuser. It actually affects Christians living in Islamic circumstances more, and one Palestinian Christian spoke about that problem of needing to defend Islam in order to protect yourself. #Quote by Mark Durie
Islamic quotes by Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas
#62. Islamic tradition does not recognize such presumptuous and conceited preoccupation as "reviewing", which is now widely practised among scholars who regard highly this legacy of the Western tradition modern scholarship. a Muslim scholar, with the work of another before him, would either - according to Islamic tradition - refute it (radd), or elaborate it further in commentary (sharh) as the occasion demands. there is no such thing as "reviewing" it, whether the "review" is termed as such or as any other term which describes it. If there are petty mistakes they turn a blind eye to them; if there are obscurities they explain them in commentary - they polish a positive work and make it shine. #Quote by Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas
Islamic quotes by Satyendra Singh 'Shyamal'
#63. Terrorism has no religion, but secularism has one and only one. #Quote by Satyendra Singh 'Shyamal'
Islamic quotes by Ibn Warraq
#64. While many Islamic countries pay lip service to the idea of freedom of religion, they don't put up with conversion from Islam to another religion. #Quote by Ibn Warraq
Islamic quotes by Anonymous
#65. Therefore remember Me, I will remember you, And be thankful to Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me.
[Al-Baqarah 2:152] #Quote by Anonymous
Islamic quotes by Steven Pinker
#66. The recent failure of democracy to take hold in many African and Islamic states is a reminder that a change in the norms surrounding violence has to precede a change in the nuts and bolts of governance. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Islamic quotes by Bocafloja
#67. We have to remember examples of many artists of conscious rap who have been coopted by the Department of State of the United States to be cultural ambassadors in different parts of the world, like Syria, like other parts of the Middle East, including conscious Islamic-American rappers that are representing an international political agenda for the United States through cultures more affable for people of color in other parts of the world. #Quote by Bocafloja
Islamic quotes by Muhammad
#68. If anyone travels on a road in search of knowledge, Allah will cause him to travel on one of the roads of Paradise. #Quote by Muhammad
Islamic quotes by Mohamedou Ould Slahi
#69. And you have detainees who typically were captured and turned over to U.S. forces without any proper judicial process. After that, they experienced heavy mistreatment and found themselves incarcerated in another hemisphere, in GTMO Bay, by a country that claims to safeguard human rights all over the world - but a country that many Muslims suspect is conspiring with other evil forces to wipe the Islamic religion off the face of the earth. #Quote by Mohamedou Ould Slahi
Islamic quotes by David Berlinski
#70. The advent of militant atheism marks a reaction - a lurid but natural reaction - to the violence of the Islamic world. #Quote by David Berlinski
Islamic quotes by Robert Paxton
#71. For example, while new fascism would necessarily diabolize some enemy, both external and internal, the enemy would not necessarily be Jews. An authentically popular American Fascism would be pious, antiblack, and since September 11, 2001, anti-Islamic as well; in western Europe, secular and, these days, more likely anti-Islamic than anti-Semitic; in Russia and easter Europe, religious, anti-Semitic, Slavophile and anti-Western. New Fascism would probably prefer the mainstream patriotic dress of their own in place and time to alien swastikas or fasces. #Quote by Robert Paxton
Islamic quotes by Robert R. Reilly
#72. As Fouad Ajami observed, the inability to relate cause to effect is pandemic in the Islamic world. #Quote by Robert R. Reilly
Islamic quotes by Susan Sontag
#73. Enemies are somewhere else, as the fighting is almost always "over there," with Islamic fundamentalism now replacing Russian and Chinese communism as the implacable, furtive menace. And "terrorist" is a more flexible word than "communist." It can unify a larger number of quite different struggles and interests. What this may mean is that the war will be endless
since there will always be some terrorism. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Islamic quotes by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
#74. Greed takes a person to the watering place but gets him back without letting him drink. It undertakes responsibility but does not fulfill it. Often the drinker gets choked before quenching his thirst. The greater the worth of a thing yearned for, the greater is the grief for its loss. Desires blind the eyes of understanding. The destined share would reach him who does not approach it. #Quote by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
Islamic quotes by A. Helwa
#75. We do not worship God because God needs it, we worship God because we need it. Prayer is not you reaching out for God, it is you responding to God, who first reached out to you. #Quote by A. Helwa
Islamic quotes by Abdal Hakim Murad
#76. The 'Islamic State', that strange miscegenation of Medina with Westphalia, is always in mortal danger of linking the moral austerity of monotheism with the repressive and supervisor powers of the modern nation state. #Quote by Abdal Hakim Murad
Islamic quotes by Enver Masud
#77. Palestine is occupied land, and under international law, the Palestinians have the legal right to resist this occupation by any and all means. This may make busses, restaurants, discos-where Israeli military congregate, lawful targets. #Quote by Enver Masud
Islamic quotes by Ted Cruz
#78. We need to be focused on defeating radical Islamic terrorists. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Islamic quotes by Ali Khamenei
#79. The great powers have dominated the destiny of the Islamic countries for years and ... installed the Zionist cancerous tumor in the heart of the Islamic world ... Many of the problems facing the Muslim world are due to the existence of the Zionist regime. #Quote by Ali Khamenei
