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India quotes by Lillete Dubey
#1. India's a fascinating country. It's constantly changing, but there's still a lot of superstition and backwards thinking. #Quote by Lillete Dubey
India quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#2. This is the line of life, this is the line of growth, and this is the line of well-being in India - to follow the track of religion. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#3. This is an election where there is a tea seller from the Opposition, and to defeat him, everyone has come together. They say Modi should not come. This is because those who looted the nation know that after 16th May what is going to happen. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Pankaj Mishra
#4. Just as China achieved much more than India in the realm of public health and education under an austere Communist regime, so its economic growth under a capitalist-friendly government strikes a visitor from India as nothing less than spectacular. #Quote by Pankaj Mishra
India quotes by Pranab Mukherjee
#5. India is a land of plenty inhibited by poverty; India has an enthralling, uplifting civilization that sparkles not only in our magnificent art, but also in the enormous creativity and humanity of our daily life in city and village. #Quote by Pranab Mukherjee
India quotes by Mukesh Bansal
#6. We will unearth the talent from every part of India and give them a platform to make it big. #Quote by Mukesh Bansal
India quotes by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
#7. India is a place where colour is doubly bright. Pinks that scald your eyes, blues you could drown in. #Quote by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
India quotes by Chiranjeevi
#8. Tourism in India has the potential to promote faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth. It could be used as a powerful antidote to tackle poverty. #Quote by Chiranjeevi
India quotes by Vandana Shiva
#9. Nobody defines it as something women shouldn't be doing. In a way, there are more mathematicians, more doctors, more scientists in India than there are in this country. We even had a woman head of state, and that's something the United States has yet to catch up with. #Quote by Vandana Shiva
India quotes by Ramachandra Guha
#10. in India, Bhakti or what may be called the path of devotion or hero-worship, plays a part in its politics unequalled in magnitude by the part it plays in the politics of any other country in the world. Bhakti in religion may be the road to the salvation of a soul. But in politics, Bhakti or hero-worship is a sure road to degradation and to eventual dictatorship. #Quote by Ramachandra Guha
India quotes by Jawaharlal Nehru
#11. Our lives are encumbered with the dead wood of this past; all that is dead and has served its purpose has to go. But that does not mean a break with, or a forgetting of, the vital and life-giving in that past. We can never forget the ideals that have moved our race, the dreams of the Indian people through the ages, the wisdom of the ancients, the buoyant energy and love of life and nature of our forefathers, their spirit of curiosity and mental adventure, the daring of their thought, their splendid achievements in literature, art and culture, their love of truth and beauty and freedom, the basic values that they set up, their understanding of life's mysterious ways, their toleration of other ways than theirs, their capacity to absorb other peoples and their cultural accomplishments, to synthesize them and develop a varied and mixed culture; nor can we forget the myriad experiences which have built up our ancient race and lie embedded in our sub-conscious minds. We will never forget them or cease to take pride in that noble heritage of ours. If India forgets them she will no longer remain India and much that has made her our joy and pride will cease to be. #Quote by Jawaharlal Nehru
India quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#12. Many persons claiming different faiths make us one and an indivisible nation. All these have an equal claim to be the nationals of India. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
India quotes by Nadia Hashimi
#13. Shekiba was born at the turn of the twentieth century, in an Afghanistan eyed lasciviously by Russia and Britain. Each would take turns promising to protect the borders they had just invaded, like a pedophile who professes to love his victim.
The borders between Afghanistan and India were drawn and redrawn from time to time, as if only penciled in. People belonged to one country and then the other, nationalities changing as often as the direction of the wind. For Great Britain and the Soviet Union, Afghanistan was the playing field for their "Great Game," the power struggle to control Central Asia. But the game was slowly coming to an end, the Afghan people ferociously resisting outside control. Chests expanded with pride when Afghans talked about their resilience.
But parts of Afghanistan were taken - little by little until its borders shrank in like a wool sweater left in the rain. Areas to the north like Samarkand and Bukhara had been lost to the Russian Empire. Chunks of the south were chipped away and the western front was pushed in over the years. #Quote by Nadia Hashimi
India quotes by Husain Haqqani
#14. India to accept a ceasefire," he said. But there was nothing about reconciliation with India in the interview. Sulzberger noted that Bhutto "spoke gloomily of India" and implied that "India was behaving like a virtual satellite of Moscow." He made predictions similar to those Ayub made about the Soviet Union gaining ground in the subcontinent and about India being on the verge of breaking up. "By sponsoring Bangladesh you will see that India will lose West Bengal and Assam," he declared. "It is preposterous to think that in an association with #Quote by Husain Haqqani
India quotes by Jaggi Vasudev
#15. In terms of the real quality of a human being, only when suffering comes, when pain comes, does a man stand up as a human being. You can see great human beings surface only when the society is really suffering. When India was under the oppression of British rulers, how many wonderful people stood up? Where are they now? They have just fallen back into their comforts, that's all. All those Ghandis, Patels, Tilaks are still there, but they're dormant. When pain came, they all became alive. They left everything behind and stood up as giants. Where are they now? This is the human misfortune that still there's not enough intelligence in the world that human beings will rise to their peaks when everything is well. They wait for calamities. #Quote by Jaggi Vasudev
India quotes by India Lee
#16. We all miss her, and also, tears of love evaporate into the sky to become unicorn food. #Quote by India Lee
India quotes by Gideon Haigh
#17. Far from marking the end of nationalism, the IPL is the ultimate triumph of that principle: a global tournament in which the same nation always wins. #Quote by Gideon Haigh
India quotes by Mark Twain
#18. So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked. #Quote by Mark Twain
India quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#19. Whatever else India may not be, she is at least one thing, She is the greatest storehouse of spiritual knowledge. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
India quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#20. All I want to say, with the utmost emphasis at my command, is that the description of India as a military country is wrong. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
India quotes by Dilip Kumar
#21. India means everything to me. It is my homeland. India is my country. It is here that I have gotten love and affection as a film star from millions and millions of my fans over the last five decades. #Quote by Dilip Kumar
India quotes by E. M. Forster
#22. But nothing in India is identifiable, the mere asking of a question causes it to disappear or to merge in something else. #Quote by E. M. Forster
India quotes by Nicola Marsh
#23. All pomp and show." Anjali's glare at the house would've exploded bricks if she'd had superhuman powers. "A fat cow needs a big barn. #Quote by Nicola Marsh
India quotes by Guy De Maupassant
#24. She was, in fact, one of those people of exalted principles; one of those opinionated puritans, of which England produces so many; one of those good and insupportable old maids who haunt the tables d'hôte of every hotel in Europe, who spoil Italy, poison Switzerland, render the charming cities of the Mediterranean uninhabitable, carry everywhere their fantastic manias, their manners of petrified vestals, their indescribable toilets and a certain odor of india-rubber which makes one believe that at night they are slipped into a rubber casing. #Quote by Guy De Maupassant
India quotes by Aravind Adiga
