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Im Insatiable quotes by E. Jamie
#1. I'm insatiable? I am?" Alessandro asked cocking an eyebrow as he ran his warm hands along the satin material covering her body. "Alessandro. You're alive. I can touch you, look into your eyes and hear your arrogant English voice. We're gonna spend the rest of our lives together, that's plenty romantic for me." Bree pressed her mouth against him. He tasted of coffee and peppermint. He nibbled slightly on her lower lip before pulling away. "Darling, that sounds lovely, but my wedding night fantasy was more along the lines of fucking you into the mattress." Bree smacked his shoulder. "Patience, Dardano. Tonight we take things slow, the mattress fucking will come in time. Now, get on your back and let me put my hands on you and assure myself that you're real." Alessandro sighed but did as she ordered. "Now if you feel anything-" "I certainly hope so or we have a very big problem," Alessandro joked. She smacked his chest. "If you feel any pain you let me know and we'll stop." "Says the woman who's smacked me twice in the past five minutes," Alessandro said, but his eyes were shining with amusement. #Quote by E. Jamie
Im Insatiable quotes by Henry Miller
#2. I will go directly to her home, ring the bell, and walk in. Here I am, take me-or stab me to death. Stab the heart, stab the brains, stab the lungs, the kidneys, the viscera, the eyes, the ears. If only one organ be left alive you are doomed-doomed to be mine, forever, in this world and the next and all the worlds to come. I'm a desperado of love, a scalper, a slayer. I'm insatiable. I eat hair, dirty wax, dry blood clots, anything and everything you call yours. Show me your father, with his kites, his race horses, his free passes for the opera: I will eat them all, swallow them alive. Where is the chair you sit in, where is your favorite comb, your toothbrush, your nail file? Trot them out that I may devour them at one gulp. You have a sister more beautiful than yourself, you say. Show her to me-I want to lick the flesh from her bones. #Quote by Henry Miller
Im Insatiable quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#3. Man cannot be content in his riches even if he has the whole world, there must be a frivolous extra desire. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
Im Insatiable quotes by Kresley Cole
#4. Rune the Insatiable. he buffed his black claws. "Wringing orgasms and breaking hearts for eons. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Im Insatiable quotes by Pat Conroy
#5. I had declared in public my desire to be a writer ... I wanted to develop a curiosity that was oceanic and insatiable as well as a desire to learn and use every word in the English language that didn't sound pretentious or ditzy. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Im Insatiable quotes by Carlo Rovelli
#6. as Lucretius wrote: "our appetite for life is voracious, our thirst for life insatiable #Quote by Carlo Rovelli
Im Insatiable quotes by Leon Uris
#7. Talent isn't enough. You need motivation-and persistence, too: what Steinbeck called a blend of faith and arrogance. When you're young, plain old poverty can be enough, along with an insatiable hunger for recognition. You have to have that feeling of "I'll show them." If you don't have it, don't become a writer #Quote by Leon Uris
Im Insatiable quotes by Dan Fante
#8. I was a degenerate, with an insatiable capacity for perversion. Incapable of change. I could do anything except not drink. #Quote by Dan Fante
Im Insatiable quotes by Penelope Lively
#9. My house is full of books. I suppose that I have read all of them, bar reference books and poetry collections in which I will not have read every poem. I have forgotten many, indeed most. At some point, I have emptied each of these into that insatiable vessel, the mind, and they are now lost somewhere within. If I reopen a book, there is recognition--oh yes, I've been here--but to have the contents again, familiar, new-minted, I would have to read right through. What happens to all this information, this inferno of language? Where does it go? Much, apparently, becomes irretrievable sediment; a fair amount, the significant amount, becomes that essential part of us--what we know and understand and think about above and beyond our own immediate concerns. It has become the life of the mind. What we have read makes us what we are--quite as much as what we have experienced and where we have been and who we have known. To read is to experience.

I can measure out my life in books. They stand along the way like signposts: the moments of absorption and empathy and direction and enlightenment and sheer pleasure. #Quote by Penelope Lively
Im Insatiable quotes by Solange Nicole
#10. It is hard to describe to you but I swear it was a fearsome sight. There were not eyes to speak of, but chasms that saw into its dark depths. A shade of a mouth full with phantom teeth. There seemed to be a skull shifting in and out of form beneath the black. Bound together by an unspeakable evil. #Quote by Solange Nicole
Im Insatiable quotes by Loren Eiseley
#11. Though men in the mass forget the origins of their need, they still bring wolfhounds into city apartments, where dog and man both sit brooding in wistful discomfort.
