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Hungry quotes by Ray Bradbury
#1. To feed your Muse, then, you should always have been hungry about life since you were a child. If not, it is a little late to start. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Hungry quotes by Penelope Douglas
#2. Because we all eat lies when our hearts are hungry #Quote by Penelope Douglas
Hungry quotes by Gregg Olsen
#3. And he'd kill Lily Ann Denton, put her in the trunkm and go to arbys. Godm he was hungry. #Quote by Gregg Olsen
Hungry quotes by Hudson Taylor
#4. To every toiling, heavy-laden sinner, Jesus says, Come to me and rest. But there are many toiling, heavy-laden believers, too. For them this same invitation is meant. Note well the words of Jesus, if you are heavy-laden with your service, and do not mistake it. It is not, Go, labor on, as perhaps you imagine. On the contrary, it is stop, turn back, Come to me and rest. Never, never did Christ send a heavy laden one to work; never, never did He send a hungry one, a weary one, a sick or sorrowing one, away on any service. For such the Bible only says, Come, come, come. #Quote by Hudson Taylor
Hungry quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#5. It wasn't the sort of kiss I'd had with him before, hungry, wanting, desperate. It wasn't the sort of kiss I'd had with anyone before. This kiss was so soft that it was like a memory of a kiss, so careful on my lips that it was like someone running his fingers along them. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Hungry quotes by Pauline Albanese
#6. Tell them that you weren't hungry, tell them you followed the pomegranates seeds because hey tasted like blood, like love. #Quote by Pauline Albanese
Hungry quotes by Edward Heffron
#7. As bad off as we were, as cold as we were, as hungry as we were, as sick as we were, I don't think an American Airborne soldier could throw down his gun. #Quote by Edward Heffron
Hungry quotes by Jennifer Arnold
#8. Hunger, safety, & social attachment seem to be more important than play. If an animal is hungry, stressed or lonely, he is unlikely to play. #Quote by Jennifer Arnold
Hungry quotes by Plautus
#9. He that is in love, faith, if he be hungry, is not hungry at all. #Quote by Plautus
Hungry quotes by J.K. Rowling
#10. I have many questions for you, Harry Potter."
"Like what?" Harry spat, fists still clenched.
"Well," said Riddle, smiling pleasantly, "how is it that you- a skinny boy with no extraordinary magical talent- managed to defeat the greatest wizard of all time? How did you escape with nothing but a scar, while Lord Voldemort's powers were destroyed?"
There was an odd red gleam in his hungry eyes now.
"Why do you care how I escaped?" said Harry slowly. "Voldemort was after your time...."
"Voldemort," said Riddle softly, "is my past, present, and future, Harry Potter...."
He pulled Harry's wand from his pocket and began to trace it through the air, writing three shimmering words:


Then he waved the wand once, and the letters of his name rearranged themselves:


