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How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Simone Elkeles
#1. Did A tell you your eyes remind me of blown glass? I can see your soul through those eyes, Amy. They get darker when you're trying to be sexy and shine when you smile. And when you think you're in trouble you blink double the amount that you usually do. And when your sad the corners of your eyes turn down. I miss your eyes. And I don't want the sad ones to be my last memory of you. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Mary Downing Hahn
#2. Hannah tells me you're an archeologist," she said. "Drew's father has followed in your footsteps. He spent the whole summer in France, excavating a Roman ruin."
A spark of mischief flared in Andrew's eyes. "Why, it could be the other way around," he said. "Perhaps I got the idea from him."
Hannah gave Andrew a sharp poke with her cane. Luckily, Aunt Blythe didn't notice that either.
"You have the oddest sense of humor," she said to Andrew. "It's a pity you spent most of your life overseas. I'm sure I would have enjoyed knowing you."
To escape his sister's reach, Andrew shifted his position. "It's strange," he said to my aunt, "but I feel like I do know you."
"Isn't that funny?" Aunt Blythe stared at him. "Even though I've never set eyes on you before, I feel the same way."
With a little guidance from Hannah, the conversation changed to Andrew's years in South America. For at least an hour he entertained us with his adventures, which Hannah claimed were highly exaggerated.
"He never tells a story the same way twice," she told me. "You wouldn't believe how much more exciting they've gotten since the first time I heard them. #Quote by Mary Downing Hahn
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Oscar Wilde
#3. At last, liveried in the costume of the age, reality entered the room in the shape of a servant to tell the duchess that her carriage was waiting. She wrung her hands in mock despair. "How annoying!" she cried. "I must go. I have to call for my husband at the club, to take him to some absurd meeting at Willis's Rooms, where he is going to be in the chair. If I am late he is sure to be furious, and I couldn't have a scene in this bonnet. It is far too fragile. A harsh word would ruin it. No, I must go, dear Agatha. Good-bye, Lord Henry, you are quite delightful and dreadfully demoralizing. I am sure I don't know what to say about your views. You must come and dine with us some night. Tuesday? Are you disengaged Tuesday? #Quote by Oscar Wilde
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Leah Land
#4. Never stop falling in love with your significant other.

Don't lose your desire to have sex with your significant other. It can ruin your relationship no matter how much you love them.

If you can see your life without them, they are not The One.

Be happy with what you have because you probably have a lot more then most people will ever get, but that doesn't mean settle for something less. #Quote by Leah Land
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Robin Hanson
#5. We feel a deep pleasure from realizing that we believe something in common with our friends, and different from most people. We feel an even deeper pleasure letting everyone know of this fact. This feeling is EVIL. Learn to see it in yourself, and then learn to be horrified by how thoroughly it can poison your mind. Yes evidence may at times force you to disagree with a majority, and your friends may have correlated exposure to that evidence, but take no pleasure when you and your associates disagree with others; that is the road to rationality ruin. #Quote by Robin Hanson
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Richelle Mead
#6. And what makes you so certain I won't enlighten the world about your romantic indiscretions?"

"Because it won't save you from prison. And if you ruin Rose, you'll destroy whatever weak chance you had of Lissa helping you with your warped fantasy." Victor flinched just a little; Dimitri was right. Dimitri stepped forward, pressing close to the bars as I had earlier. I'd though I had a scary voice, but when he spoke his next words, I realized I wasn't even close. "And it'll be pointless anyway, because you won't stay alive long enough in prison to stage your grand plans. You aren't the only one with connections."

