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Irony quotes by Suzy Kassem
#1. The human ego is the ugliest part of man. We lift up men who only show us darkness, and put down those brave enough to show us the light. Likewise, people engage in darkness when it is light outside, and acknowledge the light only when it is dark. We abandon those fighting for us to cheer behind those fighting against us. And, we only remember good people and God when it is convenient for us, and take them for granted because their doors are always open - only to chase after closed doors and personalities void of substance and truth. #Quote by Suzy Kassem
Irony quotes by Karen Witemeyer
#2. Tori chanced a glance out of the corner of her eye to the man at her side. His attention appeared riveted to the road in front of them. Good. He probably didn't even notice. His head suddenly swiveled her way as if he sensed her gaze. He winked at her. Winked! "I gotta say your stamina is impressive." His voice held a warm, teasing lilt. "I didn't think you'd make it past Mrs. Cooper's chicken farm with that iron-poker spine, and here you lasted three times as long." Tori stiffened, then realized the irony of the action and settled for pursing her lips instead. "I'm sure I have no idea what you are talking about." Mr. Porter chuckled. "And here I'd always thought you the honest type." Tori #Quote by Karen Witemeyer
Irony quotes by Rick Allen
#3. Yes, of course that's true but you know, the irony of all that is that before the accident, I'd pretty much lost interest in playing drums. #Quote by Rick Allen
Irony quotes by Woody Allen
#4. Maugham then offers the greatest advice anyone could give to a young author: At the end of an interrogation sentence, place a question mark. You'd be surprised how effective it can be. #Quote by Woody Allen
Irony quotes by Anatole France
#5. Irony and pity are two good counselors: one, in smiling, makes life pleasurable; the other, who cries, makes it sacred. #Quote by Anatole France
Irony quotes by Jeff Goins
#6. Many of us are speeding up and skipping over, missing the important as we scan for the urgent. The irony is that in our anxiety toward not missing out, we are losing the most meaningful moments of life. #Quote by Jeff Goins
Irony quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
#7. Behind every successful woman is a hungry man. #Quote by Ljupka Cvetanova
Irony quotes by Jean Hanff Korelitz
#8. Most of all, I am struck by an irony central to the lot of a purebred dog: As it attains the hallmarks of its breed, it seems to simultaneously relinquish its basic dogginess, until it is less a dog than a Pomeranian, Collie or Bloodhound. #Quote by Jean Hanff Korelitz
Irony quotes by Heenashree Khandelwal
#9. Some are convicted for breaking the heart…some are the victims of broken heart – Irony of unrequited love. #Quote by Heenashree Khandelwal
Irony quotes by E. E. Cummings
#10. How do you like your blue-eyed boy Mr Death? #Quote by E. E. Cummings
Irony quotes by Agnes Repplier
#11. Wit is artificial; humor is natural. Wit is accidental; humor is inevitable. Wit is born of conscious effort; humor, of the allotted ironies of fate. Wit can be expressed only in language; humor can be developed sufficiently in situation. #Quote by Agnes Repplier
Irony quotes by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
#12. It is when subjective consciousness maintains its independence of everything, that it says, 'It is I who through my educated thoughts can annul all determinations of right, morality, good, &c., because I am clearly master of them, and I know that if anything seems good to me I can easily subvert it, because things are only true to me in so far as they please me now.' This irony is thus only a trifling with everything, and it can transform all things into show: to this subjectivity nothing is any longer serious, for any seriousness which it has, immediately becomes dissipated again in jokes, and all noble or divine truth vanishes away or becomes mere triviality. #Quote by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Irony quotes by Lily Velden
#13. My friends tell me I am strong, decisive, and wise. What a joke. Where is my strength tonight? Where is my wisdom? Ironically, they tell me I am 'so open'. Me, who has so many secrets that I have never shared. The irony would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Their blindness to my true self makes me feel invisible. Not in the way that a spirit or ghost is invisible, for I am most definitely flesh, blood, sinew, and bone. I even have a mind that works nimble and fast, and a mouth that speaks reasonably eloquently, when I feel I have something worthwhile to say. No, I'm invisible because the people who populate my life either do not, or cannot, see the real me. Of course, that is but another irony. I know much of my invisibility is of my own doing, and that is the last joke on myself: that which I seek is also that which I fear. #Quote by Lily Velden
Irony quotes by Christian Nestell Bovee
#14. At the best, sarcasms, bitter irony, scathing wit, are a sort of swordplay of the mind. You pink your adversary, and he is forthwith dead; and then you deserve to be hung for it. #Quote by Christian Nestell Bovee
Irony quotes by Timothy Beal
#15. About two-thirds of Americans believe that the Bible "answers all or most of the basic questions of life" - and 28 percent of them admit that they rarely or never read it! #Quote by Timothy Beal
Irony quotes by James K. Morrow
#16. I joined the army to learn how to kill my father. An irony; the only time the old man ever showed a glimmer of satisfaction with me was when I announced I was dropping out of college and enlisting. He thought I wanted to make the world safe for democracy, when in fact I wanted to make it safe from him. I intended to sign up under a false name. Become competent with a rifle. Then one night, while my father slept, I would sneak away from basic training, press the muzzle to his head - Harry Hines the failed and violent Pennsylvania farmer, Harry Hines the wife abuser and son beater, laying into me with his divining rods till my back was freckled with slivers of hazelwood - and blast him to Satan's backyard while he dreamed whatever dreams go through such a man's mind. #Quote by James K. Morrow
Irony quotes by Saim .A. Cheeda
#17. The irony is that there is nothing purer than sorrow. #Quote by Saim .A. Cheeda
Irony quotes by Louis Sachar
#18. I remember my fourth grade teacher reading 'Charlotte's Web' and 'Stuart Little' to us - both, of course, by E. B. White. His stories were genuinely funny, thought provoking and full of irony and charm. He didn't condescend to his readers, which was why I liked his books, and why I wasn't a big reader of other children's' books. #Quote by Louis Sachar
Irony quotes by William Shakespeare
#19. The prince of darkness is a gentleman! #Quote by William Shakespeare
Irony quotes by Randeep Hooda
#20. During my theatre days, I was more comfortable doing comedy. It's such an irony. I have always played a buffoon on stage, and yet I don't have any comic role to my credit. #Quote by Randeep Hooda
Irony quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#21. Papa said that the parish priest in Abba was not spiritual enough. That was the problem with our people, Papa told us, our priorities were wrong; we cared too much about huge church buildings and mighty statues. You would never see white people doing that. #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Irony quotes by Victor Hugo
#22. Could the word 'iron' be the root from which 'irony' is derived? #Quote by Victor Hugo
Irony quotes by David Foster Wallace
#23. This American penchant for absolution via irony is foreign to them. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Irony quotes by Lynne Truss
#24. Inverted commas (or speech marks, or quotes) are sometimes used by fastidious writers as a kind of linguistic rubber glove, distancing them from vulgar words or clichés they are too refined to use in the normal way. This 'N' character in Iris Murdoch's novel evidently can't bring himself to say 'keep in touch' without sealing it hygienically within inverted commas, and doubtless additionally indicating his irony with two pairs of curled fingers held up at either side of his face. #Quote by Lynne Truss
