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Irish Curse quotes by Old Irish Curse
#1. May those who love us, love us;
And for those who don't love us,
May God turn their hearts;
And if He doesn't turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles,
So we will know them by their limping. #Quote by Old Irish Curse
Irish Curse quotes by Sarah Cross
#2. You're safe with me, Mira. And I'm safe with you."

He kissed her again to prove it. And when the clock struck one - that lone, ominous tone hovering in the dark - they were still kissing. Her razor blade had snagged his shirt and nicked his chest, and they'd ended up lying in the grass, hidden inside a shadow, ignoring their names whenever someone called them. He traced her mouth again and again, like he still couldn't believe it was real.

There would always be a part of him she couldn't know. A secret place where his heartbreak was stored, where lost innocence and regret filled the air like smoke. She had no desire to open that door ... but she didn't know if that would change one day. If the key would tempt her, if a fairy would manipulate her or she would just be curious. But she had to believe she could be strong enough to resist. That what she wanted - what they both wanted - mattered more than the path that had been laid out for them.

She let her hand slip under his shirt to touch the heart mark on his back, and he brought her other hand to his lips, and kissed every finger he'd entrusted with the key. He was so much more than his curse, and she was so much more than the girl who could betray him.

Together ... they could be anything. #Quote by Sarah Cross
Irish Curse quotes by Gaby Rodriguez
#3. Sure, genetics do play a role in alcholism. You're more likely to be an alcoholic if one or both of your parents are also alcoholics. But that's just one part of the equation; the other part is your behavior. You can't become an alcoholic if you never take a drink. So if you know you're predisposed to addiction because of your family history, then just don't get started, and you'll never find yourself on that path.
Same with any other type of 'family curse.' If you parents smoke, don't pick up a cigarette. If your parents are obese, work hard to exercise and eat right so you don't follow in their foosteps. But some people find it easier to play the victim. They do whatever bad habits they want to because they think they have a built-in defense - I grew up this way. #Quote by Gaby Rodriguez
Irish Curse quotes by Joanna Lumley
#4. I think most of the world would like to be Scottish. All the Americans who come here never look for English blood or Welsh, only for Scottish and Irish. It's understandable. The Scots effectively created the face of the modern world: the railways, the bridges, the tunnels. #Quote by Joanna Lumley
Irish Curse quotes by Jennifer A. Nielsen
#5. If I was going to fight this beast - regardless of how poor my chances were - I needed the use of both hands, so I put the bulla around my neck.

A wind swirled up around me when I did. "It isn't yours," the wind seemed to say. "It will curse you."

The threat didn't bother me - my present situation was worse than any curse from a dusty amulet. My bigger concern was that the wind spoke to me at all. #Quote by Jennifer A. Nielsen
Irish Curse quotes by John Shelton Reed
#6. You ask people what their ethnicity is, and a lot of Scots-Irish people either don't know or if they know it they just don't acknowledge it. It's not something they really identify with. They're just plain old Americans, plain vanilla. I don't think they are a self-conscious voting bloc. #Quote by John Shelton Reed
Irish Curse quotes by N.D. Wilson
#7. Assumption Two: God only cares about spiritual things. To be honest, I don't even know what this means, but those elusive spiritual things have been helping Christians cop out of true holiness for centuries.

We are all like accountants with wizard-like abilities, funneling our choices and goals and actions through shell corporations and off-shore banks of unrighteousness. God only cares about spiritual things? His kingdom is a spiritual kingdom? Are you kidding me? God only cares how we emote at him?

That's part of it, sure, but I was pretty sure that He made physical animals and a physical man and gave him a physical job. I was pretty sure that He made a physical tree with physical fruit and told that physical man not to eat it or he would physically die. He physically ate it anyway and now we physically go into the physical ground, physically rot, and become physical plant and physical worm food.

