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Il Mare quotes by Salvatore Quasimodo
#1. The Sea Still Sounds
(Già da più notti s'ode ancora il mare)
Even more so at night the sea still sounds,
Lightly, up and down, along the smooth sands.
Echo of an enclosed voice in the mind,
that returns in time; and also that
assiduous lament of the gulls; birds
perhaps of the summits that April
drives towards the plain; already
you are near to me in that voice;
and I wish there might yet come to you
from me, an echo of memory,
like this dark murmur of the sea. #Quote by Salvatore Quasimodo
Il Mare quotes by Kim Jong Il
#2. Overall relations between the North and the South have developed in favor of national reconciliation, unity and reunification. #Quote by Kim Jong Il
Il Mare quotes by Sam Crescent
#3. Why do you cal me 'Petal'?"

"Because a petal is on every flower, and every flower reminds me of you. Everywhere I go, I'l never forget you, #Quote by Sam Crescent
Il Mare quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#4. But even in such works where the author is ideally unobtrusive, he remains diffused through the book so that his very absence becomes a kind of radiant presence. As the French say, il brille par son absence - "he shines by his absence." In connection with Bleak House we are concerned with one of those authors who are so to speak not supreme deities, diffuse and aloof, but puttering, amiable, sympathetic demigods, who descend into their books under various disguises or send therein various middlemen, representatives, agents, minions, spies, and stooges. [...]

Roughly speaking, there are three types of such representatives. Let us inspect them.

First, the narrator insofar as he speaks in the first person, the capital I of the story, its moving pillar. [...] Second, a type of author's representative, what I call the sifting agent. [...] The third type is the so-called perry, possibly derived from periscope, despite the double r, or perhaps from parry in vague connection with foil as in fencing. But this does not matter much since anyway I invented the term myself many years ago. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Il Mare quotes by Jamie McGuire
#5. I don't want to date her; I just want to be around her. She's ... different."
"Different how?" America asked, sounding irritated.
"She doesn't put up with my bullshit, it's refreshing. You said it yourself, Mare. I'm not her type. It's just not ... like that with us."
"You're closer to her type than you know," America said. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Il Mare quotes by Tom McNeal
#6. You know, for a while there we kept horses for the boys, and we had a mare that had broken down. Couldn't ride it ... You could feed it and brush it and water it and all. Sometimes, I've thought that's what most marriages get to. A horse you still care a little about but cannot any longer ride. #Quote by Tom McNeal
Il Mare quotes by Carew Papritz
#7. Who will you be my Little Ones?
Who will you be, my Little Ones?
Will you dance for the fires of your youth
and run at midnight to water's edge,
diving into summer's heat?
Will you ride a wild mare
to any thought or dream or love of your making?
Will you seek the artistry of your own infatuations
and explore all the reckless and eccentric corners
of your own impetuous world? #Quote by Carew Papritz
Il Mare quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#8. Il faut e pater le bourgeois. One must astound the bourgeois. #Quote by Charles Baudelaire
Il Mare quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#9. Strange that she is both the anchor against the storm and the storm itself. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Il Mare quotes by Walter De La Mare
#10. Lear, Macbeth. Mercutio – they live on their own as it were. The newspapers are full of them, if we were only the Shakespeares to see it. Have you ever been in a Police Court? Have you ever watched tradesmen behind their counters? My soul, the secrets walking in the streets! You jostle them at every corner. There's a Polonius in every first-class railway carriage, and as many Juliets as there are boarding-schools. ... How inexhaustibly rich everything is, if you only stick to life. #Quote by Walter De La Mare
Il Mare quotes by Susan Cain
#11. Valentine's concept of introversion includes traits that contemporary psychology would classify as openness to experience ("thinker, dreamer"), conscientiousness ("idealist"), and neuroticism ("shy individual").
