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Indian Fiction quotes by Udai Yadla
#1. Every act of goodness it's born from our desire to be happy. #Quote by Udai Yadla
Indian Fiction quotes by Udai Yadla
#2. Believe in your greatness. Because what you believe is what you become. #Quote by Udai Yadla
Indian Fiction quotes by Renita D'Silva
#3. What better hiding place than an old, woodlice-ridden album of photographs! #Quote by Renita D'Silva
Indian Fiction quotes by Udai Yadla
#4. Thank people who help you because they make you happy. Thank people who don't help you because they make you strong. #Quote by Udai Yadla
Indian Fiction quotes by Clyde DeSouza
#5. Every time you think of your dad, you're
resurrecting him. Why shouldn't he continue to live
in this world while resting in the other? #Quote by Clyde DeSouza
Indian Fiction quotes by Shilpi
#6. There is nothing more amazing than being with the one you love. #Quote by Shilpi
Indian Fiction quotes by Kiran Nagarkar
#7. It did not cross the minds of most Hindus that barring exceptions, they were responsible for Catholicism in India. The outcastes of Hinduism, the untouchables, who fell beyond the pale of the caste system had ample reason to convert to Catholicism. The caste-Hindus, as a matter of fact, left them no choice. As sub-humans they were little better than slaves. #Quote by Kiran Nagarkar
Indian Fiction quotes by Udai Yadla
#8. When you treat your failures as lessons, you can never fail. #Quote by Udai Yadla
Indian Fiction quotes by Sheeja Jose
#9. Every happy moments looks perfect till it gets messy #Quote by Sheeja Jose
Indian Fiction quotes by Khushwant Singh
#10. They dressed for dinner and followed the strict discipline of upper class English families. The next morning they took me with them for the county fox hunt. Since I could not ride, I asked to be excused. But I did get to see the ritual of dress, the hierarchy observed among hunting types, the blowing of horns, the handling of beagles, a poor fox being run to death and having its tail (brush) cut off. Having achieved their object, glasses of sherry were passed round like prasad after a religious service. #Quote by Khushwant Singh
Indian Fiction quotes by Udai Yadla
#11. When it's possible for you to dream, it's not impossible to achieve. #Quote by Udai Yadla
Indian Fiction quotes by Renita D'Silva
#12. She liked the way a ray of mild autumn sun infiltrating the thick cluster of trees caught a reddish orange leaf swirling in the wind and transformed it golden yellow. She liked that it wasn't a leaf she recognised, that she could name or associate with her past. #Quote by Renita D'Silva
Indian Fiction quotes by Renita D'Silva
#13. You put cow dung on my face?' 'Every day religiously until you were three. Why else do you think your skin is so clear? #Quote by Renita D'Silva
Indian Fiction quotes by Gunjan Porwal
#14. One still questions the actions of the warriors on the battlefield, and whether that could have been averted or done differently. We always have a choice to do something either the right way or the easy way. #Quote by Gunjan Porwal
Indian Fiction quotes by Renita D'Silva
#15. She was a sleuth and sleuths had to follow rules. 'Get to the point; don't allow the subject to digress' was one of them #Quote by Renita D'Silva
Indian Fiction quotes by Hari Kunzru
#16. There are still some terrible cliches in the presentation of Indian fiction. The lotus flower. The hennaed hands. In mainland Europe, people still slap these images on my books and I go bananas. #Quote by Hari Kunzru
Indian Fiction quotes by Anurag Shourie
#17. The time is ripe for young Indian authors writing in the English language. #Quote by Anurag Shourie
Indian Fiction quotes by Pritam Banikk
#18. She looked so beautiful, with every smile of hers, I was falling for her. She had the perfect set of teeth for the perfect face to make up that perfect smile. #Quote by Pritam Banikk
Indian Fiction quotes by Udai Yadla
#19. Don't care about success or failure. Keep doing what you love. Success will follow. #Quote by Udai Yadla
Indian Fiction quotes by Anjali Kirpalani
#20. I meet his eyes and he arches his eyebrows. He knows. He knows I don't really like Deepak. He knows I've been intending to break up with him for the last two months. He knows I would rather be with him. He knows all my deepest darkest secrets. That psychic velvet voiced God! Okay, I'm being irrational. He just raised his eyebrows. It's nothing. Maybe it's a habit. He probably raises his eyebrows hourly. #Quote by Anjali Kirpalani