#25. At a time when India is going through great changes and, with China, is likely to inherit the world from the West, it is important that writers like me try to highlight the brutal injustices of society. #Quote by Aravind Adiga
India quotes by Jerry Pinto
#26. In this city, every deserted street corner conceals a crowd. It appears in a minute when something disrupts the way in which the world is supposed to work. It can disappear almost as instantaneously. #Quote by Jerry Pinto
India quotes by Sidin Vadukut
#27. each year India produces thousands upon thousands of eighteen-year olds who have little to no instructed idea of the last sixty years of Indian history. They have no idea if or how those five-year plans worked. They have no idea if or how the Non-Aligned Movement worked. They have no idea about the numerous wars India has fought against Pakistan or China. They have no idea, for instance, of what many people call the greatest threat to India's internal security: the Naxal movement. What created this Naxal movement? And why is the movement popular where it is? Our youth doesn't know. #Quote by Sidin Vadukut
India quotes by Rachel Held Evans
#28. Psychologists say the best way to handle children at this stage of development is not to answer their questions directly but instead to tell them a story. As pediatrician Alan Greene explained, "After conversing with thousands of children, I've decided that what they really mean is, 'That's interesting to me. Let's talk about that together. Tell me more, please?' Questions are a child's way of expressing love and trust. They are a child's way of starting a conversation. So instead of simply insisting over and over again that the object of my son's attention is, in fact, an elephant, I might tell him about how, in India, elephants are symbols of good luck, or about how some say elephants have the best memories of all the animals. I might tell him about the time I saw an elephant spin a basketball on the tip of his trunk, or about how once there was an elephant named Horton who heard a Who. I might tell him that once upon a time, there was an elephant and four blind men; each man felt a different part of the elephant's body: the ears, the tail, the side, and the tusk . . . #Quote by Rachel Held Evans
India quotes by Allan Border
#29. I was happy with the umpiring in India last year, New Zealand is OK these days, and the only real area of concern is Pakistan. They seem to have a chip on their shoulders about their cricket there. #Quote by Allan Border
India quotes by Pankaj Mishra
#30. There is a lot of anxiety in India about writers selling out to foreign audiences, but I'm neither flattering the Indian audience nor the American audience. I'm uneasily somewhere in the middle. #Quote by Pankaj Mishra
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#31. The consensus we arrived with States for amending the Constitution to implement GST is a major breakthrough. This alone has the potential to make India competitive and attractive for investment. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Pranab Mukherjee
#32. Of course, running a coalition government in a country like India is a difficult task. More so when Congress leads the coalition, since most of the political parties were anti-Congress. To have a coalition, to run a coalition government, you require a lot of adjustments, a lot of flexibility. #Quote by Pranab Mukherjee
India quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#33. Their favourite phrase! From which it follows that, if society is normally organised, all crime will cease at once, since there will be nothing to protest against and all men will become righteous in one instant. Human nature is not taken into account, it is excluded, it's not supposed to exist! They don't recognise that humanity, developing by a historical living process, will become at last a normal society, but they believe that a social system that has come out of some mathematical brain is going to organise all humanity at once and make it just and sinless in an instant, quicker than any living process! That's why they instinctively dislike history, 'nothing but ugliness and stupidity in it,' and they explain it all as stupidity! That's why they so dislike the living process of life; they don't want a living soul! The living soul demands life, the soul won't obey the rules of mechanics, the soul is an object of suspicion, the soul is retrograde! But what they want though it smells of death and can be made of India-rubber, at least is not alive, has no will, is servile and won't revolt! And it comes in the end to their reducing everything to the building of walls and the planning of rooms and passages in a phalanstery! The phalanstery is ready, indeed, but your human nature is not ready for the phalanstery - it wants life, it hasn't completed its vital process, it's too soon for the graveyard! You can't skip over nature by logic. Logic presupposes three possibilities, but #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
India quotes by Jay Leno
#34. President Bush went out touting his economic record in Ohio last week. Now this is a state that lost 225,000 jobs since Bush took office. You know, if Bush wants to tout his record, he should do it somewhere where the Bush economy has actually created jobs, like India, or Thailand, or China. #Quote by Jay Leno
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#35. World talks GDP but in Bhutan its about National Happiness. Am sure having India as a neighbour would be 1 of the reasons for the happiness. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by J.R. Ackerley
#36. Talking of snakes, Mrs. Montgomery told me that once she nearly stood upon a krait - one of the most venomous snakes in India. She has been very ill at the time, suffering from acute facial neuralgia, 'so that I didn't care if I trod on fifty kraits. I was quite stupid with pain, and was going back in the evening to my bungalow, preceded by a servant who was carrying a lamp. Suddenly he stopped and said "Krait, Mem-sahib!" - but I was far too ill to notice what he was saying, and went straight on, and the krait was lying right in the middle of the path! The servant did a thing absolutely without precedent in India - he touched me! - he put hand on my shoulder and pulled me back. My shoe came off and I stopped. Of course if he hadn't done that I should have undoubtedly have been killed; but I didn't like it all the same same, and got rid of him soon after. #Quote by J.R. Ackerley
India quotes by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
#37. India should walk on her own shadow - we must have our own development model. #Quote by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
India quotes by Vijay Mallya
#38. Everybody keeps saying that India's a poor country. Yes, we have poverty. But I blame the government of India, the political establishment, for their failure to educate and therefore their failure to control the poverty. #Quote by Vijay Mallya
India quotes by Mehek Bassi
#39. What if you get a virgin (or what you call – pure) girl, and she disrespects you, has affairs outside, insults your parents and becomes a bitch after marriage? And what if the girl isn't virgin, but she's pure-hearted, loves and cares for you, respects your parents, is true to you and remains by your side for the rest of your life? What will matter more? Her virginity, or her nature? #Quote by Mehek Bassi
India quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#40. There are men who practice Titiksha, and succeed in it. There are men who sleep on the banks of the Ganga in the midsummer sun of India, and in winter float in the waters of the Ganga for a whole day; they do not care. Men sit in the snow of the Himalayas, and do not care to wear any garment. What is heat? What is cold? Let things come and go, what is that to me, I am not the body. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
India quotes by Pattie Boyd
#41. The Maharishi had invited us all to go to India to his ashram in the Indian Himalaya. We were there studying meditation for two and a half months. While the other three Beatles went back to London to start the beginning of their Apple empire, George and I went to Madras for a week's relaxation. I took this photograph of George one morning, as I thought the light on his face was lovely. I think this was the last time that I saw him looking so calm. #Quote by Pattie Boyd
India quotes by Joan Robinson
#42. Whatever you can rightly say about India, the opposite is also true. #Quote by Joan Robinson
India quotes by Matthew S. McCormick
#43. 1. Myth: Without God, life has no meaning.

There are 1.2 billion Chinese who have no predominant religion, and 1 billion people in India who are predominantly Hindu. And 65% of Japan's 127 million people claim to be non-believers. It is laughable to suggest that none of these billions of people are leading meaningful lives.

