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I Finally Got You Back quotes by Guy Consolmagno
#1. Except they kept asking me questions like 'What is your biggest source of conflict about the Pope?' Or 'Has the Pope ever tried to suppress your scientific work?' Completely out of left field!
"They didn't want to hear me tell them how much Pope Benedict supported the Vatican Observatory and its scientific work. So, finally, frustrated that they weren't getting the story they wanted out of me, one of them asked, 'Would you baptize an extraterrestrial?'
"What did you answer?"
"Only if she asks!"
"I love it! How did they react?"
"They all got a good laugh, which is what I intended. And then, the next day, they all ran my joke as if it were a straight story, as if I had made some sort of official Vatican pronouncement about aliens. #Quote by Guy Consolmagno
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Cupcake Brown
#2. I didn't know much about God, 'cept that if you pissed Him off, He'd getcha one day. My momma knew God - she was raised a Methodist. In fact, her daddy was a Methodist preacher. Still, Momma said she wanted more from God, so for the past couple of years she'd been searching for more. I got to go with her on some of those searches. First, we tried the Jehovah's Witnesses. They were cool, till I learned they didn't celebrate Christmas. God or no God, I wasn't giving up Christmas! Then we tried the Muslims (or the "Black Muslims," as Momma called them). I didn't like them because when we got to their church (which they called a mosque), they made us change our clothes and put on some of their clothes: floor-length dresses and material to wrap our heads in so our hair wouldn't show. And they searched us too, which pissed me off. But Momma seemed to understand; she said it was because white folks thought the Muslims were militant, so white folks was always messing with 'em - you know, harassing them, arresting them, threatening them. Momma said the Muslims had to be careful so that's why they were searching folks. uring Momma's God search, we tried a few other religions. I never really did care one way or the other. I never really seriously thought about God because, no matter what the religion, they all wanted you to be perfect. And I knew I was far from perfect. So I figured God wouldn't wanna mess with me. I don't know which religion Momma finally decided on. Maybe she realized #Quote by Cupcake Brown
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Samiha Totanji
#3. This is for all those devils that disturbed my soul.
This is for the darkness that dimmed my mornings.
This is for all those twisted hearts that killed the flowers used to bloom in my chest.
Thank you!
Because of you I could see the light once again, recognize the good things when I got my eyes on it, and appreciate the right ones when they finally arrived... #Quote by Samiha Totanji
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Jamie Ponti
#4. He thinks about it for a moment. "All right. I'll go firts"
He takes a deep breath.
Do you know what a bidet is? One of those fancy toilet things with the hose to was your-"
I know what it is," I cut him off.
Well. I didn't. At least I didn't when I was ten. We were on vacation in New York when we got to the room, I went into the bathroom and saw it there. And I just stared at it for a while trying to figure out what it might be."
This isn't going to end well, is it?"
Finally, I did figure it out. Or at least I thought I did."
You didn't!"
Oh, yes I did. I called out, 'Mon, Dad, there's a water fountain in the bathroom.' They tried to rush in and stop me, but they were too late."
This spring I took the SAT at the comunity college. About halfway through the test, I adjusted the way I was sitting and-"
He cuts me off. "Oh, my God. You're Fart Girl!"
Fart Girl?" I say, mortified. "You mean, you heard about what happened?"
He started laughing. "I didn't hear about it. I heard it. I was there, in the same classroom. I didn't know who did it, but I definately heard it." He laughs some more. "The whole section was cracking up. #Quote by Jamie Ponti
