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Is All About Me quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#1. My point is, that if I'm honest, my life is all about me. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Is All About Me quotes by Anonymous
#2. But as for me, I often remain focused on myself. I become caught up either in all that I accomplish or in all that I have left undone. When life is all about me, I am blinded from the reality of my complete dependence upon my Creator. #Quote by Anonymous
Is All About Me quotes by Sheri Holman
#3. God must feel the same at the end of a long day. Stop trying to make Me happy with all that ritual up and down, all the good works and psychic genuflecting. All the good works in the world will not bring you and closer to Me. Stand still. Let Me look at you and find Myself reflected. Maybe for a brief moment, you thought it was all about you, but surprise, Creation. It is all about Me. #Quote by Sheri Holman
Is All About Me quotes by Hilary Mantel
#4. Anne says, "It is all about me. #Quote by Hilary Mantel
Is All About Me quotes by Dylan Moran
#5. The most dangerous drink is gin. You have to be really, really careful with that. And you also have to be 45, female and sitting on the stairs. Because gin isn't really a drink, it's more a mascara thinner. "Nobody likes my shoes!" "I made ... I made fifty ... fucking vol-au-vents, and not one of you ... not one of you ... said 'Thank you.'" And my favourite: "Everybody, shut up. Shut up! This song is all about me. #Quote by Dylan Moran
Is All About Me quotes by Ciaran Hinds
#6. The joy of just being involved in something, of being part of a big process, just as a human being, it's nice to be part of people who are in the same enterprise, heading for the same goal, rather than, 'Oh this is all about me and my role. The story's about me.' #Quote by Ciaran Hinds
Is All About Me quotes by Jeff Ryan
#7. But Zelda was never about plot. Indeed, one's head could explode if all the games were considered one story, since Link is always meeting Zelda and villainous Gannon for the first time. Imagine trying to explain why James Bond has stayed forty years old for forty years, while changing faces and hair color. Better to accept the story as a constant retelling, and don't dwell on continuity matters. Mario has made a cottage industry of jokes about how Bowser had only one playbook - kidnap the princess - and this time it'll work! He's utterly incapable of coming up with any other plan. Aside from that one time he obtained a degree in hotel management. #Quote by Jeff Ryan
Is All About Me quotes by Adrian Mitchell
#8. You put your bombers in, you put your conscience out,You take the human being and you twist it all aboutSo scrub my skin with womenChain my tongue with whiskyStuff my nose with garlicCoat my eyes with butterFill my ears with silverStick my legs in plasterTell me lies about Vietnam. #Quote by Adrian Mitchell
Is All About Me quotes by Nicholas Kristof
#9. During the Arab Spring, I learned all sorts of things from Twitter. I wouldn't necessarily trust that information, but it gave me ideas about questions to ask. You can really learn things from the wisdom of crowds. #Quote by Nicholas Kristof
Is All About Me quotes by Brent Musburger
#10. You are watching what greatness is all about. #Quote by Brent Musburger
Is All About Me quotes by Wynton Marsalis
#11. Louis Armstrong is jazz. He represents what the music is all about. #Quote by Wynton Marsalis
Is All About Me quotes by Lopez Lomong
#12. The thing about dreams, though, is they usually sound crazy to everyone but you. All it takes is one other person to buy into them to keep you going. #Quote by Lopez Lomong
Is All About Me quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#13. Writers - particularly storytellers like myself - write about people. That is ironic, since we actually know nothing about them. Think about it. Why does someone become a writer? Is it because they like people? Of course not. Why else would we seek out a job where we get to spend all day, every day, cooped up in our basement with no company besides paper, a pencil, and our imaginary friends? Writers hate people. If you've ever met a writer, you know that they're generally awkward, slovenly individuals who live beneath stairwells, hiss at those who pass, and forget to bathe for weeklong periods. And those are the socially competent ones. #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Is All About Me quotes by Warwick Davis
#14. To me that's part of my working day, and I would never refuse a job where I'm under several hours of makeup, because as an actor, I enjoy performing. It's about the creation of the character and the art to me, not about being comfortable and how long it all takes. #Quote by Warwick Davis
Is All About Me quotes by Leah Remini
