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Idea Building quotes by Gae Aulenti
#1. I aim to create furniture that appears in a room as buildings on a skyline and reminds the viewer of the interaction between objects of design and architectural space. #Quote by Gae Aulenti
Idea Building quotes by Gayle Forman
#2. I wait for the fist of devestation, the collapse of a year's worth of hopes, the roar of sadness. And I do feel it. The pain of losing him. Or the idea of him. But along with that pain is something else, something quiet at first, so I have to strain for it. but when I do, I hear the sound of a door quietly clicking shut. And then the most amazing thing happens: The night is calm, but I feel a rush of wind, as if a thousand other doors have just simultaneously flung open.
I give one last glance towards Willem. Then I turn to Wolfgang. "Finished," I say.
But I suspect the opposite is true. That really, I'm just beginning. #Quote by Gayle Forman
Idea Building quotes by Ernest Holmes
#3. When we conceive a new idea we are thinking directly from the creativity of God. #Quote by Ernest Holmes
Idea Building quotes by Eddie Izzard
#4. I use a Bruce Lee technique: 'The way of no way.' He had the idea that he would learn everything, so that whoever he had to fight, he could improvise anything. The best way of starting a gig is just to not think of anything - to clear your mind, not in an empty Zen state, but more just to go on and see where you go. #Quote by Eddie Izzard
Idea Building quotes by Tom Ford
#5. I love New York. It's given me so much as a designer. When I moved here, I wanted to tap into the glamour of the city immediately. More than anywhere else, New York offers itself up - you arrive and get a rush in a flash. It's dazzling. Everywhere you look, there is decoration, from a pair of jewel-encrusted shoes in the window in Bergdorf Goodman to the Chrysler Building. And New York is incredibly democratic. Everyone is packed into this tiny space. You are confronted with all manner of people, and I love that. #Quote by Tom Ford
Idea Building quotes by Jason Aldean
#6. I had no idea 'Big Green Tractor' was going to be as big a hit as it was. You just can't predict those things. #Quote by Jason Aldean
Idea Building quotes by Piet Oudolf
#7. The idea is not to copy nature, but to give a feeling of nature. #Quote by Piet Oudolf
Idea Building quotes by Alain De Botton
#8. There is a devilishly direct relationship between the significance of an idea and how nervous we become at the prospect of having to think about it. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Idea Building quotes by Erin Hunter
#9. Dovepaw made a mess of the hunting, true. But she ran to help a Clanmate in trouble when she had no idea what danger she would have to face on the other side of that bramble thicket. And when we couldn't get Icecloud out of the hole, she was quick to volunteer to be lowered down to help her, even though no cat really knew what might have been down there. #Quote by Erin Hunter
Idea Building quotes by Neal McDonough
#10. The great thing about 'Justified' is that the writers will craft a scene, but if the actors come up with a great idea, they're 100% for it. #Quote by Neal McDonough
Idea Building quotes by Catalina DuBois
#11. When I wrote 'A Crown of Golden Leaves', based in ancient Rome, it was acceptable to talk about slaves fighting in the Colosseum. When I wrote 'The Fifth Bride of Pharaoh', based in Ancient Egypt it was acceptable to talk about slaves building the pyramids. But how dare I write a sentence about American Slavery?! Why are some forms of slavery acceptable to write about but not others? Who made these absurd rules and why should I have to abide by them? I refuse to omit an entire war from U.S. history just so childish people feel more comfortable. #Quote by Catalina DuBois
Idea Building quotes by Roger Scruton
#12. One cure for the pain of desecration is the move towards total PROFANATION: in other words, to wipe out all vestiges of sanctity from the once worshipped object, to make it merely a thing OF the world, and not just a thing IN the world, something that is nothing over and above the substitutes that can at any time replace it. That is what we see in the spreading addiction to pornography - a profanation that removes the sexual bond entirely from the realm of intrinsic values. It involves wiping out one area in which the idea of the beautiful had taken root, so as to protect ourselves from the possibility of love it and therefore losing it. #Quote by Roger Scruton
Idea Building quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#13. Abhor all idea of being saved by good works, but O, be as full of good works as if you were to be saved by them! #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Idea Building quotes by Diego Rivera