The magic that gleams an instant between Argos and Odysseus is both the recognition of diversity and the need for affection across the illusions of form. It is nature's cry to homeless, far-wandering, insatiable man: Do not forget your brethren, nor the green wood from which you sprang. To do so is to invite disaster. #Quote by Loren Eiseley
Im Insatiable quotes by Mikhail Lermontov
#12. But there is an unbounded pleasure to be had in the possession of a young, newly blossoming soul! It is like a flower, from which the best aroma evaporates when meeting the first ray of the sun; you must pluck it at that minute, breathing it in until you're satisfied, and then throw it onto the road: perhaps someone will pick it up! I feel this insatiable greed, which swallows everything it meets on its way. I look at the suffering and joy of others only in their relation to me, as though it is food that supports the strength of my soul. I myself am not capable of going mad under the influence of passion. My ambition is stifled by circumstances, but it has manifested itself in another way, for ambition is nothing other than a thirst for power, and my best pleasure is to subject everyone around me to my will, to arouse feelings of love, devotion and fear of me - is this not the first sign and the greatest triumph of power? Being someone's reason for suffering while not being in any position to claim the right - isn't this the sweetest nourishment for our pride? And what is happiness? Sated pride. If I considered myself to be better, more powerful than everyone in the world, I would be happy. If everyone loved me, I would find endless sources of love within myself. Evil spawns evil. The first experience of torture gives an understanding of the pleasure in tormenting others. An evil idea cannot enter a person's head without his wanting to bring it into reality: ideas are organic #Quote by Mikhail Lermontov
Im Insatiable quotes by Albert Camus
#13. The desire for possession is insatiable, to such a point that it can survive even love itself. To love, therefore, is to sterilize the person one loves. #Quote by Albert Camus
Im Insatiable quotes by Jason Luke
#14. I think if you give most men the choice between a highly skilled woman in the bedroom and a woman who is insatiable, they would choose the insatiable one more often than not. A gorgeous woman who wants sex once a month is a lot less desirable to a man than a average looking woman who wants sex every night. #Quote by Jason Luke
Im Insatiable quotes by Dauglas Dauglas
#15. It appeared the more religious and older men got, the more insatiable their appetite grew for teenage hymens; a short sighted, selfish, entitled and wicked appetite at that by the kind of men who were disillusioned enough to believe that the world revolved around their poles. #Quote by Dauglas Dauglas
Im Insatiable quotes by Jack Serv
#16. An amorous night is to approach a state of perfection that only two lovers can reach; you see this requires--no it demands, implores the deepest reverence, trust, insatiable desire, and mad lust for her. To worship her by abolishing the weakness of fear, the fear of betrayal, infidelity, the lack of reciprocation and bequeathing the body and soul to her, to worship her, to yearn and gain her unfettered permission to her body and soul, to accept the primal desires the animal needs that dwell inside, yet to have passion, tender love-making and violent sex all in the same night, as one--approaching this perfection is approaching heaven on earth. #Quote by Jack Serv
Im Insatiable quotes by Tom Peters
#17. Winston Churchill said that appetite was the most important thing about education. Leadership guru Warren Bennis says he wants to be remembered as 'curious to the end.' David Ogilvy contends that the greatest ad copywriters are marked by an insatiable curiosity 'about every subject under the sun.' #Quote by Tom Peters
Im Insatiable quotes by Indigo Girls
#18. Well, darkness has a hunger that's insatiable, and lightness has a call that's hard to hear. #Quote by Indigo Girls
Im Insatiable quotes by Joan D. Chittister
#19. preoccupation with fantasies of success; exhibitionism and insatiable attention-getting maneuvers; #Quote by Joan D. Chittister
Im Insatiable quotes by Howard Zinn
#20. Revenge! Workingmen, to Arms!!! . . . You have for years endured the most abject humiliations; . . . you have worked yourself to death . . . your Children you have sacrificed to the factory lord - in short: you have been miserable and obedient slaves all these years: Why? To satisfy the insatiable greed, to fill the coffers of your lazy thieving master? When you ask them now to lessen your burdens, he sends his bloodhounds out to shoot you, kill you! . . . To arms we call you, to arms! #Quote by Howard Zinn
Im Insatiable quotes by Steven Erikson
#21. Karsa shrugged. 'The Malazan soldiers in Genabaris said the Seven Cities was going to rebel against their occupiers. This is why the Teblor do not make conquests. Better that the enemy keeps its land, so that we may raid again and again.'

