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Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Rheingold
#1. Open source production has shown us that world-class software, like Linux and Mozilla, can be created with neither the bureaucratic structure of the firm nor the incentives of the marketplace as we've known them. #Quote by Howard Rheingold
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Rheingold
#2. Communicating online goes back to the Defense Department's Arpanet which started in 1969. There was something called Usenet that started in 1980, and this gave people an opportunity to talk about things that people on these more official networks didn't talk about. #Quote by Howard Rheingold
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Schultz
#3. We live in an age where everything is based on the short term. #Quote by Howard Schultz
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Gordon
#4. In a novel, the relationship between writer and reader is such a pure one. #Quote by Howard Gordon
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Bloom
#5. A = A is a simplification, one so radical that it sometimes utterly distorts reality. It skins reality alive. Is A = A useful? Does logic come in handy? Is math a magnificent symbolic system with which to comprehend what's around us? And is math based on A = A? Yes. Absolutely. But math and logic are just that - very, very simplified representations. Symbolic systems with massive powers. But symbolic systems that sometimes do enormous injustice to the richness of that which they attempt to represent. Symbol systems that sometimes do enormous injustice to science's greatest mystery, cosmic creativity. #Quote by Howard Bloom
Howard Ratner quotes by Brett Ratner
#6. Rehearsal? What's that? Rehearsal's for fags. Rehearsal. Not much. #Quote by Brett Ratner
Howard Ratner quotes by Bryce Dallas Howard
#7. I've always been a little bit cautious about what projects I step into. I don't mean to be dramatic, but I feel that every single thing you do in life, you give a piece of your soul, and I want to be responsible with that. #Quote by Bryce Dallas Howard
Howard Ratner quotes by A.G. Howard
#8. "But love ? Is that what you feel for Morpheus?"
I swallow hard. "I'm not sure. It's all wrapped up in my loyalties to Wonderland. But there's something real between us. Something powerful." I sink further into my seat. "It's complicated." #Quote by A.G. Howard
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Gardner
#9. If I know you're very good in music, I can predict with just about zero accuracy whether you're going to be good or bad in other things. #Quote by Howard Gardner
Howard Ratner quotes by A.G. Howard
#10. "It's me I'm losing control of. Hundreds of sketches, and still can't get enough of your face." He traces the dimple in my chin with his thumb. "Your beck." His palm moves along my throat. "Your ... " both hands find my waist and drag me off the table so we're standing toe tote. "I'm not wasting another second drawing you," he whispers against my lips, "when I can touch you instead." He presses his mouth to mine.
A spark, hot and electric, jumps between us. Shock and sensation shimmer through me, aglow with his heat ad flavor. Six year of secret desire. Six years of denying that he's the orbit of my world.
To think, he's been running from me, too. #Quote by A.G. Howard
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Eiland
#11. He [Walter Benjamin] both craved solitude and complained of loneliness; he often sought community, sometimes working to create it himself, but was just as often loath to commit himself to any group............
He renounced comfort, security, and honors in order to maintain intellectual freedom and the time and space to read, think and write. #Quote by Howard Eiland
Howard Ratner quotes by Jeffrey Rosen
#12. William Howard Taft, who he embarrassed in these congressional hearings, attacks him as an emotionalist and a socialist and a cosmopolitan in terms that kind of have an anti-Semitic overtone. And even the pro-Brandeis press supported him in terms that really seem creepy today. There's this piece from Life magazine. It says, "Mr. Brandeis is a Jew. And until now there's never been a Jew on the Supreme Court. Perhaps it's time we have one." #Quote by Jeffrey Rosen
Howard Ratner quotes by Linda Howard
#13. When we're married and he looks at me sitting beside him at the table, he should feel as if he's fought a great battle and accomplished something - namely, winning me. He'll treasure me more. I like being treasured. #Quote by Linda Howard
Howard Ratner quotes by John Howard Griffin
#14. I spent years," he told me, "studying the phenomenon of love."
"And I spend years studying the phenomenon of justice."
