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I Hate quotes by Christopher Paolini
#1. When someone refuses to tell me a certain piece of information, it only makes me that much more determined to find out the truth. I hate being ignorant. For me, a question unanswered is like a thorn in my side #Quote by Christopher Paolini
I Hate quotes by Steven Spielberg
#2. I hate that people think it's wrong to say you're inspired by Jaws or by Raiders Of The Lost Ark. You're allowed to be. #Quote by Steven Spielberg
I Hate quotes by Samuel Johnson
#3. I hate a fellow whom pride or cowardice or laziness drives into a corner, and who does nothing when he is there but sit and growl. Let him come out as I do, and bark. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) #Quote by Samuel Johnson
I Hate quotes by Kelley R. Martin
#4. Say it."
My eyes squeeze shut at the desperate way he murmurs it. Like he's afraid I won't.
I run my fingertips along the arm that's draped over my middle - hard with muscle and yet holding me so reverently, so protectively - and tell him, "I love you. Even when I hate you, I still love you. #Quote by Kelley R. Martin
I Hate quotes by James Thurber
#5. I hate women because they always know where things are. #Quote by James Thurber
I Hate quotes by Pierre Abelard
#6. I had wished to find in philosophy and religion a remedy for my disgrace; I searched out an asylum to secure me from love ... duty, reason and decency, which upon other occasions have some power over me, are here useless. The Gospel is a language I do not understand when it opposes my passion ... but when love has once been sincere how difficult it is to determine to love no more! 'Tis a thousand times more easy to renounce the world than love. I hate this deceitful, faithless world; I think no more of it ... #Quote by Pierre Abelard
I Hate quotes by Jewel E. Ann
#7. I hate how we got here…but I'm glad we made it. #Quote by Jewel E. Ann
I Hate quotes by Odeya Rush
#8. It was so hard to watch myself back because whatever movie I do, I never look at the monitor. I hate looking at the monitor. #Quote by Odeya Rush
I Hate quotes by Meg Rosoff
#9. I hate you, I thought, I hate you with your bloody nature-boy airs and your bloody forced-march voyage of bloody discovery. I wondered then if Finn's personality worked on everyone, or whether I had just the the right sort of mentality to fall in step with a self-centered hermit-boy crab murderer. #Quote by Meg Rosoff
I Hate quotes by Joshua Bell
#10. I hate YouTube sometimes because people put up things of mine that were never meant for consumption and also because of some of the comments people write about my videos. #Quote by Joshua Bell
I Hate quotes by Chris Brown
#11. I love it when you talk that sh-t. #Quote by Chris Brown
I Hate quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#12. I hate nothing more than doing things badly. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
I Hate quotes by Mikey Way
#13. For me I'd say ... a fact that nobody knows about me is that I hate eggs, they gross me out. It's this weird thing from childhood, I don't know what it is, but I just think eggs are disgusting. #Quote by Mikey Way
I Hate quotes by Rebecca West
#14. I hate the corpses of empires, they stink as nothing else. They stink so badly that I cannot believe that even in life they were healthy. #Quote by Rebecca West
I Hate quotes by Emma Iadanza
#15. I hate American History after 1850. #Quote by Emma Iadanza
I Hate quotes by J.D. Robb
#16. I hate patience. Slows everything down. #Quote by J.D. Robb
I Hate quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#17. I hate England and its hopelessness. I hate [Arnold] Bennett's resignation. Tragedy ought really to be a great big kick at misery. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
I Hate quotes by Kiele Sanchez
#18. There is something to be said about a guy who is attractive and doesn't know it. I hate men who are overconfident. #Quote by Kiele Sanchez
I Hate quotes by David Gerrold
#19. The most useless job in the world is that of the critic. That is a prejudiced statement. I admit it. I'm prejudiced. I hate critics ... And now, as the saying goes (yesterday, I couldn't even spell critik), and now I are one. #Quote by David Gerrold
I Hate quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#20. For a moment it seemed as if he was going to lose his temper too. His strange, pale eyes all but glared at Sophie. But he controlled himself and said, Now trot along indoors, you overactive old thing, and find something else to play with before I get angry. I hate getting angry. #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones
I Hate quotes by Sarah Dessen
#21. She started out of the kitchen, then stopped and put her hand on my shoulder, bending down to kiss me gently on the forehead. She smelled like vanilla and Joy perfume, and suddenly I felt like I might start crying again. "You really scared me, Caitlin," she said, smiling as she brushed her fingers through my hair. "I don't know what I would do if something happened to you." I could tell her, I told myself. I could tell her right now and fix this. I could say that he hits me and I hate cheerleading and I miss Cass but I know why she left and I wish I could make everything better but I can't, I can't, I can't even tell you where it hurts, not now. "Don't worry," I said instead, as she ruffled my hair and walked away, my mother, to do what she did best, to take care of me. "I'm fine. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
I Hate quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#22. Sometimes I hate him. When he does the dishes, he shakes off each one before setting it in the drying rack. Water flies everywhere. A couple of drops always hit me in the face. I have to leave the room to avoid smashing a plate against his head. #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
I Hate quotes by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
#23. I hate it when people make fun of me and it turns out they're right. #Quote by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
I Hate quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#24. I hate the present modes of living and getting a living. Farming and shopkeeping and working at a trade or profession are all odious to me. I should relish getting my living in a simple, primitive fashion. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
I Hate quotes by Cassandra Clare
#25. Adaon seized up a number of swords. Jace held out his hand for one.
"Come to papa," he crooned.
"I can't believe you have a beard," Emma noted, momentarily diverted.
Jace touched his bristly cheek. "Well, it has been a week, at least. I expect it makes me look manly, like a burnished god."
"I hate it," said Emma.
"I like it," said Clary loyally.
"I don't believe you," said Emma. She stuck out her hand toward Adaon. "Give me my sword. Jace can use it to shave. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
I Hate quotes by Brenna Yovanoff
#26. God, I hate her!" Kelly shouts as soon as Connor and his mom are out of the store. "How did that wretched, wretched woman ever even find someone to procreate with? #Quote by Brenna Yovanoff
I Hate quotes by Mos Def
#27. I don't hate nobody. I hate certain conditions that are inflicted upon the people - and they're helpless with it. #Quote by Mos Def
I Hate quotes by Toni Braxton
#28. In a broken marriage, it can be challenging and tough to get that work/life balance. I love performing but I also love being a mum, and I hate having to choose between them. #Quote by Toni Braxton
I Hate quotes by Kathie Lee Gifford
#29. I hate politics, hate deals, and deal-making, hate meeting with attorneys and agents. #Quote by Kathie Lee Gifford
I Hate quotes by Avril Lavigne
#30. I hate it when people say I'm not a true punk. I don't go around calling myself punk; I never have. That's what people need to know
it's not me saying that, it's the media. I'm a rocker. #Quote by Avril Lavigne
I Hate quotes by Colleen Hoover
#31. Every time shespeaks or smiles or, God forbid, laughs ... my heart reacts like it's been sucker-punched. I hate it and like it and somehow have become addicted to it. Every time she speaks, the sucker-punch in my chest reminds me that there's still something there. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
I Hate quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#32. Normally I hate people who whine all the time, but in your case, it would be okay to complain. Be selfish, say what you want once in a while. It's okay to let yourself be sad. -Kyo talking to Tohru #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
I Hate quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#33. I thought he said you weren't drunk if you could find your arse with both hands."
He eyed me appraisingly. "I hate to tell ye, Sassenach, but it's not your arse ye've got hold of - it's mine."
"That's all right," I assured him. "We're married. Share and share alike. One flesh; the priest said so. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
I Hate quotes by Fannie Hurst
#34. The maimed bodies aren't the worst. That's the easy way to hate war. The safe way. I - hate it just as much for the maimed souls that stay at home ... #Quote by Fannie Hurst
I Hate quotes by John Ortberg
#35. I hate how spiritual formation gets positioned as an optional pursuit for a small special interest group within the church. #Quote by John Ortberg
I Hate quotes by Michael Strahan
#36. I hate leg exercises. I hate one-legged squats. I hate the hurdles and the split squats. I hate all the leg exercises. I know they help me, and I'm able to move around and don't have knee problems, and my hip doesn't hurt anymore, but when my trainer tells me I have to do them, I almost feel like my body goes into convulsions. #Quote by Michael Strahan
I Hate quotes by Jamie McGuire
#37. You know what I hate?" I asked.
Trenton had desperation in his eyes. "Me. I know. I just ... I'm a selfish, insecure idiot."
"Yes. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
I Hate quotes by Stephen King
#38. The world has given me a good life since then, I won't deny it, but sometimes I hate the world, anyway. Dick Cheney, that apologist for water boarding and for too long chief preacher in the Holy Church of Whatever it Takes, got a brand-new heart while I was writing this - how about that? He lives on; other people have died. #Quote by Stephen King
I Hate quotes by Robert Ludlum
#39. I loathe him. He stands for everything I hate in Washington. The right schools, houses in Georgetown, farms in Virginia, quiet meetings at their clubs. They've got their tight little world and you don't break in
they run it all. The bastards. The superior, self-inflated gentry of Washington. They use other men's intellects, other men's work, wrapping it all into decisions bearing their imprimaturs. And if you're on the outside, you become part of that amorphous entity, a 'damn fine staff.' (Alfred Gillette) #Quote by Robert Ludlum
I Hate quotes by Alistair MacLean
#40. They'll be coming for you, Mr. Jones. They'll be coming any moment now. I hate to say this, but I must. It is my duty to warn you what will happen to you, an enemy spy. You'll be tortured, Mr. Jones - not simply everyday tortures like pulling out your teeth and toe-nails, but unspeakable tortures I can't mention with Miss Ellison here - and then you'll finish in the gas chambers. If you're still alive.'