Irony quotes by E.J. Copperman
#25. imagine there's no heaven..." he said. "Apparently someone is taking that personally. #Quote by E.J. Copperman
Irony quotes by David Letterman
#26. Labour day is a great American holiday that people
celebrate by going out and buying products
made in China #Quote by David Letterman
Irony quotes by Tamora Pierce
#27. It was plain that Nazaam and Gieyat were lovers. I'd like that, Arram thought as he followed Nazaam. To be comfortable with my lover, and laugh together, even when things are terrible. Like I do with Ozorne and Varice. #Quote by Tamora Pierce
Irony quotes by Alan Brennert
#28. They toured the new hospital, the renovated and expanded McVeigh Home, and the (named without apparent irony) Bay View Home for the Blind and Helpless. #Quote by Alan Brennert
Irony quotes by Jon Favreau
#29. The irony is that the more unapologetically sexist men are in movies, the more women tend to be attracted to them in person. #Quote by Jon Favreau
Irony quotes by Marion Woodman
#30. When the power comes from within us and we claim it as our own, then we no longer have to affirm ourselves by dominating others. The irony is that we are actually afraid of our own power. #Quote by Marion Woodman
Irony quotes by Chris Pavesic
#31. I think you'll find that I'm qualified to deal with practically everything, if I choose. That last part, of course, is essential. --Devyn DuChien #Quote by Chris Pavesic
Irony quotes by Anne Rice
#32. Carefully I opened my eyes and looked at him again. All his natural gifts were there in a blaze of light: the delicate but strong limbs, large sober brown eyes, and his mouth that for all the irony and sarcasm that could come out of it was childlike and ready to be kissed. #Quote by Anne Rice
Irony quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#33. Doakes had a first name! It was Albert - had anyone ever really called him that? Unthinkable. I had assumed his name was Sergeant. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Irony quotes by Henry Louis Gates
#34. Well, certainly one of the ironies of the success of affirmative action is that the middle class within the black community no longer lives within 'black community' by and large. #Quote by Henry Louis Gates
Irony quotes by Meg Wolitzer
#35. Irony was new to her and tasted oddly good, like a previously unavailable summer fruit. #Quote by Meg Wolitzer
Irony quotes by E. M. Forster
#36. For a wonderful physical tie binds the parents to the children; and - by some sad, strange irony - it does not bind us children to our parents. For if it did, if we could answer their love not with gratitude but with equal love, life would lose much of its pathos and much of its squalor, and we might be wonderfully happy. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Irony quotes by Steve Coogan
#37. The irony is, of course, that many of the values that I was raised with, that I think are very important, that I hold dear, are the result of a religious faith. #Quote by Steve Coogan
Irony quotes by Rick Allen
#38. But the irony is that because the band isn't the focus any more, it allows me the chance to enjoy being a member of Def Leppard much more. #Quote by Rick Allen
Irony quotes by Peter Greenaway
#39. I think my films are very English. That certain emotional distance, interest in the world, interest in irony. These are all deeply English propositions. #Quote by Peter Greenaway
Irony quotes by Irena Deneva
#40. I cannot conceive of a greater loss than the loss of one's self-respect. Decedents of the beautiful women that fought so hard for centuries to be equal and not objects of men's will, only their achievement to die in vain. As today's woman single desire is to be any men's object by any means on her part. Talk about irony ... #Quote by Irena Deneva
Irony quotes by Ram Dayal Munda
#41. To separate the Adivasi from his land is to stop his breathing. If you want to see an Adivasi's extinction, take him away from his land- as it is happening at present. It is a strange irony that when the Adivasi could lead a life of self- reliance, he is being compelled to become disabled and parasitic. The Adivasi, after having been uprooted from his land through the establishment of big projects in the name of public interest and national development, is ending up in slums in the peripheries of modern cosmopolitan cities as an army of landless labourers and domestic servants losing altogether their self- reliance and self- esteem. #Quote by Ram Dayal Munda
Irony quotes by Naomi Klein
#42. Indeed the offset market has created a new class of "green" human rights abuses, wherein peasants and Indigenous people who venture into their traditional territories (reclassified as carbon sinks) in order to harvest plants, wood, or fish are harassed or worse...The added irony is that many people being sacrificed for the carbon market are living some of the most sustainable, low-carbon lifestyles on the planet. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Irony quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#43. I know the universe has a sense of irony, and sometimes you get reminded just how sadistic that can be. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Irony quotes by Douglas Coupland
#44. Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life's cruelest irony. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Irony quotes by Umberto Eco
#45. The list could surely go on, and there is nothing more wonderful than a list, instrument of wondrous hypotyposis. #Quote by Umberto Eco
Irony quotes by Gwyneth Paltrow
#46. I think it's the strange irony that we make all these life choices before we're 40, because really we shouldn't make any until we're 40. It almost feels like you get a software upgrade and you start to experience life in such a different way, because you just don't suffer fools, you go straight for what means something and what feels good, and you stop caring about pleasing other people. #Quote by Gwyneth Paltrow
Irony quotes by Oscar Wilde
#47. I hardly think that any Socialist, nowadays, would seriously propose that an inspector should call every morning at each house to see that each citizen rose up and did manual labour for eight hours. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Irony quotes by Ryan Lilly
#48. I've never written a quote I feel would be suitable for my gravestone. Wouldn't it be ironic if it were this one? Oh, and could you pull a few weeds while you're here? #Quote by Ryan Lilly
Irony quotes by Chris Gardner
#49. Strong people stand up for themselves. Stronger people stand up for others. The irony is that while sleep sometimes brings nightmares, it's the reality of my waking hours that can cause me the greater fear. #Quote by Chris Gardner
Irony quotes by Devdutt Pattanaik
#50. Brahmins were essentially transmitters and stewards of Vedic hymns and rituals, not its interpreters or owners. Over time, however, they used their exalted position to dominate society and claim entitlements. It was an irony of history that those who carried knowledge of how to expand the mind failed to expand their own minds, and chose the common path of domination instead. #Quote by Devdutt Pattanaik
Irony quotes by Alan Bradley
#51. The first thing they would do would be to open my mouth and extract the soggy ball of my handkerchief, and as they spread it out flat on the table beside my white remains, an orange stamp - a stamp belonging to the King - would flutter to the floor: It was like something right out of Agatha Christie. #Quote by Alan Bradley
Irony quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#52. The huge irony is that the more the gospel is offered in consumer terms, the more the consumers are disappointed. #Quote by Eugene H. Peterson
Irony quotes by Garon Whited
#53. What's fair and what's true often bear no resemblance to each other. #Quote by Garon Whited
Irony quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#54. Nick smiled. "I kind of like the irony."
"Jesus, you are such a nerd." Gabriel flung the lighter at him.
"Stop using big words."
"Five letters is a big word? #Quote by Brigid Kemmerer
Irony quotes by Victoria Vane
#55. My office is right here." He inclined his head to the false front building. "It was once Miss Ruby's boardinghouse."
"Boardinghouse or bordello?" she asked.
