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In The Past quotes by Fausto Cercignani
#1. If you are living in the past or in the future, you will never find a meaning in the present. #Quote by Fausto Cercignani
In The Past quotes by Peter Sotos
#2. In the past the publishers I've worked with have been extremely generous. And in almost every case, have been people who believed in the work rather than the sales and marketing. #Quote by Peter Sotos
In The Past quotes by H.G.Wells
#3. He came away with an exasperated sense of failure. He denounced parliamentary government root and branch that night. Parliament was doomed. The fact that it had not listened to Rud was only one little conclusive fact in a long indictment. "It has become a series of empty forms," he said. "All over the world, always, the sawdust of reality is running out of the shapes of quasi-public things. Not one British citizen in a thousand watches what is done in Parliament; not one in a thousand Americans follows the discourses of Congress. Interest has gone. Every election in the past thirty years has been fought on gross misunderstandings. #Quote by H.G.Wells
In The Past quotes by Jenni Schaefer
#4. In the past, I was a perpetual victim; how I was doing in any given moment depended on what happened to me. Today I do my best to avoid this kind of 'victim thinking.' Instead, how I am doing is determined by how I respond to what happens to me. #Quote by Jenni Schaefer
In The Past quotes by Lisa Shearin
#5. Report any sightings as they happen." "Will a girly scream work?" Rolf asked. "It's always worked for you in the past," a huge, blond-bearded commando shouted good-naturedly. "Why change now? #Quote by Lisa Shearin
In The Past quotes by Jeremy Roenick
#6. I think there are a lot of crazy guys that I've played with in the past. Wayne VanDorp, when I played in Chicago. He wasn't a big name, but my God was he nuts. #Quote by Jeremy Roenick
In The Past quotes by Marilee G. Adams
#7. Blame keeps us stuck in the past. Responsibility paves the path for a better future. Blame #Quote by Marilee G. Adams
In The Past quotes by King Khan
#8. I've done collaborations with Scott [Morgan, aka Loscil] in the past, but it is something that kind of appeals to me these days. #Quote by King Khan
In The Past quotes by Stan Musial
#9. The first principle of contract negotiations is don't remind them of what you did in the past - tell them what you're going to do in the future. #Quote by Stan Musial
In The Past quotes by Ernest King
#10. Nothing remains static in war or military weapons, and it is consequently often dangerous to rely on courses suggested by apparent similarities in the past. #Quote by Ernest King
In The Past quotes by Idries Shah
#11. Western society has in the past few decades taken a great step forward, which gives its members a perhaps unparalleled opportunity. This has been due to the final recognition of the way in which people can be (and are) conditioned to believe virtually anything. Although this knowledge existed earlier, it was confined to a few, and was taught to relatively small groups, because it was considered subversive. Once, however, the paradox of change of 'faith' began to disturb Western scientists in the Korean war, they were not long in explaining - even in replicating - the phenomenon. As with so many other discoveries, this one had to wait for its acceptance until there was no other explanation. Hence, work which Western scientists could have done a century or more earlier was delayed.
Still, better late than never. What remains to be done is that the general public should absorb the facts of mind-manipulation. Failure to do so has resulted in an almost free field for the cults which are a bane of Western existence. In both East and West, the slowness of absorption of these facts has allowed narrow, political, religious and faddish fanaticism to arise, to grow and to spread without the necessary 'immunization'. In illiberal societies it is forbidden to teach these facts. In liberal ones, few people are interested: but only because mind-manipulation is assumed to be something that happens to someone else, and people are selfish in many ways, though charitable in others. Yet the #Quote by Idries Shah
In The Past quotes by Samantha Young
#12. No one will ever understand like I do. You're so different with me, baby. You take care of me. You make me feel safe. You're not who you think you are. Didn't you once tell me that people aren't just one thing? You're so much more to me than anything you might have done in the past. #Quote by Samantha Young
In The Past quotes by Judy Woodruff
#13. In my book [Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age], I argue that we're vulnerable to technologies.There's a 40 percent decline in all markers for empathy among college students, with most of it taking place in the past years. #Quote by Judy Woodruff
In The Past quotes by Alan Turing
#14. I am not very impressed with theological arguments whatever they may be used to support. Such arguments have often been found unsatisfactory in the past. In the time of Galileo it was argued that the texts, 'And the sun stood still ... and hasted not to go down about a whole day' (Joshua x. 13) and 'He laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not move at any time' (Psalm cv. 5) were an adequate refutation of the Copernican theory. #Quote by Alan Turing
In The Past quotes by Debasish Mridha
#15. You can never live in the past. You always live in the tiny gap between the present and the future. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
In The Past quotes by Dennis Quaid
#16. I've had varying luck with comedy in the past, but I'd really like to give that another go. I don't know if I'd chase down a part, but if the right thing came along I could certainly see myself stepping into that zone. #Quote by Dennis Quaid
In The Past quotes by Zadie Smith
#17. Her beauty was not a sharp, cold commodity. She smelled musty, womanly, like a bundle of your favourite clothes... She wore her sexuality with an older woman's ease, and not (as with most of the girls Archie had run with in the past) like an awkward purse, never knowing how to hold it, where to hang it or when to just put it down. (~of Clara Bowden) #Quote by Zadie Smith
In The Past quotes by Mary Balogh
#18. There is nothing worse, is there," she said, "than a past that has never been fully dealt with. One can convince oneself, that it is all safely in the past and forgotten about, but the very fact that we can tell ourselves that it is forgotten proves that it is not. #Quote by Mary Balogh
In The Past quotes by Venus Williams
#19. I try to update as much as possible. You don't want to be in the past. #Quote by Venus Williams
In The Past quotes by Steven Soderbergh
#20. I'm always a little unnerved when I see a show that's set in the past that implies in any way that things were nicer then. #Quote by Steven Soderbergh
In The Past quotes by Tom Roston
#21. And if you tell a good story, it feels is. A couple looked at this film and said it was the first time that they had ever felt that as they watched something, that they felt as if what they were watching was happening now rather than in the past. And that is the highest compliment someone could ever pay. They might say it was the greatest documentary ever, but it wouldn't be the same thing as it felt as if it was happening now. There was a familiarity. And that is what we wanted. We wanted to remove the distance between us. #Quote by Tom Roston
In The Past quotes by Li Keqiang
#22. Openness has been vital to Asia's fast growth in the past and it will continue to be crucial for the area's further development. #Quote by Li Keqiang
In The Past quotes by Debasish Mridha
#23. Peaceful is he who is living in the moment, but not in the past nor in the future. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
In The Past quotes by Tim Lebbon
#24. There's no denying that the way horror has been packaged in the past has done it no favours. Lurid black covers adorned with skulls, corpses crawling with insects and scantily clad maidens being chewed into by vampires
all good clean fun, but it doesn't do much to give the genre an air of respectability or seriousness to the casual browser. #Quote by Tim Lebbon
In The Past quotes by Xavi
#25. Leo [Messi] is the best player of all time - better than Pele, Maradona or Cruyff. There have been some great teams in history - Pele's Brazil, Cruyff's Ajax, Sacchi's Milan - but in the past 20 years this Barcelona team is the best. #Quote by Xavi
In The Past quotes by Molly Crabapple
#26. I think Picasso was someone who took art's powers of consuming, its powers of much-ness and multiplicity, and used that to his fullest extent. That's something that was permitted to men, obviously, much more than women, but was also permitted in the past much more often than now. #Quote by Molly Crabapple
In The Past quotes by Laura Anne Gilman
#27. Everything else was in the past, and the past no longer mattered. #Quote by Laura Anne Gilman
In The Past quotes by Nathalie Himmelrich
#28. Honestly, death took on a totally different meaning for me in the past years.....I don't feel the fear or trepidation about death that I used to feel. I felt tired of living. #Quote by Nathalie Himmelrich
In The Past quotes by Hamid Karzai
#29. But the war on terror as I have repeatedly said in the past, and the Afghan people believe in it, in truth, is that the war on terror is not in the Afghan villages or homes. Its in the sanctuaries, it is in the training grounds, its in the motivation factors and the money that comes to it. #Quote by Hamid Karzai
In The Past quotes by Stefan Heck
#30. A company at the top of its game has accumulated a number of rules of thumb - implicit assumptions and beliefs about what has been central to its success. New technologies and business models belie or change some of those assumptions, but they only seem sensible if the management team can become aware of those implicit assumptions and mind-sets and suspend them for a moment to contemplate the change. It's very hard to do that with the inherited wisdom, experience, and lore of a company. This is why the failures of incumbents to capture the benefits of disruptive innovations are a result not of bad managers, but of good managers practicing what they have done best. Incremental innovations can quickly be scaled and incorporated. Disruptive innovations require changes in customer sets, business models, or performance metrics that are no longer consistent with what led to success in the past. #Quote by Stefan Heck
In The Past quotes by Demetra George
#31. In the past, men had projected their feminine qualities of emotions, nurturance, and sensitivity onto women. With the recent activation of the feminine centers represented by the asteroids, men have been pressured and encouraged to both "own: and develop these qualities. #Quote by Demetra George
In The Past quotes by Warren Farrell
#32. In the past we believed both sexes were born with original sin. Today, we have come to unconsciously believe in the original sin of boys, but the original innocence of girls. #Quote by Warren Farrell
In The Past quotes by Pablo Neruda
#33. Of everything I have seen, it's you I want to go on seeing: of everything I've touched, it's your flesh I want to go on touching. I love your orange laughter. I am moved by the sight of you sleeping. What am I to do, love, loved one? I don't know how others love or how people loved in the past. I live, watching you, loving you. Being in love is my nature. #Quote by Pablo Neruda
In The Past quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#34. The pain did not subside, but Ivan Ilyich forced himself to think he was getting better. And he managed to deceive himself as long as nothing upset him. But no sooner did he have a nasty episode with his wife, a setback at work, or a bad hand at cards, than he immediately became acutely aware of his illness. In the past he had been able to cope with such adversities, confident that in no time at all he would set things right, get the upper hand, succeed, have a grand slam. Now every setback knocked the ground out from under him and reduced him to despair. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
In The Past quotes by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
#35. The golden age is not in the past, but in the future; not in the origin of human experience, but in its consummate flower; not opening in Eden, but out from Gethsemane. #Quote by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
In The Past quotes by Will Self
#36. In survey after survey, people report that the greatest dangers they face are, in this order: terrorist attack, plane crashes and nuclear accidents. This despite the fact that these three combined have killed fewer people in the past half-century than car accidents do in any given year. #Quote by Will Self
In The Past quotes by Jamaica Kincaid
#37. In the past, the thought of being in my present situation had been a comfort, but now I did not even have this to look forward to, and so I lay down on my bed and dreamt I was eating a bowl of pink mullet and green figs cooked in coconut milk, and it had been cooked by my grandmother, which was why the taste of it pleased me so, for she was the person I liked best in all the world and those were the things I like best to eat also. #Quote by Jamaica Kincaid
In The Past quotes by Matthew S. McCormick
#38. 1. Myth: Without God, life has no meaning.

