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Imam Jawad quotes by Azar Nafisi
#1. The insistence in Darcy's voice is a symptom of his passion for Elizabeth; it emerges even in their most mundane interactions. We can trace the development of Darcy's feelings for Elizabeth in the tone of his voice. This reaches its climax in the scene in which he proposes to her. His negative persistence, beginning his speech with 'In vain have I struggled. It will not do,' becomes almost violent, in part because the novel itself is so restrained and Darcy is the most restrained of all the characters.
Now, please listen carefully to that 'you.' Darcy seldom if ever addresses Elizabeth by her name, but he has a special way of saying 'you' when he addresses her a few times that makes the impersonal pronoun a term of ultimate intimacy. One should appreciate such nuances in a culture such as ours, where everyone is encouraged to demonstrate in the most exaggerated manner his love for the Imam and yet forbidden from any public articulation of private feelings, especially love. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Ash-Shafi`i
#2. Don't allow your tongue to utter the fault of another person, because you are covered in faults and everyone else has tongues too. Don't allow your eyes to fall on the faults of others. Turn away your eyes and say to your eyes, 'oh eyes, other people have eyes too. #Quote by Imam Ash-Shafi`i
Imam Jawad quotes by Eve
#3. God is my best friend. I talk to God every day. And no one can tell me how to talk to God - not no imam, not no priest, not no rabbi, no pastor. #Quote by Eve
Imam Jawad quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#4. On the way to truth, you can never see the priest, the imam or the pious! They are lost; they wander on the dark roads of ignorance! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Imam Jawad quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#5. There are many, many discrepant views within the Shia theology about what's the proper role of religion in society or in the State, should it rule now, should it claim to govern people in the here and now, or should it wait until the Messiah, the 12th Imam, comes back and would it only be then appropriate for religious rule to bring about a world of universal justice and vindication. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Ali (Derived From Du'a Kumayl)
#6. To separate oneself from things of time and to connect oneself with things of eternity is highest wisdom #Quote by Imam Ali (Derived From Du'a Kumayl)
Imam Jawad quotes by Steve King
#7. We are hearing the imams that are preaching in places like the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. The imam preached there to the migrants go in to Western Europe, build your enclaves there, breed their women and do not associate or assimilate into the broader society. #Quote by Steve King
Imam Jawad quotes by Mike Tyson
#8. I got a imam, I got a rabbi, I got a priest, I got a reverend - I got 'em all. But I don't want to be holier-than-thou. I want to help everybody and still get some (sex). #Quote by Mike Tyson
Imam Jawad quotes by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh
#9. so when asked Who was Prophet's grandson Hussain?
I replied :
Imbibe in the name of Hussain
with his name comes the bliss
though his spring lost in deserts of Iraq
his treasury has yet vacant threshold
raise your hands and ask your wishes
in the name of his Baby Doll
in her name is Love for Dejected
generosity of Hussain extends beyond
even a handful of dust from his grave
beseech to it in the name of Infant Asghar
I love to call it Khaak e Shifa
heals the incurable wounds of heart. #Quote by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Ali
#10. Knowledge creates fear of God #Quote by Imam Ali
Imam Jawad quotes by A. Helwa
#11. Words have power, which is why Imam Ali says, "Speak only when your words are more beautiful than the silence." After all, everything in existence sprouted from the vibration of the divinely uttered word "Be! And it is" (36:82). So remember, your tongue is like a knife; it can either kill like the sword of a samurai or save like the scalpel of a surgeon. #Quote by A. Helwa
Imam Jawad quotes by Betool Khedairi
#12. The deadline is at midnight in America; dawn, 5 A.M., in England, and 8:00 A.M., early morning, in Iraq. The Americans tie yellow ribbons around oak trees, hoping for their sons' safe return home. The Iraqis tie green ribbons around the Shrine of the Imam al-Hussain, praying for God's protection. In the coldest month, the coldest war of the modern age is declared. #Quote by Betool Khedairi
Imam Jawad quotes by Tucker Elliot
