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Honest And Leadership quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#1. Who you are when you have no power to say anything, and who you become when you have power to say everything will determine whether you are a leader or not. #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Honest And Leadership quotes by Thomas Merton
#2. We are living under a tyranny of untruth which confirms itself in power and establishes a more and more total control over men in proportion as they convince themselves they are resisting error.

Our submission to plausible and useful lies involves us in greater and more obvious contradictions, and to hide these from ourselves we need greater and ever less plausible lies. The basic falsehood is the lie that we are totally dedicated to truth, and that we can remain dedicated to truth in a manner that is at the same time honest and exclusive: that we have the monopoly of all truth, just as our adversary of the moment has the monopoly of all error.

We then convince ourselves that we cannot preserve our purity of vision and our inner sincerity if we enter into dialogue with the enemy, for he will corrupt us with his error. We believe, finally, that truth cannot be preserved except by the destruction of the enemy - for, since we have identified him with error, to destroy him is to destroy error. The adversary, of course, has exactly the same thoughts about us and exactly the same basic policy by which he defends the "truth." He has identified us with dishonesty, insincerity, and untruth. He believes that, if we are destroyed, nothing will be left but truth. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Honest And Leadership quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#3. Be disciplined enough to choose your network and be willing to sacrifice the circles that reduce your effectiveness and make you unproductive. #Quote by Archibald Marwizi
Honest And Leadership quotes by Henry Kissinger
#4. In any of these evolutions, India will be a fulcrum of twenty-first-century order: an indispensable element, based on its geography, resources, and tradition of sophisticated leadership, in the strategic and ideological evolution of the regions and the concepts of order at whose intersection it stands. #Quote by Henry Kissinger
Honest And Leadership quotes by Arlene Holt Baker
#5. With all of the talk about polling and demographics, I think too many people have lost touch with the human and moral crisis of deportations. Every day, roughly 1,000 people are deported because the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives is denying the majority of the US Congress a chance to vote on citizenship. I will be arrested today because the labor movement stands with the families tragically ripped apart by John Boehner and the House Republicans' embrace of a broken immigration system. #Quote by Arlene Holt Baker
Honest And Leadership quotes by Suzanne Collins
#6. My mouth has gone dry as sawdust. I desperately find Cinna in the crowd and lock eyes with him. I imagine the words coming from his lips. 'What's impressed you most since you arrived here?' I rack my brain for something that made me happy here. Be honest, I think. Be honest. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Honest And Leadership quotes by Henry Miller
#7. Read as little as possible, not as much as possible! Oh, do not doubt that I have envied those who have drowned in books. I, too, would secretly like to wade through all those books I have so long toyed with in my mind. But I know it is not important. I know now that I did not need to read even a tenth of what I have read. The most difficult thing in life is to learn to do only what is strictly advantageous to one's welfare, strictly vital…When you stumble upon a book you would like to read, or think you ought to read, leave it alone for a few days. But think about it as intensely as you can. Let the title and the author's name revolve in your mind. Think what you yourself might have written had the opportunity been yours. Ask yourself earnestly if it be absolutely necessary to add this work to your store of knowledge or your fund of enjoyment. Try to imagine what it would mean to forego this extra pleasure or enlightenment. Then, if you find you must read the book, observe with what extraordinary acumen you tackle it. Observe, too, that however stimulating it may be, very little of the book is really new to you. If you are honest with yourself you will discover that your stature has increased from the mere effort of resisting your impulses. #Quote by Henry Miller
Honest And Leadership quotes by Irene Rosenfeld
#8. It's fair to characterise me as competitive and determined, but anyone who works with me will attest to the fact I believe very strongly in the notion of servant leadership. #Quote by Irene Rosenfeld
Honest And Leadership quotes by Mark W. Boyer
#9. Added pressure and responsibility should not change one's leadership style, it should merely expose that which already exists. #Quote by Mark W. Boyer
Honest And Leadership quotes by Tom Robbins
#10. The scientist keeps the romantic honest, and the romantic keeps the scientist human. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Honest And Leadership quotes by Harry West
#11. I think that's just one type of leadership, which is the type I have: the need to find a new way and take responsibility for other people. #Quote by Harry West
Honest And Leadership quotes by Monica Holloway
#12. He manipulated love into something perverse, confusing me about what love is, causing me to sexualize friendships and relationships, teaching me without words that I was worth. Violence would have been more honest #Quote by Monica Holloway
Honest And Leadership quotes by G. Michael Maddock
#13. Just as in sports, becoming an elite performer in business requires struggle, sacrifice, and honest (often painful) self-assessment... Learning how to implement these approaches is often what separates a brilliant thinker from a creative want-to-be. #Quote by G. Michael Maddock
Honest And Leadership quotes by Leonore Fleischer