#14. While working in California, I met William Valentiner and Edgar Richardson of the Detroit Institute of Arts. I mentioned a desire which I had to paint a series of murals about the industries of the United States, a series that would constitute a new kind of plastic poem, depicting in color and form the story of each industry and its division of labor. Dr. Valentiner was keenly interested, considering my idea a potential base for a new school of modern art in America, as related to the social structure of American life as the art of the Middle Ages had been related to medieval society. #Quote by Diego Rivera
Idea Building quotes by Ronald Reagan
#15. If there was any loose money lying around, the people in government would find a way to spend it. The worst sin in the bureaucracy was to give money back because it meant the bureaucracy's budget could be reduced the following year. If at the end of the fiscal year they hadn't spent all the money in their budget, there would be a rush to buy new office furniture, take a trip at the taxpayers' expense, or spend the money on something else, just to assure their budget wouldn't be smaller in the future. The idea of returning money to taxpayers once it had been collected from them had never come up before. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Idea Building quotes by Randy Newman
#16. I've written about a lot of different things, but the whole idea of writing for another character is unusual for pop music. Most of the repertory is love songs, and most of mine isn't. I don't know if that's a mental defect, or shyness, or what. #Quote by Randy Newman
Idea Building quotes by Cassandra Clare
#17. Well, it seems like a mad idea to me, but those usually work out for you, said Catarina. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Idea Building quotes by Ilona Andrews
#18. A normal human would be dead of alcohol poisoning by now. He wanted to drive. "Give me the keys."
He considered it and dangled the keys before me. "What do I get if I let you drive?"
I felt the weight of someone's gaze, as if a sniper had sighted my back through a rifle scope. I turned. The building loomed about thirty yards away. The double glass doors leading to the balcony swung open, and Curran walked out.
"What do I get if I let you drive, Kate?"
I grabbed the keys from his hand. "To live! #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Idea Building quotes by Emma Goldman
#19. ...Puritanism has made life itself impossible. More than art, more than estheticism, life represents beauty in a thousand variations; it is indeed, a gigantic panorama of eternal change. Puritanism, on the other hand, rests on a fixed and immovable conception of life; it is based on the Calvinistic idea that life is a curse, imposed upon man by the wrath of God. In order to redeem himself man must do constant penance, must repudiate every natural and healthy impulse, and turn his back on joy and beauty.

Puritanism celebrated its reign of terror in England during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, destroying and crushing every manifestation of art and culture. It was the spirit of Puritanism which robbed Shelley of his children, because he would not bow to the dicta of religion. It was the same narrow spirit which alienated Byron from his native land, because that great genius rebelled against the monotony, dullness, and pettiness of his country. It was Puritanism, too, that forced some of England's freest women into the conventional lie of marriage: Mary Wollstonecraft and, later, George Eliot. And recently Puritanism has demanded another toll--the life of Oscar Wilde. In fact, Puritanism has never ceased to be the most pernicious factor in the domain of John Bull, acting as censor of the artistic expression of his people, and stamping its approval only on the dullness of middle-class respectability. #Quote by Emma Goldman
Idea Building quotes by Kristi Cook
#20. We can't walk through the house like this--we'll make a mess." Ryder's jeans are soaked through and caked with mud. I'm wearing shorts, but my bare legs are spattered all over. "We're going to have to strip here," I say, shaking my head. "Just leave it all in a pile. I'll toss it in the wash after lunch."
He just stares at me, wide-eyed. "What? Now?"
"Yeah, you go first," I say, amused by the blush that's creeping up his neck. "Geez, Ryder. It's not like I haven't seen you in your underpants before."
I have vague memories of Ryder running around Magnolia Landing's lawn wearing nothing but superhero undies. And after all the years of shared beach houses and hotel suites, well…like I said, we were more like siblings when we were little.
"If it'll make you more comfortable, I'll turn around," I offer.