"You see?" he whispered. "It was a name I was already using at Hogwarts, to my most intimate friends only, of course. You think I was going to use my filthy Muggle father's name forever? I, in whose veins runs the blood of Salazar Slytherin himself, through my mother's side? I, keep the name of a foul, common Muggle, who abandoned me even before I was born, just because he found out his wife was a witch? No, Harry- I fashioned myself a new name, a name I knew wizards everywhere would one day fear to speak, when I had become the greatest sorcerer in the world! #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Hungry quotes by Pope Francis
#11. Poverty calls us to sow hope ... Poverty is the flesh of the poor Jesus, in that child who is hungry, in the one who is sick, in those unjust social structures. #Quote by Pope Francis
Hungry quotes by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
#12. We(Pakistan) will eat grass, even go hungry, but we will get one of our own (Atom bomb) ... We have no other choice! #Quote by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
Hungry quotes by Aubrey Menen
#13. The poor have no business with culture and should beware of it. They cannot eat it; they cannot sell it; they can only pass it on to others and that is why the world is full of hungry people ready to teach us anything under the sun. #Quote by Aubrey Menen
Hungry quotes by Miles Millar
#14. Audiences are hungry for something different. With binge-watching, they're hungry for interesting content they haven't seen before, and they want to be entertained. A lot of shows are grim, murky and dark. We wanted to spin away from the obvious, the tropes, the cliches and what people are doing right now, and do something different. #Quote by Miles Millar
Hungry quotes by F. Scott Fitzgerald
#15. She seems hopeful and normally hungry for life - even rather romantic. #Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Hungry quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
#16. Behind every successful woman is a hungry man. #Quote by Ljupka Cvetanova
Hungry quotes by Bee Wilson
#17. The gap in quality between the diet of the poorest and that of the richest is wide and widening. The poorest families in America may not look hungry in the way that Victorian orphans looked hungry, but they eat fewer dark green vegetables, fewer whole grains, and fewer nuts. #Quote by Bee Wilson
Hungry quotes by Sara Miles
#18. Repentance means turning toward other human beings, our own flesh and blood, whenever they're oppressed, hungry, or imprisoned; it means acting with compassion instead of indifference. #Quote by Sara Miles
Hungry quotes by Mario Andretti
#19. A goal isn't something you just arrive at and stop.You have to stay curious and hungry and foolish ... #Quote by Mario Andretti
Hungry quotes by Felix Gonzalez-Torres
#20. Above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that's why I made works of art. #Quote by Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Hungry quotes by Suzy Menkes
#21. With a global society hungry for luxury, distribution and supply chains are now as important for executives as a hands-on feel for products. #Quote by Suzy Menkes
Hungry quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#22. I'm glad he's hungry. Not that I want him to suffer, poor chap! But then he'll enjoy eating me much more. There's a cheerful side to everything. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Hungry quotes by Carl Sandburg
#23. What else have I done nearly all my life than go hungry and go on singing? #Quote by Carl Sandburg
Hungry quotes by Patrice Motsepe
#24. Youth all over the world are very hungry to succeed. #Quote by Patrice Motsepe
Hungry quotes by Francine Rivers
#25. Have you ever been to the beach and wanted to feed the seagulls? The problem is you tear off a little crust from your sandwich and toss it to one, and ten more show up. Toss a little more and a flock descends. You start to wonder: if I run out of bread, will I become the meal?
Turkeys are different. They startle easily and run for the barn. In the wild, they run for the hills. Of course, they're very tasty. Benjamin Franklin thought them majestic enough to be an emblem for our country. I'm sorry, but Thanksgiving would be downright depressing. There's our national symbol lying stuffed and roasted and ready to carve up for hungry guests.
And then we have the eagles. Our forefathers were trained in the Bible. […]They would have known Isaiah 40:31. "Those who wait upon the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary." They were making war on the greatest power in the world of the time; the world was watching them. What could this band of commoners do?
What troubles me about our country today is how many seagulls there are, scrambling for more. Remember the movie "Finding Nemo"? "Mine, mine, mine!" And we sure have a lot of gutless turkeys running for the barn whenever hard decisions have to be made; like how to keep our country solvent so our children won't be in soup lines…
Where are the eagles? That's what I want to know. Please, God, we need us some eagles! #Quote by Francine Rivers
Hungry quotes by Slash
#26. When I see footage of Guns N' Roses, I see that fu**ing hunger and attitude. You could not f**k with those five guys. It was just raw. It was this lean, hungry thing on its way up. It was as sincere as any rock 'n' roll that I've ever heard, and I'm proud of that. #Quote by Slash
Hungry quotes by Levy Mwanawasa
#27. Simply because my people are hungry, that is no justification to give them poison, to give them genetically modified food that is intrinsically dangerous to their health. #Quote by Levy Mwanawasa
Hungry quotes by Brit Hume
#28. In the end, you make your reputation and you have your success based upon credibility and being able to provide people who are really hungry for information what they want. #Quote by Brit Hume
Hungry quotes by Peter S. Beagle
#29. The spaciousness of it astounds me; this is the kind of country you dream of running away to when you are very young and innocently hungry, before you learn that all land is owned by somebody, that you can get arrested for swinging through trees in a loincloth, and that you were born either too late or too poor for everything you want to do. #Quote by Peter S. Beagle
Hungry quotes by Mitch Albom
#30. You can't substitute material things for love or for gentleness or for tenderness or for a sense of comradeship #Quote by Mitch Albom
Hungry quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#31. Stolen hours in a decrepit barn with Isaac Hale didn't count; those times were hungry and empty and sometimes cruel, but never lovely. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Hungry quotes by Matthew Battles
#32. Andras Riedlmayer described a colleague who survived the siege of Sarajevo. In the winter, the scholar and his wife ran out of firewood, and so began to burn their books for heat and cooking. 'This forces one to think critically,' Riedlmayer remembered his friend saying. 'One must prioritize. First you burn old college textbooks, which you haven't read in thirty years. Then there are the duplicates. But eventually, you're forced to make tougher choices. Who burns today: Dostoevsky or Proust?' I asked Riedlmayer if his friend had any books left when the war was over. 'Oh yes,' he replied, his face lit by a flickering smile. 'He still had many books. Sometimes, he told me, you look at the books and just choose to go hungry. #Quote by Matthew Battles
Hungry quotes by Obert Skye
#33. [Clover] secretly hitched a ride with a nice German couple and their new baby ... Clover appeared to the baby, so as to be a delightful, soothing surprise. Well, the child did like Clover. In fact, she held him and cooed. When the parents turned around to look at her and saw their child holding a furry, living creature, they needlessly panicked. #Quote by Obert Skye
Hungry quotes by George Lopez
#34. One time, I was so hungry, I ate the beans in a bean bag chair. #Quote by George Lopez
Hungry quotes by Haruki Murakami
#35. As the autumn deepens, the fathomless lakes of their eyes assume an ever more sorrowful hue. The leaves turn color, the grasses wither; the beasts sense the advance of a long, hungry season. And bowing to their vision, I too know a sadness. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Hungry quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#36. Little attention was paid, because the German people, no matter how hungry, remained obedient. #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Hungry quotes by Deborah Feldman
#37. I am hungry for power, but not to lord over others; only to own myself. #Quote by Deborah Feldman
Hungry quotes by Ruta Sepetys
#38. And how is your child faring?' I asked, peeking into the buggy. Tucked into the buggy was not a child. It was a goat. 'Don't judge me. said the woman, stepping in front of the buggy. If I don't take it someone else will. I've got kids who are hungry.'
'I'm not judging. We're are all hungry.'
'Well, this goats mine. Find your own. #Quote by Ruta Sepetys
Hungry quotes by Laura Lee Guhrke
#39. He imagined her upstairs in her room, lying in bed with her hair spread across the pillow, that nightgown with the pearl buttons down the front tangled around her legs, nothing beneath the delicate fabric but her softness and warmth. Desire pulsed through his body, hungry and hot and needy.
It was unbearable to want her with such intensity, unthinkable to need her with such desperate longing, dangerous to believe that she could somehow keep the demons away. He did not want to need her, for in need, there was dependence. He could not trust, for in trust, there was betrayal. Better never to see heaven at all than to catch a glimpse of it, grab for it, and lose it.
He went to his room. He slept with his demons, and he woke alone. #Quote by Laura Lee Guhrke
Hungry quotes by Anonymous
#40. Proverbs 19:15-16 15 Lazy people sleep soundly, but idleness leaves them hungry. 16 Keep the commandments and keep your life; despising them leads to death. #Quote by Anonymous
Hungry quotes by Jeffrey R. Immelt
#41. The best thing you can give as a leader is a reason to trust. People want to trust. They're hungry for it. But they're selective. They'll only give it to a motivator, a communicator, a teacher, a real person. Someone who in good times and bad always does the right thing. #Quote by Jeffrey R. Immelt
Hungry quotes by E. M. Forster
#42. The hungry and the homeless don't care about liberty any more than they care about cultural heritage. To pretend that they do care is cant. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Hungry quotes by Anonymous
#43. A fortress with an arsenal of weapons designed to stave off hungry, #Quote by Anonymous
Hungry quotes by William Davis
#44. If you eliminate wheat from your diet, you're no longer hungry between meals because you've cut out the appetite stimulant, and consequently you lose weight very quickly. I've seen this with thousands of patients. #Quote by William Davis
Hungry quotes by Antonio Banderas
#45. When you go to a movie with so many stars [like The Expendables 3], you don't know what you're going to find, exactly. You don't know if it's going to be an ego trip, ego on the set, who is taking this position, where the camera is, I want to be in front of this guy - that's true ... It's worse, actually, when you have people around you that are very hungry to obtain something that they never had. Success. #Quote by Antonio Banderas
Hungry quotes by Ruta Sepetys
#46. The sweet girl in Madrid... It probably wouldn't have worked. The divide was too wide. Memories are hungry, tesoro. You musn't feed them. I'd hate to think that a teenage fling might leave you alone for the rest of your life. #Quote by Ruta Sepetys
Hungry quotes by Umberto Eco
#47. We never cease hoping
and thus did our Judge condemn us to suffer in saecula.'
Ferrante asked: 'But what is it that you hope for?'
You might as well ask what you will hope for yourself ... You will hope that a wisp of wind, the slightest swell of the tide, the arrival of a single hungry leech, can return us, atom by atom, to the great Void of the Universe, where we would somehow again participate in the cycle of life. #Quote by Umberto Eco
Hungry quotes by Suzy Becker
#48. Eat when you're hungry. When you're not hungry, play with your food. #Quote by Suzy Becker
Hungry quotes by Dale Carnegie
#49. If some people are so hungry for a feeling of importance that they actually go insane to get it, imagine what miracle you and I can achieve by giving people honest appreciation this side of insanity. #Quote by Dale Carnegie
Hungry quotes by E.D. Baker
#50. The tinkle of wind chimes announcing the return of our fairy guests made us both look up. Our chance to be alone was going to be shorter than either of us had hoped.
I sighed and brushed an errant dragon scale from Eadric's tunic. "Someday when we have lots of time, remind me to tell you what you mean to me."
Eadric tilted my head back so he could gaze into my eyes. "I can tell you what you mean to me with just one word."
Let me guess," I said, smiling up at him. "Maybe I make you happy because you no longer have to enter kissing contests to find the best kisser? Do I bring excitement into your life because I can wisk you away to exotic lands on my magic carpet? Or do you find me delightful because I can conjure food whenever you're hungry?"
No, that's not ... Wait, what was that last one?"
I laughed and shook my head. "Never mind. So tell me in one word, what do I mean to you?"
That's easy," said Eadric. "Everything! #Quote by E.D. Baker
Hungry quotes by Andy Crouch
#51. We have somehow twisted Jesus' pithy rebuke of the Pharisees, "The sabbath was made for humankind, and not humankind for the sabbath" (Mark 2:27) from a warning against legalism into a license for neglect. We seem to forget that in the very next breath Jesus asserts, "so the Son of Man is lord even of the sabbath" (v. 28), thus asserting his lordship over - not exemption from or indifference to - this very good gift from God to his image bearers. There is perhaps no single thing that could better help us recover Jesus' lordship in our frantic, power-hungry world than to allow him to be Lord of our rest as well as our work. The challenge is disarmingly simple: one day a week, not to do anything that we know to be work. #Quote by Andy Crouch
Hungry quotes by Mother Teresa
#52. At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done.
We will be judged by I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in. #Quote by Mother Teresa
Hungry quotes by Natalie Goldberg
#53. In writing with detail, you are turning to face the world. It is a deeply political act, because you are not staying in the heat of your own emotions. You are offering up some good solid bread for the hungry. #Quote by Natalie Goldberg
Hungry quotes by Joseph S. Pulver Sr.
#54. Off the street. Out of the wind. Into a bar . . . like a million other bars . . . bottles of lies to ease pain . . . dollar bills traded to dose the dreams of hungry eyes . . . men transmuted from dust . . . women knitted from dead tomorrows, legs crossed, the language of their painted smiles ready to find the other side open . . . #Quote by Joseph S. Pulver Sr.
Hungry quotes by Orson Scott Card
#55. I've had enough adventures," said Noxon, "to know that boredom is the closest thing to happiness. Boredom means that there's nothing wrong. You're not hungry, you're not in pain. Nobody's making any demands on you. Your mind is free to think whatever you want. The only thing that makes boredom unpleasant is if you're impatient for something else to happen. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Hungry quotes by Louise Erdrich
#56. She gave her husband such a night of sexual pleasure that his eyes followed her constantly after that, narrow and hot. He grew molten when she passed near other men, and at night they made their own shaking tent. They got teased too much and moved farther off, into the brush, into the nesting ground of shy and holy loons. There, no one could hear them. In solitude they made love until they became gaunt and hungry, pale windigos with aching eyes, tongues of flame. #Quote by Louise Erdrich
Hungry quotes by Oriana Fallaci
#57. A lot of women ask themselves why they should bring a child into the world? So that it will be hungry, so that it will be cold, so that it will be betrayed and humiliated, so that it will be slaughtered by war or disease? They reject the hope that its hunger will be satisfied, its cold warmed, that loyalty and respect will accompany it through life, that it will be a devote a life to the effort to eliminate war and disease. #Quote by Oriana Fallaci
Hungry quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#58. Fear and rage are not very different when you think about it, two hungry animals that often hunt the same prey - emotion - and hide from the same predator - logic. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Hungry quotes by Carl Safina
#59. Most people fantasize that if they won the lottery, they would quit their jobs and immerse themselves in leisure, play, family, parenthood, occasional thrilling sex; they'd eat when they were hungry and sleep whenever they felt sleepy. Many people, if they won the lottery and got rich quick, would want to live like elephants. #Quote by Carl Safina
Hungry quotes by Gayle Forman
#60. Her eyes flutter up to meet mine. "Are you hungry?"she asks. Am I ever. #Quote by Gayle Forman
Hungry quotes by Audrey Hepburn
#61. I will not rest until no child goes hungry. All is possible. #Quote by Audrey Hepburn
Hungry quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#62. Christianity works while infidelity talks. She feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, visits and cheers the sick, and seeks the lost, while infidelity abuses her and babbles nonsense and profanity. 'By their fruits ye shall know them.' #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Hungry quotes by Carlos Bulosan
#63. America is also the nameless foreigner, the homeless refugee, the hungry boy begging for a job and the black body dangling on a tree. America is the illiterate immigrant who is ashamed that the world of books and intellectual opportunities are closed to him. We are all that nameless foreigner, that homeless refugee, that hungry boy, that illiterate immigrant and that lynched black body. All of us, from the first Adams to the last Filipino, native born or alien, educated or illiterate-We are America! #Quote by Carlos Bulosan
Hungry quotes by Milorad Pavic
#64. What binds me to the trees is something they know how to do and I don't. All that binds the trees to me is my dogs ,who love me more tonight than other nights. For their hunger is more beautiful when they are hungry from the trees than hungry from me. #Quote by Milorad Pavic
Hungry quotes by Robert C. Solomon
#65. Ideas give life meaning. Our minds need ideas the way
our bodies need food. We are starved for visions, hungry for understanding. We
are caught up in the routines of life, distracted occasionally by those activities we
call "recreation" and "entertainment." What we as a nation have lost is the joy of
thinking, the challenge of understanding, the inspirations as well as the consolations
of philosophy. #Quote by Robert C. Solomon
Hungry quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#66. My idea of a meal, if I was hungry, was to open a bag of potato chips. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Hungry quotes by Cornelia Funke
#67. Accursed, blasted, heartless things [books]! Full of empty promises, full of false lures, always making you hungry, never satisfying you, never! #Quote by Cornelia Funke
Hungry quotes by Terry Pratchett
#68. He always held that panic was the best means of survival; back in the olden days, his theory went, people faced with hungry saber-toothed tigers could be divided very simply into those who panicked and those who stood there saying "What a magnificent brute!" and "Here, pussy. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Hungry quotes by Donald Johanson
#69. I find a tremendous receptivity among the public for the subject matter of, 'Where did we come from and how did we get here?' People are thirsty and hungry for information on our origins. I feel a responsibility as a major figure in the area ... to convey to the public the knowledge of human origins in a way that is understandable to them. #Quote by Donald Johanson
Hungry quotes by B. J. Daniels
#70. She had to laugh. "You're making me hungry."
"Me, too." His gaze locked with hers, making it clear it wasn't just barbecue he was hungry for. #Quote by B. J. Daniels
Hungry quotes by T.R. Johnson
#71. The 8 Snippets feed hungry hearts with love, learning and laughter. #Quote by T.R. Johnson
Hungry quotes by Alice Meynell
#72. Children have a fastidiousness that time is slow to cure. It is to be wondered, for example, whether if the elderly were half as hungry as children are they would yet find so many things at table to be detestable. #Quote by Alice Meynell
Hungry quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#73. What we need here, folks, is a really big chicken."
She scowled at his bizarre comment and the fact that his drawl had actually gotten deeper as he spoke. "What are you? Hungry? Now?"
He laughed at her irritation. "Nah. They love to hunt and kill scorpions. Damn shame I don't have a flock or two million of them right about now. Who knew? I just hope those damn things aren't chowing down on my Squire. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Hungry quotes by Lemony Snicket
#74. Stealing, of course, is a crime, and a very impolite thing to do. But like most impolite things, it is excusable under certain circumstances. Stealing is not excusable if, for instance, you are in a museum and you decide that a certain painting would look better in your house, and you simply grab the painting and take it there. But if you were very, very hungry, and you had no way of obtaining money, it would be excusable to grab the painting, take it to your house, and eat it. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Hungry quotes by Salman Khan
#76. A lion runs the fastest when he is hungry. #Quote by Salman Khan
Hungry quotes by Michelle Obama
#77. And what has been just completely heart warming is to see that people are really hungry for something different. #Quote by Michelle Obama
Hungry quotes by John Grisham
#78. Jesus preached more and taught more about helping the poor and the sick and the hungry than he did about heaven and hell. Shouldn't that tell us something? #Quote by John Grisham
Hungry quotes by Brad Duguid
#79. The world is hungry for the discoveries that young, leading-edge brain researchers are making in Ontario today. This collaboration will help them bring their best ideas to market, improving the quality of life for Ontarians while creating good jobs and promoting economic growth. #Quote by Brad Duguid
Hungry quotes by Robin Bielman
#80. His smile, a little mischievous around the edges, had her melting into the sand. Then his lips brushed hers, and the stars collided. She cupped his face in her hands and shut her eyes.
Kissing had always ranked high on her list of favorite things to do, but Bryce took it to a whole new level. Forget about his mouth on her fingertips, this linked to all her happy zones and more.
He'd literally swept her off her feet and his kiss quickened the beat of her heart. His lips were soft and warm and hungry. His kiss moved through her like warm honey, filling all the places inside her that had been cold for so long.
He slid his tongue along the seam of her lips, licking her before he pressed further. She willingly opened to him, stroked his tongue, kissed him harder. He groaned. He tasted like champagne and everything good as he delved deeper and committed a full-on assault inside her mouth. His hand gripped her waist. They sank further into the sand.
She clutched his shoulders, smoothed her palms down his back. He pulled gruffly away, nipped at her ear. "You have no idea how much I want you," he said. #Quote by Robin Bielman
Hungry quotes by Elizabeth  George
#81. Hungry", she said, "That's what it's like. Inside of me, always. This ... hunger that nothing is able to assuage. It's horrible. It's why I always feel ... well, empty. I know I can't keep living this way, but I don't know how to make the hunger stop."