2. Myth: Prayer works.

Studies have now shown that inter-cessionary prayer has no effect whatsoever of the health or well-being of the subject.

3. Myth: Atheists are immoral.

There are hundreds of millions of non-believers on the planet living normal, decent, moral lives. They love their children, care about others, obey laws, and try to keep from doing harm to others just like everyone else. In fact, in predominantly non-believing countries such as in northern Europe, measures of societal health such as life expectancy at birth, adult literacy, per capita income, education, homicide, suicide, gender equality, and political coercion are better than they are in believing societies.

4. Myth: Belief in God is compatible with science.

In the past, every supernatural or paranormal explanation of phenomena that humans believed turned out to be mistaken; science has always found a physical explanation that revealed that the supernatural view was a myth. Modern organisms evolved from lower life forms, they weren't created 6,000 years ago in the finished state. Fever is not caused by de #Quote by Matthew S. McCormick
India quotes by Cassandra Clare
#44. The thing she loved most about being Jewish was that you could step into a synagogue anywhere on earth and feel like you'd come home. India, Brazil, New Zealand, even Mars - if you could rely on Shalom, Spacemen!, the homemade comic book that had been the highlight of Simon's third-grade Hebrew school experience. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
India quotes by John Vockler
#45. For us in the Pacific, in Asia, in India, and in Africa, Christian unity is not an optional extra. It is an urgent necessity, for our divisions are a real stumbling-block to the proclamation of the Gospel. #Quote by John Vockler
India quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#46. Will Great Britain have an unwilling India dragged into war or a willing ally co-operating with her in the prosecution of a defence of true democracy? #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
India quotes by Kalyan C. Kankanala
#47. All inventions are not patentable, and all patented subjects are not inventions. #Quote by Kalyan C. Kankanala
India quotes by Arthur Koestler
#48. The Russells arrive at the same conclusion: "There is certainly no evidence from mamamalian behaviour that social aggression is more prevalent or intense among carnivores than among herbivores. And as for humans: "There is certainly no evidence that social violence has been more prevalent or intense in carnivorous hunting than in vegetarian agricultural societies. Hunting people have sometimes been extremely war-like; but no human group has produced more peaceful communities than some of the Eskimos, who have been carnivorous hunters, presumably, since the Old Stone Age.' The Samurai, on the other hand, were strict vegetarians; and so were the Hindu mobs in India which massacred their Moslem brethren whenever given a chance. It was not the eating of reindeer-steaks which caused the Fall. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
India quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#49. Let India become alive by self-purification, that is self-restraint and self-denial, and she will be a boon to herself and mankind. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#50. Secularism for the Congress is merely a slogan while for the BJP it is an article of faith. Secularism is about votebank politics for the Congress, while it is about 'India first' for the BJP. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Patricia McCormick
#51. Each year, nearly 12,000 Nepali girls are sold by their families, intentionally o r unwittingly, into a life of sexual slavery in the brothels of India. W orldwide , the U.S. State D epartmen t estimates that nearly half a millio n children are trafficked into the sex trade annually. #Quote by Patricia McCormick
India quotes by A.R. Rahman
#52. The demand in India is to have a hit, which becomes a promotion for the movie and makes people come to the theater. You have five songs and different promotions based on those. But when I do Western films, the need for originality is greater. Then I become very conscious about the writing. #Quote by A.R. Rahman
India quotes by Zubin Mehta
#53. Though there is such a rich tradition of culture and arts, I have never been invited to perform at a concert in South India. #Quote by Zubin Mehta
India quotes by Virat Kohli
#54. I always dreamt of holding the bat and winning games for India. That was my inspiration to take up cricket. #Quote by Virat Kohli
India quotes by Amartya Sen
#55. When I was giving a lecture in India, the capabilities that I have to be concerned with there, namely the ability of people to go to a school, to be literate, to be able to have a basic health care everywhere, to be able to seek some kind of medical response to one's ailment; these become central issues in the Indian context which they're not in the UK, because you're well beyond that. #Quote by Amartya Sen
India quotes by Vivek Shanbhag
#56. Amma and i went to each house to tell them we were leaving. They all said, 'Don't forget us. Keep visiting.' At the age I was then, this seemed absurd. i had grown up among them - how was it even possible to forget these people? Now I see what they meant. #Quote by Vivek Shanbhag
India quotes by Nick Hornby
#57. It didn't help that I was never allowed to study anything remotely contemporary until the last year of university: there was never any sense of that leading to this. If anything, my education gave me the opposite impression, of an end to cultural history round about the time that Forster wrote A Passage to India. The quickest way to kill all love for the classics, I can see now, is to tell young people that nothing else maters, because then all they can do is look at them in a museum of literature, through glass cases. Don't touch! And don't think for a moment that they want to live in the same world as you! And so a lot of adult life
if your hunger and curiosity haven't been squelched by your education
is learning to join up the dots that you didn't even know were there. #Quote by Nick Hornby
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#58. To me technology used wisely is a catalyst to magically transforming the way we live. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Verghese Kurien
#59. It made the sheer incompetence of my colleagues at the research creamery in Anand even more intolerable to me. I could see that they had no interest in doing anything, not even the most elementary of jobs. They employed twenty people to run two small roller-dryers when in any other country twenty such roller-dryers were run by one man. I was the new dairy engineer to the Government of India Research Creamery and I realised very soon that I had no work at all. My frustration at this deadening job began rising and I started to write to the Ministry of Agriculture in Delhi every month, submitting my resignation, saying that I was drawing a salary of Rs 350 for doing no work and instead of wasting government money I should be allowed to go. After some eight months of this they must have felt that I was becoming a nuisance and they finally wrote back accepting my resignation. #Quote by Verghese Kurien
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#60. We are today a nearly 100% banked country. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Pearl S. Buck
#61. Too many escape into complexity these days. For it is an escape for persons to cry, when this question of the equality of peoples is raised in India or in our own South, 'Ah, but the situation is not so simple.' ... no great stride forward is ever made for the individual or for the human race unless the complex situation is reduced to one simple question and its simple answer. #Quote by Pearl S. Buck
India quotes by Kristen Ashley
#62. Liar. You've loved me since I held your hand at your mother's memorial service when you were five years old. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#63. Elections should be about making the people a part of the development journey. That is when India will move ahead. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Werner Heisenberg
#64. After the conversations about Indian philosophy, some of the ideas of Quantum Physics that had seemed so crazy suddenly made much more sense. #Quote by Werner Heisenberg
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#65. Every village should celebrate its birthday & it will end the poison of casteism ... and once casteism ends, see how the strength of villages increase! #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Tahir Shah
#66. Foras Road has a sordid reputation ( ... ) Old crones sat in doorways, while their daughters were pushed out to earn money. It is intriguing that a society which is very covert with sexuality should be so straightforward about prostitution. #Quote by Tahir Shah
India quotes by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
#67. Sexy in India is not considered positive. But, with today's crop of fresh faces in the modelling arena, being sexy is an asset. #Quote by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
India quotes by P. Chidambaram
#68. If the exchange rate is a matter of pride, Japan should be only half as proud as India (120 yen to a dollar) and China ten times more (6.2 yuan to a dollar)! My #Quote by P. Chidambaram
India quotes by India Drummond
#69. She hadn't planned any of this, but her thoughts ran away with her, and she hated how pathetic she must sound. Poor little human needed the big bad angel to rescue her. Yuck. #Quote by India Drummond
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#70. If the 21st Century is the era of knowledge and of knowledgeable human-force, then, to extol this force, Gujarat must form a strong bond with books. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Krishna Udayasankar
#71. The more we prepare for war, the more we make it a reality. Yet, it would seem, to prepare for war may also be the best and possibly the only way to avoid it.'