"Nah, it's fine." He reaches for the hem of his T-shirt and pulls it over his head in one fluid motion.
And then I remember why this was a bad idea. My mouth goes dry at the sight of his tanned, sculpted chest, his narrow waist, and jutting hip bones. Oh, man. What was I thinking?
I swallow hard as he unbuttons his jeans and slides down the zipper. Boxers or briefs? That's all I'm thinking as he peels down the wet denim--slowly, as if he's enjoying this little striptease. He steps out of them gracefully and tosses them into a heap beside his shirt before straightening to his full height, facing me.
Oh. My. God.
I exhale sharply. The ans #Quote by Kristi Cook
Idea Building quotes by Henry Thomas
#21. The idea of a film staying in theaters for a year is something of a fantasy today. #Quote by Henry Thomas
Idea Building quotes by Paul O'Grady
#22. I went to work for the Civil Service. I'd wanted to work for the Ministry of Defence because I had some far-fetched idea that it had something to do with the Avengers, but I ended up in Social Security. #Quote by Paul O'Grady
Idea Building quotes by James Patterson
#23. I have an idea. It's risky, and Max will kill us when she finds out."
Iggy raised his head. "Sounds like my kind of idea. #Quote by James Patterson
Idea Building quotes by Peter Enns
#24. I think part of what it means for God to "reveal" himself is to keep us guessing, to come to terms with the idea that knowing God is also a form of not knowing God, of knowing that we cannot fully know, but only catch God in part - which is more than enough to keep us busy. #Quote by Peter Enns
Idea Building quotes by Ruth Price
#25. We use generators," Abram explained. "For the basics, but we don't believe in progress for the sake of progress, nor do we hold with the idea of acquiring for the sake of showing ourselves better than our neighbors, which is often a byproduct of your modern conveniences. All of these things distance one from nature and a true relationship with our God. #Quote by Ruth Price
Idea Building quotes by George Carlin
#26. The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments in a courthouse: You cannot post "Thou shalt not steal," "Thou shalt not commit adultery," and "Thou shalt not lie" in a building full of lawyers, judges, and politicians. It creates a hostile work environment. #Quote by George Carlin
Idea Building quotes by Moshe Dayan
#27. We came here to a country that was populated by Arabs and we are building here a Hebrew, a Jewish state; instead of the Arab villages, Jewish villages were established. You even do not know the names of those villages, and I do not blame you because these villages no longer exist. There is not a single Jewish settlement that was not established in the place of a former Arab Village. #Quote by Moshe Dayan
Idea Building quotes by Lin-Manuel Miranda
#28. I wish writing were really like the way Andy staged it here: Me in a mania at a desk while a group of people stand around cheering in awe. More realistically, it's me pooping around on Twitter until I get an idea. #Quote by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Idea Building quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#29. The sad part about our past is that religions, ironically enough, are responsible for creating the most destructive idea that has ever been visited upon the human race: the idea that there is such a thing as 'better.' #Quote by Neale Donald Walsch
Idea Building quotes by Francis Schaeffer
#30. To die is to be with the Lord. It is not just an idea, it is a reality. #Quote by Francis Schaeffer
Idea Building quotes by Ree Drummond
#31. It had been building for a while, starting with a tiny ache, for life as I'd known it before, and culminating--once J accepted his new job--in a full-blown resolve that I wanted to head back to the Midwest. Chicago probably. It would be closer to home--one short plane ride away rather than two, sometimes three legs and an entire day of travel. I'd be closer to friends, closer to family.
I'd be in a climate more suited to my complexion. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Idea Building quotes by Claire Lombardo
#32. And he realized, then, how silly it seemed that you could ever know another person - really know her - and how silly it was to think that he had any idea what it was like to be her, day after day. #Quote by Claire Lombardo
Idea Building quotes by Robert Sheckley
#33. Wherever you go in the galaxy, you can find a food business, a house-building business, a war business, a peace business, a governing business, and so forth. And, of course, a God business, which is called 'religion,' and which is a particularly reprehensible line of endeavor. #Quote by Robert Sheckley

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