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Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Marti Noxon
#1. I've always had a flare for the dramatic. I thought about being an actor and I thought about directing, but writing truly became something I needed to do, just to stay sane. It's my over-pressure valve. #Quote by Marti Noxon
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#2. As for children's working off aggressions, I'm against it. They are going to need all the aggressions they can contain for ultimate release in the adult world. Name one great man in history who did not go boiling and bubbling through childhood with a lashed-down safety valve. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Kim Swift
#3. I'd been at Valve since I got out of college. I felt like I kind of grew up there, and I wanted to see what else was out in the world. One of the owners of Airtight Games is a friend of mine, and he asked if I would run a team there. It just sounded like a great opportunity. #Quote by Kim Swift
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Dan Meyer
#4. Students need to decide, 'All right, well, does the height matter? Does the side of it matter? Does the color of the valve matter? What matters here?' - such an underrepresented question in math curriculum. #Quote by Dan Meyer
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Tom Robbins
#5. To the source), they griped as much as they pleased. The King would stand at a window (during halftime or the seventh-inning stretch) and stare apprehensively at the creeping tide of brambles. "I may be the first monarch in history to be assassinated by blackberries," he would grumble. His Teflon valve grumbled with him. The Queen caressed her Chihuahua. "You know who lifed #Quote by Tom Robbins
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Audacia Ray
#6. As a woman of color who is interested in these issues of democracy and who wants to enact social change, Pilaf sees the Internet as a tool that perpetuates the corporate, white, middle-class hegemony of American consumer culture rather than a tool for revolution. Instead of viewing the Internet as a new outlet for activism and that opens up a world of communication, Pilaf sees the online communication and activism as an escape valve, a way to remove oneself from interactions with people. Although I disagree with her on this point, I'm very much aware that my ability to see the Internet as revolutionary comes from a place of privilege, in which I can think of the Internet as a sexual, political, and intellectual arena because I'm in a place (geographically and economically) where these are the very things that are my primary focus and concern. Although some of Pilaf's criticisms overlap with those technophobes who view the Internet as the devil's playground, her observations come from a very real, intense place of political and personal discomfort with forging ahead of digital culture and the casualties this 'progress' may leave. #Quote by Audacia Ray
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Clarice Lispector
#7. If the reader possesses any wealth and a comfortable life, he'll step out of himself to see how the other sometimes lives. If he's poor, he won't be reading me because reading me is superfluous for anyone who has a slight permanent hunger. Here I'm playing the role of a safety valve for you and from the massacring life of the average middle class. I'm well aware that it's frightening to step out of oneself, but everything new is frightening. Though the anonymous girl in this story is so ancient that she could be a biblical figure. She was subterranean and had never flowered: I'm lying: she was grass. #Quote by Clarice Lispector
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Hedy Lamarr
#8. I don't believe in life after death. But I do believe in some grinding destiny that watches over us on earth. If I didn't, the safety valve would give and the boiler would explode. #Quote by Hedy Lamarr
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Louisa Edwards
#9. I mean, it's just sex. It's simple biology, right? You build up tension and stress
you need to open a valve somewhere and let it out, or you'll explode. Nothing deep and emotional about it, just a bodily function. Like sneezing.'