My breath caught a little. Dimitri brought so many things to my life: love, comfort, and instruction. I got so used to him sometimes I forgot how dangerous he could be. As he stood there, tall and threatening while he glared down at Victor, I felt a chill run down my spine. I remembered how when I had first come to the Academy, people said Dimitri was a god. In this moment, he looked like it. #Quote by Richelle Mead
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Jennifer Echols
#7. I'm glad this happened," he said softly.
I hoped it was for real,and I didn't want to talk about it too much and ruin the lovely illusion that we were a couple.
So I said noncommittally, "Me too."
"Because I've been trying to get you back since the seventh grade."
I must have given him a very skeptical look.
He laughed at my expression. "Yeah, I have a funny way of showing it. I know. But you're always on my mind. You're in the front of my mind,on the tip of my tongue. So if someone breaks a beaker in chemistry class, I raise my hand and tell Ms. Abernathy you did it. If somebody brings a copy of Playboy to class, I stuff it in your locker."
"Oh!" I thought back to the January issue. "I wondered where that came from."
"And if Everett Walsh tells the lunch table what a wicked kisser you are and how far he would have gotten with you if his mother hadn't come in-"
I stamped my foot on the floorboard of the SUV."That is so not true! He'd already gotten as far as he was going. He's not that cute, and I had to go home and study for algebra.
"-It drives me insane to the point that I tell him to shut up or I'll make him shut up right there in front of everybody. Because I am supposed to be your boyfriend, and my mother is supposed to hate you,and you're supposed to be making out with me."
Twisted as this declaration was,it was the sweetest thing a boy had ever said to me.I dwelled on the soft lips that had formed the statement,and o #Quote by Jennifer Echols
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Bianca Sparacino
#8. You ruin your life by desensitizing yourself. We are all afraid to say too much, to feel too deeply, to let people know what they mean to us. Caring is not synonymous with crazy. Expressing to someone how special they are to you will make you vulnerable. There is no denying that. However, that is nothing to be ashamed of. There is something breathtakingly beautiful in the moments of smaller magic that occur when you strip down and are honest with those who are important to you. Let that girl know that she inspires you. Tell your mother you love her in front of your friends. Express, express, express. Open yourself up, do not harden yourself to the world, and be bold in who, and how you love. There is courage in that. #Quote by Bianca Sparacino
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Stephen Jenkinson
#9. If you wrestle an angel, you will grow muscle. There's no doubt of that. You will also hurt in places that you didn't know you had. There's no doubt of that either. And you will lose, by the normal calculus of trying to engineer the life that you're sure you deserve. It will not come out as you planned, wrestling angels. Your plans our usually the first casualty of the match. But here is that great secret of it: you will be able to boast of your defeat. You will be able to stand in the wreckage of what used to be your certainty, your creed, your way of doing life's business, and you can tell wild, true stories about how it all came to ruin. Whatever is left standing - and there is always something left standing when you wrestle angels - is the thing that was true about you and your life all along, as faithful a companion as the Earth that will one day cradle you again. #Quote by Stephen Jenkinson
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Lora Mathis
#10. You make out with a boy because he's cute, but he has no substance, no words to offer you. His mouth tastes like stale beer and false promises. When he touches your chin, you offer your mouth up like a flower to to be plucked, all covered in red lipstick to attract his eye. When he reaches his hand down your shirt, he stops, hand on boob, and squeezes, like you're a fruit he's trying to juice. He doesn't touch anything but skin, does not feel what's within. In the morning, he texts you only to say, "I think I left the rest of my beer at your place, but it's cool, you can drink it. Last night was fun."
You kiss a girl because she's new. Because she's different and you're twenty two, trying something else out because it's all failed before. After spending six weekends together, you call her, only to be answered by a harsh beep informing you that her number has been disconnected. You learn that success doesn't come through experimenting with your sexuality, and you're left with a mouth full of ruin and more evidence that you are out of tune.
You fall for a boy who is so nice, you don't think he can do any harm. When he mentions marriage and murder in the same sentence, you say, "Okay, okay, okay." When you make a joke he does not laugh, but tilts his head and asks you how many drinks you've had in such a loving tone that you sober up immediately. He leaves bullet in your blood and disappears, saying, "Who wants a girl that's filled with holes?"
You find out that a #Quote by Lora Mathis
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Connie Suttle
#11. When I got back from the nearest pharmacy after buying the biggest bottle of ibuprofen they had, the delivery truck was blocking my driveway. What wasn't already taken up by Jayson's Mercedes, that is. At that point, I was so out of sorts and my head hurt so badly that I was tempted to throw everybody out of my house. As a vampire, I was strong enough - and pissed enough - to accomplish it without much effort.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I snapped at Jayson Rome, who sat at my kitchen island, drinking coffee and eating oatmeal cookies with Hank and Trina as if he belonged there. He didn't answer, so I went to the cupboard next to the sink, grabbed a glass, filled it with water and washed down four ibuprofen, hoping that would be enough to stop the pounding in my head.

