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Inadina Ask quotes by Tessa Dare
#1. Was it a convent you escaped from, Miss Turner?" He turned the boat with a deft pull on one oar.
"Escaped?" Her heart knocked against her hidden purse. "I'm a governess, I told you. I'm not running away, from a convent or anywhere else. Why would you ask that?"
He chuckled. "Because you're staring at me as though you've never seen a man before."
Sophia's cheeks burned. She was staring. Worse, now she found herself powerless to turn away. What with the murky shadows of the tavern and the confusion of the quay, not to mention her own discomposure, she hadn't taken a good, clear look at his eyes until this moment.
They defied her mental palette utterly.
The pupils were ringed with a thin line of blue. Darker than Prussian, yet lighter than indigo. Perhaps matching that dearest of pigments-the one even her father's generous allowance did not permit-ultramarine. Yet within that blue circumference shifted a changing sea of color-green one moment, gray the next…in the shadow of a half-blink, hinting at blue.
He laughed again, and flinty sparks of amusement lit them.
Yes, she was still staring.
Forcing her gaze to the side, she saw their rowboat nearing the scraped hull of a ship. She cleared her throat and tasted brine. "Forgive me, Mr. Grayson. I'm only trying to make you out. I understood you to be the ship's captain."
"Well," he said, grasping a rope thrown down to him and securing it to the boat, "now you know I'm not."
"Might I #Quote by Tessa Dare
Inadina Ask quotes by Muhammad Asad
#2. All the answers are but waiting for us while we, poor fools, ask questions and wait for the secrets of God to open themselves up to us: when they, all the while, are waiting for us to open ourselves up to them ... #Quote by Muhammad Asad
Inadina Ask quotes by Kylie Scott
#3. So, what, you put out date three or four? There about?"
I stopped, staring at him with absolute wonder. "Do I ask you how often you jerk off, Jimmy?"
"Least once a day, lately." He threw the information out there like it didn't even matter. "My libido kind of disappeared there for a while but it's back with a vengeance now. You're probably right on with the dating idea because if I don't get something soon I'm gonna break my fucking wrist. #Quote by Kylie Scott
Inadina Ask quotes by Hope Mirrlees
#4. Master Nathaniel looked at him. The fixed stare, the slightly-open mouth, the rigid motionless body, fettered by a misery too profound for restlessness - how well he knew the state of mind these things expressed! But there must surely be relief in thus allowing the mood to mould the body's attitude to its own shape.

He had no need now to ask his son for explanations. He knew so well both that sense of emptiness, that drawing in of the senses (like the antennae of some creature when danger is no longer imminent, but there), so that the physical world vanishes, while you yourself at once swell out to fill its place, and at the same time shrink to a millionth part of your former bulk, turning into a mere organ of suffering without thought and without emotions; he knew also that other phase, when one seems to be flying from days and months, like a stag from its hunters - like the fugitives, on the old tapestry, from the moon.

But when it is another person who is suffering in this way, in spite of one's pity, how trivial it all seems! How certain one is of being able to expel the agony with reasoning and persuasion! #Quote by Hope Mirrlees
Inadina Ask quotes by Richard Selzer
#5. I stand by the bed where a young woman lies, her face postoperative, her mouth twisted in palsy, clownish. A tiny twig of the facial nerve, the one to the muscles of her mouth has been severed. She will be thus from now on. The surgeon had followed with religious fervor the curve of her flesh; I promise you that. Nevertheless, to remove the tumor in her cheek, I had to cut the little nerve. Her young husband is in the room. He stand on the opposite side of the bed and together they seem to dwell in the evening lamplight, isolated from me, private. Who are they, I ask myself, he and this wry mouth I have made, who gaze at and touch each other so generously, greedily? The young woman speaks, "Will my mouth always be like this?" she asks. "Yes," I say, "it will. It is because the nerve was cut." She nods and is silent. But the young man smiles. "I like it," he says, "It is kind of cute." "All at once I know who he is. I understand and I lower my gaze. One is not bold in an encounter with a god. Unmindful, he bends to kiss her crooked mouth and I am so close I can see how he twists his own lips to accommodate to hers, to show her that their kiss still works. #Quote by Richard Selzer
Inadina Ask quotes by David Levithan
#6. champagne, n.

