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Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Jean Arasanayagam
#1. But I was innocent only because I did not carry firearms. Whoever has witnessed death as I have seen it, men falling, hit by bullets, dying under a clear sky, not knowing sometimes from what direction they were fired upon, could not think himself to be innocent. Nor could I do anything about the killings on either side. It made me feel guilty, as if I had been a participant in all that had happened. I had knowledge, I could not claim to be innocent. #Quote by Jean Arasanayagam
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#2. If you are a member of a religion which has violence, killings and invading other countries in its history, it is a great shame! Leave it! If a religion is peaceful and innocent, you can never find violence in its history! No good faith carries sword! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by E. Everett Evans
#3. They walked gingerly across the junk-filled vacant lots to the local abattoir - a place of infinite fascination, with its strange sights and stranger smells.
It was a thrill - because it outraged their every sense of animal love - to watch the killings. To see calm, innocent cattle led one by one into that room with the fetid smells and the stained, concrete floor always a'swish with running water. To see brawny, heavy-set Gus Milner and his equally big son, Charley, slip the snubbing rope through the ring in the cow's nose, and relentlessly draw its head down and down until its nose touched the heavy ring set in the floor, then fasten it.
Their hearts did strange nip-ups just back of their mouths as one of the men would pick up the heavy sledge, and with one great, perfectly aimed blow, strike the animal just between and a bit above the eyes. They always jumped at the sudden slump as the carcass dropped, spraddled and lifeless, to the floor.
("The Shed") #Quote by E. Everett Evans
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Tarif Naaz
#4. Sheikh Abdullah held an unrivaled place in the history of Kashmir and in the historic transition from tradition to modernity. He left an indelible impact on the political landscape of Kashmir. He was a Charismatic leader having a magnetic quality to change the mood of the public and drove them in the direction he desired. #Quote by Tarif Naaz
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Larry McMurtry
#5. The thing that Buffalo Hump was most grateful for, as he rode into the emptiness, was the knowledge that in the years of his youth and manhood he had drawn the lifeblood of so many enemies. He had been a great killer; it was his way and the way of his people; no one in his tribe had killed so often and so well. The killings were good to remember, as he rode his old horse deeper into the llano, away from all the places where people came. #Quote by Larry McMurtry
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Ron Killings
#6. What color is the sky in your world Cena. You're talking what Wrestlmania needs to be, but allow me to demenstrate what's going to happen. The Rock laying boots to asses, from the rooder to the pooder. Cenation is going to be Cyalaternation! #Quote by Ron Killings
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh
#7. night has enveloped, to give me some relief
now invisible are walls of separation, and thy grief

where blood quenches the thirst
disloyalty is faith last and first
is the religion my beloved belongs to

I beckoned, red and black robed lady with a wand
let me take her by the hand
heard of her about sorcery
her powers useless, and witch now about to succumb
from just a gaze of eyes filled with Kohl of Leila

my nights worthless, body breathless
every moment, feeling restless
be silent and hear, hear me, my cries
don't forget the promise you swore
I have lost my childhood over you

don't know, how these years left me alone
sufferings, separation, theft me alone
I never knew how pain excrutiates
sometimes, i enlivened you my dear
Love is a blessing, and not a fear