"How did you get out of the bar last night without us seeing you?" Jayson demanded.

"You think I'll tell you anything?" I said. "Get out of my house. I paid for it. It doesn't belong to you anymore. Go get some of those women you're so fond of. Do you pay Hank a finder's fee for pointing them in your direction?"

"You really did fuck up, didn't you?" Trina eyed Jayson distastefully as she crunched into another oatmeal cookie. "Is it your job to ruin all my friendships?"

"Mattress and foundation are on the bed," one of two delivery guys shoved a clipboard in my direction for a signature.

"It looks good - I checked," Trina said.

"F #Quote by Connie Suttle
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Charlotte Featherstone
#12. Wallingford vaulted up from his chair. "You've come here so that I can mollify you and share in your belittling of Anais? Well, you've knocked on the wrong bloody door, Raeburn, because I will not join you in disparaging Anais. I will not! Not when I know what sort of woman she is - she is better than either of us deserves. Damn you, I know what she means to you. I know how you've suffered. You want her and you're going to let a mistake ruin what you told me only months ago you would die for. Ask yourself if it is worth it. Is your pride worth all the pain you will make your heart suffer through? Christ," Wallingford growled, "if I had a woman who was willing to overlook everything I'd done in my life,
every wrong deed I had done to her or others, I would be choking back my pride so damn fast I wouldn't even taste it."
Lindsay glared at Wallingford, galled by the fact his friend - the one person on earth he believed would understand his feelings - kept chastising him for his anger, which, he believed, was natural and just.
"If I had someone like Anais in my life," Wallingford continued, blithely ignoring Lindsay's glares, "I would ride back to Bewdley with my tail between my legs and I would do whatever I had to do in order to get her back."
"You're a goddamned liar! You've never been anything but a selfish prick!" Lindsay thundered. "What woman would you deign to lower yourself in front of? What woman could you imagine doing anything more to than fucking #Quote by Charlotte Featherstone
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#13. You punk asshole. What was this? A game for you? This is my life's work you just annihilated and for what? Shits and giggles? Or was this nothing more than a fraternity prank? Please tell me that you didn't just ruin my integrity to get some kind of drinking points. This is something I've been working for since before you were born. How dare you make a mockery of me. I hope to God that one day someone degrades you like this so that you'll know, just once in your spoiled pompous life, what humiliation feels like! (Tory) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Teagan Hunter
#14. Me: Proposal?

* * *

Me: Let's watch Hemlock Grove together. Via text.

* * *

Me: Also, I think it's weird you're always texting me, BUT, I AM texting back, so I guess that makes me weird too. You're kind of…fun.

* * *

Zach: Only kind of?

* * *

Me: *rolls eyes* Way to ruin the moment.

* * *

Zach: *I* ruined the moment? You're the one who lied.

* * *

Me: Point out my lie.

* * *

Zach: KIND OF. Like we both don't know how remarkable I am.

* * *

Me: You're very full of yourself.

* * *

Zach: Or confident. Take your pick.

* * *

Me: Why am I still talking to you?

* * *

Zach: Because we're going to binge Hemlock Grove together?

* * *

Me: Give me thirty and we're on.

* * *

Me: WAIT. What are you ordering to eat? Let's be real losers and eat the same thing.