Islamic quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#80. Though it has no intrinsic value – you cannot eat or drink a dollar bill – trust in the dollar and in the wisdom of the Federal Reserve is so firm that it is shared even by Islamic fundamentalists, Mexican drug lords and North Korean tyrants. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Islamic quotes by Toby Lester
#81. The only real source of historical information about pre-Islamic Mecca and the circumstances of the Koran's revelation is the classical Islamic story about the religion's foundation ... #Quote by Toby Lester
Islamic quotes by Chris Matthews
#82. Five years from now, 10 years from now, there's going to be a huge Islamic population in the world, they're going to be nationalistic, they're going to be religious, and they're going to be militant. #Quote by Chris Matthews
Islamic quotes by Johan Galtung
#83. As professor of global peace studies at the International Islamic University of Malaysia I am committed to the ending of war also through criminalization of war, an approach that has not been sufficiently used in spite of the UN Charter outlawing war - with too many loopholes used buy aggressive countries. #Quote by Johan Galtung
Islamic quotes by Ibn Ata Allah
#84. Nothing is difficult, if you seek it through your Lord; nothing is easy, if you seek it through your self. #Quote by Ibn Ata Allah
Islamic quotes by Ibn Ata Allah
#85. People praise you for what they suppose is in you; but you must blame your soul for what you know is in it. #Quote by Ibn Ata Allah
Islamic quotes by Rand Paul
#86. We have Islamic rebels [in Syria] who've been eating the hearts or organs of their enemies. We have priests that have been killed. We have Christian villages that have been razed by Islamic rebels. We have Islamic rebels who say they don't recognize Israel and would just as soon attack Israel as [Bashar] Assad. So really, I see no clear-cut American interest, and I'm afraid that sometimes things unravel, and the situation could become less stable and not more stable. #Quote by Rand Paul
Islamic quotes by Hasan Of Basra
#87. The Righteous Salaf were as fearful of their good deeds being squandered, or not being accepted, as the present generation is certain that their neglect would be forgiven. #Quote by Hasan Of Basra
Islamic quotes by Maajid Nawaz
#88. President Barack Obama and many liberal-minded commentators have been hesitant to call this Islamist ideology by its proper name. They seem to fear that both Muslim communities and the religiously intolerant will hear the word "Islam" and simply assume that all Muslims are being held responsible for the excesses of the jihadist few.

I call this the Voldemort effect, after the villain in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books. Many well-meaning people in Ms. Rowling's fictional world are so petrified of Voldemort's evil that they do two things: They refuse to call Voldemort by name, instead referring to "He Who Must Not Be Named," and they deny that he exists in the first place. Such dread only increases public hysteria, thus magnifying the appeal of Voldemort's power.

The same hysteria about Islamism is unfolding before our eyes. But no strategy intended to defeat Islamism can succeed if Islamism itself and its violent expression in jihadism are not first named, isolated and understood.

From: Maajid Nawaz's article titled, 'How to Beat Islamic State', December 11th, 2015. #Quote by Maajid Nawaz
Islamic quotes by Al-Shafi'i
#89. Wealth remains behind on earth while ibadaah accompanies you into the grave. #Quote by Al-Shafi'i
Islamic quotes by 'Amr Ibn Al-'As
#90. Live for this life as though you live in it forever and live for the life to come as though you die tomorrow #Quote by 'Amr Ibn Al-'As
Islamic quotes by J.M. Coetzee
#91. Islamic fundamentalism in its activist manifestation is bad news. Religious fundamentalism in general is bad news. We know about religious fundamentalism in South Africa. Calvinist fundamentalism has been an unmitigated force of benightedness in our history. #Quote by J.M. Coetzee
Islamic quotes by Zach Wamp
#92. For twenty years, Islamic Jihadists have been attacking American interests around the world and we did not take them seriously until September 11th, 2001. #Quote by Zach Wamp
Islamic quotes by Azar Nafisi
#93. I would like to say how much I resent people who say of the Islamic Republic that this is our culture - as if women like to be stoned to death, or as if they like to be married at the age of nine. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Islamic quotes by Rumi
#94. That which God said to the rose, and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty, He said to my heart, and made it a hundred times more beautiful. #Quote by Rumi
Islamic quotes by M. Bakri Musa
#95. Without justice, a society cannot be Islamic regardless of its label. It i that simple #Quote by M. Bakri Musa
Islamic quotes by Akbar Ganji
#96. I am against revolution and am proud of it. Democracy cannot be created through revolutions. The most important dichotomy that I make for a society is between those who support democracy and human rights, and those who oppose it. In a totalitarian state, the state views any act of an individual to be political in nature. For example, the clothing that a person wears in a modern state is a private affair whereas in the Islamic Republic all women are forced to wear the hijab (Islamic attire). When women push their headscarf back an inch or two, this is interpreted to be a political act, #Quote by Akbar Ganji
Islamic quotes by Naguib Mahfouz
#97. I am the son of two civilizations that at a certain age in history have formed a happy marriage. The first of these, seven thousand years old, is the Pharaonic civilization; the second, one thousand four hundred years old, is the Islamic civilization. #Quote by Naguib Mahfouz
Islamic quotes by Anonymous
#98. Islamic law refers to as "offensive jihad," the forcible expansion into countries that are ruled by non-Muslims. "Hitherto, we were just defending ourselves," Choudary said; without a caliphate, offensive jihad is an inapplicable concept. But the waging of war to expand the caliphate is an essential duty of the caliph. #Quote by Anonymous
Islamic quotes by Marmaduke Pickthall
#99. The Muslims have got Islam as a legacy, hence they fail to recognize its value #Quote by Marmaduke Pickthall
Islamic quotes by Babur
#100. Like us many have spoken over this spring, but they were gone in the twinkling of an eye.
