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Huda Beauty quotes by Vitruvius
#1. Beauty is produced by the pleasing appearance and good taste of the whole, and by the dimensions of all the parts being duly proportioned to each other. #Quote by Vitruvius
Huda Beauty quotes by Liza Palmer
#2. There are people out there who have x-ray vision. They can see through my walls, armor and scrims and filters right down to the real me. And the saddest thing in the world? I haven't forgotten who that person is. She's on there and waiting. Like sleeping beauty locked high in a tower, she's been patient and aware of the coma I've been in all these years. I realise the one hitch in having x-ray glasses is that I'm utterly exposed to him. It's one thing to want someone to keep looking, to swim over moats and dodge flaming arrows to find you. It's quite another when you ask yourself, really ask yourself, if you're finally ready to come out into the open. No matter what. #Quote by Liza Palmer
Huda Beauty quotes by Claire Morgan
#3. Some people swear there's no beauty left in the world, no magic. Then how do you explain the entire world coming together on one night to celebrate the hope of a new year? #Quote by Claire Morgan
Huda Beauty quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#4. Peace is of the heart, not of the mind. To know peace you have to find out what beauty is. #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Huda Beauty quotes by Natalie Dormer
#5. You're watching us and you don't realize how much makeup and how much lighting is involved when we look good. We have a lot of help where we are. I don't think that it's healthy for young girls to be looking at these beauty magazines and watching TV and these shows and thinking [that's the standard] there's more European attitude - you look at French film, Spanish film, they're a little more open to quirks and human nature. That we're not all symmetrical, not all the same shape we need more of that. #Quote by Natalie Dormer
Huda Beauty quotes by Trebbe Johnson
#6. Learning to live with wounded places is a mission threaded with find¬ing and making beauty. If I'm open to the likelihood of it, I can always find beauty under any circumstances, whether it's in a kindly gesture from a stranger or the first shoot of greenery shoving up through the waste of a calamitous event. Beauty is the antidote to grief and despair, and it is the one sure thing I can bring to bear when I confront a place that has fallen on hard times. #Quote by Trebbe Johnson
Huda Beauty quotes by Sere Prince Halverson
#7. Smoke rose straight up from the chimney, as if the house raised its hand. As if the house knew the answer. #Quote by Sere Prince Halverson
Huda Beauty quotes by John Muir
#8. Yosemite Park ... None can escape its charms. Its natural beauty cleans and warms like a fire, and you will be willing to stay forever in one place like a tree. #Quote by John Muir
Huda Beauty quotes by Daniel Bor
#9. Consciousness is our gateway to experience: It enables us to recognize Van Gogh's starry skies, be enraptured by Beethoven's Fifth, and stand in awe of a snowcapped mountain. Yet consciousness is subjective, personal, and famously difficult to examine. #Quote by Daniel Bor
Huda Beauty quotes by Jane Austen
#10. My Emma, does not every thing serve to prove more and more the beauty of truth and sincerity in all our dealings with each other? #Quote by Jane Austen
Huda Beauty quotes by Toba Beta
#11. If you think of love, you see the beauty.
If you feel love, you are the beauty itself. #Quote by Toba Beta
Huda Beauty quotes by William Somervile
#12. Prostrate on earth the bleeding warrior lies, And Isr'el's beauty on the mountains dies. How are the mighty fallen! Hush'd be my sorrow, gently fall my tears, Lest my sad tale should reach the alien's ears: Bid Fame be dumb, and tremble to proclaim In heathen Gath, or Ascalon, our shame Lest proud Philistia, lest our haughty foe, With impious scorn insult our solemn woe. #Quote by William Somervile
Huda Beauty quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#13. But what do I love, when I love You? Not beauty of bodies, nor the fair harmony of time. Not the brightness of the light, so welcome to our eyes, Nor sweet melodies of varied songs, Nor the fragrant smell of flowers, and ointments and spices. Not manna and honey, nor the embrace of arms in fleshly pleasure. None of these I love when I love my God. Yet this love is a kind of light and melody and fragrance and meat and embrace. When I love my God, the light, melody, fragrance, meat, and embrace is experienced by my inner man. Love shines into my soul, where space cannot contain it. Love speaks with sound that does not fade into silence with time. Its smells are not dispersed in breath, and its tastes do not grow stale. Love clings, and its satisfaction does not break my connection to the experience. This is it which I love, when I love my God. #Quote by Augustine Of Hippo