"Perhaps you're not meant to", he said, "Perhaps you're meant to cope with it. Either that or to come to realize that the hunger and the appeasement are two entirely different things. They're unrelated. One will never quell the other."

She thought about this. She considered how much of herself – and the way she'd lived so long – had been tied up with a single unfulfilled desire. She finally said, "This is not who I want to be."

"Then be someone else."

Deborah/Lynley #Quote by Elizabeth George
Hungry quotes by C.S. Lewis
#82. Nobody who gets enough food and clothing in a world where most are hungry and cold has any business to talk about 'misery.' #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Hungry quotes by Lisa Crystal Carver
#83. Anything well done has the feeling of death to me, of being finished. I don't want to "master" anything. I want to spy, and sneak, and capture things just as they are . . . record all that comes before and after the song - jokes and fights and private moments.

Having an unfillable hole inside is a great catalyst. You're always trying new things to fill it. People with holes look good! Look ready for action. But then sometimes you're home alone, and there's nothing new to try, and the hole's still there. "Hey," it growls, poking you from inside, "I'm hungry." I get tired of it!

We are like two living cells inside a just-dead body - doomed, terrified.

She argues herself out of anything she's working on, halfway through. As I stand there in the downpour and pull the mailbox open and drop my letter down the hole, I think about how Cindy is more beautiful, intelligent, and intricate than me, but still I have the winning point: whatever I do, even when I'm wrong, I go all the way.

It's dark humor, but it's rooted in something real. What you present to the world is light humor. You keep it fun and fast-paced. No one can relate to that long-term. Struggle is what makes life rich - not success. #Quote by Lisa Crystal Carver
Hungry quotes by Warren Buffett
#84. I prefer liquor store robbers with hungry kids to companies that locate offshore to avoid U.S. taxes. #Quote by Warren Buffett
Hungry quotes by Alexander Solschenizyn
#85. It has been known for centuries that Hunger . . . rules the world! (And all your Progressiv Doctrine is, incindentally, built on Hunger, on the thesis that hungry people will inevitable revolt against the well-fed.) Hunger rules every human being, unless he has himself consciously decided to die. Hunger, which forces an honest person to reach out and steal ("When the belly rumbles, conscience flees"). Hunger, which compels the most unselfish person to look with envy into someone else's bowl, and to try painfully to estimate what weight of ration his neighbor is receiving. Hunger, which darkens the brain and refuses to allow it to be distracted by anything else at all, or to think about anything else at all, or to speak about anything else at all except food, food, and food. Hunger, from which it is impossible to escape even in dreams -- dreams are about food, and insomnia is over food. #Quote by Alexander Solschenizyn
Hungry quotes by Ayn Rand
#86. I'm so hungry for any sight of anyone who's able to do whatever it is he's doing! #Quote by Ayn Rand
Hungry quotes by Mary DeTurris Poust
#87. We are always hungry and never satisfied because we don't trust and won't risk. Can we reach a place where we are satisfied with just enough? You are enough. You have enough. Do not worry about tomorrow. God will provide in our lives just as God provides in the Eucharist. #Quote by Mary DeTurris Poust
Hungry quotes by Sonia Choquette
#88. We tend to manage our lives intellectually - in other words, we get stuck in our heads, keeping ourselves preoccupied with juggling an assortment of activities and responsibilities in order to manage the surface of life. Meanwhile, underneath we feel empty, hungry for meaning, restless, somewhat lost, and frequently ungrounded - as if we aren't really inhabiting our own bodies. This is why we keep ourselves so busy. It's one way to distract ourselves, at least temporarily, from experiencing the low-grade inner anxiety that haunts us. Change #Quote by Sonia Choquette
Hungry quotes by Dolly Parton
#89. I always loved books. I don't remember learning to read, it was just something I always did. I was hungry for knowledge, I guess, and information; I was a curious kid. I still am. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Hungry quotes by Heather Huffman
#90. He answered her with a kiss. It was more than hungry; it was filled with months' worth of fear and uncertainty and longing. It was a thousand I'm sorrys and ten thousand I love yous. #Quote by Heather Huffman
Hungry quotes by Thomas Hardy
#91. Ah, are you digging on my grave,
My loved one? -- planting rue?"
-- "No: yesterday he went to wed
One of the brightest wealth has bred.
'It cannot hurt her now,' he said,
'That I should not be true.'"

