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Hot Pursuit quotes by Josh Billings
#1. The happiest time in a man's life is when he is in the red hot pursuit of a dollar with a reasonable prospect of overtaking it. #Quote by Josh Billings
Hot Pursuit quotes by George R R Martin
#2. No more should you doubt this, my prince
my sisters and I shall not wait ten-and-seven years for our vengeance.' She put her spurs into the mare and she was off, galloping toward Sunspear with her tail in hot pursuit. #Quote by George R R Martin
Hot Pursuit quotes by Cassandra Clare
#3. Magnus threw the monkey a fig. The monkey took the fig.
"There," said Magnus. "Let us consider the matter settled."
The monkey advanced, chewing in a menacing fashion.
"I rather wonder what I am doing here. I enjoy city life, you know," Magnus observed. "The glittering lights, the constant companionship, the liquid entertainment. The lack of sudden monkeys."
He ignored Giuliana's advice and took a smart step back, and also threw another piece of fruit. The monkey did not take the bait this time. He coiled and rattled out a growl, and Magnus took several more steps back and into a tree.
Magnus flailed on impact, was briefly grateful that nobody was watching him and expecting him to be a sophisticated warlock, and had a monkey assault launched directly to his face.
He shouted, spun, and sprinted through the rain forest. He did not even think to drop the fruit. It fell one by one in a bright cascade as he ran for his life from the simian menace. He heard it in hot pursuit and fled faster, until all his fruit was gone and he ran right into Ragnor.
"Have a care!" Ragnor snapped.
He detailed his terrible monkey adventure twice.
"But of course you should have retreated at once from the dominant male," Giuliana said. "Are you an idiot? You are extremely lucky he was distracted from ripping out your throat by the fruit. He thought you were trying to steal his females."

"Pardon me, but we did not have the time to exchange that kin #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Hot Pursuit quotes by Lyor Cohen
#4. My week is full-tilt boogie. I wake up every morning, and the singular thought in my head is that maybe today is the day that I'm going to find an artist who is so amazing, an artist who will change pop culture. I'm in hot pursuit, always. #Quote by Lyor Cohen
Hot Pursuit quotes by Drexel Deal
#5. How many close encounters with death can one person survive? At the age of 21, I had surpassed more than 10 such close encounters with death, which began when I was but 5 years of age. This enemy who has been hotly pursuing me for more than 16 years has no shame to his game at all. At least with me there were certain things I would've never done, and knowingly hurt a child was just one of them. #Quote by Drexel Deal
Hot Pursuit quotes by Mary Ann Shaffer
#6. Now that I think about it, maybe he is a werewolf. I can picture him lunging over the moors in hot pursuit of his prey, and I'm certain that he wouldn't think twice about eating an innocent bystander. I'll watch him closely at the next full moon. He's asked me to go dancing tomorrow
perhaps I should wear a high collar. Oh, that's vampires, isn't it? I think I am a little giddy. (After meeting Mr. Markham V. Reynolds, Jr.) #Quote by Mary Ann Shaffer
Hot Pursuit quotes by Shannon Hale
#7. salivating wolf was in hot pursuit of Lizzie Hearts, who kept shouting, "Off with its head! Off with its head!" "I'll help you!" Hunter rushed toward Lizzie Hearts, pausing first to rip off his shirt, place his fists on his hips, and strike a bold pose. Out of nowhere, trumpets played a heroic fanfare. "Oh!" Cupid said in surprise. The winged, pink-haired girl had transferred to the school just that year. "I didn't realize there would be so much trumpeting and tearing of shirts at Ever After High." "Hunter does that," Raven whispered to Cupid. "The shirt thing. We're not really sure why. #Quote by Shannon Hale
Hot Pursuit quotes by Charlotte Beers
#8. Here's what I believe is sexy at work: being strong and committed and confident, being precisely who you are and in hot pursuit of the goals and ideas you believe in so much they captivate and inspire others. #Quote by Charlotte Beers
Hot Pursuit quotes by Sammie Spencer
#9. So then you do feel for me." His face looked pained. "Tell me you love me in the same way that I love you, and maybe that will provide some relief to hang on to when you're not here. Tell me that you'll be tortured because you're not with me, and that you'll spend hours trying to think of what you could have done differently. Tell me you'll see my face when you close your eyes at night and that i'll haunt you until morning. Tell me," he said, his voice louder now. His eyes flashing, hot and angry.
"I can't do that," I whispered. #Quote by Sammie Spencer
Hot Pursuit quotes by Jami Attenberg
#10. I've got a better idea," says my mother. "Tell me about what you did today. Tell me about New York." So I do, I tell the lifelong New Yorker who chucked it for the woods about the streets of the city: how the subway was so crowded this morning I had to let four trains pass in a row and I was a half hour late to work; how I had a meeting in Times Square and I saw an army of painted topless women posing with tourists for money; how I saw two people dressed up as Disney characters get into a fistfight; how I ate a hot dog from a stand after my client meeting bombed and when I finished it I ate another, on one of the chairs scattered in Bryant Park. A string quartet was playing nearby, under a sponsor banner. "The music part was the part that saved me," I say. "All of it would have saved me," says my mother. #Quote by Jami Attenberg
Hot Pursuit quotes by Winston S. Churchill
#11. ... the garden gleams with summer jewelry. We live vy simply - but with all the essentials of life well understood & well provided for - hot baths, cold champagne, new peas, & old brandy. #Quote by Winston S. Churchill
Hot Pursuit quotes by Kyle Adams
#12. He'd use this opportunity to impress Rick and show him that he did, in fact, have more to offer than just being a sexy skanktart. To show that he wasn't just a brainless bimfoon, that's when a bimbo breeds with a buffoon, resulting in a true, hot mess. #Quote by Kyle Adams
Hot Pursuit quotes by Ana Ban
#13. I'm like a cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day. You also said I smelled like campfires and evergreens." -Talon to Jade #Quote by Ana Ban
Hot Pursuit quotes by Jeannine Hall Gailey
#14. Little Cinder

