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I Love My Wife quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#1. I almost never get lonely. I love being alone. I'm glad I'm married, and I love my wife. But there's never been a situation in my life where my unhappiness was based on loneliness. #Quote by Chuck Klosterman
I Love My Wife quotes by C.D. Reiss
#2. I love my wife. My ex-wife. Nothing will ever change that." "Okay." "I can't love anyone else. #Quote by C.D. Reiss
I Love My Wife quotes by Betty Smith
#3. I drink because I don't stand a chance and I know it. I couldn't drive a truck and I couldn't get on the cops with my build. I got to sling beer and sing when I just want to sing. I drink because I got responsibilities that I can't handle ... I am not a happy man. I got a wife and children and I don't happen to be a hard-working man. I never wanted a family ... Yes, your mother works hard. I love my wife and I love my children. But shouldn't a man have a better life? Maybe someday it will be that the Unions will arrange for a man to work and to have time for himself too. But that won't be in my time. Now, it's work hard all the time or be a bum ... no in-between. When I die, nobody will remember me for long. No one will say, "He was a man who loved his family and believed in the Union." All they will say is," Too bad. But he was nothing but a drunk no matter which way you look at it." Yes they'll say that. #Quote by Betty Smith
I Love My Wife quotes by Gary Kowalski
#4. To me, animals have all the traits indicative of soul. For soul is not something we can see or measure...No one can prove that animals have souls. Asking for proof would be like demanding proof that I love my wife and children, or wanting me to prove that Handel's Messiah is a glorious masterpiece of music. Some truths simply cannot be demonstrated. But if we open our hearts to other creatures and allow ourselves to sympathize with their joys and struggles, we will find they have the power to touch and transform us. There is an inwardness in other creatures that awakens what is innermost in ourselves. #Quote by Gary Kowalski
I Love My Wife quotes by Hulk Hogan
#5. As far as my divorce goes, I love my family and I love my wife to death and I just don't know what tomorrow's going to bring. #Quote by Hulk Hogan
I Love My Wife quotes by Joseph Prince
#6. The only reason I don't want to commit adultery is because I love my wife and I love my lord. #Quote by Joseph Prince
I Love My Wife quotes by Medgar Evers
#7. I love my children and I love my wife with all my heart. And I would die, die gladly, if that would make a better life for them. #Quote by Medgar Evers
I Love My Wife quotes by Mike Tyson
#8. Me? I see an old, broke-ass black guy taking care of a bunch of kids, living life, taking them to school, and all that stuff, who's asking himself: What the hell is this? But I wouldn't give it up for the world because I love my wife. I never expected to have a life like this. No chaos ... no confusion ... no lawsuits ... no violence ... no going to jail ... #Quote by Mike Tyson
I Love My Wife quotes by Wiz Khalifa
#9. I love my wife. We FaceTime and we talk on the phone and she travels to come see me when she can. But she works as well. But we see each other a lot more than people would think, though, because we make it happen and we love each other so much. #Quote by Wiz Khalifa
I Love My Wife quotes by Rupert Murdoch
#10. So long as I can stay mentally alert - inquiring, curious - I want to keep going. I love my wife and my children, but I don't want to sit around at home with them. We go on safaris and things like that. I can do that for a couple of weeks a year. I'm just not ready to stop, to die. #Quote by Rupert Murdoch
I Love My Wife quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
#11. I love my wife. We've had a few slings and arrows across the room, but I'm not prepared to give in, you know? People say she saved my life, but at the same time, I saved her life, as well, I think. She's a great mother, she's a great wife, she's a great worker, she's a great manager. She's just great. #Quote by Ozzy Osbourne
I Love My Wife quotes by Tom Wopat
#12. I did I Love My Wife on Broadway in 1978, and then went into television land. Now things are starting to come together in the way I thought they might when I was a kid. #Quote by Tom Wopat
I Love My Wife quotes by Harry Connick, Jr.
#13. I love my wife and I know she loves me. We're best friends. We're just lucky to have found each other. It takes a lot of work but I just feel very blessed that I found the right person. It's a very fortunate situation and not everyone has that. #Quote by Harry Connick, Jr.
I Love My Wife quotes by Anonymous
#14. 17For I cried out to him for help, praising him as I spoke. 18If I had not confessed the sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened. 19But God did listen! He paid attention to my prayer. 20Praise God, who did not ignore my prayer or withdraw his unfailing love from me. #Quote by Anonymous
I Love My Wife quotes by Chris Christie
#15. I absolutely believe that, come November 2012, I'm going to be governor of New Jersey and not in any other office. But the fact of the matter is, if Gov. Romney, who's going to be our nominee, picked up the phone and called me to talk about this, I love my country enough and I love my party enough to listen. #Quote by Chris Christie
I Love My Wife quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#16. I tell you this because you must understand, no matter the point of our talk, that I didn't always have things, but I had people
I always had people. I had a mother and father who I would match against any other. I had a brother who looked out for me all through college. I had The Mecca that directed me. I had friends who would leap in front of a bus for me. You need to know that I was loved, that whatever my lack of religious feeling, I have always loved my people and that broad love is directly related to the specific love I feel for you. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
I Love My Wife quotes by David Arnold
#17. I cry because I've never smiled like that, not once in my life. I cry because I love. For some reason, I always have. #Quote by David Arnold
I Love My Wife quotes by Elizabeth Heller
#18. How can I compete,
when I know our lips will never meet?
I can't show you that we might just make fireworks in the middle of december....
Three years from now someone will say my name and I hope we'll have a love story you can remember...
Hang up your shoes and settle down before time passes you.
Let me show you honey, that life is beautiful not with one, but two <3 #Quote by Elizabeth Heller
I Love My Wife quotes by John Dryden
#19. Calms appear, when Storms are past;
Love will have his Hour at last:
Nature is my kindly Care;
Mars destroys, and I repair;
Take me, take me, while you may,
Venus comes not ev'ry Day. #Quote by John Dryden
I Love My Wife quotes by Karina Halle
#20. I love you, I think as my heart seems to expand inside me.
And you'll hurt me.
You'll burn me.
You'll mark me.
But it's already worth it. #Quote by Karina Halle
I Love My Wife quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#21. When I say I love you, I mean I love you so much it hurts to be close to you, it hurts to be away from you. I hurt all the damn time because my stupid heart has decided for one reason or another that it can't survive without being next to yours. I don't know what the hell you've done to me, but I'm a disaster. I'm broken for you and I never want to be fixed. And it hurts like hell because when you kiss me, I know you think of him. When I kiss you, all I see is you, all I feel is you."