– Govinda Shauri, The Aryavarta Chronicles - Kurukshetra #Quote by Krishna Udayasankar
India quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#72. Unless nonviolence of the strong is really developed among us, there should be no thought of civil disobedience for Swaraj, whether within the states or in British India. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
India quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#73. Leadership must come from the developing world itself, and that is beginning to happen. In India, Africa, and the Middle East, men and women alike are pushing for greater equality. These people need our support. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#74. India's openness to new ideas is manifest in the Rig Veda: Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Rosemary Mahoney
#75. I grew up in New England at the edge of the Atlantic and have for many years been an avid rower. I've rowed in various places, including the Ganges in India, the River Shannon in Ireland, and the Sea of Galilee. #Quote by Rosemary Mahoney
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#76. BJP is not going to the people only to form a government. We have come to the people to give stability and a development oriented government. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by V. Theia
#77. Knowing India was only in the next bedroom to mine had given me some lucid dreams where I made her scream and then held her on my lap while she curled around me and batted her lashes with that minxy little smile and I gave her anything she wanted. #Quote by V. Theia
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#78. The closeness of the India-Afghanistan relationship is not a new phenomenon. It has existed since time immemorial. And as a close friend, ever since India's Independence, we have done and will continue to do whatever is required to be done to see Afghanistan grow and progress as a close friend. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Mary Chapin Carpenter
#79. My sisters and I were fortunate to travel through Asia and Europe at very young ages. We confronted extraordinary beauty in Athens and unspeakable poverty in India. #Quote by Mary Chapin Carpenter
India quotes by Imran Khan
#80. India is using troops in Kashmir. They are losing the battle of heart and minds. It's like treating cancer with dispirin. #Quote by Imran Khan
India quotes by Sunil Gavaskar
#81. India's fortune will depend on how many runs the little champion scores. There is no doubt Tendulkar is the real thing. #Quote by Sunil Gavaskar
India quotes by Aravind Adiga
#82. An honest politician has no goodies to toss around. This limits his effectiveness profoundly, because political power in India is dispersed throughout a multi-tiered federal structure; a local official who has not been paid off can sometimes stop a billion-dollar project. #Quote by Aravind Adiga
India quotes by Virchand Gandhi
#83. In Western lands there is a distinct division between the religious and the secular life. There is one rule of conduct for laymen and another for clergymen. This distinction has never found its place in the life of the people of India. There, all of life is included in the word 'religion.' #Quote by Virchand Gandhi
India quotes by Alexander Hamilton
#84. The President of the United States would be liable to be impeached, tried, and upon conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors, removed from office; and would afterwards be liable to prosecution and punishment in the ordinary course of law. The person of the King of Great Britain is sacred and inviolable: There is no constitutional tribunal to which he is amenable, no punishment to which he can be subjected without involving the crisis of a national revolution. #Quote by Alexander Hamilton
India quotes by Abraham Verghese
#85. I was temperamentally better suited to a cognitive discipline, to an introspective field - internal medicine, or perhaps psychiatry. The sight of the operating theater made me sweat. The idea of holding a scalpel caused coils to form in my belly. (It still does.) Surgery was the most difficult thing I could imagine.
And so I became a surgeon. #Quote by Abraham Verghese
India quotes by V. Theia
#86. When you hurt, I hurt. I fix things for my girl because I'm programmed to heal my heart, India. You are my heart. When you don't tell me what hurts, how can I make it better? #Quote by V. Theia
India quotes by Tavleen Singh
#87. In India books are nearly always banned at the request of people who do not read but whose literary sensibilities are easily offended. #Quote by Tavleen Singh
India quotes by Anonymous
#88. Krishna taught in the Bhadavad Gita: 'karmanyeva-adhikaraste ma phalesu kadachana', which means, 'Be active, never be inactive, and don't react to the outcome of the work. #Quote by Anonymous
India quotes by Salman Khan
#89. Cinema should always be in touch with the soil of the country. My films celebrate the heartland of India. #Quote by Salman Khan
India quotes by Anurag Kashyap
#90. In India, there is a psychological problem that movies going to film festivals are boring. It is a problem with exhibitors. #Quote by Anurag Kashyap
India quotes by Shashi Tharoor
#91. We've gone from the image of India as land of fakirs lying on beds of nails, and snake charmers with the Indian rope trick, to the image of India as a land of mathematical geniuses, computer wizards, software gurus. #Quote by Shashi Tharoor
India quotes by Anonymous
#92. foreign investors plowed $124 billion into China in 2013, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, but only $28 billion into India. #Quote by Anonymous
India quotes by Walter Isaacson
#93. CONTENTS Epigraph Characters Introduction: How This Book Came to Be CHAPTER ONE Childhood: Abandoned and Chosen CHAPTER TWO Odd Couple: The Two Steves CHAPTER THREE The Dropout: Turn On, Tune In . . . CHAPTER FOUR Atari and India: Zen and the Art of Game Design CHAPTER FIVE The Apple I: Turn On, Boot Up, Jack In . . . CHAPTER SIX #Quote by Walter Isaacson
India quotes by Tina Turner
#94. On the third day in India, I realized people were not suffering as much as I thought. #Quote by Tina Turner
India quotes by Tahir Shah
#95. Prideep pointed to the flames of paraffin lamps as they came alive in the distance and cackled in awe at the experience. ( ... ) I was to discover that making tasty soup with one carrot, ten peas and a little dishwater, was his greatest skill. One wondered what the man would be capable of creating with a blender and a non-stick frying-pan. #Quote by Tahir Shah
India quotes by Marco Rubio
#96. We must educate and train our children to compete and succeed in the 21st century. Our kids are not going to grow up to compete with children in Alabama or Mississippi. They're going to grow up to compete with kids in India, and China, all over the world; children who are learning to compete and succeed in the 21st century themselves. #Quote by Marco Rubio
India quotes by Azim Premji
#97. The public/private partnerships are taking various forms in India. It is individuals who are socially oriented are setting up schools. They're setting up colleges. They're setting up universities. They're setting up primary-education schools in the villages, particularly the villages their original families came from. #Quote by Azim Premji
India quotes by Virchand Gandhi
#98. The greatest skeptic must now admit that the land and sea-borne trade of India had given her a world-wide fame not only for her gold, spices and silk, but for her religions and philosophies also. #Quote by Virchand Gandhi
India quotes by John C. Wright
#99. Or, in your case, as wide. Wait. Did you just say Gandalf?"
