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I Just Love Life quotes by Eric Bana
#1. I love being at home, being with friends and family. I'm of European stock, brought up in Australia. I'm a passionate guy. I just love life. #Quote by Eric Bana
I Just Love Life quotes by Dolly Parton
#2. I just love life. I love people. I love to write, that's my gift. I love to sing. I have a good attitude. I like to think I shine from the inside. #Quote by Dolly Parton
I Just Love Life quotes by Dolly Parton
#3. I wake up with new dreams every day. So the more I can do to channel that into things that I love to create is healthier for me and probably for everybody around me. And the older I get, the earlier I get up. The second my feet hit the floor, I'm awake. I'm like hurry, hurry. I just love life. And I feel like we ain't got but a certain amount of time anyway. I want to make the most of all of it. #Quote by Dolly Parton
I Just Love Life quotes by Lucian Freud
#4. I have a hatred of habit and routine. And what dogs love is just that. They like regular everything, and I don't have regular anything. I have a timetable, but no routine. #Quote by Lucian Freud
I Just Love Life quotes by William McNamara
#5. I realized that all animals, not just dogs and cats and horses, were sentient beings; therefore, I just couldn't say I love animals and then eat them. #Quote by William McNamara
I Just Love Life quotes by Cecily Von Ziegesar
#6. Just because we can't be together doesn't mean I don't love you #Quote by Cecily Von Ziegesar
I Just Love Life quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#7. I'll not miss a whit of it. Gold nor silks nor fancy books and statues. I can live without them all. What I cannot live without is one Silence Rivers. I love you, my wife."
"And I love you, my husband. I look forward to being just plain Mrs. Rivers, I do." She leaned back and whispered in his ear, "But perhaps you can still be Charming Mickey O'Connor the notorious pirate
in our bedroom."
He winked at her as he bent to catch her lips. "Oh, to be sure, m'love, to be sure. #Quote by Elizabeth Hoyt
I Just Love Life quotes by Anne Sexton
#8. Please, when I come home, don't forget the "soul" ... and I don't mean "sweet sayings" ... I mean the truth, the sharing of our inmost thoughts, good or bad ... lost or comforting. That is the soul. I think it. The soul, is I think, a human being who speaks with the pressure of death at his head. That's how I'd phrase it. The self in trouble ... not just the self without love (as us) but the self as it will always be (with gun at its head finally) ... To live and know it is only for a moment ... that is to know "the soul" ... and it increases closeness and despair and happiness ... #Quote by Anne Sexton
I Just Love Life quotes by Deepak Ranjan
#9. Don't have the power to make someone happy…?' I
'I have the power, the desire… But No marriage, No girlfriend stuff… When I feel like doing something crazy, I can pay and get a girl in bed… No emotions, no argument, and no expectations, just I want to fuck and fulfil my desire, that's it…! Darling, there is nothing like 'LOVE', everything revolves around the four lettered word – 'FUCK', understood…?' he explained naughtily. #Quote by Deepak Ranjan
I Just Love Life quotes by Michael Faudet
#10. To fall in love - is what I feared the most.
To have my heart dragged - from pillar to post.
To discover a certainty, was just - an almost. #Quote by Michael Faudet
I Just Love Life quotes by Judy Garland
#11. In the silence of night I have often wished for just a few words of love from one man, rather than the applause of thousands of people. #Quote by Judy Garland
I Just Love Life quotes by Graham Greene
#12. Can you explain away love too?' I asked.
'Oh yes,' he said. 'The desire to possess in some, like avarice: in others the desire to surrender, to lose the sense of responsibility, the wish to be admired. Sometimes just the wish to be able to talk, to unburden yourself to someone who won't be bored. The desire to find again a father or a mother. And of course under it all the biological motive. #Quote by Graham Greene
I Just Love Life quotes by Gilbert Morris
#13. No, I don't believe it," Joseph said. "From listening to my father and grandfather talk about El Shaddai, I think he's different from the gods of Egypt. I think that none of us could ever be good enough for God. I think of Him as being so good that a human can't even enter His presence. A man would die if he did. I think God's merciful, Rashidi. I think he forgives us because he loves us, just as we forgive our children because we love them.