We conquered the world with bravery and might, but we did not take it with us to the grave. #Quote by Babur
Islamic quotes by Joseph Campbell
#101. One of the most interesting histories of what comes of rejecting science we may see in Islam, which in the beginning received, accepted, and even developed the classical legacy. For some five or six rich centuries there is an impressive Islamic record of scientific thought, experiment, and research, particularly in medicine. But then, alas! the authority of the general community, the Sunna, the consensus - which Mohammed the Prophet had declared would always be right - cracked down. The Word of God in the Koran was the only source and vehicle of truth. Scientific thought led to 'loss of belief in the origin of the world and in the Creator.' And so it was that, just when the light of Greek learning was beginning to be carried from Islam to Europe - from circa 1100 onward - Islamic science and medicine came to a standstill and went dead ... #Quote by Joseph Campbell
Islamic quotes by Mark Durie
#102. There's really no such thing as just Sharia, it's not one monolithic Continuum - Sharia is understood in thousands of different ways over the 1,500 years in which multiple and competing schools of law have tried to construct some kind of civic penal and family law code that would abide by Islamic values and principles, it's understood in many different ways. #Quote by Mark Durie
Islamic quotes by Rumi
#103. My heart is so small it's almost invisible. How can You place such big sorrows in it? "Look," He answered, "your eyes are even smaller, yet they behold the world. #Quote by Rumi
Islamic quotes by Hassan Rouhani
#104. I ran on the platform of moderation and won the election by a large margin. By virtue of the strong mandate that I received from the electorate, I am committed to operating in the framework of moderation, which calls inter alia for a balance between realism and the pursuit of the ideals of the Islamic Republic of Iran. #Quote by Hassan Rouhani
Islamic quotes by William Hardy McNeill
#105. The rise of Islam offers perhaps the most impressive example in world history of the power of words to alter human behavior in sudden, surprising ways. #Quote by William Hardy McNeill
Islamic quotes by Milos Zeman
#106. Politicians differ in their views whether Russia or Islamic State is a bigger menace, and I personally think that Islamic State is the bigger threat. #Quote by Milos Zeman
Islamic quotes by Franjo Tudjman
#107. The West wanted to avoid an Islamic state in Europe. #Quote by Franjo Tudjman
Islamic quotes by A. Helwa
#108. God's mercy is greater than your sins or circumstances. His compassionate love embraces the cactus parts of you that you swear no one could hug. His grace celebrates the parts of you that nobody claps for. God loved you before you were even created, before you even knew of Him. As the Qur'an says, "It is He who sent down tranquility into the hearts of the believers, that they may add faith to their faith for to Allah belong the forces of the heavens and the Earth and Allah is full of Knowledge and Wisdom" (48:4). #Quote by A. Helwa
Islamic quotes by Aly Khan
#109. The Council of Islamic Affairs is doing a great service to the world by promoting a greater understanding in America of the rich heritage of the Islamic peoples and their hopes and aspirations for the future. #Quote by Aly Khan
Islamic quotes by Ellen Willis
#110. As with fascism, the rise of Islamic totalitarianism has partly to do with its populist appeal to the class resentments of an economically oppressed population and to anger at political subordination and humiliation. #Quote by Ellen Willis
Islamic quotes by Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon
#111. The abstract, curvilinear motifs of ancient Islamic decorative art found in mosaics and carpet design appear again and again at all scales of magnification on the boundary of the Mandelbrot set. #Quote by Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon
Islamic quotes by Ibn Rajab The Evil Of Craving For Wealth And Status
#112. From the subtle afflictions caused by love of status is seeking after and aspiring positions of authority – this is something whose reality is hidden and obscure.

It is not understood except by those who have knowledge of Allah, those who love Him and who are at enmity with those ignorant ones from His creation who desire to compete with Him with regard to His Lordship and Divinity and right to worship, despite their despicability and the contemptible position they have before Allah and in the eyes of His chosen servants who have knowledge of Him.

Know that love of status attained by having one's orders and prohibitions obeyed and enacted, and by merely the attainment of a position above the people and to have importance over
them, and that it be seen that the people are in need of him and seek their needs from him – then the soul of this person is seeking to compete with Allah in His Lordship and His Divinity and right to worship. Some such people may even seek to put the people into such a condition of need that they are compelled to request their needs from them, and to display their poverty before them and their need of them. Then he is inflated with pride and self-importance because of that, whereas this befits none except Allah alone. #Quote by Ibn Rajab The Evil Of Craving For Wealth And Status
Islamic quotes by Ibn Ata Allah
#113. Do not despair when in spite of intense supplication,
there is a delay in receiving the expected gift.
