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Famous Quotes About Insecurity

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Insecurity quotes by Havelock Ellis
#1. Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive. #Quote by Havelock Ellis
Insecurity quotes by Richard North Patterson
#2. Aggressiveness is good in a combat leader. Combining that with ambition and insecurity becomes more problematic. #Quote by Richard North Patterson
Insecurity quotes by Margaret Mead
#3. Jealousy is not a barometer by which the depth of love can be read. It merely records the degree of the lover's insecurity. #Quote by Margaret Mead
Insecurity quotes by Alan Hollinghurst
#4. He wanted pure compliments, just as he wanted unconditional love. #Quote by Alan Hollinghurst
Insecurity quotes by Tom Hooper
#5. I think we all have blocks between us and the best version of ourselves, whether it's shyness, insecurity, anxiety, whether it's a physical block, and the story of a person overcoming that block to their best self. It's truly inspiring because I think all of us are engaged in that every day. #Quote by Tom Hooper
Insecurity quotes by Sri Mulyani Indrawati
#6. Changing much-cherished bank secrecy laws is worth the effort. Corruption, tax evasion, and the capture of natural resource revenues undermine the rule of law, weaken the social fabric, erode citizens' trust in institutions, fuel conflict and insecurity, and hamper job creation. #Quote by Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Insecurity quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#7. Moreover, I have boundary issues with men. Or maybe that's not fair to say. To have issues with boundaries, one must have boundaries in the first place, right? But I disappear into
the person I love. I am the permeable membrane. If I love you, you can have everything. You can have my time, my devotion, my ass, my money, my family, my dog, my dog's money, my
dog's time - everything. If I love you, I will carry for you all your pain, I will assume for you all your debts (in every definition of the word), I will protect you from your own insecurity, I will project upon you all sorts of good qualities that you have never actually cultivated in yourself and I will buy Christmas presents for your entire family. I will give you the sun and the rain, and if they are not available, I will give you a sun check and a rain check. I will give you all this and more, until I get so exhausted and depleted that the only way I can recover my energy is by becoming infatuated with someone else.
I do not relay these facts about myself with pride, but this is how it's always been.
Some time after I'd left my husband, I was at a party and a guy I barely knew said to me, "You know, you seem like a completely different person, now that you're with this new boyfriend. You used to look like your husband, but now you look like David. You even dress like
him and talk like him. You know how some people look like their dogs? I think maybe you always look like your men. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Insecurity quotes by Tarryn Tomlinson
#8. Snobbery does not show superiority. It shows insecurity which is born from a feeling of inferiority. #Quote by Tarryn Tomlinson
Insecurity quotes by Samantha Mathis
#9. There's always that feeling of 'Oh, God! One day they'll find out that I really have no idea what I'm doing. #Quote by Samantha Mathis
Insecurity quotes by Jeremy Aldana
#10. A man's spirit is free, but his pride binds him with chains of suffocation in a prison of his own insecurities #Quote by Jeremy Aldana
Insecurity quotes by Seth King
#11. I noticed something in his eyes that reminded me of myself– the sadness, the insecurity, the fatigue. #Quote by Seth King
Insecurity quotes by Anonymous
#12. May you always follow your dreams. The path will never be easy and you might have to chase them for years. There will be obstacles to overcome and criticisms to ignore. There will be periods of doubt and moments of insecurity. But you will reach them. And when you finally touch those dreams, No matter how old you are or where life has taken you, Hold on tight - savor that feeling of accomplishment - and never let go. Ever. #Quote by Anonymous
Insecurity quotes by Henry Kissinger
#13. Torn between obsessive insecurity and proselytizing zeal, between the requirements of Europe and the temptations of Asia, the Russian Empire always had a role in the European equilibrium but was never emotionally a part of it. #Quote by Henry Kissinger
Insecurity quotes by Norman Vincent Peale
#14. We build up the feeling of insecurity or security by how we think. If in our thoughts we constantly fix attention upon sinister expectations of dire events that might happen, the result will be constantly to feel insecure. And what is even more serious is the tendency to create, by the power of thought, the very condition we fear. #Quote by Norman Vincent Peale
Insecurity quotes by Chuck Todd
#15. This deep insecurity has been going on for a while. I mean I picked it up in 2014 sitting in focus groups of women who were feeling terrified, not just about that ISIS was coming, but terrified that their children couldn't be safe at school, terrified about what was happening in Ferguson and other places. #Quote by Chuck Todd
Insecurity quotes by Geoff Mains
#16. The world of tricky-tacky boxes, defined social behaviour, untrammeled egotism, sexism and material acquisitiveness, all powered by insecurity that passes for security, is rarely cajoled, least of all questioned. Much of the magic of of life space contrast has passed out of North American life. #Quote by Geoff Mains
Insecurity quotes by Alain De Botton
#17. We are never through with the requirement for acceptance. This isn't a curse limited to the inadequate and the weak. Insecurity may even be a peculiar sign of well-being. It means we haven't allowed ourselves to take other people for granted, that we remain realistic enough to see that things could genuinely turn out badly and that we are invested enough to care. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Insecurity quotes by Emily Saliers
#18. I don't think any human being is truly free. We're so tethered to our own insecurities and hampered by our fears and our prejudices. I think it's human nature that we're never going to be free. #Quote by Emily Saliers
Insecurity quotes by Christopher Fry
#19. How can a man learn navigation Where there's no rudder? #Quote by Christopher Fry
Insecurity quotes by Anonymous
#20. You are a warrior in a dark forest, with no compass and are unable to tell who the actual enemy is, So you never feel safe .. #Quote by Anonymous
Insecurity quotes by Thubten Yeshe
#21. Some people live closely guarded lives, fearful of encountering someone or something that might shatter their insecure spiritual foundation. This attitude, however, is not the fault of religion but of their own limited understanding. True Dharma leads in exactly the opposite direction. It enables one to integrate all the many diverse experiences of life into a meaningful and coherent whole, thereby banishing fear and insecurity completely. #Quote by Thubten Yeshe
Insecurity quotes by Herbert Marcuse
#22. Freedom of enterprise was from the beginning not altogether a blessing. As the liberty to work or to starve, it spelled toil, insecurity, and fear for the vast majority of the population. If the individual were no longer compelled to prove himself on the market, as a free economic subject, the disappearance of this freedom would be one of the greatest achievements of civilization. #Quote by Herbert Marcuse
Insecurity quotes by Suzy Kassem
#23. Fear nothing but your conscience. #Quote by Suzy Kassem
Insecurity quotes by Molly Parker
#24. Bad directors will tell you they absolutely know how to do it, and how it has to happen; there's this insecurity that leads them to feeling like they have to control everything. #Quote by Molly Parker
Insecurity quotes by Piper Vaughn
#25. I don't care who knows, babe. It sucks not being able to be near you like I want to just 'cause Dre or Nicky might be watching. You hafta know I wanna kiss you, like, all the damn time."
"Why?" Jesse wasn't fishing for compliments. He really didn't understand.
"You actually mean that?"
Jesse nodded his head miserably. Shane lifted his chin. "Because you're smart, and funny, and I can't even hear a single note you sing without getting all turned on…and, well, because I'm falling for you. Like, hard." Shane's forehead wrinkled, his eyes went puppy-dog droopy. "Don't you feel the same way about me?"
Shane's sudden insecurity was sweet and sad and so very endearing. "Of course I do. But you're Shane. I'm just…" A nerd. Ugly, squishy, pale, and too damn blind to get rid of these dumb ass glasses.