A tear slid down her cheek.

"When you touch me, a part of my heart breaks off, because in the back of my mind I'm always aware that the way you define the touch and the way I feel it are two totally different things. Trace, I love you. I love you. I" - my voice cracked - "I am in love with you."- Chase #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
I Love My Wife quotes by Anthony Browne
#22. My dad never decided what he wanted to do; at times he fought in the army, was a teacher, a boxer, a light engineer, and a then a publican. My mum was a traditional housewife and mother. They showed my brother and I unconditional love. #Quote by Anthony Browne
I Love My Wife quotes by Melissa Jensen
#23. So,if it's all love or money, which is Alex Bainbridge?"
I blinked at him. "What?"
"He's a turd, Ella. He looked right through you like you were a ghost, but you still have a thing for him."
"I do n-"
"Don't even. You've gone through the whole week watching for him. So what is it? I would really like to know. Love or money?"
"I have not been watching for him!" I snapped. Oh, but I had, in every hallway, at lunch, when I took my seat at the edge of English class. "And if I have, it's just so I can look away first."
Frankie rolled his eyes. "Shall I get you a pail of water?"
"Your pants are on fire."
I actually looked down at my lap. "Oh, very funny." I shot Sadie a look when she giggled. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
I Love My Wife quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#24. I love my mom. And this time, I told her I loved her. And she told me she loved me, too. And things were okay for a little while. #Quote by Stephen Chbosky
I Love My Wife quotes by Yash
#25. From the day I entered in to this world and opened
My eyes
N to
The day I passed away from this world and closed
My eyes
U cared of me ......
U taught me......
U shown d ryt path....
U cried for me....
U missed me...
U loved me....