There are 1.2 billion Chinese who have no predominant religion, and 1 billion people in India who are predominantly Hindu. And 65% of Japan's 127 million people claim to be non-believers. It is laughable to suggest that none of these billions of people are leading meaningful lives.

2. Myth: Prayer works.

Studies have now shown that inter-cessionary prayer has no effect whatsoever of the health or well-being of the subject.

3. Myth: Atheists are immoral.

There are hundreds of millions of non-believers on the planet living normal, decent, moral lives. They love their children, care about others, obey laws, and try to keep from doing harm to others just like everyone else. In fact, in predominantly non-believing countries such as in northern Europe, measures of societal health such as life expectancy at birth, adult literacy, per capita income, education, homicide, suicide, gender equality, and political coercion are better than they are in believing societies.

4. Myth: Belief in God is compatible with science.

In the past, every supernatural or paranormal explanation of phenomena that humans believed turned out to be mistaken; science has always found a physical explanation that revealed that the supernatural view was a myth. Modern organisms evolved from lower life forms, they weren't created 6,000 years ago in the finished state. Fever is not caused by de #Quote by Matthew S. McCormick
In The Past quotes by A.G. Riddle
#39. A mind that dwells in the past builds a prison it cannot escape. Control your mind, or it will control you, and you will never break through the walls it builds. #Quote by A.G. Riddle
In The Past quotes by Zadie Smith
#40. And in the past, Archie wondered, was it just that fewer people cheated? Were they more honest, and did they leave their front doors open, did they leave their kids with the neighbors, pay social calls, run up tabs with the butcher? The funny thing about getting old in a country is people always want to hear that from you. They want to hear it really was once a green and pleasant land. They need it. #Quote by Zadie Smith
In The Past quotes by Corey Flintoff
#41. There are allegations actually that he's [Vladimir Putin] associated with real gangsters in the past and that he runs his top circle sort of like a mafia family. But, you know, what is clear is that he seems to prize loyalty above all. He deeply resents anything that he sees as a betrayal. #Quote by Corey Flintoff
In The Past quotes by Noureddine Morceli
#42. Barcelona is now in the past. I was sick and boxed in, and that's understandable why I lost. #Quote by Noureddine Morceli
In The Past quotes by Truman Capote
#43. Have you never heard what the wise man say : all of the future exists in the past. #Quote by Truman Capote
In The Past quotes by Sandra Tsing Loh
#44. Nowadays, it is possible to perform various forms of Low-Impact listening via the telephone. The advent of technological advances such as computer games and online services (like ones that let you check stocks) have enabled Low-Impact listeners to endure family phone calls much longer than in the past. Dangers include mouse clicks, heavy typing, or a sudden loud buzzer that goes off when you have finished Boggle. #Quote by Sandra Tsing Loh
In The Past quotes by John C. Maxwell
#45. For years I kept a sign on my desk that helped me maintain the right perspective concerning yesterday. It simply said, 'yesterday ended last night.' It reminded me that no matter how badly I might have failed in the past, it's done, and today is a new day. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
In The Past quotes by Franz Kafka
#46. Sometimes he mulled over the idea that the next time the door opened he would take control of the family affairs as he had done in the past; these musings led him once more after such a long interval to conjure up the figures of the boss, the head clerk, the salesmen, the apprentices, the dullard of an office manager, two or three friends from other firms, a sweet and fleeting memory of a chambermaid in one of the rural hotels, a cashier in a milliner's shop whom he had wooed earnestly but too slowly- they all appeared mixed up with strangers or nearly forgotten people, but instead of helping him and his family they were each and every one unapproachable, and he was relieved when they evaporated. #Quote by Franz Kafka
In The Past quotes by John F. Kennedy
#47. Too often in the past, we have thought of the artist as an idler and dilettante and of the lover of arts as somehow sissy and effete. We have done both an injustice. The life of the artist is, in relation to his work, stern and lonely. He has labored hard, often amid deprivation, to perfect his skill. He has turned aside from quick success in order to strip his vision of everything secondary or cheapening. His working life is marked by intense application and intense discipline. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
In The Past quotes by Jim Butcher
#48. At one time in my life, a shapeshifted, demonically possessed maniac crashing through a window and trying to rip my face off would have come as an enormous and nasty surprise.
But that time was pretty much in the past. #Quote by Jim Butcher
In The Past quotes by Peter Singer
#49. In the past 20 years alone, it adds up to more death than were caused by all the civil and international wars adn government repression of the entire twentieth century, the century of Hitler and Stalin. How much would we give to prevent those horrors? Yet how little are we doing to prevent today's even larger toll and all the misery that it involves? I believe that if you read this book to the end, and look honestly and carefully at our situation, assessing both the facts and the ethical arguments, you will agree that we must act. #Quote by Peter Singer
In The Past quotes by Harold Rosenberg
#50. If being an anti-art artist is difficult, being an anti-art art historian is a hard position indeed. His doctrinal revolutionism brings forth nothing new in art but reenacts upheavals on the symbolic plane of language. It provides the consoling belief that overthrows are occurring as in the past, that barriers to creation are being surmounted, and that art is pursuing a radical purpose, even if it is only the purpose of doing away with itself. #Quote by Harold Rosenberg
In The Past quotes by Mario Puzo
#51. Do not count on the gratitude of deeds done for people in the past,you must make them grateful for things you will do for them in the future. #Quote by Mario Puzo
In The Past quotes by Edwidge Danticat
#52. For so long this had been my life, but it was all in the past. Now we all had to try and find the future. #Quote by Edwidge Danticat
In The Past quotes by Prentice Mulford
#53. Unreasoning prejudices are bred out of the continual living in the past #Quote by Prentice Mulford
In The Past quotes by William Henry Frost
#54. Christ is the eternal Son of God, and He is in His divine attributes the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). If therefore He loved in the days of His flesh, He loves now; if He cared then, He cares now; if He healed then, He heals now. It does not necessarily follow that He will do now all that He did then, or that He will do what He does now in the same way as He did then, for His purposes in some things are different at present from what they were in the past. Nevertheless, Christ is changeless in character, and we may be sure that He is infinitely interested in us and concerned about us. #Quote by William Henry Frost
In The Past quotes by David Alejandro Fearnhead
#55. In the past people used to rob banks, now the banks rob the people. #Quote by David Alejandro Fearnhead
In The Past quotes by Mitch Winehouse
#56. I knew that Amy couldn't have died from a drug overdose, as she had been drug-free since 2008. But although she had been so brave and had fought so hard in her recovery from alcoholism, I knew she must have lapsed once again. I thought that Amy hadn't had a drink for three weeks. But she had actually started drinking at Dionne's Roundhouse gig the previous Wednesday. I didn't know that at the time. The following morning Janis, Jane, Richard Collins (Janis's fiancé), Raye, Reg and I went to St Pancras mortuary to officially identify Amy. Alex couldn't bring himself to go, which I fully understood. When we arrived there were loads of paps outside the court, but they were all very respectful. We were shown into a room and saw Amy behind a window. She looked very, very peaceful, as if she was just asleep, which in a way made it a lot harder. She looked lovely. There was a slight red blotchiness to her skin, which was why, at the time, I thought she might have had a seizure: she looked as she had done when she had had seizures in the past. Eventually the others left Janis and me to say goodbye to Amy by ourselves. We were with her for about fifteen minutes. We put our hands on the glass partition and spoke to her. We told her that Mummy and Daddy were with her and that we would always love her. I can't express what it was like. It was the worst feeling in the world. #Quote by Mitch Winehouse
In The Past quotes by Olga Tokarczuk
#57. I grew up in a beautiful era, now sadly in the past. In it there was great readiness for change, and a talent for creating revolutionary visions. Nowadays no one still has the courage to think up anything new. All they ever talk about, round the clock, is how things already are, they just keep rolling out the same old ideas. Reality has grown old and gone senile; after all, it is definitely subject to the same laws as every living organism - it ages. Just like the cells of the body, its tiniest components - the senses, succumb to apoptosis. Apoptosis is natural death, brought about by the tiredness and exhaustion of matter. In Greek this word means 'the dropping of petals.' The world has dropped its petals. #Quote by Olga Tokarczuk
In The Past quotes by Chris Squire
#58. I think partly the problem with Yes - and I've had this discussion with people from the Hall of Fame in the past - is that it's going to be difficult to decide how many of the members of Yes you're gonna put in it and how many you're not because of the extensive membership of the band through the years. #Quote by Chris Squire
In The Past quotes by Bob Weinstein
#59. The characters are great, and this is the first adventure of the brothers Grimm, so there's plenty of potential to make a franchise. We've been quite successful in the past, so anything like that, if it does pay off with hopefully the good movie that I think it will be, it pays off also down the road. #Quote by Bob Weinstein
In The Past quotes by Susan   Mallery
#60. His mouth turned up at one corner. His face was transformed when he smiled, even when it was a half-smile given halfheartedly. Wow. A sexy cowboy with a sense of humor could be dangerous. And while she'd always avoided danger in the past, for some reason, she found herself wanting to move just a little closer.
Play with fire, she reminded herself. Only getting burned seemed like a small price to pay. #Quote by Susan Mallery
In The Past quotes by Auliq Ice
#61. There is no future in the past and there is no real hope in the future, only regrets, worries, plans and aim for the best. #Quote by Auliq Ice
In The Past quotes by Kellyn Roth
#62. I'm an idiot for trying to avoid these feelings because they have caused me pain in the past. #Quote by Kellyn Roth
In The Past quotes by Minnie Driver
#63. I wouldn't change a thing about what I've done in the past because what may have been bad choices have all led me to this moment. #Quote by Minnie Driver
In The Past quotes by Mark Mason
#64. I was attracted to the direct connection with history that land surveyors experience in the form of plans, field notes, and from surveying monuments from decades or even centuries in the past. #Quote by Mark Mason
In The Past quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#65. Don't recide in the past. Instead, refer to it, else you will remain in the remand of high demand but with low command #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
In The Past quotes by Scarlett Dawn
#66. Work out your issues. Quit running from them.'
'We're not running from them,' I slurred, letting my head hang in defeat. 'We're yelling and drinking them away.' In the past week I had figured out what my issue was, and I didn't want to confront it.
'Lots of yelling,' King Venclaire muttered. 'Lots of drinking. #Quote by Scarlett Dawn
In The Past quotes by Sarah Bird
#67. At almost any time in the past sixteen years, hearing him admit how much the sound of my voice, even channeled through our daughter, still affected him would have felt like winning. Today, it's close to irrelevant. #Quote by Sarah Bird
In The Past quotes by Dick Cheney
#68. I have argued in the past, and would again, if we had been able to pre-empt the attacks of 9/11 would we have done it? And I think absolutely. We have to be prepared now to take the kind of bold action that's being contemplated with respect to Iraq in order to ensure that we don't get hit with a devastating attack when the terrorists' organization gets married up with a rogue state that's willing to provide it with the kinds of deadly capabilities that Saddam Hussein has developed and used over the years. #Quote by Dick Cheney
In The Past quotes by Jeremy Hunt
#69. People have had certain assumptions in the past about Conservative governments, partly because of some of the things that happened in the 1980s, and partly because of the tone of some of the debate in the 1980s that appeared to say public spending on the arts was something you might want to progressively reduce. #Quote by Jeremy Hunt
In The Past quotes by Malcolm X
#70. Ignorance of each other is what has made unity impossible in the past. Therefore we need enlightenment. We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity. Once we have more knowledge (light) about each other, we will stop condemning each other and a United front will be brought about. #Quote by Malcolm X
In The Past quotes by Jane Byrne
#71. We saw hundreds of programs to redevelop the central city, the neighborhoods, in the past. #Quote by Jane Byrne
In The Past quotes by Anna Banks
#72. The three thousand miles in distance he put between himself and Emma tonight is nothing compared with the enormous chasm separating them when they sit next to each other in calculus.
Emma's ability to overlook his existence is a gift-but not one that Poseidon handed down. Rachel insists this gift is uniquely a female trait, regardless of the species. Since their breakup, Emma seems to be the only female utilizing this particular gift. Even Rayna could learn a few lessons from Emma in the art of torturing a smitten male. Smitten? More like fanatical.
He shakes his head in disgust. Why couldn't I just sift when I turned of age? Why couldn't I find a suitable mild-tempered female to mate with? Live a peaceful life, produce offspring, grow old, and watch my own fingerlings have fingerlings someday? He searches through his mind for someone he might have missed in the past. For a face he overlooked before but could now look forward to every day. For a docile female who would be honored to mate with a Triton prince-instead of a temperamental siren who mocks his title at every opportunity. He scours his memory for a sweet-natured Syrena who would take care of him, who would do whatever he asked, who would never argue with him.
Not some human-raised snippet who stomps her foot when she doesn't get her way, listens to him only when it suits some secret purpose she has, or shoves a handful of chocolate mints down his throat if he lets his guard down. Not some white-haired #Quote by Anna Banks
In The Past quotes by Giovanni Boccaccio
#73. To have compassion for those who suffer is a human quality which everyone should possess, especially those who have required comfort themselves in the past and have managed to find it in others. #Quote by Giovanni Boccaccio
In The Past quotes by Deyth Banger
#74. People are born in the past,... most people will say that they are living in the present?! But it's not possible, just saying "I'm living in the present", there is milliseconds like 1.,2.,3.,4.,5 and seconds which are 1..,2..,3..,4..,5..,6..,7... so you probably won't live in the present even and in now... YOu live in "Bowl" let's said it??
Or I will call it like this, you die in the future... what's now is the future you have died there or will die! #Quote by Deyth Banger
In The Past quotes by Alcoholics Anonymous
#75. Selfishness, self-centeredness! That, we think, is the root of our troubles. Driven by a hundred forms of fear, self-delusion, self-seeking, and self-pity, we step on the toes of our fellows and they retaliate. Sometimes they hurt us, seemingly without provocation, but we invariably find that at some time in the past we have made decisions based on self which later placed us in a position to be hurt. So our troubles, we think, are basically of our own making. #Quote by Alcoholics Anonymous
In The Past quotes by G.E. Moore
#76. Philosophical questions are so difficult, the problems they raise are so complex, that no one can fairly expect, now, any more than in the past, to win more than a very limited assent. #Quote by G.E. Moore
In The Past quotes by Jean Chretien
#77. Obviously, I would have been happier if Canada had not been conquered in the past by the English, if this part of North America had remained French, but you can't rewrite history. #Quote by Jean Chretien
In The Past quotes by J.R. Ward
#78. I just want to hit the groom. Once. Is that too much to ask?"