'Sure,' Kane said, nodding sagely. 'Coed naked sneezing. The next wave in porn. #Quote by Louisa Edwards
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by E.B. White
#10. It is not possible to keep abreast of the normal tides of acquisition. A home is like a reservoir equipped with a check valve: the valve permits influx but prevents outflow. #Quote by E.B. White
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Tom Wolfe
#11. The whole other world that LSD opened your mind to existed only in the moment itself - Now - and any attempt to plan, compose, orchestrate, write a script, only locked you out the moment, back to the world of conditioning and training where the brain was a reducing valve #Quote by Tom Wolfe
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Carol J. Clover
#12. [W]here Satan is, in the world of horror, female genitals are likely to be nearby. The word vulva itself is related to valve - gate or entry into the body - and so it regularly serves for all manner of spirits [...] in occult horror. When the seance in Don't Look Now stalls, the blind medium turns suddenly to Laura: 'Are your legs crossed?' [...] Whatever else those crossed legs may mean, they also signify access blocked; only when she uncrosses them can the seance go forward. #Quote by Carol J. Clover
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by George Saintsbury
#13. Is not 'casual' labour the very secret and safety-valve of a safe and sound labour system generally?...In a complicated and commercial state constant employment at regular wages is impossible; while dole-supported unemployment, at anything like the wages of employment, is demoralizing to begin with and ruinous at its more or less quickly arriving end. #Quote by George Saintsbury
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Laurie Foos
#14. Usually at the core of fiction that has some element of the absurd there tends to be an examination of some societal ills that we should talk about more than we do. And it's funny, of course, so we have that release valve with absurdism. It offers us a safe way to explore difficult subject matter. #Quote by Laurie Foos
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Barbara Bush
#15. I have a pig valve. #Quote by Barbara Bush
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Gabe Newell
#16. About half the people at Valve have run their own companies, so they always have the option not just to take a job at another game company, but to go start their own company. The question you always have to answer is, 'How are we making these people more valuable than they would be elsewhere?' #Quote by Gabe Newell
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Stavros Niarchos
#17. No one wants to stoke coal if he can regulate an oil valve instead. #Quote by Stavros Niarchos
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#18. Freedom of the press is to the machinery of the state what the safety valve is to the steam engine. #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Lewis Mumford
#19. In short, the oppressor and the oppressed, instead of fighting it out within the city, directed their aggression toward a common goal-an attack on a rival city. Thus the greater the tensions and the harsher the daily repressions of civilization, the more useful war became as a safety valve. Finally, war performed another function that was even more indispensable, if my hypothetical connection between anxiety, human sacrifice, and war prove defensible. War provided its own justification, by displacing neurotic anxiety with rational fear in the face of real danger. Once war broke out, there was solid reason for apprehension, terror, and compensatory displays of courage. #Quote by Lewis Mumford
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Rony Abovitz
#20. In our industry, there are so many competing companies and games, and they have people constantly out spying on competition. For example, Valve in Seattle tries to keep their location a secret. #Quote by Rony Abovitz
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Grant Achatz
#21. To me, every kitchen appliance is useful and nothing's overrated. When I look at my little espresso machine, I don't see coffee. I see a steaming valve as an opportunity to make amazing creme brulee. #Quote by Grant Achatz
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#22. Every friend whom not thy fantastic will but the great and tender heart in thee craveth, shall lock thee in his embrace. And this because the heart in thee is the heart of all; not a valve, not a wall, not an intersection is there anywhere in nature, but one blood rolls uninterruptedly in endless circulation through all men, as the water of the globe is all one sea, and, truly seen, its tide is one. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Lewis Grizzard
#23. I was afraid they kept the hogs in a pen out behind the hospital. I've been prepared for surgery and the doctor says to an orderly, 'Leon, go out to the hog pen and get me a valve. #Quote by Lewis Grizzard
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Francis Dacosta
#24. They will be moisture sensors, valve controls, "smart dust," parking meters, home appliances, and so on. These types of end devices almost never contain the processors, memory, hard drives, and other features needed to run a protocol stack. #Quote by Francis Dacosta
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Todd Stocker
#25. Preparation is the pressure valve on a busy schedule. #Quote by Todd Stocker
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by J.D. Vance