"There is no 'just' anything. Jess, you're my boyfriend. Right? #Quote by Piper Vaughn
Insecurity quotes by Brian Moore
#26. What could he be thinking of? He seemed to be trying to remember something, perhaps an engagement, perhaps an excuse to leave her. For eventually, they all made some excuse. #Quote by Brian Moore
Insecurity quotes by John Lennon
#27. Work is life, you know, and without it, there's nothing but fear and insecurity. #Quote by John Lennon
Insecurity quotes by Richard Rohr
#28. Final authority in the spiritual world does not tend to come from any kind of agenda success but from some kind of suffering. Insecurity and impermanence are the best spiritual teachers. #Quote by Richard Rohr
Insecurity quotes by Tina Brown
#29. Deadlines are a great antidote to insecurity. #Quote by Tina Brown
Insecurity quotes by Pat Conroy
#30. Throughout my career I've lived in constant fear that I wouldn't be good enough, that I'd have nothing to say, that I'd be laughed at, humiliated - and I'm old enough to know that fear will follow me to the very last word I'll ever write. As for now, I feel the first itch of the novel I'm supposed to write - the grain of sand that irritates the soft tissues of the oyster. The beginning of the world as I don't quite know it. But I trust I'll begin to know it soon. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Insecurity quotes by Rob Bell
#31. It's the voices in your head that speak doubt and insecurity and fear and anxiety. Like a tape that's jammed on "repeat," these destructive messages will drain an extraordinary amount of your energies if you aren't clear and focused and grounded. #Quote by Rob Bell
Insecurity quotes by Jack Kornfield
#32. Ours is a society of denial that conditions us to protect ourselves from any direct difficulty and discomfort. We expend enormous energy denying our insecurity, fighting pain, death and loss and hiding from the basic truths of the natural world and of our own nature. #Quote by Jack Kornfield
Insecurity quotes by Alexis Jones
#33. I'm here to tell you that none of us have it all figured out; we are forever works in progress. The moments of brilliance in your life will always be balanced by moments of vulnerability, insecurity, and doubt. The sooner you get around to being okay with that, the happier your life will be. #Quote by Alexis Jones
Insecurity quotes by Aparna Jain
#34. Insecurity is gender neutral. Insecurity comes at various levels with power and position. #Quote by Aparna Jain
Insecurity quotes by Elisabeth Shue
#35. I became disconnected from the childlike play that art could be. I spent so much time fearing I wasn't good enough that I lost the sense that my artistic expression was worthy. #Quote by Elisabeth Shue
Insecurity quotes by Alan W. Watts
#36. There is, then, the feeling that we live in a time of unusual insecurity. In the past hundred years so many long-established traditions have broken down - traditions of family and social life, of government, of the economic order, and of religious belief. As the years go by, there seem to be fewer and fewer rocks to which we can hold, fewer things which we can regard as absolutely right and true, and fixed for all time. To some this is a welcome release from the restraints of moral, social, and spiritual dogma. To others it is a dangerous and terrifying breach with reason and sanity, tending to plunge human life into hopeless chaos. To most, perhaps, the immediate sense of release has given a brief exhilaration, to be followed by the deepest anxiety. For if all is relative, if life is a torrent without form or goal in whose flood absolutely nothing save change itself can last, it seems to be something in which there is "no future" and thus no hope. #Quote by Alan W. Watts
Insecurity quotes by Anushka Bhartiya
#37. Just when she was about to reemerge from the depths of her sorrows, someone shook her again. This wasn't the jolt that usually awakens the senses. This was what it takes to finally rise over all that is petty about this world. Jealousy, insecurity and of course, betrayal. Awakening the senses was meant for another day, another time. #Quote by Anushka Bhartiya
Insecurity quotes by Michael Burawoy
#38. I take as a point of departure the possibility and desirability of a fundamentally different form of society
call it communism, if you will
in which men and women, freed from the pressures of scarcity and from the insecurity of everyday existence under capitalism, shape their own lives. Collectively they decide who, how, when, and what shall be produced. #Quote by Michael Burawoy
Insecurity quotes by Virginia Woolf
#39. And I thought how unpleasant it is to be locked out; and I thought how it is worse perhaps to be locked in; and, thinking of the safety and prosperity of the one sex and of the poverty and insecurity of the other and of the effect of tradition and of the lack of tradition upon the mind of a writer, #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Insecurity quotes by Isaac Asimov
#40. All the suffering that humanity ever knew can be traced to the one fact that no man in the history of the Galaxy, until Hari Seldon, and very few men thereafter, could really understand one another. Every human being lived behind an impenetrable wall of choking mist within which no other but he existed. Occasionally there were the dim signals from deep within the cavern in which another man was located - so that each might grope toward the other. Yet because they did not know one another, and could not understand one another, and dared not trust one another, and felt from infancy the terrors and insecurity of that ultimate isolation - there was the hunted fear of man for man, the savage rapacity of man toward man. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Insecurity quotes by Anita Moorjani
#41. Selfishness comes from too little self-love, not too much, as we compensate for our lack. There's no such thing as caring for the self too much, just as there's no such thing as too much genuine affection for others. Our world suffers from too little self-love and too much judgment, insecurity, fear, and mistrust. If we all cared about ourselves more, most of these ills would disappear. #Quote by Anita Moorjani
Insecurity quotes by Amin Maalouf
#42. People often see themselves in terms of whichever one of their allegiances is most under attack. And sometimes, when a person doesn't have the strength to defend that allegiance, he hides it. Then it remains buried deep down in the dark, awaiting its revenge. But whether he accepts or conceals it, proclaims it discreetly or flaunts it, it is with that allegiance that the person concerned identifies. And then, whether it relates to color, religion, language or class, it invades the person's whole identity. Other people who share the same allegiance sympathize; they all gather together, join forces, encourage one another, challenge "the other side." For them, "asserting their identity" inevitably becomes an act of courage, of liberation.

In the midst of any community that has been wounded agitators naturally arise… The scene is now set and the war can begin. Whatever happens "the others" will have deserved it.