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Cassandra Clare
#5. Because I finally can," Sebastian said. "You've no idea what it's been like, being around the lot of you these past few days, having to pretend I could stand you. That the sight of you didn't make me sick. You," he said to Jace, "every second you're not panting after your own sister, you're whining on and on about how your daddy didn't love you. Well, who could blame him? And you, you stupid bitch" - he turned to Clary - "giving that priceless book away to a half-breed warlock; have you got a single brain cell in that tiny head of yours? #Quote by Cassandra Clare
I Finally Got You Back quotes by J. Lynn
#6. My confidence wavered like a thin tree in a storm and then completely collapsed. I sucked in a breath and it got stuck in my throat. "You don't want me." Cam was in front of me within a second, so fast I hadn't even seen him move. His hands were planted on either side of my head and he leaned down, his face inches from mine. Tension rolled off his body in waves. Air fled my lungs as my body went rigid. "Fuck, Avery. You think I don't want you?" His voice came out low, almost a growl. "There's not a single part of you that I don't want, you understand? I want to be on you and inside of you. I want you against the wall, on the couch, in your bed, in my bed, and every fucking place I can possibly think of, and trust me, I have a vast imagination when it comes to these kinds of things. Don't ever doubt that I want you. That is not what this is about." My eyes widened as confusion swirled through me, muddling my thoughts further, which at this point, seemed impossible. He leaned in, resting his forehead against mine. The contact sent my pulse pounding. "But not like this - never like this. You're drunk, Avery, and when we get together - because we will get together, you're going to be fully aware of everything that I do to you." It took a few moments, but what he said finally sunk in through the liquor haze and confusion and made sense. Closing my eyes, I turned my head to the side, feeling the way his skin slid alongside mine. "You're a good guy, Cam. #Quote by J. Lynn
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Danny Brown
#7. You can't predict the number of years it will take for someone to find themselves, to mature into their own voice. When I got to be 30, I was finally writing like Danny Brown. #Quote by Danny Brown
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Elle Kennedy
#8. Should I say it again?" He looked confused for a beat, but then it turned to wariness. "I've never said that to anyone before. Am I supposed to give a longer speech or something?" A laugh flew out. Oh God. This man was priceless. Sofia finally found her voice. "You love me?" "Yeah, I do. I probably should have led with that, but the state of your fucking house really pisses me off and I got sidetracked. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
I Finally Got You Back quotes by W. Averell Harriman
#9. How could you justify giving Holland twice the amount of money that you gave Belgium? Well, finally, I put it up to them. They said that they couldn't do it; it would destroy them. I said they had to do it. And I finally got support from Hoffman on it. #Quote by W. Averell Harriman
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Shan Sa
#10. Today I finally recognise the mistake that almost became my downfall: I expected too much out of life. I thought it would owe me happiness and cheerfulness. In fact, life offers neither good nor evil. Happiness is a fruit you cultivate and harvest inside your soul. You can not gain it from the outside. Why should I be fretful like a child that has got no gift? I have years ahead to be happy. #Quote by Shan Sa
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Kelly Keaton
#11. Finally, after we were soaked through, he lifted his head and stared down at me, his hands cupping my face. "I thought you'd tell me to f*** off, and you'd leave. I thought every word I spoke was the last time I'd see you."