You appear at the foot of the bed with a bottle of champagne, and I have no idea why. I search my mind desperately for an occasion I've forgotten - is this some obscure anniversary or, even worse, a not-so-obscure one? Then I think you have something to tell me, some good news to share, but your smile is silent, cryptic. I sit up in bed, ask you what's going on, and you shake your head, as if to say that nothing's going on, as if to pretend that we usually start our Wednesday mornings with champagne.

You touch the bottle to my leg - I feel the cool condensation and the glass, the fact that the bottle must have been sleeping all night in the refrigerator without me noticing. You have long-stemmed glasses in you other hand, and you place them on the nightstand, beside the uncommenting clock, the box of kleenex, the tumbler of water.

"The thing about champagne," you say, unfailing the cork, unwinding its wire restraint, "is that it is the ultimate associative object. Every time you open a bottle of champagne, it's a celebration, so there's no better way of starting a celebration than opening a bottle of champagne. Every time you sip it, you're sipping from all those other celebrations. The joy accumulates over time."

You pop the cork. The bubbles rise. I feel some of the spray on my skin. You pour.

"But why?" I ask as you hand me my glass.

You raise yours and ask, "Why not? What better w #Quote by David Levithan
Inadina Ask quotes by Harvey Fierstein
#7. I often say that if you want to really want to understand the contract of marriage, just ask anyone who has been divorced. The marriage contract is one of property rights. Or maybe you can look in the Bible to see what Adam had to say about divorce, since Eve was his second wife. #Quote by Harvey Fierstein
Inadina Ask quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#8. Three Pillars of Life
1 LOVE: The foundation of life
Every single life that's built on the foundation of love is rock solid but life without love crumbles and drift away. ' And now these three remain: faith,hope and love. But the greatest is love'(1Corinthians13:13).
2 TRUST: The builder of relationships
Every relationship based on trust becomes a close-knit and priceless relationship.
'He will not let your foot slip-
he who watches over you will not slumber(Psalms121:3).
3 LOYALTY:A continuous manner of living
Loyalty stands by you and support you through thick and thin.
But Ruth replied, ' Don't ask me to leave you and turn back. Wherever you go I will go; wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God(Ruth 1:16). #Quote by Euginia Herlihy
Inadina Ask quotes by Edward Teyber
#9. Toward the end of the first session, no matter how well it seems to have gone, the therapist is encouraged to ask clients how the session felt to them and whether they have any concerns about the treatment process or the therapist. #Quote by Edward Teyber
Inadina Ask quotes by Brooklyn Skye
#10. Why do you do that?" Torrin's voice echoes in the empty hall. His hand is holding my arm gently, not at all like Derek does. I can't have this. I can't. I shouldn't have ever come here with him.
I draw in a shaky breath and pull my arm away.
"Do what?"
"Walk away every time I ask you something personal?"
I stare hard at him. "Why do you do that?
He blinks. "Huh?"
"Ask so many questions."
His mouth drops open and closes and five long seconds pass before he says, "It's what people do, Quinn. When they're getting to know each other."
I shake my head and spin toward the door.
"You don't want to get to know me. #Quote by Brooklyn Skye
Inadina Ask quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#11. I asked Isabelle whether she was happy. "I never ask myself, so I suppose the answer is yes." At all events she likes the moment of waking up. That seems to me a pretty good definition of happiness! It is the same with me: every morning, when I open my eyes, I smile. #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Inadina Ask quotes by Charlaine Harris
#12. You'll have to ask Bill that, Sookie. And this is the only reason we're going? You're not cleverly using
this as an excuse to make out with me?"
"I'm not that clever, Eric."
"I think you deceive yourself, Sookie," Eric said with a brilliant smile. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Inadina Ask quotes by John Hawkes
#13. As an actor, you don't often get a chance to know exactly the impact of what the audience is seeing, even though you can ask where the frame is. A move that feels tiny can be huge, and vice versa. #Quote by John Hawkes
Inadina Ask quotes by Alan Turing
#14. Let us return for a moment to Lady Lovelace's objection, which stated that the machine can only do what we tell it to do. One could say that a man can "inject" an idea into the machine, and that it will respond to a certain extent and then drop into quiescence, like a piano string struck by a hammer. Another simile would be an atomic pile of less than critical size: an injected idea is to correspond to a neutron entering the pile from without. Each such neutron will cause a certain disturbance which eventually dies away. If, however, the size of the pile is sufficiently increased, the disturbance caused by such an incoming neutron will very likely go on and on increasing until the whole pile is destroyed. Is there