What we conveniently call "murderous folly" is the propensity of our fellow-creatures to turn into butchers when they suspect that their "tribe" is being threatened. The emotions of fear or insecurity don't always obey rational considerations. They may be exaggerated or even paranoid; but once a whole population is afraid, we are dealing with the reality of the fear rather than the reality of the threat. #Quote by Amin Maalouf
Insecurity quotes by Marion Coutts
#43. Maintaining the thinnest facade of a functioning family that tries to act as others do - plan ahead, drive somewhere, go on holiday, relax - is beyond us. We are smashed. Insecurity jams the gears on every action. Each time we are toppled. I feel a fool over and over again for trying. #Quote by Marion Coutts
Insecurity quotes by Jeremy Camp
#44. I struggled with insecurity because I was trying to find my security in things. But when I began serving God with all my heart, my security was in Him. #Quote by Jeremy Camp
Insecurity quotes by Ray Romano
#45. I have the show because I'm insecure. It's my insecurity that makes me want to be a comic, that makes me need the audience. #Quote by Ray Romano
Insecurity quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#46. I think now that this obsession with identifying racism, which I saw so often among Somalis too, was really a comfort mechanism, to keep people from feeling personally inadequate and to externalize the causes of their unhappiness. #Quote by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Insecurity quotes by Jonathan Hayashi
#47. Combat your insecurities with truths from the Bible; don't let Satan tell you that you are too sinful to come to Him. #Quote by Jonathan Hayashi
Insecurity quotes by Ann Brashares
#48. I think pants have unique qualities, especially in a woman's life. Whatever bodily insecurities we have, we seem to take out on our pants. #Quote by Ann Brashares
Insecurity quotes by Miguel Syjuco
#49. He fidgets. Thinks. Observes his fellow passengers. Judges everyone, in the traditional Filipino sport of justifying both personal and shared insecurities. #Quote by Miguel Syjuco
Insecurity quotes by Carlos Wallace
#50. People spend money they don't have on clothes and accessories they don't need to fill a void. No matter how much they invest in their own physical reconstruction (or in some cases deconstruction), they are still unhappy with who they see in the mirror. Don't get me wrong. We all do things to enhance our personal appearance, some more than others. But changing what's on the outside will not resolve deep-rooted issues. #Quote by Carlos Wallace
Insecurity quotes by Edward Snowden
#51. If the United States is promoting the development of exploits, of vulnerabilities, of insecurity in this critical infrastructure, and we're not fixing it when we find it, instead we put it on the shelf so we can use it the next time we want to launch an attack against some foreign country. We're leaving ourselves at risk. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Insecurity quotes by Catherine Keener
#52. Insecurity is just something that's there all the time. I've never been crippled by it. #Quote by Catherine Keener
Insecurity quotes by Claire North
#53. Insecurity is often the mother of aggression. #Quote by Claire North
Insecurity quotes by Christina Baker Kline
#54. I think of these qualities as metaphorical, you know? So black magic is whatever leads people to the dark side - their own greed or insecurity that makes them do destructive things. #Quote by Christina Baker Kline
Insecurity quotes by Erich Fromm
#55. A man driven to incessant work by a sense of deep insecurity and loneliness; or another one driven by ambition, or greed for money. In all these cases the person is the slave of a passion, and his activity is in reality a "passivity" because he is driven; he is the sufferer, not the "actor." On the other hand, a man sitting quiet and contemplating, with no purpose or aim except that of experiencing himself and his oneness with the world, is considered to be "passive," because he is not "doing" anything. #Quote by Erich Fromm
Insecurity quotes by Angie Harmon
#56. My biggest insecurity is that my personality is too much, and as I get older, it's just getting bigger. #Quote by Angie Harmon
Insecurity quotes by Debra Winger
#57. Most bad behaviour comes from insecurity. #Quote by Debra Winger
Insecurity quotes by Dov Davidoff
#58. Insecurity is like herpes. It's not going anywhere. May as well learn to laugh at it. #Quote by Dov Davidoff
Insecurity quotes by Erin Willett
#59. We are so hard on ourselves, it is unbelievable sometimes. The things we say to ourselves or think about when we look in the mirror are so cruel. We have to look at the power we do have and use it to overcome that voice of insecurity. #Quote by Erin Willett
Insecurity quotes by Michael Ben Zehabe
#60. Zoe stopped one last time in front of the mirror, adjusting her new American dress. She didn't see the dress, however. She saw what the big Russian did to her. She saw what al-Qaeda did to her. She saw a person shunned by her Persian village. She saw ugliness. Every time she looked in the mirror she saw deficiency. #Quote by Michael Ben Zehabe
Insecurity quotes by Erik Larson
#61. Klemperer detected a certain "hysteria of language" in the new flood of decrees, alarms, and intimidation - "This perpetual threatening with the death penalty!" - and in strange, inexplicable episodes of paranoid excess, like the recent nationwide search. In all this Klemperer saw a deliberate effort to generate a kind of daily suspense, "copied from American cinema and thrillers," that helped keep people in line. He also gauged it to be a manifestation of insecurity among those in power. In #Quote by Erik Larson
Insecurity quotes by Mariska Hargitay
#62. But trust can take you a long way. And my faith takes me a long way. And I think that our pains, our vulnerabilities, and our insecurities can fuel us to be better. To try harder. To dig deeper. #Quote by Mariska Hargitay
Insecurity quotes by Sally Kirkland
#63. I always told, Sandra Bullock was my student when she was younger, I always told her it's important that we hold on to our insecurity, the wisdom of insecurity. #Quote by Sally Kirkland
Insecurity quotes by Yves Behar
#64. For each project I do, I try to surprise myself, do the unexpected, and change my own status quo. From the One Laptop Per Child, the Herman Miller Sayl, or the latest Movado watch collection, there is always an insecurity about being able to do something important. I think each of those projects makes me feel like we have progressed. #Quote by Yves Behar
Insecurity quotes by Bruce Jenner
#65. The ability to grow is directly related to the amount of insecurity you can take in your life. #Quote by Bruce Jenner
Insecurity quotes by Erica Tazel
#66. There was a period of time between 2005 and 2008 that was pretty challenging. I had taken a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles from New York, which had been incredible to me professionally. I couldn't get arrested in this town. There was a lot of doubt and fear that crept in, and boy, did insecurity stick her foot up in it. There were many obstacles that were overcome during that very dark period - creative, financial, emotional, and spiritual - and I'm here, standing, stronger than ever. #Quote by Erica Tazel
Insecurity quotes by Jaden Wilkes
#67. Human hearts are such pathetic, frail little things… like Ego wrapped in needy insecurity stuffed inside a glass box, so easily shattered. #Quote by Jaden Wilkes
Insecurity quotes by Erich Neumann
#68. Devaluation of the Earth, hostility towards the Earth, fear of the Earth: these are all from the psychological point of view the expression of a weak patriarchal consciousness that knows no other way to help itself than to withdraw violently from the fascinating and overwhelming domain of the Earthly. For we know that the archetypal projection of the Masculine experiences, not without justice, the Earth as the unconscious-making, instinct-entangling, and therefore dangerous Feminine. At the same time the projection of the masculine anima is mingled with the living image of the Earth archetype in the unconscious of man; and the more one-sidedly masculine man's conscious mind is the more primitive, unreliable, and therefore dangerous his anima will be. However, the Earth archetype, in compensation to the divinity of the archetype of Heaven and the Father, that determined the consciousness of medieval man, is fused together with the archaic image of the Mother Goddess.
Yet in its struggle against this Mother Goddess, the conscious mind, in its historical development, has had great difficulty in asserting itself so as to reach its – patriarchal - independence. The insecurity of this conscious mind-and we have profound experience of how insecure the position of the conscious mind still is in modern man-is always bound up with fear of the unconscious, and no well-meaning theory "against fear" will be able to rid the world of this deeply rooted anxiety, which at different times #Quote by Erich Neumann
Insecurity quotes by Kimberly Derting
#69. What are you thinking about?" Jay asked as he plopped down next to her.
She blinked, wondering if she was wearing her frustration on her face. "Nothing," she lied, pushing her salad around her plate.
She wasn't sure why she didn't just tell him.
"Doesn't look like nothing," Jules interrupted from across the table.
Violet cast a quick glare at her friend for inconveniently pointing out the obvious.
"What?" Jay asked, nudging Violet with his shoulder. "Tell me."
Violet hesitated, suddenly embarrassed over her new insecurity. Yet, inside her head, she bitterly referred to Mike as "Jay's boyfriend."
Ironically, though, it was Mike who saved Violet from having to confess those very thoughts, when he slid into an open space on the other side of the table. "What'd I miss?" His lazy smile reached all the way into his tawny-colored eyes, and even the dimples on his cheek made a fleeting appearance.
Violet could see the draw for Chelsea; he was sort of stunning to look at.