"Please. I can deal. Do you have any idea how screwed up I am?"

His crooked smile transformed his face. "Yeah. I've got some idea."

My belly went warm again. Sebastian kissed me, his lips wet from the rain. #Quote by Kelly Keaton
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Diana Palmer
#12. Pierce Hutton gave him a highly amused smile as they went over updated security information from the oil rig in the Caspian Sea.
"So you've finally decided to do something about Cecily," Peirce murmured. "It's about time. I was beginning to get used to that permanent scowl."
Tate glanced at him wryly. "I thought I was doing a great job of keeping her at arm's length. She's pregnant, now, of course," he volunteered.
The older man chuckled helplessly. "So much for keeping her at arm's length. When's the wedding?"
Tate's smile faded. "That's premature. She ran. I finally tracked her down, but now I have to convince her that I want to get married without having her think it's only because of the baby."
"I don't envy you the job," Pierce replied, his black eyes twinkling. "I had my own rocky road to marriage, if you recall."
"How's the baby these days?" he asked.
Pierce laughed with wholehearted delight. "We watch him instead of television. I never expected fatherhood to make such changes in me, in my life." He shook his head, with a faraway look claiming his eyes. "Sometimes I'm afraid it's all a dream and I'll wake up alone." He shifted, embarrassed. "You can have the time off. But who's going to handle your job while you're gone?"
"I thought I'd get you to put Colby Lane on the payroll." He held up his hand when Pierce looked thunderous. "He's stopped drinking," he hold him. "Cecily got him into therapy. He's not the man he was."
"Yo #Quote by Diana Palmer
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Jenny Han
#13. Guess what song they picked for their first dance."
"What song?"
"'From This Moment On' by Shania Twain."
He frowns. "I never heard of that before."
"It's really cheesy, but they love it, apparently. Do you realize that we don't have a song? Like, a song that's ours."
"Okay, then let's pick one."
"It doesn't work like that. You don't just pick your song. The song picks you. Like the Sorting Hat."
Peter nods sagely. He finally finished reading all seven Harry Potter books and he's always eager to prove that he gets my references. "Got it."
"It has to just…happen. A moment. And the song transcends the moment, you know? My mom and dad's song was 'Wonderful Tonight' by Eric Clapton. They danced to it at their wedding."
"So how did it become their song, then?"
"It was the first song they ever slow danced to in college. It was at a dance, not long after they first started dating. I've seen pictures from that night. Daddy's wearing a suit that was too big on him and my mom's hair is in a French twist."
"How about whatever song comes on next, that's our song. It'll be fate."
"We can't just make our own fate."
"Sure we can." Peter reaches over to turn on the radio.
"Wait! Just any radio station? What if it's not a slow song?"
"Okay so we'll put on Lite 101." Peter hits the button.
"Winnie the Pooh doesn't know what to do, got a honey jar stuck on his nose," a woman croons.
Peter says, "What the hell?" #Quote by Jenny Han
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Karina Halle
#14. I wish it was as easy as this"
"As what?"
"You and me. Talking. I wish the guys I dated got me the same way that you get me."
He grows silent for a moment and I look over at him. He's frowning, his attention focused on the road. "Maybe you're just dating the wrong guys," he finally says. #Quote by Karina Halle
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#15. I was only hit on once at the grocery store. I remember it was early one Saturday morning and I was buying my daily bacon, when I got tapped on the shoulder. I turned around and I saw a rather short and very feeble eighty-year-old lady looking up at me. She said in a weak, scratchy voice, "Excuse me, young man, could you reach up and grab some ketchup for me?" Well I'm no dummy. I know when I'm getting hit on. I smiled politely and reached up for the ketchup, knowing full well that she just wanted to get a gander at my derriere. As I handed her the ketchup, she said, "Thank you," like I was some piece of meat, a boy toy, or something. Finally I just blurted out, "Look, I'm married, lady!" She acted all surprised and confused. "Excuse me? I don't understand!" I shook my head with a smirk, raised my left hand, and showed her my wedding ring. "Married!" I loudly told her. "I'm taken!" A stock boy at the end of the aisle looked at us and inquired, "Is everything okay?" "I'm fine," I assured him. "I know how to deal with predators." Well, suddenly this sex-crazed lady got all angry at me. Like I was out of line. She huffed off. "Well, I never!" "And you ain't gonna with me either, " I yelled after her. I have to admit, it was nice to get the attention. #Quote by Jim Gaffigan
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Charles Bukowski
#16. we were in her big oak
facing south
so much of the rest of the
that I memorized
each wrinkle in the
and especially
all the cracks in the

I used to play games with
her with that ceiling.

"see those cracks up


"look where I'm pointing..."


"now, see those cracks, see the
pattern? it forms and image. do you see
what it is?"

"umm, umm ..."

"go on, what is it?"

"I know! It's a man on top of a woman!"

"wrong. it's a flamingo standing
by a stream."

. . .

we finally got free of
one another.
it's sad but it's
standard operating procedure
(I am constantly confused by
the lack of durability in human

I suppose the parting was
maybe even ugly.
it's been 3 or 4
years now
and I wonder if she
ever thinks of
me, of what I am doing? #Quote by Charles Bukowski
I Finally Got You Back quotes by David Letterman
#17. Finally we got some good news about the economy. Barack Obama got $800 billion to rescue the economy. All I can say is, 'Thank you, Oprah.' #Quote by David Letterman
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#18. I remember when I got the part in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Jane Russell - she was the brunette in it and I was the blonde. She got $200,000 for it, and I got my $500 a week, but that to me was, you know, considerable. She, by the way, was quite wonderful to me. The only thing was I couldn't get a dressing room. Finally, I really got to this kind of level and I said, "Look, after all, I am the blonde, and it is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes!" Because still they always kept saying, "Remember, you're not a star." I said, "Well, whatever I am, I am the blonde! #Quote by Marilyn Monroe
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Joseph Heller
#19. When I was a kid," Orr replied, "I used to walk around all day with crab apples in my cheeks. One in each cheek."