#26. To this day, being able to "take advantage" of someone is the measure in my mind of having a parent. For me and Lindsay, the fear of imposing stalked our minds, infecting even the food we ate. We recognized instinctively that many of the people we depended on weren't supposed to play that role in our lives, so much so that it was one of the first things Lindsay thought of when she learned of Papaw's death. We were conditioned to feel that we couldn't really depend on people - that, even as children, asking someone for a meal or for help with a broken-down automobile was a luxury that we shouldn't indulge in too much lest we fully tap the reservoir of goodwill serving as a safety valve in our lives. #Quote by J.D. Vance
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Ernest Becker
#27. War is a sociological safety valve that cleverly diverts popular hatred for the ruling classes into a happy occasion to mutilate or kill foreign enemies. #Quote by Ernest Becker
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Magdi Yacoub
#28. The nanofibrillar scaffolds designed to guide the process of cellular repopulation is an important step towards prolonging life and enhancing the quality of life for patients with advanced heart disease with defective valve. #Quote by Magdi Yacoub
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Peter Schiff
#29. People should have an escape valve for their money, their assets. If you have substantial financial assets, the government is going to confiscate the purchasing power of those assets and spend it. #Quote by Peter Schiff
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#30. Cautiously, the mouth applied to the valve, I breathe. The gas still creeps over the ground and sinks into all hollows. Like a big, soft jellyfish it floats into our shell-hole and lolls there obscenely. #Quote by Erich Maria Remarque
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Aldous Huxley
#31. To make biological survival possible, Mind at Large has to be funnelled through the reducing valve of the brain and nervous system. What comes out at the other end is a measly trickle of the kind of consciousness which will help us to stay alive on the surface of this particular planet. To formulate and express the contents of this reduced awareness, man has invented and endlessly elaborated those symbol-systems and implicit philosophies which we call languages. Every individual is at once the beneficiary and the victim of the linguistic tradition into which he or she has been born
the beneficiary inasmuch as language gives access to he accumulated records of other people's experience, the victim in so far as it confirms him in the belief that reduced awareness is the only awareness and as it be-devils his sense of reality, so that he is all too apt to take his concepts for data, his words for actual things. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Dick Cavett
#32. Unpleasant reading on the subject of anger tells us that there's not really anything wrong with it. In limited amounts. It can even be a good thing. A pressure valve. #Quote by Dick Cavett
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Derek Landy
#33. Emergency Valve Regulators," she repeated. "So you do know what your doing?
"Not really," he said yanking another wire. 'I made up that term to keep you happy. I'm just pulling all the red wires because they're the pretty ones. #Quote by Derek Landy
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Albert Richard Smith
#34. The safety-valves of the heart, when too much pressure is laid on. #Quote by Albert Richard Smith
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by A.E. Samaan
#35. Neither Fascist Italy nor Spain adopted eugenics as an ideology central to their form of government the way the National Socialist did. However, socialist and progressive nations such as Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway did adopt and implement eugenics. This is because eugenics is the safety valve of a centrally planned economy. Central planners like John Maynard Keynes fear a population that is not as meticulously planned as the economy. They fear the unproductive sectors out-breeding the productive sectors of the population. This is also why Keynes was a lobbyist for the British eugenics movement both before and after The Holocaust. #Quote by A.E. Samaan
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Randy Alcorn
#36. Giving is the safety valve that releases the excess pressure of wealth. #Quote by Randy Alcorn
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Rajneesh
#37. If you are involved totally, sex disappears because sex is a safety valve. When you have energy unused, then sex becomes a haunting thing around you. When total energy is used, sex disappears. And that is the state of brahmacharya, of virya, of all your potential energy flowering. #Quote by Rajneesh
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Charlie Kimball
#38. My team fills two separate drink bottles for me in the car. One is water, and the other has orange juice. I just turn a valve and go from water to juice ... to adjust my glucose levels. #Quote by Charlie Kimball
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Richard G. Scott
#39. A sense of humor is an escape valve for the pressures of life. #Quote by Richard G. Scott
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#40. Trout did another thing which some people might have considered eccentric: he called mirrors leaks. It amused him to pretend that mirrors were holes between two universes.
If he saw a child near a mirror, he might wag his finger at a child warningly, and say with great solemnity, "Don't get too near that leak. You wouldent want to wind up in the other universe, would you?"
Sometimes somebody would say in his presence, "Excuse me, I have to take a leak." This was a way of saying that the speaker intended to drain liquid wastes from his body through a valve in his lower abdomen.
And trout would reply waggishly, "where I come from, that means you're about to steal a mirror."