in a melancholy cloudy day, I mourn
glistening eyes, weeping sky, and heart torn
I gaze from a window in Kashmir
For a moment, condoling the tragedy, sighing
In sombre time, lifeless, as if dying #Quote by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Rahul Pandita
#8. During Aurangzeb's rule, which lasted for forty-nine years from 1658 onwards, there were many phases during which Pandits were persecuted. One of his fourteen governors, Iftikhar Khan, who ruled for four years from 1671, was particularly brutal towards the community. It was during his rule that a group of Pandits approached the ninth Sikh Guru, Tegh Bahadur, in Punjab and begged him to save their faith. He told them to return to Kashmir and tell the Mughal rulers that if they could convert him (Tegh Bahadur), all Kashmiri Pandits would accept Islam. This later led to the Guru's martyrdom, but the Pandits were saved. #Quote by Rahul Pandita
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#9. I won't forgive I won't forget. Let hell open and rain my wrath down on them all. I will not be stopped and I have no mercy left inside me. I am death and I revel in the killings of my enemies. Bring me them all until I'm drunk on their blood. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Shashi Tharoor
#10. The steep decline in America's image and standing after 9/11 is a direct reflection of global distaste for the instruments of American hard power: the Iraq invasion, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, torture, rendition, Blackwater's killings of Iraqi civilians. #Quote by Shashi Tharoor
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#11. We sometimes hear people voice doubts about opposition to sex trafficking, genital cutting, or honor killings because of their supposed inevitability. What can our good intentions achieve against thousands of years of tradition? Our response is China. A century ago, China was arguably the worst place in the world to be born female. Foot-binding, child marriage, concubinage, and female infanticide were embedded in traditional Chinese culture...So was it cultural imperialism for Westerners to criticize foot-binding and female infanticide? Perhaps. But it was also the right thing to do. If we believe firmly in certain values, such as the equality of all human beings regardless of color or gender, then we should not be afraid to stand up for them; it would be feckless to defer to slavery, torture, foot-binding, honor killings, or genital cutting just because we believe in respecting other faiths or cultures. One lesson of China is that we need not accept that discrimination is an intractable element of any society. If culture were immutable, China would still be impoverished and [women] would be stumbling around on three-inch feet. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Sam Harris
#12. Harris Very interesting. So when we talk about a phenomenon like honor killing, we're not just worried about Islamists; we're worried about how the average conservative Muslim man will treat his wife or daughter in light of his religious beliefs and cultural values. And yet many of these conservatives may be opponents of Islamism. Nawaz Yes. Conservative Muslims can be very useful as allies against Islamism and jihadism, but they may oppose you on gender rights and equality and, in some cases, honor killings. #Quote by Sam Harris
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Sami Ahmad Khan
#13. I am a Dalit in Khairlanji. A Pandit in the Kashmir valley. A Sikh in 1984. I am from the North East of India when I am in Munirka. I am a Muslim in Gujarat; a Christian in Kandhamal. A Bihari in Maharashtra. A Delhi-wallah in Chennai. A woman in North India. A Hindi-speaker in Assam. A Tamilian in MP. A villager in a big city. A confused man in an indifferent world. We're all minorities.
We all suffer; we all face discrimination. It is only us resisting this parochialism when in the position of majoritarian power that makes us human.
I hope that one day, I can just be an Indian in India - only then can I be me. #Quote by Sami Ahmad Khan
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Heidi Heilig
#14. I've always tried to resemble a brave man.
It didn't used to be so hard - and I've had so much practice pretending. After all, when you're a thief, you're always pretending not to be. The same is true when you're poor. And sometimes also when you're in love. #Quote by Heidi Heilig
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Agha Shahid Ali, “Saffron Sun”
#15. Trust the poet to make a prophecy:
I will die, in autumn, in Kashmir,
and the shadowed routine of each vein
will almost be news, the blood censored, #Quote by Agha Shahid Ali, “Saffron Sun”
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by BinYamin Gulzar
#16. In the randomness of thoughts I couldn't help but think that at times of adversity most of us compromise our greatest talents and run after what we perceive to be more achievable success and in this paradox we end up with a discontented settlement.
Safely cocooned in our comfort zone . Stable .... Without any progression ! Am I the only disbeliever to believe that two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer...oxymoron ! #Quote by BinYamin Gulzar
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Pankaj Mishra
#17. Twenty thousand troops drawn from several countries, including Japan, marched to Beijing to relieve the siege and loot the city. Among the British contingent was a north Indian soldier, Gadhadar Singh, who felt sympathetic to the anti-Western cause of the Boxers even though he believed that their bad tactics had 'blanketed their entire country and polity in dust.' His first sight of China was the landscape near Beijing, of famished Chinese with skeletal bodies in abandoned or destroyed villages, over whose broken buildings flew the flags of China's joint despoilers- France, Russia and Japan. River waters had become a 'cocktail of blood, flesh, bones and fat.' Singh particularly blamed the Russian and French soldiers for the mass killings, arson and rape inflicted on the Chinese. Some of the soldiers tortured their victims purely for fun. 'All these sportsmen,' Singh noted, 'belonged to what where called "civilized nations". #Quote by Pankaj Mishra
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Salman Rushdie
#18. I've never seen anywhere in the world as beautiful as Kashmir. It has something to do with the fact that the valley is very small and the mountains are very big, so you have this miniature countryside surrounded by the Himalayas, and it's just spectacular. And it's true, the people are very beautiful too. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Noam Chomsky