... A minute passed. "Why?" [Yossarian] found himself forced to ask finally.

Orr tittered triumphantly. "Because they're better than horse chestnuts... When I couldn't get crab apples," Orr continued, "I used horse chestnuts. Horse chestnuts are about the same size as crab apples and actually have a better shape, although the shape doesn't matter a bit."

"Why did you walk around with crab apples in your cheeks?" Yossarian asked again. "That's what I asked."

"Because they've got a better shape than horse chestnuts," Orr answered. "I just told you that."

"Why," swore Yossarian at him approvingly, "you evil-eyed, mechanically aptituded, disaffiliated son of a bitch, did you walk around with anything in your cheeks?"

"I didn't," Orr said, "walk around with anything in my cheeks. I walked around with crab applies in my cheeks. When I couldn't get crab apples I walked around with horse chestnuts. In my cheeks. #Quote by Joseph Heller
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Bijou Hunter
#20. Soup's here," Judd finally said after we watched each other for a few minutes.
As I sipped the broth, Judd pretended to ignore me. I knew he wasn't really watching television. His face was too perfectly stoic like he was working hard to make himself seem cold.
"Do you want the rest?" I asked.
Judd frowned at me. "If I wanted soup, I'd have ordered myself some. I'm not a dog begging for scraps."
Scowling at his ridiculous anger, I shrugged. "I don't want to waste the rest. Can we put it in the mini fridge and I'll eat it in the morning?"
Judd's frown eased. "Fuck it. I'll eat it."
"No, it's mine," I said, standing up. "I offered and you got grumpy. Now, you can't have it."
"I'll just eat it after you go to sleep."
"I respect your honesty," I said, setting the bowl into the little fridge next to the expensive treats. "It's a rare quality in a thief."
Judd grinned. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
I Finally Got You Back quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#21. I did apply for more than 200 scholarships and finally I got one, but you are telling me now "God gave it to me!" Don't you think you are too stupid? #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Dishebh Bhayana
#22. The Last Smoke
(By Dishebh Bhayana)

'Tis was a fierce and growling night
Mind and cigarettes, both were running tight.
Thy packed up and called it a day
Whilst an asian man showed up, in all his hazy gay.

With all the pleads and all the prays
Thy let the man with the big hat to have his ways.
Eventually, the storm in the antheneum passed out
And along with all the clues and all the proofs, they both sailed out.

"For what it takes, we must catch the culprit", said the man with the pink skin
"I will quit the cigarettes. For whatever it takes, we must catch the culprit", smoked the reporter with a blonde grim.

The gentlemen nerves got tight
When the castle came in sight.
'Tis was there chance, the only chance
They barged in all along with a careful stance.