Mary clutched his arm. 'Would they - would they really do that?'

'Good God, no!' Smith stared at her in genuine surprise.

'What on earth would they want to do that for?' He raised his voice again: 'You'll die in a screaming agony, Mr. Jones, an agony beyond your wildest nightmares. And you'll take a long time dying. Hours. Maybe days. And screaming. Screaming all the time.'

'What in God's name am I to do?' The desperate voice from above was no longer quavering, it vibrated like a broken bed-spring. 'What can I do?'

'You can slide down that rope,' Smith said brutally. 'Fifteen feet. Fifteen little feet, Mr. Jones. My God, you could do that in a pole vault.'

'I can't.' The voice was a wail. 'I simply can't.'

'Yes, you can,' Smith urged. 'Grab the rope now, close your eyes, out over the sill and down. Keep your eyes closed. We can catch you.'

'I can't! I can't!'

'Oh God!' Smith said despairingly. 'Oh, my God! It's too late now.'

'It's too - what in heaven's name do you me #Quote by Alistair MacLean
I Hate quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#41. Learned we may be with another man's learning: we can only be wise with wisdom of our own. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
I Hate quotes by Orson Scott Card
#42. Well, I'm your man. I'm the bloody bastard you wanted when you had me spawned. I'm your tool, and what difference does it make if I hate the part of me that you most need? What difference does it make that when the little serpents killed me in the game, I agreed with them, and was glad. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
I Hate quotes by Ian Astbury
#43. I don't objectify myself. I hate looking at pictures of myself, they're usually awful. #Quote by Ian Astbury
I Hate quotes by David Boreanaz
#44. I hate TiVo, I hate DVRs. I do not get them. #Quote by David Boreanaz
I Hate quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#45. I hate writing. I so intensely hate writing
I cannot tell you how much. The moment I am at the end of one project I have the idea that I didn't really succeed in telling what I wanted to tell, that I need a new project
it's an absolute nightmare. But my whole economy of writing is in fact based on an obsessional ritual to avoid the actual act of writing. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
I Hate quotes by Jimmy Kimmel
#46. No matter who it is, I hate to see people losing their jobs. I really do. #Quote by Jimmy Kimmel
I Hate quotes by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
#47. I hate the word 'ought' - it always implies something dull, cold, and commonplace. The 'ought nots' of life are its pleasantest things. #Quote by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
I Hate quotes by Martyn Stanley
#48. Vexis listened, then shook her head, her eyes full of sorrow. 'YOU are the fool! You cannot rob people of their beliefs and expect them to just accept it. Even now, I mourn the death of Avanti every day. Even though I now know she was never real. The idea of Avanti was real. Serving Avanti gave me a purpose, I felt she was guiding and encouraging me. Now I have nothing, I am reduced to simply "making it up as I go along". I hate you Brael. I will never forgive you for what you did.'
Brael took a deep breath. 'You were always making it up as you went along. You just didn't know it. People need to take responsibility for their actions. There is one person guiding me, and that is me. I will live as long as I can and I will try to leave this world a better place for my presence. That is enough purpose for all. #Quote by Martyn Stanley
I Hate quotes by Robert Jackson Bennett
#49. I love its potential. I hate its past. And I don't like what it is.' She hugs her knees close to her chest. 'The way you feel about the place you grew up in is a lot like how you feel about your family. #Quote by Robert Jackson Bennett
I Hate quotes by Seanan McGuire
#50. He on his way." "Maybe he'll bring a sword." "Maybe he'll bring a tank." I shook my head. "I hate being rescued." "Then why aren't we trying to get to the car?" "Because I hate being eaten even more. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
I Hate quotes by Nicole Jacquelyn
#51. Her arms tightened around our daughter as if she was afraid I was going to snatch her away. "Get out."

"Katiebear, I'm so sorry."

"I hate you," she whispered, he eyes filling with tears. "I wish you were dead because then I could have my children back."

I stumbled away from the bed, horrified, and watched as she fell asleep as if I'd never even been there.

Jesus Christ, what had I done? #Quote by Nicole Jacquelyn
I Hate quotes by Minions
#52. I hate it when you have to be nice to someone you want to throw a brick at. #Quote by Minions
I Hate quotes by Rachel Harris
#53. He asked me to be his girlfriend and asked me to Homecoming…"

"Wow. That sucks. I hate it when hot, popular guys do that stuff to me. I mean, asking you to be his girlfriend? Sounds like he deserved to be kicked to the curb. Girl power. #Quote by Rachel Harris
I Hate quotes by K.J. McPike
#54. See, this is why I hate Google. You come across one site, match one symptom, and all of a sudden you're dying of carbon monoxide poisoning or cancer of the big toe. #Quote by K.J. McPike
I Hate quotes by Meg Cabot
#55. What to Do During Algebra
O what to do during Algebra!
The possibilities are limitless:
There's drawing, and yawning,
and portable chess
There's dozing, and dreaming,
and feeling confused.
There's humming, and strumming,
and looking bemused.
You can stare at the clock.
You can hum a little song.
I've tried just about everything
to pass the time along. #Quote by Meg Cabot
I Hate quotes by Christian Finnegan
#56. The thing is, I hate political comedy. I personally loathe it. #Quote by Christian Finnegan
I Hate quotes by L.V. Birdsong
#57. I hate mankind. I hate what we do to each other, how we wage war, how we 'fight' for peace, how we say we love each other then stab each other in the back. #Quote by L.V. Birdsong
I Hate quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#58. With Lenin it was always a substantial commitment. I always have a certain admiration for people who are aware that somebody has to do the job. What I hate about these liberal, pseudo-left, beautiful soul academics is that they are doing what they are doing fully aware that somebody else will do the job for them. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
I Hate quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#59. I hate cowardice; I will have nothing to do with cowards or political nonsense. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
I Hate quotes by Phillip Andrew Bennett Low
#60. A number of people who I've talked to about this assume that I got into a fight with the cops. (Because of, y'know, the militant politics.) I actually had an audience member come up to me once and ask me if I paid taxes. Of course I pay taxes! I pay taxes for exactly the same reason that I hate paying taxes - because I think my government is terrifying and stupid. I don't need the IRS kicking my door down and taking my meticulously alphabetized collection of Tijuana bibles. #Quote by Phillip Andrew Bennett Low
I Hate quotes by Michael Chiklis
#61. I don't have hate in my heart. I don't hate any person, place or thing ... but I hate the Yankees. #Quote by Michael Chiklis
I Hate quotes by Frances Hodgson Burnett
#62. When I lie by myself and remember I begin to have pains everywhere and I think of things that make me begin to scream because I hate them so. If there was a doctor anywhere who could make you forget you were ill instead of remembering it I would have him brought here. #Quote by Frances Hodgson Burnett
I Hate quotes by Kristin Cavallari
#63. I hate being away even for a day. But I'm happiest when I'm working and have my own things going on, so it ultimately makes me a better mother and wife. #Quote by Kristin Cavallari
I Hate quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#64. What's the trouble?" I said, knowing well what that trouble was.