"At base, we spend years studying the same thing. #Quote by John Howard Griffin
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Schultz
#15. Our mission statement about treating people with respect and dignity is not just words but a creed we live by every day. You can't expect your employees to exceed the expectations of your customers if you don't exceed the employees' expectations of management. #Quote by Howard Schultz
Howard Ratner quotes by Linda Howard
#16. No!" he roared. "I've had enough for today! A little of you goes a long way, lady!"
"Please, call me Dione," she murmured.
"I don't want to call you anything! My God, would you just leave me alone!"
"Of course I will, when my job is finished. I can't let you ruin my record of successful cases, can I? #Quote by Linda Howard
Howard Ratner quotes by Anna Howard Shaw
#17. If the women of the United States, with their free schools and all their enlarged liberties, are not superior to women brought up under monarchical forms of government, then there is no good in liberty. #Quote by Anna Howard Shaw
Howard Ratner quotes by Linda Howard
#18. Jay stepped into the room, and for a split second both her heart and lungs seemed to stop functioning. Then her heart lurched into rhythm again, and she drew a deep, painful breath. Tears sprang to her eyes as she stared at the inert form on the white hospital bed, and his name trembled soundlessly on her lips. It didn't seem possible that this ... this could be Steve. #Quote by Linda Howard
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Fineman
#19. When Americans invade Iraq, Bush says, we will be greeted as liberators by the Iraqi people, proving that taking out Saddam Hussein was the right thing to do. #Quote by Howard Fineman
Howard Ratner quotes by Ernest Hebert
#20. I just want to stop the cycle of killing," Freddy said. "It isn't necessary. It isn't even necessary that people eat meat. And it certainly isn't necessary that people make war on people. I'm doing my small part to change the species." "Umm," said Howard. #Quote by Ernest Hebert
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Dean
#21. Tom DeLay ought to go back to Houston where he can serve his jail sentence. #Quote by Howard Dean
Howard Ratner quotes by John Howard Griffin
#22. The author explains that some find recourse from injustice in literature and art but that these tend to deepen sensitivity to injustice rather than dull it. #Quote by John Howard Griffin
Howard Ratner quotes by William Howard Taft
#23. Presidents may go to the seashore or to the mountains. Cabinet officers may go about the country explaining how fortunate the country is in having such an administration, but the machinery at Washington continues to operate under the army of faithful non-commissioned officers, and the great mass of governmental business is uninterrupted. #Quote by William Howard Taft
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Zinn
#24. Historically, the most terrible things - war, genocide, and slavery - have resulted not from disobedience, but from obedience. #Quote by Howard Zinn
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Carter
#25. It was a sight surpassing all precedent, and one we never dreamed of seeing. #Quote by Howard Carter
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard W. Hunter
#26. The real spirit of Christmas lies in the life and mission of the Master. #Quote by Howard W. Hunter
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Tayler
#27. Maxim 2:
A sergeant in motion outranks a lieutenant who doesn't know what's going on.
-The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries #Quote by Howard Tayler
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Fineman
#28. The notion of a neutral, mainstream national media gained dominance only in World War II and in its aftermath, when what turned out to be a temporary moderate consensus came to govern the country. #Quote by Howard Fineman
Howard Ratner quotes by Ken Wilber
#29. As Harvard developmental psychologist Howard Gardner reminds us, The young child is totally egocentric - meaning not that he thinks selfishly only about himself, but to the contrary, that he is incapable of thinking about himself. The egocentric child is unable to differentiate himself from the rest of the world; he has not separated himself out from others or from objects. Thus he feels that others share his pain or his pleasure, that his mumblings will inevitably be understood, that his perspective is shared by all persons, that even animals and plants partake of his consciousness. In playing hide-and-seek he will "hide" in broad view of other persons, because his egocentrism prevents him from recognizing that others are aware of his location. The whole course of human development can be viewed as a continuing decline in egocentrism.2 #Quote by Ken Wilber
Howard Ratner quotes by John Howard Griffin
#30. He told me how all of the white men in the region craved colored girls. He said he hired a lot of them both for housework and in his business. "And I guarantee you, I've had it in every one of them before they ever got on the payroll." A pause. Silence above humming tires on the hot-top road. "What do you think of that?" "Surely some refuse," I suggested cautiously. "Not if they want to eat - or feed their kids," he snorted. "If they don't put out, they don't get the job. #Quote by John Howard Griffin
Howard Ratner quotes by A.G. Howard
#31. The eater becoming the eaten! #Quote by A.G. Howard
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Hawks
#32. I get a little sick of these New Yorkers who want me to make some psychic thing, like 'The Left-Handed Gun.' They don't know anything about Western history. #Quote by Howard Hawks
Howard Ratner quotes by Cathy Hopkins
#33. In the beginning, one soul split into two creating soul mates. And ever the two shall wander seeking each other.
