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Hueber Online quotes by David Blunkett
#1. We need a government which, yes, guarantees basic standards in public services, but which also steps in to protect people's wellbeing as they take part in our consumer democracy - particularly online. #Quote by David Blunkett
Hueber Online quotes by Marilyn Yalom
#2. The reality of social networking sites is that they provide platforms for online personae to interact with other online personae. Importantly, such relationships can be ended with a click of an 'unfriend,' 'unfollow,' or 'block' button. Breaking up like this constitutes a morally lightweight action. Certainly it flies in the face of Cicero's advice that a friendship 'should seem to fade away rather than to be stamped out.' The respect that Cicero demanded that we pay to a friendship, even one that has turned sour, did not anticipate the tenuous connection inherent in being a facebook friend. #Quote by Marilyn Yalom
Hueber Online quotes by Cassandra Clare
#3. We have raccoons in New York. They can get in anywhere. They can open doors. I read online that they even know how to use keys.'
'I don't like snakes. Snakes don't need keys #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Hueber Online quotes by Auliq Ice
#4. Love is not blind but it leads to blindness. #Quote by Auliq Ice
Hueber Online quotes by Thomas Friedman
#5. I can see a day soon where you'll create your own college degree by taking the best online courses from the best professors from around the world - some computing from Stanford, some entrepreneurship from Wharton, some ethics from Brandeis, some literature from Edinburgh - paying only the nominal fee for the certificates of completion. #Quote by Thomas Friedman
Hueber Online quotes by Evgeny Morozov
#6. My hunch is that people often affiliate with causes online for selfish and narcissistic purposes. Sometimes, it may be as simple as trying to impress their online friends, and once you have fashioned that identity, there is very little reason to actually do anything else. #Quote by Evgeny Morozov
Hueber Online quotes by G. Willow Wilson
#7. It mattered very much to this young person. I was inclined to tell him that if he was worried, it probably was a sin, or at the very least, would weigh on him as one. For God also tells us that when you perform an action you believe to be a sin, it still counts as a sin even if it is proven to be permissible. Conscience. Conscience is the ultimate measure of man."
"All right, it's a sin," moaned Alif. "I don't care. I don't play Battlecraft. It's for teenagers."
"I'm not looking for any particular answer. Don't feel you must agree. I want to know what you think."
"I'm not looking for any particular answer. Don't feel you must agree. I want to know what you think."
"I think people need a break. It's not like they're out there selling bacon and booze. They want to pretend for a few hours a day that we don't live in this awful hole getting squeezed by State on one side and pious airheads on the other, all while smiling our shit-eating grins so that the oil companies keep shoveling money into our pockets. Surely God wouldn't mind people pretending life is better, even if it involves fictional pork."
"But isn't that a dangerous precedent? Fictional pork is one thing-one cannot smell it or taste it, and thus the temptation to go out and consume real pork is low. However, if we were to talk about fictional adultery-I know there are many people who do and say all kinds of dirty things online-then it would be another matter. Those are real desires manifesting #Quote by G. Willow Wilson
Hueber Online quotes by Marc Ostrofsky
#8. Internet marketing entrepreneurs have truly opened my eyes to just how important a quick turnaround time can be. Often times, an interview they conduct with me today is online by the next morning. The interviewee is then able to start making money less than 24 hours after the initial interview. #Quote by Marc Ostrofsky
Hueber Online quotes by Cori Dusmann
#9. Communicate with your kids, and find out why they are so determined to be online at a certain time or what is worth arguing so strongly for. There may be people waiting for them to finish a project or go on a raid. They may have made a commitment to viewers wanting to watch them stream. They may have set a personal goal they want to meet. If you can get a sense of what their goals are, perhaps you can meet at a middle ground. I do not mean caving in to their demands, but if something is vitally important to your child, even if you can't see it yourself, it still tells you a lot about them. It isn't fair to use this information against them as punishment. Use the information to come up with a plan that will benefit everyone. #Quote by Cori Dusmann
Hueber Online quotes by Chris Smith
#10. If you want to make more money by closing online leads, you have to pick up the damn phone. If you have more usernames and passwords than customers you are doing it wrong. #Quote by Chris Smith
Hueber Online quotes by Ellen Ullman
#11. I fear for the world the Internet is creating. Before the advent of the web, if you wanted to sustain a belief in far-fetched ideas, you had to go out into the desert, or live on a compound in the mountains, or move from one badly furnished room to another in a series of safe houses. Physical reality - the discomfort and difficulty of abandoning one's normal life - put a natural break on the formation of cults, separatist colonies, underground groups, apocalyptic churches, and extreme political parties.