"Say something! You can't be...you can't...", Sobbed the asian man
Whilst the blood gushed out with the scream of the blonde, Wolfgang.
"Finally, I can see it. The landscape of the end.
Ahh! Can I...can I have one last smoke,
To cherish this beautiful en... #Quote by Dishebh Bhayana
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Seanan McGuire
#23. Fran blinked. Fran removed a biscuit from her bag, taking a thoughtful bite and chewing slowly before she swallowed. And finally, Fran asked the question that Jonathan had been waiting for ever since she said that she was going to accompany him to Gentling, Maine: "How'n the hell do you fuck a mermaid? Fish ain't got vaginas, last time I checked. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Suzanne Collins
#24. I got the idea from our family's plant book. The place where we recorded things you cannot trust to memory. The page begin's with the person's picture. A photo if we can find it. If not, a sketch or a painting by Peeta. Then, in my most careful handwriting, come all the details it would be a crime to forget. Lady licking Prim's cheek. My father's laugh. Peeta's father with the cookies. The colour of Finnick's eyes. What Cinna would do with a length of silk. Boggs reprogramming the Holo. Rue poised on her toes, arms slightly extended, like bird about to take flight. On and on. We seal the pages with salt water and promises to live well to make their deaths count. Haymitch finally joins us, contributing twenty-three years of tributes he was forced to mentor. Additions become smaller. An old memory that surfaces. A late promise preserved between the pages. Strange bits of happiness, like the photo of Finnick and Annie's newborn son. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Kerstin Gier
#25. It was Gideon who finally broke the silence, which gave me a certain satisfaction. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" The way he asked, he sounded almost embarrassed.
"It's what my mother always used to when I was little. If I was looking straight ahead and saying nothing, like you right at this moment."
"You have a mother?" Only when I'd said it did I realize what a silly question it was! Oh, for heaven's sake!
Gideon raised one eyebrow. "What did you expect?" he asked, amused. "You thought I was an android put together by Uncle Falk and Mr. George?"
"Well, it's not such an outlandish idea. Do you have photos of yourself as a baby?" Trying to imagine a baby Gideon with a round, soft plump-cheeked face and a bald head made me grin. #Quote by Kerstin Gier
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Anna Banks
#26. After they buy their tickets, Emma pulls him to the concession line. "Galen, do you mind?" she says, drawing a distracting circle on his arm with her finger, sending fire pretty much everywhere inside him. He recognizes the mischief in her eyes but not the particular game she's playing.
"Get whatever you want, Emma," he tells her. With a coy smile, she orders seventy-five dollars worth of candy, soda, and popcorn. By the cashier's expression, seventy-five dollars must be a lot. If the game is to spend all his money, she'll be disappointed. He brought enough cash for five more armfuls of this junk. He helps Emma carry two large fountain drinks, two buckets of popcorn and four boxes of candy to the top row of the half-full theater.
When she's situated in her seat, she tears into a box and dumps the contents in her hand. "Look, sweet lips, I got your favorite, Lemonheads!" Sweet lips? What the- Before he can turn away, she forces three of them into his mouth.
His instant pucker elicits an evil snicker from her. She pops a straw into one of the cups and hands it to him. "Better drink this," she whispers. "To take the bite out of the candy."
He should have known better. The drink is so full of bubbles it turns clear up to his nostrils. Pride keeps him from coughing. Pride, and the Lemonhead lodged in his throat. Several more heaping gulps and he gets it down.
After a few minutes, a sample of greasy popcorn, and the rest of the soda, the lights finally dim #Quote by Anna Banks
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Halldor Laxness
#27. Towards the end of our conversation in the churchyard today I got the impression that pastor Jón thinks that all gods that men worship are equally good. In the Bhagavad Gita, which pastor Jón cites, Krishna is reported as saying, as I recall: You are free to address your prayers to any god at all; but the one who answers the prayers, I am he. Is this what pastor Jón means when he says that all gods are equally good except the god that answers the prayers, because he is nowhere? Neither of these two standpoints can be accommodated within the framework of our confession of faith. The god who speaks through Krishna's words isn't particularly pleasant, either, because he alone controls the card-game and the other gods are only dummies and he is the one who declares on their cards. At any rate this god is rather far removed from the seventy-year-old grandfather with the large beard who came to breakfast with the farmer Abraham of Ur accompanied by two angels, his attendants, and settled in with him, and whom the Jews inherited and thereafter the pope and finally the Saxons. When Krishna says he is the one god who answers prayers, then this is actually just our orthodox god of the catechism, the one who says: I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt have no other gods before me. Pastor Jón says, on the other hand, Thou shalt have all other gods before the Lord thy God. What is the answer to that? #Quote by Halldor Laxness