"I've a notion in my head that would make the most splendid story that was ever written. Do let me write it out here. It's such a notion!"

There was no resisting the appeal. I set him a table; he hardly thanked me, but plunged into the work at once. For half an hour the pen scratched without stopping. Then Charlie sighed and tugged his hair. The scratching grew slower, there were more erasures, and at last ceased. The finest story in the world would not come forth.

"It looks such awful rot now," he said, mournfully. "And yet it seemed so good when I was thinking about it. What's wrong?"

I could not dishearten him by saying the truth. So I answered: "Perhaps you don't feel in the mood for writing."

"Yes I do--except when I look at this stuff. Ugh!"

"Read me what you've done," I said.

"He read, and it was wondrous bad, and he paused at all the specially turgid sentences, expecting a little approval; for he was proud of those sentences, as I knew he would be.

"It needs compression," I suggested, cautiously.

"I hate cutting my things down. I don't think you could alter a word here without spoiling the sense. It reads better aloud than when I was writing it."

"Charlie, you're suffering from an alarming disease afflicting a numerous class. Put the thing by, and tackle it again in a week."

"I want to #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
I Hate quotes by Cassandra Clare
#65. So, ninety-five percent of the time."
She craned her head back to look up at time. "Ninety-five percent? What's the other five percent?"
"Oh, you know, the usual--demons I might kill, runes I need to learn, people who've annoyed me recently, people who've annoyed me not so recently, ducks."
He waved her question away. "All right. Now watch this." He took her shoulders and turned her gently, so they were both facing the same way. A moment later--she wasn't sure how--the walls of the room seemed to melt away around them, and she found herself stepping out onto cobblestones. She gasped, turning to look behind her, and saw only a black wall, windows high up in an old stone building. Rows of similar house lined the canal they stood besides. If she craned her head to the left, she could see in the distance that the canal opened out into a much larger waterway, lined with grand buildings. Everywhere was the smell of water and stone.
"Cool, huh?" Jace said proudly. She turned and looked at him.
"Ducks?" She said again.
A smile tugged the edge of his mouth. "I hate ducks. Don't know hy. I just always have. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
I Hate quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#66. I love you," Sam said.
Celaena wrapped her arms around him and held him close, breathing his scent. Her only reply was, "I hate packing. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
I Hate quotes by Joanna Lumley
#67. I hate the hand that comes out of a car and just drops litter in the street. I hate that! For some reason, it just fills me with fury! It's just utter laziness, lack of interest in other people, lack of interest in the planet, in the hedgehog who might eat the plastic bag, it's a lack of concern. #Quote by Joanna Lumley
I Hate quotes by Sheridan Smith
#68. I live in Selfridges because it has everything under one roof. Liberty's is great for the same reason - I'm so lazy, I hate walking from shop to shop. Powder in Crouch End always has great designer labels in, so when I walk past I have to put my blinkers on because every time I nip in I come out with too much stuff; it's dangerous. #Quote by Sheridan Smith
I Hate quotes by R.M. Gilmore
#69. You know I hate banks, that's my purse stash kid. (Tatum) #Quote by R.M. Gilmore
I Hate quotes by Terry Pratchett
#70. But you don't even like being a Fool!" "I hate it. But that's got nothing to do with it. If I've got to be a Fool, I'll do it properly." "That's really stupid," said Magrat. "Foolish, I'd prefer." The #Quote by Terry Pratchett
I Hate quotes by John Rhys-Davies
#71. I hate being out of work! #Quote by John Rhys-Davies
I Hate quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#72. I hate fate. I don't believe in her. Unfortunately, I think the bitch believes in me. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
I Hate quotes by Jonathan Ames
#73. I don't like rides. I take everything in life quite literally, and so I genuinely feel terrified on rides and liable to vomit at any moment, and I hate to vomit even more than I fear rides. #Quote by Jonathan Ames
I Hate quotes by Phyllis Diller
#74. I hate smart sales clerks. I said to one, What do you have in lingerie? She says, More than you'll ever have! #Quote by Phyllis Diller
I Hate quotes by Victor Borge
#75. When I was a little boy and played Liebestraum, my father used to hit me on the head with a newspaper every time I slopped the cadenza ... I hate Liebestraum. #Quote by Victor Borge
I Hate quotes by Sara Ahmed
#76. These ways we have to settle. Moving house. I hate packing: collecting myself up, pulling myself apart. Stripping the body of the house: the walls, the floors, the shelves. Then I arrive, an empty house. It looks like a shell. How I love unpacking. Taking things out, putting things around, arranging myself all over the walls. I move around, trying to distribute myself evenly around the rooms. I concentrate on the kitchen. The familiar smell of spices fills the air. I allow the cumin to spill, and then gather it up again. I feel flung back somewhere else. I am never sure where the smell of spices takes me, as it had followed me everywhere. Each smell that gathers returns me somewhere; I am not always sure where that somewhere is. Sometimes the return is welcome, sometimes not. Sometimes it is tears or laughter that makes me realize that I have been pulled to another place and another time. Such memories can involve a recognition of how one's body already feels, coming after the event. The surprise when we find ourselves moved in this way or that. So we ask the question, later, and it often seems too late: what is it that has led me away from the present, to another place and another time? How is it that I have arrived here or there? #Quote by Sara Ahmed
I Hate quotes by Elizabeth Buhmann
#77. I hate that, when people pretend to be asking questions, but they've already decided what the answers are." I #Quote by Elizabeth Buhmann
I Hate quotes by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
#78. I hate it when people say, Mary Elizabeth, this may be hell, but the movie is going to be sooo good. #Quote by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
I Hate quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#79. I don't mind being called a liar. I am. I am a marvelous liar. But I hate being called a liar when I´m telling the perfect truth. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
I Hate quotes by Nora Sakavic
#80. I'm tired of being nothing."
"You are a Fox. You are always going to be nothing. I hate you."
"Nine percent of the time you don't."
"Nine percent of the time I don't want to kill you. I always hate you."
"Every time you say that I believe you a little less."
"No one asked you. #Quote by Nora Sakavic
I Hate quotes by George R R Martin
#81. I hate outlines. I have a broad sense of where the story is going; I know the end, I know the end of the principal characters, and I know the major turning points and events from the books, the climaxes for each book, but I don't necessarily know each twist and turn along the way. That's something I discover in the course of writing and that's what makes writing enjoyable. I think if I outlined comprehensively and stuck to the outline the actual writing would be boring. #Quote by George R R Martin
I Hate quotes by Angelina Jolie
#82. I'm terrible at reading scripts. I love to read, and I hate reading scripts. #Quote by Angelina Jolie
I Hate quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#83. My solitude doesn't depend on the presence or absence of people; on the contrary, I hate who steals my solitude without, in exchange, offering me true company. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
I Hate quotes by David Rakoff