"Then who is digging on my grave,
My nearest dearest kin?"
-- "Ah, no: they sit and think, 'What use!
What good will planting flowers produce?
No tendance of her mound can loose
Her spirit from Death's gin.'"

"But someone digs upon my grave?
My enemy? -- prodding sly?"
-- "Nay: when she heard you had passed the Gate
That shuts on all flesh soon or late,
She thought you no more worth her hate,
And cares not where you lie.

"Then, who is digging on my grave?
Say -- since I have not guessed!"
-- "O it is I, my mistress dear,
Your little dog, who still lives near,
And much I hope my movements here
Have not disturbed your rest?"

"Ah yes! You dig upon my grave...
Why flashed it not to me
That one true heart was left behind!
What feeling do we ever find
To equal among human kind
A dog's fidelity!"

"Mistress, I dug upon your grave
To bury a bone, in case
I should be hungry near this spot
When passing on my daily trot.
I am sorry, but I quite forgot
It was your resting place. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Hungry quotes by Pope Paul VI
#92. In America, you are not required to offer food to the hungry or shelter the homeless. There is no ordinance forcing you to visit the lonely, or comfort the infirmed. No where in the Constitution does it say you have to provide clothing to the poor. In fact, one of the nicest things about living here in America, is that you really don't have to do anything for anybody. But when you do, you give meaning and provide soul to the concept of community ... and develop a sense of purpose to something greater than one's self ... #Quote by Pope Paul VI
Hungry quotes by Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher
#93. All men are hungry. They always have been. They must eat, and when they deny themselves the pleasures of carrying out that need, they are cutting off part of their possible fullness, their natural realization of life, whether they are poor or rich. #Quote by Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher
Hungry quotes by Katie J. Davis
#94. If you are ordinary but hungry to obey God, may you find inspiration and encouragement in these pages. May you find the strength to say yes and be launched into your very own amazing story. - Beth Clark #Quote by Katie J. Davis
Hungry quotes by Brandi Salazar
#95. Sitting down on the stairs, Cheyenne watched Behr through the slats in the railing. She liked what she saw. Covered in a fine sheen of perspiration, muscles swollen from what was clearly a grueling workout, Behr's toned physique was a serious distraction from her worries, making her content to just sit and watch. Each thump of his fist into the bag resonated in her bones. Each kick of his leg thundered in her ears. Every move seemed to be in time with the harsh sounds of the music pumping through the room, until he was a frenzy of movement.
It was frighteningly beautiful.
Standing, Cheyenne called out to him. "Behr? Are you hungry?" She was feeling a little peckish herself, and she needed something to keep her hands busy.
Between a combination of brutal punches, knee jabs and the music, Behr didn't hear a word she said. So she decided to go to him.
Winding her way through equipment and stepping over the discarded sweaty T-shirt, Cheyenne approached him. Waiting for the right moment to interrupt, she tapped him on the shoulder during a brief pause.
Big mistake. Huge. #Quote by Brandi Salazar
Hungry quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#96. "If you prefer it, Your Excellency, a private room will be free directly: Prince Golitsin with a lady. Fresh oysters have come in."

"Ah, oysters!" Stepan Arkadyevich became thoughtful.

"How if we were to change our program, Levin?" he said, keeping his finger on the bill of fare. And his face expressed serious hesitation. "Are the oysters good? Mind, now!"

"They're Flensburg, Your Excellency. We've no Ostend."

"Flensburg will do -- but are they fresh?"

"Only arrived yesterday."

"Well, then, how if we were to begin with oysters, and so change the whole program? Eh?"

"It's all the same to me. I should like cabbage soup and porridge better than anything; but of course there's nothing like that here."

"Porridge a la Russe, Your Honor would like?" said the Tatar, bending down to Levin, like a nurse speaking to a child.

"No, joking apart, whatever you choose is sure to be good. I've been skating, and I'm hungry. And don't imagine," he added, detecting a look of dissatisfaction on Oblonsky's face, "that I shan't appreciate your choice. I don't object to a good dinner."

"I should hope so! After all, it's one of the pleasures of life," said Stepan Arkadyevich. "Well, then, my friend, you give us two -- or better say three-dozen oysters, clear soup with vegetables..."

"Printaniere," prompted the Tatar. But Stepan Arkadyevich apparently did not care to allow him the s #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Hungry quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#97. As yet too hungry and too clumsy for tenderness, still he made love with a sort of unflagging joy that made me think that male virginity might be a highly underrated commodity. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Hungry quotes by Lemony Snicket
#98. very tall and very thin, dressed in a gray suit that had many dark stains on it. His face was unshaven, and rather than two eyebrows, like most human beings have, he had just one long one. His eyes were very, very shiny, which made him look both hungry and angry. "Hello, my children. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Hungry quotes by George Lucas
#99. Follow your bliss. Do the thing where you sit down at 8 a.m. and then you realize you're hungry and you look up and it's 10 p.m. If you can find something you love that much, it doesn't matter what you do. #Quote by George Lucas
Hungry quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#100. How could it be that none of it mattered? It was most of what happened. But if it did matter, how could the world go on the way it did when there were so many people living the same and worse? Poor was nothing, tired and hungry were nothing. But people were only trying to get by, and no respect for them at all, even the wind soiling them. No matter how proud and hard they were, the wind making their faces run with tears. That was existence, and why didn't it roar and wrench itself apart like the storm it must be, if so much of existence is all that bitterness and fear? Even now, thinking of the man who called himself her husband, what if he turned away from her? It would be nothing. What if the child was no child? There would be an evening and a morning. The quiet of the world was terrible to her, like mockery. She had hoped to put an end to these thoughts, but they returned to her, and she returned to them. #Quote by Marilynne Robinson
Hungry quotes by Chetan Bhagat
#101. Love? I need a lot of love.
Of course you do. Everyone does. It's funny that we never say it. It's OK to scream, 'I'm starving' in public if you are hungry; it's OK to make a fuss and say, 'I'm so sleepy', if you are tired; but somehow we cannot say, 'I need some more love.' Why can't we say it? It's just as basic a need. #Quote by Chetan Bhagat
Hungry quotes by Stephen King
#102. It the myth-pool; sometimes the word-pool. He says that every time you call someone a good egg or a bad apple you're drinking from the pool or catching tadpoles at its edge; that every time you send a child off to war and danger of death because you love the flag and have taught the child to love it, too, you are swimming in that pool . . . out deep, where the big ones with the hungry teeth also swim. #Quote by Stephen King
Hungry quotes by Barack Obama
#103. People are very hungry for something new. I think they are interested in being called to be a part of something larger than the sort of small, petty, slash-and-burn politics that we have been seeing over the last several years. #Quote by Barack Obama
Hungry quotes by Amari Cooper
#104. I was always taught to be hungry and humble. #Quote by Amari Cooper
Hungry quotes by Michael Brewer
#105. It's an insidious twist of thought that leads one to demand women to give up their reproductive rights to force unwanted pregnancies but then, once birthed from the womb, to deny them access to basic necessities required for even a mediocre life like education, clean air, healthcare, and a fair wage. And these people have the audacity to call their position pro-life.

These same people who bemoan the welfare state, yet refuse to require business to honor a fair wage, appear to want to create the very circumstances that they ceaselessly complain about. I dare say that by perpetuating this condition, by feeding the apparatus of poverty, they are satiating their narcissism.

With poverty securely entrenched, these lucky few can sit back and smile with smug superiority. Because of course, they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, they worked harder, and they have earned what they have. It's a meritocracy, they say, if only by merit of their parent's color of flesh or social standing.