I never forget d moment ...
I hold ur hand to start walking on d floor

I never forget d moment ..
U r afraid of me when I started walking for d first time
U taught me how to eat
U showed me how to read
U taught me how to respect others
U cared of me when I felt sick
U prayed for god for my happiness
U blessed me to achieve all my goals
U cherished me when I won medals
U fought with others when they spoke wrong abt me
U buyed clothes for d spcl moment of mine
U prepared fruit salads n made me to eat
U roamed along with me
U waited for me
U made me believe
U r my first sight
U r my first luv
U r my first teacher
U r my first guide
U r my first goddesses
U r my belief
N u r the only one who gives every thing
N expects nothing in all aspects of my life
Forgive if i can't love u more than u love me
Give me some time to make u realize
I am loving u...... ♡♡♡♡
♡◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆●●●●●●●◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆♡ #Quote by Yash
I Love My Wife quotes by S.R. Grey
#26. Chase and I are in this for the long haul. I've stood before him and he's stood before me. And this is what it's all come down to: Chase Gartner is my future, my forever. And I, I am his. #Quote by S.R. Grey
I Love My Wife quotes by George Petrie
#27. I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work.

I believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully.

I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men.

I believe in a sound mind, in a sound body and a spirit that is not afraid, and in clean sports that develop these qualities.

I believe in obedience to law because it protects the rights of all.

I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all.

I believe in my Country, because it is a land of freedom and because it is my own home, and that I can best serve that country by "doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with my God."