So then what was Jay's excuse? She jokingly hoped it wasn't the adorable dimple too. #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Insecurity quotes by John Lennon
#70. The main hangup in the world today is hypocrisy and insecurity. If people can't face up to the fact of other people being naked or smoking pot, or whatever they want to do, then we're never going to get anywhere. People have got to become aware that it's none of their business and that being nude is not obscene. Being ourselves is what's important. If everyone practiced being themselves instead of pretending to be what they aren't, there would be peace. #Quote by John Lennon
Insecurity quotes by Charles Handy
#71. I believe that a lot of our striving after the symbols and levers of success is due to a basic insecurity, a need to prove ourselves. That done, grown up at last, we are free to stop pretending. #Quote by Charles Handy
Insecurity quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#72. There came an awful day when I picked up the phone and knew at once, as one does with some old friends even before they speak, that it was Edward. He sounded as if he were calling from the bottom of a well. I still thank my stars that I didn't say what I nearly said, because the good professor's phone pals were used to cheering or teasing him out of bouts of pessimism and insecurity when he would sometimes say ridiculous things like: 'I hope you don't mind being disturbed by some mere wog and upstart.' The remedy for this was not to indulge it but to reply with bracing and satirical stuff which would soon get the gurgling laugh back into his throat. But I'm glad I didn't say, 'What, Edward, splashing about again in the waters of self-pity?' because this time he was calling to tell me that he had contracted a rare strain of leukemia. Not at all untypically, he used the occasion to remind me that it was very important always to make and keep regular appointments with one's physician. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Insecurity quotes by Joel Osteen
#73. My encouragement is: Don't settle where you are. You have seeds of greatness on the inside. Put these principles into action each day. Get up in the morning expecting good things, go through the day positive, focused on your vision, running your race, knowing that you are well able. Winning is in your DNA. The most high God breathed His life into you. You've got what it takes. This is your time. This is your moment. Shake off doubts, shake off fear and insecurity, and get ready for favor, get ready for increase, get ready for the fullness of your destiny. You can, you will! #Quote by Joel Osteen
Insecurity quotes by Jacqueline Novogratz
#74. Poverty is not only about income levels, but for lack of freedom that comes from physical insecurity #Quote by Jacqueline Novogratz
Insecurity quotes by Darynda Jones
#75. The regular I both feared and salivated to see was names Reyes Farrow. Where others exuded aggression, deception, and insecurity, he literally dripped confidence, sex, and power. Mostly sex. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Insecurity quotes by Michelle Chamuel
#76. You're always you, with your own insecurities. #Quote by Michelle Chamuel
Insecurity quotes by Robert Frost
#77. The beauty of enmity is insecurity; the beauty of friendship is in security. #Quote by Robert Frost
Insecurity quotes by Eric Hoffer
#78. Discontent by itself does not invariably create a desire for change. Other factors have to be present before discontent turns into disaffection. One of these is a sense of power. Those who are awed by their surroundings do not think of change, no matter how miserable their condition. When our mode of life is so precarious as to make it patent that we cannot control the circumstances of our existence, we tend to stick to the proven and the familiar. We counteract a deep feeling of insecurity by making of our existence a fixed routine. We hereby acquire the illusion that we have tamed the unpredictable. #Quote by Eric Hoffer
Insecurity quotes by Tommy Shaw
#79. When you sign with a label, they do insist upon certain rights, and if you have a competent attorney, your rights will be protected. #Quote by Tommy Shaw
Insecurity quotes by Joan Medlicott
#80. Within the first twenty years of our lives, before we are really adult, we make choices motivated by insecurity, fear, and other people's expectations; certinly not guided by clarity and wisdom. We plod along for years living with the wrong career or spousal choice, in a location we did not choose and perhaps do not like, and much more. One day we wake up restless and confused, and acknowledge that we have no agenda of our own, and that we have been living someone else's passion, their dream. #Quote by Joan Medlicott
Insecurity quotes by Robert Greene
#81. The only real impediment to this is yourself and your emotions - boredom, panic, frustration, insecurity. You cannot suppress such emotions - they are normal to the process and are experienced by everyone, including Masters. What you can do is have faith in the process. #Quote by Robert Greene
Insecurity quotes by Al Pacino
#82. You need some insecurity if you're an actor. It keeps the pot boiling. I haven't yet started to think about retiring. I was shocked when I heard about Paul Newman retiring at age 82. Most actors just fade away like old soldiers. #Quote by Al Pacino
Insecurity quotes by Ryan Reynolds
#83. Acting has given me a way to channel my angst. I feel like an overweight, pimply faced kid a lot of the time - and finding a way to access that insecurity, and put it toward something creative is incredibly rewarding. I feel very lucky. #Quote by Ryan Reynolds
Insecurity quotes by Lynda Bellingham
#84. I drank to be funny, or sexy. I drank because I was afraid or happy or sad, and I drank for anything that required emotional commitment ... I had chosen a profession that thrives on insecurity, and is never far from some source of social intercourse that involves alcohol or drugs. #Quote by Lynda Bellingham
Insecurity quotes by Gloria Gaynor
#85. That's why you find a lot of entertainers are insecure, because it's the perfect camouflage for insecurity. #Quote by Gloria Gaynor
Insecurity quotes by Bridgit Mendler
#86. I've learned from personal experience that insecurity and doubting yourself can really hurt you. #Quote by Bridgit Mendler
Insecurity quotes by Bisco Hatori
#87. Ranmaru: I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Everything... Is my fault.

Goda: Is it your fault... the Earth is round and the sky is blue... and my hair is wavy? #Quote by Bisco Hatori
Insecurity quotes by Sally Mann
#88. I feel I'm a strange mixture of insecurity and strength. Most of us, probably most people. I'm transferring that same concept to the people I photograph. #Quote by Sally Mann
Insecurity quotes by Miguel Angel Ruiz
#89. We want to know. If we don't know, we don't feel safe, we don't feel secure. #Quote by Miguel Angel Ruiz
Insecurity quotes by Daniel J. Siegel
#90. ... in children, security or insecurity of attachment is not a characteristic of the individual, but rather of a relationship: it is not uncommon for a child to be securely attached with one parent, and disorganized (or insecurely attached) with the other (Main, 1995). #Quote by Daniel J. Siegel
Insecurity quotes by Michael A. Singer
#91. Wise beings do not want to remain a slave to the fear of pain. They permit the world to be what it is instead of being afraid of it. They wholeheartedly participate in life, but not for the purpose of using life to avoid themselves. If life does something that causes a disturbance inside of you, instead of pulling away, let it pass through you like the wind. After all, things happen every day that cause inner disturbance. At any moment you can feel frustration, anger, fear, jealousy, insecurity, or embarrassment. If you watch, you will see that the heart is trying to push it all away. If you want to be free, you have to learn to stop fighting these human feelings. #Quote by Michael A. Singer
Insecurity quotes by Brenda Shoshanna
#92. Relying on another is an expression of attachment, not love, a manifestation of insecurity and suffering, not understanding the true nature of our lives. #Quote by Brenda Shoshanna
Insecurity quotes by Jacque Fresco
#93. War is not the only form of violence imposed on people through inadequate social arrangements. There is also hunger, poverty and scarcity. The use of money and the creation of debt fosters economic insecurity, which perpetuates crime, lawlessness and resentment. Paper proclamations and treaties do not alter the facts of scarcity and insecurity, and nationalism tends only to propagate the separation of nations and the world's people. #Quote by Jacque Fresco
Insecurity quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#94. Why do we laugh at insecurity in other people? Why do you get a kick out of someone feeling insecure? Do you not have your own insecurities to battle with? Do you not have your own battles to fight? So where is the honor in finding amusement in the insecurity of another? If someone stepped in just in time to soothe your own struggling mind, wouldn't that have made a world of a difference? Then why wouldn't you do just that, for another? Don't laugh at the insecurities of another person; because that could very well be you. Soothe the minds of others, because that's exactly what you know you are in such need of. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Insecurity quotes by Manasa Rao
#95. Insecure girls continue to hate and being ashamed of themselves. Thick or thin, tall or short, dark or fair, you're beautiful the way you are and you don't realize it. Real men always choose, love, respect, adore the real YOU. If you're changing for your man, something ain't right. Accept, Stay real, Love yourself & know your worth. You're not ugly, Society is... #Quote by Manasa Rao
Insecurity quotes by Anna B. Doe
#96. Why did you run away last time?" William asks quietly, so quietly that at first, I think I'm imagining it...
"Because you are dangerous for me," I say in the same tone so that he is the only one who can hear me...
"Because," I say, but then I stop, my throat suddenly too dry.
My tongue darts out to wet my lips before continuing in a hurry. "Because…"
"You could be everything I ever wanted."