Indian Fiction quotes by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
#21. In the white marble hall of the hotel, I'm waltzing with Rajat. The music is a river and we're dancing in it. It winds against our bodies, muscular as a serpent. #Quote by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Indian Fiction quotes by Udai Yadla
#22. When you stop complaining about others for not helping you and focus on your efforts; there's no stopping you. #Quote by Udai Yadla
Indian Fiction quotes by Harshit Walia
#23. Whole life is a search for beauty. But, when the beauty is found inside, the search ends and a beautiful journey begins. #Quote by Harshit Walia
Indian Fiction quotes by Renita D'Silva
#24. Have you been reading those books that clueless illiterate Duja in charge of the lending library lets you borrow?' 'No, Ma.' 'Then what put you in mind of devils possessing nuns to take over the church? #Quote by Renita D'Silva
Indian Fiction quotes by Udai Yadla
#25. Everything in this world happens with a purpose. You are born in this world with a purpose, you are chosen by purpose. #Quote by Udai Yadla
Indian Fiction quotes by Benyamin
#26. Some silences are more meaningful than thousands of long sentences. #Quote by Benyamin
Indian Fiction quotes by Renita D'Silva
#27. Where are the coconut trees bowing allegiance to the wind, the wide open spaces, the verdant green fields? #Quote by Renita D'Silva
Indian Fiction quotes by Renita D'Silva
#28. What wouldn't my people give for a few bites of the biryani she ordered me to throw away yesterday because she said it smelt? #Quote by Renita D'Silva
Indian Fiction quotes by Benyamin
#29. I was travelling through a tunnel of light. The more I travelled, the lighter I felt. I was filled with a kind of ecstasy that I had never known before. I was moving closer and closer to the source of this beautiful light. All I wanted was to merge with that light. But suddenly I fell, like a flower falling off its stem, and returned to my body. #Quote by Benyamin
Indian Fiction quotes by Renita D'Silva
#30. I wash the clothes, rinse them and then scrub them again. Will that square little box do that? I am not using any fancy machines when my hands will do. #Quote by Renita D'Silva
Indian Fiction quotes by Renita D'Silva
#31. But he's an untouchable, Shirin.' 'He's my Untouchable Prince Charming, then. Only I am allowed to touch him. #Quote by Renita D'Silva
Indian Fiction quotes by Aravind Adiga
#32. We may not have sewage, drinking water, and Olympic gold medals, but we do have democracy. #Quote by Aravind Adiga
Indian Fiction quotes by K. Hari Kumar
#33. If Allah has willed it that way ... He must have better plans for you child ... #Quote by K. Hari Kumar
Indian Fiction quotes by Udai Yadla
#34. Failure is the greatest teacher. #Quote by Udai Yadla
Indian Fiction quotes by Aravind Adiga
#35. The Great Socialist himself is said to have embezzled one billion rupees from the Darkness, and transferred that money into a bank account in a small, beautiful country in Europe full of white people and black money. #Quote by Aravind Adiga
Indian Fiction quotes by Sheeja Jose
#36. Even the Sun shed tears once in a while #Quote by Sheeja Jose
Indian Fiction quotes by Renita D'Silva
#37. There's a great drought in my village. People are dying. The price of rice and pulses has rocketed. There is no water anywhere. And here, people are complaining about the rain ... #Quote by Renita D'Silva
Indian Fiction quotes by Renita D'Silva
#38. I watched the rows and rows of chappals left by devotees outside the Hindu temple and wondered if the homeless boys who sometimes steal our chickens ever steal them, and if they do, are they punished, and if so by whom? #Quote by Renita D'Silva
Indian Fiction quotes by Poile Sengupta
#39. And so, here is Rapa's book, my tribute to her, my one true friend, my love. #Quote by Poile Sengupta
Indian Fiction quotes by Udai Yadla
#40. When you have power and use it for destructive purpose: you don't deserve it. #Quote by Udai Yadla
Indian Fiction quotes by Orna Ross
#41. Only in dreams and death can perfection be had. Life is broken and weary. #Quote by Orna Ross
Indian Fiction quotes by Geoffrey Wood
#42. Why not have a God in your back pocket for when you need Him? That's all most of them mean by 'Christian. #Quote by Geoffrey Wood
Indian Fiction quotes by Rachel Caine
#43. Um… Eve…can I ask…?"