Saxton popped his brows. "Is that a human tradition for this type of ceremony?"

"Why, yes," the male said. "As a matter of fact it is--"

Novo slapped her palm over his mouth. "No. it most certainly is not. And no matter how I might have felt about my sister in the past, I don't want her special night ruined, okay?"

Peyton mumbled a little longer. And when she dropped her hand, he muttered, "First of all, I volunteered to do it after the pictures--and if it's realllllly important to you, I could catch him in the gut and not the face. I'm willing to work with you. #Quote by J.R. Ward
In The Past quotes by Jawaharlal Nehru
#79. ..There will be the direct weakening effect, but much worse will be the inner psychological conflict between those who wish to reunite her and those who oppose this. New vested interest will be created which will resist change and progress, a new evil Karma will pursue us in the future. One wrong step leads to another; so it has been in the past and so it may be in the future. And yet wrong steps have to be taken sometimes lest some worse peril befall us; that is the great paradox of politics, and no man can say with surety whether present wrong-doing is better and safer in the end than the possibility of that imagined peril. #Quote by Jawaharlal Nehru
In The Past quotes by Anne Elizabeth Moore
#80. Three days after my boyfriend left me, I discovered a closetful of his clothes. I thought of what I'd done in the past (bundling them up and sending them, COD: distributing them to my friends) even as I already had the scissors in hand and was cutting his shirts and a pair of pants into teeny pieces. When there was nothing left of his ghost except a large pile of cloth, I decided to learn how to quilt. #Quote by Anne Elizabeth Moore
In The Past quotes by Susanna Kearsley
#81. People didn't just wear wedding dresses in the past. They also wore plain cotton shifts beneath them. As pretty as the dresses might be, and as lovely as they might look on display, if a museum doesn't hang the shifts beside them or acknowledge that the shifts existed, that exhibit's incomplete. #Quote by Susanna Kearsley
In The Past quotes by Marie Kondo
#82. No matter how wonderful things used to be, we cannot live in the past. The joy and excitement we feel here and now are more important. #Quote by Marie Kondo
In The Past quotes by Brennan Manning
#83. Whatever we have done in the past, be it good or evil, great or small, is irrelevant to our stance before God today. It is only NOW that we are in the presence of God. #Quote by Brennan Manning
In The Past quotes by Andrea Lavinthal
#84. The only thing worse than a social networking junkie who breaks out in a cold sweat if she hasn't updated her page in the past ten seconds is the person (usually it's a guy) who proudly refuses to join Facebook. You know, that same d-bag who held out on getting a cell phone until, like, 2002. #Quote by Andrea Lavinthal
In The Past quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#85. That did it. I'd gone through a lot in the past few days. Everyone I met seemed to want a piece of me: djinn, magicians, humans ... it made no difference.I'd been summoned, manhandled, shot at, captured, constricted, bossed about and generally taken for granted. And now, to cap it all, this bloke is joining in too, when all I'd been doing was quietly trying to kill him. #Quote by Jonathan Stroud
In The Past quotes by Italo Zucchelli
#86. In the past, people couldn't place me. They thought that I was Danish or English or French. They never got that I am Italian. I'm not typical, maybe because my visual education was very mixed. There was a lot of London in my aesthetic: The Face, i-D, British music, and a lot of British fashion ... But I really enjoy this contrast. #Quote by Italo Zucchelli
In The Past quotes by Plato
#87. We see many instances of cities going down like sinking ships to their destruction. There have been such wrecks in the past and there surely will be others in the future, caused by the wickedness of captains and crews alike. For these are guilty men, whose sin is supreme ignorance of what matters most. #Quote by Plato
In The Past quotes by Georges Bernanos
#88. And now she was thinking of her own death, with her heart gripped not by fear but by the excitement of a great discovery, the feeling that she was about to learn what she had been unable to learn from her brief experience of love. What she thought about death was childish, but what could never have touched her in the past now filled her with poignant tenderness, as sometimes a familiar face we see suddenly with the eyes of love makes us aware that it has been dearer to us than life itself for longer than we have ever realized. #Quote by Georges Bernanos
In The Past quotes by Greg Keyes
#89. His physical body, this physical body was not - could not be - in the past. But gravity could. Like Tars said, gravity cut across and through all of the dimensions. When he punched at one of them, what he was really doing was sending a pulse through space-time, a gravitic surge that was responsible for moving the books. #Quote by Greg Keyes
In The Past quotes by Denis Waitley
#90. Live each day as if was your last, not in the future, not in the past. You may not get what you want, but, in the long run, you will get what you expect. #Quote by Denis Waitley
In The Past quotes by Twyla Tharp
#91. Everything present is included in the past somewhere; nobody's present pops out of nowhere. #Quote by Twyla Tharp
In The Past quotes by Mikhail Gorbachev
#92. It would be naive to think that the problems plaguing mankind today can be solved with means and methods which were applied or seemed to work in the past. #Quote by Mikhail Gorbachev
In The Past quotes by Gordon MacKenzie
#93. To be fully free to create, we must first find the courage and willingness to let go:
Let go of the strategies that have worked for us in the past ...
Let go of our biases, the foundation of our illusions ...
Let go of our grievances, the root source of our victimhood ...
Let go of our so-often-denied fear of being found unlovable. #Quote by Gordon MacKenzie
In The Past quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#94. All index-number systems, so far as they are intended to have a greater significance for monetary theory than that of mere playing with figures, are based upon the idea of measuring the utility of a certain quantity of money. The object is to determine whether a gramme of gold is more or less useful to-day than it was at a certain time in the past. As far as objective use-value is concerned, such an investigation may perhaps yield results. We may assume the fiction, if we like, that, say, a loaf of bread is always of the same utility in the objective sense, always comprises the same food value. It is not necessary for us to enter at all into the question of whether this is permissible or not. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
In The Past quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#95. Happiness meant taking risks. No one had ever told Paxton that before. It was like a secret the world had been keeping from her. Paxton didn't take risks, at least not when she was sober. She knew what she was getting into before she ever committed to anything. The fact that all the changes she'd made in the past few days scared her to death had to be a good sign. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
In The Past quotes by Kingsley Amis
#96. Jake did a quick run-through of women in his mind, not of the ones he had known or dealt with in the past few months of years so much as all of them: their concern with the surface of things, with objects and appearances, with their surroundings and how they looked and sounded in them, with seeming to be better and to be right while getting everything wrong, their automatic assumption of the role of injured party in any clash of wills, their certainty that a view is the more credible and useful for the fact that they hold it, their use of misunderstanding and misrepresentation as weapons of debate, their selective sensitivity to tones of voice, their unawareness of the difference in themselves between sincerity and insincerity, their interest in importance (together with noticeable inability to discriminate in that sphere), their fondness for general conversation and directionless discussion, their pre-emption of the major share of feeling, their exaggerated estimate of their own plausibility, their never listening and lots of other things like that, all according to him. #Quote by Kingsley Amis
In The Past quotes by James Hilton
#97. What a host of little incidents, all deep-buried in the past
problems that had once been urgent, arguments that had once been keen, anecdotes that were funny only because one remembered the fun. Did any emotion really matter when the last trace of it had vanished from human memory; and if that were so, what a crowd of emotions clung to him as to their last home before annihilation? He must be kind to them, must treasure them in his mind before their long sleep. #Quote by James Hilton
In The Past quotes by Alfonso Cuaron
#98. The long takes process doesn't allow for that many takes. In the past I have shot over 50 takes of different shots. Sometimes you end up using take 64, sometimes take four. #Quote by Alfonso Cuaron
In The Past quotes by Judy Dater
#99. Portraits I've done in the past I've always thought were a reflection of me. #Quote by Judy Dater
In The Past quotes by Rene Dubos
#100. The belief that we can manage the Earth and improve on Nature is probably the ultimate expression of human conceit, but it has deep roots in the past and is almost universal. #Quote by Rene Dubos
In The Past quotes by Robertson Davies
#101. The best among our writers are doing their accustomed work of mirroring what is deep in the spirit of our time; if chaos appears in those mirrors, we must have faith that in the future, as always in the past, that chaos will slowly reveal itself as a new aspect of order. #Quote by Robertson Davies
In The Past quotes by Sheena Iyengar
#102. True choice requires that a person have the ability to choose an option and not be prevented from choosing it by any external force, meaning that a system tending too far toward either extreme will limit People's opportunities. Also, both extremes can produce additional problems in practice. Aside from the fact that a lack of "freedom to" can lead to privation, suffering, and death for those who can't provide for themselves, it can also lead to a de facto plutocracy.
The extremely wealthy can come to wield disproportionate power, enabling them to avoid punishment for illegal practices or to change the law itself in ways that perpetuate their advantages at the cost of others, a charge often levied against the "robber baron" industrialists of the late nineteenth century.
A lack of "freedom from," on the other hand, can encourage people to do less work than they're capable of since they know their needs will be met, and it may stifle innovation and entrepreneurship because people receive few or no additional material benefits for exerting additional effort.
Moreover, a government must have extensive power over its people to implement such a system, and as can be seen in the actions of the majority of communist governments in the past, power corrupts. #Quote by Sheena Iyengar
In The Past quotes by Priscille Sibley
#103. It's like saying you're fixed in the past, and
you're running out of time. Every moment is only the beginning of
something new #Quote by Priscille Sibley
In The Past quotes by Bo Bennett
#104. Resume: a written exaggeration of only the good things a person has done in the past, as well as a wish list of the qualities a person would like to have. #Quote by Bo Bennett
In The Past quotes by Larry The Cable Guy
#105. The thing that's changed the way I do my stand-up act is having kids and getting older and wiser and smarter. There might be a joke or two in the past that I wish I hadn't done, but in the past, you can't have it back. #Quote by Larry The Cable Guy
In The Past quotes by Thierry Henry
#106. Because that's just the way it is, and don't sleep on what you did before, you know, because it can ... not hurt you, but you can find yourself sleeping on something that happened in the past, but you dare to progress and there is always room for progression. #Quote by Thierry Henry
