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Interrumpido Por quotes by Katharine Ashe
#1. You smell good to me," he said, his voice deeper than before, like a warm autumn night, the vowels especially round. Not French. Italian? Spanish? He must have come with one of the other guests-one of the other guests who had wretched judgment when hiring stable hands. "I-" "And, por Deus," he said upon a catch in his throat, his eyes hard upon her mouth, "you are lovely." The rutting urge must have overcome him. The only male creature that had ever considered her lovely was Beast, and that was because she sometimes smelled like bacon. She must distract him. "I can help with that bruise on your brow," she said, struggling against panic. "Can you?" He seemed bemused. Jars to the head could scramble the brain. "It's starting to swell. It will leave a painful wound that could fester. Let me up and I'll ask the housekeeper for-" His mouth came down on hers without further warning. Not hard or violently or forcefully. But fully, with complete contact.

-Vitor & Ravenna #Quote by Katharine Ashe
Interrumpido Por quotes by Eileen Granfors
#2. I am careful with the arguas (tomato caterpillars). Be careful with your mothers' hearts too, por favor.
THE PINATA-MAKER'S DAUGHTER #Quote by Eileen Granfors
Interrumpido Por quotes by Cory Doctorow
#3. Dude, estoy aqui por loco, no por pendejo, which was the punch line to the funniest Spanish joke I knew. Okay, the only one. Google it. #Quote by Cory Doctorow
Interrumpido Por quotes by Geonard Yleana
#4. Well, killing da already scientifically dead is not murder.
We hav a slang term por it...
Dobol dead. #Quote by Geonard Yleana
Interrumpido Por quotes by Ed Morales
#5. In Living in Spanglish I posit the coming of existence of this forwars-looking race that obliterates all races, stripping away Vasaconelos's petty resentment of Anglo culture and patronizing Euro-centrist, and acknowledge a cultural-economic inevitability that is hemispheric in nature.
Note: Jose Vasaconelos wrote 1925 essay "La Raza cosmica" [The Cosmic Race] asserting, "Por mi raza hablara mi espiritu [The Spirit will speak through my race. #Quote by Ed Morales
Interrumpido Por quotes by Pablo Neruda
#6. Y por que el sol es tan mal amigo
del caminante en el desierto?

Y por que el sol es tan simpatico
en el jardin del hospital?

And why is the sun such a bad companion
to the traveler in the desert?

And why is the sun so congenial
in the hospital garden? #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Interrumpido Por quotes by Pablo Neruda
#7. Por que en las epocas oscuras
se escribe con tinta invisible?
Why in the darkest ages
do they write with invisible ink? #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Interrumpido Por quotes by D.J. MacHale
#8. I love you Mark ... " Courtney, PoR.
I love you too Courtney ... " Mark, PoR. #Quote by D.J. MacHale
Interrumpido Por quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
#9. It's not possible that the problems of this world be resolved by the pesimists and sceptics whose horizons are guided by the obvious realities. We need men and women who think of things that have never been thought of and who dream of things that have never been dreamed of, and who ask, "Why not?"
[It sounds better in Spanish]
No es posible que los problemas de este mundo sean resueltos por pesamistas y esepticos cuyos horizontes esten guiados por las obvias realidades. Necesitamos hombres y mujeres que piensen en cosas que nunca se hayan pensado y que suenen en cosas que nunca se hayan sonado, y que se pregunten '?porque no? #Quote by Spencer W. Kimball
Interrumpido Por quotes by Oscar Zeta Acosta

Life is not as it seems,
Life is pride and personal history.
Thus it is better that one die
and that the people should live,
rahter than one live
and the people should die.

~Lopitos #Quote by Oscar Zeta Acosta
Interrumpido Por quotes by Kate Klise
#11. Uh, puedo hablar con Andrew Nelson, por favor?" I asked, feeling like an idiot.
"El americano," I explained. "Muy grande americano."
In trying to describe my father, I sounded like I was ordering coffee. But it worked. #Quote by Kate Klise
Interrumpido Por quotes by Pablo Neruda
#12. Fue adondo a mi me perdieron
quw logre por fin encontrarme?
Was it where they lost me
that I finally found myself? #Quote by Pablo Neruda

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