A long line of poets, scientists, and philosophers have also tended to group these traits together. All the way back in Genesis, the earliest book of the Bible, we had cerebral Jacob (a "quiet man dwelling in tents" who later becomes "Israel," meaning one who wrestles inwardly with God) squaring off in sibling rivalry with his brother, the swashbuckling Esau (a "skillful hunter" and "man of the field"). In classical antiquity, the physicians Hippocrates and Galen famously proposed that our temperaments - and destinies - were a function of our bodily fluids, with extra blood and "yellow bile" making us sanguine or choleric (stable or neurotic extroversion), and an excess of phlegm and "black bile" making us calm or melancholic (stable or neurotic introversion). Aristotle noted that the melancholic temperament was associated with eminence in philosophy, poetry, and the arts (today we might classify this as opennessto experience). The seventeenth-century English poet John Milton wrote Il Penseroso ("The Thinker") and L'Allegro ("The Merry One"), comparing "the happy person" who frolics in the countryside and revels in the city with "the thoughtful person" who walks meditatively through the nighttime woods and studies in a "lonely Towr." (Again, today the description #Quote by Susan Cain
Il Mare quotes by Kim Jong Il
#12. The cinema occupies an important place in the overall development of art and literature. #Quote by Kim Jong Il
Il Mare quotes by Lila Bowen
#13. Could a mare only like mares or stallions, or could a mare like whatever she damn pleased? Maybe she just didn't know enough yet to understand what she was or what she wanted. Or maybe she was lots of things, just as her skin was a mixture of browns. Maybe she didn't have to like anything. #Quote by Lila Bowen
Il Mare quotes by Brenda Liddy
#14. As there is no narrative, his poetry has been described as lyrical. As A. J. Smith observes, 'The most directly influential body of lyric poetry in European literature Il Canzoniere of Petrarch consists of some three hundred and eighty sonnets, madrigals and canzoni, sensitively registering every nuance of the poet's forty-seven-year devotion to one Laura. #Quote by Brenda Liddy
Il Mare quotes by Jack O'Brien
#15. When you realize that the uncut 'Porgy and Bess' started me off, that I'd have the opportunity to do a ton of 'Stoppard,' 'Hairspray,' that I'm able to do 'Il Trittico' at the Met - how do I top that? #Quote by Jack O'Brien
Il Mare quotes by Cherrie Lynn
#16. You've given me back everything he took away, and then some."

The tension in his body flowed out of him, and he relaxed into her embrace. "I'l give you more than he ever did. #Quote by Cherrie Lynn
Il Mare quotes by Ilchi Lee
#17. Change is something that happens to you.
Change is something that you make.
Which statement seems to be true?
You are the one who can make one of these true.
You have the power to choose.
You have potential beyond your wildest imagination.
Now is time for change, a time to become the greatest version of yourself.
And a time to make your grandest vision of the world.
Open up to discover a new world.
Be inspired to make the changes you truly desire.
Il chi Lee #Quote by Ilchi Lee
Il Mare quotes by Kim Jong Il
#18. I am the object of criticism around the world. But I think that since I am being discussed, then I am on the right track. #Quote by Kim Jong Il
Il Mare quotes by Chiara Cilli
#19. Morwen was petrified. Galadir was getting closer. She could feel his breath, cold and accelerated. She imagined for a second like would be kissing him. A hazard too dangerous. And what if she could not stop? If by mistake, kissing him, she had bitten him? What if his blood was come down sweet in her throat? No. Too dangerous. With a quick movement, she stood up and walked away from the Prince. #Quote by Chiara Cilli
Il Mare quotes by Nadine Brandes
#20. Sorry about the rain.
This is your doing?
I'm doing everything I can to change Catesby's mind.
The mare plodded along. I looked to the skies.
maybe add some hail. #Quote by Nadine Brandes
Il Mare quotes by J.J. McAvoy
#21. Sei il grande amore della mia vita. Il mio cuore è solo tuo Senza di te la vita non ha più senso. (You are the love of my life. My heart is yours. Without you, life has no meaning.) So never look away from me for too long. #Quote by J.J. McAvoy
Il Mare quotes by Audrey Coulthurst
#22. I wanted Mare.
I was promised to her brother.