#84. Sheila taught me a survival technique for getting through seemingly intolerable situations-boring lunches, stern lectures on attitude or time management, those necessary breakup conversations, and the like: maintaining eye contact, keep your face inscrutable and masklike, with your faintest hint at a Gioconda smile. Keep this up as long as you possibly can, and just as you feel you are about to crack and take a letter opener and plunge it into someone's neck, fold your hands in your lap, one nestled inside the other, like those of a supplicant in a priory. Now, with the index finger of your inner hand, write on the palm of the other, very discreetly and undetectably, "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you ... " over and over again as you pretend to listen. You will find that this brings a spontaneous look of interest and pleased engagement to your countenance. Continue and repeat as necessary. #Quote by David Rakoff
I Hate quotes by Norman Mailer
I Hate quotes by Liane Moriarty
#86. She meant that they'd never used words like "separation" and "divorce" even in their worst screaming matches. They yelled things like, "You're infuriating!" "You don't think!" "You are the most annoying woman in the history of annoying women!" "I hate you!" "I hate you more!" and they always, always used the word "always," even though Clementine's mother had said you should never use that word in an argument with your spouse, as in, for example, "You always forget to refill the water jug!" (But Sam did always forget. It was accurate.) #Quote by Liane Moriarty
I Hate quotes by Sebastian Faulks
#87. Gray stood up and came round the desk. "Think of the words on that memorial, Wraysford. Think of those stinking towns and foul bloody villages whose names will be turned into some bogus glory by fat-arsed historians who have sat in London. We were there. As our punishment for God knows what, we were there, and our men died in each of those disgusting places. I hate their names. I hate the sound of them and the thought of them, which is why I will not bring myself to remind you. But listen." He put his face close to Stephen's. "There are four words they will chisel beneath them at the bottom. Four words that people will look at one day. When they read the other words they will want to vomit. When they read these, they will bow their heads, just a little. 'Final advance and pursuit.' Don't tell me you don't want to put your name to those words. #Quote by Sebastian Faulks
I Hate quotes by Peter Hoeg
#88. Maybe I should give up and go back the way I came. But I stay. I detest fear. I hate being scared. There is only one path to fearlessness. It's the one that leads into the mysterious center of the terror. #Quote by Peter Hoeg
I Hate quotes by C.L.Stone
#89. I hate running."
He laughed. "You know what's the best part about running?"
"The stopping. #Quote by C.L.Stone
I Hate quotes by Jimmy Connors
#90. I hate to lose more than I love to win. #Quote by Jimmy Connors
I Hate quotes by Van Morrison
#91. I don't feel comfortable doing interviews. My profession is music, and writing songs. That's what I do. I like to do it, but I hate to talk about it. #Quote by Van Morrison
I Hate quotes by P.J. Nunn
#92. You ready?" he turned to face me.
"Ready as I'm going to get," I smiled and wished like hell I'd brought a hat. I hate that his hair always looks better than mine. #Quote by P.J. Nunn
I Hate quotes by Bryan Lee O'Malley
#93. Kim: "What, a coffee? Hollie, I have some bad news. I hate you, okay?"
Hollie: "You hate everyone, Kim."
Kim: "You're one of everyone. #Quote by Bryan Lee O'Malley
I Hate quotes by Helena Bonham Carter
#94. I hate this image of me as a prim Edwardian. I want to shock everyone. #Quote by Helena Bonham Carter
I Hate quotes by Caitlin Moran
#95. I can't think of anything I hate more than a former punk - they are the most self-righteous people in the world. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
I Hate quotes by Leigh Lezark
#96. I get startled really easily, so I hate horror films. I have to close my eyes when I think something is going to make me jump, because I just scream. #Quote by Leigh Lezark
I Hate quotes by Bill Burr
#97. I love my dog. I hate bankers. I have issues with women. In my head, I'm a great guy. #Quote by Bill Burr
I Hate quotes by Leslie Bibb
#98. I do have body-image issues, just like everyone else. I mean, I wish I had bigger boobs. And I hate my butt. I want an onion butt - you know, a butt that'll bring tears to your eyes? #Quote by Leslie Bibb
I Hate quotes by Shay Mitchell
#99. I hate dieting. Let's just say that. #Quote by Shay Mitchell
I Hate quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#100. I hate the actor and audience business. An author should be in among the crowd, kicking their shins or cheering them on to some mischief or merriment. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
I Hate quotes by Kristen Ashley
#101. Chiquita, women spend a lot of time sittin' around bitchin' that there are no good men out there.
I hate to tell you this, but there aren't a lot of good women either.
The difference is, when a man sees one, he knows it.
Then, he goes after her and wears her down until she's his.
Then, if he's any man at all, he won't let her go. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
I Hate quotes by Cristin Terrill
#102. You say you'll be fine, and I swear I'm shoving you out of this car!" I snap. I hate it when James gets like this, so perversely determined not to be a bother to anyone, like last year when he broke his wrist and insisted on scrawling his equations in an unreadable script with his bad hand rather than letting me write for him. He doesn't see how much I want to be bothered by him, how that means I'm actually important to him. #Quote by Cristin Terrill
I Hate quotes by Vince Staples
#103. Where I come from, there's no common enemy, there's no "why." There's no, "I hate white people." #Quote by Vince Staples
I Hate quotes by Dominic Cooper
#104. There is nothing I hate more than meeting someone who has forgotten the art of conversing. #Quote by Dominic Cooper
I Hate quotes by Vanessa Ferlito
#105. The first thing I went out for was 'The Sopranos' and I got it, so that's how it happened. I hate to say it like that because I wait for calls now. #Quote by Vanessa Ferlito
I Hate quotes by Taika Waititi
#106. I hate the modern day the kids live in. I don't think it's very cool. Everyone's interconnected. #Quote by Taika Waititi
I Hate quotes by Baka_usagi
#107. That's why I hate the concept of falling in love. It makes you weak. It takes away your strength. Your power. Your rational sense. EVERYTHING. #Quote by Baka_usagi
I Hate quotes by Caity Lotz
#108. I'm always easily frightened and I hate being scared. I've never been able to go on the haunted house rides at carnivals of anything like that; my imagination just takes over! #Quote by Caity Lotz
I Hate quotes by Elvis Presley
#109. That's why I hate to get started in these jam sessions. I'm always the last one to leave. #Quote by Elvis Presley
I Hate quotes by Daniel Tosh
#110. I hate the idea of owning a gun, but I love the idea of owning a cannon. #Quote by Daniel Tosh
I Hate quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#111. I hate"relative term", it is everywhere cause even men are relatively pregnant. #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
I Hate quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#112. In this troublesome world, we are never quite satisfied. When you were here, I thought you hindered me some in attending to business; but now, having nothing but business
no variety
it has grown exceedingly tasteless to me. I hate to sit down and direct documents, and I hate to stay in this old room by myself. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
I Hate quotes by John Ridley
#113. I like animals. I like people who like animals. I hate people who love animals to the point they lose their sense of reason. I'm talking the 'my computer wallpaper is my dog,' 'I hang a Christmas stocking for my cat' crowd. #Quote by John Ridley
I Hate quotes by Kate Moss
#114. I hate dentists. That's why my tooth fell out. I was in the middle of a root canal and wouldn't go back, so it just dropped out when I was in the middle of Fifth Avenue. I had to do the Calvin Klein show without the tooth. #Quote by Kate Moss
I Hate quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#115. Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
I Hate quotes by Colleen Hoover
#116. I hate that there are so many sides of him that I don't understand, and I don't know if I even want to keep trying to understand them. There are parts of him that I love, parts of him that I hate. But there's a part of him that does nothing but disappoint me, and that's the absolute hardest part to accept. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
