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Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Michael Harris
#1. The real trouble with Wikipedia lies exactly where its strength lies: its democratic impulse. In an arena where everyone's version of the facts is equally valid, and the opinions of specialists become marginalized, corporate and politicized interests are potentially empowered. #Quote by Michael Harris
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Wolfgang Schauble
#2. History shows us a lot of things. It shows why the Lord's Prayer includes the supplication: "And lead us not into temptation." In my day, dissertations were still written by hand, or drummed out with a typewriter. In the past, you had to round up the literature, find the books and find the passages. Nowadays you click on Wikipedia or Google and you have everything you need. This probably makes it more difficult to resist temptation. #Quote by Wolfgang Schauble
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Chloe Caldwell
#3. I feel drawn to the word "unmoored" during this time. I look it up a few times a week. I stare at the definition on my computer screen. I love the example sentence Wikipedia uses, which says, Left unmoored, the boat gradually drifts out to sea. It pops into my head when I wake in the mornings, while I walk the streets, wait for the bus, the train, get into cabs, eat lunch alone, and browse the shelves at the library. #Quote by Chloe Caldwell
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Ilya Kabakov
#4. Don't believe Wikipedia, not everything written there is true. The Soviet Artists Union was not a communist party organization. It was a professional union, which did not protect you from the government if the government decided you were the enemy, but it did give you the possibility to work in your profession and survive. #Quote by Ilya Kabakov
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Matt Mullenweg
#5. If you think of the ideas of open source applied to information in an encyclopedia, you get to Wikipedia - lots and lots of small contributions that bubble up to something that's meaningful. #Quote by Matt Mullenweg
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Zoe Sugg
#6. I gave him the name Wiki, because his brain seems to contain as much knowledge as Wikipedia, whereas my revision notes disappear from my memory as fast as a Snapchat. #Quote by Zoe Sugg
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Kody Keplinger
#7. Paper cuts are like battle scars for the academic ... I, on the other hand, am best friends with Wikipedia. #Quote by Kody Keplinger
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Veronica Roth
#8. I love the Wikipedia link chain because it has led me into some strange articles. Wikipedia is one of my favorites. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Peter Diamandis
#9. My personal fascination with the power of the crowd has been growing: Exactly what can a 'crowd' accomplish? We know crowds can raise billions of dollars, create Wikipedia, and even design and build small autonomous drones. But how about something large and complex like designing a new car, and maybe someday even a spaceship? #Quote by Peter Diamandis
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Michael Grant
#10. He found a set of encyclopedias - like Wikipedia, but paper and very bulky. #Quote by Michael Grant
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by George Ritzer
#11. What defines Web 2.0 is the fact that the material on it is generated by the users (consumers) rather than the producers of the system. Thus, those who operate on Web 2.0 can be called prosumers because they simultaneously produce what they consume such as the interaction on Facebook and the entries on Wikipedia. #Quote by George Ritzer
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Nicholas Negroponte
#12. The notion of collective contribution, like the Wikipedia, is a very powerful one. #Quote by Nicholas Negroponte
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Lorde
#13. Does anything really matter? We all end up in the same place. All that's left is our Wikipedia entry. #Quote by Lorde
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Melissa Jensen
#14. It was Day Three, Freshman Year, and I was a little bit lost in the school library,looking for a bathroom that wasn't full of blindingly shiny sophomores checking their lip gloss.
Day Three.Already pretty clear on the fact that I would be using secondary bathrooms for at least the next three years,until being a senior could pass for confidence.For the moment, I knew no one,and was too shy to talk to anyone. So that first sight of Edward: pale hair that looked like he'd just run his hands through it, paint-smeared white shirt,a half smile that was half wicked,and I was hooked.
Since, "Hi,I'm Ella.You look like someone I'd like to spend the rest of my life with," would have been totally insane, I opted for sitting quietly and staring.Until the bell rang and I had to rush to French class,completely forgetting to pee.
Edward Willing.Once I knew his name, the rest was easy.After all,we're living in the age of information. Wikipedia, iPhones, 4G ntworks, social networking that you can do from a thousand miles away.The upshot being that at any given time over the next two years, I could sit twenty feet from him in the library, not saying a word, and learn a lot about him.ENough, anyway, for me to become completely convinced that the Love at First Sight hadn't been a fluke.
It's pretty simple.Edward matched four and a half of my If My Prince Does, In Fact, Come Someday,It Would Be Great If He Could Meet These Five Criteria.