#13. It was radicals like you and your father that hijacked your faith, hijacked a few planes, and made thousands of children orphans in a single day. You pretend my country beats you because you are poor, but you ignore that it was people of your faith that made this war. People like your father made this war. People like your father called for jihad. Well now you got it. You don't like it? Tell the Imam that his ignorance made his people poor. You don't understand Americans at all. We don't beat you because you're poor. You pissed us off. We'd beat your ass rich or poor. #Quote by Tucker Elliot
Imam Jawad quotes by Tom Robbins
#14. The illusion of the seventh veil was the illusion that you could get somebody else to do it for you. To think for you. To hang on your cross. The priest, the rabbi, the imam, the swami, the philosophical novelist were traffic cops, at best. They might direct you through a busy intersection, but they wouldn't follow you home and park your car. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Ali (Derived From Du'a Kumayl)
#15. The foolish aim at wealth #Quote by Imam Ali (Derived From Du'a Kumayl)
Imam Jawad quotes by Muhammad Sajaad
#16. Imam Shatibi, amongst other jurists, has explained extensively the dangers in leaving Fiqh unregulated, saying ; ultimately, the very purpose of the Shariah - which is Takleef, (that is charging people with duties and responsibilities) would become defunct as lay people, through caprice and moral corruption, created their own desirable opinions. #Quote by Muhammad Sajaad
Imam Jawad quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#17. If I see any politician or a priest or an imam or a rabbi in the Paradise, I will give up believing in God! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Zayn Al 'Abidin Al-Sahifat Al-Sajjadiyya
#18. Praise belongs to God who appointed among those roads His month, the month of Ramadan, the month of fasting, the month of submission, the month of purity, the month of putting to test, the month of standing in prayer, in which the Quran was sent down as guidance to the people, and as clear signs of the Guidance and the Separator. #Quote by Imam Zayn Al 'Abidin Al-Sahifat Al-Sajjadiyya
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Hussain
#19. Man of trust always stays in safety. #Quote by Imam Hussain
Imam Jawad quotes by Malala Yousafzai
#20. Though Afghans are renowned fighters, Colonel Imam, the officer heading the program, complained that trying to organize them was 'like weighing frogs #Quote by Malala Yousafzai
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Al-Saqid
#21. My father(Imam Al-Baqir (as)) refined my manners by three statements. He said to me 'O son! A man who befriends a vile person cannot escape blame, a man who does not restrain his words will live in regret and a man who enters suspicious places will become subject to accusations. #Quote by Imam Al-Saqid
Imam Jawad quotes by Allama Majlisi Biharol Anwar Vol. 78 P. 102
#22. Imam Hussein Ibn Ali al-Shaheed was once asked: what is affluence? He said : Decreasing your wishes , and being satisfied with what is enough for you. #Quote by Allama Majlisi Biharol Anwar Vol. 78 P. 102
Imam Jawad quotes by Abu Dawood
#23. Many times I heard Imam Ahmad saying (when asked to give his opinion) on controversial scholarly issues 'I do not know.' #Quote by Abu Dawood
Imam Jawad quotes by Anonymous
#24. O Jabir! Whoever during the month of Ramadhan, fasts in its days, stands up for prayers in parts of the night, controls his desires and emotions, puts a rein on his tongue, keeps his eyes down, and does not injure the feelings of others, will become as free of sins as the day he was born. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (a) #Quote by Anonymous
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Shah
#25. No woman deserves to be disrespected; to be beaten up, to be called bitches or sluts. Assaulted or insulted. Even if she's a hooker. #Quote by Imam Shah
Imam Jawad quotes by Ruhollah Khomeini
#26. The freedom-lovers of the world mourn the sad demise of Imam Khomeini. #Quote by Ruhollah Khomeini
Imam Jawad quotes by Aga Khan
#27. From the very beginnings of Islam, the search for knowledge has been central to our cultures. I think of the words of Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib, the first hereditary Imam of the Shia Muslims, and the last of the four rightly-guided Caliphs after the passing away of the Prophet (may peace be upon him). In his teachings, Hazrat Ali emphasized that 'No honour is like knowledge.' And then he added that 'No belief is like modesty and patience, no attainment is like humility, no power is like forbearance, and no support is more reliable than consultation.'