"He is the founder of our order, and the first of the Five Warlocks. He comes from afar across the Western Ocean, from Easter Island, or perhaps from Japan."
"No, I think he comes from the mind of a story writer. An old-fashioned Roman Catholic from the days just before First Space Age. Unless I am confusing him with the guy who wrote about Talking Animal Land? With the Cowardly Lion who gets killed by a Wicked White Witch? I never read the text, I watched the comic."
"Oh, you err so! The Witches, we have preserved this lore since the time of the Fall of the Giants, whom we overthrew and destroyed. The tale is this: C. S. Lewis and Arthur C. Clarke were led by the Indian Maiden Sacagawea to the Pacific Ocean and back, stealing the land from the Red Man and selling them blankets impregnated with smallpox. It was called the Lewis and Clarke Expedition. When they reached the Pacific, they set out in the Dawn Treader to find the sea route to India, where the sacred river Alph runs through caverns measureless to man down to a sunless sea. They came to the Last Island, called Ramandu or Selidor, where the World Serpent guards the gateway to the Land of the Dead, and there they found Gandalf, returned alive from the underworld, and stripped of all his powers. He came again to mortal lands in North America to teach the Simon Families. The Chronicle is a symbolic retelling of their journey. It is one of our #Quote by John C. Wright
India quotes by Mircea Eliade
#100. To believe that I could, at twenty-three, sacrifice history and culture for the Absolute was further proof that I had not understood India. My vocation was culture, not sainthood. #Quote by Mircea Eliade
India quotes by Muhammad Ali Jinnah
#101. Any idea of a United India could never have worked and in my judgment it would have led us to terrific disaster. #Quote by Muhammad Ali Jinnah
India quotes by Goldie Hawn
#102. I noted that people are happy here in India. When I went back home, people had everything in the materialistic sense and were surrounded with abundance, but they were not happy. #Quote by Goldie Hawn
India quotes by Jane Wilson-Howarth
#103. How could Britain operate in India for 300 years and take so little back from it in terms of understanding? #Quote by Jane Wilson-Howarth
India quotes by Raja Rao
#104. And the police got nervous and they began to kick us in our backs and stomachs, and the crowd shouted 'Mahatma Gandhi ki jai!' and someone took a kerosene tin and began to beat it, and someone took a cattle-bell and began to ring it, and they cried, 'With them, brothers, with them!' and they leaped and they ducked and they came down to lie beside us, and we shouted 'Mahatma Gandhi ki jai! Mahatma Gandhi ki jai! #Quote by Raja Rao
India quotes by India De Beaufort
#105. I never actually studied an American accent. I never learned it. I never had anybody teach me how to do it. It just kind of happened. I think I probably spent a lot of my childhood in front of my mirror pretending to do Cornflake commercials like the kids I've seen on TV from America. #Quote by India De Beaufort
India quotes by Peter Uihlein
#106. I've been to India, and I never thought I'd go there. #Quote by Peter Uihlein
India quotes by Amartya Sen
#107. When the Nobel award came my way, it also gave me an opportunity to do something immediate and practical about my old obsessions, including literacy, basic health care and gender equity, aimed specifically at India and Bangladesh. #Quote by Amartya Sen
India quotes by Preneet Kaur
#108. The Indo-Canadian community has been a microcosm of the people of Indian origin living abroad besides reflecting India's diversity. #Quote by Preneet Kaur
India quotes by William Dalrymple
#109. The Colonel looked at this strange fashion and asked in broken Urdu, 'Well? You Muslim?' 'Half,' said Ghalib. 'What does that mean?' asked the Colonel. 'I drink wine,' said Ghalib, 'but I don't eat pork.' The Colonel laughed, and Ghalib then showed him the letter which he had received from the Minister for India [sic] in acknowledgement of the ode to Her Majesty the Queen which Ghalib has sent. The Colonel said, 'After the victory of government forces why did you not present yourself at the Ridge?' Ghalib replied, 'My rank required that I should have four palanquin bearers, but all four of them ran away and left me, so I could not come. #Quote by William Dalrymple
India quotes by Ravi Zacharias
#110. By the time I was a young man, I lived with two deep struggles: I longed to become a cricketer, and I performed miserably in school. Cricket and tennis were all that I lived for. In India, this was a formula for failure. #Quote by Ravi Zacharias
India quotes by Ram Shriram
#111. There's almost too much venture capital in India - there are issues with seed capital, but for venture capital, there's a lot money chasing deals here. #Quote by Ram Shriram
India quotes by Angana P. Chatterji
#112. India all too easily forgets its own history under British rule, and the declaration of its freedom fighters that the oppressor does not have the privilege of judging when a people are 'deserving' of freedom. #Quote by Angana P. Chatterji
India quotes by Khushwant Singh
#113. Bombay, you will be told, is the only city India has, in the sense that the word city is understood in the West. Other Indian metropolises like Calcutta, Madras and Delhi are like oversized villages. It is true that Bombay has many more high-rise buildings than any other Indian city: when you approach it by the sea it looks like a miniature New York. It has other things to justify its city status: it is congested, it has traffic jams at all hours of the day, it is highly polluted and many parts of it stink. #Quote by Khushwant Singh
India quotes by Hans Vestberg
#114. India is an important market for Ericsson, not only as a telecom market but also as a global hub for R&D. #Quote by Hans Vestberg
India quotes by Katherine Boo
#115. Where Old India and New India collide making New India #Quote by Katherine Boo
India quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King
#116. I will not resort to violence, I will not degrade myself with hatred. I will return good for evil, I will love my enemies. Christ showed us the way and Gandhi in India showed it could work. #Quote by Dr. Martin Luther King
India quotes by Aanchal Malhotra
#117. The notion that where one is from can be understood using what remains of that place opens up a highly sensitive and rich terrain that can help unpack belonging, especially if that place has now been rendered inaccessible by national borders. #Quote by Aanchal Malhotra
India quotes by B.R. Ambedkar
#118. Indeed, the Muslims have all the social evils of the Hindus and something more. That something more is the compulsory system of purdah for Muslim women. These burka women walking in the streets is one of the most hideous sights one can witness in India. #Quote by B.R. Ambedkar
India quotes by India Lee
#119. It's hard to get a second audition for such a dignified role when America knows you best as a..." he clicked around his computer for a bit and squinted, reading off of his screen. "A 'womanising douchelord.'"