"About what?" Eve was still frowning at the pasta like she suspected it to do something clever, like try to escape the pot.
"You and Michael."
"Oh." A surge of pink to Eve's cheeks. Between that and the fact that she was wearing colors outside of the Goth red and black rainbow, she looked young and very cute. "Well. I don't know if it's – God, he's just so–"
"Hot?" Claire asked.
"Hot," Eve admitted. "Nuclear hot. Surface of the sun hot. And–"
She stopped, the flush in her cheeks getting darker.
Claire picked up a wooden spoon and poked the pasta, which was beginning to loosen up. "And?"
"And I was planning on putting the moves on him before all this happened. That's why I had on the garters and stuff. Planning ahead."
"Oh, wow."
"Yeah, embarrassing. Did he peek?"
"When you were changing?" Claire asked. "I don't think so. But I think he wanted to."
"That's okay then." Eve blinked down at the pasta, which had formed a thick white foam on top. "Is it supposed to be doing that?"
Claire hadn't ever seen it happen at her parents' house. But then again, they hadn't made spaghetti much. "I don't know."
"Oh, crap!" The white foam kept growing, like in one of those cheesy science fiction movies. The foam that ate the Glass House…it mushroomed up over the top of the pot and down over the sides, and both girls yelped as it hit the burners and began to sizzle and pop. Claire grabbed the pot and mov #Quote by Rachel Caine
Indian Fiction quotes by James Carlos Blake
#44. Just imagine coming from people of two different races that had not a blamed thing in common except a love of blood in every which way. Imagine knowing your white daddy was a robber and killer just crazy with greed who raped your Indian momma who herself believed in cutting out people's hearts to please the gods and eating what was left of the victim. #Quote by James Carlos Blake
Indian Fiction quotes by Rick Baker
#45. I was born in 1950 and watched science fiction and horror movies on TV and was always really fascinated by them. #Quote by Rick Baker
Indian Fiction quotes by Don Webb
#46. John had written that normal fantasy ("normal" in the T.S. Kuhn sense) was written for the moderately educated class from suffering ennui. It was for folks stuck doing dull, repetitive work, growing old while not getting laid half often or variously enough, watching other, less deserving people (the privileged and the crooks) scoop up your share of fun. So then the fantasy generates the exciting world where you're given a heroic purpose and an opportunity to use those very powers you have suspected that you had but never have been able to locate and use, except in destructive ways when shit-faced. #Quote by Don Webb
Indian Fiction quotes by Daniel Pike
#47. Brea watched the other Jaren, the Jaren she wasn't sure she wanted to know, slip through the cracks of his face. He was like the changelings in that Dream Box game he was so invested in, Bladescape. Her own interested mask, the one she was supposed to wear, must have slanted a bit around the eyes because then the other Jaren, her Jaren, was back. She watched his dimples puddle in the black of his beard as his mind fumbled for something to say. And this impromptu self-modification, here at the monitoring station at the job where she'd made such a fool of herself, was the closest thing to love that Brea Morgen had ever known. #Quote by Daniel Pike
Indian Fiction quotes by Stephen King
#48. if you continue to write fiction, every character you create is partly you. #Quote by Stephen King
Indian Fiction quotes by Susan Choi
#49. It's still funny for me to think of myself as someone who writes historical fiction because it seems like a really fusty, musty term, and yet it clearly applies. #Quote by Susan Choi
Indian Fiction quotes by Alan Lightman
#50. Two men who had never seen each other before and would not likely see each other again. But their sincerity and sweetness, their sharing an instant in a fleeting life. It was almost as if a secret had passed between them. Was this some kind of love? I wanted to follow them, to touch them, to tell them of my happiness. I wanted to whisper to them: 'This is it. This is it'. #Quote by Alan Lightman
Indian Fiction quotes by A.R. Rahman
#51. I want young Indian composers to be able to do more than just film music. I want to give them the skills that will enable them to create their own palette of sounds instead of having to write formulaic music. It doesn't matter if they become sound engineers, producers, composers or performers - I want them to be as imaginative as they like. #Quote by A.R. Rahman
Indian Fiction quotes by Richard Castle
#52. I'm trying to figure the rules. This isn't yin and yang, it's more like yin and yank. The past few days I've been going, OK, she doesn't mix the ... romance so well with the single-mindedness of the police work. So it gets me wondering, Is the solution for me to give up our working relationship? Stop my magazine research so we can-?"