"Probably one and the same." He grinned. "Half the reason I signed the lease was that I liked the irony of practicing law in a former bawdy house. #Quote by Victoria Vane
Irony quotes by Leslie Jamison
#56. Irony is easier than hopeless silence but braver than flight. #Quote by Leslie Jamison
Irony quotes by M. Molly Backes
#57. If you are here because you think writing will always be fun, you're in for a disappointment. Writing
real writing
is among the most difficult work you will ever face in your life. The irony is that the harder you work at it, the harder it gets. #Quote by M. Molly Backes
Irony quotes by Lynda Resnick
#58. When people affected by epilepsy are reluctant to expose their condition, the public remains in the dark about it - a tragic irony that has made patient care and raising funds for research more than challenging. #Quote by Lynda Resnick
Irony quotes by LeAnne Mechelle
#59. Chin up, and we'll drown a little slower. #Quote by LeAnne Mechelle
Irony quotes by Paul Beatty
#60. If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door. #Quote by Paul Beatty
Irony quotes by Mark Z. Danielewski
#61. Irony? Irony can never be more than our own personal Maginot line; the drawing of it, for the most part, purely arbitrary. #Quote by Mark Z. Danielewski
Irony quotes by Rose Wynters
#62. And for God's sake, if you need to shoot make sure to release the safety , he murmured, as we moved across the front, careful to stick to the shadows as often as we could. So far, I hadn't seen anyone, not even zombies. It wasn't uncommon for a straggler to come along, every now and then. Lucky for us, we were remote enough that we hadn't had any major issues with any hordes locating us. The men were quick to dispatch any zombies that hung around, not willing to take the risk that somehow they could communicate with each other. Not to mention, the zombies were strong and fast. It was better to end them, rather than to risk them one day killing one of us. #Quote by Rose Wynters
Irony quotes by J.K. Rowling
#63. Would you like me to [kill you] now?" asked Snape, his voice heavy with irony. "Or would you like a few moments to compose an epitaph? #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Irony quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#64. Cruelty would be delicious if one could only find some sort of cruelty that didn't really hurt. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Irony quotes by Audrey Magee
#65. Will you stay in Germany?'
'No. Somewhere different.'
'Like where?'
'Somewhere there was no war. Ireland maybe. #Quote by Audrey Magee
Irony quotes by Julian Barnes
#66. Irony - The modern mode: either the devil's mark or the snorkel of sanity. #Quote by Julian Barnes
Irony quotes by Salley Vickers
#67. There are few things more mysterious than endings. I mean, for example, when did the Greek gods end, exactly? Was there a day when Zeus waved magisterially down from Olympus and Aphrodite and her lover Ares, and her crippled husband Hephaestus ) I always felt sorry for him), and all the rest got rolled up like a worn-out carpet? #Quote by Salley Vickers
Irony quotes by Jack White
#68. I hate irony, particularly when it is used because there isn't any message or to hide that someone hasn't any story to tell. Just like when someone only spews out a stack of cool words which don't mean anything and then has the gall to call it art. I always want to create a bridge between us and the listener, and I want it to be so that kids want to create for themselves a story or a context of the words. #Quote by Jack White
Irony quotes by Bear Grylls
#69. To me, my Christian faith is all about being held, comforted, forgiven, strengthened, and loved
yet somehow that message gets lost on most of us, and we tend only to remember the religious nutters or the God of endless school assemblies. This is no one's fault, it is just life. Our job is to stay open and gentle, so we can hear the knocking on the door of our heart when it comes. The irony is that I never meet anyone who doesn't want to be loved or held or forgiven. Yet I meet a lot of folk who hate religion. And I so sympathize. But so did Jesus. In fact, He didn't just sympathize, He went much further. It seems more like this Jesus came to destroy religion and to bring life. #Quote by Bear Grylls
Irony quotes by Pierre Klossowski
#70. Such is the world as it appeared to Nietzsche under the monumental aspect of Turin: a discontinuity of intensities that are given names only through the interpretation of those who receive his messages; the latter still represent the fixity of signs, whereas in Nietzsche this fixity no longer exists. That the fluctuations of intensities were able to assume the opposite name to designate themselves - such is the miraculous irony. We must believe that this coincidence of the phantasm and the sign has existed for all time, and that the strength required to follow the detour through the intellect was 'superhuman #Quote by Pierre Klossowski
Irony quotes by Janaki Sooriyarachchi
#71. But the people only talked about how ugly her face looked. No one even bothered to mention what a sweet, kindhearted girl she was. Now, don't be amazed! That is just the nature of humans, to notice the one flaw among a person's ten good qualities. #Quote by Janaki Sooriyarachchi
Irony quotes by Ransom Riggs
#72. In a cruel twist of irony, they achieved the immortality they'd been seeking. It's believed that the hollows can live thousands of years, but it is a life of constant physical torment, of humiliating debasement - feeding on stray animals, living in isolation - and of insatiable hunger for the flesh of their former kin, because our blood is their only hope for salvation. If a hollow gorges itself on enough peculiars, it becomes a wight. #Quote by Ransom Riggs
Irony quotes by Gail Collins
#73. Well, it'd certainly be fascinating if we discovered that gays were better at being married than heterosexuals are. Talk about irony. #Quote by Gail Collins
Irony quotes by Danielle Raine
#74. The cruel irony of housework:
people only notice when you don't do it. #Quote by Danielle Raine
Irony quotes by Michael Moorcock
#75. Trapped. Sinking. Can't be myself. Made into what other people expect. Is that everyone's fate? Were the great individualists the products of their friends who wanted a great individualist as a friend? #Quote by Michael Moorcock
Irony quotes by Arsalan Iftikhar
#76. The irony, of course, is that not long ago, it was Trump's own ancestors - German American immigrants - who were the demons of the day, as the United States fought two world wars against Germany. The only thing that saved Trump's people from being rounded up and put in camps during World War II, like Japanese American families - as Trump lauded President Franklin Roosevelt for doing - was that their skin color happened to be white. Those who are so eager to stigmatize Muslims today should keep this in mind - next time around it could be them. That's the way these American nativist, "know-nothing" uprisings work. One day it's Catholics who are the reviled aliens, then it's Jewish people, then it's Muslims. If you don't belong to one of these groups, just wait your turn - you could be next in line.
We will always be subjected to these us-versus-them hysteria campaigns as long as people in power seek to divide Americans for their own cynical political purposes - whether it's to whip up war fever, split apart working people, or simply keep the citizenry fearful and easier to manipulate. #Quote by Arsalan Iftikhar
Irony quotes by Steven Erikson
#77. Behold, my friends, I am justice.
And when at last we meet, you will not like it.
And if irony awakens in you at the end, see me weep with these tears of jade, and answer with a smile.
If you've the courage.
Have you, my friends, the courage? #Quote by Steven Erikson
Irony quotes by Tad Williams
#78. He led them around the base of a great fallen tree whose exposed roots resembled more than anything else a huge broom - a broom that would have fired the imagination of Rachel the Dragon toward heroic, legendary feats of sweeping. #Quote by Tad Williams
Irony quotes by Lewis Hyde
#79. Irony has only emergency use. Carried over time it is the voice of the trapped who have come to enjoy their cage. #Quote by Lewis Hyde
Irony quotes by Steven Erikson
#80. «Such is the irony of life,» Kruppe proclaimed, raising one pastry-filled hand over his head, «that one learns to distrust the obvious, surrendering instead to insidious suspicion and confused conclusion. But, is Kruppe deceived? Can an eel swim? Hurrah, these seeming muddy waters are home to Kruppe, and his eyes are wide with wonder.» #Quote by Steven Erikson
Irony quotes by Charles Dickens
#81. I hope I know my own unworthiness, and that I hate and despise myself and all my fellow-creatures as every practicable Christian should. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Irony quotes by Sherwood Smith
#82. There's no use in talking about the plan, because of course nothing went the way it was supposed to. Even the passage of time was horribly distorted. At first the ride to the hill seemed endless, with me sneaking looks at my brother, who was increasingly unsteady in his saddle.
The Marquis insisted on riding in front of us the last little distance, where we saw a row of four horse riders waiting--the outer two bearing banners, dripping from the rain, but the flags' green and gold still brilliant, and the inner two riders brawny and cruel faced and very much at ease, wearing the plumed helms of command.
