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Huberts Nh quotes by A.G. Howard
#1. The egg-man looks over my shoulder. "Those wings aren't the only proof of your heritage. You're a traitor, sending us all up river so you could save your petty mortal half. You're nothing short of a - "
"Benedict," I interrupt between clenched teeth.
Hubert's eyes narrow - curious and hate-filled.
"Eggs Benedict." I point to a picture on the menu. "Poached eggs. Canadian bacon. Hollandaise sauce and an English muffin. And I'd like a side of fruit." #Quote by A.G. Howard
Huberts Nh quotes by Brian Fuller
#2. Hubert would return the next day, and once again the Showleses demanded that a festival be thrown in his honor. Celebrating Hubert's departure, while inconvenient, was at least palatable because he was leaving. Gen thought that working up a festive attitude for Hubert's return would require the type of cheerful disposition only the truly ignorant can possess. Everyone else would need to pursue a drunken stupor and endure his arrival the best they could. #Quote by Brian Fuller
Huberts Nh quotes by John Stuart Mill
#3. The principle of freedom cannot require that he should be free not to be free. It is not freedom, to be allowed to alienate his freedom.

Nguyên lý tự do không thể quy định anh ta phải được tự do hay không. Nó không bao gồm việc tự do chuyển nhượng quyền tự do của mình. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Huberts Nh quotes by Linji Yixuan
#4. The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on earth. #Quote by Linji Yixuan

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