Nikki grabbed him into a deep kiss. Then she pulled away and said, "Will you shut up? #Quote by Richard Castle
Indian Fiction quotes by Nick Hornby
#53. The non-fiction bestseller lists frequently prove that we all want to know more about everything, even if we didn't know that we wanted to know - we're just waiting for the right person to come along and tell us about it. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Indian Fiction quotes by H.L. Mencken
#54. Truth would quickly cease to be stranger than fiction, once we got as used to it. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Indian Fiction quotes by Lauren Willig
#55. LIPID (Last Idiot Person I Dated) syndrome: a largely undiagnosed but pervasive disease that afflicts single women. #Quote by Lauren Willig
Indian Fiction quotes by David McCullough
#56. By the time he went to work for James J. Hill in 1889, he had survived Mexican fevers, Indian attack, Upper Michigan mosquitoes, and Canadian blizzards. He had been treed by wolves on one occasion; he #Quote by David McCullough
Indian Fiction quotes by Ray Bradbury
#57. To solve the drug problem, we have to start at the root - first grade. If a boy has all the toys in his head that reading can give him, and you hook him into science fiction, then you've got the future secured. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Indian Fiction quotes by Harry Turtledove
#58. I first tried a novel when I was 14. First finished one when I was 16. First started working on stuff that had a chance of being salable in my early 20s, then didn't write much fiction at all because I was in grad school. #Quote by Harry Turtledove
Indian Fiction quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#59. The first English settlements in North America were established in the early seventeenth century by joint-stock companies such as the London Company, the Plymouth Company, the Dorchester Company and the Massachusetts Company. The Indian subcontinent too was conquered not by the British state, but by the mercenary army of the British East India Company. This company outperformed even the VOC. From its headquarters in Leadenhall Street, London, it ruled a mighty Indian empire for about a century, maintaining a huge military force of up to 350,000 soldiers, considerably outnumbering the armed forces of the British monarchy. Only in 1858 did the British crown nationalise India along with the company's private army. Napoleon made fun of the British, calling them a nation of shopkeepers. Yet these shopkeepers defeated Napoleon himself, and their empire was the largest the world has ever seen. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Indian Fiction quotes by Danko Antolovic
#60. The enlightened rational man is not unlike the title character in Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni": a likeable rake, intelligent and enterprising, free to do as he pleases, outmaneuvering his honorable, tradition-bound adversaries at every step. One cannot begrudge him his liberty and pursuit of happiness, but looming large above him is his fatal flaw: his mind's maturity does not match his freedom. His pursuits are frivolous, tawdry and destructive. And this, we maintain, is the historical moment of our techno-scientific world: like some allegorical alien race in a science fiction story, we have placed broad freedoms and enormous power in the hands of a flawed creature: ourselves. Empirical reason has brought us here, and by its light we will have to find a way forward. #Quote by Danko Antolovic
Indian Fiction quotes by Mike MacLeod
#61. A favorite pastime of soldiers on long mounted patrols was testing each other with impossible hypotheticals. They were an endearing yet vulgar form of moral drama, but only because the alternative was to contemplate being blown up by an illiterate goat herder's morning project. "What would you rather do, have sex with your sister or shoot your mother?" "Would you rather pick up a baby with a pitchfork, or throw a paraplegic in a fire?" In one form or another, these young men were weighing the relative value of human life in real terms, perhaps as a surrogate for murkier thoughts that might otherwise be in the forefront, such as, "Why am I risking my life in this wasteland?" or "Whose life is worth more, that of my best friend in the gun turret or of some Iraqi kid I've never met?" It passed the time. #Quote by Mike MacLeod