Amanda snorted loudly. She had been the first one to peg him as such on HDU, and for some reason, 'womanising douchelord' just caught on with users. It became his official nickname, and he their mascot of misogyny. #Quote by India Lee
India quotes by Teresa Mummert
#120. India Lima Yankee #Quote by Teresa Mummert
India quotes by Shekhar Kapur
#121. I have a huge political interest. I just wish I had the courage to come into politics in India. #Quote by Shekhar Kapur
India quotes by George Orwell
#122. A dull, decent people, cherishing and fortifying their dullness behind a quarter of a million bayonets. #Quote by George Orwell
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#123. Make in India! By this, we mean we want to give low cost manufacturing, ease of business, skilled manpower. India is a land of huge possibilities & scope. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Tahir Shah
#124. In India everything has a use and a value. #Quote by Tahir Shah
India quotes by Zubin Mehta
#125. My temples are only in India. When I am in India, I go to the religious ceremonies. #Quote by Zubin Mehta
India quotes by Ian Chappell
#126. India riding on MS Dhoni wave, Dhoni is a different man in World Cups #Quote by Ian Chappell
India quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#127. Each nation has a main current in life; in India it is religion. Make it strong and the waters on either side must move along with it. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
India quotes by Noam Chomsky
#128. That comes to about one hundred million people in India alone from 1947 to 1980. But we don't call that a crime of democratic capitalism. If we were to carry out that calculation throughout the world ... I wont even talk about it. But Sen is correct; they're not intended, just like the Chinese famine wasn't intended. But they are ideological and institutional crimes, and capitalist democracy and its advocates are responsible for them, in whatever sense supporters of so-called Communism are responsible for the Chinese famine. We don't have the entire responsibility, but certainly a large part of it #Quote by Noam Chomsky
India quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#129. Whatever you are doing, put your whole mind on it. If you are shooting, your mind should be only on the target. Then you will never miss. If you are learning your lessons, think only of the lesson. In India boys and girls are taught to do this. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
India quotes by Subhajit Ganguly
#130. Sometimes, in the ancient writing samples found in the Indian subcontinent, we find that a mixture of Harappan and Brahmi features has been used. This definitely points towards a continuous evolutionary process that transformed the Harappan script into the later day Brahmi. This also explains why many of the Harappan signs seem to have been simply carried forward (even in actual form) in the Brahmi script. #Quote by Subhajit Ganguly
India quotes by Imran Khan
#131. Starting a war is in our hands, it is easy. But ending a war, that is not in our hands and no one knows what will happen. #Quote by Imran Khan
India quotes by Thota Ramesh
#132. Discovery of India' by Jawaharlal Nehru. #Quote by Thota Ramesh
India quotes by Manjit Sachdeva
#133. The country was passing through turbulent times. British Raj was on its last legs. The World War had sucked the juice out of the British economy. Britain neither had the resources nor the will to hold on to a country the size of India. Sensing the British weakness and lack of resources to rule, different leagues of Indians sniffed different destinies in the air following the imminent exit of the British: a long stretch of Nehru Raj, Hindu Raj extending from Kashmir to Kerala not seen since Emperor Ashoka in third-century BCE before the emperor himself renounced Hinduism and turned a non-violent Buddhist, a Muslim-majority state carved out of two shoulders of India with a necklace-like corridor running through her bosom along Grand Trunk Road, balkanisation of the country with princes ruling the roost, and total chaos.
From August 1946 onwards, chaos appeared to be the most likely destiny as it spurted in Bengal, Bihar, and United Provinces, ending in the carnage of minority communities at every place.
The predicament of British government was how to cut their losses and run without many British casualties before the inevitable chaos spread to the whole country.
The predicament of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the leader of the Muslim League, was how to achieve his dream of Muslim-majority Pakistan carved out of India before his imminent demise from tuberculosis he suffered from, about which - apart from his doctor - only a handful of his closest relations and friends #Quote by Manjit Sachdeva
India quotes by Vivek Wadhwa
#134. Over the last 10 years, India's perception has gone from being a beggar country to an economic superpower. #Quote by Vivek Wadhwa
India quotes by Alexander Duff
#135. I will lay my bones by the Ganges that India might know there is one who cares. #Quote by Alexander Duff
India quotes by Richard J. Foster
#136. Overconsumption is a "cancer eating away at our spiritual vitals." It cuts the heart right out of our compassion. It distances us from the great masses of broken bleeding humanity. It converts us into materialists. We become less able to ask moral questions. For example, just because we have the economic muscle to buy up vast amounts of the world's oil, does that give us the right to do so? When the poor farmer of India is unable to buy a gallon of gasoline to run his simple water pump because the world's demand has priced him out of the market, who is to blame? #Quote by Richard J. Foster
India quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#137. I was working with Toby Gad, who spent a lot of time in India. There's a sitar [in "Body Shop"] and the song has a very Indian flavor to it. I liked the idea of the body of a car as a kind of sexual metaphor - What you do to a car, what you do in a car - drive. So, lots of innuendos, and lots of fun. #Quote by Madonna Ciccone
India quotes by Camille Paglia
#138. Imperialism and slavery are no white male monopoly, but are everywhere from Egypt, Assyria, and Persia to India, China and Japan. #Quote by Camille Paglia
India quotes by V.S. Naipaul
#139. I went to India and met some people who had been involved in this guerrilla business, middle-class people who were rather vain and foolish. There was no revolutionary grandeur to it. Nothing. #Quote by V.S. Naipaul
India quotes by Paul Theroux
#140. A little farther on, he said, "What do you think of India?" "It's a hard question," I said. I wanted to tell him about the children I had seen that morning pathetically raiding the leftovers of my breakfast, and ask him if he thought there was any truth in Mark Twain's comment on Indians: "It is a curious people. With them, all life seems to be sacred except human life." But I added instead, "I haven't been here very long. #Quote by Paul Theroux
India quotes by India.Arie
#141. Eating is not one of the things that I do now to deal with pain, because I don't ever want to do that. But I isolate myself, that's what I do. #Quote by India.Arie
India quotes by Thomas Munro
#142. If a good system of agriculture, unrivaled manufacturing skill, a capacity to produce whatever can contribute to either convenience or luxury, schools established in every village for teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, the general practice of hospitality and charity amongst each other, and above all, a treatment of the female sex full of confidence, respect, and delicacy, are among the signs which denote a civilized people – then the Hindus are not inferior to the nations of Europe, and if civilization is to become an article of trade between England and India, I am convinced that England will gain by the import cargo. #Quote by Thomas Munro
India quotes by Muhammad Iqbal
#143. It cannot be denied that Islam, regarded as an ethical ideal plus a certain kind of polity - by which expression I mean a social structure regulated by a legal system and animated by a specific ethical ideal - has been the chief formative factor in the life-history of the Muslims of India. It has furnished those basic emotions and loyalties which gradually unify scattered individuals and groups, and finally transform them into a well-defined people, possessing a moral consciousness of their own. #Quote by Muhammad Iqbal
India quotes by Sourav Ganguly
#144. The best way to know how Virender Sehwag's mind works is to sit next to him in the players' balcony when India are batting. Every few minutes he will clutch his head and yell, 'Chauka gaya' or 'Chhakka gaya'. #Quote by Sourav Ganguly
India quotes by Anonymous
#145. Microfinance companies in India are responsible for hundreds of suicides - two hundred people in Andhra Pradesh in 2010 alone. #Quote by Anonymous
India quotes by Clayton Christensen
#146. India's prosperity is sectioned by geography, such as in Bangalore, where the information technology industry is prominent. Because they have a conduit out of India, competing in the world by the Internet, it's not regulated in corrupt ways, and it is very prosperous. #Quote by Clayton Christensen
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#147. Our nation is rich and our people can be rich. 2014 elections is a fight against poverty. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#148. Girls, when I was growing up, my parents used to say to me, 'Tom, finish your dinner - people in China and India are starving.' My advice to you is: Girls, finish your homework - people in China and India are starving for your jobs." And in a flat world, they can have them, because in a flat world there is no such thing as an American job. There is just a job, and in more cases than ever before it will go to the best, smartest, most productive, or cheapest worker - wherever he or she resides. #Quote by Thomas L. Friedman
India quotes by Muse
#149. Brahma and Airavata
Long ago in lands of golden sand
Brahma turned to Saraswati
and gently kissed her inked hand ... #Quote by Muse
India quotes by Arundhati Roy
#150. As a woman who grew up in a village in India, I've spent my whole life fighting tradition. There's no way that I want to be a traditional Indian housewife. #Quote by Arundhati Roy
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#151. Ladakh's Prakash, Paryavaran, Paryatan are a strength for both J&K and India. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Walter Isaacson
#152. Coming back to America was, for me, much more of a cultural shock than going to India. The people in the Indian countryside don't use their intellect like we do, they use their intuition instead, and their intuition is far more developed than in the rest of the world. Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion.