In The Past quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#107. She understood then, with the distance that maturity brings, how much he'd loved her back then. And still did, something whispered inside her, and all at once she had the strange impression that everything they'd shared in the past had been the opening chapters in a book with a conclusion that had yet to be written. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
In The Past quotes by Donna Grant
#108. Grace flattened her palm on his chest. "I've not been writing it correctly."
"Writing what, exactly?"
"Passion. I forgot what it was," she whispered. "I went off what I saw in movies or read, but I haven't ... experienced ... it in many years."
He didn't like thinking about other men being with her, but they were in the past. Where they would remain. "Were they no' good lovers?"
"They were all right, but without passion, it all feels ... empty."
Arian tightened his arm around her before he rolled her onto her back so he could look into her face. "I'll be happy to show you several times a day. #Quote by Donna Grant
In The Past quotes by George W. Bush
#109. This is a world that is much more uncertain than the past. In the past we were certain, we were certain it was us versus the Russians in the past. We were certain, and therefore we had huge nuclear arsenals aimed at each other to keep the peace. That's what we were certain of ... You see, even though it's an uncertain world, we're certain of some things. We're certain that even though the "evil empire" may have passed, evil still remains. #Quote by George W. Bush
In The Past quotes by Jarod Kintz
#110. I notice your absence. I notice your non presence and reflect on the time you were present, in the present, which is obviously in the past. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
In The Past quotes by Al Gore
#111. CO2 is the exhaling breath of our civilization, literally ... Changing that pattern requires a scope, a scale, a speed of change that is beyond what we have done in the past. #Quote by Al Gore
In The Past quotes by Dave Liebman
#112. There is nothing new ... everything has roots in the past. #Quote by Dave Liebman
In The Past quotes by Jarod Kintz
#113. I collect the most valuable thing in the world - free time. But unlike other priceless things, I don't need a safe to keep it safe, because I keep all my free time in the past, where nobody can touch it - not even me. My collection grows larger every day. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
In The Past quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#114. Notice also how often your attention is in the past or future. Don't judge or analyze what you observe. Watch the thought, feel the emotion, observe the reaction. Don't make a personal problem out of them. You will then feel something more powerful than any of those things that you observe: the still, observing presence itself behind the content of your mind, the silent watcher. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
In The Past quotes by Alan W. Watts
#115. There is, then, the feeling that we live in a time of unusual insecurity. In the past hundred years so many long-established traditions have broken down - traditions of family and social life, of government, of the economic order, and of religious belief. As the years go by, there seem to be fewer and fewer rocks to which we can hold, fewer things which we can regard as absolutely right and true, and fixed for all time. To some this is a welcome release from the restraints of moral, social, and spiritual dogma. To others it is a dangerous and terrifying breach with reason and sanity, tending to plunge human life into hopeless chaos. To most, perhaps, the immediate sense of release has given a brief exhilaration, to be followed by the deepest anxiety. For if all is relative, if life is a torrent without form or goal in whose flood absolutely nothing save change itself can last, it seems to be something in which there is "no future" and thus no hope. #Quote by Alan W. Watts
In The Past quotes by Donald Verrilli Jr.
#116. In the past, presidents had been consulted about those kinds of decisions by SGs, and I thought it was the right thing to do. #Quote by Donald Verrilli Jr.
In The Past quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#117. If you live in the past and allow the past to define who you are, then you never grow. #Quote by Oprah Winfrey
In The Past quotes by Ian McEwan
#118. Atheists have as much conscience, possibly more, than people with deep religious conviction, and they still have the same problem of how they reconcile themselves to a bad deed in the past. It's a little easier if you've got a god to forgive you. #Quote by Ian McEwan
In The Past quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#119. It drives me crazy to do readings of my books, because if I read anything I've written in the past, I'd like to almost rewrite everything. If I could, I'd completely rewrite Fargo Rock City, and every sentence would be just slightly different. In all likelihood, most of them wouldn't be any better. Some of them would just be changed back to whatever form they used to be, before I second-guessed myself the first time. #Quote by Chuck Klosterman
In The Past quotes by Anonymous
#120. More than 40 per cent of UK businesses have suffered a security breach from work mobile phones in the past 12 months, according to BT, which has warned that companies are not taking the dangers of smartphones seriously enough. #Quote by Anonymous
In The Past quotes by George Fernandes
#121. One should learn from the past, but one should not live in the past. My concern is to look to the future, learn from the past, and deal with the present. #Quote by George Fernandes
In The Past quotes by Tony Robbins
#122. All personal breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs. So how do we change? The most effective way is to get your brain to associate massive pain to the old belief. You must feel deep in your gut that not only has this belief cost you pain in the past, but it's costing you in the present and, ultimately, can only bring you pain in the future. Then you must associate tremendous pleasure to the idea of adopting a new, empowering belief. #Quote by Tony Robbins
In The Past quotes by Matt Ridley
#123. By one estimate, the number of different products that you can buy in New York or London tops ten billion.
This should not need saying, but it does. There are people today who think life was better in the past. They argue that there was not only a simplicity, tranquility, sociability and spirituality about life in the distant past that has been lost, but a virtue too. This rose-tinted nostalgia, please note, is generally confined to the wealthy. It is easier to wax elegiac for the life of a peasant when you do not have to use a long-drop toilet. #Quote by Matt Ridley
In The Past quotes by Deepak Chopra
#124. Pain in the present is experienced as hurt. Pain in the past is remembered as anger. Pain in the future is perceived as anxiety. Unexpressed anger, redirected against yourself and held within, is called guilt. The depletion of energy that occurs when anger is redirected inward creates depression. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
In The Past quotes by Richard Paul Evans
#125. It has been a mistake living my life in the past. One cannot ride a horse backwards and still hold its reins. #Quote by Richard Paul Evans
In The Past quotes by Kiersten White
#126. Lend finished texting someone and slipped his phone into his back pocket, then stood up. I'd never paid much attention to guys' jeans before (not for lack of desire, but rather lack of opportunity in the Center), but in the past few months I'd come to realize that most guys' jeans are really, truly horrendous. Too baggy, too tight, too low, etc. It's like guys don't realize that they can look great in a good pair of jeans. Shockingly enough girls, too, enjoy a well-framed butt.
Another area Lend was perfect in. His jeans choice, I mean. Well, his butt, too.
I smiled and stared at his face, watching his two profiles - the glamour one, which fit snugly over his real one. He looked down and caught me staring.
"You, my dear boyfriend, are kind of beautiful, you know that?"
"That's what all the old ladies tell me before pinching my cheek."
"Which cheek?" I reached out and goosed him. He jumped and swatted my hand away, laughing. #Quote by Kiersten White
In The Past quotes by E. Jamie
#127. I'm insatiable? I am?" Alessandro asked cocking an eyebrow as he ran his warm hands along the satin material covering her body. "Alessandro. You're alive. I can touch you, look into your eyes and hear your arrogant English voice. We're gonna spend the rest of our lives together, that's plenty romantic for me." Bree pressed her mouth against him. He tasted of coffee and peppermint. He nibbled slightly on her lower lip before pulling away. "Darling, that sounds lovely, but my wedding night fantasy was more along the lines of fucking you into the mattress." Bree smacked his shoulder. "Patience, Dardano. Tonight we take things slow, the mattress fucking will come in time. Now, get on your back and let me put my hands on you and assure myself that you're real." Alessandro sighed but did as she ordered. "Now if you feel anything-" "I certainly hope so or we have a very big problem," Alessandro joked. She smacked his chest. "If you feel any pain you let me know and we'll stop." "Says the woman who's smacked me twice in the past five minutes," Alessandro said, but his eyes were shining with amusement. #Quote by E. Jamie
In The Past quotes by Michelle Madow
#128. Are you saying that we can affect what happened in the past? That we can change it? #Quote by Michelle Madow
In The Past quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#129. Library of the Works of Ludwig von Mises". Here is an article he wrote in 1951, some two years after his magnum opus Human Action appeared, where is lays out his case in a more popular form. The money sentences are "Economic theory has demonstrated in an irrefutable way that a prosperity created by an expansionist monetary and credit policy is illusory and must end in a slump, an economic crisis. It has happened again and again in the past, and it will happen in the future, too. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
In The Past quotes by Bela Kun
#130. It is correct that I overlooked the contamination of the party, not just now but also in the past. #Quote by Bela Kun
In The Past quotes by Elle Lothlorien
#131. Alice, winning means manipulation. It means taking people - people who may have helped you in the past, even people you care about - and using them without hesitation or regret. It means making decisions that would be viewed by any normal-thinking human being as cynical at best and dishonorable at worst #Quote by Elle Lothlorien
In The Past quotes by Guillermo Del Toro
#132. Tom Hiddleston is so fucking nice. It used to be in the past you were either nice, or you were good-looking and an asshole. #Quote by Guillermo Del Toro
In The Past quotes by Annie Lennox
#133. It's hard to tell how far women's individuality has come in the past twenty years. #Quote by Annie Lennox
In The Past quotes by Nicholas Royle
#134. Increasingly, those who used to teach and write critical or theoretical texts are writing fiction, poetry and so on; and kinds of texts are being produced that call for budding readers rather different from those who studied literature in the past. #Quote by Nicholas Royle
In The Past quotes by Mary Poppendieck
#135. because the belief system has no doubt led to success in the past, so it will fight back with many varieties of self-fulfilling prophecies. #Quote by Mary Poppendieck
In The Past quotes by Roger Angell
#136. I'm feeling great. Well, pretty great, unless I've forgotten to take a couple of Tylenols in the past four or five hours, in which case I've begun to feel some jagged little pains shooting down my left forearm and into the base of the thumb. #Quote by Roger Angell
In The Past quotes by Margaret Atwood
#137. Most of us will. We'll choose knowledge no matter what, we'll maim ourselves in the process, we'll stick our hands into the flames for it if necessary. Curiosity is not our only motive: love or grief or despair or hatred is what drives us on. We'll spy relentlessly on the dead: we'll open their letters, we'll read their journals, we'll go through their trash, hoping for a hint, a final word, an explanation, from those who have deserted us--who've left us holding the bag, which is often a good deal emptier than we'd supposed.