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Anne Rainey
#28. She reached for the milk and honey soap, then poured it into the puff, but when she started washing him with it, he chuckled.
"Uh, sweetheart?"
"Hmm?" Candice mumbled as she stared at some interesting spot on his arm.
"Real men don't use puffs," he said, amused and turned on by having Candice's undivided attention.
She finally managed to drag her gaze away from his forearm and stared at him as if he'd lost his mind. "You can't be serious?" When he only shrugged, she rolled her eyes. "What does it matter what I use, so long as you're clean?"
"It matters, believe me." Blade knew he sounded absurd but he couldn't help it. It was bad enough he'd let her put bandages on a few measly cuts; if word got out he'd let her use a peach-colored puff and milk-and-honey bath soap he'd never hear the end of it.
A man had to put his foot down somewhere. #Quote by Anne Rainey
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Wendy Higgins
#29. It's not right, man," Jay said, following my stare. "Some guys have all the luck."
"What?" I finally broke my trance to look at Jay.
"That guy, the drummer? Get this. He's a killer musician, he gets tons of chicks, his dad's loaded, and as if that wasn't enough, he's got a friggin' English accent!"
I had to smile at Jay's mix of envy and admiration.
"What's his name?" I hollered as the third song started.
"Kaidan Rowe. Oh, and that's another thing. A cool name! Bastard."
"How do you spell it?" I asked. It sounded like Ky-den.
Jay spelled it for me. "It's A-I, like Thai food," he explained.
Kai, like Thai, only yummier. Gah! Who was this girl invading my brain? #Quote by Wendy Higgins
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Marjane Satrapi
#30. Don't let it get to you, mom! The Western media also fights against us. That's where our reputation as fundamentalists and terrorists comes from."
"You're right. Between one's fanaticism and the other's disdain, it's hard to know which side to choose. Personally, I hate Saddam and I have no sympathy for the Kuwaitism but I hate just as much the cynicism of the allies who call themselves "liberators" while they're there for the oil."
"Exactly. Just look at Afghanistan! They fought there for ten years. There were 900,000 dead and today the country is still in chaos. No one lifted a finger! Because Afghanistan is poor! The worst is that the intervention in Kuwait is done in the name of the human rights! Which rights? Which humans?"
At the time, this kind of analysis wasn't commonplace. After our own war, we were happy that Iraq got itself attacked and delighted that it wasn't happening in our country. We were finally able to sleep peacefully without fear of missiles... We no longed needed to line up with our food ration coupon...the rest mattered little. And then, there wasn't any more opposition. The protesters had been executed. Or had fled the country any way possible. The regime had absolute power...and most people , in search of a cloud of happiness, had forgotten their political conscience. #Quote by Marjane Satrapi
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Katherine Owen
#31. Finally, I say, "long dark hair, blue-violet eyes, slender, tall, she had a Liz Taylor in Black Beauty thing going on." Reluctance sets in. Do I really want to put this together for him? "Like you," he says. Pandora's Box opens. Chocolate anyone? An abundance of heartbreak. Rare happiness. Plenty of self-destruction. Take your pick. Julia's got everything in here. #Quote by Katherine Owen
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Taya Kyle
#32. There was a lot of stress on both of us, and one night we had a fight over some detail about the house. The cause is lost to me, but I know I got really mad-mad enough to knock my papers off the kitchen table, and then take a bowl of macaroni and cheese and fling it against the wall.
That's very mad, especially for me.
I also remember the solution. Sitting alone after Chris went to bed, I called a girlfriend and poured out my heart. I knew that I had gone too far, but I didn't know how to fix it.
"You love him, right?" she asked finally.
"Then go in there, wake him up, and give him some hot sex."
So I did. We didn't talk, but we sure did make love.
Chris seemed apprehensive when he left the next morning. I later found out that he couldn't quite figure out why his mad fiancée would come to him for hot sex and no talk. He was afraid he would come home and I would be gone.
He didn't mention it, though, because he didn't want to risk a talk when maybe I was over it. If he was wrong and I was gone, he would find me and fix it. Avoiding a "talk" was worth the risk of damage control later. He was his usual confident self, taking life as it came and handling the consequences IF they came.
On my side, I would have panicked if I thought he was going to leave me. #Quote by Taya Kyle
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Libba Bray
#33. I am creating an atmosphere! Oh, Unc, we've finally got bodies in this joint! Paying bodies. We could have a good racket going here."