He has guaranteed that he will respond
in what He chooses for you,
and not what you choose for yourself,
and at the time He chooses
not the time you desire. #Quote by Ibn Ata Allah
Islamic quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
#114. Worry is a direct consequence of relying on your own efforts. #Quote by Yasmin Mogahed
Islamic quotes by Khalid Baig
#115. A million gripes against the darkness will not make a dent in it. But a little candle will. #Quote by Khalid Baig
Islamic quotes by Umar
#116. Get used to a rough life, for luxury does not last forever. #Quote by Umar
Islamic quotes by Anton Szandor LaVey
#117. We don't worship Satan, we worship ourselves using the metaphorical representation of the qualities of Satan. Satan is the name used by Judeo-Christians for that force of individuality and pride within us. But the force itself has been called by many names.We embrace Christian myths of Satan and Lucifer, along with Satanic renderings in Greek, Roman, Islamic, Sumerian, Syrian, Phrygian, Egyptian, Chinese or Hindu mythologies, to name but a few. We are not limited to one deity, but encompass all the expressions of the accuser or the one who advocates free thought and rational alternatives by whatever name he is called in a particular time and land. It so happens that we are living in a culture that is predominantly Judeo-Christian, so we emphasize Satan. If we were living in Roman times, the central figure, perhaps the title of our religion, would be different. But the name would be expressing and communicating the same thing. It's all context. #Quote by Anton Szandor LaVey
Islamic quotes by Kenneth Eade
#118. ISIS was not particular about how their soldiers made it to Jannah, so long as they inflicted maximum damage.. #Quote by Kenneth Eade
Islamic quotes by Abdul-Qadir Gilani
#119. Seek the fellowship of those who enjoy fellowship with the Lord #Quote by Abdul-Qadir Gilani
Islamic quotes by Nayef Al-Rodhan
#120. The history of Israel-Palestine conflict cannot be understood without its underlying emotional meanders. The emotional frameworks of the loss of Palestine for the Arab-Islamic world touched deep scars that go back to the Crusades, symbolizing a proof of Arab-Islamic decay, political impotence, and perceived (British/French) betrayal and antagonism. #Quote by Nayef Al-Rodhan
Islamic quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
#121. Don't expect your spouse to be perfect. He/she is only the dunya version of themselves. Their 'perfect' version is saved for jennah. #Quote by Yasmin Mogahed
Islamic quotes by Anonymous
#122. Terrorists from the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) have killed at least 500 members of Iraq's Yazidi ethnic minority during their offensive in the north, Iraq's human rights minister told Reuters on Sunday. #Quote by Anonymous
Islamic quotes by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
#123. We do not have homosexuals in Iran like you do [in America]. #Quote by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Islamic quotes by Wafa Sultan
#124. Why does a young Muslim, in the prime of life, with a full life ahead, go and blow himself up in a bus full of innocent passengers? In our countries, religion is the sole source of education, and this is the only spring from which that terrorist drank until his thirst was quenched. He was not born a terrorist, and did not become a terrorist overnight. Islamic teachings played a role in weaving his ideological fabric, thread by thread, and did not allow other sources - I am referring to scientific sources - to play a role. It was these teachings that distorted this terrorist, and killed his humanity; it was not [the terrorist] who distorted the religious teachings, and misunderstood them, as some ignorant people claim. When you recite to a child still in his early years the verse 'They will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternative sides cut off,' regardless of this verse's interpretation, and regardless of the reasons it was conveyed, or its time, you have made the first step towards creating a great terrorist. #Quote by Wafa Sultan
Islamic quotes by Barack Obama
#125. Third, we will continue to draw on our substantial counterterrorism capabilities to prevent ISIL attacks. Working with our partners, we will redouble our efforts to cut off its funding; improve our intelligence; strengthen our defenses; counter its warped ideology; and stem the flow of foreign fighters into - and out of - the Middle East. And in two weeks, I will chair a meeting of the UN Security Council to further mobilize the international community around this effort. #Quote by Barack Obama
Islamic quotes by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
#126. The sweetness of this life is found in remembering Allah; the sweetness of the next life will be found in seeing Him. #Quote by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
Islamic quotes by Reza Aslan
#127. Over the last few years, the Islamic world has produced more female presidents and prime ministers than both Europe and North America combined. #Quote by Reza Aslan
Islamic quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
#128. We will be asked, "what did you love most in this world? What did you spend life doing? What did you run after? Will it last? The things that you chased, will they last? Will they help you, or will they hurt you when the illusion of this life has passed?" #Quote by Yasmin Mogahed
Islamic quotes by Ibrahim Hooper
#129. I want to see the U.S become an Islamic nation. #Quote by Ibrahim Hooper
Islamic quotes by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
#130. The global nature of the religious knowledge of a learned Muslim sitting in Isfahan in the fourteenth century was very different from that of a scholastic thinker in Paris or Bologna of the same period. On the basis of the Quranic doctrine of religious universality and the vast historical experiences of a global nature, Islamic civilization developed a cosmopolitan and worldwide religious perspective unmatched before the modern period in any other religion. This global vision is still part and parcel of the worldview of traditional Muslims, of those who have not abandoned their universal vision as a result of the onslaught of modernism or reactions to this onslaught in the form of what has come to be called fundamentalism. #Quote by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Islamic quotes by Scott Anderson
#131. Lawrence argued that despite posing as Islamic reformists "with all the narrow minded bigotry of the puritan," ibn-Saud and his Wahhabists were hardly representative of Islam. Instead, as he warned in "The Politics of Mecca," the Wahhabist sect was composed of marginal medievalists, "and if it prevailed, we would have in place of the tolerant, rather comfortable Islam of Mecca and Damascus, the fanaticism of Nejd ... intensified and swollen by success. #Quote by Scott Anderson
Islamic quotes by A. Helwa
#132. Love. It is the reason there is something instead of nothing. It is from the soil of love that all of existence blossoms into being. #Quote by A. Helwa
Islamic quotes by Richard Engel
#133. The Muslim Brotherhood, or 'the Brotherhood' for short, is an Islamic group founded in Egypt in 1928. It has been pursuing a secret campaign to take over the government since its creation. #Quote by Richard Engel
Islamic quotes by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
#134. There are many democracies in our Arab and Islamic countries, but unfortunately, they are all false democracies. #Quote by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
Islamic quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#135. Today when we say the West we are already referring to the West and to Russia. We could use the word 'modernity' if we exclude Africa, and the Islamic world, and partially China. #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Islamic quotes by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
#136. Neither happiness nor grief are everlasting in this life-but one of the two is everlasting in the next. Which one do you want? #Quote by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
Islamic quotes by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
#137. There is one exception to this trend, however, and that is that after the debacle of Arab nationalism, a number of secularized Arab thinkers, having no access to the earlier Islamic philosophical tradition except through Western eyes, in contrast to the living Islamic philosophical tra- dition, which has had a continuous life in such places as Iran, have adopted the view of Western rationalism. Then they have tried to look within the Islamic world for a figure with whom they could identify, and they have turned to Ibn Rushd, whom they are now interpreting as the last serious Islamic philosopher, who was also a rationalist. Many gov- ernments have been in favor of this trend, because they have thought that this would create a kind of secularism against the Islamic sentiments of the population and expedite modernism.