And because of this incredibly physical problem, He made things even more clear when His own Son took on physical flesh to lead a physical life that lead to a physical cross where He physically absorbed our curse, was physically tortured, and bought you and bought me and bought this whole physical world with His physical blood. If He'd wanted a spiritual kingdom, He could have saved Himself a huge amount of trouble (to say nothing of making the Greek philosophers and medieval gnostics a lot happier), by just skipping Christmas and the Crucifixion. #Quote by N.D. Wilson
Irish Curse quotes by Alex Haley
#8. I can't feel Irish to save my soul, but it's a fact. #Quote by Alex Haley
Irish Curse quotes by Glenn Danzig
#9. Blessing is a curse, seduction and thirst, feeds the hunger that burns inside. #Quote by Glenn Danzig
Irish Curse quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#10. This girl shivers and crawls under the covers with all her clothes on and falls into an overdue library book, a faerie story with rats and marrow and burning curses. The sentences build a fence around her, a Times Roman 10-point barricade, to keep the thorny voices in her head from getting too close. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Irish Curse quotes by Stewart Stafford
#11. I'm Irish yet I don't drink as I refuse to be a stereotype and live down to the expectations of others. #Quote by Stewart Stafford
Irish Curse quotes by Adelaide Kane
#12. I am half Scottish. My father is an expat from Glasgow, and on my mother's side there's a bit of French, a bit of Scottish, a bit of Irish. #Quote by Adelaide Kane
Irish Curse quotes by Aiden James
#13. CADES COVE The Curse of Allie Mae by Aiden James #Quote by Aiden James
Irish Curse quotes by Ben Brantley
#14. The power of the print reviewer is one of those urban myths. There have always been shows that slipped under the critical radar to become popular successes: 'Tobacco Road', 'Abie's Irish Rose' and our old friend 'Spider-Man', which got the worst reviews in theatre history and is still apparently going strong. #Quote by Ben Brantley
Irish Curse quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#15. [T]he hyphenation question is, and always has been and will be, different for English immigrants. One can be an Italian-American, a Greek-American, an Irish-American and so forth. (Jews for some reason prefer the words the other way around, as in 'American Jewish Congress' or 'American Jewish Committee.') And any of those groups can and does have a 'national day' parade on Fifth Avenue in New York. But there is no such thing as an 'English-American' let alone a 'British-American,' and one can only boggle at the idea of what, if we did exist, our national day parade on Fifth Avenue might look like. One can, though, be an Englishman in America. There is a culture, even a literature, possibly a language, and certainly a diplomatic and military relationship, that can accurately be termed 'Anglo-American.' But something in the very landscape and mapping of America, with seven eastern seaboard states named for English monarchs or aristocrats and countless hamlets and cities replicated from counties and shires across the Atlantic, that makes hyphenation redundant. Hyphenation - if one may be blunt - is for latecomers. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Irish Curse quotes by Kersten Hamilton
#16. It's an Irish story, love, Mrs. Wylltson said. We don't do happy endings. #Quote by Kersten Hamilton
Irish Curse quotes by Thornton Wilder
#17. There is no need for me to curse you -the murderer survives the victim only to learn that it was himself that he longed to be rid of. Hatred is self-hatred. #Quote by Thornton Wilder
Irish Curse quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#18. Our atheism family tradition is traced to a - I don't know if it was great-great or a great-great-great grandmother who was a poor Irish-American woman in the 1880s in western Montana. #Quote by Barbara Ehrenreich
Irish Curse quotes by O.R. Melling
#19. Love is patient. Love is kind. It bears all things. Love never fails. Love is as strong as death. #Quote by O.R. Melling
Irish Curse quotes by Bobby Sands
#20. They won't break me because the desire for freedom, and the freedom of the Irish people, is in my heart. The day will dawn when all the people of Ireland will have the desire for freedom to show. It is then that we will see the rising of the moon. #Quote by Bobby Sands
Irish Curse quotes by Janice Thompson
#21. May you always walk in sunshine. May you never want for more. May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door. Irish blessing #Quote by Janice Thompson
Irish Curse quotes by Laurence D. Fink
#22. To finance longer life spans, we must convince individuals to start investing now for the long term. But longevity should be an asset that can be levered, not a curse. They must understand that there's a cost to sitting in cash. No one talks about that cost. #Quote by Laurence D. Fink
Irish Curse quotes by Steven Erikson
#23. Ah, Fist, it's the curse of history that those who should read them, never do. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Irish Curse quotes by Irish Dance Soft Shoes
#24. have many shopping stores which contain all the things which are needed in daily purpose or uses .there are plenty of categories of products and items and we have made some changes in categories as per the current generation demand. #Quote by Irish Dance Soft Shoes
Irish Curse quotes by John Dyer
#25. And when we run into technology failures and problems - dropped calls, the Blue Screen of Death, smog, and so on - let's not curse our tools like fools do. Instead, when the medicine no longer works, let us redirect our hope away from our tools and to the one who will restore all human things, human souls, human bodies, and human creations. #Quote by John Dyer
Irish Curse quotes by James Connolly
#26. However it may be for others, for us of the Citizen Army there is but one ideal - an Ireland ruled, and owned, by Irish men and women, sovereign and independent from the centre to the sea, and flying its own flag outward over all the oceans. #Quote by James Connolly
Irish Curse quotes by Eric Weiner
#27. Khaldoun believed that the great curse of civilization is not war or famine but humidity: "When the moisture, with its evil vapors ascends to the brain, the mind and body and the ability to think are dulled. The result is stupidity, carelessness and a general intemperance. #Quote by Eric Weiner
Irish Curse quotes by Philip Pullman
#28. It's like having to make a choice: a blessing or a curse. The one thing you can't do is choose neither. #Quote by Philip Pullman
Irish Curse quotes by K.M. Golland
#29. Jealousy is a self-inflicted curse. Be happy for others and live curse free. #Quote by K.M. Golland
Irish Curse quotes by June Jordan
#30. If we lived in a democratic state our language would have to hurtle, fly, curse, and sing, in all the common American names, all the undeniable and representative and participating voices of everybody here. #Quote by June Jordan
Irish Curse quotes by Dorothy Salisbury Davis
#31. It's a great wonder to me, the Irish attachment to our history. What is it but a series of lamentations? #Quote by Dorothy Salisbury Davis
Irish Curse quotes by Raven Lockwood
#32. Insomnia is a curse most of the time, unless you're by my side.
Because then each waking minute is another I get to spend with you.
I've spoken to you so much throughout this night.
Told you so many things that I would usually be afraid to say.
How much I've missed you.
How much I need you.
But you're here beside me and I'm more relaxed because you are.
You give me confidence to tell you how I truly feel.
To tell you how much you mean to me.
I normally find it hard to express myself because, believe it or not, even one so tough as I gets all mixed up with this feeling of love that grows stronger everyday inside of me.
Love is the only thing on this planet that scares me any more, and it's amazing.
I had no idea I could feel this way about you or anyone.
That's why I've had to tell you how I fell.