"Notice that the virtues endorsed by Hazrat Ali are qualities which subordinate the self and emphasize others - modesty, patience, humility, forbearance and consultation. What he thus is telling us is that we find knowledge best by admitting first what it is we do not know, and by opening our minds to what others can teach us."

- The Aga Khan IV at the Commencement Ceremony of the American University in Cairo, 25 June 2006 #Quote by Aga Khan
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Ali (Derived From Du'a Kumayl)
#28. To fight against ones own desires is highest wisdom. #Quote by Imam Ali (Derived From Du'a Kumayl)
Imam Jawad quotes by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
#29. Our dear Imam said that the occupying regime [Israel] must be wiped off the map ... We cannot compromise over the issue of Palestine ... I have no doubt that the new wave that has started in Palestine, and we witness it in the Islamic world too, will eliminate this disgraceful stain from the Islamic world. #Quote by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Imam Jawad quotes by Idries Shah
#30. A Better Beard that Yours. 'All true devotees wear a beard,' said the Imam to his audience. 'Show me a thick and lustrous beard and I'll show you a true believer!' 'My goat has a beard far bushier and longer than yours,' replied Nasrudin. 'Does that mean he is a better Muslim than you? #Quote by Idries Shah
Imam Jawad quotes by Mehdi Karroubi
#31. I remain faithful to the ideals of Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution of 1357. #Quote by Mehdi Karroubi
Imam Jawad quotes by Kristiane Backer
#32. The way we experience the pilgrimage is a reflection of our inner state,' the imam said. 'To some of us it will be a strenuous trial, whereas to others every step of the way is a joy, despite the privations and discomfort. #Quote by Kristiane Backer
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Ali (Derived From Du'a Kumayl)
#33. One's obedience to God is proportionate to one's wisdom. #Quote by Imam Ali (Derived From Du'a Kumayl)
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Ali
#34. The innumerable fools have made the learned very scarce #Quote by Imam Ali
Imam Jawad quotes by Edward Gibbon
#35. Imam Hussain's sacrifice is for all groups and communities, an example of the path of rightousness. #Quote by Edward Gibbon
Imam Jawad quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#36. Our culture is not unacquainted with the idea of food as a spiritually loaded commodity. We're just particular about which spiritual arguments we'll accept as valid for declining certain foods. Generally unacceptable reasons: environmental destruction, energy waste, the poisoning of workers. Acceptable: it's prohibited by a holy text. Set down a platter of country ham in front of a rabbi, an imam, and a Buddhist monk, and you may have just conjured three different visions of damnation. Guests with high blood pressure may add a fourth. Is it such a stretch, then, to make moral choices about food based on the global consequences of its production and transport? #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Abu Sa`īd
#37. The true sage eats, sleeps, buys, sells marries, talks & laughs, but never - not for a breath - forgets the Divine. #Quote by Imam Abu Sa`īd
Imam Jawad quotes by Imam Hussein Ibn Ali Al-Shaheed
#38. The true stingy is that who refrains from greeting. #Quote by Imam Hussein Ibn Ali Al-Shaheed
Imam Jawad quotes by Marc Goodman
#39. Even the infamous 2002 Bali bombing mastermind, Imam Samudra from the al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group Jamaah Islamiyah, funded his attack in which more than 200 people were murdered with the $150,000 he obtained by hacking into Western bank accounts and credit lines. Samudra was technologically savvy and while in prison wrote an autobiographical manifesto containing a chapter titled "Hacking, Why Not?" In the book, Samudra shared his hacking and "carding" techniques with his disciples, encouraging them "to take the holy war into cyberspace by attacking U.S. computers, with the particular aim of committing credit card fraud, called 'carding,' " to fund operations. #Quote by Marc Goodman
Imam Jawad quotes by Cat Stevens
#40. My imam at the Central Mosque said there was no problem with making music. In fact, he encouraged me - he said if the songs are moral, not offensive, then go ahead. #Quote by Cat Stevens
Imam Jawad quotes by Hamza Yusuf
#41. Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, a thirteenth century scholar, said that it is possible for anyone to have sincerity in what one does and in what one believes, irrespective of creed. #Quote by Hamza Yusuf

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