In recent years, there have been a number of conferences in Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt, as well as Turkey (which claims to be secu- larist), and other places on Ibn Rushd, trying to present him as the last Islamic philosopher and a rationalist to be used as a model by present- day Muslim thinkers. That phenomenon is there, I agree, but that is not the most important phenomenon, because most of the people who talk in these terms, although they are now popular in the Arab world, do not have that much of a philosophical substance to carry the day; nor is their thought connected to the worldview of their society. #Quote by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Islamic quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#138. Hamid notes that the four main schools of Islamic jurisprudence agree that this verse means "that Muslims must fight non-Muslims and offer them the following choices: Convert to Islam, pay a humiliating tax called jizyah or be killed." Indeed, he adds, "A basic search of almost ALL approved interpretations for the Quran supports the same violent conclusion. The 25 leading approved Quran Interpretations (commentaries) - that are usually used by Muslims to understand the Quran - unambiguously support the violent understanding of the verse."15 #Quote by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Islamic quotes by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
#139. It is for Muslim scholars to study the whole history of Islamic science completely and not only the chapters and periods which influenced Western science. It is also for Muslim scholars to present the tradition of Islamic science from the point of view of Islam itself and not from the point of view of the scientism, rationalism and positivism which have dominated the history of science in the West since the establishment of the discipline in the early part of the 20th century in Europe and America. #Quote by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Islamic quotes by David Kilcullen
#140. My personal position on counterinsurgency in general, and on Iraq and Afghanistan in particular, could therefore be summarized as "Never again, but..." That is, we should avoid any future large-scale, unilateral military intervention in the Islamic world, for all the reasons already discussed. But, recognizing that while our conventional war-fighting superiority endures, any sensible enemy will choose to fight us in this manner, we should hold on to the knowledge and corporate memory so painfully acquired, across all the agencies of all the Coalition partners, in Afghanistan and Iraq. And should we find ourselves (by error or necessity) in a similar position once again, then the best practices we have rediscovered in current campaigns represent an effective approach: effective, but not recommended. #Quote by David Kilcullen
Islamic quotes by Ilana Mercer
#141. Islamic terrorism is the handiwork of people who've heeded, not hijacked, Islam. #Quote by Ilana Mercer
Islamic quotes by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
#142. For anyone who understood the essence of modernism based on and originating in the secularizing and humanistic tendencies of the European Renaissance, it was easy to detect the confrontation that was already taking place between traditional and modern elements in the Islamic world. #Quote by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Islamic quotes by Azar Nafisi
#143. This is a good time to ask apologists for the Islamic regime, who degrades Islam? Who imposes stoning, forced marriage of underage girls and flogging for not wearing the veil? Do such practices represent Iran's ancient history and culture, its ethnic and religious diversity? Its centuries of sensual and subversive poetry? #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Islamic quotes by Rabia Basri
#144. Your hope in my heart is the rarest treasure
Your Name on my tongue is the sweetest word
My choicest hours
Are the hours I spend with You -
O God, I can't live in this world
Without remembering You #Quote by Rabia Basri
Islamic quotes by Nouman Ali Khan
#145. When you see someone who is not as religious, remember that you were once on the edge of the fire, and it was Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'ala's favor upon you to guide you. Arrogance will wipe away any goodness from the transformation. #Quote by Nouman Ali Khan
Islamic quotes by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya
#146. Yearning for Allah and His meeting is like the gentle breeze blowing upon the heart, extinguishing the blaze of the Dunya. Whosoever caused his heart to settle with his Lord shall be in a state, calm and tranquility, and whosoever sent it amongst the people shall be disturbed and excessively perturbed. #Quote by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya
Islamic quotes by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
#147. There is no doubt that the new wave [of attacks] in Palestine will wipe off this stigma [Israel] from the face of the Islamic world. #Quote by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Islamic quotes by Hasan Of Basra
#148. The World is three days: As for yesterday, it has vanished, along with all that was in it. As for tomorrow, you may never see it. As for today, it is yours, so work in it. #Quote by Hasan Of Basra
Islamic quotes by Ann Coulter
#149. The Democratic Party supports criminals and Islamic terrorists but has no sympathy for taxpayers. #Quote by Ann Coulter
Islamic quotes by Al-Tabarani
#150. Make haste in giving voluntary charity, for calamities cannot pass by it. #Quote by Al-Tabarani
Islamic quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#151. Infuriatingly stupid analysts - especially people who called themselves Arabists, yet who seemed to know next to nothing about the reality of the Islamic world - wrote reams of commentary [after 9/11]. Their articles were all about Islam saving Aristotle and the zero, which medieval Muslim scholars had done more than eight hundred years ago; about Islam being a religion of peace and tolerance, not the slightest bit violent. These were fairy tales, nothing to do with the real world I knew. #Quote by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Islamic quotes by Hamza Yusuf