So yes, let's churn out more children who will be unable to claw their way out of poverty, and if they just happen to defy the odds, let's brainwash them into believing this tripe called the American Dream so they will assist us as we throw their less fortunate fortunate siblings into the hungry machine of conservatism. Because we are really only interested in conserving the status quo. #Quote by Michael Brewer
Hungry quotes by Lara Adrian
#106. Yeah?" he said, looking down into her hungry gaze. "You want to drink from me as I make you come?" She nodded weakly and gave him another small bite in reply. "You got it, sweetheart. But not the wrist this time." Holding her against him, he rolled onto his back and brought her up astride him. "I want to feel you at my neck, Elise. I want to hold you while you drink from me. I want to feel you bite into me." Touching her, he felt her uncertainty. "I've never done it that way before." "Good," he said, entirely too pleased to hear it. "I've never asked anyone to do it that way before. So, will you, Elise?" She frowned, but her eyes were rooted on his throat. "I don't want to hurt you ... " He chuckled, adoring her all the more for her concern. "Come here," he said, wrapping his hand around her nape and guiding her down to the exposed column of his neck. "Sink your teeth into me, Elise. Take your fill." She #Quote by Lara Adrian
Hungry quotes by Courtney Milan
#107. Jenny: You didn't leave?
Gareth: Of course I left. I was hungry, and I couldn't find anything to eat. I bought a loaf and some cheese. And oranges. Wait. You mean you thought I had left. Without saying a word to you. Would I do that?
(Jenny nodded)
Gareth: Damn it. You know better than most I'm no good at these things but even I am not that bad. Really, Jenny. Why would you believe such a thing of me?
Jenny: I don't know, Maybe because you once told me all you wanted from me was a good shag?
Gareth: I said that? (he looked surprised, then contemplative. Then apparently, he remembered and winced) God. I said that? Why did you even touch me? #Quote by Courtney Milan
Hungry quotes by Rick Riordan
#108. Hermes smiled. "I knew a boy once ... oh, younger than you by far. A mere baby, really."
Here we go again, George said. Always talking about himself.
Quiet! Martha snapped. Do you want to get set on vibrate?
Hermes ignored them. "One night, when this boy's mother wasn't watching, he sneaked out of their cave and stole some cattle that belonged to Apollo."
"Did he get blasted to tiny pieces?" I asked.
"Hmm ... no. Actually, everything turned out quite well. To make up for his theft, the boy gave Apollo an instrument he'd invented-a lyre. Apollo was so enchanted with the music that he forgot all about being angry."
So what's the moral?"
"The moral?" Hermes asked. "Goodness, you act like it's a fable. It's a true story. Does truth have a moral?"
"Um ..."
"How about this: stealing is not always bad?"
"I don't think my mom would like that moral."
Rats are delicious, suggested George.
What does that have to do with the story? Martha demanded.
Nothing, George said. But I'm hungry.
"I've got it," Hermes said. "Young people don't always do what they're told, but if they can pull it off and do something wonderful, sometimes they escape punishment. How's that? #Quote by Rick Riordan
Hungry quotes by Neil Gaiman
#109. Tramps and vagabonds have marks they make on gateposts and trees and doors, letting others of their kind know a little about the people who live at the houses and farms they pass on their travels. I think cats must leave similar signs; how else to explain the cats who turn up at our door through the year, hungry and flea-ridden and abandoned? #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Hungry quotes by Erin Hunter
#110. Tempers were as short as the days. "Hungry bellies make angry hearts," as Birdsong liked to say. Tanglewhisker #Quote by Erin Hunter
Hungry quotes by Freddie Prinze, Jr.
#111. Girls in L.A. don't eat anything! I'll say, 'You look hungry. I'm not kissing you till you're full because I'm afraid you're going to bite my lip.' #Quote by Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Hungry quotes by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
#112. This is nice," Dylanna commented.
"Almost like old times," Kamarie said.
"Almost," Oraeyn chuckled, "except we're not outside in that rain. We're not hungry, wet, cold, or lost, and there are no enemies chasing us. Except for that, it's exactly like old times!"
Kamarie chuckled. "You left out being terrified out of our minds. #Quote by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
Hungry quotes by Christina Henry
#113. Out here the world was bright and sharp and full of hungry mouths waiting to eat her up. #Quote by Christina Henry
Hungry quotes by Dmitry Merezhkovsky
#114. Before us is mighty, so to speak, transformative and preparatory work. From a period which is creative, immediate and elemental, we must proceed to a period which is critical, conscious and cultural. These are the two worlds between which exists the entire abyss. The contemporary generation has the misfortune of being born between these two worlds, before this abyss. Herein is explained its frailty, diseased anxiety, hungry search for new ideals and a certain fateful impotency in all of its efforts. The best youth and vigor of talent is not expended on vital creativity but on an internal destructiveness and struggle with the past, on the passage across the abyss to that land, to that shore, to the frontiers of a free and divine idealism. How many people are perishing in this passage or are losing their strength irrevocably!...

("On The Reasons For The Decline And On The New Tendencies In Contemporary Literature") #Quote by Dmitry Merezhkovsky
Hungry quotes by Ivan Pavlov
#115. It has long been known for sure that the sight of tasty food makes a hungry man's mouth water; also lack of appetite has always been regarded as an undesirable phenomenon, from which one might conclude that appetite is essentially linked with the process of digestion. #Quote by Ivan Pavlov
Hungry quotes by Deborah Harkness
#116. Tabitha strutted into the house through the cat door. With a look of complete devotion, she dropped a tiny, dead field mouse at Matthew's feet.
"Merci, ma petite," Matthew said gravely. "Unfortunately, I am not hungry at present." Tabitha yowled in frustration and hauled her offering off to the corner, where she punished it by batting it between her paws for failing to please Matthew. #Quote by Deborah Harkness
Hungry quotes by Courtney Allison Moulton
#117. I put my palm on my belly. "I'm hungry."
His eyes bulged. "You're-? What is wrong with you?"
"This form is strange to me. #Quote by Courtney Allison Moulton
Hungry quotes by Joanna Brooks
#118. I am not the same kind of Mormon girl I was when I was seven, eight, or eighteen years old. I am not an orthodox Mormon woman like my mother. I am an unorthodox Mormon woman with a fierce and hungry faith. #Quote by Joanna Brooks
Hungry quotes by A.G. Howard
#119. May I introduce you all to the main course?" Morpheus spreads out an arm with a dramatic flare. "Dinner, meet your worthy adversaries, the hungry guests. #Quote by A.G. Howard
Hungry quotes by Amy Harmon
#120. Some people might laugh or roll their eyes and accuse me of tired cliches. But there it was-hot food in an empty stomach, water on a parched throat, that first glimpse of home just around the bend, or that first bite of something you thought you'd never have the courage to try, only to realize it was the best thing you'd ever tasted. That was what Finn's kiss was like. And in that moment, I realized I was starving and had been for a long time. I was starving. Hungry for companionship, affection, connection. And strangest of all, hungry for Finn Clyde. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Hungry quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#121. To outsmart you they thought up work squads - but not squads like the ones outside the camps, where everyone is paid his separate wage. Everything was so arranged in the camp that the prisoners egged one another on. It was like this: either you all got a bit extra or you all croaked. You're loafing you bastard - do you think I'm willing to go hungry just because of you? Put your guts into it, slob. #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Hungry quotes by Albert Camus
#122. We do not know how to eliminate evil, but we do know how to feed some of the hungry and heal some of the infirmed. #Quote by Albert Camus
Hungry quotes by Meg Rosoff
#123. The open road. What a trio of words. What a vision of blue sky and untouched hills and narrow trails heading God knew where and being free - free and hungry, free and cold, free and wet, free and lost. Who could mourn such conditions, faced with the alternative? #Quote by Meg Rosoff
Hungry quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#124. I'm not saying parenting cured my narcissism, but it changed me and continues to change me every day. I am now a teeny tiny bit less of a narcissist. Being a parent is a selfless adventure. The worldview of "Take care of yourself first" is no longer logical to a sane person if your baby wakes up hungry in the middle of the night. You can't be like, "What's that? The baby is starving? Eh, forget her, I've got to get some sleep." For me, parenting was literally a wake-up call from my own simple selfishness. In other words, I'm not quite as horrible as I used to be. #Quote by Jim Gaffigan
Hungry quotes by TJR, Senior
#125. if you desire within your heart, riches, to help the hungry, the unclothed, the sick, the afflicted, the imprisoned, you will receive beyond measure, as you work to serve, and as you give. #Quote by TJR, Senior
Hungry quotes by Ertharin Cousin
#126. When people are hungry, when a mother or father is facing a child that they can't feed, you can't ask that family to lay down their arms. #Quote by Ertharin Cousin
Hungry quotes by Rachel Caine
#127. His gaze brushed over her, abstract and hungry. "You burn so very brightly, you know"
"Yeah," she muttered. "You said. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Hungry quotes by Christine Feehan
#128. Kiss me, Raven. Remember me."
She lifted long lashes and searched his black, hungry gaze with blue eyes that had darkened to deep purple. There was a burning intensity in the heat of his gaze, of his body. "If I kiss you, Mikhail, I won't be able to stop. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Hungry quotes by Steven Erikson
#129. All they get around here is stories. Stories don't make you bleed. Stories don't make you go hungry, don't give you sore feet. When you're young smelling of pigshit and convinced there ain't a weapon in all the damn world that's going to hurt you, all stories do is make you want to be part of them. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Hungry quotes by Rick Astley
#130. I'd had my time in the charts and made loads of money. I was no longer hungry for success. #Quote by Rick Astley
Hungry quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
#131. Don't you read?" I asked Nicholas, disgusted. "If you leave me here now that you've got Solange all safe, they'll grab me to get to her."
Solange opened the back door and I leaped in. The car sped off . Shadows flitted beside us, menacing, hungry. I shivered. Then I smacked the back of Nicholas's head.
"Idiot. #Quote by Alyxandra Harvey
Hungry quotes by Menno Simons
#132. True evangelical faith, cannot lie dormant, it clothes the naked, it feeds the hungry, it comforts the sorrowful, it shelters the destitute, it serves those that harm it, it binds up that which is wounded, it has become all things to all creatures. #Quote by Menno Simons
Hungry quotes by Tom Douglas
#133. It's just an American tradition to make sure people don't leave hungry. The worst thing is to have them say, 'Great dinner, but now I have to go get a burger.' #Quote by Tom Douglas
Hungry quotes by Kristen Ashley
#134. No, he said softly. "They love each other. They know what the other likes, they know what the other needs to feed whatever is hungry in their soul and they give it to them. At least Penny does but Evan does too with only a minimal of bitching."
I put my hands on his chest and asked :"What's your drug of choice ?"
"I've no idea", he answered. "It's not up to me to figure it out. But whoever I decide to share my life with needs to be a woman who ties herself in knots to give it to me. But only because I know I'm a man who'll figure hers out and give it to her in return. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Hungry quotes by Leslie Jamison
#135. In Madame Bovary, Félicité the maid is always scuttling away from some new abuse at the hands of her self-involved mistress. She seeks sweetness as consolation: "since Madame always left the key in the sideboard, Félicité took a small supply of sugar every night and ate it when she was all alone in her bed, after she had said her prayers." How could sugar still be necessary after prayer? It offers salve to the physical body, immediate comfort, something the flesh can trust while the spirit is being patient. Think of the sadness of two women living in the same house, both hungry for stolen increments of different pleasures - text and lust and sugar - both keeping these pleasures secret because they are ashamed to admit their hungers. #Quote by Leslie Jamison
Hungry quotes by Scott Westerfeld
#136. It's amazing how quickly nature consumes human places after we turn our backs on them. Life is a hungry thing. #Quote by Scott Westerfeld
Hungry quotes by Bob Harper
#137. Get used to planning ahead of time some if not all of your meals in the initial weeks of following my eating plan. This will help you have the right foods on hand when you get hungry. Hunger and tempting foods make for bad decisions! #Quote by Bob Harper
Hungry quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#138. We walked across the bridge and were on our own side of the river.
"Are you hungry again?" I said. "Us. Talking and walking."
"Of course, Tatie. Aren't you?"
"Let's go to a wonderful place and have a truly grand dinner."
"That's perfect and it's so close. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Hungry quotes by M.F.K. Fisher
#139. Probably the most satisfying soup in the world for people who are hungry, as well as for those who are tired or worried or cross or in debt or in a moderate amount of pain or in love or in robust health or in any kind of business huggermuggery, is minestrone. #Quote by M.F.K. Fisher
Hungry quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#140. Everyone looks for someone to love them, even when they hate themselves. They wait for lightning to strike, for the phone to ring, for a knight to arrive in shining armor. When people are disappointed in love, they think they're unlovable. They feel deprived and always hungry. This hunger makes them desperate for any offer of love and attention, and susceptible to all forms of mistreatment. To encourage #Quote by Miguel Ruiz
Hungry quotes by Suzanne Enoch
#141. Hola."
"How hungry are you?"
"I'm actually already eyeing a pizza place," Samantha's smooth voice came. "How long do you think you'll be?"
"Too long. I think I'm going to order in."
"Don't forget to feed your minions."
He smiled. "Yes, love. I've already told them to find some crumbs. I'll see you in a few hours." That was his Sam, professional criminal and champion to overworked office staff everywhere.
"Okay." She paused. "How's it going today?"
"Fairly well. I'm currently threatening to drop the Manhattan and buy another hotel instead."
She chuckled. "I'm never playing Monopoly with you. See you tonight. #Quote by Suzanne Enoch
Hungry quotes by Andy Murray
#142. I used to think that losing made you more hungry and determined but after my success at the Olympics and the U.S. Open I realise that winning is the biggest motivation. #Quote by Andy Murray
Hungry quotes by Gabriel Brunsdon
#143. True passion motivates the life forces and brings forth all things good.
... desire is the poor cousin to passion, ever hungry and with no real result. #Quote by Gabriel Brunsdon
Hungry quotes by Sylvia Plath
#144. Please let him come, and give me the resilience & guts to make him respect me, be interested, and not to throw myself at him with loudness or hysterical yelling; calmly, gently, easy baby easy. He is probably strutting the backs among crocuses now with seven Scandinavian mistresses. And I sit, spiderlike, waiting, here, home; Penelope weaving webs of Webster, turning spindles of Tourneur. Oh, he is here; my black marauder; oh hungry hungry. I am so hungry for a big smashing creative burgeoning burdened love: I am here; I wait; and he plays on the banks of the river Cam like a casual faun. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Hungry quotes by Maureen Brindle
#145. Amour, love, the dream of man,
Woman's deep devoted plan.