"I just wanted to see if you traitors would dare to face me," Galdran said, his caustic voice making me feel sick inside. Sick--and angry.
The Marquis bowed low over his horse's withers, every line of his body indicative of irony.
Galdran's face flushed dark purple.
"I confess," Shevraeth drawled, "we had a small wager on whether you would have the courage to face us. #Quote by Sherwood Smith
Irony quotes by Mark Lawrence
#83. It's an irony of our times that men seeking peace must make war. #Quote by Mark Lawrence
Irony quotes by Rachel Held Evans
#84. It is a tragic and agonizing irony that instructions once delivered for the purpose of avoiding needless offense are now invoked in ways that needlessly offend, that words once meant to help draw people to the gospel now repel them. #Quote by Rachel Held Evans
Irony quotes by Sarah Churchwell
#85. The Volstead Act, prohibiting the production, sale, and transport of "intoxicating liquors," became law on January 17, 1920. Prohibition didn't prohibit much, and incited a great deal. By September 1922 it was already obvious that prohibition, known with varying degrees of irony as the Great Experiment, was experimenting mostly with the laws of unintended consequences. Its greatest success was in loosening the nation's inhibitions with bathtub gin - what they called "synthetic" liquor. #Quote by Sarah Churchwell
Irony quotes by H.G.Wells
#86. Kemp: I demonstrated conclusively this morning that invisibility
I.M: Never mind what YOU'VE DEMONSTRATED!
I'm starving, said the voice, and the night is
chilly for a man without clothes. #Quote by H.G.Wells
Irony quotes by Brene Brown
#87. The irony is that when we're standing across from someone who is hidden or shielded by masks and armor, we feel frustrated and disconnected. That's the paradox here: Vulnerability is the last thing I want you to see in me, but the first thing I look for in you. If #Quote by Brene Brown
Irony quotes by Geoff Mulgan
#88. It's an irony that growing inequality could mean more money for philanthropy. In the U.S., quite a few of the ultra-rich have taken to heart the 19th century industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie's comment that it's a disgrace to die wealthy. #Quote by Geoff Mulgan
Irony quotes by Jason Medina
#89. You know? Ain't it ironic how we live our entire lives without the luxury of time, only to spend an eternity in death. #Quote by Jason Medina
Irony quotes by Douglas Adams
#90. The Total Perspective Vortex derives its picture of the whole Universe on the principle of extrapolated matter analyses.To explain - since every piece of matter in the Universe is in some way affected by every other piece of matter in the Universe, it is in theory possible to extrapolate the whole of creation - every sun, every planet, their orbits, their composition and their economic and social history from, say, one small piece of fairy cake. The man who invented the Total Perspective Vortex did so basically in order to annoy his wife. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Irony quotes by Stefan Kanfer
#91. Kenney knows two essential truths about melodrama: First that it is most powerful when combined with irony and understatement; and second that it is a salient feature of modern life. #Quote by Stefan Kanfer
Irony quotes by Elizabeth Kolbert
#92. Ocean Acidification is sometimes referred to as Global Warming's Equally Evil Twin. The irony is intentional and fair enough as far as it goes... No single mechanism explains all the mass extinctions in the record and yet changes in ocean chemistry seem to be a pretty good predictor. Ocean Acidification played a role in at least 2 of the Big Five Extinctions: the End-Permian and the End-Triassic. And quite possibly it was a major factor in a third, the End-Cretaceous. ...Why is ocean acidification so dangerous? The question is tough to answer only because the list of reasons is so long. Depending on how tightly organisms are able to regulate their internal chemistry, acidification may affect such basic processes as metabolism, enzyme activity, and protein function. Because it will change the makeup of microbial communities, it will alter the availability of key nutrients, like iron and nitrogen. For similar reasons, it will change the amount of light that passes through the water, and for somewhat different reasons, it will alter the way sound propagates. (In general, acidification is expected to make the seas noisier.) It seems likely to promote the growth of toxic algae. It will impact photosynthesis - many plant species are apt to benefit from elevated CO2 levels - and it will alter the compounds formed by dissolved metals, in some cases in ways that could be poisonous.

Of the myriad possible impacts, probably the most significant involves the group of creatures #Quote by Elizabeth Kolbert
Irony quotes by Imogen Poots
#93. My dad moved to London in his early 20s and didn't really go back. So the irony is I've spent lots and lots of time in Ireland, but not with my dad. I've shot films in Belfast, where he's from. And I've shot in Dun Laoghaire. Which is great. And I've shot in Dublin. #Quote by Imogen Poots
Irony quotes by Michael S. Horton
#94. We often assume that the question, "How can I be happy?" can be successfully answered without reference to the love of God and our neighbors. And the irony is that if our biggest question is our own happiness, we can never know the God in whom we find our ultimate joy and rest. #Quote by Michael S. Horton
Irony quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
#95. So long as our parents are alive, we are children. Then we become childish. #Quote by Ljupka Cvetanova
Irony quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
#96. I saw an injured black cat. God knows, who has crossed her path. #Quote by Ljupka Cvetanova
Irony quotes by S.L. Naeole
#97. When I'm not around you that is when I feel breathless. I liken it to being a fish, and you are my water. When I'm not around you, I feel as though I cannot breathe. And you have to understand the irony in that because I've never in my entire existence ever needed to. #Quote by S.L. Naeole
Irony quotes by James Lileks
#98. I still couldn't imagine that she was really, truly pregnant; maybe this was an hysterical pregnancy. But Sarah was never hysterical. Enthusiastic, yes, ironic on occasion. I couldn't imagine a doctor saying, No, it's just an ironic pregnancy. #Quote by James Lileks
Irony quotes by Amanda DeWees
#99. It's so frustrating that everybody rags on eighties music, when there's a lot of terrific stuff out there," he said. "There's no irony to it. It's not afraid to just be happy or enthusiastic or earnest. Or to have melody. Sure, you can blame it for being naive, but isn't that refreshing next to the whiny navel-gazing that came after it? #Quote by Amanda DeWees
Irony quotes by Charles Dickens
#100. Those darling byegone times, Mr Carker,' said Cleopatra, 'with their delicious fortresses, and their dear old dungeons, and their delightful places of torture, and their romantic vengeances, and their picturesque assaults and sieges, and everything that makes life truly charming! How dreadfully we have degenerated! #Quote by Charles Dickens
Irony quotes by Milton Rokeach
#101. As soon as they leave, Leon says to me: I disagree, sir. There are people who aren't insane, and I'm one of them. People who generalize are mentally ill. #Quote by Milton Rokeach
Irony quotes by Eric Williams
#102. Strange that an article like sugar, so sweet and necessary to human existence, should have occasioned such crimes and bloodshed! #Quote by Eric Williams
Irony quotes by Mansi Laus Deo
#103. I find it really fascinating that while in an attempt to look beautiful we tend to go for what's easily acceptable.
But when it comes to portraits, it is only our facial flaws that make that picture worth its while, setting it apart.
