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Institutional Memory quotes by Bruno Heller
#1. One of the things about working for an old school studio like Warner Bros. is that there is an institutional culture and institutional memory, in terms of production design, camera work, and directors who understand how to do this kind of thing. #Quote by Bruno Heller
Institutional Memory quotes by N. T. Wright
#2. The author chuckles at the resistance to using a prepared, written liturgy in prayer. He compares it to being unwilling to dress in any clothing we did not make ourselves, or being unwilling to drive a car we did not construct entirely by ourselves. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Institutional Memory quotes by Thomas Hughes
#3. While one was an undergraduate, one could feel virtuous and indignant at the vices of Oxford, at least at those which one did not indulge in, particularly at the flunkeyism and money-worship which are our most prevalent and disgraceful sins. But when one is a fellow it is quite another affair. They become a sore burthen then, enough to break one's heart. #Quote by Thomas Hughes
Institutional Memory quotes by Marianne Williamson
#4. Institutional memory is important in any organization, but so are fresh ideas. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Institutional Memory quotes by Yuri Herrera
#5. Their gestures and tastes reveal both ancient memory and the wonderment of a new people. And then they speak. They speak an intermediary tongue that Makina instantly warms to because it's like her: malleable, erasable, permeable; a hinge pivoting between two like but distant souls, and then two more, and then two more, never exactly the same ones; something that serves as a link.

More than the midpoint between homegrown and anglo their tongue is a nebulous territory between what is dying out and what is not yet born….a shrewd metamorphosis, a self-defensive shift …. if you say Give me fire when they say Give me a light, what is not to be learned about fire, light and the act of giving? It's not another way of saying things: these are new things. The world happening anew, Makina realizes: promising other things, signifying other things, producing different objects. #Quote by Yuri Herrera
Institutional Memory quotes by Graham Greene
#6. To comfort me is like the wrong memory at the wrong place or time: if one is lonely one prefers discomfort. #Quote by Graham Greene
Institutional Memory quotes by Yasmina Khadra
#7. What to keep of all these reels of film, what to throw away? If we could only take 1 memory on our journey, what would we choose? At the expense of what or whom? And most importantly, how to choose among all these shadows, all these spectres, all these titans? Who are we, when all is said and done? Are we the people we once were or the people we wish we had been? Are we the pain we caused others or the pain we suffered at the hands of others? The encounters we missed or those fortuitous meetings that changed the course of our destiny? Our time behind the scenes that saved us form our vanity or the moment in the limelight that warmed us? We are all of these things, we are the whole life that we have lived, its highs and lows, its fortunes and its hardships, we are the sum of the ghosts that haunt us ... we are a host of characters in one, so convincing in every role we played that it is impossible for us to tell who we really were, who we have become, who we will be. #Quote by Yasmina Khadra
Institutional Memory quotes by Katrina Kaif
#8. I have an impeccable memory, and I can learn dialogues in any language in 20 minutes, including Telugu and Malayalam. #Quote by Katrina Kaif
Institutional Memory quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#9. Let it not be death but completeness. Let love melt into memory and pain into songs. Let the flight through the sky end in the folding of the wings over the nest. Let the last touch of your hands be gentle like the flower of the night. Stand still, O Beautiful End, for a moment, and say your last words in silence. I bow to you and hold up my lamp to light you on your way. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Institutional Memory quotes by Francesca Marciano
#10. Maybe that's what happens with age, I thought. All your life you force yourself to forget people who have hurt you, but as you get older and weaker their memory surfaces again, like a bubble in the water. You have to surrender, because you feel to tired to fight it and push it down again. And maybe, unexpectedly, you find out that instead, of revamping your anger, those memories produce an unexpected sweetness. #Quote by Francesca Marciano
Institutional Memory quotes by Kristi Cook
#11. It's getting late. I should probably go in."
"C'mon, I'll walk you."
He holds out a hand to me. I take it, falling into step beside him--marveling at how right it feels. I glance up at him, his face illuminated by the moonlight. Something in his expression sparks a memory. Ryder at the beach, watching me when he thought I wasn't looking. Ryder at school, glancing at me from across the hall. Ryder at Magnolia Landing, sitting across the table from me at Sunday dinner, watching me eat. I always interpreted his expression as something bordering on contempt--disdain, maybe. But now…now he's looking at me with that exact same expression, and I realize that maybe I was wrong all along.