Amor means no hungry child,
Begging, hair blowing wild.

Searching amongst the rats and mice,
Left-over food, contaminated rice.
Eyes, the saddest soul sight,
Hidden is the child's plight.
Bleeding feet, glass cut bare,
Dirty rags for a child to wear.
Clambering through the bin,
Society's senseless sin.

Amor, love save this child's life,
Poverty is the nefarious knife,
A child of poverty and strife,
Deserves amour, love of life.

Maureen Brindle from Beloved Isles
[Inspired by H.H. Princess Maria Amor We Care for Humanity] #Quote by Maureen Brindle
Hungry quotes by Pico Iyer
#146. A traveler is really not someone who crosses ground so much as someone who is always hungry for the next challenge and adventure. #Quote by Pico Iyer
Hungry quotes by Kelly Minter
#147. If you are loved less, he is the Great Provider. If you are loved more but are still hungry, he is the only One who can suffice. #Quote by Kelly Minter
Hungry quotes by Lauren Oliver
#148. Alex, please."
He balls his fists. "Stop saying my name. You don't know me anymore."
"I do know you." I'm still crying, swallowing back spasms in my throat, struggling to breathe. This is a nightmare and I will wake up. This is a monster-story, and he has come back to me a terror-creation, patched together, broken and hateful, and I will wake up and he will be here, and whole, and mine again. I find his hands, lace my fingers through his even as he tries to pull away. "It's me, Alex. Lena. Your Lena. Remember? Remember 37 Brooks, and the blanket we used to keep in the backyard - "
"Don't," he says. His voice breaks on the word.
"And I always beat you in Scrabble," I say. I have to keep talking, and keep him here, and make him remember. "Because you always let me win. And remember how we had a picnic one time, and the only thing we could find from the store was canned spaghetti and some green beans? And you said to mix them - "
"And we did, and it wasn't bad. We ate the whole stupid can, we were so hungry. And when it started to get dark you pointed to the sky, and told me there was a star for every thing you loved about me." I'm gasping, feeling as though I am about to drown; I'm reaching for him blindly, grabbing at his collar.
"Stop." He grabs my shoulders. His face is an inch from mine but unrecognizable: a gross, contorted mask. "Just stop. No more. It's done, okay? That's all done now."
"Alex, please - "
"Stop!" His v #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Hungry quotes by Jose N Harris
#149. In the morning, I do not eat because I think of you...
At noon, I do not eat because I think of you...
In the evening, I do eat because I think of you...
At night, I do not sleep because I am hungry! #Quote by Jose N Harris
Hungry quotes by Jarod Kintz
#150. A brick and a blanket could be used as characters in a story full of clever dialogue, such as:

Brick: I checked everywhere, and it's not where I last left it. Did you touch my penis sandwich?

Blanket: What? Eww no, why would I touch your penis sandwich?

Brick: Well, would it make you more comfortable if I put on some condiments and rolled on a condom?