#14. A cat is better than you are, more honest, more graceful, smarter for her size, better coordinated, and infinitely more beautiful. #Quote by Leonore Fleischer
Honest And Leadership quotes by Jose Marti
#15. A child, from the time he can think, should think about all he sees, should suffer for all who cannot live with honesty, should work so that all men can be honest, and should be honest himself. #Quote by Jose Marti
Honest And Leadership quotes by Richard Foster
#16. Leadership is an act of submission to God. To be a leader means listening to all kinds of people and situations. Out of that listening, we are hoping to discern the mind of God as best we can. This is the price of leadership - it's an act of sacrifice. So leadership is part and parcel of the work of submission to God. #Quote by Richard Foster
Honest And Leadership quotes by Norman Lebrecht
#17. The thing you have to remember about artists...is never to trust their immediate response. Whatever the news, their reaction will be self-protective. The mask goes on, and you see only what they let you see. These creatures carry their emotions around in a violin-case, reserving their only honest expression for the public stage. In private, they turn emotion on and off at will. Never believe an artist when he weeps or declares love. It's all a grand performance. Treat their upsets as you would a child's tantrums. Console, then instruct. Show compassion when it's called for, firmness when it runs out. Give them an illusion of your love for them - but never love itself, or they will devour you. #Quote by Norman Lebrecht
Honest And Leadership quotes by Steve Ballmer
#18. I like to tell people that all of our products and business will go through three phases. There's vision, patience, and execution. #Quote by Steve Ballmer
Honest And Leadership quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#19. We need a free economy not only for the renewed material prosperity it will bring, but because it is indispensable to individual freedom, human dignity and to a more just, more honest society. #Quote by Margaret Thatcher
Honest And Leadership quotes by John Adams
#20. An honest, sensible, humane man, ... laboring to do good rather than be rich, to be useful rather than make a show, living in modest simplicity ... is really the most respectable man in society, [and] makes himself and all about him most happy. #Quote by John Adams
Honest And Leadership quotes by Sharad Vivek Sagar
#21. Very often we sit back thinking good things will happen, knowing that good things take time and hoping that someone else will do it. The world needs us! #Quote by Sharad Vivek Sagar
Honest And Leadership quotes by Matt Taibbi
#22. We still have real jury trials, honest judges, and free elections, all the superficial characteristics of a functional, free democracy. But underneath that surface is a florid and malevolent bureaucracy that mostly (not absolutely, but mostly) keeps the rich and the poor separate through thousands of tiny, scarcely visible inequities. #Quote by Matt Taibbi
Honest And Leadership quotes by Thomas Sowell
#23. The kinds of people we need in government are precisely the kinds of people who are most reluctant to go into government
people who understand the inherent dangers of power and feel a distaste for using it, but who may do so for a few years as a civic duty. The worst kind of people to have in government are those who see it as a golden opportunity to impose their own superior wisdom and virtue on others. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Honest And Leadership quotes by Angelica Hopes
#24. Be gifted with an honest, ethically wise, keen observation as you detect a pair of deceptive eyes.
~ Angelica Hopes, The F. Trilogy #Quote by Angelica Hopes
Honest And Leadership quotes by Kevin Kelly
#25. What excites the media is that someone has a great idea or vision and makes millions as a result. The reality is that rarely happens. It is competency that unlocks a person's potential.
Tim Clark excerpt from DO! the pursuit of xceptional execution #Quote by Kevin Kelly
Honest And Leadership quotes by Simone Elkeles
#26. Listen, I don't know what the hell happened between you and Marco. To be honest I don't really want to know, 'cause if I did I'd probably want to kick the shit outta him."
"I don't need you to protect me."
"What if I want to? #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Honest And Leadership quotes by Debora Spar
#27. I think one thing that women can do is to just be more honest, with themselves and with their friends, and be more willing to say I'm really excited about this part of my life, but I'm screwing up over here, or this is a mistake I've made, or this is something I've given up on. #Quote by Debora Spar
Honest And Leadership quotes by Ben Carson
#28. unity is possible among the people of our nation with the right kind of leadership. But we the people must for ourselves determine that we will be indivisible regardless of the leadership, and we must exercise our ability to identify the divisive forces and vote them out of office. #Quote by Ben Carson
Honest And Leadership quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#29. Of course, the speed at which any society embraces these strategies will always be a product of the interplay between politics, culture, and leadership. Culture shapes a society's political responses, and its leadership and politics, in turn, shape culture. What exactly is culture? I like this concise definition offered by BusinessDictionary.com: culture is the "pattern of responses discovered, developed, or invented during the group's history of handling problems which arise from interactions among its members, and between them and their environment. These responses are considered the correct way to perceive, feel, think, and act, and are passed on to the new members through immersion and teaching. Culture determines what is acceptable or unacceptable, important or unimportant, right or wrong, workable or unworkable." One #Quote by Thomas L. Friedman
Honest And Leadership quotes by Anyaele Sam Chiyson
#30. There is a reality in leadership, your vision and commitment will find it. #Quote by Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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