"Everything and so much more. #Quote by Anna B. Doe
Insecurity quotes by Amy Ray
#97. Your hatred is rooted in your fear, and your paranoia and insecurities, well they don't belong here. #Quote by Amy Ray
Insecurity quotes by Valerie E. Whiffen
#98. A large body of psychological research tells us something that many of us already know: girls and women place a lot of importance on their closest relationships. Our parents, relatives, romantic partners and spouses, children, and friends are central to our lives. We value our relationships with these people immensely, and we feel good about ourselves when we are able to create relationships with them that are warm, intimate, and loving. Our need to do so is healthy and adaptive. When our most intimate relationships are good, they protect us from becoming depressed. But when they are riddled with conflict and emotional insecurity, they actually increase our risk for depression. #Quote by Valerie E. Whiffen
Insecurity quotes by Muriel Barbery
#99. Aman feeds her plants the way she feeds her children: water and fertilizer for the kentia, green beans and vitamin C for us. That's the heart of the paradigm: concentrate on the object, convey all the nutritional elements from the outside to the inside and, as they make their way inside, they will cause the object to grow and prosper ... you are satisfied with the knowledge that you've done what you were supposed to do, you've played your nurturing role: you feel reassured and, for a time, things feels safe ...
It would be so much better if we could share our insecurity, if we could all venture inside ourselves and realize that green beans and vitamin C, however much they nurture us, cannot save lives, nor sustain souls. #Quote by Muriel Barbery
Insecurity quotes by Richard Matheson
#100. It was more than a spider. It was every unknown terror in the world fused into wriggling, poison-jawed horror. It was every anxiety, insecurity, and fear in his life given a hideous, night-black form. #Quote by Richard Matheson
Insecurity quotes by Barbara Corcoran
#101. Insecurity is a wonderful motivator. #Quote by Barbara Corcoran
Insecurity quotes by Deborah Reber
#102. I think about what I wish I had known when I was a teen and tween. I struggled with a lot of insecurity and self-doubt as a young girl and the side-effects of that were long lasting, well into my late twenties. #Quote by Deborah Reber
Insecurity quotes by Anton Szandor LaVey
#103. In previous centuries, the Church was the great controller, dictating morality, stifling free expression and posing as conservator of all great art and music. Instead we have TV, doing just as good a job at dictating fashions, thoughts, attitudes, objectives as did the Church, using many of the same techniques but doing it so palatably that no one notices. Instead of 'sins' to keep people in line, we have fears of being judged unacceptable by our peers (by not wearing the right shoes, not drinking the right kind of beer, or wearing the wrong kind of deodorant). Coupled with that fear is imposed insecurity concerning our own identities. All answers and solutions to these fears come through the television, and only through television. Only through exposure to TV can the new sins of alienation and ostracism be absolved. #Quote by Anton Szandor LaVey
Insecurity quotes by Neil Livingstone
#104. The term terrorism is widely misused. It is utilized in its generic sense as a form of shorthand by governments and the media and is applied to a variety of acts and occurrences that approximate terrorism in form but not in substance or, worse yet, that have no real resemblance to terrorism at all. Terrorism, if nothing else, is violence, or threats of violence, but it is not mindless violence, as some observers have charged. Usually, when employed in a political context, it represents a calculated series of actions designed to intimidate and sow fear through-out a target population in an effort to produce a pervasive atmosphere of insecurity, a widespread condition of anxiety. A terrorist campaign that causes a significant threshold of fear among the target population may achieve its aims. In some instances, terrorism is potentially a more effective, especially from a cost-benefit perspective, strategy that conventional or guerrilla warfare, however, the goal of terrorism is not to destroy the opposing side but instead to break its will and force it to capitulate. #Quote by Neil Livingstone
Insecurity quotes by Bob Goff
#105. Insecurity wants us to keep track of our failures;
grace doesn't even write them down. #Quote by Bob Goff
Insecurity quotes by Kobe Bryant
#106. I have self-doubt. I have insecurity. I have fear of failure. I have nights when I show up at the arena and I'm like, 'My back hurts, my feet hurt, my knees hurt. I don't have it. I just want to chill.' We all have self-doubt. You don't deny it, but you also don't capitulate to it. You embrace it. #Quote by Kobe Bryant
Insecurity quotes by Hanna Arendt
#107. Th danger of exchanging the necessary insecurity of philosophical thought for the total explanation of an ideology and its [worldview], is not even so much the risk of falling for some usually vulgar, always uncritical assumption as of exchanging the freedom inherent in man's capacity to think for the straight-jacket of logic with which man can force himself almost as violently as he is forced by some outside power. #Quote by Hanna Arendt
Insecurity quotes by Dawn Hammill
#108. Too often it is fear that guides our actions when compassion would better serve. #Quote by Dawn Hammill
Insecurity quotes by Amy Leigh Mercree
#109. Insecurity is being scared of your authentic self. It is the belief that your true, authentic self is not as magnificent as it actually is. Let go of that insecurity and do something totally gutsy and feel the relief in that. #Quote by Amy Leigh Mercree
Insecurity quotes by Bill Jensen
#110. If you want a strong future: Becoming secure with insecurity is the best security you can have. #Quote by Bill Jensen
Insecurity quotes by Elle Macpherson
#111. I'm almost 50, so I obviously don't have the same body that I had when I was 20. But I also don't have the same mindset either, when I was wracked with self-consciousness and insecurity. Now I really appreciate my maturity as a woman, my depth of spirit and soul and my understanding of who I am and what's important to me. #Quote by Elle Macpherson
Insecurity quotes by Pema Chodron
#112. On the journey of the warrior-bodhisattva, the path goes down, not up, as if the mountain pointed toward the earth instead of the sky. Instead of transcending the suffering of all creatures, we move toward turbulence and doubt however we can. We explore the reality and unpredictability of insecurity and pain, and we try not to push it away. If it takes years, if it takes lifetimes, we let it be as it is. At our own pace, without speed or aggression, we move down and down and down. With us move millions of others, companions in awakening from fear. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Insecurity quotes by Albert Speer
#113. As I see it today, Hitler and Goebbels were in fact molded by the mob itself, guided by its yearnings and its daydreams. Of course, Goebbels and Hitler knew how to penetrate through to the instincts of their audiences; but in the deeper sense they derived their whole existence from these audiences. Certainly the masses roared to the beat set by Hitler's and Goebbels' baton; yet they were not the true conductors. The mob determined the theme. To compensate for misery, insecurity, unemployment, and hopelessness, this anonymous assemblage wallowed for hours at a time in obsessions, savagery and license. The personal unhappiness caused by the breakdown of the economy was replaced by a frenzy that demanded victims. By lashing out at their opponents and vilifying the Jews, they gave expression and direction to fierce primal passions. #Quote by Albert Speer
Insecurity quotes by Hans Selye
#114. Mental tensions, frustrations, insecurity, aimlessness are among the most damaging stressors, and psychosomatic studies have shown how often they cause migraine headache, peptic ulcers, heart attacks, hypertension, mental disease, suicide, or just hopeless unhappiness. #Quote by Hans Selye
Insecurity quotes by Rebecca O'Donnell
#115. Whenever Insecurity whispers In your ear, telling you how much you suck, tell it to shut the hell up. Then keep going forward anyway. #Quote by Rebecca O'Donnell
Insecurity quotes by Chester Bowles
#116. There can be no real individual freedom in the presence of economic insecurity. #Quote by Chester Bowles
Insecurity quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#117. The insecure people enjoy bad mouthing the others. They indulge in the continuous havoc and they tangle themselves in this spider web of plots and conflicts. I really wonder what it is about their inner life that make them so insecure. #Justmyobservation. #Quote by Euginia Herlihy
Insecurity quotes by Kanye West
#118. I just think that when my confidence meets other people's insecurity, that equals Kanye's arrogant. #Quote by Kanye West
Insecurity quotes by Robin Givhan