I Hate quotes by Charlie Kaufman
#117. I hate a movie that will end by telling you that the first thing you should do is learn to love yourself. That is so insulting and condescending, and so meaningless. My characters don't learn to love each other or themselves. #Quote by Charlie Kaufman
I Hate quotes by Rutger Hauer
#118. I hate guns, I think they're the worst thing ever invented. #Quote by Rutger Hauer
I Hate quotes by Aubrey Plaza
#119. I mean, sometimes I hate interviews because I always feel like I sound stupid. #Quote by Aubrey Plaza
I Hate quotes by Tim Moore
#120. I hate plays. I've never seen the point of paying money to watch people shout a lot and pretend to die, and now that I'm the father of three young children I don't have to. #Quote by Tim Moore
I Hate quotes by William Christopher Handy
#121. I hate to see the evening sun go down. #Quote by William Christopher Handy
I Hate quotes by Lee Ann Womack
#122. And I hate to see artists who are real safe. I love to see artists swing for the fences sometimes. #Quote by Lee Ann Womack
I Hate quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#123. You're all I want, Jane." As he stroked her, he used his other hand to brush hers away so he could unfasten his own trouser buttons. "The only woman I ever cared about."
"You're the only man Iever cared about." She undulated against his fingers, begging for him with her body. "Why do you think…I waited for you so long?"
"Not long enough, apparently," he muttered, "or you wouldn't have gotten yourself engaged to Blakeborough." He tugged at her nipple with his teeth, then relished her cry of pleasure.
"I only…did it because I was…tired of waiting." She arched against his mouth. "Because you clearly weren't…coming back for me."
"I was sure you hated me." At last he got his trousers open. "You acted like you hated me still."
"I did." Her breath was unsteady. "But only because…you tore us apart."
He shifted her to sit astride him. "And now?"
Flashing him a provocative smile he would never have dreamed she had in her repertoire, she unbuttoned his drawers. "Do I look like I hate you?"
His cock, so hard he thought it might erupt right there and embarrass him, sprang free. "You look like…like…"
He paused to take in her lovely face with its flushed cheeks, sparkling eyes, and lush lips. Then he swept his gaze down to her breasts with their brazen tips, displayed so enticingly above the boned corset and her undone shift. He then dropped his eyes to the smooth thighs emerging from beneath her bunched-up skirts.
Shoving the fabric higher, #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
I Hate quotes by Suzanne Wright
#124. Outside, he continued speaking even as she locked the front door. "I've told you over and over, I'm sorry and I hate that I've hurt you. What do you want me to do?"
She faced him. "Honestly? Stick your cock in a bees nest. Call me and let me know how that goes. #Quote by Suzanne Wright
I Hate quotes by Anne Eliot
#125. Almost. Almost.
How I hate that word and the way it defines me.
Almost raped. Almost over it. Almost normal.
I can almost forget. Way worse, I can almost remember. #Quote by Anne Eliot
I Hate quotes by Leonardo DiCaprio
#126. I hate complaining about paparazzi, I hate complaining about being recognised, because if I ultimately didn't want to be an actor or in the public eye, I would quit doing what I do. That's not the reason I do it, but I love the work so much that it's worth it. #Quote by Leonardo DiCaprio
I Hate quotes by Anna Kendrick
#127. I hate when people think you're broken because your parents are divorced. And I really reject the idea of staying together for the kids. If they're growing up in a house that's not healthy, it's better to know that's not the model of what marriage should be. #Quote by Anna Kendrick
I Hate quotes by Nicki Minaj
#128. I hate cameras. I hate cameras and I hate camera phones. The camera's my worst enemy and my best friend. It's the way I convey my emotions to the world without saying a word, so I use it. People always say, 'You come alive as soon as the camera's on!' #Quote by Nicki Minaj
I Hate quotes by Milton Jones
#129. I hate sitting in traffic, because I always get run over. #Quote by Milton Jones
I Hate quotes by Chris Southwave
#130. I hate Sundays because they give birth to Mondays. #Quote by Chris Southwave
I Hate quotes by Cora Reilly
#131. I'm not an emotional man, and I hate public displays of affection. #Quote by Cora Reilly
I Hate quotes by Anais Nin
#132. I'm awaiting a lover. I have to be rent and pulled apart and live according to the demons and the imagination in me. I'm restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again. #Quote by Anais Nin
I Hate quotes by Ray Davies
#133. I'm the mirror to your mood, you hate me and I hate you. #Quote by Ray Davies
I Hate quotes by Charles Bukowski
#134. Have you ever been in love?" "Love is for real people." "You sound real." "I dislike real people." "You dislike them?" "I hate them. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
I Hate quotes by Markelle Grabo
#135. I hate going through this when we just found ... ," his voice trailed off.
"Found what?"
"Each other," he finished, half-smiling. #Quote by Markelle Grabo
I Hate quotes by Lindy West
#136. I hate being fat. I hate the way people look at me, or don't. I hate being a joke; I hate the disorienting limbo between too visible and invisible; I hate the way that complete strangers waste my life out of supposed concern for my death. I hate knowing that if I did die of a condition that correlates with weight, a certain subset of people would feel their prejudices validated, and some would outright celebrate. I also love being fat. The breadth of my shoulders makes me feel safe. I am unassailable. I intimidate. I am a polar icebreaker. I walk and climb and lift things, I can open your jar, I can absorb blows - literal and metaphorical - meant for other women, smaller woman, breakable women women who need me. My bones feel like iron - heavy, but strong. I used to say that being fat in our culture was like drowning (in hate, in blame, in your own tissue), but lately I think it's more like burning. After three decades in the fire, my iron bones are steel. #Quote by Lindy West
I Hate quotes by Kenneth Oppel
#137. I raised my hands, trying to shush her.
"Don't shush me," she said, eyes blazing. "I hate being shushed. #Quote by Kenneth Oppel
I Hate quotes by Liana Liberato
#138. I hate taking myself seriously. It drives me crazy! #Quote by Liana Liberato
I Hate quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#139. You know, you say 'not exactly' a lot. You're not exactly a vampire. You're not exactly from Scotland, and you're allergic to daylight. What else? (Sunshine)
I hate bran muffins and grass. (Talon) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I Hate quotes by R.C. Sproul
#140. Love God? Sometimes I hate Him. This is a strange quote to hear from the lips of a man as respected for his religious zeal as Luther. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
I Hate quotes by Kiersten White
#141. I sighed. I hate the vamp jobs. They think they're so suave. It's not enough for them to slaughter and eat you like a zombie would. No, they want it to be all sexy, too. And, trust me: vampires? Not. Sexy. I mean, sure, their glamours can be pretty hot, but the dry-as-bone corpse bodies shimmering underneath? Nothing attractive there. #Quote by Kiersten White
I Hate quotes by Robert Griffin III
#142. I hate to talk about myself like that, but if I had to straight up tell a head coach or an owner why they should take me, it's because I'm the best in everything I've done. #Quote by Robert Griffin III
I Hate quotes by Casey Stengel
#143. If I've got a good pinch-hitter, I hate to have him stay on the bench with men on the bases in an early inning. He may end the game right there. #Quote by Casey Stengel
I Hate quotes by Gloria Steinem
#144. I hate to generalize, but in general, both men and women suffer from ageism. Men much less because men gain power as they get older. Women lose power as they get older. Men are seen as gaining experience and being distinguished. Sons look forward to replacing their fathers. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
I Hate quotes by Thaal Sinestro
#145. I hate cowards. Abin Sur was not a coward. Abin was the bravest lantern I ever knew. He was my friend. And his sister, Arin, my lover. That made Abin Sur the closest thing I ever had to a brother.