Blanket: Dude, or lady, whatever you are. I'm not gay - or straight. I'm not even bisexual. I'm a blanket, and I'm asexual. I'm also not hungry now. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Hungry quotes by Laura Wright
#151. His kisses to her neck were growing hungry and her insides were heating up,but she managed to mutter a terse,I would rather eat my own eyeballs than sit at the table with those bastards. #Quote by Laura Wright
Hungry quotes by Menno Simons
#152. We do not teach and practice community of goods but we teach and testify the Word of the Lord, that all true believers in Christ are of one body (I Cor. 12:13), partakers of one bread (I Cor. 10:17), have one God and one Lord (Eph. 4). Seeing then that they are one, ... it is Christian and reasonable that they also have divine love among them and that one member cares for another, for both the Scriptures and nature teach this. They show mercy and love, as much as is in them. They do not suffer a beggar among them. They have pity on the wants of the saints. They receive the wretched. They take strangers into their houses. They comfort the sad. They lend to the needy. They clothe the naked. They share their bread with the hungry. They do not turn their face from the poor nor do they regard their decrepit limbs and flesh (Isa. 58). This is the kind of brotherhood we teach. #Quote by Menno Simons
Hungry quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#153. As she gazed into those cool blue eyes, something strange happened in the vicinity of her middle. She suddenly felt like a hungry woman who had just been presented with a tempting dessert. Her moment of sensory weakness embarrassed her, and she frowned. "Damn, you're pretty," Dallie said softly. "Not half as pretty as you," she snapped, determined to squash whatever strangeness was lurking in the air between them. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Hungry quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#154. Thank God for them all, of course, and for that strange interval, which was most of my life, when I read out of loneliness, and when bad company was much better than no company. You can love a bad book for its haplessness or pomposity or gall, if you have that starveling appetite for things human, which I devoutly hope you never will have. "The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet. #Quote by Marilynne Robinson
Hungry quotes by David Graeber
#155. Freuchen tells how one day, after coming home hungry from an unsuccessful walrus-hunting expedition, he found one of the successful hunters dropping off several hundred pounds of meat. He thanked him profusely. The man objected indignantly:
"Up in our country we are human!" said the hunter. "And since we are human we help each other. We don't like to hear anybody say thanks for that. What I get today you may get tomorrow. Up here we say that by gifts one makes slaves and by whips one makes dogs.
... The refusal to calculate credits and debits can be found throughout the anthropological literature on egalitarian hunting societies. Rather than seeing himself as human because he could make economic calculations, the hunter insisted that being truly human meant refusing to make such calculations, refusing to measure or remember who had given what to whom, for the precise reason that doing so would inevitably create a world where we began "comparing power with power, measuring, calculating" and reducing each other to slaves or dogs through debt. It's not that he, like untold millions of similar egalitarian spirits throughout history, was unaware that humans have a propensity to calculate. If he wasn't aware of it, he could not have said what he did. Of course we have a propensity to calculate. We have all sorts of propensities. In any real-life situation, we have propensities that drive us in several different contradictory directions simultaneously. No one is more real #Quote by David Graeber
Hungry quotes by John Travolta
#156. Let's share our abundance and make our country stronger. We can encourage programs that collect and distribute excess prepared food to local organizations that are helping the hungry in our own communities. We can also support programs that supply commodities to food banks. It's all part of committing our country's wealth and resources to end childhood hunger. #Quote by John Travolta
Hungry quotes by Ellen Meloy
#157. Homo sapiens have left themselves few places and scant ways to witness other species in their own worlds, an estrangement that leaves us hungry and lonely. In this famished state, it is no wonder that when we do finally encounter wild animals, we are quite surprised by the sheer truth of them.
Each time I look into the eye of an animal ... I find myself staring into a mirror of my own imagination. What I see there is deeply, crazily, unmercifully confused.
There is in that animal eye something both alien and familiar. There is in me, as in all human beings, a glimpse of the interior, from which everything about our minds has come.
The crossing holds all the power and purity of first wonder, before habit and reason dilute it. The glimpse is fleeting. Quickly, I am left in darkness again, with no idea whatsoever how to go back. #Quote by Ellen Meloy
Hungry quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#158. I want to hear a million robins making a frightful racket. I sort of like birds." "All women are birds," he ventured. "What kind am I?" - quick and eager. "A swallow, I think, and sometimes a bird of paradise. Most girls are sparrows, of course - see that row of nurse-maids over there? They're sparrows - or are they magpies? And of course you've met canary girls - and robin girls." "And swan girls and parrot girls. All grown women are hawks, I think, or owls." "What am I - a buzzard?" She laughed and shook her head. "Oh, no, you're not a bird at all, do you think? You're a Russian wolfhound." Anthony remembered that they were white and always looked unnaturally hungry. But then they were usually photographed with dukes and princesses, so he was properly flattered. "Dick's #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Hungry quotes by Ramona Wray
#159. I know you once offered to fix dinner for me, but I seriously thought you were bragging."
Those lips, mmm, those sinful lips, pouted briefly, with the sole purpose of driving me crazy, no doubt. He shrugged.
"Nope, no bragging. You hungry?"
"Starving." Though not exactly for food. #Quote by Ramona Wray
Hungry quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#160. There was a song i heard when i was in los angeles by a local group. the song was called "los angeles" and the words and images were so harsh and bitter that the song would reverberate in my mind for days. the images, i later found out, were personal and no one i knew shared them. the images i had were of people being driven mad by living in the city. images of parents who were so hungry and unfulfilled that they ate their own children. images of people, teenagers my own age, looking up from the asphalt and being blinded by the sun. these images stayed with me even after i left the city. images so violent and malicious that they seemed to be my only point of reference for a long time afterwards. after i left. #Quote by Bret Easton Ellis
Hungry quotes by Danielle Lazarin
#161. I don't know a lot of women in Paris. They seem to be from another life of mine, and when I transfer to a college in California the next year, I'll be hungry for them but I'll have forgotten how to be around them. It will take years to understand the different things that women want from me than men do. #Quote by Danielle Lazarin
Hungry quotes by George Horace Lorimer
#162. Some salesmen think that selling is like eating - to satisfy an existing appetite; but a good salesman is like a good cook - he can create an appetite when the buyer isn't hungry. #Quote by George Horace Lorimer
Hungry quotes by S.A. Rule
#163. A hungry dragon was a dangerous dragon. #Quote by S.A. Rule
Hungry quotes by Olivia Parker
#164. Splatters of mud stained Rothbury's fine lawn shirt, which clung slickly to the broad expanse of his back like a second skin. Having rolled up his sleeves at the onset of his task, his muscled arms were now streaked with mud and rain as were the tall boots and tight black breeches that hugged the sinewy muscles of his long, undoubtedly strong legs.
Her admiring gaze alighted upon his golden-brown hair, which now looked more brown than golden as it was wet with perspiration and mist. A few locks lay plastered to his neck in wispy whorls.
Charlotte suddenly felt overly warm. Seeing him... wet... somehow embarrassed her. It felt dark, intimate. Truly, if it weren't for the mud- and clothes- she rather thought this would be what he looked like after a bath.
A shiver ran down her arms as her eyes drifted to the dewy trails of rain droplets that ran over his slightly bristled jaw and neck, disappearing in the nest of his loosely tied cravat.
And then her hungry gaze raised... and connected with Rothbury's. All thoughts flew straight out of her head.
Looking at her from over his shoulder, he straightened, his smile twisting with arrogance.
Despite the chill in the air, her cheeks felt as if they were on fire. How long had he been watching her in-depth perusal? Long enough, she supposed, if the heated gleam in his eyes was any indication at all.
She blinked, shaking her head hurriedly, hoping by that action she was silently telling him, "No, I defi #Quote by Olivia Parker
Hungry quotes by Ronald Reagan
#165. Small business is the gateway to opportunity for those who want a piece of the American dream. [ ... ] Well, wouldn't it be nice to hear a little more about the forgotten heroes of America-those who create most of our new jobs, like the owners of stores down the street; the faithfuls who support our churches, synagogues, schools, and communities; the brave men and women everywhere who produce our goods, feed a hungry world, and keep our families warm while they invest in the future to build a better America? That's where miracles are made, not in Washington, D.C. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Hungry quotes by Kate DiCamillo
#166. The world went on. People left and people died and people went to memorial services and put orange blocks of cheese into their purses. People confessed to you that they were hungry all the time. And then you got up in the morning and pretended that none of it had happened. #Quote by Kate DiCamillo
Hungry quotes by V. Theia
#167. Then he swoops.

And I'm lost.

He kisses me like he's starving and I realize in the space between reality where my brain isn't fogged up by a sexy Italian, that he's hungry for me.

He's waited for me.

He's declaring his intentions for me.

It's hard to breathe when we part and I have no doubt how wet I am.

Just a kiss from Dominic can ruin my panties.

He rains his lips all over my face, holding the side of my head as he does. I'm all the way up on my toes, reaching for him, needing more of that intoxication he's giving out like confetti. #Quote by V. Theia
Hungry quotes by L.A. Fiore
#168. I heard a rumor that you make a killer chicken potpie." "Is getting your ass kicked making you hungry?" He lifted his middle finger, but smiled to lessen the insult. "I love chicken potpie." "You're goofy." His smile turned into a stern line, but his eyes were still laughing. "I'm scary as fuck." "Okay. You're scary. #Quote by L.A. Fiore
Hungry quotes by Kelly LeBrock
#169. I'm quite shocked and have been for quite a while as for the way people are treating each other. That's why I go out and I speak for the hungry, and if I see somebody needs a hug during the day, I'll go and give them a hug, and I think we should all use a little bit more of that. #Quote by Kelly LeBrock
Hungry quotes by Kathleen Glasgow
#170. OUT. CUT IT ALL OUT. Cut out my father. Cut out my mother. Cut out missing Ellis. Cut out the man in the underpass, cut out Fucking Frank, the men downstairs; the people on the street with too many people inside them, cut out hungry, and sad and tired, and being nobody and unpretty and unloved, just cut it all out, get smaller and smaller until I was nothing. #Quote by Kathleen Glasgow
Hungry quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#171. For a hungry man, green peas are more shiny than gleaming pearls. #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Hungry quotes by Lemony Snicket
#172. Never say you're hungry until you learn what they're fixing. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Hungry quotes by Jarod Kintz
#173. Falling in love should be natural, like the food at Moe's. Baby, I am so hungry for you, even though I know queso costs extra. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Hungry quotes by Ysabeau S. Wilce
#174. Most courage comes from being too tired and hungry to be afraid anymore. #Quote by Ysabeau S. Wilce
Hungry quotes by Melissa Marr
#175. His face was pale, and he dropped to the floor so that he was half kneeling, half sitting before her. "Please. I can ... help you."
"No." She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Her mind felt clearer now. Everything made more sense when she wasn't so hungry. "I don't think I want the help you have."
He cradled his bloody arm and tried to stand. "This isn't right. You aren't right. You aren't suppose to be here."
"But I am. #Quote by Melissa Marr
Hungry quotes by Michael Ondaatje
#176. Her face became tougher and leaner, the face Cara-vaggio would meet later. She was thin, mostly from tiredness. She was always hungry and found it a furious exhaustion to feed a patient who couldn't eat or didn't want to, watching the bread crumble away, the soup cool, which she desired to swallow fast. She wanted nothing exotic, just bread, meat. #Quote by Michael Ondaatje
Hungry quotes by Joseph Mitchell
#177. I was coughing and sneezing, my eyes were sore, my knees were shaky, I was as hungry as a bitch wolf, and I had exactly eight cents to my name. I didn't care. my history was longer by eleven thousand brand-new words, and at that moment I bet there wasn't a chairman of the board in all New York as happy as I. #Quote by Joseph Mitchell
Hungry quotes by Kresley Cole
#178. Matthew? "Finn, what was Matthew like before he left? Did he bring supplies with him? Food?" He was always hungry.

"A metric shit ton of food."