#119. How much of fashion is fueled by insecurity - for better or worse? #Quote by Robin Givhan
Insecurity quotes by Josiah Warren
#120. It goes to establish a just and permanent principle of trade which puts an end to all serious fluctuations in prices and consequently, to all the insecurity and ruin which these fluctuations produce; and to build up those who are already ruined. #Quote by Josiah Warren
Insecurity quotes by Charles Einstein
#121. When we are cut off from the fulfillment of our basic needs we seek out substitutes to temporarily ease the longing. Bereft of connection to nature, connection to community, intimacy, meaningful self-expression, ensouled dwellings and built environment, spiritual connection, and the feeling of belonging, lots of us over-consume, overeat, over-shop, and over-accumulate. How much do you need to eat, to compensate for a feeling of not belonging? How much pornography to compensate for a deficit of intimacy? How much money to compensate for a deep sense of insecurity? No amount is enough #Quote by Charles Einstein
Insecurity quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#122. Perhaps we just need little reminders from time to time that we are already dignified, deserving, worthy. Sometimes we don't feel that way because of the wounds and the scars we carry from the past or because of the uncertainty of the future. It is doubtful that we came to feel undeserving on our own. We were helped to feel unworthy. We were taught it in a thousand ways when we were little, and we learned our lessons well. #Quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Insecurity quotes by David L. Wolfe
#123. Surely it is the one who fears he is wrong who avoids criticism. The one who is sure he is right invites it. It only illuminates the strength of beliefs and makes them more available to others. #Quote by David L. Wolfe
Insecurity quotes by Charisma Carpenter
#124. I have insecurities about being a good mom, or balancing my career with motherhood. All of those are very strong, very real obstacles. My motto is just unconsciously, and maybe now consciously because I'm saying it, is sink or swim. I'm a fighter. #Quote by Charisma Carpenter
Insecurity quotes by Iman Abdulmajid
#125. As a young girl, I was much more preoccupied by my flaws. Everyone teased me because of my long, skinny neck. To hide my so-called deformity, I was wearing a turtleneck when I was 3! Yet my neck is probably my best asset. At the end of the day, what counts is the entire package. #Quote by Iman Abdulmajid
Insecurity quotes by Charlie Brooker
#126. Everyone had clearly spent far too long perfecting their appearance. I used to feel intimidated by people like this; now I see them as walking insecurity beacons, slaves to the perceived judgment of others, trapped within a self- perpetuating circle of crushing status anxiety. #Quote by Charlie Brooker
Insecurity quotes by Annemarie Musawale
#127. Soo, what is this about? Why would you say that to me, about her being remarkable?"
"Because she is. Don't let your insecurities about other people noticing just how breathtaking she is spoil what you have. She has proven her love for you. Forcing her to keep proving it will only drive her away. #Quote by Annemarie Musawale
Insecurity quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#128. The fact is that life is like the river: endlessly moving on, ever seeking, exploring, pushing, overflowing its banks, penetrating every crevice with its water. But you see, the mind won't allow that to happen to itself. The mind sees that it is dangerous, risky to live in a state of impermanency, insecurity, so it builds a wall around itself; the wall of tradition, of organized religion, of political and social theories. Family, name,property,the littel virtues that we have cultivated - these are all within the walls, away from life. Life is moving, impermanent, and it ceaselessly tries to penetrate, to break down these walls, behind which there is a confusion an misery. The gods within the walls are false gods, and their writings and philosophies have no meaning because life is beyond
Think on these things chap. 17 #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Insecurity quotes by Timothy Keller
#129. In marriage, we might say, we lose our independence in order to gain new freedom, so if we give ourselves to our God, our True Love, we will become more free than we can imagine. We will be free from fears, insecurity, and shame. We will be free to forgive, to love others, to face suffering in a way we could not before. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Insecurity quotes by Hugh Mackay
#130. If I were asked about what to do about the level of insecurity and anxiety in contemporary Australian society, I wouldn't start with politics and I wouldn't say too much about terrorism. I'd suggest as a first step, that you invite the neighbours over for a drink this weekend. Today a drink, tomorrow a barbeque, pretty soon, a community. #Quote by Hugh Mackay
Insecurity quotes by William Ivey Long
#131. At the level at which I work with people, their great talent is paired with great insecurity. Self-doubt is literally the twin of self-confidence. And I have to be there for both. #Quote by William Ivey Long
Insecurity quotes by Joost Meerloo
#132. The tension of a mysterious danger is even more unbearable than danger itself. People hate the vacuum of an unknown situation. They want security. They even prefer war to the insecure expectation of a war with its threat of enemy surprise. This vague fearful expectation acts on their fantasies. They anticipate all kinds of mysterious dangers; they begin to provoke them. It is the evocation of fear and danger in order to escape the tension of insecurity. #Quote by Joost Meerloo
Insecurity quotes by Brownell Landrum
#133. The opposite of Insecurity isn't Security.
It's a Sense of Adventure. #Quote by Brownell Landrum
Insecurity quotes by Gilles Deleuze
#134. The administration of a great organized molar security has as its correlate a whole micro-management of petty fears, a permanent molecular insecurity, to the point that the motto of domestic policymakers might be: a macropolitics of society by and for the micropolitics of insecurity #Quote by Gilles Deleuze
Insecurity quotes by Radhanath Swami
#135. We have the tendency to judge others by their surface appearance, and to find only their negative qualities. But if we search beneath the surface we discover that a myriad of strains mix together to create a particular person's nature. The faults we perceive are likely to be the effect of circumstances, the psychological response to trauma, abuse, rejection, heartbreak, insecurity, pain, confusion, or disease. #Quote by Radhanath Swami
Insecurity quotes by Cherie Lunghi
#136. The advantage of age is that you swap youth for wisdom. You're so full of insecurities when you're young. 'Who am I? What do I have to do for people to like me?' You get caught up in things. You get very emotional about things. #Quote by Cherie Lunghi
Insecurity quotes by Phyllis Theroux
#137. During this week, Ragan has experience a bit of insecurity with me, the result of my being quieter than usual, which he interprets as being a withdrawal from him. "No," I countered, "it is a withdrawal into myself." I do not think the same need exists in him. Quiet can be the two of us reading silently. But he prefers that I be nearby. I need regular time without anybody else around in order to feel restored. #Quote by Phyllis Theroux
Insecurity quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#138. The real thing that keeps men and women apart, is fear. Women blame men and men blame women, but the culprit is fear, women are afraid of one thing, men are afraid of a different thing; the fears of women have to do with losing while the fears of men have to do with not being good enough for something. One is loss, the other is insecurity. Men are innately more insecure than women and women are innately more needful of companionship than men. It's good for both men and women to be able to recognize and identify these fears not only within themselves, but within each other, and then men and women will see that they really do need to help each other. It's not a game, it's not a competition, the two sexes need one another. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Insecurity quotes by Tony Benn
#139. People would do well to ask themselves how many of their ambitions and aspirations derive from the type of economic system they inhabit and the insecurity and exhaustion it creates, and question the sense and purpose of a society where control of a large portion of life is abdicated under contract in the labour market, and where immense creativity and potential is stifled by the need to do difficult and repetitive tasks in order to earn a wage. #Quote by Tony Benn
Insecurity quotes by Mark Oliver
#140. Thanks to my ridiculous, sometimes tragic, and always unsteady upbringing, I was given the gift of bone-crushing insecurity. One thing you'll notice about people with mental problems is constant self-absorbation. I think that's because it's such a struggle just to be who they are, so they have a hard time getting past it. #Quote by Mark Oliver