#19. Propaganda campaigns in general have been closely attuned to elite interests. The Red scare of 1919-20 have served well to abort the union-organizing drive that followed World War I in the sell and other industries. The Truman-McCarthy Red scare helped inaugurate the Cold War and the permanent war economy, and it also served to weaken the progressive coalition of the New Deal years. The chronic focus on the plight of Soviet dissidents, on enemy killings in Cambodia, and on the Bulgarian Connection helped weaken the Vietnam syndrome, justify a huge arms buildup and a more aggressive foreign policy, and divert attention from upward redistribution of income that was the heart of Reagan's domestic economic program. The recent propaganda-disinformation attacks on Nicaragua have been needed to avert eyes from the savagery of the war in El Salvador and to justify the escalating U.S. investment in counterrevolution in Central America. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Ayesha Jalal
#20. Except in Punjab and the NWFP, the central government's Kashmir policy had little support in Sindh or Balochistan and even less in East Bengal. Instead of serving the people, civil servants and their allies in the army hoisted the political leaders with their Kashmir petard to become the veritable masters of the manor through autocratic and unconstitutional means. #Quote by Ayesha Jalal
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Madhuri Vijay
#21. ...cynical and hardened as I believed myself to be at twenty-four, I had never that pity might, in fact, be just another facet of love. #Quote by Madhuri Vijay
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Russell Brand
#22. The Oscar-nominated documentary The Act of Killing tells the story of the gangster leaders who carried out anti-communist purges in Indonesia in 1965 to usher in the regime of Suharto.
The film's hook, which makes it compelling and accessible, is that the filmmakers get Anwar - one of the death-squad leaders, who murdered around a thousand communists using a wire rope - and his acolytes to reenact the killings and events around them on film in a variety of genres of their choosing.
In the film's most memorable sequence, Anwar - who is old now and actually really likable, a bit like Nelson Mandela, all soft and wrinkly with nice, fuzzy gray hair - for the purposes of a scene plays the role of a victim in one of the murders that he in real life carried out.
A little way into it, he gets a bit tearful and distressed and, when discussing it with the filmmaker on camera in the next scene, reveals that he found the scene upsetting. The offcamera director asks the poignant question, "What do you think your victims must've felt like?" and Anwar initially almost fails to see the connection. Eventually, when the bloody obvious correlation hits him, he thinks it unlikely that his victims were as upset as he was, because he was "really" upset. The director, pressing the film's point home, says, "Yeah but it must've been worse for them, because we were just pretending; for them it was real."
Evidently at this point the reality of the cruelty he has inflicted hits Anwa #Quote by Russell Brand
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by James Buchan
#23. It is time to end the western policy of malign neglect. It is in the interest of the whole world to help tackle the actual grievances in Palestine, Kashmir, and in central and southern Iraq, and to help the region out of its economic backwardness. #Quote by James Buchan
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Chris Rhyss Edwards
#24. On average, around 500,000 people die on the planet every year as a result of intentional violence and homicide. These acts span domestic violence, war, terrorism, infanticide, gang violence, honor killings and state executions. Many of these deaths pass relatively unnoticed while some attract attention. #Quote by Chris Rhyss Edwards
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by BinYamin Gulzar
#25. Killing children in kashmir is LEGAL while
Fighting for basic human rights is ILLEGAL.
I think it's time , all of us collectively did an introspection at what is RIGHT as Opposed to what is LEGAL. #Quote by BinYamin Gulzar
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Anonymous
#26. Dr Ambedkar said, "Mr Abdullah, you want India should defend Kashmir, India should develop Kashmir and Kashmiris should have equal rights as citizens of India, but you don't want India and any citizen of India to have any rights in Kashmir. I am the Law Minister of India. I cannot betray the interest of my country. #Quote by Anonymous
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Aurel Stein
#27. The labours I devoted between 1888 to 1900 to the critical edition, translation and commentary of Kalhana's Rajatarangini, the only true historical text of Sanskrit literature, afforded me ample opportunities of gaining close contact with Sanskrit savants of Kashmir, the land where traditional learning of Hindu India had flourished in old times greatly and survived until recent years. #Quote by Aurel Stein
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Mirza Waheed
#28. There were people dying everywhere getting massacred in every town and village, there were people being picked up and thrown into dark jails in unknown parts, there were dungeons in the city where hundreds of young men were kept in heavy chains and from where many never emerged alive, there were thousands who had disappeared leaving behind women with photographs and perennial waiting ,there were multitudes of dead bodies on the roads, in hospital beds, in fresh martyrs' graveyards and scattered casually on the snow of mindless borders. #Quote by Mirza Waheed
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Richard J. Evans
#29. Some judicial officials began to notice the unusual frequency of deaths among the inmates of institutions and some prosecutors even considered asking the Gestapo to investigate the killings. However, none went so far as Lothar Kreyssig, a judge in Brandenburg who specialized in matters of wardship and adoption. A war veteran and a member of the Confessing Church, Kreyssig became suspicious when psychiatric patients who were wards of the court and therefore fell within his area of responsibility began to be transferred from their institutions and were shortly afterwards reported to have died suddenly. Kreyssig wrote Justice Minister Gortner to protest against what he described as an illegal and immoral programme of mass murder. The Justice Minister's response to this and other, similar, queries from local law officers was to try once more to draft a law giving effective immunity to the murderers, only to have it vetoed by Hitler on the grounds that the publicity would give dangerous ammunition to Allied propaganda. Late in April 1941 the Justice Ministry organized a briefing of senior judges and prosecutors by Brack and Heyde, to try to set their minds at rest. In the meantime, Kreyssig was summoned to an interview with the Ministry's top official, State Secretary Roland Freisler, who informed him that the killings were being carried out on Hitler's orders. Refusing to accept this explanation, Kreyssig wrote to the directors of psychiatric hospitals in his district informing t #Quote by Richard J. Evans
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Subramanian Swamy