#152. Knowledge is taken from breath, not lives in a book #Quote by Hamza Yusuf
Islamic quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
#153. Ignoring a Reality doesn't make it less Real. It's still going to happen. Being unprepared for something doesn't stop it from happening. #Quote by Yasmin Mogahed
Islamic quotes by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
#154. Strive for the Hereafter according to how long you shall remain there, and strive for this world according to how long you shall remain here. #Quote by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
Islamic quotes by Luana Ehrlich
#155. Islamic jihadists making sacrifices tended to create gruesome headlines.--Titus Ray, Chapter 29 #Quote by Luana Ehrlich
Islamic quotes by Muhammad Sajaad
#156. Imam Shatibi, amongst other jurists, has explained extensively the dangers in leaving Fiqh unregulated, saying ; ultimately, the very purpose of the Shariah - which is Takleef, (that is charging people with duties and responsibilities) would become defunct as lay people, through caprice and moral corruption, created their own desirable opinions. #Quote by Muhammad Sajaad
Islamic quotes by Abdullah Ibn Alawi Al-Haddad
#157. When the inward is good the outward is also inevitably so, for the outward always follows the inward, whether good or evil. #Quote by Abdullah Ibn Alawi Al-Haddad
Islamic quotes by Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas
#158. The common understanding among Muslims, no doubt indoctrinated by Western notions, is that a secular state is a state that is not governed by the 'ulama', or whose legal system is not established upon the revealed law. In other words it is not a theocratic state. But this setting in contrast the secular state with the theocratic state is not really an Islamic way of understanding the matter, for since Islam does not involve itself in the dichotomy between the sacred and the profane, how then can it set in contrast the theocratic state with the secular state? #Quote by Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas
Islamic quotes by Sibel Edmonds
#159. After 911, the US Government engaged in mock investigations and shut down many small Islamic charities and organizations, giving the appearance of action in the so-called 'War on Terror.' Why did they harbor, support and resource Fethullah Gulen's $25 billion madrassa-and-mosque-establishment efforts throughout the Central Asian region and the Balkans? #Quote by Sibel Edmonds
Islamic quotes by Michael Scheuer
#160. You can forgive your leaders for not knowing the intricacies of Islamic history. You cannot forgive them for not knowing their own. And when you look at American democracy, where did it start? It started, if you need to pick a point, at Runnymede in 1215. We have now been at this process, we and our English-speaking allies, for 800 years. #Quote by Michael Scheuer
Islamic quotes by Abul Hasan Ali Hasani Nadwi
#161. Your life in every way should become a beacon of guidance and it should become a means for Dawah. #Quote by Abul Hasan Ali Hasani Nadwi
Islamic quotes by Darrel Ray
#162. Mohammed took his tribal customs and traditions and injected them into his new religion. Many of the ideas and traditions he implemented were already contained in the tribes he conquered, so in many cases, no major changes were required of his new followers. For example, most, if not all, of the tribes were polygamous. Women were seen primarily as chattel and under the complete control of their fathers or husbands. The communities of the new Islamic religion in the 600s CE often converted en masse. With minor modifications, they kept practicing their traditions. Mecca was already a major pagan religious shrine; Mohammed conveniently changed it into a place of worship and pilgrimage for Allah.
Practically speaking, Mohammed unified a fracture region under a single religion and did it with a superior military. Conquest, war, and male predominance were the hallmarks of Islam. Despite political splits over the centuries, the tribal nature of Islam remains intact. #Quote by Darrel Ray
Islamic quotes by Wadah Khanfar
#163. When the Islamic revolution began in 1979 under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini, it aroused considerable admiration in the Arab street. It presented a model of organised popular action that deposed one of the region's most tyrannical regimes. The people of the region discerned in this revolution new hope for freedom and change. #Quote by Wadah Khanfar
Islamic quotes by A. Helwa
#164. The word "Allah" can be seen as the same singular God that is referred to in the Torah in Hebrew as Elohim, or spoken by Jesus in Aramaic as the strikingly similar Allaha. Allah is neither female nor male, for He is beyond anything in creation and transcends all the limits that the human mind can create. Since in Arabic there is not a gender-neutral pronoun such as "it," Allah uses huwa or "He" in reference to Himself because in Arabic the male gender form is inclusive of the female, not exclusive. #Quote by A. Helwa
Islamic quotes by Rumi
#165. Doubt is a precipice on the way to God. Blessed is he who is freed from its bonds. He who fares without any doubt, adhere to his footprints if you do not know the way. Cleave to the footprints of the deer and advance with care that you may reach the musk-gland. By means of such trekking, even if you walk on fire, you will reach the luminous peak. #Quote by Rumi
Islamic quotes by Dinesh D'Souza
#166. If the supply of virtue is insufficient in a free society like America, it is almost nonexistent in Islamic societies because coerced virtues are not virtues at all. #Quote by Dinesh D'Souza
Islamic quotes by Edward Said
#167. The sense of Islam as a threatening Other - with Muslims depicted as fanatical, violent, lustful, irrational - develops during the colonial period in what I called Orientalism. The study of the Other has a lot to do with the control and dominance of Europe and the West generally in the Islamic world. And it has persisted because it's based very, very deeply in religious roots, where Islam is seen as a kind of competitor of Christianity. #Quote by Edward Said
Islamic quotes by Gary Patton
#168. Whether most Muslims are peaceable is irrelevant. The fact is that fanatics rule Islam now & act-out what the Qur'an truly says ... maul, march, & murder every Infidel if they won't convert! #Quote by Gary Patton
