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Ian And Nina quotes by Nina Simone
#1. I would like a man now who is rich, and who can give me a boat - a sailboat. I want to own it and let him pay for it. My first love is the sea and water, not music. Music is second. #Quote by Nina Simone
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Mortimer
#2. He was keen to use English as well as French in daily conversation, writing letters in English and commissioning translations of French and Latin books. #Quote by Ian Mortimer
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian McKellen
#3. Macbeth is a very popular play with audiences. If you want to sell out a theater, just mount a production of Macbeth. It's a short play, it's an exciting play, it's easy to understand, and it attracts great acting. #Quote by Ian McKellen
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian McKellen
#4. Every time you work is a challenge. There's a constant worry about it, and it's a side of acting I don't like. #Quote by Ian McKellen
Ian And Nina quotes by Nina Teicholz
#5. Ultimately, despite Atkins's wealth of practical knowledge in helping people lose weight and possibly avoid heart disease, he would not get a serious hearing from academic researchers until the twenty-first century. #Quote by Nina Teicholz
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Astbury
#6. If you want to go put on a bathrobe and go walk down the street, excellent. I think it's more about trying to get an individual style than trying to get a uniform look. #Quote by Ian Astbury
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Williams
#7. Now and then, I had moments of greatness, but I never knew how to duplicate it consistently. #Quote by Ian Williams
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Anderson
#8. When I was a young boy, I preferred cats to dogs. From the age of seven or eight onwards I just felt more comfortable with cats. And I felt more comfortable with girls, I didn't really like hanging out with guys. When I was about ten or eleven, I was friendlier with the girls in my school than with the guys. #Quote by Ian Anderson
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Fleming
#9. They paddled easily, in unison, the paddles turning in their hands so that they did not leave the water on the forward stroke. The small waves slapped softly against the bows. Otherwise they made no noise. It was dark. Nobody saw them go. They just left the land and went off across the sea. #Quote by Ian Fleming
Ian And Nina quotes by Shadowstorm Norwicca
#10. Now with her eyes closed and fist clenched at her side. She was as off balanced as he was. Lilith took a deep breath and opened her eyes. She looked at Ian and did what took every ounce of will power she had; she walked away and out the doors. Ian watched as Lilith left the study and was shocked. He wanted her and she walked away from him. Then anger stormed his emotions and now he was royally pissed off. He was getting fucking tired of the cold and hot treatment she was giving him. Why the hell was she running? #Quote by Shadowstorm Norwicca
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian McKellen
#11. In the U.K. there is still work to be done, particularly in schools, stopping the homophobic bullies in the playground and introducing unbiased discussion on gay issues in the classroom. #Quote by Ian McKellen
Ian And Nina quotes by Inga Simpson
#12. We were all grinning and everyone had their eyes open for once. Ian must have been moving - his hand was blurred. It was exactly how I imagined us, right down to Kieran's arm around me and the peace sign he was making above Matty's head. The big carving was behind us, and the other trees leaned into the picture, like giant people.