#30. I think there is a misunderstanding about Indians' traditional views. India did send army into Goa, India did send an army into and fought a war in Kashmir in 1948, India did get Hyderabad by force ... I think the narrow projection on the international ... arena distorted India's image. #Quote by Subramanian Swamy
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
#31. Where most of the country is, well, hot - from the bone-baking dry heat of the desert to the flesh-melting humidity of Kerala in the south - Kashmir is cool: so cool, in fact, that in the winter, the temperatures can sink to sub-zero. #Quote by Hanya Yanagihara
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Nicholas Pileggi
#32. For most of the guys killings got to be accepted. Murder was the only way everybody stayed in line. You got out of line, you got whacked. Everybody knew the rules. #Quote by Nicholas Pileggi
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by M.E. Thomas
#33. Having a gut instinct that told me how to be a moral person might be evolutionarily handy. On the other hand, emotional moral judgment also enables people to do really horrible things to each other, like lynching or "honor" killings, and justify them by calling them "moral." Because sociopaths don't experience morality emotionally, I would argue that we are freed to be more rational and more tolerant. There is something to be said for the impartiality of pure reason - religion-created mass hysteria among the supposedly mentally healthy populace has resulted in much worse damage and carnage in the world than anything sociopaths have caused. (Although I imagine that there may sometimes be sociopaths at the head of it all, whipping up the masses to do their bidding.) #Quote by M.E. Thomas
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Greta Christina
#34. Religion, by its very nature as an untestable belief in undetectable beings and an unknowable afterlife, disables our reality checks. It ends the conversation. It cuts off inquiry: not only factual inquiry, but moral inquiry. Because God's law trumps human law, people who think they're obeying God can easily get cut off from their own moral instincts.
And these moral contortions don't always lie in the realm of theological game-playing. They can have real-world consequences: from genocide to infanticide, from honor killings to abandoned gay children, from burned witches to battered wives to blown-up buildings. #Quote by Greta Christina
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Donald Trump
#35. The fact is, since then, many killings,murders, crime, drugs pouring across the border, are money going out and the drugs coming in. And I said we need to build a wall, and it has to be built quickly. #Quote by Donald Trump
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by V.S. Naipaul
#36. The medieval mind, which saw only continuity, seemed so unassailable. It existed in a world which, with all its ups and downs, remained harmoniously ordered and could be taken for granted. It had not developed a sense of history, which is a sense of loss; it had developed no true sense of beauty, which is a gift of assessment. While it was enclosed, this made it secure. Exposed, its world became a fairyland, exceedingly fragile. It was one step from the Kashmiri devotional songs to the commercial jingles of Radio Ceylon; it was one step from the roses of Kashmir to a potful of plasticdaisies. #Quote by V.S. Naipaul
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
#37. Daily mass killings are a uniquely American problem, because in America every halfwit can get his hands on a gun. You know what angry halfwits do in other countries? They throw potatoes. #Quote by Oliver Markus Malloy
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#38. Now standing in one corner of a boxing ring with a .22 caliber Colt automatic pistol, shooting a bullet weighing only 40 grains and with a striking energy of 51 foot pounds at 25 feet from the muzzle, I will guarantee to kill either Gene Tunney or Joe Louis before they get to me from the opposite corner. This is the smallest caliber pistol cartridge made; but it is also one of the most accurate and easy to hit with, since the pistol has no recoil. I have killed many horses with it, cripples and bear baits, with a single shot, and what will kill a horse will kill a man. I have hit six dueling silhouettes in the head with it at regulation distance in five seconds. It was this type of pistol that Millen boys' colleague, Abe Faber, did all his killings with. Yet this same pistol bullet fired at point blank range will not dent a grizzly's skull, and to shoot a grizzly with a .22 caliber pistol would simply be one way of committing suicide #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Pranab Mukherjee
#39. Let Jammu and Kashmir lead the way in the building of a new future for India. Let it set an example to the rest of India and the world by showing how the entire region can be transformed into a zone of peace, stability and prosperity. #Quote by Pranab Mukherjee
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Salman Rushdie
#40. I am trying to stop being mystified. Important to concentrate on good hard facts. But which facts? One week before mu eighteenth birthday, on August 8th, did Pakistani troops in civilian clothing cross the cease-fire line in Kashmir and infiltrate the Indian sector, or did they not? In Delhi, Prime Minister Shastri announced "massive infiltration ... to subvert the state:; but here is Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan's Foreign Minister, with his riposte: "We categorically deny any involvement in the rising against tyranny by the indigenous people of Kashmir". #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Robert O. Paxton
#41. We can dismiss any notion that the Nazi regime murdered Jews in order to gratify German public opinion. It took elaborate precautions to hide these actions from the German people and from foreign observers. In official documents the responsible authorities referred to the killings with euphemisms like Sonderbehandlung ("special handling"), and undertook major operations to eliminate all traces of them, at a time when men and materiel could hardly be spared from the fighting. At the same time, there was no particular effort to keep the secret from German troops on the eastern front, many of whom were regularly assigned to participate. Some soldiers and officials photographed the mass executions and sent pictures home to their families and girlfriends.57 Many thousands of soldiers, civil administrators, and technicians stationed in the eastern occupied territories were eyewitnesses to mass killings. Many more thousands heard about them from participants. The knowledge inside Germany that dreadful things were being done to Jews in the east was "fairly widespread." As long as disorderly destruction such as the shop-front smashings, beatings, and murders of Kristallnacht did not take place under their windows, most of them let distance, indifference, fear of denunciation, and their own sufferings under Allied bombing stifle any objections.