* * *

Zach: *groans* Do we HAVE to?

* * *

Zach: I'm ordering Chinese.

* * *

Me: Nah. Let's get wings.

* * *

Zach: Fine. Wings it is.

* * *

Me: *whispers* What kind are you getting?

* * *


* * *

Me: Fine, but just so you know, I'm pouting. #Quote by Teagan Hunter
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Stevie Edwards

When there's only condiments left in the fridge
and you join a free online dating service
so men will buy you dinner.

When you've shucked the night with the dull blade
of indecision and gulped down everything,
even the pearls.
When some old, left-handed love has left
your guitar strung backwards
and you can't find any songs
for rain in its frets.

When you wake up next to the body
of your past and it looks ready
to wrinkle and bald.

When the last burn of summer is peeling
from your breasts and there's nothing to husk
the pale, raw of new flesh.

When the woman who wears her hair
in the old way quits mumbling about Jesus
on the street corner and takes her salvation
pamphlets to a pauper's grave.

When you're too ugly to pray,
but pray
and the only voice
on the drunk subway wails
good grief. #Quote by Stevie Edwards
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Terry McMillan
#16. Parents can ruin children, and sometimes that's a learned behavior. Sometimes you can't blame your parents for it, sometimes you can. I think to me, that's what the whole paradox is, is people that have children that don't even know how to raise them. #Quote by Terry McMillan
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Taylor Rhodes
#17. reining yourself in because why ruin a good thing? why make it weird? and then you say goodbye, with a hug, with a snarky remark, and head home. you climb into bed and imagine them with you. you think about how their hair falls in their face, about how they breathe when they sleep. you think about them waking up and nudging you into consciousness with soft kisses down your torso. you sit in bed and think of all the ways you could make their soul dance. how you know their quirks and it all feels so right, but why? why is this happening? why can't you just be content with what you have now? except even now you have to control the urge to kiss them, even though it is in your nature, even just on the cheek, because what if it breaks the relationship apart at the seams? you may not even mean it sexually or romantically, but what if? and there's always the chance they have felt this way too. but it's only a chance. and why risk it? so you lay there in bed and twist the sheets around your legs and text them back about another person they have feelings toward and coax them into something healthy. you put their happiness before your own. you watch as they stumble and help them rise mightily. you gush over them and try to snuff out the selfishness that builds whenever you see them with someone else. it wouldn't be fair to them to impose your own wants on them and take away a good friendship. it isn't always about you. and yet here you are, writing this. writing this and thinking of som #Quote by Taylor Rhodes
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#18. Tell me again how great you are, asshole. Nothing like a steel enema to ruin even your best day. (Fang) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by John Webster
#19. Right! There are plots.
Your beauty! Oh, ten thousand curses on 't!
How long have I beheld the devil in crystal!
Thou hast led me, like an heathen sacrifice,
With music, and with fatal yokes of flowers,
To my eternal ruin. Woman to man
Is either a god, or a wolf. #Quote by John Webster
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Sarina Bowen
#20. Morning." She blinks at me. Specifically at my abs, I think. "Where are your pajamas?"
"Don't own any." I glance down at my boxers. All the important bits are covered. "Does it matter? I could put on my bathing suit instead. It's more or less the same thing in a brighter color."
"Right." She clears her throat. But I don't miss her eyes making another quick sweep of my body. And I have to hold back a laugh. Could Alex be having a moment of regret? "Um…" She shakes her head once. "Thank you for dealing with the delivery."
"No problem." I lift a hand to my chest and stroke a palm down my bare skin.
And, yup, her eyes lock onto my fingers, and she follows my movements like a hungry dog eyes a piece of meat.
How funny is this? Now I'm definitely not putting on a shirt this morning. Not until I absolutely have to. Why ruin the fun? #Quote by Sarina Bowen
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by A.G. Howard
#21. Rushing outside, she carries long, sharp scissors and snips at flower petals while screaming, "Off with your head!" When I realize what she's really after, a strange discomfort stirs inside. I've seen how the petals tatter beneath the blades. I don't want her to ruin my moth's pretty wings. I throw my hands over the scissors to stop her. The moth escapes unscathed. But I'm not so lucky ...
Coming out of the trance, I drop to the ground and clutch aching palms to my chest. The scars throb as if freshly cut. Morpheus bows over me, smoothing my hair. "I told you that you were special, Alyssa," he murmurs, the weight of his palm strangely comforting on the top of my head. "No one else has ever bled for me. The loyalty of one child for another is immeasurable. You believed in me, shared new experiences with me, grew with me. That has earned you my sincerest devotion." #Quote by A.G. Howard
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#22. You have great power inborn in you, and you used that power wrongly, to work a spell over which you had no control, not knowing how that spell affects the balance of light and dark, life and death, good and evil. And you were moved to do this by pride and by hate. Is it any wonder the result was ruin? You summoned a spirit from the dead, but with it came one of the Powers of unlife. Uncalled it came from a place where there are no names. Evil, it wills to work evil through you. The power you had to call it gives it power over you: you are connected. It is the shadow of your arrogance, the shadow of your ignorance, the shadow you cast. Has a shadow a name? #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by William Kamkwamba
#23. Don't worry about the water," said a man with a nervous grin. "This is hardwood, it won't ruin. You'll have this chair into your old years. How much do you have? I'll take anything. My children need to eat."
A few of the businessmen like Mister Mangochi bought things they later gave back. But most people had no money. They simply shrugged and shook their heads. #Quote by William Kamkwamba
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Francis Frangipane
#24. The very quality of your life, whether you love it or hate it, is based upon how thankful you are toward God. It is one's attitude that determines whether life unfolds into a place of blessedness or wretchedness. Indeed, looking at the same rose bush, some people complain that the roses have thorns while others rejoice that some thorns come with roses. It all depends on your perspective.