a corresponding phenomenon for minds, and is there one for machines? There does seem to be one for the human mind. The majority of them seem to be "sub-critical," i.e. to correspond in this analogy to piles
of sub-critical size. An idea presented to such a mind will on average give rise to less than one idea in reply. A smallish proportion are supercritical. An idea presented to such a mind may give rise to a whole "theory" consisting of secondary, tertiary and more remote ideas. Animals' minds seem to be very definitely sub-critical. Adhering to this analogy we ask, "Can a machine be made to be super-critical? #Quote by Alan Turing
Inadina Ask quotes by Anonymous
#15. All I really want to do is spend my life traveling the world, reading books that take my breath away, drinking all kinds of tea and occasionally write something. I mean is that too much to ask for? #Quote by Anonymous
Inadina Ask quotes by Satyendra Pandey
#16. You need to ask yourself " How much do you want" before you start your online business. #Quote by Satyendra Pandey
Inadina Ask quotes by Billy Graham
#17. Heaven is full of answers for which nobody ever bothered to ask. #Quote by Billy Graham
Inadina Ask quotes by Peter Schjeldahl
#19. What I want to know from students, and I ask them right away, is, 'What do you want? I don't care what it is. I want to help you get it. #Quote by Peter Schjeldahl
Inadina Ask quotes by Barbara R. Duguid
#20. you were to ask Christians around the world what God wants from the people he has saved, most would probably answer "obedience." There is great truth in that answer, but it is not enough. If the sovereign God's primary goal in sanctifying believers is simply to make us more holy, it is hard to explain why most of us make only "small beginnings" on the road to personal holiness in this life, as the Heidelberg Catechism puts it (see Catechism Q. 113). In reality, God wants something much more precious in our lives than mere outward conformity to his will. After all, obedience is tricky business and can be confusing to us. We can be obedient outwardly while sinning wildly on the inside, as the example of the Pharisees makes clear. In fact, many of my worst sins have been committed in the context of my best obedience. #Quote by Barbara R. Duguid
Inadina Ask quotes by Leon Wieseltier
#21. The questions that we must ask ourselves, and that our historians and our children will ask of us, are these: How will what we create compare with what we inherited? Will we add to our tradition or will we subtract from it? Will we enrich it or will we deplete it? #Quote by Leon Wieseltier
Inadina Ask quotes by Kate Racculia
#22. For now, we're just friends...
I hate that phrase...Don't cheat your friendships. Don't ask them to mean less to you than they do, or think they only have value if they're a stop on the way to a *real* relationship...All relationships are real...Friendship can be as deep as the ocean. It's all a kind of love, and love isn't any one kind of thing. #Quote by Kate Racculia
Inadina Ask quotes by Christopher Parker
#23. I'm not confident with the ladies. I can't just ask someone out in a club. I'd like to say I'm a gentleman. #Quote by Christopher Parker
Inadina Ask quotes by Michael Morpurgo
#24. The most important thing is to live an interesting life. Keep your eyes, ears and heart open. Talk to people and visit interesting places, and don't forget to ask questions. To be a writer you need to drink in the world around you so it's always there in your head. #Quote by Michael Morpurgo
Inadina Ask quotes by Nicole Sager
#25. Bradley opened his mouth and then snapped it shut. Finally he chuckled, I find myself with so many arguments and witty replies begging to be used in response to your statement, that I simply cannot choose which would serve my purpose best. Therefore, I'll use none of them and instead ask how you came to be pinned beneath the rubble of thirty bent on your destruction. #Quote by Nicole Sager
Inadina Ask quotes by Rick Riordan
#26. For two days, we had travelled the Labyrinth - across pits of darkness and around lakes of poison, through dilapidated shopping malls with only discount Halloween stores and questionable Chinese food buffets.
The Labyrinth could be a bewildering place. Like a web of capillaries beneath the skin of the mortal world, it connected basements, sewers and forgotten tunnels around the globe with no regard to the rules of time and space. One might enter the Labyrinth through a manhole in Rome, walk ten feet, open a door and find oneself at a training camp for clowns in Buffalo, Minnesota. (Please don't ask. It was traumatic.) #Quote by Rick Riordan
Inadina Ask quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#27. Don't ask me any questions. I've seen how things that seek their way find their void instead. #Quote by Federico Garcia Lorca
Inadina Ask quotes by John Scalzi
#28. Did you know the guy?" Lopez asked. "Who was he?" "Harry Creek," Creek said. "I knew him." "Where is he now?" Lopez asked. "He became a shepherd," Creek said. Gracie laughed. "You're not serious," he said. "Actually, I am," Creek said. "And is he any good at it?" Gracie asked. "I don't know," Creek said, and glanced over at Robin. "You'd have to ask the sheep. #Quote by John Scalzi