Western rational thought is not an innate human characteristic; it is learned and is the great achievement of Western civilization. In the villages of India, they never learned it. They learned something else, which is in some ways just as valuable but in other ways is not. That's the power of intuition and experiential wisdom.
Coming back after seven months in Indian villages, I saw the craziness of the Western world as well as its capacity for rational thought. If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is. If you try to calm it, it only makes it worse, but over time it does calm, and when it does, there's room to hear more subtle things - that's when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before. It's a discipline; you have to practice it."
- Steve Jobs #Quote by Walter Isaacson
India quotes by Manmohan Singh
#153. Yes, I think India's economy always has been a mixed economy, and by Western standards we are much more of a market economy than a public sector-driven economy. #Quote by Manmohan Singh
India quotes by Sigmar Gabriel
#154. The G8 nations, together with the five major emerging economies of China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, use almost three-quarters of the Earth's biocapacity - the capacity of the world's ecosystems to produce natural resources and to reduce harmful substances. #Quote by Sigmar Gabriel
India quotes by Sania Mirza
#155. I think being a woman celebrity is the hardest thing in India ... People will ask many things, what you wear, how you speak, when you will have a baby and other things. #Quote by Sania Mirza
India quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#156. In India, a "bride burning"-- to punish a woman for inadequate dowry or to eliminate her so a man can remarry-- takes place approximately once every two hours, but rarely constitute news. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
India quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#157. The future of India lies in its villages #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
India quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#158. Through realization of freedom of India, I hope to realize and carry on the mission of brotherhood of man. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
India quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#159. Sir? said Jeeves, kind of manifesting himself. One of the rummy things about Jeeves is that, unless you watch like a hawk, you very seldom see him come into a room. He's like one of those weird chappies in India who dissolve themselves into thin air and nip through space in a sort of disembodied way and assemble the parts again just where they want them. I've got a cousin who's what they call a Theosophist, and he says he's often nearly worked the thing himself, but couldn't quite bring it off, probably owing to having fed in his boyhood on the flesh of animals slain in anger and pie. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
India quotes by Hans Urs Von Balthasar
#160. Syntheses between East and West based simply on a similarity of "spiritualities" or "mystical experiences" could not be achieved even then - how much less so today! So we must judge any program as inadequate that tries simply to let India and Europe encounter each other at the halfway-station of Byzantine hesychasm, in the practice of the Jesus prayer and of certain bodily positions and breathing exercises - all ways in which Eastern Christianity reorientalized itself after the period of the great synthesis. #Quote by Hans Urs Von Balthasar
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#161. My 'Idea of India' calls not just for tolerance, but a celebration of all points of view. Where the sensibilities of every individual are respected #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Rahul Gandhi
#162. I went to University in 1991, and I remember, nobody thought of India. I remember conversations where people would laugh and say, "Do you have elephants on the road?" Nobody is saying that today. #Quote by Rahul Gandhi
India quotes by Aporva Kala
#163. An array of colorful camps dotted the river banks, like a Garrison of army on a peace keeping mission. A mini India; many great nations; different people living in the same place, an inversion of the notion of nation. #Quote by Aporva Kala
India quotes by Hermione Ranfurly
#164. 14 July 1942 - Jerusalem - ...A magnificent parcel, covered in tape and seals, arrived for me from India. Inside were two pairs of old fashioned corsets with bones and laces. They were sent by HRH The Duke of Gloucester. Nick and I had an argument as to how one should thank one of the Royal Family for a present of corsets. Whichever way we put it looked disrespectful. Finally we sent a telegram saying: 'Reinforcements received. Positions now held. Most grateful thanks. #Quote by Hermione Ranfurly
India quotes by Ama H. Vanniarachchy
#165. I am so proud of my father; he is the biggest example of success and courage I have ever seen in my life. He is the emperor of my kingdom. Of course, my father IS an emperor, his name is Asoka, the greatest emperor ruled in India. Moreover, as the name says, he is 'without sorrow' and the slayer of our sorrows. #Quote by Ama H. Vanniarachchy
India quotes by Anonymous
#166. India has long scrutinised charities, which have to obtain New Delhi's permission to receive overseas money. #Quote by Anonymous
India quotes by Pankaj Mishra
#167. The '60s was the last time when large groups of people in the West searched for alternative modes of being. In a society like India's, which is not fully modern or totally organized, and has a great deal of tolerance for otherness in general, people find the cultural license to try other things, to be whatever they want to be. #Quote by Pankaj Mishra
India quotes by Dhirubhai Ambani
#168. The most important external environment is the government of India. You have to sell your ideas to the government. Selling the idea is the most important thing, and for that I'll meet anybody in the government. I am willing to salaam anyone. One thing you won't find in me and that is an ego. #Quote by Dhirubhai Ambani
India quotes by Theodore Dreiser
#169. If I were personally to define religion, I would say that it is a bandage that man has invented to protect a soul made bloody by circumstances. All forms of dogmatic religion should go. The world did without them in the past and can do so again. I cite the great civilizations of China and India. #Quote by Theodore Dreiser
India quotes by Chetan Bhagat
#170. Societies that value excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship and integrity do well. If we want India to be rich, we have to value excellence and honesty first. This is where a reset, a re-prioritization of something very core to society is required. This core is our values. #Quote by Chetan Bhagat
India quotes by Goldwin Smith
#171. Never had there been such an attempt to make conquest the servant of civilization. About keeping India there is no question. England has a real duty there. #Quote by Goldwin Smith
India quotes by Richard Armitage
#172. What could be better in al-Qaeda's mind than to have India and Pakistan going at each other? What more to further their aims? #Quote by Richard Armitage
India quotes by Rob Stewart
#173. The vision of the ideal life that we've been taught in the West, which is gaining ever more purchase in China and India and elsewhere, feeds the system we need to undo. Go to school in order to get a degree in order to get a job in order to earn money so you can try to buy happiness because your life sucks, then retire and die: this is not meaningful living. #Quote by Rob Stewart