But now, without leaving home, from the comfort of your easy chair, you can divorce yourself from the consensus on what constitutes "truth." Each person can live in a private thought bubble, reading only those websites that reinforce his or her desired beliefs, joining only those online groups that give sustenance when the believer's courage flags. #Quote by Ellen Ullman
Hueber Online quotes by Clive Thompson
#12. As Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman document in their book Networked, people who are heavily socially active online tend to be also heavily socially active offline; they're just, well, social people. #Quote by Clive Thompson
Hueber Online quotes by John Varvatos
#13. I shop a lot online ... and just the ease of it makes a lot more sense. #Quote by John Varvatos
Hueber Online quotes by Syed Sharukh
#14. You Need To Gauge, To Engage. #Quote by Syed Sharukh
Hueber Online quotes by Zoe Sugg
#15. I'm so grateful to everyone who has bought a copy of 'Girl Online.' I love that so many of my viewers are enjoying the book! #Quote by Zoe Sugg
Hueber Online quotes by Aziz Ansari
#16. I've never done online dating. #Quote by Aziz Ansari
Hueber Online quotes by Prince
#17. It gets embarrassing to say something untrue because you put it online and everyone knows about it, so it's better to tell the truth. #Quote by Prince
Hueber Online quotes by Leon Davis
#18. I found the people find difficulties to get their perfect sex companion online. Local online dating sites area the easiest and fastest way to date. Join or to find girls near your area for casual hookups or to meet get laid in your area, Best of luck dating online. #Quote by Leon Davis
Hueber Online quotes by Catherynne M. Valente
#19. Many people in this room have an Etsy store where they create unique, unreplicable artifacts or useful items to be sold on a small scale, in a common marketplace where their friends meet and barter. I and many of my friends own more than one spinning wheel. We grow our food again. We make pickles and jams on private, individual scales, when many of our mothers forgot those skills if they ever knew them. We come to conventions, we create small communities of support and distributed skills--when one of us needs help, our village steps in. It's only that our village is no longer physical, but connected by DSL instead of roads. But look at how we organize our tribes--bloggers preside over large estates, kings and queens whose spouses' virtues are oft-lauded but whose faces are rarely seen. They have moderators to protect them, to be their knights, a nobility of active commenters and big name fans, a peasantry of regular readers, and vandals starting the occasional flame war just to watch the fields burn. Other villages are more commune-like, sharing out resources on forums or aggregate sites, providing wise women to be consulted, rabbis or priests to explain the world, makers and smiths to fashion magical objects. Groups of performers, acrobats and actors and singers of songs are traveling the roads once more, entertaining for a brief evening in a living room or a wheatfield, known by word of mouth and secret signal. Separate from official government, we create our own hierarchie #Quote by Catherynne M. Valente
Hueber Online quotes by Tom Boellstorff
#20. Just as in the physical world, people within virtual worlds perform and cycle through different roles and identities. Virtual worlds make such shifts explicit, as well as introducing spaces for play and performance. #Quote by Tom Boellstorff
Hueber Online quotes by Holliday Grainger
#21. I did a year at Leeds, studying English. They basically threw me out, because I was taking too much time off to act. So I transferred to the Open University, because I could do it all online. By that point, I had admitted to myself that I had the acting bug. #Quote by Holliday Grainger
Hueber Online quotes by David Chiles
#22. Solution - A method of fixing a problem or situation. Solution is a positive Netiquette Word. #Quote by David Chiles
Hueber Online quotes by Galit Breen
#23. I love social media. I love the connectivity it provides, the creativity it allows, and the breathtaking wealth of information we all have at our fingertips because of it. #Quote by Galit Breen
Hueber Online quotes by Chris Anderson
#24. With the evolution of online retail, however, has come the revelation that being able to recategorize and rearrange products on the fly unlocks their real value. #Quote by Chris Anderson
Hueber Online quotes by Jamie McGuire
#25. Shepley walked out of his bedroom pulling a T-shirt over his head. His eyebrows pushed together. "Did they just leave?"

"Yeah," I said absently, rinsing my cereal bowl and dumping Abby's leftover oatmeal in the sink. She'd barely touched it.