Huda Beauty quotes by Katie Hess
#14. Flowers magnetize us with their beauty and reflect back to us our own essence. Their qualities magnify positive aspects of ourselves. They serve as messengers to remind us of the preciousness of life at the most crucial times of our lives. Flowers are doing this for us all the time, and all we have to do is pay attention. #Quote by Katie Hess
Huda Beauty quotes by Susanne Bier
#15. Having done a Dogme film taught me the beauty of simplicity and austerity. #Quote by Susanne Bier
Huda Beauty quotes by Shakieb Orgunwall
#16. We stare vacantly into our own future, frightened of all that time confiscates from us. We lament the theft of our beauty, youth, and loved-ones. And yet we somehow overlook the many ways in which we deprive ourselves: through anxiety and worry, we rob our hearts of peace and tranquility, as we sever the thin threads which tether us to the source of our creation. #Quote by Shakieb Orgunwall
Huda Beauty quotes by John Christie
#17. For me a corpse has a beauty and dignity which a living body could never hold ... there is a peace about death that soothes me. #Quote by John Christie
Huda Beauty quotes by E. C. R. Lorac
#18. That's the beauty of it," replied Worsley happily. "Life's usually all humdrum, trivial round and common task, you know, but it doesn't furnish all I've got to ask, by a long chalk. The only thing I'm sorry about is that you should have been worried by this tripe merchant, otherwise, I've enjoyed it all no end. If you only knew how I've been thanking my lucky stars that I decided to cut Metallurgy today, so that we all synchronized on the bridge. #Quote by E. C. R. Lorac
Huda Beauty quotes by Thomas Mullen
#19. And what a city! The perfect geometric layout, the wide avenues and clean sidewalks, all the monuments bathes in celestial light. The contemps around me hav eno idea how long it will take to rebuild something like this. Do they see the beauty around them? Are they dizzy from the heights on this pinnacle their civilization is teetering upon? No--they troop along, necks crooked into their ancient phones like bent marionettes. Their right cheeks glow. #Quote by Thomas Mullen
Huda Beauty quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#20. When there is this simple, clear watching and listening, then there is an awareness - awareness of the colour of those flowers, red, yellow, white, of the spring leaves, the stems, so tender, so delicate, awareness of the heavens, the earth and those people who are passing by. They have been chattering along that long road, never looking at the trees, at the flowers, at the skies and the marvellous hills. They are not even aware of what is going on around them. They talk a great deal about the environment, how we must protect nature and so on, but it seems they are not aware of the beauty and the silence of the hills and the dignity of a marvellous old tree. They are not even aware of their own thoughts, their own reactions, nor are they aware of the way they walk, of their clothes. It does not mean that they are to be selfcentred in their watching, in their awareness, but just be aware. #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Huda Beauty quotes by Jeffrey Osborne
#21. The beauty of all these years of singing the anthem is that I got a chance to meet athletes that I love, and there was a mutual respect. #Quote by Jeffrey Osborne
Huda Beauty quotes by Matthew Gregory Lewis
#22. With what delight did Ambrosio listen to the declaration of her artless gratitude! The natural grace of her manners, the unequalled sweetness of her voice, her modest vivacity, her unstudied elegance, her expressive countenance, and intelligent eyes united to inspire him with pleasure and admiration: While the solidity and correctness of her remarks received additional beauty from the unaffected simplicity of the language, in which they were conveyed. #Quote by Matthew Gregory Lewis
Huda Beauty quotes by Dean Koontz
#23. His failure to defeat something more powerful than himself, and the scar that reminds him of his failure, is no reason for shame; guilt is deserved only when the effort to resist evil is never made. Yet the human heart is disheartened by the most unreasonable self-judgments, because even when we take on giants, we too often confuse failure with fault, which I know too well. The only way back from such a bleak despondency is to shape humiliation into humility, to strive always to triumph over the darkness while never forgetting that the honor and the beauty are more in the striving than in the winning. When triumph at last comes, our efforts alone could not have won the day without that grace which surpasses all understanding and which will, if we allow it, imbue our lives with meaning.