But what about those who plant such clues, for us to stumble on? Why do they bother? Egotism? Pity? Revenge? A simple claim to existence, like scribbling your initials on a washroom wall? The combination of presence and anonymity--confession without penance, truth without consequences--it has its attractions. Getting the blood off your hands, one way or another.

Those who leave such evidence can scarcely complain if strangers come along afterwards and poke their noses into every single thing that would once have been none of their business. And not only strangers: lovers, friends, relations. We're voyeurs, all of us. Why should we assume that anything in the past is ours for the taking, simply because we've found it? We're all grave robbers, once we open the doors locked by others.

But only locked. The rooms and their contents have been left intact. If those leaving them had wanted oblivion, there was always fire. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
In The Past quotes by Carl Icahn
#138. When friends and acquaintances are telling you that you are a genius, before you accept their opinion, take a moment to remember what you always thought of their opinions in the past. #Quote by Carl Icahn
In The Past quotes by John N. Gray
#139. Today, for the mass of humanity, science and technology embody 'miracle, mystery, and authority'. Science promises that the most ancient human fantasies will at last be realized. Sickness and ageing will be abolished; scarcity and poverty will be no more; the species will become immortal. Like Christianity in the past, the modern cult of science lives on the hope of miracles. But to think that science can transform the human lot is to believe in magic. Time retorts to the illusions of humanism with the reality: frail, deranged, undelivered humanity. Even as it enables poverty to be diminished and sickness to be alleviated, science will be used to refine tyranny and perfect the art of war. #Quote by John N. Gray
In The Past quotes by Marie Kondo
#140. The process of facing and selecting our possessions can be quite painful. It forces us to confront our imperfections and inadequacies and the foolish choices we made in the past. #Quote by Marie Kondo
In The Past quotes by Davan Yahya Khalil
#141. The history of Kurdistan doesn't just tell us why it hasn't become independent so far. It also helps to make the case for Kurdistan's independence. It is a desire founded, not just on some passing modern whim in that direction, or on spurious claims to natural and obvious borders, but on a sustained historical focus and desire by its people, on pre-existing promises, on the need for protection from the kind of atrocities that have historically been perpetrated against the Kurds, and on the rather artificial way in which Kurdistan has been denied its existence in the past. #Quote by Davan Yahya Khalil
In The Past quotes by Janet Clarkson
#142. The city of Gloucester, by ancient custom, presented a lamprey pie to the sovereign at Christmas time, as a token of loyalty. Lampreys are scaleless freshwater sucker-fish resembling eels, desirable in the past for their oily, gamey flesh. The tradition of gifting lamprey pies to the royal family continued until the end of Queen Victoria's reign, but was revived for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 when a 42-pound pie was cooked by the RAF catering crops. #Quote by Janet Clarkson
In The Past quotes by Joseph Cummins
#143. I think that people have short memories, and I think that they believe that our forbearers in the past were these Founding Fathers who were ideal and who were - would never have stooped to dirty tricks. #Quote by Joseph Cummins
In The Past quotes by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
#144. Most of the time we are trying to make the good things last, or we are thinking about replacing them with something even better in the future, or we are sunk in the past, reminiscing about happier times. Ironically, we never truly appreciated the experience for which we are nostalgic because we were too busy clinging to our hopes and fears at the time. #Quote by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
In The Past quotes by Neil Young
#145. I have a lot faith in the younger generation of music lovers. Youth isn't living in the past; if somebody tells them that there's something better than what they have, they're going to check it out. And if they like it, they're going to get it. I'm not worried about the youth. Young people aren't just looking back, they are also looking forward. #Quote by Neil Young
In The Past quotes by Nathan Lewis
#146. The biggest challenge is how to get people to wake up and realize this is a one-shot deal. If we fail, we are witting participants in the biggest experiment humans have ever done: moving CO2 levels to twice their value in the past 670.000 years and hoping it turns out okay for generations to come. #Quote by Nathan Lewis
In The Past quotes by Kami Garcia
#147. It was like being born in Germany after World War II, being from Japan after Pearl Harbour, or America after Hiroshima. History was a bitch sometimes. You couldn't change where you were from. But still, you didn't have to stay there. You didn't have to stay stuck in the past, like the ladies in the DAR, or the Gatlin Historical Society, or the Sisters. And you didn't have to accept that things had to be the way they were, like Lena. Ethan Carte Wate hadn't, and I couldn't either. #Quote by Kami Garcia
In The Past quotes by Brian McClellan
#148. I believed it had been long enough that Kresimir would never return. I believed it was time for change. I thought all of Rozalia's concerns were foolish, and that Julene was living in the past. I believed we were alone."
"My people have never been alone," Mihali said. "The others may have left. I did not. #Quote by Brian McClellan
In The Past quotes by Victor LaValle
#149. In the past, a writer had to go outside and get to know others before learning about their work, but the Internet has made humanity more accessible for misanthropes like me. I read blogs, tweets, Facebook posts and Reddit threads where people detail their jobs. #Quote by Victor LaValle
In The Past quotes by Jaye L. Knight
#150. Perhaps no answer would ever be forthcoming, but if he had learned one thing in the last couple of weeks, it was that they must move on. Dwelling in the past would accomplish nothing. #Quote by Jaye L. Knight
In The Past quotes by Anonymous
#151. Moses said to the LORD, "Oh, my Lord, I am not eloquent, either in the past or since you have spoken to your servant, but o I am slow of speech and of tongue." 11Then the LORD said to him, "Who has made man's mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the LORD? #Quote by Anonymous
In The Past quotes by Robert Frost
#152. But bid life seize the present?
It lives less in the present
Than in the future always,
And less in both together
Than in the past.
The present
Is too much for the senses,
Too crowding, too confusing
Too present to imagine. #Quote by Robert Frost
In The Past quotes by Chinua Achebe
#153. I would be quite satisfied if my novels (especially the ones I set in the past) did no more than teach my readers that their past - with all its imperfections - was not one long night of savagery from which the first Europeans acting on God's behalf delivered them #Quote by Chinua Achebe
In The Past quotes by Audrey Niffenegger
#154. He said something interesting: he said that he thinks there is only free will when you are in time, in the present. He says in the past we can only do what we did, and we can only be there if we were there. #Quote by Audrey Niffenegger
In The Past quotes by Anton Chekhov
#155. Posterity will say as usual: In the past things were better, the present is worse than the past. #Quote by Anton Chekhov
In The Past quotes by Derek Jeter
#156. We just want to win. That's the bottom line. I think a lot of times people may become content with one championship or a little bit of success, but we don't really reflect on what we've done in the past. We focus on the present. #Quote by Derek Jeter
In The Past quotes by Jinato Hu
#157. In the past 20 years and more since China embarked on the road of reform and opening up, we have moved steadfastly to promote political restructuring and vigorously build democratic politics under socialism. #Quote by Jinato Hu
In The Past quotes by Avina Celeste
#158. There is nothing to be found in the past if you only look there with regret. #Quote by Avina Celeste
In The Past quotes by Marc Almond
#159. I think in the past I think I probably was a little too diverse, probably went from one spectrum to the complete opposite and confusing people. #Quote by Marc Almond
In The Past quotes by Tony Curl
#160. We believe in the good old days; we believe our best is in the past. Our past is our memories, our past is our learnings, our past should stay where it is. And we should let it. #Quote by Tony Curl
In The Past quotes by Frank Herbert
#161. The past may show the right way to behave if you live in the past, Stil, but circumstances change. #Quote by Frank Herbert
In The Past quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#162. He concluded the speech with an irritated motion of his hands.
Unfortunately, Evie had been conditioned by too many encounters with Uncle Peregrine to discern between angry gestures and the beginnings of a physical attack. She flinched instinctively, her own arms flying up to shield her head. When the expected pain of a blow did not come, she let out a breath and tentatively lowered her arms to find Sebastian staring at her with blank astonishment.
Then his face went dark.
"Evie," he said, his voice containing a bladelike ferocity that frightened her. "Did you think I was about to…Christ. Someone hit you. Someone hit you in the past - who the hell was it?" He reached for her suddenly - too suddenly - and she stumbled backward, coming up hard against the wall. Sebastian went very still. "Goddamn," he whispered. Appearing to struggle with some powerful emotion, he stared at her intently. After a long moment, he spoke softly. "I would never strike a woman. I would never harm you. You know that, don't you?"
Transfixed by the light, glittering eyes that held hers with such intensity, Evie couldn't move or make a sound. She started as he approached her slowly. "It's all right," he murmured. "Let me come to you. It's all right. Easy." One of his arms slid around her, while he used his free hand to smooth her hair, and then she was breathing, sighing, as relief flowed through her. Sebastian brought her closer against him, his mouth brushing her temple. "Who was it #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
In The Past quotes by Michelle Waterson
#163. I know the different ways that I have lost. I think that's beneficial to me because I know how I got in those situations in the past, and I know how to avoid those situations. #Quote by Michelle Waterson
In The Past quotes by F. Scott Fitzgerald
#164. The family were wild," she said suddenly. "They tried to marry me off. And then when I'd begun to feel that after all life was scarcely worth living I found something" - her eyes went skyward exultantly - "I found something!"