Isn't it amazing to find that beauty is something that makes us alike? While our flaws are the real contributors to our uniqueness. #Quote by Mansi Laus Deo
Irony quotes by Kris Kristofferson
#104. Peter Cooper looks at the world with an artist's eye and a human heart and soul. His songs are the work of an original, creative imagination, alive with humor and heartbreak and irony and intelligence, with truth and beauty in the details. Deep stuff. And they get better every time you listen to them. #Quote by Kris Kristofferson
Irony quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#105. If anything qualifies as an irony of history it would be this: that Marx and Engels throughout the nineteenth century wrote about America the United States as the great country of the future, of freedom and equality and a good life for the working man, and a country of revolution and emancipation, and of Russia as the great country of despotism, backwardness, savagery and superstition. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Irony quotes by Sylvia Thompson
#106. Finally, a prominent nation is taking on the homosexual agenda and rejecting it outright. A number of African nations have done the same, but third-world countries are not newsworthy to mainstream media. The irony is stunning that a Communist nation would understand that preserving the value of men and women marrying and producing children makes for demographic survival, while many American Christian leaders cower in the shadows, in fear of activist homosexuals and their leftist supporters. I say 'cheers' to the Russians on this one. That nation will probably outlive America. #Quote by Sylvia Thompson
Irony quotes by Harry Whitewolf
#107. Fascists always attack minorities,
Which is an irony,
'Cos fascists are a minority. #Quote by Harry Whitewolf
Irony quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#108. Irony takes nothing away from pathos. #Quote by Gustave Flaubert
Irony quotes by Sidney Sheldon
#109. Every man is a prisoner, and the greatest irony of all is to be the prisoner of another man. #Quote by Sidney Sheldon
Irony quotes by Orson Scott Card
#110. Whoop-de-do," said Ram.
"I'm celebrating."
"Was that irony or loss of mental function?" asked the expendable.
"Was that a rhetorical questions, a bit of humor, or a sign that you are losing confidence in me?"
"I have no confidence in you, Ram," said the expendable.
"Well, thanks."
"You're welcome. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Irony quotes by Richard Holbrooke
#111. United Nations peacekeepers are going all over the world spreading AIDS even while they're trying to bring peace. What a supreme irony. #Quote by Richard Holbrooke
Irony quotes by David Coleman
#112. And with alphabetical irony Nigeria follows New Zealand #Quote by David Coleman
Irony quotes by Umberto Eco
#113. The postmodern reply to the modern consists of recognizing that the past, since it cannot really be destroyed, because its destruction leads to silence, must be revisited: but with irony, not innocently. I think of the postmodern attitude as that of a man who loves a very cultivated woman and knows he cannot say to her, I love you madly, because he knows that she knows (and that she knows that he knows) that these words have already been written by Barbara Cartland. Still, there is a solution. He can say, As Barbara Cartland would put it, I love you madly. #Quote by Umberto Eco
Irony quotes by F. Scott Fitzgerald
#114. Once upon a time all the men of mind and genius in the world became of one belief- that is to say, of no belief. But it wearied them to think that within a few years after their death many cults and systems and prognostications would be ascribed to them which they had never...intended. So they said to one another: "Let's join together and make a great book that will last forever that will mock the credulity of man...We'll include all the most preposterous old wives' tales now current. We'll choose the keenest satirist alive to compile a deity from all the deities worshipped by mankind, a deity who will be more magnificent than any of them, yet so weakly human that he'll become a byword for laughter the world over- and we'll ascribe to him all sorts of jokes and vanities and rages, in which he'll be supposed to indulge for his own diversion, so that the people will read our book and ponder it, and there'll be no more nonsense in the world. #Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Irony quotes by Edwin Percy Whipple
#115. Irony is an insult conveyed in the form of a compliment. #Quote by Edwin Percy Whipple
Irony quotes by Chris Hardwick
#116. We didn't understand irony yet in the '80s; we just kind of existed at face value, so there was no nerd cool yet because the digital revolution was still in its infancy. #Quote by Chris Hardwick
Irony quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#117. The world isn't fair? What a huge revelation! Some people in power abuse those they have power over? Amazing! When did this start happening? #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Irony quotes by Jonathan Kieran
#118. I'm a kindhearted but highly competitive pragmatist. When I seek to win something, I always make certain it's never at the expense of anything more serious than the inadequate efforts of others. #Quote by Jonathan Kieran
Irony quotes by Thomas Mann
#119. He sat there, the master, the artist who had achieved his dignity, the author of "A Wretched Man," who, employing a form of exemplary purity, had renounced bohemianism and the dismal chasm, had broken with the abyss and reviled all vileness. He had risen high, transcending his knowledge and outgrowing all irony, he had adjusted his responsibilities toward the public and its trust in him-he, whose fame was official, whose name was ennobled, and whose style was a model for schoolboys. #Quote by Thomas Mann
Irony quotes by Andrew J. Bacevich
#120. as the Age of Bush gave way to the Era of Obama, little of substance changed. That was the greatest irony of all. #Quote by Andrew J. Bacevich
Irony quotes by Douglas Wilson
#121. They weren't really looking for repentance; postmodern irony would do. When #Quote by Douglas Wilson
Irony quotes by Samuel Richardson
#122. I will be a Friend to you, and you shall take care of my Linen #Quote by Samuel Richardson
Irony quotes by Jostein Gaarder
#123. Love, your own witch-daughter, Queen of the Mirror and the Highest Protector of Irony #Quote by Jostein Gaarder
Irony quotes by Eve Ensler
#124. I believe in irony. And if V-Day has taught me anything, it's that if you go out with artistic, outrageous irony and humor, people are drawn to it. #Quote by Eve Ensler
Irony quotes by David Reed
#125. Daniel Elkins. The man credited with hunting vampires to extinction, killed by vampires. Ironic way to go, but he wouldn't have it any other way. He told me on more than one occasion that he knew he'd go down bloody, and he was right. #Quote by David Reed
Irony quotes by Alain De Botton
#126. The secular are at this moment in history a great deal more optimistic than the religious – something of an irony, given the frequency with which the latter have been derided by the former for their apparent naivety and credulousness. It is the secular whose longing for perfection has grown so intense as to lead them to imagine that paradise might be realized on this earth after just a few more years of financial growth and medical research. With no evident awareness of the contradiction they may, in the same breath, gruffly dismiss a belief in angels while sincerely trusting that the combined powers of the IMF, the medical research establishment, Silicon Valley and democratic politics could together cure the ills of mankind.... It is telling that the secular world is not well versed in the art of gratitude: we no longer offer up thanks for harvests, meals, bees or clement weather. On a superficial level, we might suppose that this is because there is no one to say 'Thank you' to. But at base it seems more a matter of ambition and expectation. Many of those blessings for which our pious and pessimistic ancestors offered thanks, we now pride ourselves on having worked hard enough to take for granted. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Irony quotes by Ann Aguirre
#127. Some of the smugglers' vessels are former pleasure yachts, hijacked - and never renamed - out of some overdeveloped sense of irony or possibly...sheer laziness. You can never tell with pirates. #Quote by Ann Aguirre
Irony quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#128. He now often remembered his conversation with Prince Andrew and quite agreed with him, though he understood Prince Andrew's thoughts somewhat differently. Prince Andrew had thought and said that happiness could only be negative, but had said it with a shade of bitterness and irony #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Irony quotes by Diana Rowland
#129. God-fucking-damn but he was seriously good-looking. "Have you ever had the stuffed pancakes here? They're evil. I highly recommend them."
"Heh. The cop is recommending evil," I said. "Too funny."