Odd Thomas
Odd Interlude #3 (An Odd Thomas Story) #Quote by Dean Koontz
Huda Beauty quotes by Debasish Mridha
#24. Never forget to see the beauty, even in ugliness. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Huda Beauty quotes by Steve Maraboli
#25. When we see someone or something as imperfect, it is a reflection of our limitations, not theirs. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
Huda Beauty quotes by Margaret R. Ellsberg
#26. One could say that Hopkins practiced transubstantiation in every poem. By mysterious talent, he changed plain element into reality sublime. He encountered a jumble of weather, birds, trees, branches, waters, blooms, dewdrops, candle flames, prayers, then instressed them and, delighted, wrote in his journal, 'Chance left free toact falls into an order. #Quote by Margaret R. Ellsberg
Huda Beauty quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#27. The sacred-souls of authors are displayed in the beauty of their books. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Huda Beauty quotes by Chris Kilham
#28. I love the Amazon. I just wanna to cry every time I go there both for the majestic beauty and for the fact that it's going to be a museum exhibit in a couple of decades if we don't stop the deforestation. #Quote by Chris Kilham
Huda Beauty quotes by Robert Musil
#29. What is it you do, then? I'll tell you: You leave out whatever doesn't suit you. As the author himself has done before you. Just as you leave things out of your dreams and fantasies. By leaving things out, we bring beauty and excitement into the world. We evidently handle our reality by effecting some sort of compromise with it, an in-between state where the emotions prevent each other from reaching their fullest intensity, graying the colors somewhat. Children who haven't yet reached that point of control are both happier and unhappier than adults who have. And yes, stupid people also leave things out, which is why ignorance is bliss. So I propose, to begin with, that we try to love each other as if we were characters in a novel who have met in the pages of a book. Let's in any case leave off all the fatty tissue that plumps up reality. #Quote by Robert Musil
Huda Beauty quotes by Margi Preus
#30. The door through which he had glimpsed such wondrous light, he had walked through. He had encountered both beauty and pain. Now he understood that was how it would always be - no matter where he went in the world. #Quote by Margi Preus
Huda Beauty quotes by Simone Weil
#31. We want to get behind the beauty, but it is only a surface. It is like a mirror that reflects to us our own desire for good. It is a sphinx, an enigma, a sorrowfully irritating mystery. We want to feed on it, but it is only an object we can look on; it appears to us from a certain distance. The great sorrow of human life is knowing that to look and to eat are two different operations. Only on the other side of heaven, where God lives, are they one and the same operation. Children already experience this sorrow when they look at a cake for a long time and nearly regret eating it, but are powerless to help themselves. Maybe the vices, depravities and crimes are nearly always or even always in their essence attempts to eat beauty, to eat what one can only look at. Eve initiated this. If she lost our humanity by eating a fruit, the reverse attitude - looking at a fruit without eating it - must be what saves. #Quote by Simone Weil
Huda Beauty quotes by Debasish Mridha
#32. Love brightens the beauty of the heart. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Huda Beauty quotes by Debasish Mridha
#33. To find the beauty of life, don't complain, compliment. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Huda Beauty quotes by Nikolai Gogol
#34. He granted its due share to everything equally, drawing from everything only what was beautiful in it, and in the end left himself only the divine Raphael as a teacher. So a great poetic artist, having read many different writings filled with much delight and majestic beauty, in the end might leave himself, as his daily reading, only Homer's Iliad, having discovered that there is nothing that has not already been reflected in its profound and great perfection. #Quote by Nikolai Gogol
Huda Beauty quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#35. Beauty is wishing for loneliness without any regret and complains. #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
Huda Beauty quotes by Carlos Celdran
#36. I believe that Manila can be a reflection of your state of mind. Being a city of extreme contrasts it's easy to see how it can become an intense personal experience. Manila can be chaotic and spiritual, dirty and divine, gritty and gorgeous all at once. If you don't find beauty and poetry here, you will never find it anywhere. #Quote by Carlos Celdran
Huda Beauty quotes by Frances Dinkelspiel
#37. Why should you care about fine wine?" Kramer wrote. "The answer is surprisingly simple: Fine wine can - and indeed will - expand your world. It broadens and deepens the reach of your senses. It can help soften the rough edges of daily life and even remind you that beauty exists in moments when it seems least likely to penetrate your daily life. #Quote by Frances Dinkelspiel
Huda Beauty quotes by Tim O'Brien
#38. You hate it, yes, but your eyes do not. Like a killer forest fire, like cancer under a microscope, any battle or bombing raid or artillery barrage has the aesthetic purity of absolute moral indifference - a powerful, implacable beauty - and a true war story will tell the truth about this, though the truth is ugly. To #Quote by Tim O'Brien
Huda Beauty quotes by Dean Koontz
#39. When we are transported either by Mozart or Glenn Miller, we find ourselves in the presence of the ineffable, for which all words are so inadequate that to attempt to describe it, even with effusive praise and words of perfect beauty, is to engage in blasphemy. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Huda Beauty quotes by Joseph Wood Krutch
#40. If we do not permit the earth to produce beauty and joy, it will in the end not produce food, either. #Quote by Joseph Wood Krutch
Huda Beauty quotes by Debasish Mridha
#41. Life is meaningless until we learn to use the power of divine love and see the divine in every event and in every beauty. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Huda Beauty quotes by Jacqueline Carey
#42. In the general course of things, when beauty passes, the flower bows its head upon the stem and fails. Sometimes, though, when the petals droop, a framework of tempered steel is revealed within. #Quote by Jacqueline Carey
Huda Beauty quotes by Arthur Lynch
#43. True love survives all shocks: an affection originally produced by admiration for unusual beauty may not only survive the loss of that beauty, but may become more intense if the beauty has changed into ugliness through causes that bind the lovers together in tender associations. #Quote by Arthur Lynch

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