Carlyle waited and her words came with a rush.

"Courage - just that; courage as a rule of life, and something to cling to always. I began to build up this enormous faith in myself. I began to see that in all my idols in the past some manifestation of courage had unconsciously been the thing that attracted me. I began separating courage from the other things of life. All sorts of courage - the beaten, bloody prize-fighter coming up for more - I used to make men take me to prize-fights; the déclassé woman sailing through a nest of cats and looking at them as if they were mud under her feet; the liking what you like always; the utter disregard for other people's opinions - just to live as I liked always and to die in my own way - Did you bring up the cigarettes?"

He handed one over and held a match for her silently.

"Still," Ardita continued, "the men kept gathering - old men and young men, my mental and physical inferiors, most of them, but all intensely desiring to have me - to own this rather magnificent proud tradition I'd built up round me. Do you see?"

"Sort of. You never were beaten and you never apologized."


She sprang to the edge, poised or a moment like a c #Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald
In The Past quotes by James Perrin
#165. People say memories are there to be cherished. I believe memories are there to be created, and if you do something worthwhile today, you will stop living in the past.

Look forward and create, don't look back all the time #Quote by James Perrin
In The Past quotes by Theodore Dreiser
#166. If I were personally to define religion, I would say that it is a bandage that man has invented to protect a soul made bloody by circumstances. All forms of dogmatic religion should go. The world did without them in the past and can do so again. I cite the great civilizations of China and India. #Quote by Theodore Dreiser
In The Past quotes by Diana Palmer
#167. You need a battle plan," Matt advised. "I never left the base without detailed reconnaissance and a battle plan. It's why I came home alive."
Tate chuckled in spite of himself. "She's a woman, not an enemy stronghold."
"That's what you think," Matt said, pointing a spoon in the other man's direction before he lowered it into his cup. "Most women are enemy strongholds," he added, with a wicked glance at his smiling wife. "You have to storm the gates properly."
"He knows all about storming gates, apparently," Leta said with faint sarcasm. "Otherwise, we wouldn't be expecting a grandchild…" She gasped and looked at Matt. "A grandchild. Our grandchild," she emphasized with pure joy.
Matt glanced at Tate. "That puts a whole new face on things, son," he said, the word slipping out so naturally that it didn't even seem to surprise Tate, who smiled through his misery.
"You go to Tennessee and tell Cecily she's marrying you," Leta instructed her son.
"Sure," Tate said heavily. "After all the trouble I've given her in the past weeks, I'm sure she can't wait to rush down the aisle with me."
"Honey catches more flies than vinegar," Matt said helpfully.
"If I go down there with any honey, I'll come home wearing bees."
Leta chuckled.
"You aren't going to give up?" Matt asked.
Tate shook his head. "I can't. I have to get to her before Gabrini does, although I'm fairly sure he has no more idea where she really is than I did until today. #Quote by Diana Palmer
In The Past quotes by Desmond Tutu
#168. We prayed earnestly that God would bless our land and would confound the machinations of the children of darkness. There had been so many moments in the past, during the dark days of apartheid's vicious awfulness, when we had preached, "This is God's world and God is in charge!" Sometimes, when evil seemed to be on the rampage and about to overwhelm goodness, one had held on to this article of faith by the skin of one's teeth. It was a kind of theological whistling in the dark and one was frequently tempted to whisper in God's ear, "For goodness' sake, why don't You make it more obvious that You are in charge? #Quote by Desmond Tutu
In The Past quotes by Spencer Johnson
#169. Look at what happened in the Past. Learn something valuable from it. Do things differently in the present. #Quote by Spencer Johnson
In The Past quotes by Jim Butcher
#170. I've got blisters and muscle cramps in places not meant for the touch of anything but a beautiful woman," Max spat back sullenly. "I've bitten my tongue so many times in the past three days that I whistle in musical chords when I exhale. And the smell isn't ever going to come out of my armor, I just know it. #Quote by Jim Butcher
In The Past quotes by Krista Tippett
#171. The thing about the raw materials of the life of the spirit is that they are always changing. What you see in the past is dependent on what you are able to see now. I've #Quote by Krista Tippett
In The Past quotes by George Saunders
#172. Father," she said late one night. "I can't keep up. Our goats are dying. We're going to have to ask the neighbors for help."
"Have we ever done that before?" he said.
"We've never needed help before," said Capable.
"Well I'm against it," he said. "If we haven't done it before, it stands to reason that this time is the first time we've done it, which means that, relative to what we've done in the past, this is different, which I am very much against, as I always have been, as you well know. I have consistently been very very consistent about this. #Quote by George Saunders
In The Past quotes by Gautama Buddha
#173. If you want to understand the causes that existed in the past, look at the results as they are manifested in the present. And if you want to understand what results will be manifested in the future, look at the causes that exist in the present. #Quote by Gautama Buddha
In The Past quotes by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
#174. The roots of the discontent are internal, and each person must untangle them personally, with his or her own power. The shields that have worked in the past - the order that religion, patriotism, ethnic traditions, and habits instilled by social classes used to provide - are no longer effective for increasing numbers of people who feel exposed to the harsh winds of chaos. #Quote by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
In The Past quotes by Lauren Bacall
#175. You realize yourself when you start reflecting - because I don't live in the past, although your past is so much a part of what you are - that you can't ignore it. But I don't look at scrapbooks. #Quote by Lauren Bacall
In The Past quotes by Jeff Lemire
#176. It's hard to look back on your life and point to one event–one moment–that changed everything and set you on the path that made you…you. That only happens in movies. Most people's lives are a series of millions of messy little moments strung together adding up to a messy little life. But sometimes, you can look back and see a pattern forming… see a clear path cutting through the mess.
It makes you wonder, do we even have a choice at all? Or was that path going to form no matter what we did?
Yeah, it's easy to look back and see the pattern. It's easy to second-guess every decision you made and figure out what you would've done differently. But none of that much matters now. It's all in the past. Can't waste time thinking about who i was, who i could've been. All that matters now is who i am. #Quote by Jeff Lemire
In The Past quotes by Novoneel Chakraborty
#177. People judge the unknown with their knowledge of the known.
Fear is the most prized illusion that we create for ourselves.
Human beings are designed in a way that they always live with one half of their self in the past and the other half in the present.
Love doesn't always happen to strengthen our beliefs. Sometimes it happens to destroy all our previous beliefs and faith and gives us a chance to re-look at our own conclusions.
We all are designed to remember things. So, if you try to forget, you will suffer. Accept and you shall shine like never before. The greatest lesson love can give you is how to live a complete life by accepting its incomplete ways. If you can't hope in love, you can't live.
Accidents happen Mini but that doesn't mean you stop travelling.
Sometimes we confuse need and necessity, I guess. Necessity is common to all but need is person-specific.
What to do when you are in love with the journey but at the same time scared of the undesirable destination which you know is going to arrive sooner or later?
Sometimes we lie not to cover the truth but to cover that side of us which the truth may strip to bareness. #Quote by Novoneel Chakraborty
In The Past quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#178. Today we have to learn all over again that love for the sinner and love for the person who has been harmed are correctly balanced if I punish the sinner in the form that is possible and appropriate. In this respect there was in the past a change of mentality, in which the law and the need for punishment were obscured. Ultimately this also narrowed the concept of law, which in fact is not only just being nice or courteous, but is found in the truth. And another component of the truth is that I must punish the one who has sinned against real love #Quote by Pope Benedict XVI
In The Past quotes by William Morton Wheeler
#179. But if the ants are not despondent because they have failed to produce a new social invention or convention in 65 million years, why should we be discouraged because some of our institutions and castes have not been able to evolve a new idea in the past fifty centuries? #Quote by William Morton Wheeler
In The Past quotes by Ken Robinson
#180. What you're doing now, or have done in the past, need not determine what you can do next and in the future. #Quote by Ken Robinson
In The Past quotes by Annalee Newitz
#181. It's only been in the past two generations that we truly understood the impact our civilization has had on the natural world. To our credit as a species, we have turned this obscure scientific fact about carbon cycles into one of the most important political issues of the 21st century. #Quote by Annalee Newitz
In The Past quotes by Buddha
#182. Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. #Quote by Buddha
In The Past quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#183. Midnight's the only time where you can be both in the past, present, and future. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
In The Past quotes by Lisa Schroeder
#184. Cling tightly to hope, just as you have in the past, my dear. Evil can't rule forever. I truly believe that. #Quote by Lisa Schroeder
In The Past quotes by Debasish Mridha
#185. Procrastination is a way of living in the past instead of the present moment. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
In The Past quotes by Nanette L. Avery
#186. Sometimes I feel like I belong in another century when I write poetry... #Quote by Nanette L. Avery
In The Past quotes by Robert McNamara
#187. The 'realist' conception of continuing old-fashioned 'balance of power' politics may have been well founded in the past, but it is inconsistent with our increasing interdependent world. On moral grounds alone there can be no justification for the 20th century level of killing. To settle disputes without violence must become the primary goal of foreign policy for every nation. #Quote by Robert McNamara
In The Past quotes by Najwa Zebian
#188. Reflecting is essential, but regret should not ground you in the past. It should make you grateful that you have a conscious mind that realized right from wrong. It should give you strength to wisely use your present to make your future better. #Quote by Najwa Zebian
In The Past quotes by Darryl Anka
#189. This is the year 2020. We use the idea of 2020 to represent clear vision forward. We also use the idea of 2020 to talk about clear vision backward; 2020 hindsight. So the idea is that we're smack in the middle of the idea of the past and the future. And 2020 represents our opportunity to really see clearly what we've chosen in the past and really apply that clearly to what we prefer in the future. #Quote by Darryl Anka
In The Past quotes by Stella  Young
#190. 03:11
And in the past few years, we've been able to propagate this lie even further via social media. You may have seen images like this one: "The only disability in life is a bad attitude." Or this one: "Your excuse is invalid." Indeed. Or this one: "Before you quit, try!" These are just a couple of examples, but there are a lot of these images out there. You know, you might have seen the one, the little girl with no hands drawing a picture with a pencil held in her mouth. You might have seen a child running on carbon fiber prosthetic legs. And these images, there are lots of them out there, they are what we call inspiration porn. (Laughter) And I use the term porn deliberately, because they objectify one group of people for the benefit of another group of people. So in this case, we're objectifying disabled people for the benefit of nondisabled people. The purpose of these images is to inspire you, to motivate you, so that we can look at them and think, "Well, however bad my life is, it could be worse. I could be that person."