To my surprise, Ivanov chuckled. "You've discovered my dark side. #Quote by Diana Rowland
Irony quotes by Arthur Miller
#130. A play is made by sensing how the forces in life simulate ignorance-you set free the concealed irony, the deadly joke. #Quote by Arthur Miller
Irony quotes by Angela Nagle
#131. In academia, the 'cultural turn' saw a radical shift in scholarship whereby universities made culture the focus of contemporary debates. It also meant a shift in emphasis toward meaning and away from a positivist epistemology of discerning objective truth. Despite attempts to use the anti-postmodern language of real conservatives at times, Milo and his 4chan troll fans are in many ways the perfect postmodern offspring, where every statement is wrapped in layers of faux-irony, playfulness and multiple cultural nods and references. #Quote by Angela Nagle
Irony quotes by Meghan Daum
#132. The irony of the media and people in big cities is that they're charged with defining the entire culture, when in reality they don't even live in that culture. They live in such a rarified, tiny world. #Quote by Meghan Daum
Irony quotes by Courtney Milan
#133. Do not pollute my perfectly acceptable figurative speech with irrelevant facts! #Quote by Courtney Milan
Irony quotes by BadSquirrel
#134. I am not going to give you disclaimers about what you can expect to find in my story. I went through menopause recently and find I don't much care about anyone's sensibilities anymore. I am called BadSquirrel for a reason. Considering how incredibly rude and grouchy I have become, I expect all of you to be extremely grateful to the QMBG (Queen Mother Bitch Goddess for those of you who haven't kept up) for all of the good warm fuzzy bits of my story. If you like it, it's because she went through it and took out all the really disturbing parts and made me behave. #Quote by BadSquirrel
Irony quotes by Sophia Amoruso
#135. It will show you that there's a certain amount of irony to life. For example, I started an online business so I could work from home . . . alone. Now I speak to more people in one workday than I used to in an entire month. #Quote by Sophia Amoruso
Irony quotes by Diana Rowland
#136. Angel, I have no idea how you can stand this stench," he said. "Derrel's been doing this for long enough that I think he doesn't have any smell receptors left, but you ... ?" He grimaced as he snapped pictures of the skull and the injury while I held the body in position for him. "You are one tough chick." Then his eyes crinkled, and even though he had the mask on, I could tell he was grinning at me. "Or maybe you're seriously sick and twisted, in which case you are so in the right line of work."
I laughed. "Gotta be the second one," I said. "I'm not tough! #Quote by Diana Rowland
Irony quotes by Scarlett Cole
#137. The irony kept hitting him. Yasmin had left because he couldn't give her anything she wanted. Harper had left because he was trying to give her everything. #Quote by Scarlett Cole
Irony quotes by Darynda Jones
#138. IRONY: THE OPPOSITE OF WRINKLY. - T-SHIRT #Quote by Darynda Jones
Irony quotes by Nicanor Parra
To make a long story short
I leave all my possessions
to the Municipal Slaughterhouse
to the Special Unit of the Police Department
to Lucky Dog Lotto
So now if you want you can shoot #Quote by Nicanor Parra
Irony quotes by Paulo Coelho
#140. God hides the fires of hell within paradise. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Irony quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#141. About once or twice every month I engage in public debates with those whose pressing need it is to woo and to win the approval of supernatural beings. Very often, when I give my view that there is no supernatural dimension, and certainly not one that is only or especially available to the faithful, and that the natural world is wonderful enough - and even miraculous enough if you insist - I attract pitying looks and anxious questions. How, in that case, I am asked, do I find meaning and purpose in life? How does a mere and gross materialist, with no expectation of a life to come, decide what, if anything, is worth caring about?

Depending on my mood, I sometimes but not always refrain from pointing out what a breathtakingly insulting and patronizing question this is. (It is on a par with the equally subtle inquiry: Since you don't believe in our god, what stops you from stealing and lying and raping and killing to your heart's content?) Just as the answer to the latter question is: self-respect and the desire for the respect of others - while in the meantime it is precisely those who think they have divine permission who are truly capable of any atrocity - so the answer to the first question falls into two parts. A life that partakes even a little of friendship, love, irony, humor, parenthood, literature, and music, and the chance to take part in battles for the liberation of others cannot be called 'meaningless' except if the person living it is also an existential #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Irony quotes by Laini Taylor
#142. In one of his darker moments, the irony started him laughing and he couldn't stop, and the sounds that came from him, before finally tapering into sobs, were so far from mirth they might have been the forced inversion of laughter-like a soul pulled inside out to reveal its rawest meats. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Irony quotes by Mo Rocca
#143. Irony is the disparity between what you expect will happen, and what does happen. So raining on your wedding day isn't ironic, it's just crappy. It would have been ironic if she had lived in a place like Seattle, and traveled to the desert of Mexico for a wedding and it ended up raining there, but not in Seattle. Alanis always gets the last laugh though. We all sit here, saying her song isn't ironic, but in fact, that's pretty ironic that she wrote a song called Ironic that wasn't really ironic. Those Canadians are pretty crafty. #Quote by Mo Rocca
Irony quotes by Stephen Coonts
#144. The irony of the information age is that it lends credibility to uninformed opinion. #Quote by Stephen Coonts
Irony quotes by Enrique Vila-Matas
#145. As I write, I control my anxiety and anguish thanks to the invaluable aid of irony and humor. But every night I am subdued by an anxiety that knows no irony, and I must wait until the next day to rediscover the blend of anguish and humor that characterizes my writing and that generates my style. #Quote by Enrique Vila-Matas
Irony quotes by Gloria Steinem
#146. As novelist Margaret Atwood wrote to explain women's absence from quest-for-identity novels, "there's probably a simple reason for this: send a woman out alone on a rambling nocturnal quest and she's likely to end up a lot deader a lot sooner than a man would."3 The irony here is that thanks to molecular archaeology - which includes the study of ancient DNA to trace human movement over time - we now know that men have been the stay-at-homes, and women have been the travelers. The rate of intercontinental migration for women is about eight times that for men.4 #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Irony quotes by Frank Kermode
#147. It might be useful here to say a word about Beckett, as a link between the two stages, and as illustrating the shift towards schism. He wrote for transition, an apocalyptic magazine (renovation out of decadence, a Joachite indication in the title), and has often shown a flair for apocalyptic variations, the funniest of which is the frustrated millennialism of the Lynch family in Watt, and the most telling, perhaps, the conclusion of Comment c'est. He is the perverse theologian of a world which has suffered a Fall, experienced an Incarnation which changes all relations of past, present, and future, but which will not be redeemed. Time is an endless transition from one condition of misery to another, 'a passion without form or stations,' to be ended by no parousia. It is a world crying out for forms and stations, and for apocalypse; all it gets is vain temporality, mad, multiform antithetical influx.

It would be wrong to think that the negatives of Beckett are a denial of the paradigm in favour of reality in all its poverty. In Proust, whom Beckett so admires, the order, the forms of the passion, all derive from the last book; they are positive. In Beckett, the signs of order and form are more or less continuously presented, but always with a sign of cancellation; they are resources not to be believed in, cheques which will bounce. Order, the Christian paradigm, he suggests, is no longer usable except as an irony; that is why the Rooneys collapse in laughter when the #Quote by Frank Kermode
Irony quotes by Barack Obama
#148. In fact, you couldn't even be sure that everything you had assumed to be an expression of your black, unfettered self
the humor, the song, the behind-the-back pass
had been freely chosen by you. At best, these things were a refuge; at worst, a trap. Following this maddening logic, the only thing you could choose as your own was withdrawal into a smaller and smaller coil of rage, until being black meant only the knowledge of your own powerlessness, of your own defeat. And the final irony: Should you refuse this defeat and lash out at your captors, they would have a name for that, too, a name that could cage you just as good. Paranoid. Militant. Violent. Nigger. #Quote by Barack Obama
Irony quotes by George Orwell
#149. It is bound to be a failure, every book is a failure, but I do know with some clarity what kind of book I want to write. #Quote by George Orwell
Irony quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#150. If you don't choose my life," he said, "you will marry in the spring."