"Rashidi's eyes brightened. "A God that loves people! Now there's a new thought! #Quote by Gilbert Morris
I Just Love Life quotes by James Patterson
#14. Oh, my God. It hit me like a tsunami then: how perfect he was for me, how he was everything I could possibly hope for, as a friend, boyfriend - maybe even more. He was it for me. There would be no more looking. I really, really loved him, with a whole new kind of love I'd never felt before, something that made every other kind of love I'd ever felt just seem washed out and wimpy in comparison. I loved him with every cell in my body, every thought in my head, every feather in my wings, every breath in my lungs. And air sacs. #Quote by James Patterson
I Just Love Life quotes by Nick Carter
#15. I get to do a lot of things I don't usually get to do with the boys. I love playing guitar and rocking out on stage, so I do a ton of that with my solo project. [Backstreet Boys] all give each other the freedom to do our own thing, which just makes the bond the five of us have stronger #Quote by Nick Carter
I Just Love Life quotes by Piper Vaughn
#16. He was in love with his best friend and it was new and scary and perfect and so fucking beautiful that half the time he felt like he was just going to take off flying at any moment.
"Jess, what's wrong? You don't want me to touch you?" Please say it's okay. I'm dying…
"I just thought you wouldn't want to…because, well, you know."
Shane slipped his hands beneath Jesse's T-shirt, wedging them between Jesse's back and the bed. Jesse arched to give him more room. The skin on his back was smooth and a little damp from the heat. Shane wanted more. He had to feel more.
"Jess, do you have any idea how sexy you are right now?" And he was. His spiky hair was all askew, glasses long lost to the carpet, those big gray eyes were shining up at Shane and his mouth was parted and wet, begging for more kisses. Shane wanted to show Jesse everything. Wanted to be his first. "I want whatever is okay with you."
Ah, shit, he's nervous. He never stutters like that anymore.
"It's okay. Only if you want to. We can just kiss." Shane ran his fingers through Jesse's silky spikes and kissed him again, soft and romantic like they usually did.
"N-no. I want you to do it. I do." With trembling hands, Jesse unbuttoned his cargo shorts and loosened the zipper. Shane couldn't help grinning at him. He'd wanted to touch Jesse for so long. #Quote by Piper Vaughn
I Just Love Life quotes by A.K. Kuykendall
#17. The kids just got back from camp. After four days, it's great to have them home. I find myself staring at my wife and how she interacts with them. Spoils them. As if she's making up lost time. I don't know how else to say it, but that shit is hot. #Quote by A.K. Kuykendall
I Just Love Life quotes by Philip Beard
#18. But love is this really powerful thing that everyone's got if they'd just learn how to accept it. I mean, come on. If it's something we all have to give, and if it's something we all want, doesn't that mean there's exactly enough to go around? #Quote by Philip Beard
I Just Love Life quotes by Samantha Towle
#19. Please don't go. Just stay, talk to me, we can work this out. I know we can. I would never cheat on you – I swear to you. Just believe me, please. I love you so much. You're the only person I've ever loved. And I know I've screwed up with the drugs, but I would never cheat on you. You're my best friend. You're my everything. #Quote by Samantha Towle
I Just Love Life quotes by Mike Birbiglia
#20. I love pizza so much, I would marry pizza, but it would just be an elaborate ploy to eat her whole family at the reception. #Quote by Mike Birbiglia
I Just Love Life quotes by Naomi Judd
#21. I love the ocean, but I'm just not one to lie on the beach. #Quote by Naomi Judd
I Just Love Life quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#22. If people are going to be allowed to say "we love you" and "I love you", they'd better have the backbone to prove it. Love isn't just a word. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
I Just Love Life quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#23. And it only seems fitting that, in this moment of illusion, the words just come out of me. I love you, too. #Quote by Lauren DeStefano
I Just Love Life quotes by James Herriot
#24. But Siegfried held up a restraining hand. "Just one moment," he slurred. "The windscreen is very dirty. I'll give it a rub for you." The ladies watched him silently as he weaved round to the back of the car and began to rummage in the boot. The love light had died from their eyes. I don't know why he took the trouble; possibly it was because, through the whisky mists, he felt he must re-establish himself as a competent and helpful member of the party. But the effort fell flat; the effect was entirely spoiled. He was polishing the glass with a dead hen. #Quote by James Herriot
I Just Love Life quotes by Jennifer Jason Leigh
#25. I love being in therapy. It's just constantly fulfilling for me. #Quote by Jennifer Jason Leigh
I Just Love Life quotes by Nutan Bajracharya
#26. Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can't always understand them, but we have to trust in them. I know you want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith. #Quote by Nutan Bajracharya