'Not the imperial way,' the Daru responded, shaking his head. 'Possession and control, the two are like insatiable hungers for some people. Oh, no doubt the Malazans have thought up countless justifications for their wars of expansion. It's well known that Seven Cities was a rat's warren of feuds and civil wars, leaving most of the population suffering and miserable and starving under the heels of fat warlords and corrupt priest-kings. And that, with the Malazan conquest, the thugs ended up spiked to the city walls or on the run. And the wilder tribes no longer sweep down out of the hills to deliver mayhem on their more civilized kin. And the tyranny of the priesthoods was shattered, putting an end to human sacrifice and extortion. And of course the merchants have never been richer, or safer on these roads. So, all in all, this land is rife for rebellion. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Im Insatiable quotes by Ransom Riggs
#22. In a cruel twist of irony, they achieved the immortality they'd been seeking. It's believed that the hollows can live thousands of years, but it is a life of constant physical torment, of humiliating debasement - feeding on stray animals, living in isolation - and of insatiable hunger for the flesh of their former kin, because our blood is their only hope for salvation. If a hollow gorges itself on enough peculiars, it becomes a wight. #Quote by Ransom Riggs
Im Insatiable quotes by Tim J. Brooks
#23. If the driving force behind bettering human life is our insatiable desire to escape mortality what will we do when we succeed? #Quote by Tim J. Brooks
Im Insatiable quotes by Susan Sontag
#24. Being in love (l'amour fou) a pathological variant of loving. Being in love = addiction, obsession, exclusion of others, insatiable demand for presence, paralysis of other interests and activities. A disease of love, a fever (therefore exalting). One "falls" in love. But this is one disease which, if one must have it, is better to have often rather than infrequently. It's less mad to fall in love often (less inaccurate for there are many wonderful people in the world) than only two or three times in one's life. Or maybe it's better always to be in love with several people at any given time. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Im Insatiable quotes by Terry Eagleton
#25. That Hitchens represents a grievous loss to the left is beyond doubt. He is a superb writer, superior in wit and elegance to his hero George Orwell, and an unstanchably eloquent speaker. He has an insatiable curiosity about the modern world and an encyclopaedic knowledge of it, as well as an unflagging fascination with himself. Through getting to know all the right people, an instinct as inbuilt as his pancreas, he could tell you without missing a beat whom best to consult in Rabat about education policy in the Atlas Mountains. The same instinct leads to chummy lunches with Bill Deedes and Peregrine Worsthorne. In his younger days, he was not averse to dining with repulsive fat cats while giving them a piece of his political mind. Nowadays, one imagines, he just dines with repulsive fat cats. #Quote by Terry Eagleton
Im Insatiable quotes by Murray Gell-Mann
#26. We are driven by the usual insatiable curiosity of the scientist, and our work is a delightful game. #Quote by Murray Gell-Mann
Im Insatiable quotes by Ella Frank
#27. Hmm," Tate said. "That's it. I love how insatiable you are. You can't help yourself from taking what you want, even when you know you shouldn't. Like when you take me. I love how you hold me down and go fucking wild. Greedy to the very end." "Jesus, #Quote by Ella Frank
Im Insatiable quotes by Michael J. Cohen
#28. Our incredible bewilderment (wilderness separation) blinds us from seeing that our many personal and global problems primarily result from our assault of and separation from the natural creation process within and around us. Our estrangement from nature leaves us wanting,and when we want there is never enough. Our insatiable wanting is called greed. It is a major source of our destructive dependencies and violence. #Quote by Michael J. Cohen
Im Insatiable quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#29. There are a thousand ways of being religious without submitting to Christ's lordship, and people are practiced in most of them. We live in golden calf country. Religious feeling runs high but in ways far removed from what was said in Sinai and done on Calvary. While everyone has a hunger for God, deep and insatiable, none us has any great desire for him. What we really want is to be our own gods and to have whatever other gods that are around to help in this work. #Quote by Eugene H. Peterson
Im Insatiable quotes by H.G.Wells
#30. Then very haltingly at first, but afterwards more easily, he began to tell of the thing that was hidden in his life, the haunting memory of a beauty and a happiness that filled his heart with insatiable longings, that made all the interests and spectacle of worldly life seem dull and tedious and vain to him. #Quote by H.G.Wells
