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Inexpedient Define quotes by Thomas A. Edison
#1. His genius he was quite content in one brief sentence to define; Of inspiration one percent, of perspiration, ninety nine. #Quote by Thomas A. Edison
Inexpedient Define quotes by Hugh Hefner
#2. If you let society and your peers define who you are, you're the less for it. #Quote by Hugh Hefner
Inexpedient Define quotes by Maurice Merleau Ponty
#3. It is no more natural and no less conventional to shout in anger or to kiss in love than to call a table 'a table'. Feelings and passional conduct are invented like words. Even those which like paternity seem to be part and parcel of the human make-up are in reality institutions. It is impossible to superimpose on man a lower layer of behavior which one chooses to call 'natural' followed by a manufactured cultural or spiritual world. Everything is both manufactured and natural in man as it were in the sense that there is not a word, not a form of behavior which does not owe something to purely biological being and which at the same time does not elude the simplicity of animal life and cause forms of vital behavior to deviate from their pre-ordained direction through a sort of leakage and through a genius for ambiguity which might serve to define man. #Quote by Maurice Merleau Ponty
Inexpedient Define quotes by Bryant McGill
#4. Pain does not define us, neither does joy; our deepest definition is independent of our experiences. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Inexpedient Define quotes by Renae A. Sauter
#5. It's wonderful to know that the power to define who I am rests solely with me. If I decide I am an artist, or a poet, a teacher or a writer then I AM. #Quote by Renae A. Sauter
Inexpedient Define quotes by Donna Lynn Hope
#6. Why do you need worldly things to define you? Why do you need a rank or a status to tell others who you are? Why concern yourself with the capricious opinions of others who are less impressed with who you really are and more impressed by the carefully crafted image you present to them - an image that is entirely surface with no inherent value? Take away the things and the status and see who notices you. #Quote by Donna Lynn Hope
Inexpedient Define quotes by Mark Foley
#7. If Turkey is prepared to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, then its leaders can proceed immediately to direct dialogue with its counterparts in Armenia to define a common vision for the future. #Quote by Mark Foley
Inexpedient Define quotes by Renee Ericson
#8. Like a flame breaking the boundaries to survive underwater, we, too, are something beautiful. We are a substance of our own design. We're more than water. We're more than fire. We're a miracle, a living and breathing combination, with no formula to define us. #Quote by Renee Ericson
Inexpedient Define quotes by Viraj J. Mahajan
#9. There are so many moments in our life which we cannot describe with mere words. There are not enough adjectives to justify the emotions behind such moments. Those moments are your life- they define who you truly are #Quote by Viraj J. Mahajan
Inexpedient Define quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#10. What is love? No one knows what love is, exactly. No one can define it. No one can prove it. #Quote by Sophie Kinsella
Inexpedient Define quotes by Elin Hilderbrand
#11. The shoes had come to define him as he proceeded to break every sprinting record at New Bedford High School and other high schools across the Commonwealth, earning himself the nickname Fast Eddie. #Quote by Elin Hilderbrand
Inexpedient Define quotes by Edward Abbey
Let us define the wealthy man as he who has everything he desires. How to reach that happy condition? Two ways #Quote by Edward Abbey
Inexpedient Define quotes by Richard Dawkins
#13. I shall define the God Hypothesis more defensibly: there exists a superhuman, supernatural intelligence who deliberately designed and created the universe and everything in it, including us. This book will advocate an alternative view: any creative intelligence, of sufficient complexity to design anything, comes into existence only as the end product of an extended process of gradual evolution. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Inexpedient Define quotes by Spoken Reasons
#14. The way I define what I do is, basically, I do whatever I want. #Quote by Spoken Reasons
Inexpedient Define quotes by Andrew Harvey
#15. A spirituality that is only private and self-absorbed, one devoid of an authentic political and social consciousness, does little to halt the suicidal juggernaut of history. On the other hand, an activism that is not purified by profound spiritual and psychological self-awareness and rooted in divine truth, wisdom, and compassion will only perpetuate the problem it is trying to solve, however righteous its intentions. When, however, the deepest and most grounded spiritual vision is married to a practical and pragmatic drive to transform all existing political, economic and social institutions, a holy force - the power of wisdom and love in action - is born. This force I define as Sacred Activism. #Quote by Andrew Harvey
Inexpedient Define quotes by Maryann D'Agincourt
#16. Her full name is Eva Morelli Stein Hathaway. She retains her surnames not because they define her, but because she defines them; that is, except for the first--Morelli. Ironically it is the one she's least familiar with... #Quote by Maryann D'Agincourt
Inexpedient Define quotes by Asa Gray
#17. The former conviction that these two kingdoms were wholly different in structure, in function, and in kind of life, was not seriously disturbed by the difficulties which the naturalist encountered when he undertook to define them. #Quote by Asa Gray
Inexpedient Define quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#18. We all make rules for ourselves. It's these rules that help define who we are. So when we break those rules, we risk losing ourselves and becoming something unknown. Who is Deb now? Who am I? Is this a new beginning? Or the beginning of the end? #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Inexpedient Define quotes by P.C. Cast