"I'm not interested in a 'racket.' I'm an academic."

"That's okay, Unc. I won't hold it against you. #Quote by Libba Bray
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Patricia MacLachlan
#34. Remember you asked me who I wanted to be like?" I said to Sarah.
Sarah nodded.
"It's Papa. I want to be like Papa," I said.
For some reason--I couldn't say why--I began to cry. Sarah reached out and took my hand. But I cried so hard that, finally, Sarah got up and came to sit by me, putting her arms around me. Lottie and Nick came over to us, Lottie putting her head in my lap so that my tears fell onto her nose.
Cassie came into the room.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
"Nothing," said Sarah. "Not one thing in the world is wrong. #Quote by Patricia MacLachlan
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Gardiner Harris
#35. after I took his truck." "Hiked out. Finally flagged down a logging truck. Took him most of the day to make it home." "See. The thing is, I don't know if I coulda been friends with him again, after all I did. Just couldn't face him." "I think there was a part of him that knew that. Still, I guess he was hoping you'd call, you know, after you got his #Quote by Gardiner Harris
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Abbi Glines
#36. It wasn't a question. So, I didn't reply. Instead, I flashed her a smile that I knew affected any
female's panties and took a step toward her. "I got a lot of names, baby," I finally responded.
Her eyebrows arched, straightened her stance and shot me the coldest glare I'd ever
witnessed. What was this chick's deal? "I'm sure you do. Let me guess STD, Loser, Jackass, and Drunk just to name a few," she clipped, stepping out of the door and slamming it behind her. #Quote by Abbi Glines
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer
#37. Words got me into trouble. They are the deadliest weapons of all, so that now the gun seems almost innocent by comparison. I fired the shot to stop the words; they were so busy eating everything up. You have no idea how I hate words, how i see them winding out of people's mouths like sticky strands of a web, infinitely elastic, linking the speaker to the listener forever, and finally weaving an impermeable cocoon around the mind and then the poor, fast-beating heart itself. #Quote by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Kelly Yang
#38. So what'd you write about?'

'I wrote about how last weekend my parents and I waited in line at the movies for an hour, and when we finally got up to the ticket booth lady, they were sold out! Isn't that sad?'

'That is super sad,' I said, wishing, hoping, one day that would be my super sad. #Quote by Kelly Yang
I Finally Got You Back quotes by John Green
#39. The pathetic thing I wanted to say to him on the phone – but didn't – was this: When you're a little kid, you have something. Maybe it's a blanket or a stuffed animal or whatever. For me, it was this stuffed prairie dog that I got one Christmas when I was like three. I don't even know where they found a stuffed prairie dog, but whatever, it sat up on its hind legs and I called him Marvin, and I dragged Marvin around by his prairie dog ears until I was about ten.

And then at some point, it was nothing personal against Marvin, but he started spending more time in the closet with my other toys, and then more time, until finally Marvin became a full-time resident of the closet.

But for many years afterward, sometimes I would get Marvin out of the closet and just hang out with him for a while – not for me, but for Marvin. I realized it was crazy, but I still did it.

And the thing I wanted to say to Tiny is that sometimes, I feel like his Marvin. #Quote by John Green
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Rick Riordan
#40. I'd never been happier to feel Yggdrasil's bark beneath my fingers. I scurried up the trunk, scrambled through the branches, and finally found an opening to another world. I didn't know which one it was until I tumbled out onto floor nineteen, right at Halfborn's feet.
"Mallory!" he yelled. "I've been looking all over for you, woman! You are the most reckless, foolhardy einherji - "
I got to my feet and glared at him. Then I hurled myself into his arms. "Oh yeah?" I murmured against his bare chest. "Well . . . takes one to know one. #Quote by Rick Riordan
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Jennifer Lawrence
#41. Sometimes I watch films that I can't believe got made. Especially because I read scripts that are truly incredible, that will never get made. I don't know who is behind those decisions. It's like you just have to doodle something on a page about the underdog who finally gets the girl and the film gets made. #Quote by Jennifer Lawrence
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Robert A. Caro
#42. Then Lyndon Johnson came to Jim Rowe's office again, to plead with him, crying real tears as he sat doubled over, his face in his hands. "He wept. 'I'm going to die. You're an old friend. I thought you were my friend and you don't care that I'm going to die. It's just selfish of you, typically selfish.' " Finally Rowe said, " 'Oh, goddamn it, all right' " - and then "as soon as Lyndon got what he wanted," Rowe was forcibly reminded why he had been determined not to join his staff. The moment the words were out of Rowe's mouth, Johnson straightened up, and his tone changed instantly from one of pleading to one of cold command. "Just remember," he said. "I make the decisions. You don't. #Quote by Robert A. Caro
I Finally Got You Back quotes by Bob Marley
#43. I see you finally got a number to match your IQ. #Quote by Bob Marley

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