Then a cloud went over the sun and Ian said he had better get going. I wished we had taken five pictures so that we could all have a copy. When I looked at the image again, the colours had already started to fade, as if it was a moment we could never have back. #Quote by Inga Simpson
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Somerhalder
#13. If we were to focus our attention on one particular problem and neglect the others, we would fail to see the true scope of our current global issues. The changes made in that form of thinking are limited and self-contained. #Quote by Ian Somerhalder
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian McKellen
#14. One school invited me down, as two pupils had come out, and the headmaster didn't know what to do about it. I said, 'How many students here are gay?' and he said, 'Just these two.' Clearly not. 'How many gay members of staff have you got?' He had no idea. And this was a concerned man. #Quote by Ian McKellen
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Fleming
#15. And now that you have seen a really evil man, you will know how evil they can be and you will go after them to destroy them in order to protect yourself and the people you love. You won't wait to argue about it. You know what they look like now and what they can do to people. #Quote by Ian Fleming
Ian And Nina quotes by Whitley Strieber
#16. Dr. Ian Stevenson, Carlson Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia Medical School, has published five volumes of case histories, mostly of children under the age of four who have detailed memories of past lives. Some of them even describe the process of dying and being reincarnated. The vivid detail of the best cases, all verified by Dr. Stevenson and his assistants, suggests strongly that reincarnation is a real process - and therefore, by implication, that the soul is real. #Quote by Whitley Strieber
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Bremmer
#17. I was fifteen in college at Tulane. I lied about my age in college so that I could be normal socially. So that girls would go out with me and stuff like that. I just said I was normal age. #Quote by Ian Bremmer
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Frazier
#18. And soon all the people who had accompanied me through life would be gone, too, and then even the people who had known us, and no one would remain on earth who had ever seen us, and those descended from us perhaps would know stories about us, perhaps once in a while they would pass by buildings where where we had lived and they would mention that we had lived there. And then the stories would fade, and our graves would go untended, and no one would guess what it had been like to wake before dawn in our breath-warmed bedrooms as the radiators clanked and our wives and husbands and children slept. And we would move from the nearer regions of the dead who are remembered into the farther regions of he forgotten, an on past those, into a space as while and big as the sky replicated forever. #Quote by Ian Frazier
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Bremmer
#19. I absolutely am an environmentalist. I am probably more of an environmentalist than most people who live in the world, but I think that comes from my position in the world and that doesn't make me a better person. #Quote by Ian Bremmer
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Tregillis
#20. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph on a bad-tempered camel. #Quote by Ian Tregillis
Ian And Nina quotes by Nina Arianda
#21. Going to the theater or having the honor of performing in theater reminds you of your humanity in a very different way. It's a real release and an incredible challenge. But the stage is a dangerous place. You gotta be trained. Plus, crowds like when things go wrong. I think that's part of the thrill. Anything can happen. #Quote by Nina Arianda
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Fleming
#22. Bond had taken her to the station and had kissed her once hard on the lips and had gone away. It hadn't been love, but a quotation had come into Bond's mind as his cab moved out of Pennsylvania station: 'Some love is fire, some love is rust. But the finest, cleanest love is lust. #Quote by Ian Fleming
Ian And Nina quotes by Nina Berkhout
#23. It's loneliness that makes us terrible and hurtful human beings. #Quote by Nina Berkhout
Ian And Nina quotes by Andy Rourke
#24. It has been a pleasure to play with all these artists. Pretenders was a real highlight, but also Damon, aka Badly Drawn Boy, Sinead ... Ian Brown ... all of these people I learn from and love to work with. #Quote by Andy Rourke
Ian And Nina quotes by John Gordon Sinclair
#25. I'm a big fan of Elmore Leonard, and I've read Ian Rankin, Christopher Brookmyre and so on. But I'd never read a crime novel that made me feel emotional at the end. #Quote by John Gordon Sinclair
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Gurvitz
#26. (Ayn Rand was the godmother of laissez faire capitalism, the Virgin Mary of Libertarianism. She died in 1982. She spent her life attempting to turn selfishness into a religion so that people could claim their greed was grounded in the nature of man. Her heinous ideas and crappy books have given politicians philosophical cover to promote their "greed is good" agenda for decades. #Quote by Ian Gurvitz
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Frazier
#27. I'd read books in Russian, and they would take me forever. I wanted to write a book that would last and would not be superficial. Siberian-travel writing is its own genre. #Quote by Ian Frazier
Ian And Nina quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#28. A rumbling began from somewhere in the direction of the Ice Court.
"Oh, Saints, please let that be Jesper," she pleaded as they pulled themselves over the lip of the gorge and looked back at the bridge festooned with ribbons and ash boughs for Hringkalla.
"Whatever is coming, it's big," said Matthias.
"What do we do, Kaz?"
"Wait," he said as the sound grew louder.
"How about 'take cover?'" Nina asked, bouncing nervously from foot to foot. "'Have heart?' 'I stashed twenty rifles in this convenient shrubbery?' Give us something. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Ian And Nina quotes by Janis Ian
#29. My parents both were doing the Civil Rights Movement, were very involved with the civil rights to Congress. And my friends' parents were as well. #Quote by Janis Ian
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Carr
#30. Jan Garbarek about Keith Jarrett:

"What people don't consider is all his wonderful ways of accompanying his own melodies. That is only that version. But I've played with him so many nights and they were all different!... The way he voiced things and the inner lines he played behind the melody, and his own compositions were often radically different, but no less beautiful… It's hard to believe! #Quote by Ian Carr
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Rush
#31. Even all the top players going to Europe to play helps soccer in America, as do all the MLS players like Beckham and all that, they're trying to promote it. At the end of the day it's about getting the younger generation interested at an early age so most of them will move on and play. #Quote by Ian Rush
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian Bremmer
#32. In environments where corporations become too interventionist and capture regulation themselves, the government must be able to battle back so that the people have a chance. #Quote by Ian Bremmer
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian McEwan
#33. She went slowly along Theobald's Road, still holding off the moment of her return, wondering again whether it was not love she had lost so much as a modern form of respectability, where it was not contempt and ostracism she feared, as in the novels of Flaubert and Tolstoy, but pity. To be the object of general pity was also a form of social death. The nineteenth century was closer that most women thought. #Quote by Ian McEwan
Ian And Nina quotes by Henry Ian Cusick
#34. I like romantic comedies, as it is a fun and light thing to get involved with. #Quote by Henry Ian Cusick
Ian And Nina quotes by Ian McEwan
#35. Someone once asked me "If your life could be extended to 150 and you could start another career, would you?" And I said "No, thanks, I think I'll stick at this." #Quote by Ian McEwan

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