Indian Fiction quotes by Sara Sheridan
#62. Writers of novels live in a strange world where what's made up is as important as what's real. #Quote by Sara Sheridan
Indian Fiction quotes by Kanza Javed
#63. One realizes the immortality of true love only after the lover dies #Quote by Kanza Javed
Indian Fiction quotes by Paul Elie
#64. In American fiction, belief is like that. Belief as upbringing, belief as social fact, belief as a species of American weirdness: our literary fiction has all of these things. All that is missing is the believer. #Quote by Paul Elie
Indian Fiction quotes by Simon Jenkins
#65. I can think of very few science books I've read that I've called useful. What they've been is wonderful. They've actually made me feel that the world around me is a much fuller, much more wonderful, much more awesome place than I ever realized it was. That has been, for me, the wonder of science. That's why science fiction retains its compelling fascination for people. That's why the move of science fiction into biology is so intriguing. I think that science has got a wonderful story to tell. #Quote by Simon Jenkins
Indian Fiction quotes by Gita Mehta
#66. The extraordinary thing about inventing a persona is that one is loathe to give it up, especially if the fiction sits comfortably. #Quote by Gita Mehta
Indian Fiction quotes by Kim Cormack
#67. In the woods lay a bleeding angel in all her glory. Her arms posed gracefully above her head and her hair soaked in the mud, the blood and feces in which she lay. Dying, fading into the other realm, her form christened by the rain as though the trees had begun to weep upon her in sadness for the brutality she had endured. (The Children of Ankh series) #Quote by Kim Cormack
Indian Fiction quotes by George R R Martin
#68. As much as I love historical fiction, my problem with historical fiction is that you always know what's going to happen. #Quote by George R R Martin
Indian Fiction quotes by J.K. Ellem
#69. I was in a place I had never visited before and I didn't want to ever visit again.
I was in hell, or so I thought… #Quote by J.K. Ellem
Indian Fiction quotes by Daniel Defoe
#70. A True Born Englishman's a contradiction!
In speech and irony, in fact a fiction #Quote by Daniel Defoe
Indian Fiction quotes by James Welch
#71. I do believe in the viability of Indian spiritualism. #Quote by James Welch
Indian Fiction quotes by Ariel Dorfman
#72. I feel as if I can take Indian stories, make them mine and take them to the world. #Quote by Ariel Dorfman
Indian Fiction quotes by Jorge Ortiz
#73. I am taken to the police station and they place me in an interrogation room. I am there for about thirty minutes before someone walks in. #Quote by Jorge Ortiz
Indian Fiction quotes by William Dalrymple
#74. He was holding a tray. On the tray were two glasses of milky Indian chai. 'Chota hazari, sahib,' said Ladoo. Bed tea. 'What a nice gesture,' I said returning to Olivia. 'Mrs Puri has sent us up some tea.' 'I wish she had sent it up two hours later,' said Olivia from beneath her sheets. #Quote by William Dalrymple
Indian Fiction quotes by Anne Rouen
#75. Now, at last, she understood her great attraction to him. Here was the companion of her spirit. Here, indeed, was love. #Quote by Anne Rouen
Indian Fiction quotes by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
#76. After 9/11, there was so much distress in America that it led to an inter-cultural breakdown. Some of our communities were targeted. Many of our adults shut themselves off from other cultures. I tried to bring children of Indian and other cultures together in my literature. #Quote by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Indian Fiction quotes by K.V. Wilson
#77. If ye have a choice one way or another, don't risk it. Prepare yerself an' then come back, stronger 'n ever. Never pick a fight when angry; do it when ye've got a clear head an' a reason to risk yer life and others. Only stand up 'n fight when absolutely necessary, when it means saving a life rather than endangering more. #Quote by K.V. Wilson

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