During the years before he died, Abin became obsessed with a hidden prophecy - a darkness he said would one day sweep across the universe.

The Guardians forbade discussion of the prophecy. They tore its pages from the Book of Oa. They labeled Abin a heretic and feigned concern over his mental health. I thought my friend had lost his mind. And I told him as much.

I do not have many regrets in life. But that is one of them. #Quote by Thaal Sinestro
I Hate quotes by Jennifer Aniston
#146. That's what I hate about a lot of comedies, when you're hitting a line or making it funny. #Quote by Jennifer Aniston
I Hate quotes by Bruce Davison
#147. I hate to date myself, but my earliest memories are Flash Gordon. I would love playing Flash Gordon in the neighborhood. #Quote by Bruce Davison
I Hate quotes by Ernest Hemingway
#148. He watched Richard Gordon lurching down the street until he was out of sight in the shadow from the big trees whose branches dipped down to grow into the ground like roots. What he was thinking as he watched him was not pleasant. It is a mortal sin, he thought, a grave and deadly sin and a great cruelty, and while technically one's religion may permit the ultimate result, I cannot pardon myself. On the other hand, a surgeon cannot desist while operating for fear of hurting the patient. But why must, all operations in life be performed with out an anesthetic? If I had been a better man I would have let him beat me up. It would have been better for him. The poor stupid man. The poor homeless man. I ought to stay with him, but I know that is too much for him to bear. I am ashamed and disgusted with myself and I hate what I have done. It all may turn out badly too. But I must not think about that. I will now return to the anesthetic I have used for seventeen years and will not need much longer. Although it is probably a vice now for which I only invent excuses. Though at least it is a vice for which I am suited. But I wish I could help that poor man who I am wronging. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway
I Hate quotes by Bo Derek
#149. I hate to run. I never, ever run. #Quote by Bo Derek
I Hate quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#150. And speaking of scary things, I need to leave. My guides are fading even as we speak. (Talon)
I hate when you commune with the dead in front of me. (Kyrian)
Are you the asshole who sent the 'I See Dead People' T-shirt to me? (Talon)
That would be Wulf. (Kyrian) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I Hate quotes by Ovid
#151. I hate, and yet must love the thing I hate. #Quote by Ovid
I Hate quotes by Euripides
#152. I hate it in friends when they come too late to help. #Quote by Euripides
I Hate quotes by Sarah Kane
#153. No one can hate me more than I hate myself. #Quote by Sarah Kane
I Hate quotes by Abigail Adams
#154. I hate to complain ... No one is without difficulties, whether in high or low life, and every person knows best where their own shoe pinches. #Quote by Abigail Adams
I Hate quotes by Ray Winstone
#155. I know I've got to pay some tax, but I hate the fact that they collect millions of pounds a day from the congestion charge and I don't see anything or anyone benefitting from it. Where are the new hospitals? #Quote by Ray Winstone
I Hate quotes by Aurora Rose Reynolds
#156. No man wants to give a woman the power to crush his ego, and baby, I hate to tell you this, because I like that you don't realize how beautiful you are, but you are the kind of woman that could make a man feel like he has it all or make him feel like he has absolutely nothing. #Quote by Aurora Rose Reynolds
I Hate quotes by Lillie Langtry
#157. Feed the dogs. I hate to hear them barking like that. #Quote by Lillie Langtry
I Hate quotes by Kevin Hart
#158. I hate when new parents ask who the baby looks like ! It was born 15 minutes ago it looks like a potato. #Quote by Kevin Hart
I Hate quotes by S.J. Parris
#159. No," I said simply. "I hate no one. I want only to be left in peace to understand the mysteries of the universe in my own way. #Quote by S.J. Parris
I Hate quotes by Gwen Stefani
#160. I've never been good at giving advice. The only advice I ever gave people was to find something that you are passionate about. But I hate giving advice, because, who am I? I'm just a girl. #Quote by Gwen Stefani
I Hate quotes by Iris Murdoch
#161. I have nobody in the world. I'll kill myself. That's best. Everyone will say, It's for the best that she killed herself, she's better off dead . . . I hate myself so much I could spend hours and hours just screaming with hatred and with the pain of it, oh the pain of it . . . #Quote by Iris Murdoch
I Hate quotes by Victoria Legrand
#162. I'm a Gemini, so I'm very dual. I love something and I hate it at the same time, so that probably comes out in the lyrics. #Quote by Victoria Legrand
I Hate quotes by J.T. Geissinger
#163. I hate water. It's so boring. And it takes up so much room in your stomach. #Quote by J.T. Geissinger
I Hate quotes by Christine Lagarde
#164. I hate to say there are female and male ways of dealing with power, because I think each of us has a male and a female part. But based on my own experience, women will tend to be inclusive, to reach out more, to care a little more. #Quote by Christine Lagarde
I Hate quotes by Lora Leigh
#165. I hate Breeds," she muttered. "Do you know that? You and your sharp, damned noses. Just because I want to doesn't mean I should. Hell, I want cheesecake but I know better. It goes right to my hips. Does that mean I have to eat it anyway?"
He stared back at her in disbelief. "You're comparing me to cheesecake?" Offended male fury and outrage glittered in his eyes.
She huffed, "Well, the same principle applies. #Quote by Lora Leigh
I Hate quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#166. I hate you."
My sister said it different than she said it to my dad. She meant it with me.She really did.
"I love you," was all I could say in return.
"You're a freak, you know that? Everyone says so. They always have."
"I'm trying not to be."
Then, I turned around and walked to my room and closed my door and put my head under my pillow and let the quiet put things where they are supposed to be.[pp.28] #Quote by Stephen Chbosky
I Hate quotes by J.R. Ward
#167. I hate this goddamn cat." "I can tell. #Quote by J.R. Ward
I Hate quotes by Tana French
#168. I hate nostalgia, it's laziness with prettier accessories ... #Quote by Tana French
I Hate quotes by Robert Pattinson
#169. I hate people who cry around me. I'm not friends with them anymore. Especially girls. Cuz girls are crying all the time. It's like, 'Shut up.' #Quote by Robert Pattinson
I Hate quotes by Michael Jackson
#170. I hate it. I hate taxidermy shops and all that crap. #Quote by Michael Jackson
I Hate quotes by James Kaplan
#171. I hate cops. You're either a cop or a reporter. And I hate cops and newspapermen. #Quote by James Kaplan
I Hate quotes by Emily J. Proctor
#172. I hate middle school already. #Quote by Emily J. Proctor
I Hate quotes by Veronica Roth
#173. The first thing I see when I wake, still on the couch in the hotel room, are the birds flying over her collarbone. Her shirt, retrieved from the floor in the middle of the night because of the cold, is pulled down on one side from where she's lying on it.
We have slept close to each other before, but this time feels different. Every other time we were there to comfort each other or to protect each other; this time we're here just because we want to be--and because we fell asleep before we could go back to the dormitory.
I stretch out my hand and touch my fingertips to her tattoos, and she opens her eyes.
She wraps an arm around me and pulls herself across the cushions so she's right up against me, warm and soft and pliable.
"Morning," I say.
"Shh," she says. "If you don't acknowledge it, maybe it will go away."
I draw her toward me, my hand on her hip. Her eyes are wide, alert, despite just having opened. I kiss her cheek, then her jaw, then her throat, lingering there for a few seconds. Her hands tighten around my waist, and she sighs into my ear.
My self-control is about to disappear in five, four, three…
"Tobias," she whispers, "I hate to say this, but…I think we have just a few things to do today."
"They can wait," I say against her shoulder, and I kiss the first tattoo, slowly.
"No, they can't!" she says. #Quote by Veronica Roth
I Hate quotes by Melissa Jensen
#174. I like your hair," he said quietly, "but I think you'd look good whatever you did with it."
Here's the thing.He looked like he meant it, and like it had been the most natural thing in the world to say. I blinked at him.
"Okay," I said. "You want to know something about me that I don't really want to tell you? How about this. I dont get it.This.I hate that I don't. I wish I were the kind of girl who took guys like you as my sovereign right in life. But I don't."
"Yeah,I've sorta figured that out,too." He let go of my hair and put his hand on my waist, so his thumb was against my skin. I shivered. "Here's my first reveal for the night. One day, not so long ago, I'm just sitting in the dining room, digesting, minding my own business-literally. Trying to decide whether the second hamburger had been such a good idea and whether to break up with my girlfriend of a year and a half. Then I try to stand up, and suddenly there's this really pretty girl doubled over and looking at my book like it was covered with crap-"
"I wasn't."
"Yeah.You were. So there you were, with that amazing face and a yard of hair that smelled like flowers, and all this stuff drawn on your jeans. I really liked that."
"You liked my jeans."
"Among other things.But, jeez, Ella. After that, if you weren't making me feel like I had the IQ of a stone, your friends were looking at me like I'd crawled out from under one. I won't even go into what you obviously think of my friends."< #Quote by Melissa Jensen
I Hate quotes by Sandra Bullock
#175. Usually comedy is only available to us ladies in the romantic comedy. That's why I hate romantic comedies. #Quote by Sandra Bullock
I Hate quotes by Diana Palmer
#176. I hate beer," she moaned.
"If you drink enough of it, you won't care about the taste," he assured her.
She gave the can a dubious stare, shrugged, closed her eyes, held her breath and drank heavily. "Yuck!" she said.
"Keep going. #Quote by Diana Palmer
I Hate quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#177. Patch smiled. "You come by your red hair naturally?" I stared at him. "I don't have red hair." "I hate to break it to you, but it's red. I could light it on fire and it wouldn't turn any redder. #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
I Hate quotes by Erol Alkan
#178. Obviously like many of us, I love music, and I hate music sometimes. #Quote by Erol Alkan