And because Auburn men and women believe in these things, I believe in Auburn and love it. #Quote by George Petrie
I Love My Wife quotes by Selena Gomez
#28. I believe in love - yes, I'm one of those girls. Most of my friends believe in love. #Quote by Selena Gomez
I Love My Wife quotes by Kiefer Sutherland
#29. I love collecting guitars, even though I can't play well. My favourite guitarists are Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Paige, and John Mayer. #Quote by Kiefer Sutherland
I Love My Wife quotes by Tyler Hoechlin
#30. My girlfriend and I never let each other forget how much we love each other. It's all about reminding the other person how important and special she is to you. #Quote by Tyler Hoechlin
I Love My Wife quotes by Jose Parla
#31. Sometimes I think I shouldn't explain much about my work because people will just feel what they feel when they see it. They'll love it or hate it or enjoy it on their own, like how I've looked at abstract paintings of other artists and cried or felt happy because I've felt, "Wow, I've lived that, I've understood that." #Quote by Jose Parla
I Love My Wife quotes by Lauren Myracle
#32. mad maddie: I GOT ACCEPTED TO SANTA CRUZ!!!!
SnowAngel: omg!!!
zoegirl: maddie!!!! yay!!!!!
mad maddie: i know! it's incredible!
SnowAngel: *squeals and hugs sweet maddie*
SnowAngel: tell us every single detail!!!
mad maddie: well, i got home from school and saw this big thick envelope on the kitchen counter, with "Santa Cruz Admissions Office" as the return address. i got really fidgety and just started screaming, right there in the house. no one was there but me, so i could be as loud as i wanted.
zoegirl: omg!!!
mad maddie: i took a deep breath and tried to calm down, but my hands were shaking. i opened the envelope and pulled out a folder that said, "Welcome to Santa Cruz!" inside was a letter that said, "Dear Madigan. You're in!"
mad maddie: isn't that cool? i LOVE that, that instead of being all prissy and formal, they're like, "you're in! yahootie!"
SnowAngel: oh maddie, i am sooooo happy for u!
mad maddie: i ran out to my car all jumping and hopping around and drove to ian's, cuz i knew neither of u would be home yet. i showed him my letter and he hugged me really hard and lifted me into the air. it was AWESOME.
zoegirl: i'm so proud of u, maddie!
SnowAngel: me 2! #Quote by Lauren Myracle
I Love My Wife quotes by Pete Rose
#33. I bet on my team to win every night because I love my team; I believe in my team. I did everything in my power every night to win that game. #Quote by Pete Rose
I Love My Wife quotes by Ace Frehley
#34. I went to my friend's house one day, and he had an electric guitar he had just bought with a tiny little amp. I turned the volume up to 10 and I hit one chord, and I said, I'm in love. #Quote by Ace Frehley
I Love My Wife quotes by Maya Angelou
#35. You can only accomplish what I really love. Do not take the money as a goal. Instead, pursue the things you passionate about, and do good to others can not take my eyes off you #Quote by Maya Angelou
I Love My Wife quotes by Phyllis Chesler
#36. The idea that women's strong attachments to each other are what make them so vulnerable is horrifying. I count my close friendships with a few girls that I know as one of the best things I have going for me right now. My love for them leaves me open to hurt, but ... all love does, or at least that's the cliche. Perhaps girls and women do come to love each other too quickly, or once they are trapped into appearing as though they love one another, they don't want to back out of it. That is probably true. But a fear of confrontation in relationships is the downside. The ability to love easily is a positive. #Quote by Phyllis Chesler
I Love My Wife quotes by Meredith Wild
#37. I love you, Blake. You're the only one. My only love. #Quote by Meredith Wild
I Love My Wife quotes by Vinnie Colaiuta
#38. I just want to continue developing as a musician. I love playing. I also want to be more involved in composing, doing my own thing, I hope to continue to be in different situations that I can nurture and that will nurture me. #Quote by Vinnie Colaiuta
I Love My Wife quotes by Marcel Theroux
#39. I loved my father, but I was not like him. I never needed to believe the best of people. I took them as they were: two-faced, desperate, kind - perhaps all at once. But to Pa, they were all children of god, poor troubled sheep, who only needed love and an even break. He needed the world to back up what his religion told him about people. And when it came down to a choice between reason and faith, he let go of reason. #Quote by Marcel Theroux
I Love My Wife quotes by Pierce Brown
#40. I want to believe his sense of justice is equal to my love for him, but these are deep waters, and I know friends can lie just as well as enemies. #Quote by Pierce Brown
I Love My Wife quotes by J.M. Madden
#41. I know you have baggage, I know you're going to be a pain in my ass, but I love you more that I ever dreamed possible. #Quote by J.M. Madden
I Love My Wife quotes by Ann Aguirre
#42. And I don't expect him to suborn his life into mine any more than I would change my dreams for him. We're not one soul, one being, however much we love each other. #Quote by Ann Aguirre
I Love My Wife quotes by Taya Kyle
#43. February 22, 2005

Right now the rumor on leaving is the latest the 22nd, but I am still supposed to leave on the first. Hopefully. I want to get home to see my baby and my son. I miss both of y'all something awful. Time is going a little faster now because of working again. I had a long enough break and it's about time I got back out. I'm still making a name for myself by adding to my numbers. I know I never say it, but it does feel good to have all the people talking about me in a good way. Anyway, I love you and miss you. You mean the world to me. Please take care of yourself and I will call you soon. Smoooooooooch!!!!! I can't wait to give you a real one. Carefully go over every inch of your body. I am soooo horny! I love you, baby!
-XOXOXOXOXXXXX #Quote by Taya Kyle
I Love My Wife quotes by Jan Brett
#44. I have a hard time writing, and I usually have to put a timer at my desk and put it on for an hour. But I love to illustrate, and I can hardly stop myself. #Quote by Jan Brett
I Love My Wife quotes by Georgia O'Keeffe
#45. to Russell Vernon Hunter

New York
Spring 1932

My dear Vernon Hunter

Your letter gives me such a vivid picture of some thing I love in space - love almost as passionately as I can love a person - that I am almost tempted to pack my little bag and go - but I will not go to it right this morning - No matter how much I love it - There is some thing in me that must finish jobs once started - when I can - .