But what if you are that person? #Quote by Stella Young
In The Past quotes by Michael Phelps
#191. I am 26 and, and I don't recover as fast as I have in the past. #Quote by Michael Phelps
In The Past quotes by Jim Rohn
#192. Don't live in the past, and don't carry the past around like a burden. But simply use your past as one of your mentors to help refine mistakes and make changes you can invest now and the future. #Quote by Jim Rohn
In The Past quotes by Lakshmi Mittal
#193. We have experienced highly challenging global market conditions in the past quarter with significant steel price decline in all regions. #Quote by Lakshmi Mittal
In The Past quotes by Taylor Lautner
#194. It's important to work through things in a relationship. You can't just give up because you're frustrated. It's most important to talk things through together. And that, for me, has been the way I've best resolved problems in the past. #Quote by Taylor Lautner
In The Past quotes by Vicky McClure
#195. I'd like to do something where there's a strong female character and some action. I've done a few stunts in the past. #Quote by Vicky McClure
In The Past quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#196. Who can think wise or stupid things at all that were not thought already in the past.
[Ger., Wer kann was Dummes, wer was Kluges denken,
Das nicht die Vorwelt schon gedacht.] #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
In The Past quotes by Avinash Narula
#197. If you continue doing what you have done in the past, you will get what you have received in the past. #Quote by Avinash Narula
In The Past quotes by Ned Vizzini
#198. If there is a next life, I hope it's in the past; I don't think the future will be any more handleable.
I think it's a little harsh how the END button is red. #Quote by Ned Vizzini
In The Past quotes by Li Keqiang
#199. In the past, proactive fiscal polices almost always meant just more investment and an increase in the fiscal deficit. #Quote by Li Keqiang
In The Past quotes by Nick Lampson
#200. But this Veterans Day, I believe we should do more than sing the praises of the bravery and patriotism that our veterans have embodied in the past. We should take this opportunity to re-evaluate how we are treating our veterans in the present. #Quote by Nick Lampson
In The Past quotes by Gunnar Myrdal
#201. There is apparently nowhere a workable majority in the representative assemblies for making the specific cuts in expenditure which could bring down the taxes, and in election after election the people vote into power representatives who are as unable as they are unwilling to do anything about it. #Quote by Gunnar Myrdal
In The Past quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#202. All that the world needs most today, is combined in the most deductive manner in his art; the three great stimulants of exhausted people: brutality, artificiality, and innocence (idiocy). #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
In The Past quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#203. We want you, not your money. As long as you're at fight club, you're not how much money you've got in the bank. You're not your job. You're not your family, and you're not who you tell yourself. You're not your name. You're not your problems. You're not your age. You are not your hopes. You will not be saved. We are all going to die, someday. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
In The Past quotes by Jim Stovall
#204. In the end, a person is only know by the impact he or she has on others.
The Gift of Work: He who loves his work never labors.
The Gift of Money: Money is nothing more than a tool. It can be a force for good, a force for evil, or simple be idle.
The Gift of Friends: It is a wealthy person, indeed, who calculates riches not in gold but in friends.
The Gift of Learning: Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel. The desire and hunger for education is the key to real learning.
The Gift of Problems: Problems can only be avoided by exercising good judgment. Good judgment can only be gained by experiencing life's problems.
The Gift of Family: Some people are born into wonderful families. Others have to find or create them. Being a member of a family is a priceless privilege which costs nothing but love.
The Gift of Laughter: Laughter is good medicine for the soul. Our world is desperately in need of more such medicine.
The Gift of Dreams: Faith is all that dreamers need to see into the future.
The Gift of Giving: The only way you can truly get more out of life for yourself is to give part of yourself away. One of the key principles in giving, is that the gift must be yours to give-either something you earned or created or maybe, simply, part of yourself.
The Gift of Gratitude: In those times when we yearn to have more in our lives, we should dwell on the things we already have. In doing so, we will ofte #Quote by Jim Stovall
In The Past quotes by Danielle Dutton
#205. As the driver pulled over to attend the injured animal, I sat and watched the sky - an oceanic mass of gray, with islands of steel blue - thinking, yes, certainly, birds must sleep at times while they fly. How ridiculous it was to think otherwise. Yet my brothers' tutor, a man from Oxford with red eyebrows, had informed me the previous morning that no such thing could occur. Such a thing, he'd opined, would be an affront to God, who had blessed birds with the ability to sleep and the ability to fly, but not the ability to sleep while flying or fly while sleeping. Absurd! Moreover, he went on, were it to be case, each morning we would find at our feet heaps of dead birds that had smashed into rooftops or trees in the night. Night after night we would be awakened by this ornithological cacophony, this smashing of beaks against masonry, this violence of feathers and bones. It will not do, he said, to too greatly admire the mysteries of nature. But I remembered that sparrow on the riverbank and secretly held that the world was not so easily explained by a tutor's reason. Indeed, it was then that I first formed the opinion - if childishly, idly - that a person should trust to her own good sense and nature's impenetrable wisdom. #Quote by Danielle Dutton
In The Past quotes by Sean Thompson
#206. I want to run around and play, too. I want to play tag without constantly being "it," because when I chase somebody now I'm ordered to make them a body that can never tag me back. I want to spin around until I get dizzy and feel like I have to puke. Then laugh and do it all over again. Not spin around to kill the person ready to stab me in the back and then vomit because of the resulting nausea. There's a part of me that wants to do the things that I now think are too stupid or too childish; it's just that part of me owes a debt to Death, and they're playing a mean game of hide-and-seek. #Quote by Sean Thompson
In The Past quotes by Bertolt Brecht
#207. The more there are suffering, then, the more natural their sufferings appear. Who wants to prevent the fishes in the sea from getting wet?
And the suffering themselves share this callousness towards themselves and are lacking in kindness towards themselves. It is terrible that human beings so easily put up with existing conditions, not only with the sufferings of strangers but also with their own.
All those who have thought about the bad state of things refuse to appeal to the compassion of one group of people for another. But the compassion of the oppressed for the oppressed is indispensable. It is the world's one hope. #Quote by Bertolt Brecht
In The Past quotes by Terry Brooks
#208. Genocide is like a dessert. It is made of the flesh and bones of woman and children, it is sweetened with the blood of the innocent, and it is baked in the ovens of Auschwitz. There were truths to be learnt and there was wisdom to be gained ... but there was a price to to be paid as well. You could not brush up against the future and escape unscathed. You could not see into the forbidden and avoid damage to your sight. #Quote by Terry Brooks
In The Past quotes by Alexander The Great
#209. If it were not my purpose to combine barbarian things with things Hellenic, to traverse and civilize every continent, to search out the uttermost parts of land and sea, to push the bounds of Macedonia to the farthest Ocean, and to disseminate and shower the blessings of the Hellenic justice and peace over every nation, I should not be content to sit quietly in the luxury of idle power, but I should emulate the frugality of Diogenes. But as things are, forgive me Diogenes, that I imitate Herakles, and emulate Perseus, and follow in the footsteps of Dionysos, the divine author and progenitor of my family, and desire that victorious Hellenes should dance again in India and revive the memory of the Bacchic revels among the savage mountain tribes beyond the Kaukasos ... #Quote by Alexander The Great
In The Past quotes by W.C. Fields
#210. The two-headed boy in the circus never had such a headache. #Quote by W.C. Fields
In The Past quotes by Andrew Forrest
#211. I'd like to see the University of Western Australia and the other four or five universities in Western Australia really excel through having some of the greatest minds in the world attracted to it. #Quote by Andrew Forrest
In The Past quotes by Ransom Riggs
#212. Ransom Riggs grew up in Florida but now makes his home in the land of peculiar children - Los Angeles. He was raised on a steady diet of ghost stories and British comedy, which probably explains the novels he writes. There's a nonzero chance he's in your house right now, watching you from underneath the bed. (Go #Quote by Ransom Riggs
In The Past quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
#213. There's all this pressure in our society to be beautiful, to be strong, to be sexy. So we spend our time and money on trying to become these things. We put on the high heels, the suits, the makeup, the mask. Then, we feel more awkward than confident, so we drink away our anxieties. That doesn't make us look any sexier – it just makes us stop caring about how we look.

Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is sexy. Everyone is strong. It's lunacy. We're all running around trying to become something that we already are.

You know what's really sexy? A person who's 100% comfortable with themselves. And you know what's really funny? It is just as time consuming and difficult to learn to accept yourself as it is to pretend to be someone else. The only difference is – with self acceptance, one day, it's not hard anymore. One day, you feel like your sexiest, strongest self just rolling out of bed in the morning.

You're either going to spend the little time you have in your life on trying to know yourself or trying to hide yourself. The choice is yours. You can't do both.

And you know what's really amazing about choosing self-love? You'll be setting an example for all the people around you and all the kids of the coming generation. You'll be part of a revolution to take back the precious moments of our lives out of the hands of shame-inducing advertisers and back into the hands and hearts of real people like you, like me, like all of us.

#Quote by Vironika Tugaleva
In The Past quotes by Grant Bowler
#214. The process of acting, not necessarily the business of acting, but the actual doing of it in the moment is my greatest kind of personal passion, the thing that brings me alive the most. Also, my two children. #Quote by Grant Bowler
In The Past quotes by Brenda Cullerton
#215. She'd been killed by her own personal assistant, news that Charlotte believed had come as a terrible shock to everyone in the city except the thousands of other personal assistants who dreamed, daily, of doing the same thing. #Quote by Brenda Cullerton
In The Past quotes by Ric Burns
#216. From the ashes of the Triangle Company fire began to rise one of the most dramatic and far-reaching [changes] in American history-one that would...eventually redefine forever the role the government played in the lives of ordinary people. #Quote by Ric Burns
In The Past quotes by Sarah Micklem
#217. I awoke in the deepest night to find I had been divided from myself. There lay my body sleeping and dreaming, and I was outside it; awakening. When we dream we may take shapes other than our own; a man may be his brother, a woman a king, and never question it. So, with the certainty born of a dream, I knew I'd become my own shadow. #Quote by Sarah Micklem
In The Past quotes by Ivana Trump
#218. New York City is a very tough place. I'm tough, too. When people give me a punch in the nose, I react by getting even tougher. #Quote by Ivana Trump
In The Past quotes by Czeslaw Milosz
#219. All of us yearn for the highest wisdom, but we have to rely on ourselves in the end. #Quote by Czeslaw Milosz
In The Past quotes by Edward Robert Harrison
#220. The stars begin to fade like guttering candles and are snuffed out one by one. Out in the depths of space the great celestial cities, the galaxies cluttered with the memorabilia of ages, are gradually dying. Tens of billions of years pass in the growing darkness ... of a universe condemned to become a galactic graveyard. #Quote by Edward Robert Harrison
In The Past quotes by Douglas Alexander
#221. Traditionally, diplomacy was done in an environment of information scarcity. Ambassadors would send back telegrams to foreign ministries, comfortable in the knowledge that their views of a country would be the only source of information the minister would see. #Quote by Douglas Alexander
In The Past quotes by Britt Daniel
#222. There are so many songs out there in the world that - if I know we have to come up with a new cover, then I'll just sit in my room and sing song after song and figure out which one I can kind of sing the best. #Quote by Britt Daniel
In The Past quotes by Jacqueline Winspear
#223. As friends they knew each other's history, knew the twists and turns that had brought them to this place in the world. And they understood each other's fears and frailties; nothing had to be explained. Now, #Quote by Jacqueline Winspear
In The Past quotes by Kenneth Minogue
#224. Olympianism is the characteristic belief system of today's secularist, and it has itself many of the features of a religion. For one thing, the fusion of political conviction and moral superiority into a single package resembles the way in which religions (outside liberal states) constitute comprehensive ways of life supplying all that is necessary (in the eyes of believers) for salvation. Again, the religions with which we are familiar are monotheistic and refer everything to a single center. In traditional religions, this is usually God; with Olympianism, it is society, understood ultimately as including the whole of humanity. And Olympianism, like many religions, is keen to proselytize. Its characteristic mode of missionary activity is journalism and the media.

If Olympianism has the character of a religion, as I am suggesting, there would be no mystery about its hostility to Christianity. Real religions (by contrast with test-tube religions such as ecumenism) don't much like each other; they are, after all, competitors. Olympianism, however, is in the interesting position of being a kind of religion which does not recognize itself as such, and indeed claims a cognitive superiority to religion in general. But there is a deeper reason why the spread of Olympianism may be measured by the degree of Christophobia. It is that Olympianism is an imperial project which can only be hindered by the association between Christianity and the West. #Quote by Kenneth Minogue
In The Past quotes by Walter Savage Landor
#225. Not dancing well, I never danced at all
and how grievously has my heart ached when others where in the full enjoyment of that conversation which I had no right even to partake. #Quote by Walter Savage Landor
In The Past quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#226. The emotions attached to them were like sand castles in the tide, slowly washing out to sea. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
In The Past quotes by Daisaku Ikeda
#227. Happiness does not exist as an isolated quality, nor does it conform to a single fixed pattern. Happiness is something that breathes and lives in the relationships between one person and another. #Quote by Daisaku Ikeda
In The Past quotes by Seinfeld 2000
#228. Sudenly Garge spring up and walk to the wall to admire some modarn art hanging on Frank and Estele Catandas wall. Hes impressed. Frank and Estele have always had a traditienel sensibility when it come to aesthetic matter's. For as long as he knew it, this space on the wall was ocupied by a Normen Rockwell print of a smileing child with a cast on his arm eating a handful of bird seed out of the hand of the postman. But now its replace with this minimelist art work, a large black rectangle. He make out hes bald reflectien in the imposibly smooth black surfece. It look like something that should be hang in the Moma (Museum Of Modarn Art).
"This is beauteful," Garge remark. "It seem like a stark comentary on the end of art. Who designe this?"
"Not art," Frank go. "Thats a televisien. #Quote by Seinfeld 2000
In The Past quotes by Louise Erdrich
#229. Whenever you leave cleared land, when you step from some place carved out, plowed, or traced by a human and pass into the woods, you must leave something of yourself behind. It is that sudden loss, I think, even more than the difficulty of walking through undergrowth, that keeps people firmly fixed to paths. In the woods, there is no right way to go, of course, no trail to follow but the law of growth. You must leave behind the notion that things are right. Just look around you. Here is the way things are. Twisted, fallen, split at the root. What grows best does so at the expense of what's beneath. A white birch feeds on the pulp of an old hemlock and supports the grapevine that will slowly throttle it. In the dead wood of another tree grow fungi black as devil's hooves. Overhead the canopy, tall pines that whistle and shudder and choke off light from their own lower branches. (from "Revival Road") #Quote by Louise Erdrich
In The Past quotes by John Gunther
#230. Touch water in the West and you touch everything. #Quote by John Gunther
In The Past quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#231. I advance it therefore [...] that the blacks [...] are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
In The Past quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#232. A lot of the nonsense was the innocent result of playfulness on the part of the founding fathers of the nation of Dwayne Hoover and Kilgore Trout. The founders were aristocrats, and they wished to show off their useless eduction, which consisted of the study of hocus-pocus from ancient times. They were bum poets as well.

But some of the nonsense was evil, since it concealed great crime. For example, teachers of children in the United States of America wrote this date on blackboards again and again, and asked the children to memorize it with pride and joy:


The teachers told the children that this was when their continent was discovered by human beings. Actually, millions of human beings were already living full and imaginative lives on the continent in 1492. That was simply the year in which sea pirates began to cheat and rob and kill them.

Here was another piece of nonsense which children were taught: that the sea pirates eventually created a government which became a beacon of freedom of human beings everywhere else. There were pictures and statues of this supposed imaginary beacon for children to see. It was sort of ice-cream cone on fire. It looked like this:


Actually, the sea pirates who had the most to do with the creation of the new government owned human slaves. They used human beings for machinery, and, even after slavery was eliminated, because it was so embarrassing, they and their desce #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
In The Past quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#233. The cement of this union is in the heart blood of every American. I do not believe there is on earth a government established on so immovable a basis. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
In The Past quotes by Ojingiri Hannah
#234. Don't drain your energy just to belong
There is a reason you don't belong in the first place
You stand out #Quote by Ojingiri Hannah
In The Past quotes by Theresa Grentz
#235. When you have Jessica Davenport in the middle, with some very, very good shooters around her and a good point guard, they have the pieces #Quote by Theresa Grentz
In The Past quotes by Eminem
#236. She [Benzino] is obsessed with me. I never would think I would see the day when I seen the worst rapper in the world going against one of the best. #Quote by Eminem
In The Past quotes by Becky Albertalli
#237. I shrug. 'I'm just going to live in the moment. That's the only way to see where we end up. #Quote by Becky Albertalli
In The Past quotes by Juan Gomez Barcena
#238. They are young, full of ambition and dreams; they are still unable to imagine that there might be a story in the world in which they are not the main characters. #Quote by Juan Gomez Barcena
In The Past quotes by Edward Gibbon
#239. The complaints of contemporary writes, who deplore the increase of luxury and deprevation of manners, are commonly expressive of their peculiar temper and situation. There are few observers who possess a clear and comprehensive view of the revolutions of society, and who are capable of discovering the nice and secret springs of action which impel, in the same uniform direction, the bland and capricious passions of a multitude of individuals. #Quote by Edward Gibbon
In The Past quotes by Brooke Williams
#240. It is hard to say what will happen to the people that pass in and out of life. A simple cab driver can be just a driver, or he can be the love of one's life. A woman on the street waiting for a ride could become a passenger, or something much deeper. In the end, you never know who you will meet or where. #Quote by Brooke Williams
In The Past quotes by Julia Glass
#241. I wonder if it's in the nature of fiction writers to never quite see their own lives as 'real,' since we are always making stuff up! #Quote by Julia Glass
In The Past quotes by Nicole James
#242. Life should be more like hockey. When someone pisses you off, you just beat the shit out of them, then sit in the penalty box for five minutes. ~ Sandman #Quote by Nicole James

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