And so on #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by David Foster Wallace
#41. ... television looks to be an absolute godsend for a human subspecies that loves to watch people but hates to be watched itself. For the television screen affords access only one-way. A psychic ball-check valve. We can see Them; They can't see Us. We can relax, unobserved, as we ogle. I happen to believe this is why television also appeals so much to lonely people. To voluntary shut-ins. Every lonely human I know watches way more than the average U.S. six hours a day. The lonely, like the fictive, love one-way watching. For lonely people are usually lonely not because of hideous deformity or odor or obnoxiousness - in fact there exist today support- and social groups for persons with precisely these attributes. Lonely people tend, rather, to be lonely because they decline to bear the psychic costs of being around other humans. They are allergic to people. People affect them too strongly. Let's call the average U.S. lonely person Joe Briefcase. Joe Briefcase fears and loathes the strain of the special self-consciousness which seems to afflict him only when other real human beings are around, staring, their human sense-antennae abristle. Joe B. fears how he might appear, come across, to watchers. He chooses to sit out the enormously stressful U.S. game of appearance poker. But lonely people, at home, alone, still crave sights and scenes, company. Hence television. Joe can stare at Them on the screen; They remain blind to Joe. It's almost like voyeurism. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Linden Morningstar
#42. Something strange happens about dreams that Gloria has – the real world seems to get mixed up into the dreams and the dreams seem all the more real – with part of your mind you're aware of what's going on around you, but part of your mind is drifting and things start to get mixed up. What I'm trying to say is that the human mind has developed a safety valve and dreaming is really the unconscious mind (me in this case) clearing up the debris it has otherwise been unable to cope with on the conscious level – if this is so, then tonight's dreams became like "a horror show" in which Gloria and I were literally imprisoned."

Gloria's Helper #Quote by Linden Morningstar
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Rick Riordan
#43. There's your problem," Leo announced.
Jason scratched his head. "Uh.... what are we looking at?"
Leo thought it was pretty obvious, but Piper looked confused too.
"Okay," Leo sighed, " you want the full explanation or the short explanation?"
"Short," Piper and Jason said in unison.
Leo gestured to the empty core. "The syncopator goes here. It's a multi-access gyro-valve to regulate flow. The doxen glass tubes on the outside? Those are filled with powerful,dangerous stuff. That glowing red one is Lemnos fire from my dad's forges. This murky stuff here? That's water from the River Styx. The stuff in the tubes is going to power the ship, right? Like radioactive rods in a nuclear reactor. But the mix ratio has to be controlled, and the timer is already operational.... That means without the syncopator, this stuff is all going to vent into the chamber at the same time, in sixty-five minutes. At that point, we'll get a very nasty reaction."
Jason and Piper stared at him. Leo wondered if he'd been speaking English. Sometimes when he was agitated he slipped into Spanish, like his mom used to do in her workshop. But he was pretty sure he'd used English.
"Um..." Piper cleared her throat." Could you make the short explanation shorter?"
Leo palm-smacked his forehead. "Fine. One hour. Fluids mix. Bunker goes ka-boom. One square mile of forest tuns into a smoking crater."
"Oh," Piper said in a small voice. "Can't you just..... turn it off?"< #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Zia Mody
#44. as a safety valve to preserve Indian democracy, the basic structure doctrine in Kesavananda should live on. #Quote by Zia Mody
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Jean-Dominique Bauby
#45. I need to feel strongly, to love and to admire, just as desperately as I need to breathe. A letter from a friend, a Balthus painting on a postcard, a page of Saint-Simon, give meaning to the passing hours. But to keep my mind sharp, to avoid descending into resigned indifference, I maintain a level of resentment and anger, neither too much nor too little, just as a pressure cooker has a safety valve to keep it from exploding. #Quote by Jean-Dominique Bauby
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Rands
#46. When the Vent begins, you might confuse [it] for a conversation. It's not. It's a Vent. It's a mental release valve and your job is to listen for as long as it takes. Don't problem solve. Don't redirect. Don't comfort. Yet. Your employee is doing mental house cleaning and interrupting this cleaning is missing the point. They don't want a solution, they want to be heard. #Quote by Rands
Ileisrcal Valve quotes by Matthew B. Crawford
#47. I was nearing a familiar point where I've descended through every level of madness and despair, and a certain calm takes over. I was reduced now to a more or less autistic repetition of valve cover manipulations I'd long ago determined to be futile, when suddenly the cover just fell out of its trap and lay free in my hand. #Quote by Matthew B. Crawford

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