So I am here - and what you write of me is there

The cockscomb is here too - I put it in much cold water and it came to life from a kind of flatness it had in the box when I opened it - tho it was very beautiful as it lay in the box a bit wilted when I opened it - . I love it - Thank you.

I must confess to you - that I even have the desire to go into old Mexico - that I would have gone - undoubtedly - if it were only myself that I considered - You are wise - so wise - in staying in your own country that you know and love - I am divided between my man and a life with him - and some thing of the outdoors - of your world - that is in my blood - and that I know I will never get rid of - I have to get along with my divided self the best way I can - .

So give my greetings to the sun and the sky - and the wind - and the dry never ending land

- Sincerely

Georgia O'Keeffe #Quote by Georgia O'Keeffe
I Love My Wife quotes by Bey Deckard
#46. I cluck my tongue once to get [Murphy's] attention, and he turns right away. I fucking love how attentive he is. Still on his knees with thighs spread, he puts his ankles together and his hands behind his back, keeping his chin down as he waits… just like the good boy he is. #Quote by Bey Deckard
I Love My Wife quotes by Shanora Williams, 100 Proof
#47. as he slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of my panties, looking into my eyes like I truly was the light of his life - like I was his moon and stars, and even the earth - I only felt one thing. The raw, twisted love we once shared. #Quote by Shanora Williams, 100 Proof
I Love My Wife quotes by Alexandra Fuller
#48. I love my mother so much, because I see the whole of her. #Quote by Alexandra Fuller
I Love My Wife quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#49. Typical!" he said to Sophie. " I break my neck to get here, and I find you peacefully tidying up!"
Sophie looked up at him. As she had feared, the hard black-and white light coming through the broken wall showed her that Howl had not bothered to shave or tidy his hair. His eyes were still red-rimmed and his black sleeves were torn in several place. There was not much to choose between Howl and the scarecrow. Oh, dear! Sophie thought. He must love Miss Angorian very much. "I came for Miss Angorian," she explained.
"And I thought if I arranged for your family to visit you, it would keep you quiet for once!" Howl said disgustedly. "But no
". #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones
I Love My Wife quotes by Sally Rooney
#50. My favourite part of the gospels was in Matthew, when Jesus said: love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you. I shared in this desire for moral superiority over my enemies. Jesus always wanted to be the better person, and so did I. I underlined this passage in red pencil several times, to illustrate that I understood the Christian way of life. #Quote by Sally Rooney
I Love My Wife quotes by Robert T. Kiyosaki
#51. Whenever you feel short or need of something, give what you want first, and it will come back in buckets. That is true for money, a smile, love or friendship. I know it is often the last thing a person may do, but it has always worked for me. I trust that the principle of prosperity is true, and I give what I want. I want money, so I give money, and it comes back in multiples. I want sales, so I help someone else sell something, so sales come to me. I want contacts, and I help someone else get contacts. Like magic, contacts come to me. I heard a saying years ago that went: god does not need to receive, but humans need to give. My rich dad would often say: poor people are more greedy than rich people. He would explain that if a person is rich, that person is providing something that other people wanted...whenever I think people aren't smiling at me, I simply began smiling and saying hello. Like magic, the next thing I know: I'm surrounded by smiling people. It is true that you world is only a mirror of you. So that's why I say, teach and you shall receive. #Quote by Robert T. Kiyosaki
I Love My Wife quotes by Ella Maise
#52. You're not even that hot from this close. If I could take it back, trust me, I would. You are nothing like what I thought you'd be."
"Thanks," I drawled. "And here I was hoping you were in love with me."
Another fake smile. "I don't to love, and you're not my type anyway, sorry."