I was in deep trouble. #Quote by Audrey Coulthurst
Il Mare quotes by Oscar Wilde
#23. And criticism - what place is that to have in our culture? Well, I think that the first duty of an art critic is to hold his tongue at all times, and upon all subjects: C'EST UN GRAND AVANTAGE DE N'AVOIR RIEN FAIT, MAIS IL NE FAUT PAS EN ABUSER.

It is only through the mystery of creation that one can gain any knowledge of the quality of created things. You have listened to PATIENCE for a hundred nights and you have heard me for one only. It will make, no doubt, that satire more piquant by knowing something about the subject of it, but you must not judge of aestheticism by the satire of Mr. Gilbert. As little should you judge of the strength and splendour of sun or sea by the dust that dances in the beam, or the bubble that breaks on the wave, as take your critic for any sane test of art. For the artists, like the Greek gods, are revealed only to one another, as Emerson says somewhere; their real value and place time only can show. In this respect also omnipotence is with the ages. The true critic addresses not the artist ever but the public only. His work lies with them. Art can never have any other claim but her own perfection: it is for the critic to create for art the social aim, too, by teaching the people the spirit in which they are to approach all artistic work, the love they are to give it, the lesson they are to draw from it. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Il Mare quotes by Peter Mayle
#24. I have a terrible weakness for collecting snatches of other people's conversations, and occasionally I'm rewarded with unusual fragments of knowledge. My favorite of the day came from a large but shapely woman sitting nearby whom I learned was the owner of a local lingerie shop. 'Beh oui,' she said to her companion, waving her spoon for emphasis, 'il faut du temps pour la corsetterie.' You can't argue with that. I made a mental note not to rush things next time I was shopping for a corset, and leaned back to allow the waiter through with the next course. #Quote by Peter Mayle
Il Mare quotes by Walter De La Mare
#25. After all, what is every man? A horde of ghosts – like a Chinese nest of boxes – oaks that were acorns that were oaks. Death lies behind us, not in front – in our ancestors, back and back until... #Quote by Walter De La Mare
Il Mare quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#26. [I]n a place with absolutely no private or personal life, with the incessant worship of a mediocre career-sadist as the only culture, where all citizens are the permanent property of the state, the highest form of pointlessness has been achieved. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Il Mare quotes by Jean De La Fontaine
#27. Un auteur ga te tout quand il veut trop bien faire. An author spoils everything when he wants too much to do good. #Quote by Jean De La Fontaine
Il Mare quotes by Anonymous
#28. There was nothing romantic about bonding with someone to become a warrior or bonding with someone else to become a brood mare. #Quote by Anonymous
Il Mare quotes by Aporva Kala
#29. Indeed you have what it takes to care like a mare, but can misters br one? #Quote by Aporva Kala
Il Mare quotes by Arnold Borton
#30. he's always walking about with a long face
il est triste comme un jour sans pain #Quote by Arnold Borton
Il Mare quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#31. Attend to your own fate, Mare Barrow." "And that is?" "To rise. And rise alone. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Il Mare quotes by Earnest Elmo Calkins
#32. Strong drink has agitated the town since its founding. Almost its first organization was a temperance society. Its founders had three anathemas, irreligion, slavery and intemperance. They thought they had barred alcohol forever by incorporating in all deeds the proviso that if intoxicating drinks were made or sold on the premises, the land would revert to the college. The clause was never legally invoked, and is probably invalid. #Quote by Earnest Elmo Calkins
Il Mare quotes by Walter De La Mare
#33. Acquaintances, after all, are little else than a bad habit. #Quote by Walter De La Mare
Il Mare quotes by George R R Martin
#34. It was well known among rivermen that having a preacher and a gray mare on board was an invitation to disaster. #Quote by George R R Martin
Il Mare quotes by Hilda Doolittle
#35. The stallion and his mare,
unbridled, with arrow-pattern,
are worked on.