I Just Love Life quotes by Ottessa Moshfegh
#27. All I had to offer were my skills as a doormat, a blank wall, someone desperate enough to do anything - just short of murder, let's say - simply to get someone to like me, let alone love me. #Quote by Ottessa Moshfegh
I Just Love Life quotes by Penelope Ward
#28. I love you, Aubrey. Can't you see that? I am head over heels in fucking love with you. I love you more than anything in this entire world. When I look into your eyes, I don't just see you, I see my children. Hell, I see an entire farm of children and deaf, dumb and blind goats. #Quote by Penelope Ward
I Just Love Life quotes by Lindsey Stirling
#29. I just realized one day that I was so unhappy. And not only that, but I didn't even like the person that I was. I didn't even know who I was. And so 'Shatter Me' is about first discovering what was under the shell and then learning to love that person that was under it. And then not being afraid to break free. #Quote by Lindsey Stirling
I Just Love Life quotes by Tyrese Gibson
#30. My ex-girl told me, "I love you so much, and I know it's just a phase you're going through." When a woman comes at you like that, you look at her as being so mature because she understands if I'm cheating, it's not her problem, it's mine. When a man cheats, it's not a reflection of what she's not. #Quote by Tyrese Gibson
I Just Love Life quotes by Conway Twitty
#31. You love the way it makes me feel when I can't catch my breath Like walkin' on a high wire, Lord, it scares me half to death You're always high above me and I'm always fallin' down Our loves just a circus baby, and I'm just the clown #Quote by Conway Twitty
I Just Love Life quotes by Ashthon Jones
#32. I want to buy my mom a house; I want my family to never have to worry about anything. And I just want to have an amazing career in music, because I love to do it. #Quote by Ashthon Jones
I Just Love Life quotes by Taylor Swift
#33. Real love still happens sometimes. It's not just something we make up when you're nine. I have to believe that. You do too. #Quote by Taylor Swift
I Just Love Life quotes by Christina Lauren
#34. I always expected to fall in love and feel jittery or hyperaware or overwhelmed. I never expected falling in love with someone would just make me feel even more comfortable in my own skin. #Quote by Christina Lauren
I Just Love Life quotes by J.M. Darhower
#35. You're not asking me to choose you. There's no choice about it. It's always been you. Your father once told me that we always have a choice, but I think he was wrong. I think sometimes things choose us. It's like with breathing. It's natural. It's a part of us. It just happens. We can hold our breath and try not to breathe anymore, and it'll work for a few minutes, but we'll eventually pass out and nature takes over. We can't just not breathe, just like I can't just not love you. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
I Just Love Life quotes by K.M. Shea
#36. There are risks associated with loving another, but just as it takes commoners extraordinary courage to live their lives, it takes courage to love another person. I happen to be of the opinion that the risk is worth it. #Quote by K.M. Shea
I Just Love Life quotes by Rajneesh
#37. Devotion differs. Devotion exists for the total existence, without the counterpart, mm? There is nothing against devotion. There is hate against love; there is nothing against devotion. No-devotion is not against devotion, it is just absence. So when someone says, "I am devoted to Rama," really he is using a wrong word. If he loves Rama, then he cannot love Krishna. If someone says, "I am devoted to Krishna," then he cannot love Christ. He is using a wrong word. He is continuing the love phenomenon; it is not devotion. #Quote by Rajneesh
I Just Love Life quotes by Jimmy Buffett
#38. Whatever thrills you, anything you love to do, just say - Someday, I will. #Quote by Jimmy Buffett
I Just Love Life quotes by Graham Elliot
#39. I think that people are getting really excited about different ethnic food, and almost even micro-ethnic food. So it's not just, 'I love Asian,' it's Szechuan or Hunan, this one style from China. #Quote by Graham Elliot
I Just Love Life quotes by Cecily Von Ziegesar
#40. She closed Dan's door and walked down the hall to her room. He makes a good boyfriend, she repeated to herself. What the hell was that suppose to mean? She didn't just want a good boyfriend. She wanted that thing Gustav Klimt had captured so perfectly in The Kiss. That radiant, electric, hold-me-tight-so-I don't-fall-from-up-here-in-the-sky feeling of being in love.
Well, don't we all, sweetie? #Quote by Cecily Von Ziegesar
I Just Love Life quotes by Kelly Parra
#41. If one day I was taken away ... would you wait for me to come back?"
Concerned moved across his face. "Where are you going?"
"Just tell me, please. I need to know, without telling you anything else."
I swallowed and blinked back tears.
"I'd go after you," he said. #Quote by Kelly Parra
I Just Love Life quotes by Madhuri Vijay
#42. ...cynical and hardened as I believed myself to be at twenty-four, I had never that pity might, in fact, be just another facet of love. #Quote by Madhuri Vijay

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