Girl, they can't understand you.
You rise from the as-heap in a blaze
and only then do they recognize you
as their one true love.

While you pray beneath your mother's
tree you carrve a phoenix into your palm
wth aa hazel twig and coal;
every night she devours more of you.

You used to believe in angels.
Now you believe in the makeover;
if you can't get the grime off your face
and your foot into a size six heel

who will ever bother to notice you?
The kettle and the broom sear in your grasp,
snap into fragments. The turtledoves sing,
"There's blood within the shoe."

You deserve the palace, you think, as you signal
the pigeons to attack, approve the barrel filled with red-hot nails.
Its great hearth beckons, and the prince's flag
rises crimson in the angry sun.

He will love you for the heat you generate,
for the flames you ignite around you,
though he encase your tiny feet in glass
to keep them from scorching the ground. #Quote by Jeannine Hall Gailey
Hot Pursuit quotes by Santino Hassell
#15. Blahblah new porn series, blahblah hot men, blahblah new hot boytoy from France, blahblah hair products imported from France with the boytoy, blahblah super gay lifestyle. #Quote by Santino Hassell
Hot Pursuit quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#16. Mind not the mocking and keep on walking. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Hot Pursuit quotes by Jennifer Rardin
#17. Then I got this image of my big toe, painted bright red, suddenly developing a face and a hot Southern temper to match, screaming, What the hell is wrong with mah bad self? #Quote by Jennifer Rardin
Hot Pursuit quotes by Nora Roberts
#18. The most important thing is you can't write what you wouldn't read for pleasure. It's a mistake to analyze the market thinking you can write whatever is hot. You can't say you're going to write romance when you don't even like it. You need to write what you would read if you expect anybody else to read it. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Hot Pursuit quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#19. The captain gave the order to fire. Arcadio barely had time to put out his chest and raise his head, not understanding where the hot liquid that burned his thighs was pouring from. #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Hot Pursuit quotes by Eva Mendes
#20. I love being naked. I do everything in the nude, even the gardening! We're Cuban, and it's a hot island. Why not go nude? #Quote by Eva Mendes
Hot Pursuit quotes by K.J. Kilton
#21. You may find that the pursuit of happiness is at times a lonely road. Don't give up. Stay the course! #Quote by K.J. Kilton
Hot Pursuit quotes by Barbara Delinsky
#22. June would always be Charlotte's favorite month on Quinnipeague. She loved the frothy roil of the sea as it recovered from a day of rain, and in those early mornings, before the fog lifted and sun warmed the island, there was nothing, nothing better than a wood fire, wool socks, and hot chocolate made from scratch. #Quote by Barbara Delinsky
Hot Pursuit quotes by Steven Conrad
#23. Don't ever let someone tell you, you can't do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you got to protect it. #Quote by Steven Conrad
Hot Pursuit quotes by Katherine Jenkins
#24. My idol was Marilyn Monroe, who was a size 16, I think, and curvy in all the right places. I will never be stick thin. I remember a shoot where I had to get into these tiny hot pants, and I thought, 'God, I wish I hadn't eaten.' #Quote by Katherine Jenkins
Hot Pursuit quotes by Cathleen Schine
#25. The night was mossy and hot... #Quote by Cathleen Schine
Hot Pursuit quotes by Bey Deckard
#26. Normally, I'm not a fan of kissing. It makes me feel somewhat claustrophobic so I usually treat it like a preamble to sex and nothing more. This was different. From the moment my lips touched Emyr's, I was hit with a wave of emotion that felt almost like panic. I wrapped my arms around his waist to push up with my pelvis against him, my heart beating so fast that I was out of air far too soon and had to break the kiss to heave a shuddering breath. I felt dizzy and vulnerable, and so desperately excited, it was all I could do not to claw into him to pull him tighter against me. Again our lips met, and between the chorus of my pulse going mine mine mine and my cock's insistence for more more more, I thought I was going to explode into a million white-hot shards if I didn't take control of myself. #Quote by Bey Deckard
Hot Pursuit quotes by Imogen Cunningham
#27. I don't know what love means. #Quote by Imogen Cunningham
Hot Pursuit quotes by George Lakoff
#28. In the system of conservative moral categories, government regulation falls under interference with the pursuit of self-interest by people trying to make a living, people using their self-discipline to become self-reliant (and, if possible, rich). These are the good people in our society. We want to encourage people like them and it is wrong to put roadblocks in their way. The #Quote by George Lakoff