#15. You are allowed to be friends with non- or ex-Scientologists, as long as they aren't antagonistic toward Scientology. If they are, you are expected to disconnect or break off all ties with that member, who is considered a Suppressive Person. A person is declared by the church to be an SP for a variety of reasons, which may include going to the authorities about the church or making any kind of negative comment about it publicly or in the press. Both are considered suppressive acts that can have devastating consequences for relationships. And furthermore, if the church were to find out that you remained in contact with an SP, you would then be declared an SP as well. #Quote by Leah Remini
Is All About Me quotes by Michael Tilson Thomas
#16. Part of my big message with all this is that if you are alive, you know all you need to know about the message of classical music, because more than any other music, it is about the way life really is. #Quote by Michael Tilson Thomas
Is All About Me quotes by Kirby Larson
#17. I thought about all the fences that get built in this world - the ones that divide folks and tear them up, like the actions of the Kaiser and his henchmen, and the ones that bring folks closer together, like this stretch of fence Karl Mueller had build for me. #Quote by Kirby Larson
Is All About Me quotes by Ruth St. Denis
#18. I have performed for thousands when they found me exotic, the vogue, daring, but I have danced, at any given time, for about ten people ... They were the ones that left the theater forever different from the way they were when they came in. All of my long, long life, I have danced for those ten. #Quote by Ruth St. Denis
Is All About Me quotes by Wilhelm Reich
#19. I am well aware of the fact that the human race has known about the existence of a universal energy related to life for many ages. However, the basic task of natural science consisted of making this energy usable. This is the sole difference between my work and all preceding knowledge. #Quote by Wilhelm Reich
Is All About Me quotes by Martin Freeman
#20. I think acting is all about the other people. Sounds like a worthy thing to say, but it's true. #Quote by Martin Freeman
Is All About Me quotes by Rikki Rockett
#21. Next time you bump your head, try to imagine being a monkey and getting a steel plate smashed into your skull at 50 miles per hour. Then, only then should you feel compelled to tell me that I'm wrong about my opinions. For all these things have happened in the name of science. They continue in abundance till this day. #Quote by Rikki Rockett
Is All About Me quotes by Barry Eisler
#22. Death catches everyone eventually, and I had never harbored any illusions about its ability to catch me. That it had hesitated so long to do so seemed born more of a desire to mock me than of any real inclination to wait. Death had tired of that game, and had finally moved in to collect what we all owe. #Quote by Barry Eisler
Is All About Me quotes by Will Sheff
#23. When your head is smashing into the concrete you don't have question about whether it's a real sensation. And ultimately, that's what's going to unmake us all - smashing up against the physical reality of death and decay, and being unmade. #Quote by Will Sheff
Is All About Me quotes by Trae Crowder
No one shall give a damn about your religion. Freedom of speech doesn't mean you can say whatever you want about prayer and God and rules and gays, and everyone else has to take it. It means you can say whatever you want about all that, but I can then say back to you, "Your church is a cult, and all the women in it are fat." So suck it up, Brother Daryl. #Quote by Trae Crowder
Is All About Me quotes by Wynton Marsalis
#25. I always read all these books about the slaves. My mother is very educated. My father would talk to us like we were grown men. We never knew what he was talking about half the time. #Quote by Wynton Marsalis
Is All About Me quotes by Medea Benjamin
#26. It is so inspiring to see a new group coming together not to focus on a particular war or weapons system, but on all war-everywhere. And it's great to have such beautifully crafted arguments about why war is not inevitable and how war contributes to so many other global ills. This coalition is worthy of Martin Luther King's call to end violence and instead put our energies and resources into 'life-affirming activities.' Bravo! #Quote by Medea Benjamin
Is All About Me quotes by Indra Nooyi
#27. By five or six, when the heels start to hurt, I kick off my shoes and walk bare feet. But that's not a big deal. Nobody else is at the office at that time, and as for singing loudly, I don't sing loudly. I might hum a tune at times when I am thinking about something, but that's all fine. #Quote by Indra Nooyi
Is All About Me quotes by Eleanor Clark
#28. It is like a party all the time; nobody has to worry about giving one or being invited; it is going on every day in the street and you can go down or be part of it from your window ... #Quote by Eleanor Clark
Is All About Me quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#29. What was she like?"
I tell the truth.
"She was my dream. She made me who I am, and holding her in my arms was more natural to me than my own heartbeat. I think about her all the time. Even now, when I'm sitting here, I think about her. There could never be another. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Is All About Me quotes by Joseph Campbell