In so, so many ways. #Quote by Kristi Cook
Institutional Memory quotes by Mary Balogh
#12. If you are never frightened, sir, you would never find out what you was made of and what you was capable of doing. You would never become a better man than what you started out being. P'raps this is what you will discover - what you are made of and what you are capable of. And when you finally do remember who you are, p'raps you will find that you have become a better man than he ever was. P'raps he was a man why never ever grew any more once he reached manhood. P'raps he needed to do something drastic like losing his memory so that he could get his life unstuck. #Quote by Mary Balogh
Institutional Memory quotes by Emma Chase
#13. It's like when someone dies. And you can't believe they're really gone because you ran into them yesterday. They were right there with you, alive and real. And that's the memory you hold on to-the moment you mourn the most.
Because it was the last. #Quote by Emma Chase
Institutional Memory quotes by Helen Simonson
#14. Her favourite summer memories were not of events themselves, of picnics, sea bathing, tennis afternoons and cricket matches, but of watching Hugh and Daniel enjoying them and locking into memory the delight in their faces and their open laughter. #Quote by Helen Simonson
Institutional Memory quotes by Nayef Al-Rodhan
#15. Mimicking the intricacies of the human brain, a neuro-inspired computer would work in a fashion similar to the way neurons and synapses communicate. It could potentially learn or develop memory. #Quote by Nayef Al-Rodhan
Institutional Memory quotes by Lawrence Durrell
#16. I am quite alone. I am neither happy nor unhappy; I lie suspended like a hair or a feather in the cloudy mixtures of memory. #Quote by Lawrence Durrell
Institutional Memory quotes by Christina Rossetti
#17. Come to me in the silence of the night,
Come to me in the speaking silence of a dream.
Come with soft rounded cheeks and eyes as bright as sunlight on a stream.
Come back in tears,
O memory, hope, love of finished years. #Quote by Christina Rossetti
Institutional Memory quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#18. When Nature makes a chump like dear old Bobbie, she's proud of him, and doesn't want her handiwork disturbed. She gives him a sort of natural armour to protect him against outside interference. And that armour is shortness of memory. Shortness of memory keeps a man a chump, when, but for it, he might cease to be one. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Institutional Memory quotes by David Horowitz
#19. The incidence of memory is like light from dead stars whose influence lingers long after the events themselves. #Quote by David Horowitz
Institutional Memory quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#20. Reaching out to her is like drinking from a memory. #Quote by Edgar Allan Poe
Institutional Memory quotes by Daniel Kahneman
#21. The selective activation of compatible memories explains anchoring: the high and the low numbers activate different sets of ideas in memory. The estimates of annual temperature draw on these biased samples of ideas and are therefore biased as well. #Quote by Daniel Kahneman
Institutional Memory quotes by Lori Foster
#22. Joe hid his grin. "A little grab-ass is not accosting." At the worst of times, Luna could amuse him. And now he finally had her where he wanted her.
Her mesmerizing eyes shone with annoyance and disbelief. "I barely knew you, Joe. I brought you a sandwich, and half a minute later you had your hands all over me."
Despite his aches and pains, the memory warmed Joe. Locking onto her gaze, he said in his defense, "You have that kind of bottom, honey. All round and soft."
Her color deepened. "Of all the stupid, sexist
"It's irresistible," Joe insisted, and meant it. "It begs for a man's hands. It
" There looked to be an explosion imminent, so Joe wisely let that go for now and instead distracted her. "And for your information, no. I didn't get beat up by a woman." He snorted. "How absurd is that?"
"I dunno." Her body vibrated with tension. "I'm ready to beat you up."
-Joe and Luna #Quote by Lori Foster
Institutional Memory quotes by D.J. LeMarr
#23. Lucifer unbound his absolution
His purpose took unstoppable form
A wyrm whose brilliance blinded
Tenacity burned as radiant as the Almighty
Lucifer remembered this so vividly
A fond memory of when God stood thunderstruck #Quote by D.J. LeMarr
Institutional Memory quotes by Kristin Hannah
#24. So now books were her only friends. She'd read Lord of the Rings so often she could recite whole scenes by memory.