I Hate quotes by Jim Palmer
#179. I hate the cursed Oriole fundamentals ... I've been doing them since 1964. I do them in my sleep. I hate spring training. #Quote by Jim Palmer
I Hate quotes by Roz Chast
#180. I can't even look at daily comic strips. And I hate sitcoms because they don't seem like real people to me: they're props that often say horrible things to each other, which I don't find funny. I have to feel like they're real people. #Quote by Roz Chast
I Hate quotes by John Mayer
#181. Whenever they say it can't be done, remind them that they make a jellybean that tastes exactly like popcorn. #Quote by John Mayer
I Hate quotes by Erin Jade Lange
#182. If you want to stay, I can meet you after the scrimmage. You could come to my house or I could come to yours or we could meet at the library or a coffee shop or..."
Stop talking, asshole.
"Or we could go somewhere with Wi-Fi or somewhere outside or..."
Oh my God, I hate myself right now. #Quote by Erin Jade Lange
I Hate quotes by Eddie Vedder
#183. She said to me, over the phone
She wanted to see other people
I thought, Well then, look around. They're everywhere
Said that she was confused...
I thought, Darling, join the club
24 years old, Mid-life crisis
Nowadays hits you when you're young
I hung up, She called back, I hung up again
The process had already started
At least it happened quick
I swear, I died inside that night
My friend, he called
I didn't mention a thing
The last thing he said was, Be sound
I contemplated an awful thing, I hate to admit
I just thought those would be such appropriate last words
But I'm still here
And small
So small.. How could this struggle seem so big?
So big...
While the palms in the breeze still blow green
And the waves in the sea still absolute blue
But the horror
Every single thing I see is a reminder of her
Never thought I'd curse the day I met her
And since she's gone and wouldn't hear
Who would care? What good would that do?
But I'm still here
So I imagine in a month...or 12
I'll be somewhere having a drink
Laughing at a stupid joke
Or just another stupid thing
And I can see myself stopping short
Drifting out of the present
Sucked by the undertow and pulled out deep
And there I am, standing
Wet grass and white headstones all in rows
And in the distance there's one, off on its own
S #Quote by Eddie Vedder
I Hate quotes by Christopher Moore
#184. Winter denial: therein lay the key to California Schadenfreude
the secret joy that the rest of the country feels at the misfortune of California. The country said: "Look at them, with their fitness and their tans, their beaches and their movie stars, their Silicon Valley and silicone breasts, their orange bridge and their palm trees. God, I hate those smug, sunshiny bastards!" Because if you're up to your navel in a snowdrift in Ohio, nothing warms your heart like the sight of California on fire. If you're shoveling silt out of your basement in the Fargo flood zone, nothing brightens your day like watching a Malibu mansion tumbling down a cliff into the sea. And if a tornado just peppered the land around your Oklahoma town with random trailer trash and redneck nuggets, then you can find a quantum of solace in the fact that the earth actually opened up in the San Fernando Valley and swallowed a whole caravan of commuting SUVs. #Quote by Christopher Moore
I Hate quotes by Unarine Ramaru
#185. I hate coming out of conversations without learning anything. #Quote by Unarine Ramaru
I Hate quotes by Laurann Dohner
#186. I hate wearing the helmet but I don't want the humans falling in love with me. They couldn't handle all this." She winked before disappearing into one of the rooms."-Breeze #Quote by Laurann Dohner
I Hate quotes by Jack White
#187. I hate irony, particularly when it is used because there isn't any message or to hide that someone hasn't any story to tell. Just like when someone only spews out a stack of cool words which don't mean anything and then has the gall to call it art. I always want to create a bridge between us and the listener, and I want it to be so that kids want to create for themselves a story or a context of the words. #Quote by Jack White
I Hate quotes by Carlos Zen
#188. Although i hate having to admit this, but the one good thing those annoying communists did right was to treat religion like a type of addiction and completely banned all practicies of it
-Tanya Degurechaff (Youjo Senki) #Quote by Carlos Zen
I Hate quotes by Ingmar Bergman
#189. I have a lot of tics and phobias. I hate to travel. I hate to go to festivals. I hate it when somebody gets close behind me. I'm scared of the darkness. I hate open doors. #Quote by Ingmar Bergman
I Hate quotes by Jack Nicholson
#190. I hate giving advice, because people won't take it. #Quote by Jack Nicholson
I Hate quotes by Colleen Hoover
#191. I hate them," she says softly.
"Everybody," she says. "I hate everybody".
I close my eyes and lift my hand, then run it down her hair, doing my best to comfort her. Finally, someone who actually gets it. I'm not sure why she hates everybody but I have a feeling she's got a pretty valid reason."I hate everybody too, Cinderella. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
I Hate quotes by Joaquin Phoenix
#192. I like working all the time. I hate taking breaks. I don't like the weekends. #Quote by Joaquin Phoenix
I Hate quotes by Nicolas Berggruen
#193. If you erased New York, I hate to say it, if you erased Frankfurt, even London, the world would not have changed. #Quote by Nicolas Berggruen
I Hate quotes by Alastair Campbell
#194. I'm certainly driven, I hate losing, I can be ruthless and short-tempered and terribly competitive. #Quote by Alastair Campbell
I Hate quotes by Jonathan Swift
#195. Principally I hate and detest that animal called man; although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
I Hate quotes by Terry Gilliam
#196. I hate losing laughs; they're rare things. #Quote by Terry Gilliam
I Hate quotes by Lil' Wayne
#197. I don't care what you say, so don't even speak. #Quote by Lil' Wayne
I Hate quotes by Robert Hughes
#198. I am completely an elitist in the cultural but emphatically not the social sense. I prefer the good to the bad, the articulate to the mumbling, the aesthetically developed to the merely primitive, and full to partial consciousness. I love the spectacle of skill, whether it's an expert gardener at work or a good carpenter chopping dovetails. I don't think stupid or ill-read people are as good to be with as wise and fully literate ones. I would rather watch a great tennis player than a mediocre one, unless the latter is a friend or a relative. Consequently, most of the human race doesn't matter much to me, outside the normal and necessary frame of courtesy and the obligation to respect human rights. I see no reason to squirm around apologizing for this. I am, after all, a cultural critic, and my main job is to distinguish the good from the second-rate, pretentious, sentimental, and boring stuff that saturates culture today, more (perhaps) than it ever has. I hate populist [shit], no matter how much the demos love it. #Quote by Robert Hughes
I Hate quotes by Ava Gardner
#199. When I'm old and gray, I want to have a house by the sea. And paint. With a lot of wonderful chums, good music, and booze around. And a damn good kitchen to cook in. #Quote by Ava Gardner
I Hate quotes by Kristen Painter
#200. Scare you?" he asked from where he walked beside her.
"No." Yes. Like he didn't know. "I hate that silent speed thing. Worst vampire ability ever. #Quote by Kristen Painter
I Hate quotes by Sophie McShera
#201. I'd hate to be really beautiful on telly and then have everyone go, 'It's all make-up and lighting.' #Quote by Sophie McShera
I Hate quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#202. The second item in the liberal creed, after self-righteousness, is unaccountability. Liberals have invented whole college majors
psychology, sociology, women's studies
to prove that nothing is anybody's fault. No one is fond of taking responsibility for his actions, but consider how much you'd have to hate free will to come up with a political platform that advocates killing unborn babies but not convicted murderers. A callous pragmatist might favor abortion and capital punishment. A devout Christian would sanction neither. But it takes years of therapy to arrive at the liberal view. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
I Hate quotes by Paul Monette
#203. Organized religion is the school of hate, and never more exultant in its righteous indignation than when it talks about gay and lesbian. In America the unholy alliance between the know-nothing fundamentalists and the Catholic hierarchy keeps the faithful whipped up to a frenzy of witch-hunting and fag-bashing. #Quote by Paul Monette
I Hate quotes by Philip Roth
#204. And was that not bound to happen? Eventually, must not the truth prevail? Oh, it had not been in vain then that she had sacrificed and struggled! Oh yes, of course! if you know you are in the right, if you do not weaken or falter, if despite everything thrown up against you, despite every hardship, every pain, you oppose what you know in your heart is wrong; if you harden yourself against the opinions of others, if you are willing to endure the loneliness of pursuing what is good in a world indifferent to good; if you struggle with every fiber of your body, even as others scorn you, hate you and fear you; if you push on and on and on, no matter how great the agony, how terrible the strain - then one day the truth will finally be known - #Quote by Philip Roth
I Hate quotes by E.W. Howe
#205. It is your enemies who keep you straight. For real use one active, sneering enemy is worth two ordinary friends. #Quote by E.W. Howe
I Hate quotes by Thomas B. Macaulay
#206. From the poetry of Lord Byron they drew a system of ethics compounded of misanthropy and voluptuousness,-a system in which the two great commandments were to hate your neighbour and to love your neighbour's wife. #Quote by Thomas B. Macaulay
I Hate quotes by Sarah Shahi
#207. Plyometrics. Hate them. Enough already. Jumping around, using your own body weight is so hard to me. How did we do it as kids? #Quote by Sarah Shahi
I Hate quotes by Anne Rice
#208. It's so easy to persecute an older, overweight, unwise, crude, ignorant woman who may very well be a good person at heart who has achieved a great deal in her life. So easy to vilify her and hate her and try to destroy her life. Woe to anyone today who is not slender, young, clever and politically correct. #Quote by Anne Rice
I Hate quotes by Miranda Liasson
#209. All the money in the world won't do a thing if you get up every day and hate yourself. Follow your dream. #Quote by Miranda Liasson
I Hate quotes by Ralph Steadman