#30. All of the great mythologies and much of the mythic story-telling of the world are from the male point of view. When I was writing The Hero with a Thousand Faces and wanted to bring female heroes in, I had to go to the fairy tales. These were told by women to children, you know, and you get a different perspective. It was the men who got involved in spinning most of the great myths. The women were too busy; they had too damn much to do to sit around thinking about stories. [...]
In the Odyssey, you'll see three journeys. One is that of Telemachus, the son, going in quest of his father. The second is that of the father, Odysseus, becoming reconciled and related to the female principle in the sense of male-female relationship, rather than the male mastery of the female that was at the center of the Iliad. And the third is of Penelope herself, whose journey is [...] endurance. Out in Nantucket, you see all those cottages with the widow's walk up on the roof: when my husband comes back from the sea. Two journeys through space and one through time. #Quote by Joseph Campbell
Is All About Me quotes by Andrew Dominik
#31. Anything that's memorable about a movie is often what a test audience will object to because they're being asked to be experts. They just compare the film they finished watching to all of the other films that they've seen. #Quote by Andrew Dominik
Is All About Me quotes by Marcel Proust
#32. Of all the seeds that fly about the world, the one with the most solid wings, enabling it to be scattered at the greatest distance from its point of origin, is still a joke. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Is All About Me quotes by Viktor Schauberger
#33. Nature's most effective protection is the frailty of humanity, its work and its activities. The consequences of its activities must sooner or later bring about its own demise for the greater part of its present endeavours contravenes every principle of Nature. Hence, it is merely a question of the efficacy of humanity's activities and of the attainment of a particular level of culture which determines when the reaction sets in; when all that has been built up with so much care and sweat must once more collapse upon itself. Once humanity has reached this point, Nature will rid herself effortlessly of her greatest enemy and with renewed energy will rebuild all that humanity has destroyed. #Quote by Viktor Schauberger
Is All About Me quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#34. ...above all, let your focus be on remaining a full person. Take time for yourself. Nurture your own needs.
Please do not think of it as 'doing it all'.
Our culture celebrates the idea of women who are able to 'do it all' but does not question the premise of that praise. I have no interest in the debate about women doing it all because it is a debate that assumes that caregiving and domestic work are singularly female domains, and idea that I strongly reject. Domestic work and caregiving should be gender-neutral, and we should be asking not whether a woman can 'do it all' but how best to support parents in their dual duties at work and at home. #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Is All About Me quotes by Ciara
#35. You hear women talk about it all the time, like when you turn thirty, 'That's when it all came together for me, girl.' Honestly, that's what I feel. #Quote by Ciara
Is All About Me quotes by Juan Pablo Di Pace
#36. Religious or biblical can sometimes be a little soft, but 'A.D.' doesn't shy away from the violence of the time, the political intrigue. The story is really about the resurrection of faith, which is how the disciples went about keeping the word of Christ. So, they found all kinds of trouble and problems and torture and persecution. #Quote by Juan Pablo Di Pace
Is All About Me quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#37. I read things that male relationship experts write about women and I read things that female relationship experts write about men, then I feel a true sadness in my heart. Why can't there be a simple, pure, direct openness? Why can't there be a simple, real, open trust? The truth is that male or female, gay or straight - we are all people - we have all been broken and put back together in so many different ways ... it's really just about learning how to recognize the sound of the other one's cracks. And that's what it's really about, just that. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Is All About Me quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
#38. Akira often gets mad at me because he thinks I'm too nice to strangers, and cold as a fish at home. What can I do? He's right, but that's the way I am. I'm more enthusiastic about people I've just met, whom I barely know at all, than with old friends. Before the awkwardness of a new acquaintance has worn off, I'm ready to offer myself up to that person. #Quote by Banana Yoshimoto
Is All About Me quotes by Mary Szybist
#39. The Troubadours Etc."