Im Insatiable quotes by Henry Miller
#31. The city grows like a cancer; I must grow like a sun. The city eats deeper and deeper into the red; it is an insatiable white louse which must die eventually of inanition. I am going to starve the white louse which is eating me up. I am going to die as a city in order to become again a man. Therefore I close my ears, my eyes, my mouth. #Quote by Henry Miller
Im Insatiable quotes by Joey Lott
#32. The approval trap can be crippling. The craving for approval is insatiable. In fact, the more you feed it, the bigger it becomes. And eventually, it can become all-consuming. The trap is the mistaken belief that more of the same will lead to freedom. However, it turns out that what is needed is a complete reversal of the usual strategies rather than more of the same. #Quote by Joey Lott
Im Insatiable quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#33. At the end of this day there remains what remained yesterday and what will remain tomorrow: the insatiable, unquantifiable longing to be both the same and other. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
Im Insatiable quotes by Anne Rice
#34. You're my insatiable blood thief and soul smasher. #Quote by Anne Rice
Im Insatiable quotes by Dennis Merritt Jones
#35. Inherent in every living thing is an insatiable hunger, the innate desire to express life by freely and fully being "what" it was uniquely created to be. To personalize this, consider the possibility that there was a time when you were a "what" before you were a "who." If you can wrap your mind around that possibility, then, the question to explore is, what were you before you became a who - and why did you become the who you uniquely are when there are so many other "who"s on the planet you might have been? While this may seem like a bit of a paradoxi- cal tongue twister, it is the quintessential question that requires exploration if you are to follow your true North Star back to your point of origin, where you'll find your authentic self waiting to weave itself into the fabric of your human life today and every day. #Quote by Dennis Merritt Jones
Im Insatiable quotes by Mark Levin
#36. The Statist has an insatiable appetite for control. His sights are set on his next meal even before he has fully digested his last. He is constantly agitating for government action. And in furtherance of that purpose, the Statist speaks in the tongue of the demagogue, concocting one pretext and grievance after another to manipulate public perceptions and build popular momentum for the divestiture of liberty and property from its rightful possessors. #Quote by Mark Levin
Im Insatiable quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#37. Get down! Get down!
The people in front had already done so, swept down by the wave of bullets. The survivors, instead of getting down, tried to go back to the small square, and the panic became a dragon's tail as one compact wave ran against another which was moving in the opposite direction, towards the other dragon's tail in the street across the way, where the machine guns were firing without cease. They were penned in, swirling about in a gigantic whirlwind that little by little was being reduced to its epicenter as the edges were systematically being cut off all around like an onion being peeled by the insatiable and methodical shears of the machine guns. #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Im Insatiable quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#38. Had he stood outside my door as I'd stood outside his, fists at his sides, lips drawn back? Did it have him as bad as it had me? Was it eating at him, gnawing at him with the same sharp vicious little teeth that wouldn't let me sleep?
Yes, it was. I could see the rage of insatiable uninvited lust in every line of that dark, stoic face that had once been too subtly etched for me to read. I wasn't the only one lying awake at night, fevered with memories, tossing, turning, soaking my sheets, burning up
not for Fae sex, but him, damn it all to hell, him. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Im Insatiable quotes by Roy Hazelwood
#39. Roy's key finding was DeBardeleben's criminal sexual sadism. For such offenders, sex and suffering are one and the same. This perversion, or paraphilia, is surprisingly unusual, even among sexual criminals. But those who harbor it are the most dangerous of all aberrant offenders. They are the great white sharks of deviant crime, marked by their wildly complex fantasy worlds, unequaled criminal cunning, paranoia, insatiable sexual hunger, and enormous capacity for destruction." ... "The crimes are fantasies being acted out. The more complex the crime, the more complex the fantasy and the more intelligent the offender.