Inadina Ask quotes by Eric Butterworth
#29. Ask any great athlete or the concert pianist or the successful actor if they have arrived at the place where they need no further practice. They will tell you that the higher you climb in proficiency and public acceptance, the greater the need for practice. #Quote by Eric Butterworth
Inadina Ask quotes by Neil A. Hogan
#30. Chatting with someone who has no life experience is like consulting a dentist. You know the answers will be painful but you have to ask. #Quote by Neil A. Hogan
Inadina Ask quotes by Harold B. Lee
#31. There are many who profess to be religious and speak of themselves as Christians, and, according to one such, "as accepting the scriptures only as sources of inspiration and moral truth," and then ask in their smugness: "Do the revelations of God give us a handrail to the kingdom of God, as the Lord's messenger told Lehi, or merely a compass?" #Quote by Harold B. Lee
Inadina Ask quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
#32. Many years ago, our father Ibrahim (AS) made a choice. He loved his son. But He loved God more. The commandment came to sacrifice his son. But it wasn't his son that was slaughtered. It was his attachment to anything that could compete with his love for God. So let us ask ourselves in these beautiful days of sacrifice, which attachments do we need to slaughter? #Quote by Yasmin Mogahed
Inadina Ask quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#33. While I pressed the tissue to my face, Beck said, "Can I tell you something? There are a lot of empty boxes in your head, Sam."
I looked at him, quizzical. Again, it was a strange enough concept to hold my attention.
"There are a lot of empty boxes in there, and you can put things in them." Beck handed me another tissue for the other side of my face.
My trust of Beck at that point was not yet complete; I remember thinking that he was making a very bad joke that I wasn't getting. My voice sounded wary, even to me. "What kinds of things?"
"Sad things," Beck said. "Do you have a lot of sad things in your head?"
"No," I said.
Beck sucked in his lower lip and released it slowly. "Well, I do."
This was shocking. I didn't ask a question, but I tilted toward him.
"And these things would make me cry," Beck continued. "They used to make me cry all day long."
I remembered thinking this was probably a lie. I could not imagine Beck crying. He was a rock. Even then, his fingers braced against the floor, he looked poised, sure, immutable.
"You don't believe me? Ask Ulrik. He had to deal with it," Beck said. "And so you know what I did with those sad things? I put them in boxes. I put the sad things in the boxes in my head, and I closed them up and I put tape on them and I stacked them up in the corner and threw a blanket over them."
"Brain tape?" I suggested, with a little smirk. I was eight, after all.
Beck smiled, a weird private #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Inadina Ask quotes by Barack Obama
#34. Tonight, I say to the American people, to Democrats and Republicans and Independents across this great land: enough! This moment, this election is our chance to keep, in the 21st century, the American promise alive. Because next week, in Minnesota, the same party that brought you two terms of George Bush and Dick Cheney will ask this country for a third. And we are here because we love this country too much to let the next four years look like the last eight. On Nov. 4, we must stand up and say: Eight is enough. #Quote by Barack Obama
Inadina Ask quotes by Richard Feynman
#35. You see, one thing is, I can live with doubt and uncertainty and not knowing. I think it's much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. I have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of certainty about different things, but I'm not absolutely sure of anything and there are many things I don't know anything about, such as whether it means anything to ask why we're here, and what the question might mean. I might think about it a little bit and if I can't figure it out, then I go on to something else, but I don't have to know an answer, I don't feel frightened by not knowing things, by being lost in a mysterious universe without having any purpose, which is the way it really is so far as I can tell. It doesn't frighten me. #Quote by Richard Feynman
Inadina Ask quotes by Glenn A. Maltais
#36. The answer to why we exist does not exist, at least not where most of us look for it. We must look inward not out. We should not ask this question of life, but rather of ourselves - and then answer it. #Quote by Glenn A. Maltais
Inadina Ask quotes by Marylin Schirmer
#37. Watch what you ask for you just might get it. #Quote by Marylin Schirmer
Inadina Ask quotes by Guy Finley
#38. Instead of always asking yourself why so-and-so acts this or that way, learn to ask: "What's inside of me that wants to hurt itself over how anyone else acts?" #Quote by Guy Finley

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