Islamic quotes by Ron Paul
#169. Whether [the 1993 World Trade Center bombing] was a setup by the Israeli Mossad, as a Jewish friend of mine suspects, or was truly a retaliation by the Islamic fundamentalists, matters little. #Quote by Ron Paul
Islamic quotes by Christiane Amanpour
#170. We turn now over the debate of the proposed Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero ... The controversy has raised profound questions about religious tolerance and prejudice in the United States. #Quote by Christiane Amanpour
Islamic quotes by Al-Ghazali
#171. In the intricate paths of life when difficulties and hardships confront a man, and the darkness of difficulty and suffering becomes long, it is patience only that acts like a light for a Muslim, that keeps him safe from wandering here and there, and saves him from the muddy marsh of disappointment, desperation and frustration. #Quote by Al-Ghazali
Islamic quotes by Ted Cruz
#172. We need to focus on radical Islamic terrorists and we need to stop them before they carry out acts of terror. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Islamic quotes by Theodore C. Sorensen
#173. We have convinced over one billion members of the Islamic faith that we are prejudiced against their religion, that we would deny them freedom of religion, that we want suppress their culture and invade their governments. #Quote by Theodore C. Sorensen
Islamic quotes by Ibn Ata Allah
#174. If you are aware of your humility, then you are arrogant. #Quote by Ibn Ata Allah
Islamic quotes by Victor Davis Hanson
#175. Osama bin Laden did not attack on September 11 because there was a dearth of American diplomats willing to talk with him in the Hindu Kush. He did not think America denied its Muslim citizens the right to worship freely. He did not think his native Saudi Arabia was impoverished or short of lebensraum. Instead, he recognized that a series of Islamic terrorist assaults against U.S. interests over two decades had met with what he would judge as insignificant reprisals. And he therefore concluded, in rather explicit and public fashion, that the supposedly decadent Westerners would never fight, whatever the provocation - #Quote by Victor Davis Hanson
Islamic quotes by Saadi
#176. Astride a horse I am not, nor camel-like carry a load,
Subjects I have none, nor follow any sultan's code;
I worry not for what exists, nor fret for what is lost,
I breathe with extreme ease, and live at very little cost. #Quote by Saadi
Islamic quotes by Bernard Lewis
#177. In 1940, we knew who we were, we knew who the enemy was, we knew the dangers and the issues," he told me when I pressed him for a reading of the struggle against Islamic radicalism. "In our island, we knew we would prevail, that the Americans would be drawn into the fight. It is different today. We don't know who we are, we don't know the issues, and we still do not understand the nature of the enemy. #Quote by Bernard Lewis
Islamic quotes by Bob Beauprez
#178. True enough, Osama bin Laden is dead and other al-Qaeda leaders have joined him. But, the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi is a brutal reminder that radical Islamic terror groups have not disappeared and certainly are not dormant. #Quote by Bob Beauprez
Islamic quotes by Hamza Yusuf
#179. The Afghanis converted from Buddhism and some of the greatest Muslims came out of that Buddhist tradition. In fact Balkh was a center for Buddhist logic and those logicians became Muslim and introduced interestingly enough into Islamic theology some Buddhist logical formations that dont exist in Greek logic.

Greek logic does not have a "neither A nor B" type scenario whereas Nagarjunian logic which is Buddhist logic does. In traditional Islamic theology you have situations where they do have that "neither A nor B". [...] I can't say "definitely" but I really believe that it does come out of the influence that the Buddhist logicians had on Islam. I actually wrote a paper "how the Buddhists saved Islam" which was about that but somebody said [...] [do not submit it] as you will get too much flak.
(audio) #Quote by Hamza Yusuf
Islamic quotes by Hassan Nasrallah
#180. There is no solution to the conflict except with the disappearance of Israel. #Quote by Hassan Nasrallah
Islamic quotes by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
#181. In the traditional Islamic world, the hierarchy of the arts was not based on whether they were "fine" or "industrial" or "minor". It was based upon the effect of art on the soul of the human being. #Quote by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Islamic quotes by Muhammad Ali Jinnah
#182. I cannot understand the logic of those who have been deliberately and mischievously propagating that the Constitution of Pakistan will not be based on Islamic Sharia. Islamic principles today are as much applicable to life as they were 1300 years ago. #Quote by Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Islamic quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#183. As a legal text, the Qur'an reflects its origins in a tribal or clan-based society, particularly on issues concerning inheritance, male guardianship, the validity of a woman's testimony in court, and polygamy. This is even more obvious in the hadith, the compilation of sayings attributed to the Prophet or documenting his actions. This combination of the Qur'an and the example of Muhammad forms the basis of sharia. The derivation of these legal rules, known as fiqh, is the responsibility of Islamic jurists and takes place on the basis of ijma (consensus). When conflicts of interpretation arise, scholars consult the Qur'an and hadith. #Quote by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Islamic quotes by Jeb Bush
#184. If we want to destroy ISIS,if we expect to do this on our own, we will fail but if we do it in unison with people who are also are at risk and threatened by Islamic Radical terrorism, we'll be far more successful. #Quote by Jeb Bush
Islamic quotes by Azar Nafisi
#185. Putting the pastries onto a large tray, I asked Manna if she envisioned the words to her poems in colors. Nabokov writes in his autobiography that he and his mother saw the letters of the alphabet in color, I explained. He says of himself that he is a painterly writer.