the blue cloth
before the door
of religion and inspiration ... #Quote by Hilda Doolittle
Il Mare quotes by William Butler Yeats
#36. The soldier takes pride in saluting his Captain,
The devotee proffers a knee to his Lord,
Some back a mare thrown from a thoroughbred,
Troy backed its Helen, Troy died and adored;
Great nations blossom above,
A slave bows down to a slave. #Quote by William Butler Yeats
Il Mare quotes by Walter De La Mare
#37. A harvest mouse goes scampering by, With silver claws and silver eye; And moveless fish in the water gleam, By silver reeds in a silver stream. #Quote by Walter De La Mare
Il Mare quotes by Franco Di Mare
#38. ...the city of Naples was like this: wonderful from a distance, but when seen close up, it was fragmentary, indefinable, and coarse... #Quote by Franco Di Mare
Il Mare quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#39. Mare of the Stilts died the day she fell onto a lightning shield. Mareena, the lost Silver princess, died in the Bowl of Bones. And I don't know what new person opened her eyes on the Undertrain. I only know what she has been and what she has lost, and the weight of it is almost crushing. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Il Mare quotes by Elvis Costello
#40. I know that when I make a record like The Delivery Man as a contrast to even Il Sogno, this is going to reach a wider audience, because it communicates in that very direct way. #Quote by Elvis Costello
Il Mare quotes by Joseph Stalin
#41. Our Red Army now needs IL-2 aircraft like the air it breathes, like the bread it eats. #Quote by Joseph Stalin
Il Mare quotes by Walter De La Mare
#42. His brow is seamed with line and scar;
His cheek is red and dark as wine;
The fires as of a Northern star
Beneath his cap of sable shine.
His right hand, bared of leathern glove,
Hangs open like an iron gin,
You stoop to see his pulses move,
To hear the blood sweep out and in.
He looks some king, so solitary
In earnest thought he seems to stand,
As if across a lonely sea
He gazed impatient of the land.
Out of the noisy centuries
The foolish and the fearful fade;
Yet burn unquenched these warrior eyes,
Time hath not dimmed, nor death dismayed. #Quote by Walter De La Mare
Il Mare quotes by Pierre Corneille
#43. A good memory is needed once we have lied.
[Fr., Il faut bonne memoire apres qu'on a menti.] #Quote by Pierre Corneille
Il Mare quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#44. My skin burs under Maven's gaze, with the memory of one stolen kiss. It was him who saved me from Evangeline. Cal who saved me from escaping and bringing more pain upon myself. Cal who saved me from conscription. I've been too busy trying to save others to notice how much Cal saves me. How much he loves me. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Il Mare quotes by Selina Siak Chin Yoke
#45. Throughout, Mother ran in and out like a mare untethered. #Quote by Selina Siak Chin Yoke
Il Mare quotes by Walter De La Mare
#46. It is very seldom that one encounters what would appear to be sheer unadulterated evil in a human face; an evil, I mean, active, deliberate, deadly, dangerous. Folly, heedlessness, vanity, pride, craft, meanness, stupidity - yes. But even Iagos in this world are few, and devilry is as rare as witchcraft. ("Bad Company") #Quote by Walter De La Mare
Il Mare quotes by Mare Winningham
#47. I don't know whether it's a fear of standing up, but I really love sitting at the table and blabbing. I learn so much that way, and I think I get free that way, free from inhibition and fears. #Quote by Mare Winningham
Il Mare quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#48. I want to look back, but I have to walk away, to do what must be done, and forget what must be forgotten. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Il Mare quotes by Trey Parker
#49. Kim Jong Il: Hans Brix? Oh no! Oh, herro. Great to see you again, Hans!
Hans Blix: Mr. Il, I was supposed to be allowed to inspect your palace today, but your guards won't let me enter certain areas.
Kim Jong Il: Hans, Hans, Hans! We've been frew this a dozen times. I don't have any weapons of mass destwuction, OK Hans?
Hans Blix: Then let me look around, so I can ease the UN's collective mind. I'm sorry, but the UN must be firm with you. Let me in, or else.
Kim Jong Il: Or else what?
Hans Blix: Or else we will be very angry with you ... and we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are. #Quote by Trey Parker

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