#Quote by Roy Hazelwood
Im Insatiable quotes by Michael Palin
#40. Despite having seen a fair amount of the world, I still love travelling - I just have an insatiable curiosity and like looking out of a window. #Quote by Michael Palin
Im Insatiable quotes by Alan W. Watts
#41. As it is, we are merely bolting our lives - gulping down undigested experiences as fast as we can stuff them in - because awareness of our own existence is so superficial and so narrow that nothing seems to us more boring than simple being. If I ask you what you did, saw, heard, smelled, touched and tasted yesterday, I am likely to get nothing more than the thin, sketchy outline of the few things that you noticed, and of those only what you thought worth remembering. Is it surprising that an existence so experienced seems so empty and bare that its hunger for an infinite future is insatiable? But suppose you could answer, "It would take me forever to tell you, and I am much too interested in what's happening now." How is it possible that a being with such sensitive jewels as the eyes, such enchanted musical instruments as the ears, and such a fabulous arabesque of nerves as the brain can experience itself as anything less than a god? And, when you consider that this incalculably subtle organism is inseparable from the still more marvelous patterns of its environment - from the minutest electrical designs to the whole company of the galaxies - how is it conceivable that this incarnation of all eternity can be bored with being? #Quote by Alan W. Watts
Im Insatiable quotes by Richard Ernst
#42. A brief visit to Nepal started my insatiable love for Asian art. #Quote by Richard Ernst
Im Insatiable quotes by Jessica N. Watkins
#43. Our relationship was different, therefore successful, because James and I understood each other's sexuality. He loves women; loves them. He was very honest with me about his insatiable appetite for the opposite sex. #Quote by Jessica N. Watkins
Im Insatiable quotes by Monique Truong
#44. In language at once stark and delicate, Suki Kim shatters the polemic of North and South Korea. She couples an investigative reporter's fierce desire to strip away the fiction of the Hermit Kingdom with an immigrant's insatiable hunger for an emotional home, no matter how troubled and no matter how impossible. #Quote by Monique Truong
Im Insatiable quotes by Atul Gawande
#45. In fact, he argued, human beings need loyalty. It does not necessarily produce happiness, and can even be painful, but we all require devotion to something more than ourselves for our lives to be endurable. Without it, we have only our desires to guide us, and they are fleeting, capricious, and insatiable. They provide, ultimately, only torment. #Quote by Atul Gawande
Im Insatiable quotes by Niall Ferguson
#46. The British press has an insatiable appetite for making public things that should be private. It's a prurience that I've never understood. #Quote by Niall Ferguson
Im Insatiable quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#47. Josh is a romantic. He likes being in love, and he craves love to fill the void left by his absentee parents. Maybe our relationship didn't happen quickly because we're perfect for each other, but because we each got swept away by it – him because of this insatiable need, me because of my pre-existing crush. Did those three years of longing cloud my perception of reality? How well do I really know him? Since I've last seen him in person, I've been faced with several incarnations that I didn't even know existed #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Im Insatiable quotes by Sophia Amoruso
#48. And once you've found success, don't stop. It's not about being insatiable; it's about not resting on your laurels. #Quote by Sophia Amoruso
Im Insatiable quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#49. She'd found the creature she'd seen tonight: Adam Black. The earliest accounts of it were sketchy, descriptions of its various glamours, warnings about its deviltry, cautions about its insatiable sexuality and penchant for mortal women ("so sates a lass, that she is oft incapable of speech, her wits muddled for a fortnight or more." Oh, please. Gabby thought, was that the medieval equivalent of screwing her brains out?), but by the approach of the first millennium, the accounts became more detailed. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Im Insatiable quotes by April Brookshire
#50. That's it. That is fucking it. I stand up, grab Anna by the waist and, while dragging her to the bedroom, say over my shoulder to Brent, "If you can answer the door when her brother gets here, we'd appreciate it. Don't bother us for the next hour, two if Anna's as insatiable as usual. You may want to turn on the television to drown out the noise!" I push a laughing Anna into the bedroom and slam the door behind us. #Quote by April Brookshire

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