Hot Pursuit quotes by River Savage
#29. Because you're right. I want to control you, darlin'. Not in the way your fucking ex did, in a way that makes you come apart." A hot pulse of need shoots through me, igniting me with his words. He leans in closer and I have to tilt my head back to keep eye contact. "I want to fucking claim you. Tie you to my goddamn bed and force you to submit to me." He presses his mouth to the shell of my ear and I don't fight it, I wait. Wait for everything and more. "I want to do dirty things to you, Kenz. Things only dirty girls enjoy. I want to push every one of your limits so no man will ever be able to make you come like I do." His hot breath moves over my ear and I can't help the shiver that rolls through me. "I. Want. To. Own. You." He pulls back when he's finished. Both of our breathing thick with need. Holy shit. How do you respond to that? #Quote by River Savage
Hot Pursuit quotes by V.E. Schwab
#30. Some people were matches, a bit of light and no heat. And some were furnaces, all heat but little light. And then, once in a blue moon, there was a bonfire, something so hot and bright you couldn't stand too near without burning. #Quote by V.E. Schwab
Hot Pursuit quotes by Cynthia Eden
#31. Her heartbeat began to pound faster. Thirteen's eyes were sweeping over her body. A slow, deliberate glance. "Can he - can he see through the mirror?" His gaze felt like a hot touch on her skin.
"Of course not" was Dr. Wyatt's instant response. The doc sounded annoyed with her.
Her shoulders relaxed.
Subject Thirteen smiled.
Damn. #Quote by Cynthia Eden
Hot Pursuit quotes by James Patterson
#32. I want my room to smell just like this. Iggy inhaled deeply as the scents flame-broiled burgers and hot french fries wafted around us.
'it would be an improvement.' I agreed. #Quote by James Patterson
Hot Pursuit quotes by Evangeline Anderson
#33. Just sayin' you got a hot nature, little girl. Quick to anger, quick to lust. Some people are just like that - hot-blooded. #Quote by Evangeline Anderson
Hot Pursuit quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#34. If you have faith in the cause and the means and in God, the hot sun will be cool for you. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Hot Pursuit quotes by Maxwell Perkins
#35. If you are not discouraged about your writing on a regular basis, you may not be trying hard enough. Any challenging pursuit will encounter frequent patches of frustration. Writing is nothing if not challenging. #Quote by Maxwell Perkins
Hot Pursuit quotes by Mark Twain
#36. Like it! Yes - the way I'd like a hot stove if I was to set on it long enough. No, Tom, I won't be rich, and I won't live in them cussed smothery houses. I like the woods, and the river, and hogsheads, and I'll stick to 'em, too. #Quote by Mark Twain
Hot Pursuit quotes by Patrick M. Wright
#37. My job is not to micromanage my team, but to craft a vision based on the business goals of the company and encourage the HR leaders who report to me to be brave, innovative, and proactive in pursuit of that common vision. #Quote by Patrick M. Wright
Hot Pursuit quotes by Hilary Mantel
#38. You are familiar, no doubt, with Sebastiano del Piombo's huge painting "The Raising of Lazarus", which hangs in the National Gallery in London, having been purchased in the last century from the Angerstein collection. Against a background of water, arched bridges, and a hot blue sky, a crowd of people -- presumably the neighbours -- cluster about the risen man. Lazarus has turned rather yellow in death, but he is a muscular, well-set-up type. Hid grave-clothes are draped like a towel over his head, and people lean towards him solicitously, and seem to confer; what he most resembles is a boxer in his corner. The expressions of those around are puzzled, mildly censorious. Here -- in the very act of extricating his right leg from a knot of the shroud --one feels his troubles are about to begin again. A woman -- Mary, or maybe Martha -- is whispering behind her hand. Christ points to the revenant, and holds up his other hand, fingers outstretched: so many round down, five to go. #Quote by Hilary Mantel
Hot Pursuit quotes by Kristen Ashley
#39. I'm with him because when I'm with him, I'm free to be me. I'm with him because he's hot. I'm with him because he lets me blather, since I'm prone to blathering, and he lets me rant when I have a bad day. I'm with him because when I rant, he makes me feel better and he does this effortlessly. I'm with him because I live for the times when I'm on the back of his bike and we're riding together, not even talking, just being free. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Hot Pursuit quotes by Darren Hardy
#40. The person who has a clear, compelling, and white-hot burning why will always defeat even the best of the best at doing the how. #Quote by Darren Hardy

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