1. Interested in art. For me, it's #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#15. TV ushered in the age of postliteracy. And we have gone so far beyond that. I mean, what with the Internet and Google and Wikipedia. We have entered the age of post-intelligence. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Nick Kroll
#16. I gave the graduation speech at my high school. Not because I was valedictorian but because the grade voted for me to do it. And I gave a slightly contentious speech. I was a little critical of the administration. But for a long time it said on Wikipedia that I took my balls out and exposed myself to the crowd. #Quote by Nick Kroll
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Clay Shirky
#17. A Wikipedia article is a process, not a product. #Quote by Clay Shirky
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Nicholson Baker
#18. I think I am done with Wikipedia for the time being. But I have a secret hope. Someone recently proposed a Wikimorgue - a bin of broken dreams where all rejects could still be read, as long as they weren't libelous or otherwise illegal. #Quote by Nicholson Baker
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Dan Brown
#19. Technology is linking us in ways we never imagined possible: Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, and others - all blend to create a web of interconnected minds. #Quote by Dan Brown
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Harrison Geillor
#20. Wikipedia says I have Antisocial Personality Disorder, which is dumb, because I'm all kids of social--I love society, society is like the ocean to my shark--and I have plenty of personality, and it's only a disorder if it messes up your life, and my life is awesome. #Quote by Harrison Geillor
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Christy Leigh Stewart
#21. This semester has born in me the flame of hope to one day become a leader in the modern feminist movement. I can and will be the force that blows new life into it, giving a face and name to associate with instead of those women now who's names I don't know because they weren't listed on Wikipedia. #Quote by Christy Leigh Stewart
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by John Perry
#22. If you want to know what happiness is, you need to go to the philosophers. Start with the Wikipedia article "Philosophy of Happiness." Then go to the Stanford Online Encyclopedia of Philosophy, search for "happiness," and follow through the articles that come up to see what various philosophers have said. Then read the philosophers' works themselves. By the time you're done, you'll probably be dead, whether or not you are happy. #Quote by John Perry
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Jimmy Wales
#23. The core of Wikipedia is something people really believe in. That is too valuable for the world to screw it up. #Quote by Jimmy Wales
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Gretchen McCulloch
#24. Like the big collaborative projects of the internet, such as Wikipedia and Firefox, like the decentralized network of websites and machines that make up the internet itself, language is a network, a web. Language is the ultimate participatory democracy. To put it in technological terms, language is humanity's most spectacular open source project. #Quote by Gretchen McCulloch
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Vir Das
#25. I've been reading a lot of books on history, and watching a lot of educational TV. Wikipedia too, even though it is not reliable. #Quote by Vir Das
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Jimmy Wales
#26. Wikipedia is the #5 site on the Web and serves 450 million different people every month - with billions of page views. #Quote by Jimmy Wales
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Larry Sanger
#27. Wikipedia will be small, disreputable, and unimportant compared to CZ in a few more years. Uh, ;-) #Quote by Larry Sanger
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Andrew Keen
#28. Free services like Wikipedia I don't think benefit anyone - they don't benefit the professional because they're not paid. #Quote by Andrew Keen
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Ben Brooks
#29. Following the emergence of leaked information regarding Alice Calloway, Etgar Allison has suffered considerable loss motivation, energy and interest in his usual pursuits (Wikipedia, YouTube, Kurt Vonnegut). He has been seen to spend long periods of time staring at inanimate objects and will occasionally stop whatever he is doing to lie face down on the floor and sing "One Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton (a song he has described as "all that's left"). In an official statement given earlier today, he described bed as "better that sex" and Alice Calloway as "the horriblest bitch I know". #Quote by Ben Brooks
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by David Graeber
#30. What we are witnessing is the rise of those forms of popular culture that office workers can produce and consume during the scattered, furtive shards of time they have at their disposal in workplaces where even when there's nothing for them to do, they still can't admit it openly. #Quote by David Graeber
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Gina Bellman
#31. Many American TV actors employ agents, managers, business managers, publicists and stylists, and are now adding digital media manager to the list. Their job is to reach out to the fans, managing websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook and Wikipedia. #Quote by Gina Bellman
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#32. Wikipedia…" Jamison began, his voice dripping with disgust, "is not a resource for researching one's moral quandaries. It is pornography for pseudo-intellectuals." ~Gauze #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Lauren Beukes
#33. you're deluding yourself that you have some deep spiritual connection, like you didn't just read it on Wikipedia. There's a difference between tradition and culture. #Quote by Lauren Beukes
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#34. Well, this was disappointing. I supposed I had jumped to a rather large conclusion, with the help of my research. It just went to show that Wikipedia was a liar and Google a whore. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Alan Alda
#35. I still don't like the word agnostic. It's too fancy. I'm simply not a believer. But, as simple as this notion is, it confuses some people. Someone wrote a Wikipedia entry about me, identifying me as an atheist because I'd said in a book I wrote that I wasn't a believer. I guess in a world uncomfortable with uncertainty, an unbeliever must be an atheist, and possibly an infidel. This gets us back to that most pressing of human questions: why do people worry so much about other people's holding beliefs other than their own? #Quote by Alan Alda
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Jarod Kintz
#36. I'm like Mary Annette, but I'm not a marionette. Who's Mary Annette? The first woman of color to be elected to Phi Beta Kappa. What color was she? Wikipedia didn't have a picture, so probably either blue or green - let's just call it turquoise. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by James Gleick
#37. To continue down the path of comprehensiveness, Wikipedia will need to sustain the astonishing mass fervor of its birth years. Will that be possible? No one knows. #Quote by James Gleick
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Bo Burnham
#38. The strange thing with Wikipedia is that the first article that ever gets written about you will define your Wikipedia page forever. #Quote by Bo Burnham
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Wael Ghonim
#39. Our revolution is like Wikipedia, okay? Everyone is contributing content, [but] you don't know the names of the people contributing the content. This is exactly what happened. Revolution 2.0 in Egypt was exactly the same. Everyone is contributing small pieces, bits and pieces. We drew this whole picture of a revolution. And no one is the hero in that picture. #Quote by Wael Ghonim
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Richelle Mead
#40. Aren't you failing English?" I asked.
Angeline flushed. "It's not my fault."
"Even I know you can't write an article on Wikipedia and then use it as a source in your own essay." Sydney had been torn between horror and hysterics when she told me.
"I took 'primary source' to a whole new level!"
Honestly, it was a wonder we'd gotten by for so long without Angeline. Life must have been so boring before her. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by R. K. Milholland
#41. I barely trust established sources of information. I have a hard time finding [Wikipedia], an encyclopedia that anyone can alter, to be a safe way to learn about anything except how many idiots think their opinions are a suitable substitute for facts. #Quote by R. K. Milholland
Inghilterra Wikipedia quotes by Ethan Zuckerman
#42. Wikipedia is a victory of process over substance. #Quote by Ethan Zuckerman

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