This is the only life you will have before you enter eternity. If you want to find joy, you must first find thankfulness. Indeed, the one who is thankful for even a little enjoys much. But the unappreciative soul is always miserable, always complaining. He lives outside the shelter of the Most High God.

Perhaps the worst enemy we have is not the devil but our own tongue. James tells us, "The tongue is set among our members as that which . . . sets on fire the course of our life" (James 3:6). He goes on to say this fire is ignited by hell. Consider: with our own words we can enter the spirit of heaven or the agonies of hell!

It is hell with its punishments, torments and misery that controls the life of the grumbler and complainer! Paul expands this thought in 1 Corinthians 10:10, where he reminds us of the Jews who "grumble[d] . . . and were destroyed by the destroyer." The fact is, every time we open up to grumbling and complaining, the quality of our life is reduced proportionally -- a destroyer is bringing our life to ruin!

People often ask me, #Quote by Francis Frangipane
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by What
#25. Power doesnt come from fights, and fist, and musles, it comes from the heart. -Dina"

"Life is short, live it to the fullest. -Dina"

"Never let your anger out when your angry, keep it inside. Let the people who your angry with know how strong you are. -Dina"

"Put a smile on your face no matter what happens. keep walking forward because you cant changed what already happened. -Dina"

"Never look back, keep walking forward, this is the path you chosed. -Dina"

"Don't ruin your life because of a small mistake. -Dina"

"We people do not need god to make things happen, we need the will and courage to do it ourselves.-Dina"

"I wonder what life would be like if i didnt have the people i have today. -Dina"