Just for this evening, let's not mock them.
Not their curtsies or cross-garters
or ever-recurring pepper trees in their gardens
promising, promising.

At least they had ideas about love.

All day we've driven past cornfields, past cows poking their heads
through metal contraptions to eat.
We've followed West 84, and what else?
Irrigation sprinklers fly past us, huge wooden spools in the fields,
lounging sheep, telephone wires,
yellowing flowering shrubs.

Before us, above us, the clouds swell, layers of them,
the violet underneath of clouds.
Every idea I have is nostalgia. Look up:
there is the sky that passenger pigeons darkened and filled -
darkened for days, eclipsing sun, eclipsing all other sound
with the thunder of their wings.
After a while, it must have seemed that they followed
not instinct or pattern but only
one another.

When they stopped, Audubon observed,
they broke the limbs of stout trees by the weight of the numbers.

And when we stop we'll follow - what?
Our hearts?

The Puritans thought that we are granted the ability to love
only through miracle,
but the troubadours knew how to burn themselves through,
how to make themselves shrines to their own longing.
The spectacular was never behind them.

Think of days of those scarlet-breasted, blue-winged #Quote by Mary Szybist
Is All About Me quotes by Oscar Wilde
#40. The public is largely influenced by the look of a book. So are we all. It is the only artistic thing about the public. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Is All About Me quotes by Nicky Lee
#41. Children bring an awesome responsibility. We are entrusted with the task of shaping the lives of real people, with all their potential to do good or harm. At times, it is highly inconvenient. They disturb our sleep; they interfere with our plans; they stir up dormant and unresolved passions. And yet, as we seek to teach them, they are teaching us. They teach us what sacrifice is all about. The total dependence of a baby upon us, their powerlessness to reciprocate what we do for them, their inability to say thank you, all lead us to become less selfish. We are forced to change, to grow up, to look at the needs of another, to raise our boredom threshold, to develop patience, to deal with our insecurities, to become more whole. We are learning to love. #Quote by Nicky Lee
Is All About Me quotes by Jeff Foxworthy
#42. People should see your faith. If all you do is talk about your faith and people don't see it, but they ought to see it in the way you treat your family, you treat your friends, you treat your community. #Quote by Jeff Foxworthy
Is All About Me quotes by Rachel E. Carter
#43. I'm not like you. I've never cared about keeping relationships or sparing people's feelings. All I've ever cared about is power: how to get it, and how to keep it. I told you as much when we met. #Quote by Rachel E. Carter
Is All About Me quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#44. I don't want to go back," Beatrix moaned. "It's so dreadfully dull, and I don't like all that rich food, and I've been sitting beside the vicar who only wants to talk about his own religious writings. It's so redundant to quote oneself, don't you think?"
"It does bear a certain odor of immodesty," Amelia agreed with a grin, smoothing her sister's dark hair. "Poor Bea. You don't have to go back, if you don't wish it. I'm sure one of the servants can recommend a nice place for you to wait until supper is done. The library, perhaps."
"Oh, thank you." Beatrix heaved a sigh of relief. "But who will create another distraction if Leo starts being disagreeable again?"
"I will," Cam assured her gravely. "I can be shocking at a moment's notice."
"I'm not surprised," Amelia said. "In fact, I'm fairly certain you would enjoy it. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Is All About Me quotes by T Bone Burnett
#45. Everything around a writer, or musician in the record business, probably everything in all the United States or in all of western civilization, is about competition. #Quote by T Bone Burnett