India quotes by Ruskin Bond
#174. Malcolm Muggeridge who said that the only real Englishmen left in the world were to be found in India. #Quote by Ruskin Bond
India quotes by Rajiv Gandhi
#175. India is an Old country but a young nation ... I am young and I too have a dream, I dream of India Strong, Independent, Self-Reliant and in the front rank of the nations of the world, in the service of mankind. #Quote by Rajiv Gandhi
India quotes by Erin Reese
#176. India – a land where the last thing one needs to bother with is looking good. In India – at least in the circles I moved in – it's natural to look beautiful by the smile in your heart and the way you move through the world. #Quote by Erin Reese
India quotes by Diana Quick
#177. I always take an Alastair Sawday guide. I stayed in three or four places in India that they had recommended, and every one of them was wonderful. #Quote by Diana Quick
India quotes by Annie Besant
#178. Britons are good, though often brutal, colonists where they come into relations with entirely uncivilized tribes whose past is so remote as to be forgotten. But they trample with their heavy boots over the sensitive, delicate susceptibilities of an ancient, highly civilized and cultured nation, such as India. #Quote by Annie Besant
India quotes by Pankaj Mishra
#179. Ineptitude and negligence directed British policies in India more than any cynical desire to divide and rule, but the British were not above exploiting rivalries. #Quote by Pankaj Mishra
India quotes by Alan W. Watts
#180. We therefore work, not
for the work's sake, but for money - and money is supposed to get us
what we really want in our hours of leisure and play. In the United
States even poor people have lots of money compared with the wretched
and skinny millions of India, Africa, and China, while our middle andupper classes (or should we say "income groups") are as prosperous as
princes. Yet, by and large, they have but slight taste for pleasure. Money
alone cannot buy pleasure, though it can help. For enjoyment is an art
and a skill for which we have little talent or energy. #Quote by Alan W. Watts
India quotes by India Edghill
#181. What is a woman's greatest virtue?
Patience. #Quote by India Edghill
India quotes by Kumar Mangalam Birla
#182. The License Raj in India was a time when, to set up an industry, you needed a license. Which made the government an omnipresent and sort of all-pervasive authority. #Quote by Kumar Mangalam Birla
India quotes by Raghav Bahl
#183. I don't enjoy doing the daily stuff ... but I would love to do something like the series that I did on 'Change India.' That was not just news. The programme was based in public policy, so that kind of influences change. #Quote by Raghav Bahl
India quotes by Clark Blaise
#184. A lot of the Indians who came to North America in the '70s, and who made very successful adjustments, always had an idea of the India that they had left, not realizing that the India that they had left has changed more profoundly than the America they came to. #Quote by Clark Blaise
India quotes by Amish Tripathi
#185. The good news is that a vast majority of Indians from different religions see no contradiction between religiosity and liberalism, keep India stable. We religious liberals don't talk loudly enough. #Quote by Amish Tripathi
India quotes by Aravind Adiga
#186. Like most people who live in India, I complain about corruption, but know that I can live with corrupt men. It is the honest ones I secretly worry about. #Quote by Aravind Adiga
India quotes by India Drummond
#187. His mum had loved her ornaments, as she called them, but when she died, his dad waited about a week before boxing them up and giving them to a charity shop. "I loved your mum, Quinton," he'd said, "but I hate them fuckin' porcelaincats. #Quote by India Drummond
India quotes by Meaghan Rath
#188. My dad's family is part British and Austrian, and my mother's family is from Goa, which is in the south of India. I looked different from everyone else, which now is such a blessing. It was harder at the beginning of my career. #Quote by Meaghan Rath
India quotes by Yoko Ono
#189. I am aware of the sufferings of women in India, which is also the suffering of women in many, many countries on our planet. My heart is filled with empathy and love for them. #Quote by Yoko Ono
India quotes by Rahul Dravid
#190. I was like every other boy in India, with a dream of playing for my country. Yet I could never have imagined a journey so long and so fulfilling. No dream is ever chased alone. #Quote by Rahul Dravid
India quotes by Dhirubhai Ambani
#191. We must always go for the best. Do not compromise on quality. Reject if it is not the best - not only the best in India, but globally. #Quote by Dhirubhai Ambani
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#192. A tourist will come drawn to its beautiful past but we need to put efforts for creating systems to make them stay here. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Narendra Modi
#193. India is a democracy; it is in our DNA. #Quote by Narendra Modi
India quotes by Henry Miller
#194. Begin this moment, wherever you find yourself, and take no thought of the morrow. Look not to Russia, China, India, not to Washington, not to the adjoining county, city or state, but to your immediate surroundings. Forget Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and all the others. Do your part to the best of your ability, regardless of the consequences. Above all, do not wait for the next man to follow suit. #Quote by Henry Miller
India quotes by Aung San Suu Kyi
#195. If ideas and beliefs are to be denied validity outside the geographical and cultural bounds of their origin, Buddhism would be confined to north India, Christianity to a narrow tract in the Middle East and Islam to Arabia. #Quote by Aung San Suu Kyi
India quotes by Romain Rolland
#196. The greatest human ideal is the great cause of bringing together the thoughts of Europe and Asia; the great soul of India will topple our world. #Quote by Romain Rolland
India quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#197. Religion and religion alone is the life of India, and when that goes India will die, in spite of politics, in spite of social reforms, in spite of Kubera's wealth poured upon the head of every one of her children. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
India quotes by India.Arie
#198. It's not fair that people ignore AIDS in Africa because it's Africa. It's not fair. #Quote by India.Arie
India quotes by Acharya Balkrishna
#199. The time is changing and not only the policy makers of India, but the whole world is realizing the importance of Ayurveda. Who could have thought some years back that people with up-bringing in cosmopolitan culture would prefer bottle gourd juice or gooseberry juice over carbonated soft-drinks in the near future. #Quote by Acharya Balkrishna
India quotes by Carl William Brown
#200. In Italy there are about 60 million people and we know how
high is the percentage of morons on national soil. However, in
China there are about 1.4 billion people and in India almost 1.3
billion. Therefore I wonder then, if more or less all the world is
a small village, with how many morons should we have to come
to terms on the territory of this stupid planet. It's the same the
world over, or the world is the same wherever you go! #Quote by Carl William Brown

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