"That's a trap."
"No, it's a bet. A bet that you like your independence too much not to fight alongside me."
"I hope you see the irony in what you have just said. #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Irony quotes by Carl Sagan
#151. Spaceflight, therefore, is subversive. If they are fortunate enough to find themselves in orbit, most people, after a little meditation, have similar thoughts. The nations that had instituted spaceflight had done so largely for nationalistic reasons; it was a small irony that almost everyone who entered space received a startling glimpse of a transnational perspective, of the Earth as one world. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Irony quotes by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
#152. One of the bitterest ironies of life is that one truly appreciates a blessing only after having been deprived of it or imagining that. #Quote by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
Irony quotes by Charles Wheelan
#153. Being great involves luck, and unique circumstances, and a lot of other forces beyond your control. You can't just make it happen by working more or trying harder.
There is an irony here, of course. The less you think about being great, the more likely it is to happen. And if it doesn't, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being solid. #Quote by Charles Wheelan
Irony quotes by Alice McDermott
#154. It made it easier that they both believed in the simplest kind of afterlife - that my father could say to her, even in those last days, joking but without irony, 'You're going to get tired of hearing from me. I'll be asking you for this that and the other thing twenty-four hours a day. JESUS, you'll be saying, here comes another prayer from Dennis.' And my mother would reply, her voice hoarse with pain, 'Jesus might advise you to take in a movie once in a while. Give your poor wife a rest. She's in heaven, after all.'
It was a joke, but they believed it, and they believed, too, I think, that their love, their loyalty to one another, was no longer a matter of chance or happenstance, but a condition of their existence no more voluntary or escapable than the pace of their blood, the influx of perception...There was, in their anticipation of what was to come, a queer self-satisfaction. It was clear now that they would love each other until the last moment of her life - hadn't that been the goal from the beginning? They would love each other even beyond the days they had lived together; was there any greater triumph? #Quote by Alice McDermott
Irony quotes by David Foster Wallace
#155. Show me somebody who really knows what irony means and I'll show you a bullshit artist. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Irony quotes by Eric Hansen
#156. Considering our backgrounds, I found it a strange irony that Ian and I should meet in central Borneo. Both of us were set in motion by the war in Southeast Asia. Ian enlisted. I left the country several weeks before an FBI agent arrived at my parents' front door. #Quote by Eric Hansen
Irony quotes by John Fowles
#157. In spite of her superficial independence, her fundamental need was to cling.
All her life was an attempt to disprove it; and so proved it. She was like a sea anemone
had only to be touched once to adhere to what touched her. #Quote by John Fowles
Irony quotes by Banksy
#158. This revolution is for display purposes only. #Quote by Banksy
Irony quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#159. The surest sign of the estrangement of the opinions of two persons is when they both say something ironical to each other and neither of them feels the irony. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Irony quotes by Chris Wooding
#160. A strange irony, Crott reflected, that the most base and lowly of London folk were the most honour-bound of all, and that the value of honour diminished in direct proportion to the heights of society a man climbed to. #Quote by Chris Wooding
Irony quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#161. When you know that everything happens for the best, then everything that happens is okay with you. The irony of this is that when everything that happens is okay with you, you set up an energy field of such equanimity and harmony with the universe that the universal law of attraction draws more equanimity and harmony into your life. #Quote by Neale Donald Walsch
Irony quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#162. We are to call hares ad become mushrooms," Jermayan explained kindly. "Presumimg Kindolhinadetil will grant us the load of a mirror."
"Yes of course," Kellen said, with only a touch of irony."That makes perfect sense. #Quote by Mercedes Lackey
Irony quotes by Deyth Banger
#163. You can't deal with being odd?

Become like them...

Become drug delear...

Live their lifes... have fun

and be honest... #Quote by Deyth Banger
Irony quotes by Penny Reid
#164. The best stories, I feel, are those that are self-deprecating and involve some thread of irony. #Quote by Penny Reid
Irony quotes by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
#165. Every atom in your body spins and dances
like a bee around the queen,
like a whirling dervish,
like the stars spiraling in a galaxy.
Yet why do you sit motionlessly watching Dancing With the Stars? #Quote by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
Irony quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#166. We think, therefore we should make everyone think what we think. #Quote by Thomas Ligotti
Irony quotes by Terry Pratchett
#167. You know, you're rather amusingly wrong. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Irony quotes by William J. Bernstein
#168. The Stoic philosopher and playwright Seneca is said to have owned five hundred tripod tables with ivory legs - no small irony, since he was a vocal critic of the empire's extravagances. #Quote by William J. Bernstein
Irony quotes by D.A. Wallach
#169. You can't use irony as a way of disengaging with the difficult or emotional aspects of life. #Quote by D.A. Wallach
Irony quotes by Robert Rowland Smith
#170. Clothes exist to hide the pubic from the public and therefore make you socially acceptable. The irony is that, precisely because they are a prerequisite for social inclusion, wearing clothes has become almost more natural than being naked ... To that established irony, we can add a more subtle one. As anyone who has been on a date well knows, clothes aren't just about covering you up: while you need them to hide your sex, you want them to show your sexuality. #Quote by Robert Rowland Smith
Irony quotes by Diana Rowland
#171. Lying on the metal table in front of me was a middle-aged man decked out in absolutely nothing at all. A dead man. Buck-ass naked with his little shriveled junk right there for everyone to see. #Quote by Diana Rowland
Irony quotes by Simon Schama
#172. The irony about Charles II is not that he came to the throne because England needed a successor to Charles I, but because England needed a successor to Oliver Cromwell. #Quote by Simon Schama
Irony quotes by Marty Rubin
#173. Rain never falls on a cloud. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Irony quotes by Janette Rallison
#174. Goose neck is a delicacy. You have to at least try it. In fancy restaurants people pay up to fifty dollars a plate for this stuff.'
And at our house we were force-fed it for free. Just another irony of life. #Quote by Janette Rallison
Irony quotes by Theodore Spencer
#175. Words were his delight;
Hers, a gay gracefulness
Of dancing and moving.
But when to the place
Of deep loving
(Starlight at midnight)
At last they came,
Their full communion
And consummation,
Their complete sphere,
Was stillness for her,
Silence for him. #Quote by Theodore Spencer
Irony quotes by Melina Marchetta
#176. When it was over, she gathered him in her arms. And told him the terrible irony of her life.
That she had wanted to be dead all those years while her brother had been alive. That had been her sin.
And this was her penance.