"Did he tell you good-bye before leaving?"

"Kinda. You know Matto. He said a bunch of weird stuff."

"Like what?" Weird stuff from him could be critical.

Finn peered at the tent roof. "He told me, 'I see far' and 'the gods mark us all.' And something like 'All is not what it seems.' I thought he was kind of joking around, but he didn't laugh."

"Anything else?"

Finn snapped his fingers. "Oh, oh, and right before he rode out, he caught my eye and said, 'I've made peace with it.'"

With what? #Quote by Kresley Cole
Hungry quotes by Peter Wohlleben
#179. Why is the world full of color anyway? Sunlight is white, and when it is reflected, it is still white. And so we should be surrounded by a clinical looking, optically pure landscape. That this is not what we see is because every material absorbs light differently or converts it into other kinds of radiation. Only the wavelengths that remain are refracted and reach our eyes. Therefore, the color of organisms and objects is dictated by the color of the reflected light. And in the case of leaves on trees, this color is green.

But why don't we see leaves as black? Why don't they absorb all light? Chlorophyll helps leaves process light. If trees processed light super-efficiently, there would be hardly any left over-and the forest would then look as dark during the day as it does at night. Chlorophyll, however, has one disadvantage. It has a so-called green gap, and because it cannot use this part of the color spectrum, it has to reflect it back unused. This weak spot means that we can see this photosynthetic leftover, and that's why almost all plants look deep green to us. What we are really seeing is waste light, the rejected part that trees cannot use. Beautiful for us; useless for the trees. Nature that we find pleasing because it reflects trash? Whether trees feel the same way about this I don't know, but one thing is for certain: hungry beeches and spruce are as happy to see blue sky as I am. #Quote by Peter Wohlleben
Hungry quotes by Joe Jamail
#180. I didn't know who she was, but I knew she was hungry, so I started handing out $100 bills and called the office and told them to bring me a bunch more. Then I had my cousin's store deliver a bunch of smoked ham and turkeys. I mean, these people are hungry and living under a bridge. #Quote by Joe Jamail
Hungry quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#181. As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Hungry quotes by Darynda Jones
#182. We stood there, the three of us, our jaws firmly planted on the floor. Aunt Lil recovered first. She nudged me with her elbow and said with a cackle of delight, I think you guys should make some more of those brownies, 'cause that boy looks hungry. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Hungry quotes by Marcus Sakey
#183. Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry. #Quote by Marcus Sakey
Hungry quotes by Ron Rash
#184. Jacob closed his eyes but did not sleep. Instead, he imagined towns where hungry men hung on boxcars looking for work that couldn't be found, shacks where families lived who didn't even have one swaybacked milk cow. He imagined cities where blood stained the sidewalks beneath buildings tall as ridges. He tried to imagine a place worse than where he was. #Quote by Ron Rash
Hungry quotes by Mohsin Ali Shaukat
#185. Passion doesn't rely on fame rather fame rely on your passion, i see people joining a field, hungry for fame, want to become a brand, trying to convert their weaknesses into strengths by ignoring the Brand that God has created by Himself by giving you a face and task and the love for that specific assigned task is in your heart, try to recognize that true power rather than focusing on others, their destinations and paths.

You are here on planet earth to show people either your face becomes the autograph of God if u recognize your own self and brand, or the autograph of the devil by not following your own true nature and trying to become something else, by participating in the destructive aspect of the universe. #Quote by Mohsin Ali Shaukat
Hungry quotes by Andrew James Pritchard
#186. Boundaries are nothing more than imaginary lines drawn-up by delusional leaders and power hungry tyrants who wish to segregate the population into more easily controlled segments in any case.
-If you really think about it logically, the only place where the Buddha can be born is within the hearts and minds of the truly enlightened, otherwise you're simply wasting your time. #Quote by Andrew James Pritchard
Hungry quotes by Warren Ellis
#187. I want something that'll give me the stamina of a young werewolf, the vision of a shaman, the thoughts of a serial killer and the gentleness of a hungry vampire bat. #Quote by Warren Ellis
Hungry quotes by M.Padua
#188. Let us feel love, in the sight of our foes.
Let our hearts melt, of the sight of hungry ones.
Let us sing the music of forgiveness,
the melody of love. #Quote by M.Padua
Hungry quotes by Kristi Cook
#189. Ryder! What's taking you so long?"
"I'm on my way!" he yells back.
It feels like forever before he pushes open the door and ducks inside. Then I see why it took him so long. He's somehow got the three cats tucked under one arm and the cake plate clutched in the other hand. No spare for a flashlight or lantern--so he accomplished this all in the dark.
"Here," he says, handing off the cake to me before releasing Kirk, Spock, and Sulu into the crate and latching the door.
"Seriously, Ryder? You brought the cake?"
He shrugs. "I was hungry."
Hmm, I guess all that kissing worked up his appetite. For cake. I'm not sure if I should be offended or not. On the plus side, he doesn't look like he's about to puke. So we're making progress as far as his fear of storms goes. I guess that's something.
"Did you happen to bring a fork?" I ask, setting the plate on the makeshift tabletop.
He produces two from his pocket, holding them up triumphantly. So we eat cake while the sirens blare. Actually, it doesn't sound that bad out there. Still, the fact that we're so calm--that Ryder's so calm--should tell you how routine this is getting. As long as we don't hear that awful freight-train sound, we're good.
"What happened to the cake?" he asks between bites. "It looks like someone mutilated it while I was gone."
"Sorry," I mutter. "Guess I did some stress bingeing. You realize you're not wearing a shirt, right?"
He glances down and shrugs, his #Quote by Kristi Cook
Hungry quotes by Scott Adams
#190. Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll buy a funny hat. Talk to a hungry man about fish, and you're a consultant. #Quote by Scott Adams
Hungry quotes by Jerry Spinelli
#191. If you start by hating one or two people, you won't be able to stop. Pretty soon you'll hate a hundred people."
"A zillion?"
"Even a zillion. A little hatred goes a long, long way. It grows and grows. And it's hungry."
"Like Cimmamum?"
"Even hungrier. You keep feeding it more and more people, and the more it gets, the more it wants. It's never satisfied. And pretty soon it squeezes all the love out of your heart"
I pointed to her heart; she looked down at her chest
"and all you'll have left is a hateful heart. #Quote by Jerry Spinelli
Hungry quotes by Tessa Dare
#192. Miss Finch, it's not wise for officers to quarter in the same house with an unmarried gentlewoman. Have a care for your reputation, if your father does not."
"Have a care for my reputation?" She had to laugh. Then she lowered her voice. "This, from the man who flattened me in the road and kissed me without leave?"
"Precisely." His eyes darkened.
His meaning washed over her in a wave of hot, sensual awareness. Surely he wasn't implying ...
No. He wasn't implying at all. Those hard jade eyes were giving her a straightforward message, and he underscored it with a slight flex of his massive arms: I am every bit as dangerous as you suppose. If not more so.
"Take your kind invitation and run home with it. When soldiers and maids live under the same roof, things happen. And if you happened to find yourself under me again ... " His hungry gaze raked her body. "You wouldn't escape so easily."
She gasped. "You are a beast."
"Just a man, Miss Finch. Just a man. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Hungry quotes by Lyz Lenz
#193. There are so many churches that remain strong, while being awful to women or providing safe havens for the power hungry. And there are so many good places that close despite being a home for the hungry, the lost, and the hurting. To brush off problems with churches as the problems of the inherently flawed nature of people is to miss the bigger picture: that life and faith can function together in a place where all are welcome and respected. #Quote by Lyz Lenz
Hungry quotes by Cressida Cowell
#194. Let us in, let us in,' shrieked the wind. 'We're very, very hungry. #Quote by Cressida Cowell
Hungry quotes by St. Catherine Of Siena
#195. Father, I am hungry; for the love of God give this soul her food, her Lord in the Eucharist #Quote by St. Catherine Of Siena
Hungry quotes by Norman Borlaug
#196. Yet food is something that is taken for granted by most world leaders despite the fact that more than half of the population of the world is hungry. #Quote by Norman Borlaug
Hungry quotes by Neil Gaiman
#197. It is not that I was credulous, simply that I belived in all things dark and dangerous. It was part of my young creed that the night was full of ghosts and witches, hungry and flapping and dressed completely in black. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Hungry quotes by Frederick Douglass
#198. Slavery proved as injurious to her as it did to me. When I went there, she was a pious, warm, and tender-hearted woman. There was no sorrow or suffering for which she had not a tear. She had bread for the hungry, clothes for the naked, and comfort for every mourner that came within her reach. Slavery soon proved its ability to divest her of these heavenly qualities. Under its influence, the tender heart became stone, and the lamblike disposition gave way to one of tiger-like fierceness. #Quote by Frederick Douglass
Hungry quotes by Tanya Moir
#199. Our house has its back to the sea,' writes Hester in her journal. 'Below us, the ocean spreads to the sky, twitching wide and blue and hungry. One would think it to be infinite. But we, of course, know better. #Quote by Tanya Moir
Hungry quotes by Kimberly Novosel
#200. We had so much to say to each other, like we'd been quiet our whole lives until we met. It was as if I had underestimated how hungry I was for a companion, how much I needed to be understood, to be pursued, to be seen and to be reflected in someone's eyes. #Quote by Kimberly Novosel

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