The Islamic Republic coarsened my taste in colors, Manna said, fingering the discarded leaves of her roses. I want to wear outrageous colors, like shocking pink or tomato red. I feel too greedy for colors to see them in carefully chosen words of poetry. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Islamic quotes by Osama Bin Laden
#186. Only one conclusion could be derived from the indifference of the United States and the West to these acts of terror and the patronage of the tyrants by these powers that America is an anti-Islamic power and it is patronizing the anti-Islamic forces. Its friendship with the Muslim countries is just a show, rather deceit. By enticing or intimidating these countries, the United States is forcing them to play a role of its choice. Put a glance all around and you will see that the slaves of the United States are either rulers or enemies of Muslims . #Quote by Osama Bin Laden
Islamic quotes by Rumi
#187. Let Go of Your Worries Let go of your worries and be completely clear-hearted, like the face of a mirror that contains no images. If you want a clear mirror, behold yourself and see the shameless truth, which the mirror reflects. If metal can be polished to a mirror-like finish, what polishing might the mirror of the heart require? Between the mirror and the heart is this single difference: the heart conceals secrets, while the mirror does not. #Quote by Rumi
Islamic quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#188. The suicide bomber who blows up Israeli children cannot transform himself into a martyr. The Palestinian problem is not an Islamic problem. #Quote by Tariq Ramadan
Islamic quotes by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
#189. The reality of the Islamic metaphysical world was not taken seriously despite the fact that Iqbal, who was the ideological founder of Pakistan, had shown much interest in Islamic philosophy, although I do not think that he is really a traditional Islamic philosopher. He himself was influenced by Western philosophy, but at least was intelligent enough to realize the significance of Islamic philosophy. The problem with him was that he did not know Arabic well enough. His Persian was very good, but he could not read all the major texts of Islamic philoso- phy, which are written mostly in Arabic. Nevertheless, he wrote on the development of metaphysics in Persia, and he had some philosophical substance, much more than the other famous reformers who are men- tioned all the time, such as Sir Syed Ahmad Khan or Muh:ammad 'Abduh. #Quote by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Islamic quotes by Abdul-Qadir Gilani
#190. Listen to your heart and not your ego. Your ego prompts you to boast of vain assertions to obtain the glory of this world. Turn away from vanity and seek Him in the recesses of your heart and soul #Quote by Abdul-Qadir Gilani
Islamic quotes by Benazir Bhutto
#191. Pakistan is heir to an intellectual tradition of which the illustrious exponent was the poet and philosopher Mohammad Iqbal. He saw the future course for Islamic societies in a synthesis between adherence to the faith and adjustment to the modern age. #Quote by Benazir Bhutto
Islamic quotes by Leila Aboulela
#192. I write fiction that reflects Islamic logic: fictional worlds where cause and effect are governed by Muslim rationale. However, my characters do not necessarily behave as 'good' Muslims; they are not ideals or role models. #Quote by Leila Aboulela
Islamic quotes by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
#193. Confronting this regime and opposing Zionists are a national duty, as well as religious and Islamic duty, and a human duty. Even the people of Europe and America despise the Zionists. They hate them. They feel humiliated by the Zionists, who are a burden on them. #Quote by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Islamic quotes by Al-Ghazali
#194. Dear friend,
Your heart is a polished mirror. You must wipe it dean of the veil of dust that has gathered upon it, because it is destined to reflect the light of divine secrets. #Quote by Al-Ghazali
Islamic quotes by Prince
#195. It's fun being in Islamic countries, to know there's only one religion. There's order. You wear a burqa. There's no choice. People are happy with that. #Quote by Prince
Islamic quotes by Ted Cruz
#196. I introduced legislation in the Senate to prohibit President Obama's amnesty. The House of Representatives stood up and led. It took the legislation I introduced and it passed it. But the Senate Democrats stood as one uniform block and said, 'No, we will do nothing to stop amnesty.' #Quote by Ted Cruz
Islamic quotes by Michael Scheuer
#197. We are tangled in a very significant Islamic insurgency in Iraq. #Quote by Michael Scheuer
Islamic quotes by Pamela Geller
#198. In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad #Quote by Pamela Geller
Islamic quotes by Simon Sebag Montefiore
#199. No, that's not the style of these people,' explained Maxy. 'You shouldn't think of these Bolsheviks as modern politicians. They were religious fanatics. Their Marxism was fanatical; their fervour was semi-Islamic; and they saw themselves as members of a secret military-religious order like the medieval Crusaders or the Knights Templar. They were ruthless, amoral and paranoid. They believed that millions would have to die to create their perfect world. Family, love and friendship were nothing compared to the holy grail. People died of gossip at Stalin's court. For a man like Satinov, secrecy was everything. #Quote by Simon Sebag Montefiore
Islamic quotes by Al-Ghazali
#200. If those who do not possess knowledge avoid the scholarly discussions, disagreement will end. #Quote by Al-Ghazali

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