"Well, what the hell? Mare didn't even say goodbye."

"You knew she was going to class. Quit being a cry baby."

Shepley pointed to his chest. "I'm the cry baby? Do you remember last night?"

"Shut up."

"That's what I thought." He sat on the couch and slipped on his sneakers. "Did you ask Abby about her birthday?"

"She didn't say much, except that she's not into birthdays."

"So what are we doing?"

"Throwing her a party." Shepley nodded, waiting for me to explain. "I thought we'd surprise her. Invite some of our friends over and have America take her out for a while."

Shepley put on his white ball cap, pulling it down so low over his brows I couldn't see his eyes. "She can manage that. Anything else?"

"How do you feel about a puppy?"

Shepley laughed once. "It's not my birthday, bro."

I walked around the breakfast bar and leaned my hip against the stool. "I know, but she lives in the dorms. She can't have a puppy."

"Keep it here? Seriously? What are we going to do with a dog?"

"I found a Cairn Terrier online. It's perfect."

"A what?"

"Pidge is #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Hueber Online quotes by Bill Gates
#26. Online education is pretty special for two reasons. One is that you can get the very best lecture in the world and wherever you are, whenever you want, you can connect to that lecture. The other is this interactivity, where if you know a topic, you can kind of skip over it. Or if you're confused about it, [the area] where you're confused can be analyzed by software. #Quote by Bill Gates
Hueber Online quotes by Bill Price
#27. Other flash-sales companies have tried to copy Vente-Privee's business model, but the company's success continues thanks to its abiding passion for customer service, as seen in its perennial awards for providing the best customer service of any French-based online company and its determination to provide choices. #Quote by Bill Price
Hueber Online quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#28. When going on a date with someone they met online, the number-one fear that straight women have is going on a date with a serial killer. The number-one fear straight men have is going on a date with a fat woman. That says everything. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Hueber Online quotes by Christian Finnegan
#29. Do you guys remember that woman who disappeared a few years ago, Chandra Levy? Do you remember her? I found this fascinating. Apparently, the day she disappeared, she had gone on her computer, and the last website she ever visited was an online map of the park where her body was found. That's true. I just hope that if I ever disappear, people don't look for me based on the last websites I visited. #Quote by Christian Finnegan
Hueber Online quotes by David Silverman
#30. The consistent growth in overall revenues shows marketers may be shifting more of their total advertising budgets to online. This is a natural development as research shows more consumers are spending a larger percentage of their media time online, while the flow of advertising dollars follows. #Quote by David Silverman
Hueber Online quotes by Henry Hyde
#31. these are now commonly available through specialist gaming shops and online. There can be no logical objection to their use, and indeed many sets of wargames rules, and particularly role-playing games, prescribe their use in a variety of circumstances. #Quote by Henry Hyde
Hueber Online quotes by Drew Curtis
#32. I'm not really sure what I'd like to see people doing more of online, but what I'd like to see less of is the warning signs that not ratifying net neutrality is gonna cause two separate nets: one that the big dogs can afford to be on and the other a ghetto internet that no one goes on. Think FM vs AM radio, or cable vs broadcast TV. #Quote by Drew Curtis
Hueber Online quotes by Henry Rollins
#33. There's tons of junk food for your mind on the Internet. You can sit there for three or 10 or 20 hours a day getting in online arguments with other people who also choose to waste their time. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Hueber Online quotes by Jessica Valenti
#34. The Internet is the new public space. And because women are out in public, people don't like that in much the same way that if you're walking down the street you get harassed. I think the same kind of thing happens online, and I think that's why a lot of women are hesitant to put their voice out there. #Quote by Jessica Valenti
Hueber Online quotes by Andrew Keen
#35. We don't live in the old world. But I don't want everyone to know what I've done. We all know every kind of example we could throw out there. The world we see online is very spiteful, we all know about people who have had bad stories thrown at them. If we were more generous I might be more happy about the reputation economy. #Quote by Andrew Keen
Hueber Online quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#36. Facebook is not a physical country, but with 900 million users, its 'population' comes third after China and India. It may not be able to tax or jail its inhabitants, but its executives, programmers, and engineers do exercise a form of governance over people's online activities and identities. #Quote by Rebecca MacKinnon
Hueber Online quotes by Joel Stein
#37. People are different in different situations and people are different online than they are in real life. #Quote by Joel Stein

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