In the end, radicalized Nazism lost even its nationalist moorings. As he prepared to commit suicide in his Berlin bunker in April 19 #Quote by Robert O. Paxton
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Abby Osman
#42. I just finished reading it [Tanner's Grief] and found it showed many sides of grief...often never talked about. Shared it with two friends has a friend that has been grieving many losses but too busy to stop and feel it. Personally I have believed unresolved grief is what's behind all of the anger, mass killings, hate etc.. So many are crying out but not allowing themselves to really cry through the inner pain and anguish as we are created to do as humans. I have seen this working with kids in schools...with hospice patients as chaplain, in spiritual direction one-on-one and pastoring a church. This is the first novelook I have ever read Abby that deals with grief
in a way that can help those reading it have hope they can do this...and not believe they have to do it alone or with those in their family or friends. Getting the help they need isn't being unfaithful to anyone.

--A Retired Minister #Quote by Abby Osman
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Darnell Lamont Walker
#43. I remember reading article about the woman in that Oakland neighborhood who lost all her children to violence. I wondered why'd she keep living there after the first one was killed. Didn't she care about the others?
Today, I zoomed out and wondered why I'm still in America. #Quote by Darnell Lamont Walker
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Arundhati Roy
#44. There was no tour guide on hand to tell her that in Kashmir nightmares were promiscuous. They were unfaithful to their owners, they cartwheeled wantonly into other people's dreams, they acknowledged no precincts, they were the greatest ambush artists of all. No fortification, no fence-building could keep them in check. In Kashmir the only thing to do with nightmares was to embrace them like old friends and manage them like old enemies. #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Innocent Killings In Kashmir quotes by Aqib Shah

Dear Agha Shahid ,
I am on my way towards the post office to send you a letter, I have written for you, but the barrel of gun is to my head. I am moments away from either posting you this letter or meeting you there in person to tell you that your country has a post office now, but what your country lacks is the people writing or reading those letters. #Quote by Aqib Shah

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