It was not a skill that aided one in becoming popular. #Quote by Kristin Hannah
Institutional Memory quotes by Christopher Golden
#25. Sometimes Drusilla forgot she was really there, a tangible creature and not some ghost of a memory, drifting about the world, only observing. #Quote by Christopher Golden
Institutional Memory quotes by Mahmoud Darwish
#26. A poem exists only in the relation between poet and reader. And I'm in need of my readers, except that they never cease to write me as they would wish, turning their reading into another writing that almost rubs out my features. I don't know why my poetry has to be killed on the altar of misunderstanding or the fallacy of ready-made intent. I am not solely a citizen of Palestine, though I am proud of this affiliation and ready to sacrifice my life in defending the radiance of the Palestinian fact, but I also want to take up the history of my people and their struggle from an aesthetic angle that differs from the prevalent and repeatable meanings readily available from an unmediated political reading. #Quote by Mahmoud Darwish
Institutional Memory quotes by Brian Morton
#27. The moments of beauty, the moments when you feel blessed, are only moments; but memory and imagination, treasuring them, can string them together ... Everything else passes away; that which you love remains. #Quote by Brian Morton
Institutional Memory quotes by Lauren Oliver
#28. I can feel them, can hear the rush of hundreds of feet, can hear old laughter running underneath the birdsong: a place built of memory and echo. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Institutional Memory quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#29. One must have a good memory to be able to keep the promises one makes. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Institutional Memory quotes by Harper Lee
#30. I could not remember when the lines above Atticus's moving finger separated into words, but I had stared at them all the evenings in my memory, listening to the news of the day, Bills to Be Enacted into Laws, the diaries of Lorenzo Dow - anything Atticus happened to be reading when I crawled into his lap every night. Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. #Quote by Harper Lee
Institutional Memory quotes by Milan Kundera
#31. She wants to have her notebooks so that the flimsy framework of events, as she has constructed them in her school notebook, will be provided with walls and become a house she can live in. Because if the tottering structure of her memories collapses like a clumsily pitched tent, all that Tamina will be left with is the present, that invisible point, that nothingness moving slowly toward death. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Institutional Memory quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
#32. The present was too urgent to let the past intrude. #Quote by Zora Neale Hurston
Institutional Memory quotes by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
#33. Optimal experience is that rare occasion when we feel a sense of exhilaration, a deep sense of enjoyment that is long cherished and that becomes a landmark in memory for what life should be like. #Quote by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Institutional Memory quotes by Oscar Wilde
#34. Gradually the events of the preceding night crept with silent, blood-stained feet into his brain and reconstructed themselves there with terrible distinctness. He winced at the memory of all that he had suffered, and for a moment the same curious feeling of loathing for Basil Hallward that had made him kill him as he sat in the chair came back to him, and he grew cold with passion. The dead man was still sitting there, too, and in the sunlight now. How horrible that was! Such hideous things were for the darkness, not for the day. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Institutional Memory quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#35. Consumption is a universal phenomenon. All humans consume varieties of products, many of which beyond actual necessity, because it activates the brain's reward center. And the more a certain product activates the reward center with its unique characteristics or its predominant social stature, the more that product gets chiseled into the long-term memory of the consumer, making it a fundamental part of the individual's psychological well being. Thus the human mind grows a deep psychological bond with a product. And this bond can grow so strong in time that it would defend itself from all sorts of criticisms. It is the brain's way to maintain its internal purely individualistic well being. Hence, a strong psychological bond between the mind and a product slowly not only becomes invincible to criticisms, but also, develops its own cognitive immune system against such criticisms. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Institutional Memory quotes by N. T. Wright
#36. Financial crashes happen precisely because the people who remember the last one have either died or retired and thus are no longer around, with memories and character formed by that previous experience, to warn people not to be irresponsible. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Institutional Memory quotes by Beryl Dov
#37. Forgotten [10w]
There's no greater slur of memory than to be forgotten. #Quote by Beryl Dov

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