"I wonder what life would be like for others if i wasn't born. -Dina #Quote by What
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Anna Banks
#26. I hope you were going to come pry your sister off my back," Paca clips as Rayna swims up. "She's quite rude."
Galen throws Rayna a look, to which she lifts her chin. "Paca and her pudgy father over there are full of whale dung," Rayna informs her brothers.
"Rayna," Grom barks. "Mind your manners."
Rayna lifts her chin even higher. Here we go. "Paca is a fraud, Grom," she says. "You can't mate with her. Sorry to ruin your ceremony. Let's go, Galen."
Paca gasps as Jagen swims up to the party, almost stuttering in his fury. "You little ... little stonefish! How dare you insult my daughter?"
Galen grabs Rayna's arm. "What did you do?" he hisses.
She jerks her arm away and gives him a superior look. "If Paca has the Gift of Poseidon, I have the Gift of Triton. Don't ask me what it is though, because I don't have a clue."
"Rayna, enough!" Grom says, grabbing her other arm. "Apologize. Right now."
"Apologize for what? Telling the truth? Sorry, not feeling it. #Quote by Anna Banks
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#27. There are rumors that your Lantsov prince has been sighted."

I drifted nearer, trying to keep my voice casual. "Where?"

He glanced up, his lips curling in a slight smile. "Do you like him?"

"Does it matter?"

"It's harder when you like them. You mourn them more."

"Tell me, Alina," said the Darkling. "Has he claimed you yet?"

"Claimed me? Like a peninsula?"

"No blushes. No averted eyes. How you've changed. What about your faithful tracker? Will he sleep curled at the foot of your throne? #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by C.L. Wilson
#28. Now back to the p - Sealord. Reports aside, what do we really know about this Dilys Merimydion?"

"We know that he's wealthy, he's a skilled warrior, he's handsome, charming, and helped save the world from a dread god who would have plunged the whole of Mystral into unending winter," Autumn added. "Not to ruin your determination to find something wrong with him, Viviana, but that last one tells me all I need to know. The man literally helped save the world." She shrugged. "I can spend three months of my time being nice to him for that."

Spring sighed. "Yes, yes, but in the reports I've read, there isn't one bad thing about him listed. Not one, and that's just not normal."

"You're complaining because the reports say Dilys Merimydion is a good man?" Summer shook her head.

"Not just good. Too good. As in too good to be true. I'm just saying, something smells fishy to me."

Autumn laughed. "You know, there's a good joke in that remark."

Spring rolled her eyes. "Don't. Please. Spare us." In addition to her addiction to food, Autumn possessed a terrible love for pranks, puns, and bad jokes. Which, of course, she took inordinate glee in inflicting on her family.

Autumn sniffed with mock indignation. "As if I would cast my pearls before swine. What were we talking about again? Oh, yes, Dilys Merimydion. The Scrumptious Sealord."

"Oh, dear gods," Spring groaned. "You've nicknamed him. Alliteratively. #Quote by C.L. Wilson
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by T.J. Klune
#29. You can't tell a little kid that you swear to God over something and then not do it. You may effectively ruin my childhood." He looks off into nothing, a wistful expression on his face. "Gosh, think of the therapy bills. Not to mention how I'll probably never be able to have a normal relationship when I'm an adult. I'll live with you forever and become a cat lady."
I cock an eyebrow at him. "You hate cats." He rolls his eyes. "Well, yeah, now I do. But I won't have a choice. It'll be inevitable. And I'll probably have to throw birthday parties for my feline companions where I bake them cakes out of
Fancy Feast. All because you went back on your God swear. #Quote by T.J. Klune
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#30. Thank you," I managed to say.

Replying with a nod, he approached my horse. "Here, let me help you - "

I slipped down myself before he could lend a hand, keeping the fur hide in my possession. "I'm not suddenly incapable because I wear a dress, Thaddeus."

"I wasn't suggesting…." Wisely, he let the issue drop.

Lifting an arm, he offered it to me. That's when I noticed my sword in sheath belted to his waist.

"That's mine!" I declared, reaching for the hilt.

Thaddeus managed a quick side-step. He hardened his jaw at my look of incredulity. I would only wait momentarily for an explanation.

"I know the sword is yours, Catherine, everyone knows that. But you're too beautiful tonight to ruin that radiant look with an ugly, leather belt strapped about you."