#19. Gender preference does not define you. Your spirit defines you. #Quote by P.C. Cast
Inexpedient Define quotes by Hakim Bey
#20. To say that 'I will not be free till all humans (or all sentient creatures) are free' is simply to cave in to a kind of nirvana-stupor, to abdicate our humanity, to define ourselves as losers. #Quote by Hakim Bey
Inexpedient Define quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#21. The action you will take today, will define tomorrow. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Inexpedient Define quotes by Karen Armstrong
#22. In the tenth century BC, the priests of India devised the Brahmodya competition, which would become a model of authentic theological discourse. The object was to find a verbal formula to define the Brahman, the ultimate and inexpressible reality beyond human understanding. The idea was to push language as far as it would go, until participants became aware of the ineffable. The challenger, drawing on his immense erudition, began the process by asking an enigmatic question and his opponents had to reply in a way that was apt but equally inscrutable. The winner was the contestant who reduced the others to silence. In that moment of silence, the Brahman was present - not in the ingenious verbal declarations but in the stunning realisation of the impotence of speech. Nearly all religious traditions have devised their own versions of this exercise. It was not a frustrating experience; the finale can, perhaps, be compared to the moment at the end of the symphony, when there is a full and pregnant beat of silence in the concert hall before the applause begins. The aim of good theology is to help the audience to live for a while in that silence. #Quote by Karen Armstrong
Inexpedient Define quotes by Debasish Mridha
#23. Wisdom defines your value - not your wealth. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Inexpedient Define quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#24. Herman's Trauma and Recovery, which addresses rape, child molestation, and wartime trauma together, notes: Secrecy and silence are the perpetrator's first line of defense. If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks the credibility of his victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to make sure that no one listens. . . . After every atrocity one can expect to hear the same predictable apologies: it never happened; the victim lies; the victim exaggerates; the victim brought it on herself; and in any case it is time to forget the past and move on. The more powerful the perpetrator, the greater is his prerogative to name and define reality, and the more completely his arguments prevail. They #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Inexpedient Define quotes by John Perkins
#25. When men and women are rewarded for greed, greed becomes a corrupting motivator. When we equate the gluttonous consumption of the earth's resources with a status approaching sainthood, when we teach our children to emulate people who live unbalanced lives, and when we define huge sections of the population as subservient to an elite minority, we ask for trouble. And we get it. #Quote by John Perkins
Inexpedient Define quotes by Natsume Sōseki
#26. It is painfully easy to define human beings. They are beings who, for no good reason at all, create their own unnecessary suffering. #Quote by Natsume Sōseki
Inexpedient Define quotes by Oliver Smuhar
#27. It's the feelings you feel. Happiness and fear and - and love. The emotions you shed. It's the memories you create with each other, with the people you love and the people you call friends. It's your talents. Your empathy and sympathy. Your optimism. Your compassion. The pureness of your soul. All the things that make you you. Your inner strength, your heartbeat. Your smile and the people that are around you. The ones who care. The things that give us purpose. Those are the Gifts of Life; the things that define us as individuals - Odd. #Quote by Oliver Smuhar
Inexpedient Define quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
#28. Permit no one to define you by your mistakes or your past #Quote by Bernard Kelvin Clive
Inexpedient Define quotes by Rebecca Donovan
#29. What were you running away from, Emma?" he asked, seeing right through my answer. "Me," I answered honestly, avoiding his gaze. He waited for me to continue. I took a deep breath and said, "I don't want the past to define me anymore. I don't want what happened to me, or all the wrong decisions I've made to keep me from becoming someone better. I want to be better. #Quote by Rebecca Donovan
Inexpedient Define quotes by Mia Kirshner
#30. I think one's sexuality can be the center of life, and coming out and discovering your sexuality is something that really can define your existence. #Quote by Mia Kirshner
Inexpedient Define quotes by George C. Wolfe
#31. C. So, hunny, don't waste your time trying to label or define me ... 'cause I'm not what I was ten years ago or ten minutes ago. I'm all of that and then some. And whereas I can't live inside yesterday's pain, I can't live without it. #Quote by George C. Wolfe
Inexpedient Define quotes by Monks Of New Skete
#32. To a significant degree, the commitments we make in life define us. They reveal our interests, passions and goals, and give important clues in discerning meaning and finding happiness in life. While many seem to struggle with the archetypal human question, "who am I?" one simple look at who and what you're devoted to, what takes up your time and fires your imagination can clarify your life direction. It can help you to make authentic decisions that are rooted in your deepest convictions. We are happiest when we are in harmony with our passion. #Quote by Monks Of New Skete
Inexpedient Define quotes by Ehsan Sehgal
#33. The black magic that evil-minded people of all religions practice for their ugly and inhuman motives. The modern world ignores that and even do not believe in it; however, it exists, and it sufficiently works too.