Wanting to live when everyone else seemed dead. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Irony quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#177. A mouth of no distinction but well practiced, before I entered my teens, in irony. For what is irony but the repository of hurt? And what is hurt but the repository of hope? #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Irony quotes by Lauren Oliver
#178. Stop your idiocy, Sandra, please. For once in your death. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Irony quotes by Steven Erikson
#179. He fashioned an empire of sorts, bereft of cities yet plagued with the endless dramas of society, its pathetic victories and inevitable failures. The community of enslaved Imass thrived in this quagmire of pettiness. They even managed to convince themselves that they possessed freedom, a will of their own that could shape destiny. They elected champions. They tore down their champions once failure draped its shroud over them. They ran in endless circles and called it growth, emergence, knowledge. While over them all, a presence invisible to their eyes, Raest flexed his will. His greatest joy came when his slaves proclaimed him god – though they knew him not – and constructed temples to serve him and organized priesthoods whose activities mimicked Raest's tyranny with such cosmic irony that the Jaghut could only shake his head. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Irony quotes by Matt Haig
#180. And yet the irony was that she soon placed herself in the margins voluntarily, giving up work for family, because she imagined that when she eventually arrived at her deathbed, she would feel more regret about unborn children than unwritten books. #Quote by Matt Haig
Irony quotes by Deyth Banger
#181. Hey, GreenHollyWood the mistake was mine that I added you as a friend... I thought that you are my friend... but your irony doesn't end. #Quote by Deyth Banger
Irony quotes by Colin Firth
#182. I always thought the biggest failing of Americans was their lack of irony. They are very serious there! Naturally, there are exceptions ... the Jewish, Italian, and Irish humor of the East Coast. #Quote by Colin Firth
Irony quotes by Philip Pullman
#183. Just as she was unaware of the hidden currents of politics running below the surface of College affairs, so the Scholars, for their part, would have been unable to see the rich seething stew of alliances and enmities and feuds and treaties which was a child's life in Oxford. Children playing together: how pleasant to see! What could be more innocent and charming? #Quote by Philip Pullman
Irony quotes by R.v.m.
#184. The irony is that we are busy doing many things that don't matter and we have no time for things that do. Shouldn't we reverse it?-RVM #Quote by R.v.m.
Irony quotes by John Bradshaw
#185. Sam Keen points out that Zen masters spend years to reach an enlightenment that every natural child already knows - the total incarnation of sleeping when you're tired and eating when you're hungry. What irony that this state of Zen-like bliss is programmatically and systematically destroyed. #Quote by John Bradshaw
Irony quotes by Lisa Shearin
#186. Sir, come quick. They've found a body in the canal.
I blew out my breath. Saved by the corpse.
... The corpse in question was Nigel Nicabar.
The watchers had collected the bodies found in Nigel's house, garden, and canal, and put them in the greenhouse located at the back of the garden. The necromancer's talents weren't with living things, so the greenhouse's tables were pretty much empty - at least of plants. Dead goblins lay under sheets and tarps. I couldn't help feeling that Nigel would have approved. What he wouldn't have approved of was being included among them. Nigel wouldn't have been caught dead surrounded by goblins, yet that's exactly how and where he was. I don't think he would have appreciated the irony. #Quote by Lisa Shearin
Irony quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#187. Irony is a disciplinarian feared only by those who do not know it, but cherished by those who do. He who does not understand irony and has no ear for its whispering lacks of what might called the absolute beginning of the personal life. He lacks what at moments is indispensable for the personal life, lacks both the regeneration and rejuvenation, the cleaning baptism of irony that redeems the soul from having its life in finitude though living boldly and energetically in finitude. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Irony quotes by Alan Moore
#188. It is the oldest ironies that are still the most satisfying: man, when preparing for bloody war, will orate loudly and most eloquently in the name of peace. #Quote by Alan Moore
Irony quotes by Richard Yates
#189. His job was the very least important part of his life, never to be mentioned except in irony. #Quote by Richard Yates
Irony quotes by Jonathan Carroll
#190. One splendid summer afternoon Kaspar realized he had never been happier in his life or both of his lives, past and present. Not fireworks-orgasms-and-champagne happy, but on waking in the morning he was glad almost every single day to be exactly where he was. He had never before experienced the feeling of genuine, constant well-being and it was a true revelation. The longer the satisfaction continued, the less he thought about his previous life as a mechanic and the extraordinary things he'd once seen and been able to do. Misery may love company but happiness is content to be alone. The funny irony of his existence now was, as long as he was this happy and content with his lot, Kaspar didn't need to make much of an effort to "walk away" from his mechanic's life because now he was sated with this one both in mind and heart. #Quote by Jonathan Carroll
Irony quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#191. Everything I love: literature, irony, humor, the individual, and the defense of free expression. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Irony quotes by Henrietta Newton Martin
#192. The irony of the present day is, that, the more human rights jurisprudence seems to be fortified, the more there are human rights violations in newer and newer forms and some recidivism all due to the conflicting deductions of protecting even human rights of offenders. No doubt offenders deserve their rights to be protected, but in cases of serious offenses such as 'rape' where the offence is proved beyond all reasonable doubt against the offender and where the offender consciously commits the act while being aware of the justice system in his particular country and prefers to cross the precincts of the law, the question of a lighter punishment vis-a vis the gravity of the offence is a big question. #Quote by Henrietta Newton Martin
Irony quotes by Frederick Douglass
#193. Fellow-citizens, pardon me, allow me to ask, why am I called upon to speak here to-day? What have I, or those I represent, to do with your national independence? Are the great principles of political freedom and of natural justice, embodied in that Declaration of Independence, extended to us? And am I, therefore, called upon to bring our humble offering to the national altar, and to confess the benefits and express devout gratitude for the blessings resulting from your independence to us?

I am not included within the pale of this glorious anniversary! Your high independence only reveals the immeasurable distance between us. The blessings in which you this day rejoice are not enjoyed in common. The rich inheritance of justice, liberty, prosperity, and independence bequeathed by your fathers is shared by you, not by me. The sunlight that brought life and healing to you has brought stripes and death to me. This Fourth of July is yours, not mine. You may rejoice, I must mourn. To drag a man in fetters into the grand illuminated temple of liberty, and call upon him to join you in joyous anthems, were inhuman mockery and sacrilegious irony. Do you mean, citizens, to mock me, by asking me to speak today?

What, to the American slave, is your Fourth of July? I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all other days of the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is a constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy #Quote by Frederick Douglass
Irony quotes by Thomas Frank
#194. As you watch the world crumble, try taking your Armageddon with this sprinkling of irony: Over the last three decades, business has got virtually everything it wanted, and its doomsday scenario from the 1970s has come true because of it. #Quote by Thomas Frank
Irony quotes by Gangaji
#195. The truth is you really are nothing, but this nothing is full, whole, infinite in everything and everywhere. This nothing is conciousness itself. It is already whole, complete and fulfilled. This is the amazing irony. #Quote by Gangaji
Irony quotes by Meeta Ahluwalia
#196. It is the irony of this world that people express anger and hatred without restraint, and love with hesitation. #Quote by Meeta Ahluwalia
Irony quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#197. In irony a man annihilates what he posits within one and the same act; he leads us to believe in order not to be believed; he affirms to deny and denies to affirm; he creatives a positive object but it has no being other than its nothingness. #Quote by Jean-Paul Sartre
Irony quotes by Lorraine Heath
#198. In his world, there was right and wrong, good and evil. Hers contained no absolutes. Hers was a world of grays. Hers was what his was truly becoming. The irony didn't escape him. At night, nothing was clear. Lines blurred. Shadows removed definitions.
Her dreams led her to the darkest parts of London where he couldn't follow and keep her safe. His dreams had ceased to exist long ago. #Quote by Lorraine Heath
Irony quotes by Rick Remender
#199. Some irony. The girl who couldn't face her own bullshit . . . suddenly forcing everyone else to. #Quote by Rick Remender
Irony quotes by Beth Garrod
#200. Luke is the sort of boy Taylor Swift could at least three songs out of. #Quote by Beth Garrod

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