I was starting to think the man was using compliments as a weapon to defend himself against me. It did work to temper my anger somewhat.

"I brought the sword as a cautionary act, just in case those nasty werewolves show up. Seeing how I'll be standing beside you all evening, the blade will be at your disposal if needed."

I accepted his reasoning and stood down.

"Besides," Thaddeus added, apparently feeling safe, "what's yours is mine now anyway."

I glared at the fool. "That works both ways, you know."

He rolled his eyes and shrugged. "If it must."

Again, he offered me his arm wh #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Anne Hutchinson
#31. Therefore, take heed how you proceed against me; for I know that for this you go about to do to me, God will ruin you and your posterity, and this whole state. #Quote by Anne Hutchinson
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Anne Lamott
#32. The worst possible thing you can do when you're down in the dumps, tweaking, vaporous with victimized self-righteousness, or bored, is to take a walk with dying friends. They will ruin everything for you. First of all, friends like this may not even think of themselves as dying, although they clearly are, according to recent scans and gentle doctors' reports. But no, they see themselves as fully alive. They are living and doing as much as they can, as well as they can, for as long as they can. They ruin your multitasking high, the bath of agitation, rumination, and judgment you wallow in, without the decency to come out and just say anything. They bust you by being grateful for the day, while you are obsessed with how thin your lashes have become and how wide your bottom. #Quote by Anne Lamott
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Michael Shaara
#33. He remembered the night in Arlington when the news came: secession. He remembered a paneled wall and firelight. When we heard the news we went into mourning. But outside there was cheering in the streets, bonfires of joy. They had their war at last. But where was there ever any choice? The sight of fire against wood paneling, a bonfire seen far off at night through a window, soft and sparky glows always to remind him of that embedded night when he found that he had no choice. The war had come. He was a member of the army that would march against his home, his sons. He was not only to serve in it but actually to lead it, to make the plans and issue the orders to kill and burn and ruin. He could not do that. Each man would make his own decision, but Lee could not raise his hand against his own. And so what then? To stand by and watch, observer at the death? To do nothing? To wait until the war was over? And if so, from what vantage point and what distance? How far do you stand from the attack on your home, whatever the cause, so that you can bear it? It had nothing to do with causes; it was no longer a matter of vows.
When Virginia left the Union she bore his home away as surely as if she were a ship setting out to sea, and what was left behind on the shore was not his any more. So it was no cause and no country he fought for, no ideal and no justice. He fought for his people, for the children and the kin, and not even the land, because not even the land was worth the war #Quote by Michael Shaara
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Frik
#34. Against Fate

Hey, Fate! When you fail a man, you spend
all your time digging a well to trap him.
Then you untie the well's wheel rope so that it can roll.
And you keep the poor mortal struggling up, only to fall back.
You show him a bushel of means and say
"This is it. Worry about it, and dream."

Meanwhile you spin the wheel of fortune and fill
the house of the wicked with jewels,
while you force the just and scrupulous
to sweep up the pieces.
And the man who should not even tend pigs
rides a horse as a cavalier.
And without a shovel, you scoop ruin onto the house
of the honorable and the just.

Fate, if I speak evil of you, you'll claim
the man is jealous and confused
But why do you look crossly at the learned
and make the ignorant the landlord?
Hey, why toss the bread of the wise
so far down the valley?