Insecurity quotes by Amanda Donohoe
#141. It's either feast or famine, and that's the way it's been for as long as I can remember. I've spent my whole career thinking I'll never work again. Every actor lives with that insecurity. You just have to negotiate the rapids as they come. #Quote by Amanda Donohoe
Insecurity quotes by Mia Wasikowska
#142. Dancers are kept in a perpetual state of pre-puberty, and for young girls in particular, that type of pressure breeds insecurities. #Quote by Mia Wasikowska
Insecurity quotes by Confucius
#143. Insecurity is worse than poverty. #Quote by Confucius
Insecurity quotes by Douglas Wood
#144. But so much of being an actor isn't so great - the auditioning, the rejection, the financial insecurity. #Quote by Douglas Wood
Insecurity quotes by W. Cleon Skousen
#145. Marxist Man could not have come upon the earth at a more illogical time. In an age when technological advances have finally made it feasible to adequately feed, clothe and house the entire human race, Marxist Man stands as a military threat to this peaceful achievement. His sense of insecurity drives him to demand exclusive control of human affairs in a day when nearly all other peoples would like to create a genuine United nations dedicated to world peace and world-wide prosperity. Although man can travel faster than sound and potentially provide frequent, intimate contacts between all cultures and all peoples, Marxist Man insists on creating iron barriers behind which he can secretly work. #Quote by W. Cleon Skousen
Insecurity quotes by Barbara Hambly
#146. She had come to terms with her lack of beauty, but never with her lack of genius in the single thing she had ever wanted. #Quote by Barbara Hambly
Insecurity quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#147. In his moments of insecurity he was haunted by the suggestion that life might be, after all, significant. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Insecurity quotes by Richard Rohr
#148. If we know our original blessing, we can easily handle our original sin. If we rest in a previous dignity, we can bear insults effortlessly. If you really know your name is on some eternal list, you can let go of the irritations on the small lists of time. Ultimate security allows you to suffer small insecurity without tremendous effort. If you are tethered at some center point, it is amazing how far out you can fly and not get lost. #Quote by Richard Rohr
Insecurity quotes by Amos Oz
#149. ... that sour blend of loneliness and lust for recognition, shyness and extravagance, deep insecurity and self-intoxicated egomania, that drives poets and writers out of their rooms to seek each other out, to rub shoulders with one another, bully, joke, condescend, feel each other, lay a hand on a shoulder or an arm round a waist, to chat and argue with little nudges, to spy a little, sniff out what is cooking in other pots, flatter, disagree, collude, be right, take offence, apologise, make amends, avoid each other, and seek each other's company again. #Quote by Amos Oz
Insecurity quotes by Rebecca De Mornay
#150. I think I'm well on the way of overcoming a very big hurdle that's been in my way for several years. Which is trying to find a way to not let the insecurity of my profession get the better of me and make me crazy. I'm trying to find a way to maintain my own personal balance in the midst of everything. #Quote by Rebecca De Mornay
Insecurity quotes by Akshay Vasu
#151. The day your heart fills only with fear and insecurities, everything you see becomes the ghost that you were always scared of. #Quote by Akshay Vasu
Insecurity quotes by Stephen Fry
#152. It's not all bad. Heightened self-consciousness, apartness, an inability to join in, physical shame and self-loathing - they are not all bad. Those devils have been my angels. Without them I would never have disappeared into language, literature, the mind, laughter and all the mad intensities that made and unmade me. #Quote by Stephen Fry
Insecurity quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#153. (speaking of insecurity)
"It's broken greater spirits than ours, and robbed the world of God knows how much beauty. I've seen it happen more times than I like to think about."
"$10,000 A Year, Easy #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Insecurity quotes by Nick Thune
#154. I don't know if people really care about my opinion on things or how I come up with things, and maybe that's an insecurity and why we're comedians in the first place, so I think with that you keep doing the material, you keep trying to be funny cause you think that's all you're wanted for. #Quote by Nick Thune
Insecurity quotes by Christine Evangelou
#155. To be human is to be 'heart led' and valiantly vulnerable; lion-hearted and confident in what can be offered to you and what you can give in return. Insecurity is something to absorb in order to progress; much of the adventure in life is the 'not knowing' of what is next, and it takes distinct bravery to get to a place where you are willing to be at ease with the mystery of what's to come. #Quote by Christine Evangelou
Insecurity quotes by Radhanath Swami
#156. Through the practice of devotion to God, I was coming to learn that preserving loving relations in this world required much forgiveness, tolerance, patience, gratitude, and humility. An essential virtue of humility is to accept others for what they are, despite differences. I contemplated again how the tendency to judge others is often a symptom of insecurity, immaturity, or selfishness, and I yearned to rise above it. Everyone is a child of God. God loves all of His children. If I wish to love God, I must learn to love those whom He loves. #Quote by Radhanath Swami
Insecurity quotes by Matthew Donnelly
#157. The word emptiness comes a cross as a word that means dealing with a large void or insecurity within. When the opposite is true. Being in touch with emptiness means being in touch with your inner existence. #Quote by Matthew Donnelly
Insecurity quotes by Immortal Technique
#158. I think that some people from other regions expect us to be like that so I think they overcompensate for that sometimes and they're victims to their own insecurity. #Quote by Immortal Technique
Insecurity quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#159. Complexes can be the feelings of guilt, a victim complex, and fear of failure, criticism, poverty, and loneliness, loss of love, success, insecurity, denial, and low self-esteem #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Insecurity quotes by Fall Out Boy
#160. I've got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to match. What a catch. #Quote by Fall Out Boy
Insecurity quotes by Carlos Wallace
#161. INSECURITY breeds JEALOUSY / JEALOUSY creates ENVY / ENVY causes self-destruction / a hater is made up of all three. Just remember you are an opportunity away from being hated on yourself! #Quote by Carlos Wallace
Insecurity quotes by Miya Yamanouchi
#162. The only person you should ever fear losing in a relationship is you yourself. #Quote by Miya Yamanouchi
Insecurity quotes by David
#163. Of course, one of the main legitimate functions of thought has always been to help provide security, guaranteeing shelter and food for instance. However, this function went wrong when the principle source of insecurity came to be the operation of thought itself. #Quote by David
Insecurity quotes by Peter Steele
#164. As far as humor goes, I've always been a very insecure person and I've always wanted to be liked. #Quote by Peter Steele
Insecurity quotes by Saul Bellow
#165. There's this sense, you know: the impossibility of life, the provisional character and everything, the impossibility of finding anchorage, the insecurity, the hand to mouth existence, the terrible things that life does to you, and well, of course, growing is monotonous, so I try not to grow too much. #Quote by Saul Bellow
Insecurity quotes by Albert Brooks
#166. Wouldn't this be a great world if insecurity and desperation made us more attractive? #Quote by Albert Brooks
Insecurity quotes by George Orwell
#167. It struck him that the true characteristic thing about modern life was not its cruelty and insecurity, but simply its bareness, its dinginess, its listlessness. #Quote by George Orwell
Insecurity quotes by Sheldon B. Kopp
#168. He prefers the security of known misery to the misery of unfamiliar insecurity. #Quote by Sheldon B. Kopp
Insecurity quotes by Rajneesh
#169. Love deeply, love without jealousy, love blissfully and help each other to be more meditative. #Quote by Rajneesh
Insecurity quotes by M. John Harrison
#170. Behind all this bad behaviour was an insecurity magnificent in scope, metaphysical in nature. Space was big, and the boys from Earth were awed despite themselves by the things they found there: but worse, their science was a mess. Every race they met on their way through the Core had a star drive based on a different theory. All those theories worked, even when they ruled out one another's basic assumptions. You could travel between the stars, it began to seem, by assuming anything [. . . .]