Is All About Me quotes by R.C. Ryan
#46. Marilee lay perfectly still,waiting for her world to settle.She had to fight the unreasonable urge to weep.
Wyatt's face was pressed to the hollow of her throat,his breathing rough, his damp body plastered to hers.
He nuzzled her neck. "Am I too heavy?"
"Umm." It was all she could manage.
"You all right?"
"Did anybody ever tell you that you talk too much?"
He brushed his mouth over hers. "If you hum a bit more,I might be able to name that tune."
That broke the spell of tears that had been threatening and caused her to laugh.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. "Have I told you how much I like your silly sense of humor?"
"No,you haven't." He rolled to his side and gathered her into his arms,nuzzling her cheek,while his big hands moved over her hip,her back,her waist, as though measuring every inch of her. "What else do you like about me?"
"You fishing for compliments?"
"Of course I am."
"Glutton. Your sense of humor isn't enough?"
"Not nearly enough.How about my looks?"
"They're okay,for a footloose rebel."
"Stop.All these mushy remarks will inflate my ego." He gave a mock frown. "How about the way I kiss?"
"You're not bad."
"Not bad?" His hands stopped their movement. He drew a little away. "That's all you can say?"
"If you recall,tonight was the first time we've kissed.I haven't had nearly enough practice to be a really good judge of your ta #Quote by R.C. Ryan
Is All About Me quotes by Marion Woodman
#47. What analysis is all about is for one hour a week, you sit and hope that for a flash of a moment you will experience connectedness. #Quote by Marion Woodman
Is All About Me quotes by Fiona Thrust
#48. You know, there's no pleasure like the joy of being a sexual woman.

You can take your careers, your money, your houses and possessions, and you go and throw them in a lake.

Because life is really all about sex.

That's what I keep learning, again and again.

It's the most important thing, woven into the very centre of life.

And I just know I was put on this earth to be a sexual woman, and to explore as much about sex as I can. #Quote by Fiona Thrust
Is All About Me quotes by David Whyte
#49. Anger is the deepest form of compassion, for another, for the world, for the self, for a life, for the body, for a family and for all our ideals, all vulnerable and all, possibly about to be hurt. Stripped of physical imprisonment and violent reaction, anger is the purest form of care, the internal living flame of anger always illuminates what we belong to, what we wish to protect and what we are willing to hazard ourselves for. #Quote by David Whyte
Is All About Me quotes by Terence McKenna
#50. Schizophrenia is just a catch-all term for forms of mental behaviour that we don't understand. In the nineteenth century there was a term, melancholia, which we would now call bipolar depression ... but all forms of sadness, unhappiness, maladaptation, were poured into this label melancholia ... Now, schizophrenia is a similar thing ... A book about schizophrenia [says that] the typical schizophrenic lives in a world of twilight imagining. Marginal to his society, incapable of holding a regular job, these people live on the fringes content to drift in their own self-created value system. I said, that's it! That's it! Now I understand! #Quote by Terence McKenna
Is All About Me quotes by Elbert Hubbard
#51. A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. #Quote by Elbert Hubbard
Is All About Me quotes by Deyth Banger
#52. I'm very curious how most people live??
With the empty hard that somebody has died and they mourn all their life from the beginning of this even to the end of their life??
This isn't the purpose of life, it has happen, it was on the way to happen, we respect his or her choice about this and that's all...
Look me right in the face and answer this question "Can something be changed?" "Can you change it?" - No and No, it can't be changed, just admint this better this than to mourn all your life. #Quote by Deyth Banger

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