I only hope I can tell you all of this when you wake up. #Quote by Raven Lockwood
Irish Curse quotes by Donna R. Gabaccia
#33. Germans found "American" (by which they often meant Irish) bars and their drinking customs both peculiar and unhealthy. #Quote by Donna R. Gabaccia
Irish Curse quotes by Cassandra Clare
#34. Lord, you're Irish," said Will. "Can you make things that don't have potatoes in them? We had an Irish cook once when I was a boy. Potato pie, potato custard, potatoes with potato sauce ... #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Irish Curse quotes by Jane Birkin
#35. One of the things I've discovered, thanks to the Japanese, is that you should enjoy yourself. In the old days, I used to think: 'Oh, never be satisfied, never admit to being happy.' But there's no curse in being happy. #Quote by Jane Birkin
Irish Curse quotes by John Millington Synge
#36. There is no language like the Irish for soothing and quieting. #Quote by John Millington Synge
Irish Curse quotes by Debra Anastasia
#37. Number 134 was one of the best. Livia had dropped her cell phone and cursed quietly, but creatively: "Hairy-ass bitch." She'd felt Blake's watchful eyes on her and given him an embarrassed smile. Number 134 made Blake realize she was a real, live girl.
On that day he'd had hope. Maybe a girl flawed enough to curse would someday say hello out loud. To him. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Irish Curse quotes by Tracy Morgan
#38. I give [Barack Obama] a 10 [on a scale of 1 to 10] because he's not God, and he inherited a couple of wars, and a financial mess.I want to see him curse somebody out on TV. You can't finesse a bull. He's gotta throw down. He's in the shark tank. #Quote by Tracy Morgan
Irish Curse quotes by Brendan Behan
#39. If it was raining soup, the Irish would go out with forks. #Quote by Brendan Behan
Irish Curse quotes by Janet Evanovich
#40. Mrs. Morelli opened the door to us and smacked Joe on the side of the head. "Sex fiend. Just like your father, God rest his rotten soul."
Morelli grinned down at his mother. "It's a curse. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Irish Curse quotes by Gore Verbinski
#41. The curse is an incredible set of blue balls. #Quote by Gore Verbinski
Irish Curse quotes by Enya
#42. My influences are with Irish music, church music and classical music, #Quote by Enya

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