And why should I believe in your justice
When you don't serve it to anyone important?
Not that you keep either oath or bargain, treacherous one.
Whomever you love today and who is raised to a golden throne,
tomorrow may be sitting in ashes.
How can such a fraudulent judge make a just decision?
Fate, friend of the deceitful and devious, you are harsh to the honest.
What more can I say except that someday I expect
you to mix up sky and earth and sea. #Quote by Frik
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Don DeLillo
#35. Why shouldn't the death of a person you love bring you into lurid ruin? You don't know how to love the one you love until they disappear abruptly. Then you understand how thinly distanced from their suffering, how sparing of self you often were, only rarely unguarded of heart, working your networks of give-and-take. #Quote by Don DeLillo
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by V. Raghunathan
#36. white calla lily has one petal; euphorbia has two; iris, lily and trillium have three; buttercup, columbine, larkspur pinks and wild rose have five; bloodroot and delphiniums, eight; black-eyed Susan, corn marigold, cineraria, ragwort and some varieties of daisies have thirteen; some aster, chicory and Shasta daisy, twenty-one; field daisies, plantain, and pyrethrum, thirty-four (on average); Michaelmas daisies and the stereaceae family have fifty-five and eighty-nine petals. Perhaps you could spend your next summer vacation checking out the veracity of this statement! #Quote by V. Raghunathan
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#37. You do that a great deal, don't you?"
He swallowed the rest of his wine. "What?"
"Close up into yourself whenever someone tries to peer into your soul. Make a joke of it."
"If you came out here to lecture me," he snapped, "don't bother. Gran has perfected that talent. You can't possibly compete."
"I only want to understand."
"I want to be consumed by a star, but we don't all get what we want."
"Never mind." Turning for the nearest door into the house, he started to stalk off, but she caught his arm.
"Why are you so angry at your grandmother?" Maria asked.
"I told you-she's trying to ruin the lives of me and my siblings."
"By requiring you to marry so you can have children? I thought all lords and ladies were expected to do that. And the five of you are certainly old enough." Her tone turned teasing. "Some of you are beyond being old enough."
"Watch it, minx," he clipped out. "I'm not in the mood for having my nose tweaked tonight."
"Because of your grandmother, you mean. It's not just her demand that has you angry, is it? It goes back longer than that."
Oliver glared at her. "Why do you care? Has she got you fighting her battles for her now?"
"Hardly. She just informed me that I was, and I quote, 'exactly the sort of woman who would not meet my requirements of a wife.'"
A smile touched his lips at her accurate mimicking of Gran at her most haughty. "I told you she would think that."
"Yes #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Andrea Gibson
#38. When they ask why we stayed together for so long I say, I don't know. I just know that we cried at the exact same time in every movie. I know we blushed everyday for the first two years. I know I always stole the covers and she never woke me up. I know the exact look on her face, the first night she used my toothbrush. The next day, I brushed my teeth like thirtysome times, 'cause I didn't want to let her go. You have to understand when it hurt to love her, it hurt the way the light hurts your eyes in the middle of the night, but I had to see, even through the ruin, if what we were burying were seeds. There were so many plants in our house, you could rake the leaves even through that winter when I was trying to make angels in the snow of her cold shoulder. She was still leaving love notes in my suitcase; I'd always find them. #Quote by Andrea Gibson
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Nora Roberts
#39. There was nothing like a Saturday - unless it was the Saturday leading up to the last week of school and into summer vacation. That of course was all the Saturdays of your life rolled into one big shiny ball. #Quote by Nora Roberts
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Rebecca Lindenberg
#40. FRAGMENT, I am a fragment of us. I am a fragment composed
of fragments. Mosaic, pastiche, ruin. Everyday
consciousness proposes lightbulb, ropeswing, teapot,
David Bowie, your sweater on, your sweater off, tomatillo,
all associated. Parts suggesting the whole
they long to be gathered into. #Quote by Rebecca Lindenberg
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Christina Lauren
#41. Quinn is you, I want to say. Don't let him change you. Don't let him sexualize your journey from ruin to triumph #Quote by Christina Lauren
How To Ruin Your Summer Vacation quotes by Eric Weiner
#42. I have stress. Of course I have stress. But there are some situations we can't control. You can't change things outside yourself, so you change your attitude. I think that approach works for the Thai people. Like when you're pissed at someone, and you can't do anything about it. You feel you want to hit them, but you can't, so you take a deep breath and let it go. Otherwise, it will ruin your day. #Quote by Eric Weiner

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