#210. Evil is always devising more corrosive misery through man's restless need to exact revenge out of his hate. #Quote by Ralph Steadman
I Hate quotes by Ray Comfort
#211. Darwinian evolution is unscientific, unobservable, unbelievable, but understandable in a world that hates God. #Quote by Ray Comfort
I Hate quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#212. What would be the value of a god who knew nothing of anger, revenge, envy, scorn, cunning, violence? who had perhaps never experienced the rapturous ardeurs of victory and of destruction? No one would understand such a god: why should any one want him? - True enough, when a nation is on the downward path, when it feels its belief in its own future, its hope of freedom slipping from it, when it begins to see submission as a first necessity and the virtues of submission as measures of self-preservation, then it must overhaul its god. He then becomes a hypocrite, timorous and demure; he counsels "peace of soul," hate-no-more, leniency, "love" of friend and foe. He moralizes endlessly; he creeps into every private virtue; he becomes the god of every man; he becomes a private citizen, a cosmopolitan... Formerly he represented a people, the strength of a people, everything aggressive and thirsty for power in the soul of a people; now he is simply the good god. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
I Hate quotes by Jacques Ellul
#213. Propaganda must not concern itself with what is best in man - the highest goals humanity sets for itself, its noblest and most precious feelings. Propaganda does not aim to elevate man, but to make him serve. It must therefore utilize the most common feelings, the most widespread ideas, the crudest patterns, and in so doing place itself on a very low level with regard to what it wants man to do and to what end. Hate, hunger, and pride make better levers of propaganda than do love or impartiality. #Quote by Jacques Ellul
I Hate quotes by Jimi Hendrix
#214. Sometimes you'll want to give up the guitar. You'll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you're gonna be rewarded. #Quote by Jimi Hendrix
I Hate quotes by Lady Gaga
#215. Be inspired to ignore their ignorant message, and feel gratitude in your heart that you are not burdened or addicted to hate, as they are. #Quote by Lady Gaga
I Hate quotes by Rajneesh
#216. The ordinary marriage is an unconscious bondage: you cannot live alone so you become dependent on the other; the other cannot live alone so he or she becomes dependent on you. And we hate the person on which we are dependent; nobody likes to depend on anybody. Our deepest desire is to have freedom, total freedom - and dependence is against freedom. #Quote by Rajneesh
I Hate quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#217. I'll always hate shoes. #Quote by Benjamin Alire Saenz
I Hate quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#218. Hating yourself is like hating the sun. No matter how much you complain of it agitating your eyes, its brilliance shines on. #Quote by Curtis Tyrone Jones
I Hate quotes by Darin Erstad
#219. Any game could be my last, and any at bat could be my last. I'd hate to think it ended without me giving my best effort. #Quote by Darin Erstad
I Hate quotes by Benita J. Prins
#220. Would you have me forever carry hate for one who is dead? #Quote by Benita J. Prins
I Hate quotes by George Lucas
#221. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. #Quote by George Lucas
I Hate quotes by Lisa Unger
#222. We hate our parents for having their own lives, don't we, for making decisions for themselves that don't seem to take us into account. They're not people, not really. They're parents; how dare they live and love and die without us? #Quote by Lisa Unger
I Hate quotes by Cassandra Clare
#223. There is an imbalance of power. It is an imbalance that is easy to exploit, but it is not a wise course. Where there is love, there is often also hate. They can exist side by side. - jace #Quote by Cassandra Clare
I Hate quotes by Helen DeWitt
#224. The typical review makes a Teletubby look like a sabre-toothed tiger. You can economize by reading online rather than squandering $4.95, yes, but all you get is people pusillanimously Favoriting and Liking and Friending. Why is there no Hate button? Why? #Quote by Helen DeWitt
I Hate quotes by Ben Shahn
#225. The values that reside in art are anarchic, they are every man's loves and hates and his momentary divine revelation. #Quote by Ben Shahn
I Hate quotes by Charles Frazier
#226. What they need is everything even and smooth. Not love or hate, pleasure or pain, hope or fear, safety or danger. Nobody kissing your cheek at bedtime till you tingle with pleasure in your stomach, and nobody making you bleed. Accept one and you have to accept the other, that's the deal. #Quote by Charles Frazier
I Hate quotes by Perrie Edwards
#227. Hating someone is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat. Invest your energy into something more worthwhile. #Quote by Perrie Edwards
I Hate quotes by Psyche Roxas-Mendoza
#228. Hate is a very strong, pure emotion to be wasted on people you don't care about. #Quote by Psyche Roxas-Mendoza
I Hate quotes by Glenn Frankel
#229. Colonnese praised the film for depicting "the terrible effects of hate and prejudice, and seems to say that life can only go on if one triumphs over these emotions. #Quote by Glenn Frankel
I Hate quotes by Dennis Miller
#230. It's foolish to be prejudiced. There are so many reasons to hate people on an individual basis. #Quote by Dennis Miller
I Hate quotes by Llewellyn Rockwell
#231. The government is always looking for something that appears more dangerous than itself, and these criminals seem to fit the bill. Never mind that it was the government that promised but failed to protect us. It was the government that prevented the airlines from protecting themselves. It was the government that so badly botched the rescue operations. It was the government that had stirred up the hate that led to the terrorism. #Quote by Llewellyn Rockwell
I Hate quotes by Kati Outinen
#232. You have to remember that Finnish people hate art. #Quote by Kati Outinen
I Hate quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#233. Anyone can battle for pride, power, vanity, greed, or hate, but war should always be approached with an equal measure of wisdom and strength. It's not just enough to know when to fight, but to know when to lay down the sword and negotiate. Not everything in the world is worth fighting for. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I Hate quotes by William Tapley Bennett Jr.
#234. When you want full color perception, you must give up preferring some colors and hating others, for you can only hate one aspect of a color, not a whole color, it seems, hate being blind, like 'love. #Quote by William Tapley Bennett Jr.
I Hate quotes by Darnell Lamont Walker
#235. You're not allowed to raise boys who reject all things feminine, then get upset when they become men who hate women. #Quote by Darnell Lamont Walker
I Hate quotes by George R R Martin
#236. Orell had been slain by the turncloak crow Jon Snow, and his hate for his killer had been so strong that Varamyr found himself hating the beastling boy as well. He had known what Snow was the moment he saw that great white direwolf stalking silent at his side. One skinchanger can always sense another. Mance should have let me take the direwolf. There would be a second life worthy of a king. He could have done it, he did not doubt. The gift was strong in Snow, but the youth was untaught, still fighting his nature when he should have gloried in it. #Quote by George R R Martin
I Hate quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#237. There's enough food in this world. There's enough housing in this world. There's enough shelter in this world. There's enough clothing in this world. There's enough teachers, there's enough universities for everybody's needs to be met, and the reasons they aren't is not because of lack of resources. It's because of distribution, and that's the politics of hate, which is why this is a movement against that. It's a politics of love. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
I Hate quotes by Sarah Cross
#238. Blue smiled. He had one of those devastatingly charming smiles that made you hate him even more when you noticed it. It was like he was fighting dirty. #Quote by Sarah Cross
I Hate quotes by Unknown
#239. Don't you hate when you're having fun and you know you won't be able to appreciate the details until it's days later and you ache for the ability to be present. #Quote by Unknown
I Hate quotes by Jane Austen
#240. Heaven forbid!
That would be the greatest misfortune of all!
To find a man agreeable whom one is determined to hate!
Do not wish me such an evil. #Quote by Jane Austen
I Hate quotes by Zehra Ali
#241. Its strange how people say love and hate are opposites, when in truth they have so much in common. Both are the stronger than we will ever know or realize, they have the power to blur the sane. For a man in love will sacrifice himself for who he loves Just as a man in hate will kill in rage. #Quote by Zehra Ali
I Hate quotes by John Milton
#242. How wearisom
Eternity so spent in worship paid
To whom we hate. Let us not then pursue
By force impossible, by leave obtain'd
Unacceptable, though in Heav'n, our state
Of splendid vassalage, but rather seek
Our own good from our selves, and from our own
Live to our selves, though in this vast recess,
Free, and to none accountable, preferring
Hard liberty before the easie yoke
Of servile Pomp #Quote by John Milton
I Hate quotes by Fulke Greville, 1st Baron Brooke
#243. Though love and hatred are as opposites as fire and water, yet do they sometimes subsist in the breast together towards the same person; nay by their very opposition and desire to destroy each other, are they strengthened and increased. #Quote by Fulke Greville, 1st Baron Brooke
I Hate quotes by Osho
#244. Never make the negative the object of your study, because the negative is not there. You can go on and you will never arrive anywhere. Try to understand what light is, not darkness. Try to understand what life is, not death. Try to understand what love is, not hate.
If you go into hate you will never understand it, because hate is only the absence of love. So is darkness the absence of light. #Quote by Osho
I Hate quotes by Josh Barnett
#245. There are those that hate and those that love, it all works out the same. #Quote by Josh Barnett
I Hate quotes by Jay Leno
#246. Oliver North says he is very upset that John Walker could come back to this country and cash in on his celebrity status. He hates to see someone who did something wrong get rewarded by writing a book or getting a TV show out of it. #Quote by Jay Leno

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