Like I'd believe that after I saw the pictures she'd taken of me half-naked. "My heart is fucking broken, sweetheart."
"As it should be, and don't call me sweetheart."
I chuckled and shook my head. The nerve. #Quote by Ella Maise
I Love My Wife quotes by Jacqueline Simon Gunn
#53. Never again, would I use someone's
approval as a thermometer for
my self-worth. #Quote by Jacqueline Simon Gunn
I Love My Wife quotes by Mary Ting
#54. CLAUDIA: I love you as high as the sky and as deep as the sea.
MICHAEL: Multiply my love by infinity and take it to the depths of forever, and you still have only a glimpse of how much I feel for you. I love you more. #Quote by Mary Ting
I Love My Wife quotes by Derrick Jensen
#55. A primary purpose of school - and this is true for our culture's science and religion as well - is to lead us away from our own experience. The process of schooling does not give birth to human beings - as education should but never will so long as it springs from the collective consciousness of our culture - but instead it teaches us to value abstract rewards at the expense of our autonomy, curiosity, interior lives, and time. This lesson is crucial to individual economic success ("I love art," my students would say, "but I've got to make a living"), to the perpetuation of our economic system (What if all those who hated their jobs quit?), and it is crucial, as should be clear now, to the rationale that causes all mass atrocities. #Quote by Derrick Jensen
I Love My Wife quotes by Jason Aldean
#56. If you say, 'I'm going to cut this song because I know the teenagers are going to love it,' well, then you're going to alienate everybody else. When I cut my record, I'm just going to cut the things that I like, and whoever likes it, likes it. That's too much work to try to figure out the demographic. That's too much like a business. #Quote by Jason Aldean
I Love My Wife quotes by Robert Browning
#57. Ah, love, - you are my unutterable blessing ... I am in full sunshine now. #Quote by Robert Browning
I Love My Wife quotes by Kristian Goldmund Aumann
#58. Silence broke out of me
It seemed as if I had lost you
in the days
where no dancing shadows of illustrious walls
Silence broke out of me
It seemed as if I had found you again
found you again in my heart
in the nights
where thousands of suns from the sky #Quote by Kristian Goldmund Aumann
I Love My Wife quotes by Virginia Woolf
#59. If I could believe," said Rhoda, "that I should grow old in pursuit and change, I should be rid of my fear: nothing persists. One moment does not lead to another. The door opens and the tiger leaps. You do not see me come...I cannot make one moment merge in the next. To me they are all violent, all separate; and if I fall under the shock of the leap of the moment you will be on me, tearing me to pieces. I have no end in view. I do not know how to run minute to minute, and hour to hour, solving them by some natural force until they make the whole and indivisible mass that you call life. Because you have an end in view--one person, is it, to sit beside, an idea is it, your beauty is it? I do not know--your days and hours pass like the boughs of forest trees and the smooth green of forest rides to a hound running in the scent...
But since I wish above all things to have lodgment, I pretend, as I go upstairs lagging behind Jinny and Susan, to have an end in view. I pull on my stockings as I see them pull on theirs. I wait for you to speak and then speak like you. I am drawn here across London to a particular spot, to a particular place, not to see you or you or you, but to light my fire at the general blaze of you who love wholly, indivisibly, and without caring in the moment. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
I Love My Wife quotes by Carla J. Hanna
#60. I love you when you're happy.
I love you when you're sad.
I love you if you're angry,
And I love you if you're bad.
No matter how you feel,
I love you all the time.
Oh my sweet, dear baby,
I love you all the time. #Quote by Carla J. Hanna
I Love My Wife quotes by Avijeet Das
#61. Thy dark eyes beckon me into the darkest nether world of dark galaxies and darker supernovas. Forever in darkness, I know no light! Thy darkness my dark-light! #Quote by Avijeet Das
I Love My Wife quotes by Chris Weitz
#62. I love being by the ocean. It stills the voices in my head. #Quote by Chris Weitz

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