When I was an assistant editor, in an evening newspaper, I edited and published such stories. As a believer, I believe that. However, not that can affect everyone; otherwise, every human would have been under the attack of it.

No one can explain and define black magic and such practices. The scientists today fail to recognize such a phenomenon; therefore, routes are open for black magic to proceeds its practices without hindrances.

One can search online websites, and YouTube; it will realize a large number of the victims of that the evil practice by evil-minded peoples of various societies. The magic, black magic, or evil power exists, and it works too.

Evil power causes, effects, and appears, as diseases and psychological issues since no one can realize, trace, and prove that horror practice; it is the secret and privilege of the evil-minded people that law fails to catch and punish them, for such crime.

I exemplify here, the two events briefly, one a very authentic that I suffered from it and another, a person, who also became a victim of it.

The first, when I landed on the soil of the Netherlands, I thought, I was in the safest place; however, within one year, I faced the incident, which was a #Quote by Ehsan Sehgal
Inexpedient Define quotes by Abha Maryada Banerjee
#34. No one on this earth can define 'MY' potential, I
believe it is LIMITLESS...Now my endeavor is to continually UNLIMIT
myself !!!! #Quote by Abha Maryada Banerjee
Inexpedient Define quotes by Assegid Habtewold
#35. If you don't like how others define & label you, then work on your values. Embrace and practice values that you would like to be associated. #Quote by Assegid Habtewold
Inexpedient Define quotes by Alexandra Adornetto
#36. Always, as a child, I would go around the house, and if I found a word that I didn't know the meaning of, I would write it down and ask my parents to define it and try to memorise it. #Quote by Alexandra Adornetto
Inexpedient Define quotes by Paul Auster
#37. I had jumped off the edge, and then, at the very last moment, something reached out and caught me in midair. That something is what I define as love. It is the one thing that can stop a man from falling, powerful enough to negate the laws of gravity. #Quote by Paul Auster
Inexpedient Define quotes by Terry Pratchett
#38. Even when he was small there'd been a part of him that thought the temple was a silly boring place, and tried to make him laugh when he was supposed to be listening to sermons. It had grown up with him. It was the Oats that read avidly and always remembered those passages which cast doubt on the literal truth of the Book of Om - and nudged him and said, if this isn't true, what can you believe?

And the other half of him would say: there must be other kinds of truth.

And he'd reply: other kinds than the kind that is actually true, you mean?

And he'd say: define actually!

And he'd shout: well, actually Omnians would have tortured you to death, not long ago, for even thinking like this. Remember that? Remember how many died for using the brain which, you seem to think, their god gave them? What kind of truth excuses all that pain?

He'd never quite worked out how to put the answer into words. And then the headaches would start, and the sleepless nights. The Church schismed all the time these days, and this was surely the ultimate one, starting a war inside one's head. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Inexpedient Define quotes by Randall Kenan
#39. You have the power to define yourself - remember that power; take that control. It's like a superpower, really, to be whom you want to be, to do what you want to do, to fly where you want to fly. Your life will get more complicated, but think of it as a great adventure, every damn day. You're going to have fun. #Quote by Randall Kenan
Inexpedient Define quotes by Margaret Mead
#40. [Mead saw at least two major problems in dating. First, it encourages men and women to define heterosexual relationships as situational, rather than ongoing] You "have a date," you "go out with a date," you "groan because there isn't a decent date in town." A situation defined as containing a girl or boy of the right social background, the right degree of popularity, a little higher than your own #Quote by Margaret Mead
Inexpedient Define quotes by Christopher Alexander
#41. We define organic order as the kind of order that is achieved when there is a perfect balance between the needs of the parts, and the needs of the whole. #Quote by Christopher Alexander
Inexpedient Define quotes by Louise Bourgeois
#42. Space is something that you have to define. Otherwise, it is like anxiety, which is too vague. A fear is something specific. I like claustrophobic spaces, because at least then you know your limits. #Quote by Louise Bourgeois

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