It was affronting to discover that. So when they fetched up on the edge of the Tract, looked it in the eye, and began to despatch their doomed entradas, the Earthlings were hoping to find, among other things, some answers. They wondered why the universe, which seemed so harsh on top, was underneath so pliable. Anything worked. Wherever you looked, you found. They were hoping to find out why. #Quote by M. John Harrison
Insecurity quotes by Dag Hammarskjold
#171. It is when we all play safe that we create a world of utmost insecurity #Quote by Dag Hammarskjold
Insecurity quotes by Katrina Kaif
#172. I have a very positive attitude in life. My insecurity, fear and need to know about tomorrow has fortunately eased. What is going to happen will happen anyway. So why break my head over it? #Quote by Katrina Kaif
Insecurity quotes by T.K. Naliaka
#173. To paraphrase Lucretius, there's nothing more useful than to watch a man or woman in times of contagious deadly disease peril combined with his or her assumptions of financial adversity to discern what kind of man or woman they really are. #Quote by T.K. Naliaka
Insecurity quotes by Steve Schirripa
#174. With girls, there's an insecurity that starts early on. It hangs around them, like some annoying kid from down the block who won't take the hint and go home when dinnertime comes. And moms are usually not great at giving their daughters confidence. #Quote by Steve Schirripa
Insecurity quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
#175. Yes, it's okay to be afraid. It's okay to hesitate before plunging from your comfort zone.
It's okay to have scars, pimples, insecurities, moles, cellulite, tremors, debts, redness, regrets, loneliness and uncertainty.
It's okay to have no idea what you're doing.
It's okay to struggle with some things, while enjoying others. It's okay to find joy in the beauty in life, even after a great loss. It's okay to change. It's okay to move on. And it's okay to fear changing and moving on.
Wherever you are, and whatever you are experiencing, is okay. You didn't invent the universe and you didn't invent the human condition.
You don't need permission to live whatever you're living, even if it looks and feels different from anyone else's life around you. And it's okay to feel like you need that permission anyway. #Quote by Vironika Tugaleva
Insecurity quotes by Manasa Rao
#176. Despite my height, ignorance, heartbreaks, insecurity, criticism, competition, my skin color, that voice in my head that says 'No way', bad luck, a tight budget, insults, fear, flaws, failure and opposition. I believe in myself. #Quote by Manasa Rao
Insecurity quotes by Miya Yamanouchi
#177. When you notice yourself desperately trying to think of an excuse to avoid a new experience out of FEAR, ANXIETY or INSECURITY, make the decision to say: "sure, I'll do it" , and see how your life improves. #Quote by Miya Yamanouchi
Insecurity quotes by Mark Manson
#178. Technology has solved old economic problems by giving us new psychological problems. The internet has not just open-sourced information, it has also open-sourced insecurity, self-doubt, and shame. #Quote by Mark Manson
Insecurity quotes by John Krasinski
#179. Guys have a level of insecurity and vulnerability that's exponentially bigger than you think. With the primal urge to be alpha comes extreme heartbreak. The harder we fight, the harder we fall. #Quote by John Krasinski
Insecurity quotes by Molly O'Keefe
#180. I, for one, love kids in my romance novels. When done right, kids add so much conflict. Not just of the 'interruption on the way to the bedroom' variety. But conflict about commitment and insecurity. #Quote by Molly O'Keefe
Insecurity quotes by Jim Dale
#181. I remember certain people in the audience laughing and I wanted to ask: 'What are you laughing at? This isn't funny.' Now I realize that laughter can come from insecurity. They don't know how they should be feeling. #Quote by Jim Dale
Insecurity quotes by John Lennon
#182. I was feeling insecure you might not love me anymore #Quote by John Lennon
Insecurity quotes by Beth Moore
#183. I try as hard as I know how to keep my reader relating on a broad level so I don't lead her someplace where she thinks that's the only thing that could cause insecurity. #Quote by Beth Moore
Insecurity quotes by Biju Vasudevan
#184. Padma, My darling. I have told you countless times that all these rites and rituals are meaningless. I will show you what God is. Just Look into the eyes of your mother Padma, and what you see is God. Look into the heart of a noble man, and what you see is God. Look at the lotus feet of your teacher, and what you see is God. God, as we know, is just a manifestation of our innate insecurity and fear of mortality. I do bow down dutifully before all Gods, but I really do not expect much from anyone. As far as I am concerned, I am yet to see any God in this big, wide and cruel world, except in the eyes of my mother and in feet of my teachers. #Quote by Biju Vasudevan
Insecurity quotes by Chelsea Cain
#185. She always felt a little uneasy around women who were more sophisticated than she was. #Quote by Chelsea Cain
Insecurity quotes by Jeremy Aldana
#186. Insecurities have the ability to shape and mold our minds to live with everything that's bad; like crying on the inside, while smiling on the outside ... thus creating pain ... but, alas, I have the answer; forget about what you thought and enjoy (embrace) what you feel #Quote by Jeremy Aldana
Insecurity quotes by Winston Churchill
#187. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Insecurity quotes by Jennifer Dukes Lee
#188. Why do we live in this cycle of validation, swept up by the empty promises of the Love Idol, only to sink down when someone rejects us? We make frenetic jumps from island to island between tidal waves of insecurity. Beth Moore says culture has "thrown us under the bus. We have a fissure down the spine of our souls."[22] We want to keep up appearances. We want to avoid criticism. We treat our lives like a stat sheet, trying to keep score the world's way. #Quote by Jennifer Dukes Lee
Insecurity quotes by Salman Rushdie
#189. There is no such thing as perfect security, only varying levels of insecurity. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Insecurity quotes by Beyonce Knowles
#190. We're all going through our problems, but we all have the same insecurities and we all have the same abilities and we all need each other. #Quote by Beyonce Knowles
Insecurity quotes by J. Vernon McGee
#191. I believe in the eternal security of the believer and in the insecurity of the make-believer. #Quote by J. Vernon McGee
Insecurity quotes by Selena Gomez
#192. You made me insecure, Told me I wasn't good enough. #Quote by Selena Gomez
Insecurity quotes by Kaitlin Doubleday
#193. Actors in general have some place in them that can be sensitive and easily damaged: not damaged in a bad way, but insecurity, because that's what it breeds, especially in females and female-lead types. #Quote by Kaitlin Doubleday
Insecurity quotes by Criss Jami
#194. As cliché as it might sound, I'd rather lose than win by cheating. The latter is a much deeper, more personal loss in that one is admittedly whispering to himself his lack of competence. His cheating then begets more cheating, as he is ever-privately, ever-subconsciously insulting himself; thus, gradually deteriorating any remaining confidence. #Quote by Criss Jami
Insecurity quotes by Sherman Alexie
#195. My mullet was an insecurity shield. My mullet was an ethnic hatchet. My mullet was an arrow on fire.
My mullet said to the literary world, Hello, you privileged prep-school assholes, I'm here to steal your thunder, lightning, and book sales. #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Insecurity quotes by Drew Barrymore
#196. I'm not insecure. I've been through way too much f**king sh*t to be insecure. I've got huge balls. But I've been humbled. That makes you grateful for every day you have. #Quote by Drew Barrymore
Insecurity quotes by Bruce Lee
#197. We have more faith in what we imitate than in what we originate. We cannot derive a sense of absolute certitude from anything which has its roots in us. The most poignant sense of insecurity comes from standing alone and we are not alone when we imitate. It is thus with most of us; we are what other people say we are. We know ourselves chiefly by hearsay. #Quote by Bruce Lee
Insecurity quotes by Vin Diesel
#198. It's insecurity that is always chasing you and standing in the way of your dreams. #Quote by Vin Diesel
Insecurity quotes by Vishwanath S J
#199. Time, as such doesn't travel! It's the paradox & uncertainty inside you that makes it travel. #Quote by Vishwanath S J
Insecurity quotes by Edith Grossman
#200. I told myself that in the country of my birth, from which I was disengaged in an increasingly irreversible way, there undoubtedly were many men and women like him, basically decent people who had dreamed all their lives of the economic, social, cultural, and political progress that would transform Peru into a modern, prosperous, democratic society with opportunities open to all, only to find themselves repeatedly frustrated, and, like Uncle Ataulfo, had reached old age - the very brink of death - bewildered, asking themselves why we were moving backward instead of advancing and were worse off now with more discrimination, inequality, violence, and insecurity than when they were starting out #Quote by Edith Grossman

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