-Unknown #Quote by Cathy Hopkins
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard A. Tullman
#34. Failure is important because the first time you win (or lose), it could be luck, it could be timing, or it could be talent. It's only after you fail once or twice and learn to rely equally on thought, analysis, and anticipation-in addition to speed, talent, and execution-that you can really call yourself an entrepreneur ... In the long run, it's mind over muscle, strategy over strength, and a healthy perspective-not just a lot of perspiration-that make someone a real success in his or her business and in the equally important rest of his or her life. #Quote by Howard A. Tullman
Howard Ratner quotes by K. Howard Joslin
#35. Breaking a sweat through our difficulties minimized the likelihood of a crippling injury to our faith. #Quote by K. Howard Joslin
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Dean
#36. I was hoping to get a reception like this, I'd just hoped that it would be on Thursday night instead of Tuesday night. #Quote by Howard Dean
Howard Ratner quotes by Jessica Lave
#37. [Sharon Howard:] You know, I didn't expect a kid fresh out of college from Maine to be so cutthroat. #Quote by Jessica Lave
Howard Ratner quotes by John Howard Griffin
#38. Eventually, some black thinkers believe, this "separation" may be the shortest route to an authentic communication at some future date when blacks and whites can enter into encounters in which they truly speak as equals and in which the white man will no longer load every phrase with unconscious suggestions that he has something to "concede" to black men or that he wants to help black men "overcome" their blackness. #Quote by John Howard Griffin
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Schultz
#39. I was working probably at the age of 10, when I had my first paper route. I had every different kind of job you could possibly imagine as a young kid. #Quote by Howard Schultz
Howard Ratner quotes by Robert E. Howard
#40. It is an ill thing to meet a man you thought dead in the woodland at dusk. #Quote by Robert E. Howard
Howard Ratner quotes by John Howard
#41. The 'black armband' view of our history reflects a belief that most Australian history since 1788 has been little more than a disgraceful story of imperialism, exploitation, racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination. I take a very different view. I believe that the balance sheet of our history is one of heroic achievement and that we have achieved much more as a nation of which we can be proud of than which we should be ashamed. #Quote by John Howard
Howard Ratner quotes by Vernon Howard
#42. Self-knowledge is the great power by which we comprehend and control our lives #Quote by Vernon Howard
Howard Ratner quotes by A.G. Howard
#43. "My Peregrination Cap," he grumbles, straightening his tie and vest while wavering on wobbly legs.
I gesture to the layer of moths crawling around on Gizmo's roof. "We lost a few of them to the wind. Sorry."
"Brilliant." Scowling, Morpheus walks over and sweeps his hand across the insects, coaxing them to form the hat. They manage all but the brim. He puts it on anyway and turns to me.
I bite my cheeks in an effort not to laugh.
He narrows his eyes. "Don't get too cheeky, little plum. Though your prank may have been irresistibly wicked, I'm still in the lead by a set of wings." #Quote by A.G. Howard
Howard Ratner quotes by Tim Howard
#44. My life is training. #Quote by Tim Howard
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard W. Hunter
#45. The first recorded instruction given to Adam after the Fall dealt with the eternal principle of work. The Lord said: "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread." (Gen. 3:19.) Our Heavenly Father loves us so completely that he has given us a commandment to work. This is one of the keys to eternal life. He knows that we will learn more, grow more, achieve more, serve more, and benefit more from a life of industry than from a life of ease. #Quote by Howard W. Hunter
Howard Ratner quotes by Howard Tayler
#46. When the messenger arrives and says 'Don't shoot the messenger,' it's a good idea to be prepared to shoot the messenger, just in case. #Quote by Howard Tayler

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